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Had an idea for a setting, hear me out on it and give me your two cents because I think it's pretty neato

>South China Sea erupts into territory war
>World War 3 doesn't quite get to nukes as the navies duke it out
>Because the war gets put on hiatus
>Some Ayy Lmaos warp in and use it for a show of force
>Entire region is declared an international state since the aliens are just kind of showing up anyways
>The ETs aren't a coordinated alien nation though
>It's more like a runaway party that never ended
>They warp from planet to planet, selling information in exchange for labor and resources
>"Yeah, we'll give you FTL, if you make us 10 more star ships though"
>"Yeah we'll help you strip mine the asteroid belt for a cut of the profits and you do all the labor"
>The region becomes alien powered cyberpunk filled with partying aliens and spring up gangs
>Technology is booming faster than ever before
>Fusion is the one thing they won't sell us though, because they want a monopoly on energy production in the area
>Thousands of migrant workers flooding in to work on a launch loop they're constructing
>Research is racing past academia and Inventor becomes a legitimate profession again

Want to help me flesh this out a bit?

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I like the idea but let me play devils advocate.

Why does a group with FTL and asteroid strip mining capabilities need biological labour? Wouldn't they use robots?

Who are the new starships for if the aliens are not an organised state? If ships are automated then production can be automated too.

Why do the aliens want a cut of the profits? It wouldn't be to buy from us, they already bribe us with tech and could take what they want anyway.

How is the inventor class a thing if we are given the tech and don't invent it ourselves?

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Not Op but:

>Why does a group with FTL and asteroid strip mining capabilities need biological labour? Wouldn't they use robots?

Rampant AI. Autonomous labor is frowned upon since the last time it was done there was an AI uprising.

>Who are the new starships for if the aliens are not an organised state? If ships are automated then production can be automated too.

Alien corporations? loldunno.

>Why do the aliens want a cut of the profits? It wouldn't be to buy from us, they already bribe us with tech and could take what they want anyway.

They're basically just dumping the tech on us and making us work. It costs them nothing and they get free labor. They're opportunists.

>How is the inventor class a thing if we are given the tech and don't invent it ourselves?

Our autonomous sex robots aren't going to build themselves (yet).

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>Why does a group with FTL and asteroid strip mining capabilities need biological labour? Wouldn't they use robots?
Same reason we use sweat shop labor to make shirts when we could automate it. It's just cheaper to round up some backwoods idiots and show them how to move rocks for money than it is to make, store, transport, and maintain a fleet of mining drones as you jump from star system to star system.

>Who are the new starships for if the aliens are not an organised state? If ships are automated then production can be automated too.
The ships aren't automated, they have captains who have underlings (read : their personal friends) but the fleet plays pirate every once in a while and their ships get damaged/destroyed/need updating. Their population is expanding, they don't have a planet they have ships, so they need more. The captains organize this in pseudo anarchy since the fleet still has to take actions as a whole. Like, "NOBODY SELLS FUSION OR WE MURDER YOU" and what not.

>Why do the aliens want a cut of the profits? It wouldn't be to buy from us, they already bribe us with tech and could take what they want anyway.
It's completely to buy from us. They want food and booze and drugs, games and movies and bigger and better ships. And they can't just take it from us. They're only a few million in number even if they can shell us from orbit. They don't want war because technology truly does have diminishing returns. They're not running around with energy shields usually, so even if they drop in assault mechs, RPGs will still bring them down in attrition. Furthermore, peace and trade is just better than war.

>How is the inventor class a thing if we are given the tech and don't invent it ourselves?
The tech they give over is like putting together the pieces of the puzzle on the theory behind it. Sure, they teach us rote how to make wrist attachment hologram projectors. Can we use that to figure out how to make full body holograms?

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Oh, and they're trying to lure in fresh blood to keep the fleet moving. There isn't significant genetic difference between a species able to go to space and one that has colonized space. Humans just don't have the shoulders to stand on to see the latest technology till the aliens help them up. They fully expect to integrate humans into the fleet before moving on to the next planet.

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Not to mention shipyards are way way way more complex than just having the ships. Not the kind of thing they can afford to take with them when they know the next planet will trip over themselves trying to fund an FTL shipyard for them.

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This doesnt intrigue any other fatguys?

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It intrigues the shit out of me. What kind of aliens are we talking? Insects? Greys? Something original?

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smorgashboard. They've been hopping from planet to planet, "uplifting" them and moving on when they run out of tech to sell and life stops being so easy. Everything you can imagine can be in the fleet, just in relatively small numbers. The "first wave" would be human likes to ease diplomacy. The thri-kreen and the groots, the geth and sang-heili all stayed in space for the first span. Let the cute blue chicks on air bikes do the PR job as they monopolized control around their launch loop. As the launch loop nears completion, more and more of them are coming down. Not cheap to go back to space before the loop is done after all.

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I'm not going to lie, I didn't read your post. I'm entranced by Nova's ass.

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As you should be. Snagged that in an ass thread.

I wish I could make this into a space ass thread, but I lack the images.

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You gonna put in any really weird shit?

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I'm an engineer with a hard on for realism but a fanciful imagination with which to stretch. So it depends.

After GoT I think I'll start up a google doc and start solidifying things. Would be nice to have a second setting fleshed out. Already have a fantasy setting, this would give me a good sci-fi.

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Sounds like you have a good balance between realistic depiction of aliens and dat ass.

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Well, I'm going to start writing shit. I made a public document to start slapping shit on it. Join me if you want.


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Not really.

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This part sounds a bit like Defiance, and I loved that show. So these are a group of alien ships that are following each other across the galaxy from planet to planet, picking up new people and leaving some behind? Am I interpreting this right?

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That's the idea. Almost like a pack of hippies, going around and preaching technology and "shit, know what would be so cool?"

And then turn it into a sort of cyberpunk, grim bright metropolis on the human side. New technologies hitting the market every month. People good and bad flooding into the islands. Some looking for work, some for adventure, some for science. The world's mafias are all jockeying for spare parts and influence. World militaries are trapped on the outside by mutually assured destruction and dictate of the guys with orbital kinetic strikes wherever they want. But of course all the alphabet agencies are trying to infiltrate, held back only by the growing sense of pride of the citizenry.

A new kind of nation has just sprung up. And they want it for themselves. Thus are born the homegrown space punks.

Not to say the aliens are beacons of niceness. They don't play by rules. Plenty of them are killers, rapists, and thieves.

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Better idea: rather then one, it's several alien nations of the same species all trying to get their own cut of Earth and muscling out the other rival nations.

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So what happens when they leave a world? Is it all used up and a dead planet leaving most of the indigenous to slowly die? How long to they stay before seeking another world? sounds interesting.

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The exponentially increasing demand for power usually leads to nearly world destroying war at which point they bounce out and leave fusion plans behind before the intergalactic police show up to shut the party down. Maybe include something like the guana that show up once a world adopts the most powerful power production. Some kind of world destroying plague that keeps them on the move. Just a narrative device akin to cthulhu.

Op here. Got pulled away from my laptop for a biy

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Last question for a bit, do they have long distance communication? I am guessing they will since FTL but it might be different tech

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I want to say no just to keep the setting from bloating to the size of the galaxy. Shrink the scale for the sake of focus. The only places that need to be created right now are the city with the aliens and the ships. Rest of the world is just five minutes into the future.

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Cool, I was going to recommend it, cause then they could radio to every roving ship that needs power. To cut down the size a bit more (cause a planet evacuation is billions) should have this just one of many evacuation locations. No way of knowing if it will be a good destination or not. So they arrive and know nothing of the planet besides it was inhabitable (cause that can be known from telescopes).

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Is is party a bunch of profiteers like Shadowrun, peacekeepers or human 'loyalists' who are trying to steal information and tech from the aliens?

Later could be cool, officially the governments can't do anything so they secretly fund these underground organizations. Money changes hands many times before you get it for the mission

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What about if these are just criminal outshoots, forsaken by the nations they came from. The old nations went to uninhabited planets rich in rare resources to weaponize against the guana. While these independents have taken it upon themselves to survive and in the process prep planets for the ass raping that's coming, slightly because of them.

I want to keep national diplomacy out of it.

All of the above? Settings should provide a myriad of ways to enjoy it. Obviously, all of the places PCs could be, will be NPCs working against the PCs.

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yeah, criminals makes sense for them exploiting humans too. Maybe used to being lazy because they were locked away so long

Yeah, that is true. Just a lot of work to create 3 ways of playing at once, balance can be hard

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I'm making a setting, not a system. What does balance have to do with anything?

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How tsunami resistant are aircraft carriers?

>> No.40314322

Very little if it was over deep water, tsunamis only turn into a tall wave in shallow water. It probably wouldn't even be noticeable at sea.

>> No.40314341

Same as any other boat.

>Out at Sea
Doesn't even feel it

>In Dock
Taxpayers are on the hook for a new one, with lasers, AND MASERS

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I meant the tsunami would do very little, fuck my reading comprehension.

>> No.40314392

That's only for earthquake induced tsunamis, not impact induced tsunamis. If you were to say, shoot a relativistic slug into the ocean near one, the tsunami most definitely would be big and tall near the ships.

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well if you wanted to include these 'alien' races I ment. nm though

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>get to the alien section
>Realize I should be making this setting with my players
>Remember I hate DMing
>Remember I have a dozen things I need to write before I write something like this
>lose all motivation

That's a bummer.

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I have a few I can throw in after I wake up if a thread happens. I won't lie, most of it is Tali, Space-Tieflings, and some retro sci-fi.

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>Tali, Space-Tieflings, and some retro sci-fi.
That's fine with me. I need some more. And I'm going to be here all night.

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I might be able to steal this. I've been slowly working on a no-FTL humans colonizing the solar system setting for a bit, but maybe some aliums are the right spice.

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OP, you better post some updates real soon, 'cause this is becoming a booty thread real fast.

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OP had to sleep and doesn't want to build this alone. Just post ass unless you want to help me make aliens.

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I can help with whatever. I'm reading through the document now, I like what I'm seeing so far.

I can help you spitball ideas, if you would like. If not I'm just gonna sift through and propose tweaks to general shit.

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I guess I'll climb out of my coma cocoon.

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Going to post these in here for people to peruse if they don't feel like looking in the google doc

Them Teal Chicks : The most human like of the fleet races, which is why they were the first to show up and do the talking. Eight feet tall on average and are in fact semi-aquatic. They evolved between coral reefs and the shore, having to constantly climb in and out of the water to hunt and avoid predators. Light Worlders, they have to stay on strict diet and exercise regiments in order to stay Earthside without prosthetics. Lean muscle and not a shred of body fat or the stress would be a health risk. But swimming is just the same for them.

Naga : While capable of appearing human, they are anything but.The majority of their body is that of 8 m long snakes, but the very front is a mass of specialized cells for mimicry. The flesh soft and amorphous, the skin whatever color they desire, they have the capacity to appear almost perfectly human from the waist up. The one thing they can’t mimic is hair strangely enough. The Naga were a curious example of the predator quickly and completely outperforming the prey. There once existed a grubby humanoid species on their home planet, but they were quickly reduced to chattel and destroyed. Industrial food production has made these carnivores much more agreeable.

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How many species you want on the ship, OP?

Also, a place of origination wouldn't be horrible. Trying to come up with a name for the fleet, currently. I'm considering something that roughly translates to 'The Free Man's Assembly' or something.

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Every species has it's own home planet, so it's kind of Theseus's Ship if you try to put an origin on it. Know what I mean?

Let's start with a healthy 5 species of aliens in the first ship? Can always add more, but that'll force us to move on to factions and corps and gangs and districts

We need to get someone to make a map of the archipelago.

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Aliens that are capable of shapeshifting like the Thing and are really into bio-engineering and have achieving transcendancy through biotech as their motive? Have a tendency to infiltrate other species in isolated areas, vivisect them and collect organs in jar for further study.

Really good at all things relating to biology, but kinda disliked for their tendency to cut people up with zero trouble.

Maybe their natural form looks like some featureless gray jelly.

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Fucking shit connection's being an ass, sorry if I jam up other people's progress

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guys we need to decide on money.

Also, whoever's making whisps, you're kind of blatantly ignoring the "biologically feasible" criteria of aliens in this setting. That's not cool man.

>> No.40331122

Think it might be a barter system instead? Galactic relations probably wouldn't rely on money unless they were part of a big group thing.

Also, a group of aliens who travel from planet to planet won't expect to be able to use a type of common currency.

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They'd probably barter with the captains, but you need currency to live in a cyberpunk city. You need to buy your living necessities.

Wouldn't it just feel wrong if there were no creds, no woolongs or nuyen? No platinum or zenni?

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So guys who are simply watching me write, whatcha thinking?

>> No.40332236

Think it's a neat concept. Had to go eat so I haven't written for a bit.

Considered any new alien animal species (Vermin and imported aliens that could be used as pets) that might show up in the area?

>> No.40332286

I don't see why not, I'm just busy staring at the gang section and not making progress.

>> No.40332413

Want me to make a subsection in the Ayyy one or would you prefer it elsewhere?

>> No.40332489

Put another header under the Ayys

>> No.40334279

needs more Ayys

>> No.40334465

Keeping it low for the first wave I believe, so things don't get too crazy.

>> No.40334613

Four is too little. And Imps aren't really a good population bulk, more like sapient vermin.

Should add like two more. An insect race and something else. The second ship needs them, since there should be a demographic difference between the two.

Also, this shit is pretty Magical Realm.

>> No.40334684

How so?

I'll try to think of a couple more races for a bit.

>> No.40334739

Some of the Ayys, the gang activity, Kuzar.

I mean come on, the main aliens are 8ft tall musclegirls with blue skin?

>> No.40334796

In my experience, it's only magical realm if magical realm shit happens, yeah? Just because it has magical realm elements (Such as harems, or blue alien ladies, or what have you) doesn't mean it necessarily is. I don't know OP's goal, but it doesn't seem to realmy to me.

But who knows, I could be wrong. They also have fangs, by the way. The blue people. It doesn't say they're only female, either, so that's bearable.

>> No.40334946

So, I've got a question. OP said they're kind of like aliens on the run, but they have all this impressive tech and whatnot. What are they running from? What kind of tech do their civilization displacing hunters have?
Because honestly, that's kind of terrifying.

>> No.40335020

Discussion was on Guana from Knights of Sidonia? And I'll stress again, diminishing returns on military tech is a hell of a bitch for them. They would lose a landwar with China or America because they're outnumbered, despite the better technology.

>> No.40335119

Dunno what they could be running from, really. Galactic police I guess? Probably self-appointed. I can imagine they're assholes. Covenant-tier.

>> No.40335136

Okay, just added this to the Ayys

Primadea : An insect race with a very curious relationship between their forebrain and their hindbrain. They have a number of genders, each forming a specific caste in their society. At the top is the Queen who has two jobs, first, her brain is the most advanced and enlarged, so she must make the guiding decisions for her family, and second, she must mate with other Queens to continue the species. Normally, these matings lead to Guides, the caretakers of the workers who are born of unfertilized eggs. Should the Queen incubate a Guide however, they will develop into a Queen as well. Guides, acting as the hands of the queen, manage pods of workers by directly interfacing with their brains. The forebrains of Workers are actually detachable and can be harvested by Guides, analyzed, and reconstructed. Thus guides can compile all the memories of their workers, distribute them all out, and return the brains to the workers to greatly enhance them. A needed feature because workers succumb to infections incredibly quickly, living about five years in total. Due to this ability however, they are highly valued workers in skilled fields. You just teach the Guide, and he disseminates it to the workers who will labor. Appearance wise, Primadea are humanoid and bipedal, the limitations of their exoskeleton making them rather frail and thin. Their heads can be opened, since their forebrains act almost like parasites controlling meat puppets. Queens have sturdier bodies, and a secondary abdomen to house their reproductive organs, they do their best to ascribe to common standards of beauty.


>> No.40335213

If they can make free workers anyway, then why do they need a whole bunch of dirty humans to do their work for them?

I was considering making a race of fat quadrupedal insectoids with lots of mouthparts that are mostly politicians, nobles, and merchants due to their opportunistic background in their ancestors, but you beat me to it.

>> No.40335328

Because they're at a very stable population level. A new worker is born every month from each queen, if they didn't birth a guide, so let's say it's 10 workers a year. If infections/accidents kill them off as a function of population density (it's not a good thing they can expose their brains) then they're forced to stay at low numbers, and can't rapidly increase their numbers. They excel at technical work that needs little manpower. Not manual work that needs lots of manpower. They're rote surgeons and programmers. Handicapped creativity, but can get a decade of training in two years.

Fair enough?

>> No.40335383

If you make 'em fragile as well, that'll work. Delicate hands and bones and such. Good at dextrous and technical stuff, not manual stuff, like you said. Neat concept.

>> No.40335487

I'd ERP this. Anyone else?

>> No.40335650

> ERP fucking an 8 foot tall being who might have a venomous vagina

Why the fuck would you ever do that
You couldn't even please her with your tiny human meat stick
Their males might have corkscrew penises or some shit

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That just means I have to try harder.

>> No.40336116

W-will she vore me afterwards? Oh God, I hope so~

>> No.40336186

That's what the Naga are for anon. Amorphous jaws and 8 meters of snake tail to work you through.

We should take this shitposting to /erpg/

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