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Anon here again, last week I made a post asking you guys for advice on DM'ing a Discworld campaign. Well, today I ran the first adventure of it, which went pretty well. But now I'm in need of some ideas for more adventures.

The story goes that the party works for a so called "Guild of Repossession" in the city of Ankh Morpork, whereby every week they are given a board listing the names, residence, and occupation of people who have "Recently committed suicide". They go through this board and pick out homes/dungeons to go through and repossess the contents of. The guild gives them a license to raid the places and take their stuff, in exchange for giving the guild 10% of the profits.

Today they raided a Multi-dimensional house made by "Bloody Stupid" Johnson, though they didn't make the knowledge check to figure out what shit they got into other than, "Johnson is pretty infamous in this city, you don't quite know why".

Then they went through a wizard tower, that was currently occupied by a gnomish lich. It had a conga line of skeletons coming out the door, from which letters frequently got passed down the line at near the speed of light(So fast that they shifted into red!" When they bothered the gnome, he threatened them with a Fish Bomb, which the rogue stole right out of his hands. After which they beat the shit out of him with baseball bats.

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A perfectly ordinary job. Go in, loot the place, come back, give the guild their cut. The one hitch, that they don't discover until they've taken the job and got to the street in question - a riot has flared up. It involves both dwarves and trolls, but this time, it's different: they're complaining about some issue that affects both of them (possibly dwarves are being investigated in the outfall of a recent dwarf drug ring that was selling EXTREMELY pure drugs to trolls?). Shenanigans ensue.

The Thief's Guild catches wind of the activities of the Guild of Repossessors, and goes "hold on - that's burglary! Unsanctioned burglary!" Shenanigans ensue.

One of the really, REALLY old denizens of the city (possibly undead), bored with his (or her) life (or unlife) decides to join the Watch, and enforces laws which no-one's heard about for centuries (like the one about no-one going around armed with a halibut). Shenanigans ensue.

The party repossesses the contents of a house, then the deceases owner comes to the guild to complain - they're now a zombie, and didn't manage to dig themself out of the grave until the party had already repossessed the contents of the house. Shenanigans ensue.

A new member of the guild arrives, having misunderstood the name. This ghost goes around trying to find recently vacated houses and literally inhabits them. Shenanigans ensue.

The Guild of Repossessors starts putting jobs up relating to people the Guild of Assassins have recently inhumed. The Guild of Assassins takes offense to this, starts putting up contracts of its own on anyone who actually takes these jobs. Unfortunately, these jobs are not marked, and the party takes one. Shenanigans ensue.

An argument starts in the guild as to exactly what constitutes the contents of a house, when it comes to light that no-one can get a recently deceased troll out of his house. Do his teeth count as possessions or part of him?

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These are all fantastic. I do enjoy the idea of the Guild of Assassins messing with them by putting up contracts for members of the Repo-guild. This should turn up some even bigger shennanigans as the party has already gone full-Murderhobo. They literally just kill-on-sight anyone in the houses, assuming they're trespassing and trying to take the stuff.

Nevermind that the city's definition of suicide is really wonky, and that in the case of the house made by Johnson, the resident was still alive and well, but got his skull caved in by the party. Along with all of the friends he had in for the group for playing an RPG.

"You see a bunch of robed people crowded around a table, there's some kind of board on the table that they're chanting around."

Investigator: "I roll spellcraft to figure out what they're casting" -rolls a Nat-1

me, "You think they're chanting something to summon a big damn demon!"

"FUCK! I shoot them with my crossbow!"

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