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>my wyverns are giant eagles

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You what?

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why didn't the wyverns just fly the ring to mount doom

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>trolls in my campaign are lawful good who have been oppressed by generic white european society

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Are you comparing minorities to trolls? Rude.

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I'm not entirely sure what the point of this thread is but I want to post this

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that IS pretty slick. I can understand what hand movements are involved, but doing it without looking while talking?

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I keep imagining that there's some second part where he falls over, having accidentally cut himself in half.

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Well, he's not wearing a fidora so he might actually know how to use it.

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More like comparing trolls to minorities.

Which is just fucking mean.

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>elves in my setting are modeled after Caribbean pirates
>dwarves in my setting are modeled after Mongols
>orcs in my setting are modeled after the Inuit
>gnomes in my setting are modeled after Italian city states
and so on and so forth

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So real samurai wear baseball caps.

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>orcs in my setting are modeled after the Inuit
Pic related, but I generally agree that kind of thing is bullshit.

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Nah, real ronin.

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This samurai wears a hoodie, what's your problem shitlord?

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I'm calling bullshit. No one changes dorfs.

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Definitely real ronin, Bringing it back.

Also what is the point in this thread?

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I don't know, Mongolian elves could be pretty interesting...

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Maybe it has no real point of its own. Maybe we give it purpose by posting and even derailing it.

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>i don't play 40k because of its blatant Catholic overtones

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It appears to be complaining about people creating a setting in which their version of elves/dragons are totally different to what everyone understands those things to be.

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Sovereign Stone made them Mongolian horsemen things.

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Actually, lots of people do.

The troublesome truth that nobody likes to acknowledge is that dwarves will change themselves back when you're not looking. Well written and extensive file notes on dwarf variants will suddenly include paragraphs about heavy drinking, anvils, beards, gold lust and scottish accents.

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>white christian men are my default villians

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Well, take off the back/sides bit and whatever stuff is on the helmet itself and you have a metal baseball cap/helmet essentially.

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No wonder the japs are so good at baseball.

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>samurai were just delinquent baseball players all along

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I changed most of the typical races in my setting, but for dorfs, I just made them not-Jews, which didn't require much changing.

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I would play that entire game.

>Elves on badass ships.
>Dwarves riding boars.
>Tundra orc barbarian tribes with huge sled wolves.
>Gnomio de' Medici.

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Is that Len Kabasinski?

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Baseball cap real ronin sounds like an awesome concept. Baseball cap should become the anti fedora.

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Well, there is already your bat analogue.

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It already is. Look at dudebros.

How about we avoid hats altogether?

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Hilariously enough I had fallen into that trope by complete accident. PC's had discovered that there was a conspiracy by a royal paladin to usurp the throne from the current king and have them become a vessel state for the Holy Roman Empire knockoff so that the country could get military support to defeat another nation they where at war with and losing again. The second the PC's found out who the villain was I got called "Fedora Man" for a little while.

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>gangs of vicious oni women with baseball caps, tank tops, and tetsubos

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When you put it like that, I'd play the shit out of it too

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It's pretty weird. Normally I like a bit of an originality and creativity, and we all complain about "oh look at that generic regurgitation of x" but as soon as someone starts fucking around making "Dwarves" anything other than short axe wielding miners I get really mad. That's just what dwarves are. Once they're wielding swords (funny how dwarves never seem to go in for swords) and aren't stubborn and short they just are not dwarves and shoud be called some thing else.

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I sometimes wear a baseball cap under a hood, under a bicycle helmet.

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I really like the one second to the bottom.
They always wear it to the side or some shit though.

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Baseball players would have some wicked upper body strength and could uses swords with great effect.

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I meant in terms of katanas. The fedora fag just flails it about and thinks it makes them look badass, guy in baseball cap actually learnt how to use it but doesn't needlessly show it off.

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>dragging in the magical realm for no good reason when it is completely unasked for

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That's just being Safety Sensible, anon. Nobody can hold that against you.

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This is the closes image in my collection to that.

I think the weapon is pretty neat.

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Where do you keep your katana, though?

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Once they lose the beards they automatically become halflings. There's only one dwarf who can pull off not having a beard.

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You can have them be mountain-steppe people, but they maraud as huge hordes of boar cavalry during the summer and hole up in their fortresses and mine all winter.

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>Scottsdale rapes
>missing kid
>suspect confession
>teachers arrested
>perfect storm

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I never said it'd be magical realm. I'm just saying roving gangs of oni baseball players. It doesn't HAVE to end in sex y'know, a good bloody beating is perfectly acceptable.

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Relax, the Light Rail Avenger is on the case.

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>on the steppe
Don't boars normally live in forests?
Wood b cool tho

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I don't like using sunscreen if I can help it, so I keep covered up.
I keep a legal knife strapped to my paniers, but my main weapon would be the three feet of heavy chain with a heavy padlock or the snubnose .45 calibur loaded with hollowpoints that I keep in case of bears.

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I've come to the safe conclusion that you're never safe from boars, no matter where you go. Just assume they're somewhere nearby at all times.

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>I never said it'd be magical realm.
And yet everyone here with at least 3 brain cells knew you meant it to be magical realm.

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His episode on best of the worst was amazing.

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I stand corrected. Now that I think about it you get warthogs on the African plains as well.

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He's a spergy fuck. Baseball cap street samurai is the way to go, though. He's on to something there.

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Boars are fucking crazy. They're almost everywhere and they keep trying to expand into everywhere else. Not to mention there cousins; feral hogs taking over Texas and Warthogs in pic related.

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sure if you live in london where you never see the sun.

>> No.40312492

It is god damn fortunate for the eager boar that they're so bloody delicious.

>> No.40312500

also he saved some dude on the subway with it like a fucking comic book

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We've got feral hogs here in fucking Ohio.
Fuck hogs, hog genocide will be the best day of my life.

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It also helps that they can grow to be gigantic fucker.

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>pick the most asinine ideas I could come up with off the top of my head
>people liking it
Disgusting. There's nothing creative in just ripping off a real-world culture. The only difference is people too lazy to read about them are now being exposed to something other than medieval Britain and think it's amazing and novel. It's not, it's the same thing - if you have the curiosity to have read about it beforehand.

Why not be creative? Why just use a pre-made culture? Why not at least mix in elements of two or three? And that doesn't even begin to express my exasperation with the concept of "[race] is [culture]".

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That's just a dude with a katana. Totally not a fedora.

>> No.40312547

because i dont want to spend 3 hours going over the complicated culture and history of the lizard people tribe they will see all of twice, when instead i can just look shit up about the cossacks and do that.

>> No.40312549

Reminds me of that screencap about the swedish actor who went around stopping muggers with a rapier.
Ignoring the "race is culture" thing there's nothing wrong with it. It's not as creative as actually homebrewing something, but executed well it could be just as interesting, having essentially a real world culture interact with fake ones.

>> No.40312599

you could have just said you dont like the witcher. that would have been fine.

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At some point I will be using baseball cap ronin as a character, or at least a character's origin, for a cyberpunk game.

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Are you saying Caribbean pirate elves isn't cool as heck?

>> No.40312616

Mixing more than one culture together gets kind of messy, especially when it's cultures that have nothing to do with one another. That's why Japanese games that try to have European fantasy elements in them usually suck because they try to have Europeans act like Japanese people.

>> No.40312636

Baseball cap ronin meshes well with another archetype I like, redneck samurai. I mean it makes sense that they'd be the ones to actually learn to use them.

>> No.40312646

He should be a street samurai who's family got killed and the Baseball cap was a gift from his father.

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>because i dont want to spend 3 hours going over the complicated culture and history of the lizard people tribe they will see all of twice
Then why include them at all? Because your setting must include lizardpeople, despite their apparent inconsequence?

>"race is culture" thing there's nothing wrong with it
>hurr all of x race is y culture
But that's fucking lazy. The differences between Celts, Slavs, Nordics, Germanics, Finno-Ugrics, Romace and others are staggering.

Yes, because I've already seen Pirates of the Caribbean and a straight-up ripoff with pointier ears is just retread.

Honestly, I find ideas like Fire Emblem, Dark Souls and Bloodborne to be extremely interesting. I wish there was more of the inverse to explore.

>> No.40312656

a) ripping things off and changing them slightly is the basis of every idea humans have ever had. It's all we do, even outside literary/creative licence. (Wings stolen from birds, wheels taken from watching things roll down hills etc.)
B) in a game of collective make-believe it is a lot easier to describe something as not-X rather than having a novel everyone needs to read for collective back story.
C) you don't know people are ripping off stereotypes or misconceptions. I made a not!Aztecs cultural group by deviating on the actual historical Nahuatl language, culture and political formations.
D) fuck you and your no fun allowed attitude.
E) Every piece of shitty bog dirt can become a diamond if you squeeze it hard enough.

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>orcs in my setting are modeled after the Inuit
You know the Inuit are called 'eaters of souls', right?

>> No.40312662


Jesus, thought I was in a cringe thread on /b/ for a sec

>> No.40312672

I'm just imagining a redneck speaking Japanese with a thick Southern drawl and it's wonderful.

>> No.40312679

Oh jesus, that autism

>> No.40312697

I said IGNORING the "race is culture" part. Of course that's retarded, I'm saying you could base shit on real world cultures without having to do that.

>> No.40312701

Being able to make an elevator pitch of your concept is simply practical. Yes, you can have a complex globe of cultures and creatures designed from plate tectonics onwards, but the people who are using it are looking at a lot of possible ideas. Yeah, we probably should take the time to read, digest and understand your original worldbuild, but there's a lot, so what makes one more special than the other?

Mixing [IRL culture] with [fictional race] also opens up routes for creativity, while still letting your players get the gist of the world quickly and jump right in.

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You'd be surprised at how realistic that is to alot of actual Japanese samurai.

>> No.40312713

I like this idea
He would stand in a field cutting horseflies out of the air to practice iaijutsu

>> No.40312725

what? no they aren't

>> No.40312729

I'm not willing to put in the time required to do that when my worldbuilding eats up enough of that already

>> No.40312743

>bald guy wearing a white t-shirt and jeans wielding a katana
>"Sai-in-ura faggots"

>> No.40312762

Tell me have you ever actually ran a decent game were people didn't think you were a huge cock?

>> No.40312764

Dark Souls and Bloodborne are games who's lore could have easily be written by a European person, the elements that make them different are the small splashes of Japanese flavor they inject into the games. As for Fire Emblem the world is not very interesting, it;s basically the Japanese French/British vs. the Japanese Scandinavia vs. the Japanese Middle East.

>> No.40312800

It might have been 'diet of souls'.

>> No.40312812

I'm not saging, we're derailing into some interesting ideas here.

>> No.40312814

>Then why include them at all? Because your setting must include lizardpeople, despite their apparent inconsequence?

because fuck you.

>> No.40312827

thats diet of SEALS idiot. not souls.

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On a slightly related note I found this.

>> No.40312868

That's actually a misconception.
The word the misconception comes from is Eskimo which in the Cree language means roughly "Eater of Raw Meat" (because Inuit tribes would often eat raw meat).

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Fuck you and your laziness. If you can't reduce your ideas to anything less than a novel, you need to learn how to reign yourself in. It is a problem I used to struggle with too.

One thing I've learned to do is act like my players are looking this stuff up on Wikipedia: every article comes with a brief summary at the top and more categorical information that they can read later - if they want to.

It's alright to make an elevator pitch along those lines, I don't have anything against that. But it seems no one ever bothers to go beyond. I'm tired of just slapping a pair of pointy ears and a veneer of nature worship onto literally anything and suddenly that's "elves in my setting."

>but there's a lot, so what makes one more special than the other?
Why, the fact that you're playing in it of course.

It's the concept of one culture interpreted by another. I also like Japanese paintings of the early European "barbarian" visitors.


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My people appreciate your concern.

>> No.40312978

>It's the concept of one culture interpreted by another. I also like Japanese paintings of the early European "barbarian" visitors.

I actually like this kind of thing too. Real interesting shit.

Can one say that they are 'interpreting' another culture in their game by scanning the wikipedia page for two minutes and making up the rest? Mainly because lizardmen cossacks sound badass and I would want them in my setting.4

Lazy? Likely. Fun? Even more likely.

>> No.40312983

Is his name Carrot Ironfounderson?

>> No.40313008

It's the starting point not the bar, and an easy way to communicate theme. More often then not it's not really that culture, but a romanticized interpretation of that culture.

>> No.40313038

The issue I have with Fire Emblem as a setting is that's just really a really boring when you get right to it. There's not really that much character to the states themselves excluding broad generalizations and while something like that might be fun for people to write out and expand on if it weren't for the characters being inherently likable the games would fall apart.

Personally when I write for games I have most of my material come from the Warhammer Fantasy universe but most of my games take place in one city because I find it better and more enjoyable to limit the world to one area that your characters are going to be interacting with.

>> No.40313078

Ah, a memefrog poster. This explains a lot

>> No.40313120


That's like saying "why include pygmies in real life if they aren't of any consequence to the modern geopolitical landscape?"

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still doing a /tg/ cringe thread?

>> No.40313165

That guy with the ballcap though.

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>he's wearing it backwards, like a faggot.

>> No.40313222

Aside from the pony and the backwards hat that's hardly cringe. The costume is just hilarious.

>> No.40313234

or like someone who wants it out of there eyes but not take it off.

>> No.40313240

That's not the part I was pointing out. I was talking about the way he's looking at Dr. Livingston's pony.

>> No.40313265

looks like he wants to fuck it.

>> No.40313307

Looks more like "Jesus Fuck, why?".

>> No.40313311

really? cause he looks confused and disgusted to me.

>> No.40313317

What really bugs me more is that you'received being angry at what gms do when building their worlds, which is either you never actually ran a game or ran one so detail you get posses if a player runs with the sterotype. Which judging by your response to everyone means that you have no idea what it's like to run a game.

Keep in mind that I run mostly games set in the real world. But that doesn't stop me from calling out a whining little shit when I see one.

>> No.40313347

God damn mobile keyboard.

>> No.40313377

"That's pretty slick" is exactly what comes to mind every time I see this image. Funny.

>> No.40313458


Gunt Thunderfist
Clint Turbodiesel
Slab Beefkill

>> No.40313474

>.45 calibear

>.45 caliboar then

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>> No.40313504

Is that guy praying?

>> No.40313541

Goblins in my setting only did bad shit because they were created and enslaved by a powerful evil being. When the evil was killed the goblins threw down their weapons and rejoiced, thinking they were being freed. They were then enslaved by humans, but freed after about 200 years, when a kind king finally officially declared goblins as capable of good or evil as anyone else.

Is this edgy?

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File: 211 KB, 625x625, enhanced-27316-1394547733-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Heh. Praying. Heh.

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File: 213 KB, 625x625, enhanced-31382-1394547943-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 63 KB, 800x533, Third Ward Walking Stick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Western adaptation.

>> No.40313711

does that guy have knuckle tattoos?

>> No.40313726

Sounds a bit like a Disney movie tbh, but I like it. Not everything has to be a grim dark tale

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You don't know Captain Carrot?

>> No.40313749

I just imagined the Baseball Furies as samurai.

>> No.40313839


nah man, they just play eldar.

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File: 163 KB, 450x768, 1418730043034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40313848


Dick Hardcheese
Big McLargeHuge
Steel Irontoe

>> No.40314140

>I'm designing this game based on the Souls series

>> No.40314162

So LOTFP then?

>> No.40314209

>Here are the rules for mindbreaking female NPCs

>> No.40314229

Only applies to Bloodborne.

>> No.40314259


>> No.40314507

Salt Fleshwound
Smoke Manmuscle
Buff Drinklots

>> No.40314601


Thick Adamantine
Lift Musclerip
Punch Kicklip

>> No.40314679

Punch Sideiron
Brick Mason
Chase Rumbreath

>> No.40314740
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Abenobashi is exactly this, and exactly as wonderful as you think

>> No.40314924
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They live in Texas.

>> No.40314990

Her name is Lucille.

>> No.40315237

Ranchers and farmers will literally offer bounties of like $50 a hog if you kill it on their property, as long as you do it legally (i.e. not in city limits with a firearm, but that's not a problem as the majority of land is outside actual city limits anyway, so fire away). There's a reason there are straight-up professional hog hunters here.

>> No.40315305

fuckers dont die easy, ive seen one take a deer-slug to the chest and still have enough life left in to make it 4 miles.

>> No.40315369
File: 36 KB, 540x960, 11139367_929104890467932_4618100686738335229_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was going to post this, but you beat me to it. Ignore that I'm just now, hours later, posting.

>> No.40315502

Sounds pretty autistic but on the other hand he also seems like a genuinely good guy. I'm willing to believe that he really is very proficient with that sword, and even the remark about being more dangerous without it. He seems like he's on the level. Doesn't even seem to be a weeaboo so much as a kung fu enthusiast. Autists are associated with obsession, so what's to say he didn't obsessively train in martial arts.

And honestly, even if he is mentally deficient, he definitely got the job done, saving someone from a beating is heroic no matter how you slice it. I give this guy full props for being a cool guy, even if he is dorky about it.

>> No.40315555
File: 39 KB, 308x400, 1432874665230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm reading this in conjoined statements.

"Scottsdale rapes missing kid; suspect confession. Teachers arrested: perfect storm."

>> No.40315801

>Repair and Towing shop put out of business in second undercover sting
the Light Rail Avenger went undercover in Repair and Towing to break up the ring of kid raping teachers and wrung a confession out of their leader Scottsdale.
It really was a perfect storm

>> No.40315850

I don't know why but Light Rail Avenger sounds like an amazing superhero title.

>> No.40315898

>you will never live the life of an honourable, roof dwelling assassin
>you will never have an unspoken bond with the ice-cream man
>you will never teach a little girl what it truly means to be a samurai
why even live?

>> No.40315922

Nah baseball caps are just the generic headgear for all elite 21st century street warriors.

>> No.40316062

Sounds pretty cool tbh. But why make dwarves mongols? That seems really undwarvish, you might as well not make them dwarves.

>> No.40316102

>ive seen one take a deer-slug to the chest and still have enough life left in to make it 4 miles
>4 miles

These things are monsters. These things have a CR I don't want to consider for a wild animal.

>> No.40316167
File: 41 KB, 600x596, 1111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Smaug was a fire-breathing wyvern!

>> No.40316230

My campaigns dorfs are Jamaican

>> No.40316300

Look at him. He looks pretty amazing.

>> No.40316353

They usually tend to be like the kind of people I like, why not have them be chill.

>> No.40316838

Only the White Man has the finesse, the cunning and the will to be proper villains, likeable villains, non-strawman villains, badguys you can trully say 'fuck yeah, sign me in into your Legion of Doom'.
A story is as good as it villain is and there is no villain like the white villain.

>> No.40316872

Well I think orcs eat raw meat too.

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Great post for all people i like this like morning things.

>> No.40316872,3 [INTERNAL] 

Great post for all.

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