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Hear ye, respected battlemages of Ziona.

In order to relieve pressure from the main cyoa generals, this thread and those following it have been set up as a temporary isolation for the popular Battlemage cyoa by SDA. Feel free to post your builds here and shoot the shit between your characters.

Please note that this is NOT a quest, and NOT ONLY an rp thread. Any discussion pertinent to the cyoa itself is very much welcome. Please do not discuss any cyoa meta stuff; for that you can use the main general.

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>Please do not discuss any cyoa meta stuff; for that you can use the main general.
No, I think if you're going to make a thread about it, we can discuss anything related to the CYOA here.

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I meant things not related to this particular cyoa.

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Don't forget Abbys tree of demonic magic.

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Why would you make this thread? There is no reason for it to have its own thread, the hype was already dying down.

There was literally no other CYOA discussion last thread aside from some faggot crying about how CYOAs didn't fit their criteria anymore.

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Reposting my older builds.


Wizard set (mostly for show, because we have an image to uphold)

Staff (2) (mostly as a symbol of power and authority)
Dagger/Wand (3) (last resort self-defence tool)
Shield Catalyst (1) (memento from Academy days; was mostly used in friendly duels)

Alexandros Phmic (7) (boss; I'm going to work as his secretary and do all the administrative work that needs to be done to keep Ziona running)
A nice thoroughbred stallion (1) (+a nice horse decorations to synergize with my robe color; let the peasants know who they're talking to if there are peasants alive in the world, that is)

Plasma Weapons -> Blink (most useful auxiliary spell, lets me be where I need in no time; also lets me sleep more and never be late for important meetings it's a shame I need to take Plasma Weapons to be able to cast it though)

Illusion (excellent for various presentations: I can simulate the whole battlefield or make a map with it, or maybe make a small illusory model of a new giant monster to show it to slayers)

Spell Block -> Spell Grab (tricks learned in Academy years; that dueling club may've been useful after all)
Menidng Sparks (I'm going to do a lot of paperwork, so papercuts are going to be the problem; also good for strained back)

Energy Siphon -> Energy Focus (I'm probably going to cast many small utility spells throughout a day like communications, divinations etc. so an ability to recharge the energy would be really useful)

Bolt (I needed to take a combat training for the battlemage qualification, so seeing that I already have several lightning spells bolt was a no-brainer)

I'd choose Frozen Heart for an opportunity to make a joke about politicians, but I'm out of spells

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>whole wizard robes ensemble
>2 daggers that are also wands
>sentinel mark
>Dragon mount instead of companions
>all T1, T2, and T3 Divine abilitites

Be sentinel battlemage from Ascent Realm who rides her dragon along Elysium border and tries to help protect people from detritus and try to help them with other things with my divine magic. Don't get involved in problems between the citystates and only fight against real evil and try to work with other battlemages that need help.

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I'm actually thinking about some more Prophet concepts beyond Prime Battlemage's secretary, like a Detritus field scientist or an evacuation commander. Any suggestions and builds revolving around those ideas are welcome. It's time to think strategically and not just kill giant monsters with giant sticks with all due respect to slayers, their builds are not very unique.

I don't see the problem. If it's unpopular it will die fast.

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>with all due respect to slayers, their builds are not very unique

I think they're getting the concept from Dark Souls and Monster Hunter. I'd like to see a slayer that focuses on traps, synergy, and the like.

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Step back, kids.... this just got personnel
>Battle robe hood
>leather armour
>battle robe gloves
>leather boots

>Hybrid: polearm (scythe) and staff (5 points)

>dameon caras and earl reimfred

>masochism, sanguine essence, flash decay
>shadow jump, light drinker, vorpal weapons
>weapons of light, mark of redemption, angelic wings

Deathsteel Chaosthunder is a half demon half angel half vampire assassin that kills his opponents with a single swing of his mystic scythe NecroGetsu
*shadow jumps behind you* pssh.... you pissed me off kid.... time to DIE *pierces through your shield with Necrogetsu and turns your flesh to dust* *starts flying away with angel wings* ill see you in hell fucker

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Do they have names?

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Mana Burn -> Mana Chain -> Cosmos -> Overload

Plasma Weapons -> Blink
Energy Siphon -> Energy Focus -> Energy Barrier

Batllemage armor set

Custom 2h Staff/Spear (5 w.slots)

Igor Tsekhanovetsky (3 c.slots) (What's with SDA and bro-tier slav characters? Anyway, he's basically your usual slayer juggernaut, which is pretty helpful. Being a bro outside the battle is certainly a plus.)
Thea Serle (2c. slots) (Let's wait for the moment when gadgets are a part of the CYOA something like bombs at least; would be fun to carpetbomb the shit out of Detritus, but until then I think Thea is a nice support character with an assortment of skills. She'll be useful for sneaky spec-ops stuff)

Tyrants (elemental) (3 c.slots 1 w.slot) (SDA said something about elemental mounts MAYBE having an ability from a respective tree. if it's true I'll choose Blink without a shadow of doubt. High-speed flying teleporting pterosaurs or whatever would be good for a battlemage SWAT team)

The tactics is simple: blink in, support buddies with Energy Siphon and barriers, Mana Chain anything slippery, BTFO big monsters with Overload or Cosmos, blink out if shit gets dangerous. Blink + Energy Focus basically gives unlimited energy in the long run, so I guess Overload will be a kind of last resort move because of the need to conserve energy for emergency blink. I imagine that rapid deployment to faraway areas + sheer synergy and teamwork will win the day in the end.

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Some call me... Tim. Tim, Prime Battlemage's secretary, at your service.

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>>40311737 Alita? I'm not great with names.....

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Holy shit, someone actually did it.

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wait so are there other non human races, as I notice a succubus?

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Okay, SDA, if you're here. What's the rough estimate of companons' spell points per companion point? You said earlier that Second Batllemages basically have around 15-20, and First 25+. What about lower level Thirds?

Let's say I take 8 1-point companions at chargen. How much spells does my F-team have? 3 per person? Ususal 9? I guess that our abstract PC is at least mediocre at battlemaging, so he must have more points than most "support characters".

I remember SDA saying that he intentionally left it vague, so anybody could play any race their headcanon allows. The majority of companions are still humans though.

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Posting build for the first time, r8, h8, appreciate.

>battle robe hood
>battle robes
>battle robe gloves
>wizard robes bottom

>staff, crossbow, tower shield


>Volen Chlask, Jyna Heltsye, Arthur Sagard, Arael Henriet

>the entire arcane tree

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This is a stupid question, what's an SDA?

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So, is it time to namefag rp? I ask because I love that shit.

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Star Dust Anon, the guy who made this CYOA and the actual Star Dust CYOA.

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>the entire arcane tree
>with 9 points
M8, you have to make some sacrifices. Also, you're hunting rogue mages, why tower shield?

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Oh, suppose backstory would be nice.

>companions for typical group adventuring
>strong, gruff Volen, fire and rice personalities in Arthur and Arael, defense and ward chick Jyna

The team's generally strategy is that it forms a deadly combination against anything or anyone that relies on it's magical prowess. Volen would stomp ahead with his boar and spear, ripping into the enemy, and we would support. Any spell they tried to cast would be broken by my spell break, cast onto a crossbow bolt and fired directly at them or their spell, taking away their casting for a time. Then, Volen would fall back, and the combined Overload(I and Jyna), and a glacial winds+nova combo Arael and Arthur would finish it.

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Ah, you're right. Damn, miscounted.
Right then, entire arcane tree except for Haste Cast.
Tower shield because no defense, and being that it takes a weapon slot, I assume you could cast spell break onto the shield as well.

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Mark: Prophet

Armour: Full Battle Robe set
Weapons: Custom Weapon (Instrument: Violin + Staff with frost enchantment)

Shield: Shield Catalyst

Companions: Sigma Admund

Mount: Scarab

Cryo Shot/Seeker Shards/Comet/Glacial Winds

Staccato:Instrument/Marcato/Crescendo/Magnum Opus

Oh detritus, oh detritus how foul you are
A plague upon the land; a field of scars
He who devours, earth rending scours
He who divides, great torrential tides
He who destroys, turns men to boys
He who taints, broken bloodstained
He who takes, and takes and takes
Our sin; our flaw. our tragic mistake

We thought we knew more, we thought we grasped higher,
yet the plummet from grace torn us asunder.

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>Knight Helmet
>Soldier Cuirass
>Battle Robe Gloves
>Aegis Greaves

>Titan Blade hybrid with Staff: 5 slots
>Hand Axe: 6 slots
>Mark: Vanguard

>Dragon: 8 companion slots

>Frost Armour, Obsidian Ice, Flash Freeze, Glacial Winds, Frozen Heart
>Summon Undead, Relentless Charge, Army of the Dead, Apocalypse

The Lich King is here.

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>Acoustic + Frost
>No "Let it Go" line
A missed opportunity.

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I'm actually sick and tired of listening to that song.

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Knight Helmet
Soldier Curaiss
Knight Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

Longsword + Staff Hybrid: Two hand this sucker while increasing what little magic I use

Shield Catalyst: Mostly a just in case piece. Hands free.

Vanguard: Just joined and heading to the front lines.

Elemental Raptor: Shadow. Hard to hit and intimidating as all hell?

Hendry Bertram: Defense specialist is always nice to have
Mirielda Bardol: Seemed like the only low cost healer I could find
Bizienne Isouda: Teacher and strategist


Flame Weapons
Flame Armour


Plasma Weapons


Weapons of Light

Shadow Jump
Light Drinker
Vorpal Weapons

Spend my off time with my team learning from Bizienne. Or drinking. That's always an option. In combat we'd mostly be a front line team with me buffing my weapons and armor, Hendry covers me and Mirielda from behind. Mirielda would also provide covering fire and healing. Bizienne could pretty much do anything and be useful.

This build is based off the fact that I've only just started. I can gain strength as I go.

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Huh, I just realized something.
>High Lust magic + Dragon Mount + Elemental Mount = Dragon girl?

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Not SDA, but I would run it as

> You have a B rank in casting with 9.
> C ranks have 7 spells known
> D ranks have 5
> E have 3
> A have 12

But there aren't 12 spells in a single tree
> Those are just the spells that you had available to you

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Re-posting my top build, again

> Battlemage Hood
> Soldier Cuirass
> Soldier Gauntlets
> Aegis Greaves

> Sabre (primary)
> Targe
> Wand
> Greatsword (backup)

Companions (not super important, really. Just as long as I have buddies)
> Mikael Ouren
> Jenna Heltyse
> Jourdain Ricaud

> Flame Weapons
> Flame Armor
> Cloud of Smoke
> Conflagration
> Shadow Jump
> Light Drinker
> Vorpal Weapons
> Dark Shards
> Illusion

Mentored in the art of using illusion, darkness and misdirection in battle. I combine it with smoke and flame, tearing apart enemy formations while they are helpless. I am primarily of the Vanguard, though when wading deep into enemy lines it often makes sense to seek out subcommanders and mages like a Hunter would.

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Knight Helmet
Aegis Cuirass
Aegis Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

Longsword + Wand (3 slots)
Kite Shield + Shield Catalyst (3 slots)

Mark of the Hunter
Unstoppable Force

Plasma Weapons
Spell Block
Spell Grab
Spell Break

Ada Godefray
Cassandra Larun
Danilene Roland

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Dragon Knight of Elysium


Knight Set

Dragonlance with wand functionality (4w)
Kite Shield (1w)

Flame Dragon (8c, 1w)

Companion (dragon)

Flame Weapons -> Flame Armour -> Dragon Fire
Fireball -> Fire Bomb -> Ray of Flame

Mending Sparks

Making skies of Ziona safe is our job. Our main mission would be patrolling border areas and preventing aerial enemies (which, knowing Detritus, there are plenty of) from attacking friendly postions. With flame spells and an echanted Dragonlance I could cover ground troops or eliminate flying targets easily. Being able to telepathically communicate with my dragon and heal him is useful in the long run. Leafmetal is here for increased mobility and lighter armor (the dragon would probably need to carry occasional passengers, supplies or bombs too). I reckon, we would also be supporting vanguard drake riders in aerial assaults.

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Here’s a repost of my stealth build.


All rogue gear

Composite recurve bow/staff
Two daggers

Jourdain Ricaud

Elemental drake (shadow)

Shadow: Shadow jump, Dark shards, Shade, Illusion, Mark of fear, Nocturne, Umbra
Lightning: Plasma weapons, Bolt

The idea is to use shadow jump and illusion to generally stay undercover. At range, use the bow and dark shards, or get in close through shade and bolt to land a heavily charged plasma dagger. Umbra synergizes well with nocturne in combat, or can be used to facilitate getaways on my sneaky drake.

I wanted to get seismic sense, since it’s basically perfect for stealth, but I ultimately decided against it. I didn’t have much of an idea on which companion to choose, but Jourdain seems to balance the party pretty well.

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Don't fuck with me anon.... If there are any dragon-girls there I want to do them!

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Seeing as all companions have both physical and magic power rating I'd want to see some physical perks for character customization.

There's also a matter of letters. I envision having D in both magical and physical power at the start (taking 5 spells and perks) and being able to spend 3 points to increase your might or magic (Increasing stats to magic: A might: D or magic: C might: B etc.), thus having more perks and/or spells.

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Someone tell me about a Detritus battalion that the Forerunners saw coming our way

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The Anti Mage
>Aegis Helmet
>Aegis Cuirass
>Aegis Gauntlets
>Aegis Greaves
>Arcane Staff/Great Hammer Hybrid [5]
>Shield Catalyst [1]
>Spell Block
>Spell Grab
>Spell Break
>Mana Burn
>Mana Chain
>Flame Weapons
>Flame Armor
>Frozen Heat

+Godly Defence
+Anti Magic
+The Hammer will break your bones, scorch your flesh, and render your magic useless.

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Oops, remove density from the list.

>> No.40315739

Oh, you haven't heard the details yet? I've heard it was terrible. We lost two separate teams of Shadow and Divine squadrons. People trained in draining all the light from around them as they slunk along the ground, and those with an expertise in pumping out enough light while flying to be mistaken as nothing more than rays of light.

Our ground forerunners were completely eviscerated. They didn't stand a chance. Of the flying regiment, only one, who had learned how to blink, could make it back to tell the tale of their squad. Captain Regis Lux, a decorated battlemage of age, the man was completely shell-shocked. He spoke of horrors unknown to us so far, speaking of events such as the consumption of the dead by the Detritus. Apparently they're beginning to develop an adaptative biology, or at least this battalion is. He said they instantly grew darker, and began to move much more swiftly. It looked like one had even began sucking away any ambient light. Unfortunately he had almost no time to process this, as this new dark energy had empowered the detritus legion. Shards of piercing darkness shot into the sky, draining away that blinding light they so relied upon. After the disguise fell, the horde's long range weapons were upon them. The men, his personal troops, known as the Seraphs, resolved to stand their ground and give their leader enough time to escape. After convincing him, Regis thunk them for their service, and had blinked back here.

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>Kite Shield + Shield Catalyst (3 slots)

Protip. The shield catalyst's talisman can just be wrapped around your shield arm with cloth, thus saving you a weapon slot.

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Detritus monsters have been eating corpses since forever. It's actually quite annoying, especially if you wanted to study the bodies in question.

>> No.40316123

You're probably right, I'm just repeating what I had heard.Do they eat the corpses of their own too?

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Alright, alright, let's look here...

Knight Helmet
Soldier Cuirass
Knight Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

Square Shield
Shield Catalyst
> Stack the Catalyst and the Square Shield.


> Idemay, the waifu.
> Elemental Drake

> Flame Weapons, Flame Armor, Dragonfire, Nova
> Weapons of Light, Mark of Redemption, Angelic Wings, Archangel
> Density

Did I do this right? Time to fuck literally anything coming my way in melee.

>> No.40316191

>Shadow and Divine squadrons
Sorting people into squadrons based on elements when they are probably a mix and the enemy is varied and strange seems like a very stupid idea unless your objective is to lose and die.

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HEY SDA, COME OUT AND PLAY. I did a thing.

Basically, I have and idea for an expansion: PERKS. Now you start with only 7 spell points, but you have 3 perk points to better define your character in the mechanical and fluff terms now you can basically create trained soldiers, charismatic leaders, smart bookworms etc.. I present to you a list of perks that I imagine can be balanced a little more, depending on SDA's preferences and whether there's going to be gadget points or not. All perks can be taken once except the last one.

>> No.40316365

Mighty - Improved strength and athleticism, ability to wield heavy weapons without help of magic. Powerful attacks.
Steadfast - Improved endurance and pain resistance, ability to withstand severe damage. Never get tired because of heavy armor.
Nimble - Improved agility, hand-eye coordination, and speed. Ability to target opponents' weak points. Fast and precise attacks.
Arcane - Improved stealth and cunning. Improved ability to set and lure enemies into traps. Expert camouflage and disguise use training.
Trained Mind - Improved concentration, mana reserves, and spell power. Improved magic resistance and willpower.
Charismatic - Improved leadership skills, ability to influence and inspire people. +1 companion point (not applicable for mounts).
Artificer - Ability to tinker with complex technology, jury rigging. +1 gadget point.
Weapon Master - Specialization with one weapon type of your choice, improved proficiency with all weapons. +1 weapon point.
Well Connected - +2 companion points (not applicable for mounts). Not sure about this one. It maaaay be a little unbalanced. If you think it is, you can only have leadership.
Well Equipped - +2 weapon or gadget points (or +1 of each). Can be taken multiple times.
Paragon Mount - Your mount is the perfect specimen of its kind. It's much stronger and has undying loyalty to you. Discount for one mount puchase (1 weapon or companion point).
Magic Mastery - +2 spell points. Can be taken multiple times. Basically, this is the way to max your spells and get on the level of the current CYOA version. You take this and get 9 spells + 2 perks. You can also sacrifice all your perk points for 13 spell points, but that's still a subject to balancing.

Tell me what you think, I need more opinions of this stuff.

>> No.40316461

Yeah, well, thinking about it, it's probably a good idea to indicate that dragon is a single purchase, even if you take additional companions with it (if everybody's going to accept those +companion points perks).

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Naturally. Anyway:

High Necromancer Smashfucker

Knight Helmet
Aegis Cuirass
Leather Gloves
Knight Greaves

Hand Axe
One-Handed Spear
Recurve Bow
Square Shield
Shield Catalyst


Phisora Jaenith
Serf Bardol

Undead Raptor

Summon Undead
Relentless Charge
Army of the Dead
Sanguine Essence
Flash Decay

Frost Armor
Frozen Heart

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Knight Helmet
Soldier curiass
Knight gauntlets
Knight greaves

Kite shield
Shield catalyst


NIL (RaptorBro for life)
Raptor (Elemental Mount, Nature)


>Flame -
Flame weapons
Flame Armour
>Frost -
Frozen Heart
>Nature -
Vine control
>Force -
>Undead -
Sanguine Essence

(Wondering If taking out vines/Mend for Energy siphon/Energy Focus is a better way to go)

Made this build while listening to the Witcher 3 soundtrack. Sadly never played any of the games, but this is some good stuff.

>> No.40316517

>Sadly never played any of the games
Play 3

The other 2 are skippable.

>> No.40316535

Why is everyone with Elemental choosing an element they hardly even possess? I don't even think you're supposed to be able to choose, but that it's literally "What spells do you have most?" Unless this has already been dealt with by the maker, in which case, why haven't the main images been updated?

>> No.40316564

You expect too much.

>> No.40316567

>It's actually quite annoying, especially if you wanted to study the bodies in question.

Can't argue with that.

>> No.40316579

SDA kind of handwaived it saying that the mount gets... improved in some way, MAYBE even getting one of the powers from related elemental tree. I'd imagine fire drake getting fire breath while lightning one an ability for short range teleporting. But that's just my headcanon with vague hints by SDA.

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I interpret my undead mount as being able to perform at 100% natural capacity indefinitely without tiring. That's why I can load it with metal armor and all my gear, while still having it run as fast as it can for as long as I want.

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File: 114 KB, 269x400, core$images$portraits$trolls$transparent$whelp[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tank/Support Wizard
>Jin Jin
Soldier helmet
Knight Cuirass
Aegis Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

2 Bucklers, hybrid with wands: 5 slots total
Shield Catalyst


Felena Wyverun: 5 slots
Anna Blanc: 6 slots
Zalixar Nyhr: 8 slots

>FORCE: Density, Unstoppable Force, Launch, Black Hole
>DIVINE: Mending Sparks, Guardian's Halo, God's Wrath, Weapons of Light
>FROST: Frozen Heart

I'm a young troll who is just damaging and annoying enough with Launch and Unstoppable Force to necessitate the giant beasts focus on me and not my allies. In a pinch I can activate Black Hole, and assuming it makes me dense enough I can use gravity to pull things towards me, would let me divert attacks away from enemies.

I can also heal my allies or myself in times of need.

>> No.40316662

OP it would be really great if you could order the companions by columns, and in the columns order them by cost. It's good that the ones that take less slots are up top and the ones that take more on the bottom, but it'd be great if you could do something like all the Vanguards in one vertical column, then the Sentinels, and so on and so forth.

>> No.40316678

I second this.

>> No.40316731

>I'm a young troll

My cousins and I used to hunt trolls on my uncle's estate. Ah, good times.

>> No.40316735

Opinion formulation in process...

Since this is an expansion, I don't think it should lower the spell points by 2. Otherwise it's fine, since it can let us customize characters more than what magic they use, and it'd also be good for companions to have them too, so we know what they're best at.

>> No.40316751

Did you use a bow, crossbow, or magic?

Or something else?

>> No.40316786

Traps, lances, that sort of thing. I couldn't handle a crossbow to save my life, and still can't.

>> No.40316792

I feel like theres a big tone disconnect between how the Detritus and world situation is presented and the Battlemages

>> No.40316890

I imagine if a crossbow was the only thing you had, you'd be quite....cross.

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How do you mean?

>> No.40317123

I'm curious too, what do you mean exactly?

>> No.40317175

Not him, but I think he's referring to the dissonance between the grimdark of the world getting destroyed and they OMG I'M A SUPER POWERFUL BATTLE MAGE WHO CAN SUMMON HEAVEN'S HOST TO AID ME!

>> No.40317192


Where have you seen this? Also, the power we are allowed in the cyoa should serve to hint at the power of the Detritus forces who are defeating us. This is some high-level shit, in other words.

>> No.40317546

Well if we're all super powerful battlemages who can summon heaven's hosts to aid us, then our enemies must be real tough motherfuckers if we have to do that to fight them.

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I'm currently making an unofficial school based off time magic. But because of how powerful time is, I've imposed a hard limit of 12 seconds on every ability from future sight to afterimages in terms of how far it can reach back and forwards in time. The T4 ability however, removed this hard limit for its duration, instead limited only by a mage's energy reservoir, and creates a localized area of which time is stopped.

Does it sound good so far?

>> No.40317865

Show us what you got so far for abilities, it's kind of hard to tell how it is without knowledge of what time magic can do.

>> No.40317973
File: 739 KB, 2498x1037, Invoker_update_splash[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Carl the Invoker
Wizard Hat
Battle Robes
Battle Robe Gloves
Wizard Robes Bottom

I disdain most weapons, but...
Staff: 2 slots

Slayer, the only enemy suited for a mind such as my own are the strongest.

2 Behemoths: 8 companion slots, 6 weapon slots.

Some savage beasts to deal with my lesser foes.

Flame: Fireball, Fire Bomb, Ray of Flame
My primary source of offense, incinerating my foes.

Frost: Frozen Heart, Wall of Ice, Ice Permeance
My defensive magic, protecting me while I slowly cook my foes.

Lightning: Energy Siphon, Energy Focus, Energy Barrier
I need not give my energy to my feeble allies, but the Energy Focus will let me repeatedly cast spells upon my foes.

Whosoever stands against me, stands briefly.

>> No.40318047

I like you.

>> No.40318430

Waterschool when! I want muh coral armour!

>> No.40318698
File: 989 KB, 3840x2160, 1432225805150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would hearby like to open the floor regarding a discussion about the technicalities of the Nature tree and it's "Companion" spell.

If I have a bear, is it a giant bear usable as a mount? If I have a flock of crows how many crows do I get? Can I have a giant crow companion? you tell me.

>> No.40319011
File: 389 KB, 605x850, 7ddff60f8f51a57eb7662a2858831afa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the guy from earlier. Need some ideas on abilities as well as names. Can /tg/ lend me a hand?

The school of moments and eternities.

(A spells focus on the past, B spells focus on the present, and C spells focus on the future. A is a hybrid of both utility and offense, B is pure offense, and C is pure utility. Changes can be made to the formula, but it’s what I’m going for right now)

>T1A –
>T2A –
>T3A – Temporal Loop

>T1B –
Standard projectile attack, need to think up a twist
>T2B –
>T3B – Continuum Divide
Long cast time, close range nuke

>T1C –
>T2C –
>T3C – Oracle Eye
Activating this ability will channel temporal magic into your eyes, letting you see, with an upper limit of 12 seconds into the future at its furthest, on things that have yet to be. You may also activate this ability in only one of your eyes so that you may peer into both the present and the future at once, but will rob you of your depth perception for the duration, and can be incredibly disorienting.

>T4 – The End
Time will be stopped in a localized area for a period of 12 seconds, and during the time of which time is stopped, the hard limit of 12 seconds of any T3 spell and lower in this school is revoked, limited only by your remaining energy.

This spell becomes more powerful with every T3 Time Ability you have learned.

>> No.40319157

Hey SDA or anyone that's been paying attention. What was the reasoning behind the drastic change to the spell tree? I honestly love the old one and thought it gave a broad set of options, making it more custom for each anon, or am I missing something here?

>> No.40319193

The cut down removed a lit of the rehash spells and made each element more diverse. Quality over quantity.

It also makes the work a lot easier on SDA since he doesn't have to come up with literally hundreds of spells.

>> No.40319669


Why aren't there very many sentinels?


Singing siren prophetess of the north is fun idea. To bad about >>40313156 though.

>> No.40320699
File: 161 KB, 529x800, 1299599861923.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reposting goat hunter build
>Battle Robe Hood+Gloves, Leather Armor+Boots
>Wand, Shield catalyst, Dagger
>Cassandra, Ada, horses of elemental dankness
>Undead:Masochism, Sanguine Essence, Flash Decay
>Shadow:Shadow Jump, Illusion, Mark of Fear, Nocturne, Umbra
>Ice:Frozen Heart

I've been doing some writing practice with this as a base, but I can't seem to nail the city of Elysium down at all. I assume that it's huge and has a fuck ton of newly created slums and shanty towns outside thanks to refugees, but I have no idea about shit else. Is it mostly stone? Does it have multiple rings? Am I supposed to be making this up?
These are the questions.

>> No.40320812
File: 127 KB, 500x750, ddquest20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mark : Sentinel

Leather Hood
Battle Robe
Leather Gloves
Aegis Greaves

Staff+Bow (2+1+1=4) enchanted with Bolt
Targe (Assuming they are small enough to block properly while allowing arrow drawing)

Lightning =
Plasma weapons
Energy Siphon
Energy Focus

Force =

Void Stare
Void Call

Companion =
Cassandra Larun
Horse+Elemental Lightning

During an attack from the Detritus, my character fleed his city and wandered for a long time, farnished and almost dead, until the wall of Elysium, where he was saved by the Sentinel. To repay them, he tried to become a battlemage under them.

He Focus to gain energy regen, then crafts arrows with magnetism, overcharged with Plasma, made heavier with Density.
The bow is a hybrid staff with Bolt, channeling throught the arrow for added damage and stun effect
Aegis greaves allow the arrow to break magical defenses or even incoming spells

The idea behind it was to make a immobile sentry, with plenty of heavy firepower, the arrows are his only mean of attack, but the regen from Energy Focus and Void Call allows him to craft many arrows, keeping a high rate of fire and sustain

In case of attack on him, the Lighning Horse begins to dodge and Blink is casted while moving.

Energy Siphon is used to support frontline fighter.

The best way to repay the Sentinel for my character is to become an important member and help them both in fightning and behind, he climb the ranks, becoming an assistant for Cassandra

>> No.40321168

>All Knight armor
>Instrument and Hybrid Shield Catalyst/Tower Shield (Use it like a magical Pavise) (leaves 1 Weapon Slot)
>Mark of the Sentinel
>Take a dragon and use that weapon slot to make it elemental (I'll explain soon)
>Take ALL acoustic spells except Elegy of Fragility

Dragon will be a smaller, lither dragon that is incredibly agile and can break the speed of sound. Also, it has a remarkable voice and, if it sings the tunes I play, it can enhance the effect of one of my songs while I'm riding it.

I suddenly become a roving, flying, impossible to kill Synergist. Anyone tries to snipe me, just lay against the dragon and let my beast of a shield tank the hit...supposing they can even hit the dragon.


>> No.40321192

Sorry, that should be Except Meledy, not except Elegy of Fragility.

>> No.40321274

Threadly repost until senpai notices me.

>Wizard Hat
>Battle Robes
>Battle Robe Gloves
>Wizard Robes Bottom

>Hybrid: Titan Blade + Lightning(?) Staff


>Elemental Dragon (Lightning)

>Plasma Weapons
>Energy Siphon
>>Energy Focus
>>>Energy Barrier
>Void Stare
>>Void Call
>>>Void Cast (no, its name is stupid. I'm using this one)

Lightning + Arcane is OP.
Unlimited power from Mjolnir lets you delay the effects of mana/void burns (potentially indefinitely), and quickcasting Mjolnir can get ridiculous.

>> No.40321440


I still maintain that the 9 point limit isn't working. The tier 4 abilities work on the assumption you can get 1-3 tier 3 abilities as when you actually could get up to 3 tier 3 abilities. Either tier 4 abilities growing more powerful with tier 3 abilities purchased needs reworked or we need at least ten points. Someone that wanted a fully powered tier 4 ability would have to completely specialize in a single tree, meaning they couldn't branch out, but 10 points won't break the multi-school builds either.

>> No.40321468


> Not SDA, but:

> Elysium:
The Tower City is on a high rocky outcrop overlooking a bend in the river. This is where important citizens live, and is all stone and brick, with its own wall. surrounding the base of the outcrop.

On the Red Hill are the academies and barracks of apprentice and third Battlemages - structures raised by magic from the clay itself. They also have their own wall.

The rest of the Old City is enclosed by a two-tiered defensive wall, known as the Turpan Wall. It has a great number of covered markets and piazzas. A single Grand Canal tended by water mages lets flatboats bring their goods into the city center.

Beyond the Turpan Wall are the refugee slums, which are split up into many sections divided by earthen dams and moats to prevent fire. A simple wooden palisade with stone towers surrounds this. As the palisade has been pushed back to make more room, the towers have been left behind for soldiers who keep the peace among the refugees.

Engineers and mages are busy building three-tiered defensive walls eight miles out from the Turpan Wall. Once these are completed, the refugee slums will be reorganized into proper suburbs with farming plots, town walls, and deep wells.

>> No.40321471

Silver Tongue and Changeling are legitimately useful to almost everyone, sans the bed part, interested in being a Prophet. Desire Peek I assume involves desires beyond sex, so that could also be very useful if you can peek in and see someone's desire to betray, help, steal, etc.

It makes me rather sad they're tied to the what is otherwise a very silly tree.

>> No.40321485

the tree should honestly only fuel 'lust magic' so that it's a totally separate power set, because honestly if Abby isn't literally retarded she could easily out stripe the first battlemages in raw power alone.

>> No.40321491

Actually, the tree as a whole would be useful to any detritus mages seeking to corrupt.

>> No.40321513

oh wait it got updated, never mind

>> No.40321569

This works with what I'd already sketched out, if only because I barely described any of it.
Thanks anon.

>> No.40321637
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Saelim, the humble.


Battle Robe hood.
Leather armor.
Battle Robe gloves.
Leather boots.

4 daggers(2)
Shortsword (1)
Shield catalyst(1)

Cassandra LaRun(6) Direct superior and teacher.
Joses Remondin(1) Bro but with a slightly antagonistic relationship. Drinking buddies during R&R.
Raptor(1) Because hell yeah.

Shadow jump -> lightdrinker -> Vorpal Weapons -> Umbra.
Seismic sense -> Deflect -> Immovable Object -> black hole.

Get the jump on opponents and end fights quickly if fighting solo. In a group play a more supportive role and disrupt the battlefield around me and aiding my side. Would honestly just talk my way through problems if given the chance. Acts as the local bouncer to make sure nobody causes trouble/break up fights. Helps out whenever he can on his off days.

>> No.40321665

It's more fun to be a Slayer since you get to fight giant stuff, rather than just defending. No one likes to defend.

>> No.40321927

I imagine Sentinel can be sometime deployed to aid other Marks, plus the Detritus sounds rather brutal and bloodthirsthy, must be lot of fighting in the defense line.

>> No.40321956

That's the way I interpret it -> the elemental mount MUST reflect your most common element. If there's a tie, then you can choose

>> No.40322131


But I don't want to fight giant monsters. I'd rather heal and cast protection magic...

>> No.40322168

> Not SDA, but:

Waterschool, though powerful politically for their ability to irrigate fields and purify wells, relies almost entirely on ritual magic, not magic suitable for battle. No known Detritus creatures are aquatic, though they do build boats and some of the great monsters are large enough to wade across lakes and bays.

> T1: Coral Armor:
> Your armor becomes covered in living coral, able to poison enemies who grab you. The coral dies after only a short time out of the water though.

> T1: Engulf
> An enemy is surrounded by a bubble of water. Though it may escape it if unhindered, it will surely give you an opening and stop a spell from being cast.
> T2: Torrent Blast (Firehose)
> From your hands a great torrent of water streams forth for a few seconds, enough to knock several men off their feet at a distance of several meters.

> T1: Waterbreathing
> The most important spell for a water mage, it allows them to breath underwater for many hours. Most of them use this to inspect wells or other construction.
> T2: Pressure Blast
> Only usable underwater, this spell creates pressure wave that knocks away, disorients, and harms creatures up to three times your size.

>> No.40322205

Bears are pretty big already, a regular bear could be a mount. A giant bear is unnecessary for just being a mount, though it could be useful for defense.

I'm assuming that if you got a flock of crows, it'd be about the same mass as say a bear or something.

Giant crow companion, not certain.

>> No.40322279

A safe bet when it comes to technicalities in Battle Mage is to just do it. SDA seems pretty lax about most shit as long as it isn't obviously broken. Though I think if he expanded on the companion spell description it would at least help with the distinction between mounts and companions and whether they were at all related.

>> No.40322546
File: 187 KB, 900x668, Ocular_Halo_by_RalphHorsley.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Karlin fauce
>Mark: Forerunner
>Full aegis set
>Shield catalyst
>Elemental mount+Tarantula
>Full arcane except cosmos

A heavily armored mana Tarantula rider who heads deep into enemy territory to sabotage or scout. Through magic the armor is alot lighter for the wearer and silent, and he fires special mana burns that allow him to see from many angles.

>> No.40322747
File: 110 KB, 757x1056, 1429558950209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Battle Robe Hood
Wizard Robes
Battle Robe Gloves
Wizard Robe Bottom

Staff-Longsword Hybrid
Shield Catalyst

Mirielda Bardol

Elemental Drake

Spell Block
Spell Grab
Spell Break
Mana Burn
Mana Chain
Void Stare
Void Call
Soul Seaker

Also I made a self rule that if you unlock 2 T3 spells you get T4 for free.

Though I kinda would prefer it if more points were given, as Mages > Battlemages.

>> No.40322803
File: 130 KB, 811x541, Dark-Souls-фэндомы-DS-art-Dragon-slayer-Ornstein-2096907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Repost because my drake-rider is awesome.

Battlemage - meet my cavalry!

Leather Hood (+Ranged Accuracy)
Battle Robes (+Spellpower)
Battle Robe Gloves (+Casting Speed)
Leather Boots (+Misc.)

Hybrid weapon Magical Lance: One-handed spear + Staff (lightning) (4)
Kite Shield (1)


Sonya Keilana: Mentor, Friend, Partner. (3)
Storm Drake (5,1)

>Plasma Weapon, Blink
>Bolt, Shock Force, Smite
>Energy Siphon

>Frost Armour

>Companion (Drake)

Just a mage on the fastest drake in the world. The man and the mount seem to move in sync, like a combined mind. By using energy siphon it significantly outperforms anything else and outmanouver anything, and can even blink as a last resort. How can you hit something that moves so fast, phases in and out of reality, superpowered by magic and lightning. And I bring storms are so terrifying, and smite upon those beneath me.

Mjolnir can charge and power the duo even more. Fly fast, cast storms and smite from above. Along with my gear and my "magical lance of lightning" I think I'll do fairly well cleaning the Detritus scum.

I just wish I could trade shock force and plasma weapons for something else. Shame.

>> No.40322818

>made a self rule to make myself stronger
top lmao
Also nice physical resistance, there's a reason battle mages had to become a thing when mages already existed.

>> No.40322865

>made a self rule

>> No.40322953
File: 251 KB, 900x1145, 1422778205328.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanting to wear faggoty armor when you have stylish robes

Also I am having fun and you can't stop me.

>implying this doesn't fix the problem of not being able to take all the t3 choices of a school while being mindful of multiclassing

>> No.40322971

>dying to arrows

>> No.40323004

>arrows can't puncture armor

>> No.40323020


>> No.40323031

Same guy, some more water spells

> T2: Coral Reef
> As you concentrate, a wall of living, poisonous coral builds itself where you will it. Enemies that attempt to climb it will be numbed or paralyzed. Even underwater this magical life will begin to unravel and collapse a few hours after you stop concentrating.

> T3: Coral Construct
> Give animation to a beast formed from living coral. It is very strong but fragile, and will dry out and collapse after only a few minutes out of the water. Enough time for it to smash an enemy formation, though. Even underwater this magical life will begin to unravel after a few hours.

>> No.40323046

Longbow arrows are not that effective against plate actually. There's a video of an arrow shot at a breastplate and gambeson underneath it. The arrow did poke a hole in it but didn't make it past the gambeson, and even then the armor made the arrow so blunt it was practically useless.

>> No.40323054

Except armor reduces the penetration, which is the difference between living and not, and you don't actually have any mobility or defense other than the teleport with a cooldown.

>> No.40323107

Armor penetration for most arrows were 20-30 yards, and only if it was the correct kind of arrows.
You'd die to a stray arrow shot by a peasant a kilometer away m8.

>> No.40323137

>No physical resistance
What are you going to protect us against, dangers of obesity?

>> No.40323218

But anon, the CYOA said nothing about a gambeson!

But muh mage supremacy.

Fine, I'll take the kite shield instead.

It was my understanding that "Sentinel" was the branch of the battle mages dedicated to defensive operations, not "defensive warriors".

And I think we all have fallen to obesity already.

>> No.40323257

Gambeson is a cheap armor, even cheaper than leather as its just cloth whereas leather takes 2 weeks to make from rawhide.

I'm sure it would be extremely easy to get a gambeson.

>> No.40323272

There's a true* story about a crusader knight ambushed in a village by horse archers. Eventually they ran out of arrows and left. They couldn't hurt him through his mail, and he couldn't catch them when he charged.

His only complaint was that the arrows stuck in his armor made it harder to move.


* As true as a 900 year old story can be

>> No.40323280

I know anon. That was a joke.

>> No.40323285


>> No.40323372


Tell that to the French at Agincourt.

A large part of armor penetration is arrows traveling in an arc, with additional force provided by gravity. That was where the piercing power of longbows came from.

Shooting at a metal plate in a straight line isn't near as powerful.

>> No.40323397

I'm out, see you guys next thread.
Maybe if it doesn't suck I'll post the thing I was writing.

>> No.40323474

Rate me instead of that nonsense arrow discussion.

>> No.40323538

So, Giant frog mount, yay or nay?

>> No.40323578

>use blink
>drake doesn't blink with you


>> No.40323587


All right. I think I can finish out the whole school

> T3: Geyser
> Create a narrow bear of boiling hot water with enough force to rip unarmored flesh from bones, scalding even through thick armor.

> T3: Friendly Currents
> This spell animates the water around the caster, surrounding him with strong currents that make him difficult to land a solid blow on and give extra strength to his own strikes.

> T4: Liquid Body
> Become one made of water: very difficult to harm through physical means, constantly regenerating, faster moving, and amorphous. At the cost of some strength, however.

>> No.40323593
File: 358 KB, 1872x1365, 74552342634.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've got to team up. We'll be like a not-gay version of Top Gun. Dragon + Firebombs as a bomber, Drake + Bolts as an attack aircraft.

>> No.40323600

Literally worse than mine, Michelle Obama the Sentinel.

>> No.40323610

Yea, any giant animal mount would be sweet

>> No.40323627

I'd allow it. But for what purpose?

>> No.40323670


Use the Raptor or the Scarab rules, since you presumably want it to eat enemies whole with its tongue.

>> No.40323753

Whats better, Acoustic Tarantula or Arcane Tarantula?

>> No.40323759

Still need opinions about this super-important stuff.

>> No.40323777


>> No.40323822
File: 1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 546234762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40323832

That is some sweet stuff you got there, you sure are a heavy hitter. It's exactly as you said, a bomber and a jet fighter. However we cannot stay close together. Anything without a lightning affinity is kinda fucked since my abilities carry a lot of collateral damage with them (Mjolnir, Bolt and Lightning in general). Even my partner is an elemental.

Why sentinel though? Fight the real war on the front lines with your brother.

>> No.40323834

Acoustic gets buffed whenever you play a song-spell

Arcane absorbs enemy spells

Guess it depends on how many spellcasters you're facing

>> No.40323888
File: 26 KB, 199x240, Belja.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Posting my build in PC/NPC format

-Belja Rowin - The Shadow over Laeves Keep
Battle Robe Hood
Leather Armour
Battle Robe Gloves
Wizard Robes Bottom

Staff/Glaive combo (5/6)
Elemental (Shadow/Lighting) Dragon (6/6) [8/8]
Illusion/Mark of Fear/Nocturne
Shadow Jump/Lightdrinker
Bolt/Shock Force/Smite

>Belja Rowin - 3 points
Class: Third Battlemage
Schools: Shadow, Lightning
Mark: Hunter
Physical Skill: S
Magical Skill: E
Disgraced knight Belja is a master of one on one combat; utilizing illusions to confuse targets. Outside of combat however, she is dreadful company.

>> No.40323919

>Acoustic gets buffed whenever you play a song-spell
In my own whacky headcanon all acoustic mounts sing. Mostly Disney songs. Now Imagine that you have 6 of them

>> No.40323975


>> No.40323977

I like the way >>40323888 is doing it. Your Physical Skill / Magical Skill is mostly a rating of how you use your spells - to improve your swording or to stay out of needing to sword.

>> No.40324140

>Leather Hood: Ranged Accuracy
>Knight Cuirass: Great All-around Defense
>Leather Gloves: Awesome with finesse weapons
>Aegis Greaves: Magic Penetration

>Recurve Bow (1) combo'd (1) with Staff (2) for snipin'
>Rapier (1) as backup

>Catalyst (1)


>Sarf Bardol (5) - Snipin' and Harassin'
>Thea Serle (2) - Snipin' and Harassin'
>Mirielda Bardol (1) - Supportin' and Scoutin'

>Holy - Weapons of Light for damage, Mark of Redemption for thorns aura, Angelic Wings for maximum maneuverability
>Lightning - Plasma Weapons for damage, Blink for maneuverability
>Shadow - Shadow Jump for maneuverability, Light Drinker for fear aura and stealth, Vorpal Weapons for damage
>Fire - Flame Weapons for Damage

We are a Forerunner team, led by Sarf, our experienced battlemage captain. We hit and run, harrying detritus formations, sniping officers and corrupted mages. We scout for the Slayers and the Hunters, give the Sentinels and Vanguard valuable intel on incoming targets. In larger battles, we stay on the outskirts and skirmish, softening up their columns, slaying their scouts, denying them high ground and being overall assholes.

I use my wings, Blink, and Shadow Jump to stay out of melee. My auras (Redemption and Light Drinker) are merely cherries on top. My bread and butter is putting Holy, Flame, Shadow, and Lightning enchants on my arrows, and emptying my quiver at high value targets. If perchance the enemy gets close, I use my rapier.

>> No.40324230

>Not having a massive fire breathing frog and using it for being a slayer.


>> No.40324375

Love the idea, since SDA focused alot more on the mage part of BATTLEmage. But your system atm gives massive buffs that'd turn most people into Kaldor Draigo 2.0
I think having 5 melee talent points let's say, and splitting Mighty -> Trained Mind into 3 stages. The rest, I'd change up.
>Charismatic (3 stages) - Focus on leadership, co-ordination, leading non-mages, etc.
>Artificer (5 points) - +1 gadget point
>Weapon Master (2 stages) - About using your weapon effectively; need 1 point for custom weapons.
>Well connected (5 stages) - +1 companion point
>Well equipped (5 stages) - +1 weapon point
>Paragon Mount (1 stage) - Faster, tougher, stronger mount.
>Magic Mastery (5 stages) - +1 spell point. (reduce default spell limit to 7)

>> No.40324505

So how's my build for tanking?

>> No.40324519

>bone sea
>is actually lake
don't do this

>> No.40324538

It's a big lake.

>> No.40324572

for you

>> No.40324652

Actually, it makes me wonder why there's a hippocampus mount and no water magic. If Ziona is an island there should be a) a fleet b) oversea trading c) fucking water mages if there are no airships or any other high-magic transportation method. Unless Detritus all fear water like aliens in Signs they should've created giant sea monsters too.

>> No.40324722

>no water magic

Frost and Nature. Water is too basic a thing to get it's own school.

>> No.40324779

Except frost is water...

>> No.40324791

It was part of frost magic but SDA removed it.

>> No.40324804

That's what I said.

>> No.40324836
File: 268 KB, 650x435, mad-max-guitarist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wizard Set
>Instrument: Electric Guitar combo'd with Staff (Acoustic focused)
>Sigma Admund - To join me in my...
>Acoustic Tree except Elegy of Fragility and Hymn
>Flame Weapons

....you're goddamn right.

>> No.40324938

I don't see why water is too basic but thing like "fire" and "frost" are not

>> No.40324951

Okay. Then please describe how to do those things withing the current magic system:
1) Breathe water.
2) Control bodies of water for military or utility purposes in b4 ice is water too hurr.
3) Fight giant underwater monsters.
I mean, just look at the map. There are islands. I understand that it's a high-fantasy setting where there are means to teleport of fly over large bodies of water, but consider the main method of transportation of the common folk: ships. You need ships to transport people and large quantities of goods over water. There should be a way to do all of those things actually, there also should be a way to control winds that even non-battlemage casters could learn and use en-masse to sail more effectively, but that's another story. Of course, SDA could just say that Detritus cannot into water entirely and that's why they need Elysium and its portal system or something. But until then there should be at least a mention that there's water magic in Ziona (even if it's not battlemages' thing).

>> No.40324953
File: 166 KB, 600x785, ice_knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Knight helmet
Knight cuirass
Knight gautlets
Aegis greaves


Spear+Staff(ice enchanted)
Shield catalyst


Phisora Jaenith
Thea Serle

Ice Drake


>Frost armour
>Cryo shot
>Frozen heart
>>Obsidian ice
>>Seekers shards
>>>Flash freeze
>>>>Glacial winds
>Dark shards

f6f icecat reporting

>> No.40324988


I am interested in this, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

>> No.40325174

Gonna do something different from what I did before...

Aegis Helmet
I can't really go without that.

Battle Robes
For the spells man!

Aegis Gauntlets
For the impact against magic users. I think it would apply to ranged stuff too.

Aegis Greaves
If I can break their magic, then go me. this just makes it easier.

Gonna take a sabre, let's say it's a cutlass.
Then a custom crossbow and mixing it with a wand for four points.
Last point to a shield catalyst. Incase I can't just magic crossbow the fuck out of the magic coming my way.

Mark of the Forerunner please!

I'll take Jourdain Ricard. I'll be there to make sure he comes back with fewer injuries.
And a Tyrant to take up my last three slots.

All force spells besides Immovable Object.

Don't have a name for him, all I know is combining launch, unstoppable force and density will hurt if the combo is able to hit. And with some stoned magical bolts that I could use inertia on, it's a party!

And seismic sense will help to find my targets. So that's a plus!

Now I'm off to explore!

>> No.40325240

>Breathe water
>control bodies of water
I don't know. Just like I don't know how they create flesh golems or do tracking spells. The magic we are presented with here is likely not the only magic in the setting.

>ice is water too hurr
Are you some kind of idiot?

>Fight giant underwater monsters
Get yourself a hippocampus and/or war galleon, then cast magic at it. A water-filled setting would actually buff the effects of some schools such as Lightning and Frost.

>> No.40325245

It is saltwater, and therefore a sea. Hence why it is named Bone

>> No.40325297

Did you miss >>40323587 ?

>> No.40325332
File: 95 KB, 1152x864, Spooky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It has salt water
>Therefore it's a sea

>> No.40325354

Yeah, I quite like it. My point was about SDA's position concerning Hydromancy though.

>> No.40325419

> Caspian Sea

>> No.40325430

>is actually lake

>> No.40325509

English is a very flexible language.

Though I'd argue that the scale of the setting is overall ridiculously small. The 'continent' is smaller than Iberia. Easy enough to fix by changing the scale bar. But still.

>> No.40325523
File: 541 KB, 832x968, mad skills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon... That's his point. Bone Sea is actually a lake. Called sea.

Actually, fuck it. Whatever floats your boat.

>> No.40325569


>> No.40325581

English is a very flexible language.

>> No.40325675

>Bone sea
>is actually bay
don't do this

>> No.40325714
File: 52 KB, 460x396, 89854-004-CF6E91E8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

please stop

>> No.40325748

English is a clusterfuck this poem proves why:


>> No.40325832
File: 15 KB, 181x253, 1433102833571.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>posts sea
>that is water body that is enclosed by land from 4 sides
>and is connected to ocean

>> No.40326061

>not being able to pronounce it


>> No.40326163
File: 647 KB, 720x480, Choke on it.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Leander of Mysos

Knight Helmet
Aegis Curiass
Knight Gauntlets
Aegis Greaves

Titan Blade
Short Sword
One-handed Spear
Square Shield


Ève Laveux


Density > Unstoppable Force > Launch
Seismic Sense > Deflect > Immovable Object > Black Hole
Spell Block > Spell Grab

>> No.40326235

Doing another one.

-Heros Baldwinn - The Great Oak
Knight Helmet
Knight Cuirass
Aegis Gauntlets
Knight Greaves

Longsword/Wand Combo (3/6)
Tower Shield(5/6)

Robyn Zihao [1/8]
Sonya Keilana [4/8]
Igor Tsekhanovetsky [7/8]
Raptor [8/8] (6/6)

Leafmetal/Gaia's Chosen/Gaia's Maidens
Vine Control/Mend
Companion ('Dugh' the Hawk)
Mending Sparks/Guardian's Halo

>Heros Baldwinn - 4 points
Class: Second Battlemage
Schools: Nature, Divine
Mark: Hunter
Physical Skill: B
Magical Skill: B
A calm druid who wants to stop the corruption of the land. Tough, hardy, always on high spirits and never dissapoints people who respect the land.

>> No.40326305 [SPOILER] 
File: 95 KB, 800x450, 1433189375896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mark on PC Sentinel
>Mark on NPC Hunter
Meant to be Sentinel on both.

>> No.40326995

And now for something a little different, but possibly just as autistic as semantic debates
http://tinyurl com/nclj9se
I have no idea if the spam filters are set for google docs or how writing is usually posted other than pastebins, but I finished the beginning of a thing.

>> No.40327006

>This thread
Shit nigga it's happening again.

Okay, I've skimmed through and here are a few points I have to make:

Water is going to be one of the new schools. Thank you to all of you who made spells for it, I'll definitely take notes of them when I get home.

Time is another one planned. Someone from a long time ago made a draft for it and I still have that saved, but I will also look at what you've all suggested here.

Wind is another school coming up.

For the map scaling, I have intended on increasing it. To any geofags, what would you say is a good scale? Ziona isn't meant to be big, but still formidable.

Elysium would look like King's Landing in a grassy plain. It's home to a lot of magical guilds and also the Divine Order, so it's got very elaborate architecture. It would look less desert like, of course.

Gadgets are a thing I'm working to incorporate.

There are water based Detritus. Ziona also has a venerable naval fleet. The Bone Sea is salt water. It's also half covered in ice.

That is all.

>> No.40327067

You planning on making an earth school? I can make something for it.

>> No.40327076

Notice me, senpai.


>> No.40327084

Can you cast acoustic spells both from your voice and from your instrument?

Or are you restricted to one or the other for each respective acoustic branch you choose?

Force is the earth school

>> No.40327091

Force is the earth school.

Speaking of which, why don't you combine time and water or something interesting like that?

>> No.40327097

>Elysium would look like King's Landing in a grassy plain.
The microscopic KL in the show, or the huge KL form the books?

>> No.40327102

There's already earthbending and Darude sandstorm in Force school.

>> No.40327141

I want to make it rain.

Also occult/satanic/demonic tree

>> No.40327324

A lot of those perks are already in magic abilities. I was originally going to do a perks section but I really don't want to just keep adding sections. The less, the better and less tedious.

There originally was a spell that allowed you to cast multiple acoustic spells at once. I suppose that since it's not in the CYOA, its allowed. I may change that if people think it's too OP.

In other balancing news, Lust is getting hit with the nerf bat. I originally intended for it to be a joke school, but I the more I think about it, the more I realize that it could be canon.

Huge, of course.

>> No.40327537

Milord, can an undead mount do what I described here? >>40316612

>> No.40327593

As a battlemage how strong are you with weapons?
Can you kick the ass of a high trained soldier without magic with ease?

>> No.40327609

I should specify that elementalism also boosts your month's physical capabilities, as well. I suppose tireless could be a bonus to all elemental mounts.

I haven't decided.

>> No.40327652
File: 30 KB, 474x595, thumbs up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Huge, of course.

>> No.40327783

What is this and how do I access it?

>> No.40327811

Oh I took it down, gotta do some work on it now that SDA has given the canon elysium structure.

>> No.40328200

right now Zionia by the most horrifically inaccurate measurements is as big as 3 Belgiums, in reality closer to 2.3
Increasing it 4.85 times will turn it into Germany, increasing by 8.7 will turn it into France
>It's salty so it's sea

>Lake - land locked from 4 sides, no access to ocean
>Sea - land locked from 4 sides, has access to ocean
>Bay - land locked from 3 sides, has access to ocean
it's not THAT hard

>> No.40328313

Yes. The well-known Caspian and Aral Lakes of central asia.

A name is not a definition.

>> No.40328349

Fuck it, I'm renaming it to Ash Lake.

Also I will go with a 50, 100, 150km scale. I think Germany is a good size.

>> No.40328467
File: 17 KB, 399x388, 1422244803439.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

of course if it has no connection to ocean most of salt accumulating overtime while water volume stays the same, making lakes salty and plebs think it's sea

>> No.40328537

Planning on doing a quick piece before I go back to uni, so it's going to be mostly character driven/fight writing practice. There's a point I think it may get a litte too cold steel in places, but it's supposed to be about development so I gotta start from the bottom.
http://tinyurl com/edgynonsense

>> No.40328855

>Fuck it, I'm renaming it to Ash Lake.
You see what you did, fools? You should be ashamed of yourself, silly anons.

RIP in piece, sweet Bone Sea.

>> No.40328934
File: 179 KB, 375x375, laughing-like-a-king-homer-simpson.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was all me

>> No.40328972

Alas we missed a great opportunity to call sailors of the bone seas,boners.

>> No.40328977

Wonderful. You should do more, perhaps featuring people from this thread.

>> No.40329025

I'd love to feature characters from this thread, but most lack the dossiers the npcs do. Also I'd feel weird as fuck using someone else's character without their permission.

>> No.40329061

Perhaps you could help my character find his real name.

>> No.40329174

Maybe I should've qualified that previous statement with: when I'm finished with this piece.

>> No.40329196

I'm sure you can get permission and biography tips from the anons itt. I'll be posting my build soon, so you can use him if you want.

>> No.40329248

>There's a point I think it may get a litte too cold steel in places
It's okay.
Hunters really should be more professional though. Well, maybe young hunters could be edgelords, but there are no atheists in foxholes people who have seen what Detritus is capable of should be wary of any excessive actions.

>> No.40329258

Please order companions by their mark so when we compare builds we can list the companions mark and easily find them on the 2nd page.

>> No.40329280

That's the point, he's young and was hardened in a different way than through war.
If he had been a vanguard, he probably would have turned out differently, as was the point of the intro that I guess I failed to deliver.

>> No.40329297

Of course. I'll be waiting for the conclusion, especially because I like your style of writing magic.

>> No.40329355

Also, that is a large part of why Cassandra dislikes him, so he plays it up

>> No.40330702

Sorry I took so long.

>Gear & Friends
Wizard Hat
Soldier Cuirass
Battle Robe Gloves
Wizard Robes Bottom

Arcane Staff
Recurve Bow

Bizienne Isouda
Drake Mount

Spell Block
Mana Burn
Spell Grab
Mana Chain

Plasma Weapons

Soul Seeker
Soul Guardians

>> No.40331054

>nothing left to shitpost about
what school do you think has most "counters" or how many it "counters"
the obvious force>arcane>T1-2 spammer
and that second worst enemy of arcane is arcane
Frost has high counter ability ( beside fire vs ice).
frost vs lighting - ice is poor conductor and you can say even insulant. So lighting mage can hurl his best abilities at your ice armour and you will just laugh.
frost vs nature - the winter kills nature or at least puts it to sleep
frost vs acoustic - not that's perfect counter, but it's very hard to play when your hands are freezing and frost T4 summon blizzard, those thing are loudy. So it's harder for anyone to hear you playing
So what do you think?

>> No.40331063

That doesn't tell him anything, include short info like the companions and maybe a picture or description.

>> No.40331155

At least he has a name.
I have no idea what to call this top edge.
I was thinking something like Killian, with no last name because he was poor.
but thanks for pointing that out, I didn't know how to say it without being rude.

>> No.40331202

Yes, but keep in mind that the battlemages lack a centralized command structure. Respected senior mages can advise, but at the end of the day mages work with mages they get along with. As a result, battalions tend to get overspecialized, and until light and shadow mages learn play nice together, there's not much to be done about it.

>> No.40331375

That's what I had in mind. They're all forced to work together, but not all of them look eye to eye, exactly.

Especially between Undead and Divine. But it's mostly the older and more established guys who hold their status highly, the newer generation are all indifferent.

>> No.40331700

Source on Lustdrinker's pic?
I've tried cropping and google searching, no luck.

>> No.40331774

where's muh rate ;_;

>> No.40331780

How's this?

A talented competition archer and fencer who views magic as yet another sport to excel in. Despite this, he is still quite weak at the art and seeks out teachers to better himself. Pampered background left him courteous, but cocksure.

Also, I'm going to change my build to give me Leather Gloves.

>> No.40331897
File: 127 KB, 600x833, succubus_by_neoartcore-d7j2j9u.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40331916

I assume you're from Beautaria originally, or your family was?
The timing is a little sketchy on when exactly it fell, so I guess it could be either depending on your age.

>> No.40331935
File: 319 KB, 1600x960, three_headed_suckers_by_darkcloud013-d7x6zz7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of art, there is some fucked up shit on DA.

I just increased the size of my monster folder by several times.

>> No.40331952

we tremors now

>> No.40331955

I like the Knight/Soldier armour combo, Sword'n'Board goes well with it as well.

I guess you and your waifu will do well together, with you as the bruiser/tank and her as the melee/support.

8/10 would fight along side with in the massive team-up against the BBEG

>> No.40331976

Doesn't much matter to me.

>> No.40331977

There are two builds I've been developing chars for. Posting the one that seems more suited to the present skill mix

Shinuin the steadfast

Battle robe hood, Aegis Cuirass, Battle robe gloves, Wizard Robes Bottom

Custom weapon: Hybrid Tower Shield/Zither (4) wand (5)

Mark of the Sentinel

Hendry Bertram, Phisora Jaenith, Roseia Joceus, Aucustic Tarantula

Companion (nightingale), Root, Call of Nature, Gaia

Staccato, Mercato, Crescendo, Aria, Hymn

Shinuin paints a strange picture. A woman of indeterminate age, who carries a mithril zither large enough to hide behind, and plucks the strings with her wand. If she had to hold a shieldwall, she would perform adequately. But it is in the space beyond the shieldwall, and the killing field, that she becomes a credible threat. Give her a day to prepare, and nothing can approach unnoticed - thin strings, woven throughout the forest, are plucked by passing scouts of the Detritus, the frequency telling where, and how close. The sound builds, giving a sense of dread to her enemies and calm anticipation to her allies. Traps and nature spirits grind down the opposition, leaving their moral damaged before they ever catch site of her - by the time they do, her song has grown, bolstering her allies, and her strident tones are motes of pain, driving the detritus mad. As they close her song reaches its grande arc, and the spirit of life itself enters her, ready to do battle with the invaders.

>> No.40332077

Alright then, I've actually got a decent idea, as your setup with Bzienne should serve as a decent enough foil for XxX and Cassandra.

>> No.40332086

Mad Summoner

Acoustic: Medley
Nature: Call of Nature
Undead: Army of Dead

Weapon Slots: Wand+Bow(custom),shield Catalyst
Armor:Battle Robe Hood,Wizard Robes,Leather Gloves,Soldier Greaves

Companion: Felena(Elemental Raptor)

Tactic Step 1: Meley ,then fill area with undeads, then summon hamsters that go through the skeletons, slowing advance of the enemy army

>> No.40332088
File: 1.02 MB, 1000x620, Suthurian_Predator_by_Cloister.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There will be lots of worms for you to fight. And also things like these.

>> No.40332106

I'm sure giant stuff gets close to the shieldwalls fairly often.

>> No.40332114

Oh. I thought you were putting me into the story after this one. I'd like to work with the necromantic smasher of fucks. But ok, this sounds exciting too.

>> No.40332134

That was the original plan, but I was thinking about how your character and mine would ever meet, and the more I thought about the more it'd make a great excuse for Ada and XxX to talk about issues.

>> No.40332152
File: 568 KB, 1500x844, Comin' for that booty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pic related

>> No.40332176

Alright. Thanks again.

>> No.40332196

No problem, I'm flattered you want to be a part of it. Don't worry about the 'excuse' word back there, m-merely an overstatement.

>> No.40332197
File: 251 KB, 1280x1846, skinless_horror_1_by_mythrilgolem1-d7v9b9e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sentinels may be defenders but they get their fair share of battle, almost as much so as Vanguards. The job of the Sentinels also entails holding out fortifications and bases, so they're often with Vanguards on the front lines as well.

There will be plenty of booty to be had.

I'm thinking of having a "Weakness" and "Strong Against" stat for the monsters on the bestiary, and I'd list elements on those. For example, a monster would be weak to Flame but strong against Nature. What do you guys think?

>> No.40332233

>I'm thinking of having a "Weakness" and "Strong Against"

Yes, but include melee damage types (slashing, chopping, piercing, blunt, etc.).

>> No.40332246

If I take the lust tree, may I seduce it?

Honestly, you've added so much cool stuff lately, it's making me want to deviate from my usual build.

But, alas, we stick with the best.

>Rogue Set, all Leather
>Sabre (cutlass), two daggers, recurve bow, shield catalyst
>Mark of the Hunter
>Igor, Jourdain, and Christoffle for companions (really wish I could take Abby, but she doesn't fit our aesthetic nor do I have the points...maybe we can hang out at the Citadel)
>Shadow, everything but Mark of Fear

I'll just have to get my waifus and sexing in on my free time, when my team and I are bashing Detritus face deep in their own territory

>> No.40332258

So, is a wand or a magic implement mandatory for this setting, or is it just a boost in your offensive capabilities?
Is a character only carrying around several martial weapons with no wand implementation gimped?

>> No.40332271

Good build, as far as I can tell. Why'd you choose vanguard instead of forerunner? You seem suited for hit and run tactics.

>> No.40332314

>So, is a wand or a magic implement mandatory for this setting

No, just makes the spells you cast with it somewhat stronger.

>> No.40332319

That's a good idea.

I don't think the Detritus are really interested in that sort of stuff.

It's not mandatory. You can cast magic by default with your hands, but a wand or staff are catalysts to intensify your casts.

We can always use more Vanguards, regardless of how you build yourself.

>> No.40332321

Actually, I take Jourdain back and choose Faren in his stead. I need some magic power here.

>> No.40332410

So it makes all magic cast through it stronger. Spells hit harder, deflect more damage, makes you jump longer, boosts whatever it is the spell does.
Is there then a single reason not to have an implement?

>> No.40332456

>Is there then a single reason not to have an implement?

Not enough weapon slots.

Don't worry. Based writefag knows there's more than enough Smashfucker to go around.

>> No.40332470

Being able to hit shit with your gian weapon? Anyway, most people take hybrid weapon/wand or staff to be able to do both.

>> No.40332479

Convenience or welfare, really. I imagine most Battlemages have a conventional weapon enchanted to have wand/staff capabilities anyways, which is sort of how I structured it. But making a weapon able to cast doesn't inherently make the weapon better at killing things, physically.

What I'd like to see is someone make their weapon a hybrid with the shield catalyst. Imagine a spear that can project a shield at will. Kind of niche, but the cool kind of unnecessary.

>> No.40332491

Well, it could be explained that there are mages who do this, but no battlemages, since water isn't considered a dangerous element unless you're Bruce Lee.

>> No.40332515

Why wouldn't the drake blink too?

It says on the description that blink can bring people along.

Vanguard is less about reporting and spending time in enemy territory. Vanguard is all about killing. I can just take up part of a patrol, zap anything below and be home in time for a nice cup of tea with honey.

Sure I'm super fast, and I have thought about forerunners. But vanguard seems just a little with less responsibility, more freedom and more action rather than trying to avoid it.

>> No.40332667

It does? My apologies then.

>> No.40332672

Ice is crystalline though, so I'd think harmonics would be more able to counter it.

>> No.40332676

You know, I really like the idea of having Water as an almost all support/utility school. Thanks, I really do like the suggestions.

You can blink with your mount, just be mindful with how much energy that would take.

>> No.40332766
File: 307 KB, 1920x1080, Maximum Comfy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's this guy here.

Is there anything anyone would recommend changing? Specifically made this build for survivability and not getting knocked down like a bitch.

>> No.40332802

So SDA, what do you think of my build? >>40322803 I think it's pretty overpowered. What would be my downfall, weaknesses? What about my companion choice?

Give me some feedback.

>> No.40332811

>I really like the idea of having Water as an almost all support/utility school
Then make it a primary school for Prophets! Just add:
1) Divination/Scrying (by looking into the water pool).
2) Messaging (by, gee, looking into the water pool).
3) Water control to move Ziona's awesome fleet faster.
Other abilities could be combat-oriented, like that guy said.

>> No.40332893

It's been said before, but by spreading yourself so thin you're crippling yourself a little. As it stands now, you're built like some sort of elite infantry unit, which could be effective with a thousand similar people, but would get destroyed at range by powerful spell casting vanguards.
I'd recommend getting some friends to make up for that, as your raptor is going to die like just as much of a bitch.

>> No.40332910

My instrument's a hybrid with a tower shield, does that count?

Also, it would be really cool to have a triple weapon combination somehow, have you considered making that possible? Making a three-combo weapon take two extra slots seems balanced and follwing rule of cool to me, but the way it's written it looks like you made sure to avoid that.

Also, thanks for at least two awesome CYOAs.

>> No.40332987

Expand nine points to ten.

tier 4 increasing in power with every tier 3 power taken in prior versions worked on the basis you could get three tier 3 powers. Either scrap the concept of 4 increasing with the amount of 3s you have or allow someone to go full into a single school of magic. 10 points is required to really do this, and 10 does not increase your point options so much that it makes multiclassing too powerful.

>> No.40332992

>Making a three-combo weapon take two extra slots
It doesn't say that, it just says that you have to spend 1 extra slot for 2-weapon combo. I'd just change the wording to "...with a functionality of multiple weapons. Costs the same as all weapons, plus one slot", that would allow for combos like Staff/Sword/Polearm etc. Besides, I've seen anons already using 3-weapon combos with that unwritten rule.

>> No.40333018


It seems you've gone purely for the physical, except for vine control which you needed to get the healing spell. It's good that you're a vanguard-- you can take the fight to them. Why not just take Mending Sparks instead?

>> No.40333031

9 points is enough for the Thirds. Leave something for you to expand into.

>> No.40333078

SDA have you considered fleshing out how tier four spells work? I was thinking that if you included a base effect and then a specific upgrade effect it would be easier to understand how tier three spells upgrade your tier four. You could also have it upgrade in certain ways based on which tier three spell you took. Black Hole might upgrade differently depending on which upgrades you took.

Something to consider for a far flung future version.

You also said you'd provide the template for the spell page. When are you planning on doing that? I'd love to add to this.

>> No.40333106

No Mark of Fear means no Nocturne, bruh.

>> No.40333228

Personally, I really like vine control as a utility spell. It's one of those can-do-anything sort of spells.

>> No.40333259

You lewd cheeky cunt.

>> No.40333271

Thank you for your take on the build, I'll take all that into account.
As the description for mending sparks says, it
only heals a little and takes a lot of energy out of you, while mend requires plant matter,and comes with a cure-all flower for almost any infection and disease.

There's probably a flaws in my reasoning, but I'm bloody tired. Time for coffee.

>> No.40333321

No problem, I'd recommend dropping flame weapons and armor as well as mend and either go into arcane for spell break or divine to either god's wrath or angelic wings

>> No.40333416

Is there anything anyone would recommend changing for my build?

Just asking as you all gave feedback to the other guy and I want a bit too.

>> No.40333430

>What would be my downfall, weaknesses?
No greaves. All I gotta do is kick your shin.

But seriously, it's a pretty solid brawler build if you plan on going in deep. Good interceptor, which is a popular tactic for Vanguards and Forerunners.

>1) Divination/Scrying (by looking into the water pool).
>2) Messaging (by, gee, looking into the water pool).
>3) Water control to move Ziona's awesome fleet faster.
Really like these suggestions. Long-ranged messaging is a really neat idea, especially through water. Even if that doesn't really make sense, but oh well.

It's not a bad build. He's a very resilient fighter, I'd imagine that he'd have a lower magic skill rating but a rather high physical skill rating. Jourdan most likely has a similar set up; Masochism from Undead and Frozen Heart are great for any fighter. Range would be a problem, but he could rectify that with a bow, or perhaps take ranged magical spell. I can picture him using vine control to assist him in melee, which is actually pretty neat.

His resilience may be the key to getting in close. My biggest recommendation would be to get a better gap closer, as once you get close, they're not besting you. Maybe some magic-shredding to get through magic defences easier.

>My instrument's a hybrid with a tower shield,
I like that very much. And I was actually just thinking about tribrid and more weapons. Perhaps it would simply just cost 1 extra point to combine multiple weapon functionalities instead of just 2. Then, that could be abused.

>Either scrap the concept of 4 increasing with the amount of 3s
I am actually considering this, since that really is an invisible fluff stat anyways. I don't want to go past 9 though, since I don't want to just let someone spec fully into one tree. It may sound crippling, but the point is to at least put some thought into it.

>> No.40333509

The entire point is that 9 points is not enough for you to expand at all. You either get 3 tier 3s or 2 tier 3s and a single tier 4. This contrasts prior versions where tier 4 could be powered up by all three. This prevents you from fully specializing in a single school. The idea is you can either special or expand. Right now you can partially specialize or expand. There is no full specialization possible.

>> No.40333525

I have definitely considered it. I am even considering reworking some of them.

I really like the idea of how T3 abilities affect how a T3 works, but that would be a little hard to implement. I'll have to give it some thought.

I can provide a template sooner than later, actually. I will probably have one ready tomorrow. It's gonna take some photoshop knowledge to use, though. I'm probably gonna have a readme or how-to along with it.

A support Slayer, I approve. I don't really have much to add, it's a very good tank build. You'd probably be in demand, considering how most Slayers tend to be a little too bold.

I would focus on putting all your power into blocking the heavy hits from large monsters, which I think you could do very well anyways.

>> No.40333540

> just read Guardian's Halo desc. properly
Well that seems alright.
Wardric and Jourdain were what I was semi-basing it off.
I may do as the fellow said above and trade out flame weapons/armour and mend.
Trying to decide whether or not to take the Spell break line or God's wrath.

>> No.40333541

>I am actually considering this, since that really is an invisible fluff stat anyways
I always thought it just had to do with having greater mastery of the element, so it was a smaller bonus than the jump from t3-t4.
As in, t4-t3 > t4+-t4
in terms of flat power and utility

>> No.40333554

>how T3 abilities affect how a T3 works
I mean how a T3 affects a T4

>> No.40333563

Honestly, that's not a bad idea. Having a catalyst gem in my cutlass would be badass. Might be overkill to enchant said cutlass to be my wand, as well. But fuck wands, I guess.

Shhhhh. Mark of Fear is the only Shadow spell I don't like. If push comes to shove, I'll ditch vorpal weapons to keep Nocturne

>> No.40333611

Since we're in the business of getting our dewds reviewed... Looking to be a wade-in sort.

>> No.40333620

Mark of fear is underrated. I hated it until I realized it was free single target crowd control, so unless you're up against batman you have a free shot as long you keep up.

>> No.40333652

Lightning+Arcane combo seems like it could be pretty powerful if you focus on the void stare tree

>> No.40333674

I'm new here, what exactly is this?

>> No.40333702

thought experiment tbh

>> No.40333722

The Spell Break line gives you a hell of a lot of defense against magic, you'd be almost unstoppable.

On the other hand, God's Wrath's line gives you survivability and longetivity. You can last long enough with Masochism and Frozen Heart, but you don't have any regeneration unless you go with Divine.

It's up to you.

Seems like a very good front-liner. You'd be more physically adept than magical, but that seems to be your plan. You'd be pretty damn PTSD inducing.

I may buff Mark of Fear so its delay between marking someone and fearing them is smaller. I do think it's underrated too, since it's quite a potent spell.

They're meant to synergize. I want to see an Arcane/Lightning build that focuses on siphoning all the energy you gather to allies who use a lot of energy. A generator build.

Imagine being a generator for a good Nature caster who just endlessly pumps out Poison Cloud.

Originally supposed to be part of CYOA thread but we were kicked out, presumably.

>> No.40333748

Yeah, is this for an actual game or just people dicking around making characters

>> No.40333749

I understand the purpose of it, I just like all the other T3 skills a lot better and Umbra I simply can't say no to. Maybe I'd give up Umbra to keep all of my T3 Shadow spells...

After all, I don't think it'd be that useful in a situation where myself and my companions are deep in Detritus territory wrecking shit. But I want to be running over terrain like some SnK shit, because PARKOUR

>> No.40333766

>kicked out
One of your fans thought it should have its own thread. Simple as that, the main thread even linked you.

>> No.40333769

When I wrote my only fight scene in that fic, I assumed that the time between the mark and the activation was directly dependent on the power of the caster, allowing it to synergize with nocturne and anything else that would buff such things.

>> No.40333783

How about Mjolnir+Overload.
>Cast Mjolnir at highest point on battlefield
>Every strike that hits you gives you infinite mana buff
>Infinite Overloads

Simultaneous AoE and Single target domination

>> No.40333792

Umbra is sort of an I win button if you have nocturne though

>> No.40333797
File: 40 KB, 935x900, 1416318824842.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mark: Slayer
Battle Robe Hood and Gloves
Aegis Chestplate and Greaves


Bolt, Plasma Weapons, Shock Force, Blink, Smite, Magnetism, Mjolnir

Void Stare, Void Call

Mikeal Ouren
Iselota Lyenne
Lea Perier

Vharros Tarsis is a bizarre man for being from Ciraezir. He's bitterly quiet, and is equipped rather modestly compared to his fellows. Still, he's fairly accomplished as a slayer, much to the confusion of kin.

Not pictured is his shield, which serves as his mount and ranged attack via Magnetism.

Standard Combat Plan is as follows:
1.Sneak into hidden position with Lea, while Mikeal and Iselota set up in a bottleneck.
2. Start Mjolnir while others draw aggro.
3. Spam Smite until giant warbeast is dead.
4. Join defenders in mooping up the chaff.

>> No.40333837

the no survivability mage, I'm sure it could work, but you'd need hella support.

>> No.40333845
File: 1.77 MB, 300x174, 128413726912.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not pictured is his shield, which serves as his mount and ranged attack via Magnetism.
Absolute madman.
I'd allow it.
Now I imagine that his shield also serves as his only friend.

>> No.40333854

static shock: whitewashed basement dweller edition

>> No.40333869

>After all, I don't think it'd be that useful in a situation where myself and my companions are deep in Detritus territory wrecking shit. But I want to be running over terrain like some SnK shit, because PARKOUR
Actually, Mark of Fear can be great for taking on multiple enemies at once.

I never explicitly say how hard it is to cast a mark on someone. I originally intended for it to be relatively quick to cast, which is why the delay between marking and the fear taking over was a little long (they have a chance to get away from you).

I was more or less joking, I know. I'm still there as well.

My word is just my word; if it's not explicitly on the CYOA, then it's totally up to interpretation. Please, imagine what you like, I encourage that sort of behaviour. I like doing that for anything I make.

More often than not, other people's interpretations of things help give me insight, if anything.

>Lea Perier
The best.

>> No.40333893
File: 1.54 MB, 2560x1440, Teal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Knight Helmet
Soldier curiass
Knight gauntlets
Knight greaves

Longsword/wand Hybrid
Kite shield
Shield catalyst
(Swapped out dagger for shortsword)


(Couldn't decide what my second companion would be)


>Frost -
Frozen Heart
>Nature -
>Force -
>Undead -
Sanguine Essence
>Divine -
Mending sparks
>Arcane -
Spell block
Spell grab
Spell break

There we go, hopefully that looks a bit better.

>> No.40333971

What are your plans for the next update?

Star Dust 3.0 when?

>> No.40333979

pretty sick, I like the addition of mending sparks over vine control now that you aren't running mend.

>> No.40333981

Exactly. As I imagine it, my team would only really be working at night, though.

Or, fuck it, we can run in the day. That would make us nice and unpredictable.

I guess I'll rearrange my build to be more inline with how others are posting...

Mark: Hunter

Armor: All Leather Rogue set

Weapons: Cutlass/Shield Catalyst Combo, two Daggers, Recurve Bow

Spells: Full Shadow set, omitting Dark Shard Storm, though it pains me to do so

Companions: Igor Tsekhanovetsky, Faren Lovell, Christoffle Jurdan

My vision is a team of people who can run deep into Detritus territory, causing chaos with raids and seeking out strategic targets long before they could become an issue for others.

Igor's abilities not only work great for taking out huge enemies, but for also crashing through fortresses and making a nice distraction, while the hunters go to work. Myself and Christoffle would make a good duo, fanatic Divine and subtle Shadow working in tandem. Faren is too interesting to be ignored and his magical power would be a huge boon to the team, however I would have concerns about him going evil. He's got that Jafar look. Also, I intend to bang Abby in my free time.

Nah, I meant Umbra might be restrictive to my companions, not Mark of Fear. I realize, however, using something like Dark Shard Storm isn't really the sort of thing I'd do. Too long to channel, too much energy, not enough precision. Why use Shard Storm when I can just shoot bitches in the eyes?

>> No.40334093

The shard tree could probably be dropped if you have vorpal weapons, but if the shades are a part of your style (despite the whole no vorpal enchant) than it's what I'd consider the best possible pure shadow build.

>> No.40334166

>What are your plans for the next update?
Map and lore having its own page, and the bestiary.

>> No.40334246

>map and lore having its own page, and the bestiary
fuck, that would help so much with deciding where Dennick fucked off to.

>> No.40334323

SDA, what kind of spells do you think suits a prophet? They seem more like a non-combat group to me, or as combat leaders.

>> No.40334394

SDA, when dealing with hybrid weapons, is it possible for one of the weapons to be a shield, such as a Sq Shield/Staff?

>> No.40334410

If a tree fell in the forest, does it still make a sound?

If you read the descriptions of some of the acoustic spells, it does not matter if you muffle the sound, the effect of the spells will go off if the acoustic mage can perform the music properly.

>> No.40334414

I'm not SDA, but Tim the Secretary is a good example of a non-combat Prophet character >>40311734.

Gotta wait for that sweet water magic for more utility spells.

>> No.40334479

How would something like that even work? You can put the shield catalyst talisman into pretty much anything, but the other shields, not so much.

>> No.40334525

You seem to be implying that bolts of lightning *aren't* roughly five times as hot as the surface of the sun.

>> No.40334563

Not him, but I don't have a problem with making your shield a focus for your spells. By allowing a person to slash foes with his sword and simultaneously channeling a fireball from the shield for example besides, it was a thing in 80-90s cartoons..

>> No.40334582

Our magical lightning is probably not as intense as the real thing, just like in Avatar.

>> No.40334611

not that anon but to be honest
a shield that i can get behind, but shoot lightning off of, or one enchanted to auto-cast when hit
could be pretty effective

>> No.40334645


So you would combine it with a wand/staff. Ok, that makes sense. I was thinking more like Shield+Sword or Shield+Polearm.

>> No.40334695

Ya, that was what I was going for. Being a tank, it would be more handy to have a shield to channel magic than a fancy sword. Anyone I block a hit from is automatically in direct line of my next spell.

>> No.40334702
File: 132 KB, 1264x632, 52342356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not wanting a shieldblade

>> No.40335105

Speaking as a fellow tank, it might be good to invest in some more damaging abilities, you have to be threatening enough that the enemies would want to focus you, otherwise they'd just ignore you and go for your teammates.

>> No.40335109

New Thread


>> No.40335135

I don't see why I should fight. My character is pretty entitled and this war effort ain't some charity he's looking forward to.

Get some rewards in there.

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