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So, the USA army armed to gill with everything including nukes and the capabilities to manufacture more gets sucked into the D&D universe.

How well do they fare all things considered?

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>the D&D universe
fuck you

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they all eat shit except the main character who goes native and becomes more fantastic than all the fantasy heroes and then kills some badguy or something

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rocks fall, everyone dies

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probably carve out a small authoritarian oligarchy in what ever godless wasteland they land in.

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Most of them die due to an influx of diseases they have no resistance to.

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They get ganked by Wizards

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They still don't have logistics.
They either HURRY UP and kickstart the industrial revolution in some resource rich kingdom, or they have as much bullets as they appeared with, as much oil as they appeared with, as much Missiles as they appeared with.
Given the situation (alone in a potentially hostile world full of bizarre creatures whose inhabitants seem to have access to unknown technologies/unexplainable powers) their Best bet is to find someone cool with whom to ally and bargain technology with food, ospitality etc while Savona resources. Nukes can be used as unexpected show of strenght the moment someone nasty decides he wants some tech too and isn't above raiding it out of your newly built warehouses.

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>the D&D universe
u wot m8

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They catch the local diseases to which they have no immunity, and die.

Locals catch the foreign diseases to which they have no immunity, and cast Cure Disease.

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>The D&D Universe

They already exist in it in d20 modern. So, nothing.

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Do they have oil?

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See, wouldn't the lack of disease make populations in your average D&D world much larger? It would be inaccurate to say a D&D world isn't advanced: medically, they blow us out of the water, even if they struggle with any weapon more complex then the musket.

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>wouldn't the lack of disease make populations in your average D&D world much larger?
D&D settings mostly don't look like plausible extrapolations of "middle age + monsters + magic". They're just backdrops to tell stories in.

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They got their asses kicked in a long-term scale. It's the military, they cannot into thinking and diplomacy.

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Is anyone considering diplomacy?
They basically walk up to a city and say "teach us magic and we will kill that dragon/oppressive warlord/giant/zombie army" then we get access to all the information on magic/alchemy they can get.

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Watch the anime GATE and you will get some idea of how much ass a modern army would kick in a fantasy medieval setting.

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