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Old thread at >>40276042
Latest finished battlemage.

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Now with a map!

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and the Arcane tree!

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And the hidden tree! Abby is considered to have 20 points in this tree apparently.

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Thank god. That Breeder one gave me HIV.

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>Rolled 69, 69 = 138 (2d100)
Well, you do a little bit more than survive...

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What are the plans for future updates? And, if you are taking requests/suggestions, is there a place to dump said requests or suggestions.

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Reposting because I am exactly that sort of person.

>Wizard Hat
>Battle Robes
>Battle Robe Gloves
>Wizard Robes Bottom

>Hybrid: Titan Blade + Arcane(?) Staff


>Elemental Dragon (Lightning)

>Plasma Weapons
>Energy Siphon
>>Energy Focus
>>>Energy Barrier
>Void Stare
>>Void Call
>>>Void Cast (no, its name is stupid. I'm using this one)

>Step 1: Get kinda sorta close to the really big thing.
>Step 2: Cast Mjolnir
>Step 3: Point large metal object skywards in the middle of a thunderstorm
>Step 4: Have the power Slaughter everything within the spell's radius

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Update soon-ish. I'll be getting holidays in about 4 weeks for about 2 weeks, during which i will procrastinate and work on this. Among other CYOAs, of course.

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update in six weeks
oh god
the pain is real

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Time to elaborate more on my build.

Mark: Prophet

Armour: Full Battle Robe set (Aristocratic and stylish)

Weapons: Custom Weapon (Instrument: Violin + Staff with frost enchantment)

A reward from Sigma Admund for completing his tutelage. This violin produces a sublimely sharp and hauntingly chilling note, like a wolf bearing down on its prey, thus it was named Fenrir.

Shield: Shield Catalyst

Companions: Sigma Admund (Studied acoustics under him/his assistant)

Mount: Scarab (can act as an tank while I cast my spells, also very high carrying capacity)

Cryo Shot/Seeker Shards/Comet/Glacial Winds

Staccato:Instrument/Marcato/Crescendo/Magnum Opus

I am a literal prophet, a eccentric one who resides in the far north of Mistbury, Conducting research on the application of acoustics magic to the northern winds and administrating to this region's few but hardy inhabitants. I am obsessed with my work and music, habitually speaking in song and answering in rhyme, befuddling many, yet insightful to a few.

I specialize in simultaneous multicasting through my voice and instrument creating attack combinations, building up the power of my attacks by singing Aria with my voice and playing crescendo with my instrument.

My ultimate attack is to aria+Crecendo into Magnum Opus and Glacial Winds simultaneously. I normally do not have enough mana to do this even with battle robes hood.

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I've done a little bit already on it, i have plans for the spell revamp too.

If you have an image/description combo for companions, minions or enemies, i'm happy to accept them.

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I'm not the OP.

I don't think there is much left to add to Battlemage in terms of the main CYOA. Like I've said before, it's pretty much done. The only thing left is to separate the map into its own page and expand the lore, then have a bestiary page for you all to have fun comparing yourselves to what you're up against.

After that, it's just a matter of adding in new, extra elemental schools when I feel like it. Currently I'm considering doing a Wind and a Time school, possibly a magitech one. An anon raised a neat point last thread about having a gadgets section, which I'm also considering for the first page.

Feel free to make your own school. My original intention for BM was for it to be a modular CYOA where new elemental schools could continue to be added. If I'm around, have the time and drive to do it, and there's enough art to make it, I might even art it up.

I will also release the photoshop source files. Perhaps a template for elements.

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Why did you mess with the Undead tree? I really liked Sanguine Essence and Grimoire of Death being on the same branch.

Also, why does a lance (which is under "Polearms") cost more than a one-handed spear of similar length? That doesn't seem to make much sense.

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I think you misquoted there.

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Orc Melee Wizard
>Soldier Helmet
Visibility is extremely important in a close range combat scenario. Plus high pain tolerance is good.
>Everything Else: Aegis
High protection, and lets me beat the shit out of other magic users.
>Great Hammer, Titan Blade, Hand Axe, 2 daggers.
I'll dual wield the hammer and blade in melee combat, the hand axe and daggers are backup in case I drop the weapons or they are damaged.
Big weapons are for big monsters.
>Bruce Ironstark
We'll be tackling some giant beasties, so an experienced veteran would be a good companion.
Sometimes I get tired of walking.
>All Force except Sand Storm and Quake.
My giant weapons hit even harder with density, my Aegis armour and Deflect make me resilient to everything. Launch and Unstoppable Force make a good combination, and Immovable Object can help pin down a monster, and by increasing gravity on myself I can make Unstoppable Force even stronger.

I'll keep the visor down at longer ranges but lift it up in melee to keep visibility high.

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You make me very happy. Hope I can be a conscience necromancer that respects life and simply wants to see it continue.

I'd love to see:
Some sort of familial spirit help type minion, your grandfather stopping by to help out for a few weeks and such.
Partial to flaming skeletons.
The ability to grab things from before our time, creatures dead for eons or that never really 'lived' by our definition.

And of course anything about WHERE the dead go/we're calling them back from.

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>Partial to flaming skeletons.

There is nothing wrong with this, but remember that, next to Holy, the Fire school has been most often used to fight necromancers.

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Drawback "Mistake if Heaven"
+1 item
Req: cthulhu book thing, settled location in the far north/aethestic states

You've brought...something down to the earth. Tendrils of...madness work their way through the land with each meteor that falls, weird creatures come out crafted by fleshcrafting not known to any civilization and the magic that they use feels...Wrong, as if its somehow more Vile than even what the most depraved minds here can come up with. The gods will not help you with this Evil and all men you drag into this endeavor will eventual crumble around you, it is up to you to keep the world safe from these THINGS no matter where they fall.

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Knight Set
Custom Weapon (Longsword+Fire Staff)
I figure the entire length of the sword could be made to act as a staff for focusing magic. Fire because that's going to be my entire skill tree.
Kite Shield
Geroldus Rogola
Arthur Sagard
+Elemental Mount
Now every horse is also a flaming horse.
The entire Flame branch, except Magma Torrent.

The Longsword/staff combo (which is on fire due to Flame Weapons) will be used as a focus for Conflagration after being stabbed into someone, making even more fire. Everything is fire.
Can multiple mages with Fire Bomb all team up and channel a Fire Bomb together for a fuckhuge spell?

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(Writing a drawback or two and several combo minions)
Besigment of Reality
Req: Luck
+1 companion, +1 item

A brass 'god' has errrr..."popped" into existence, its form shapes strange energies into weapons with which it attacks both the gods and the very world soon. In the sky one can hear the thunderous booms and at night can see the beast wrestling with...something, some men say they see the creature battling what appears to be divine light and gears behind the sky, such madness is even beggining to strike our world, the sun acts strangely the moon comes and goes whenever it wants (and as closely as it wants) and even stars seem to fall out of place and strike earth. Magic users abound fear what exactly this entails and some are even searching for answers, if not directly trying to confront such a megalithic creature in the heavens...surely someone must find a way to end this without further destroying our world.

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These are really good, but they seem to be affecting the world as a whole, while what i'm going for is individual enemies/drawbacks that don't affect the other necromancers/mages/bandits in the world.

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If you're going to be adding in even more schools, then you should probably raise the amount of points we get. Even bumping it up to 12 would be a massive improvement.

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Give us a muscle wizard school.

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Ancient shit list
Req: kobold, kobold lands
+1 companion
It appears you have made a very ancient freind! Sometime during your cycle of birth/rebirth you were tagged as a threat to an ancient Pharaoh. Don't worry of course its just a huge deadly construct that wants to eat your soul! I mean you handle bigger threat a right?

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but there's a cyoa for that.

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Reposting mine because I didn't get enough attention last time.


Leather Hood

Aegis Cuirass

Battle Robe Gloves

Aegis Greaves

Dagger x8

Shield Catalyst x2



Faren Lovell
Bizienne Isouda


Frozen Heart

Plasma Weapons

Seismic Sense

Mending Sparks

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Maybe quests instead of drawbacks?

The Unliving
(Req: flesh growth vat and bind ghost)
A piece of flesh crafted like a golem, bound like a spirit and mutated like a vile force of nature, this "creature" is an amalgam of "living" adaptations and "unloving" hardiness and machinery. May Mother help whatever it is sent after.

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And pic...

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The fuck?

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(Req: flesh crafting + classic necro)
This...thing youve made is a true act of ingenuity in sadism, part undead rotting horror part growing hulky siege weapon. Malice is one of the largest, strongest and scariest creatures you may ever have built it certainly scares the willies outta me...just by making it you've committed a war crime against life, by unleashing it...let's let YOU figure that one out...

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>Maybe quests instead of drawbacks?
I like this. I will make a note to pursue it later.

>The Unliving
I like this too.

This is good too.
Do you have any ideas for more good/friendly ones? People seem to want that and i personally have trouble finding/thinking up Good companions/minions.

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I heard from previous thread that other races exist.

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>Leather Hood
>Aegis Cuirass
>Battle Robe Gloves
>Aegis Greaves

What would this even look like?

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Re-posting my top build

> Battlemage Hood
> Soldier Cuirass
> Soldier Gauntlets
> Aegis Greaves

> Sabre (primary)
> Targe
> Wand
> Greatsword (backup)
> Mace (backup)

> Mikael Ouren
> Jenna Heltyse
> Jourdain Ricaud

> Flame Weapons
> Flame Armor
> Cloud of Smoke
> Conflagration
> Shadow Jump
> Light Drinker
> Vorpal Weapons
> Dark Shards
> Illusion

Mentored in the art of using illusion, darkness and misdirection in battle. I combine it with smoke and flame, tearing apart enemy formations while they are helpless. I am primarily of the Vanguard, though when wading deep into enemy lines it often makes sense to seek out subcommanders and mages like Hunter would.

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Say hello to...

Thetch (Bone Bard of Love)
Req:(blood magic, classic necro)
Ladies love the (tibia), thetch is a disposable wingman/butler that loves the ladies and their inner secrets don't worry though bro, its kool he will teach you his pelvic magic and the way of the humurus bard.(remember...he's SINGLE!)

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>still running with friendly
Req: plague/life magic
An easily producable and highly intelligent scehmer, assassin and maid. Lifts-"her"-tail is a wonderful (mass produced) minion that is very good at shadowy things and various mental arts, many 'Lifts' will commonly congregate and start instinctively piecing together new/old/haphazard technology which mostly explodes in the cutest of ways! Watch for their telltale sign of adoration! Their whisker twitches are commonly a sign of deep seated adoration (or in the case of their mental functions deep seated hatred) commonly shown later on with delicious meals, and gifts of non exploded technology! (Meals may be poison and Technology may be bombs) Make great henchmen and great lacky plague priests!

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Divine/Force Slayer

Knight Helmet, Knight Cuirass, Aegis Gauntlets, Aegist Greaves
Spear-Staff, Kite Shield

Divine: Light Ray; Weapons of Light>Mark of Redemption>Angelic Wings>Archangel
Force: Density>Unstoppable Force>Launch>Black Hole

Divine Dragon

Use the Archangel squadron as a covering force as I approach my target on my dragon mount, then dismount, diving spear-first into the heart of the enemy titan, spear aglow with divine fury and body hardened into a living comet

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Req: Spirit magic/ blood magic
These cute little beasts are created by the horribly inhuman merging of several insect/animal spirits with a 'feral' vampire. Now with the intelligence of mud these creatures do the cutest tricks like: barf up the new reanimated neighbors cat, piss pure nightmare 'fuel', play fetch with heads, AND MORE! Due to the nature of these creatures they commonly run up ceilings and drain the local sewer of...er...'water' but fear not! These creatures act as wonderful pets and even greater companions! Able to shoot blood draining spikes! Concot horrific mind shattering hallucnogenic spores! And even sing lovely (earshattering) songs that you just want to store for latter!

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Whoop forgot a pic of the little pup

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I was there and I didn't see anything other than my response to a dumbass question, which told the anon to read the companions and see the one redeemed succubus.
Is there something I missed?

Build is retarded either way.

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>battle robe hood, soldier cuirass, battle robe gloves, wizard robes bottom

>polearm staff hybrid, "Heartseeker"

>prophet mark

>cassandra larun, ada godefray, phisora jaenith

>mending sparks

>mana burn, void stare, mana chain, void call, haste cast, overload

>lustdrinker, silver tongue

sometimes, you just need to make a stupid anime protagonist. All the regen one might ever need to struggle through the fight, and a cool pair of wizard pants to appear on scene right when he is needed. Questionable morale in friends and just a touch of ecchi goodness ensure wacky adventures.

>> No.40294389

This one really needs some space at the edge of the image.

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battle robe hood
soldier cuirass
battle robe gloves
soldier grieves

having more mana, cast speed, and mobility is important since you'll probably end up in long extended battles.

magic rapier cause i'm trained in small sword
staff cause staves are awesome

Prophet. I'll be advising strategists and generals on how to face the main force of the enemy. While it's important to eliminate giant creatures, how many of those could they field? any armor needs a backbone, and i'll be dealing with that shit.

companions: let me teach you how to play the game of thrones

mirielda bardol: she can scout without even leaving the fortress. she can spy on the enemy and my rivals in the government

phisora jaenith: she's probably a good game player, could use her as an ally to eliminate people i dont like in powerful positions in the bureaucracy

robyn zihao- i need someone to gain glory on the offensive to support me.

guilame juhel- pro warrior, need him as an enforcer and protector

elemental horse

spell block, spell grab
mana burn
void stare, void call, haste cast

frozen heart, wall of ice

i excel at the duel, both physical and magical.
the rapier is the classical dueling weapon and the arcane spells are all dueling centric from lowered mana costs, faster cast times to countering enemy magic against me

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>whole wizard robes ensemble
>2 daggers that are also wands
>sentinel mark
>Dragon mount instead of companions
>all T1, T2, and T3 Divine abilitites

Be sentinel battlemage from Ascent Realm who rides her dragon along Elysium border and tries to help protect people from detritus and try to help them with other things with my divine magic. Don't get involved in problems between the citystates and only fight against real evil and try to work with other battlemages that need help.


I like your build. You sound like a powerful fairy or nymph or something with the singing and talking in rhymes. And it seems like you're pretty powerful even though you're mostly doing research and stuff

>> No.40294685

does this mean the dere school could be consdered canon?

>> No.40294737

no it's not, heavy ass armor+intense gravity+Unstoppable Force=mega cannonball.

>> No.40294775

I don't think the enemy is really organized, m8. Think more of a horde of monsters, too numerous and powerful for even an army of mages to destroy.

>> No.40294862

Orc = retarded, thus build is retarded.
Orc wizard is a retarded idea too.

My first gen build wears heavy armor.

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I still hope you put in my idea for replacing the Alpha Skin Walker with an immortality which you transfer you brain into a Frankenstein-like body which grants strength, durability, replaceable parts and some Electricity powers

>> No.40294928

orc retarded, but so retarded use tard strength to overwhelm enemies.

orc win.

>> No.40294948

silver tongue and desire peak are great for prophets who wish to dispose fellow prophets they dont like and rise in power in the beurocracy

>> No.40295015

>strength to overwhelm enemies
That's so contradictory to the entire theme of the cyoa and setting.

>> No.40295058

but orc tard, so orc not care.

also retard orc super strong because
human retard>human normal
orc retard>orc normal
orc normal>human normal
orc retard>>>>>>>human normal
orc retard too strong. magic is not magic, just orc very strong.

>> No.40295583

That sounds too much like Devourer, sans the Frankenstein-like body. In fact, one the key points for Devourer is replaceable body parts.

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Knight Helmet
Soldier Curaiss
Knight Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

Longsword + Staff Hybrid: Two hand this sucker while increasing what little magic I use

Shield Catalyst: Mostly a just in case piece. Hands free.

Vanguard: Just joined and heading to the front lines.

Elemental Raptor: Shadow. Hard to hit and intimidating as all hell?

Hendry Bertram: Defense specialist is always nice to have
Mirielda Bardol: Seemed like the only low cost healer I could find
Bizienne Isouda: Teacher and strategist


Flame Weapons
Flame Armour


Plasma Weapons


Weapons of Light

Shadow Jump
Light Drinker
Vorpal Weapons

Spend my off time with my team learning from Bizienne. Or drinking. That's always an option. In combat we'd mostly be a front line team with me buffing my weapons and armor, Hendry covers me and Mirielda from behind. Mirielda would also provide covering fire and healing. Bizienne could pretty much do anything and be useful.

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Mark: Hunter

Battle Robe Hood
Soldier Cuirass
Soldier Gauntlets
Aegis Greaves

Hybrid, Longsword(Staff)
Shield Catalyst

Frozen Heart


Flame Weapons, Flame Armour

Shadow Jump, Light Drain, Vorpal Weapons, Illusion, Umbra
Tristan Menard (Tristan would help me train to become one of the best swordsman in the world
and become a great duel partner once I am skilled enough to equal him.)
Jyna Heltyse (adept with wards and defensive magic, Jyna would aid Jourdain and I
with shielding from hostile magics)
Jourdain Ricaud (being nearly unkillable, Jourdain protected by Jyna's magic would be a
force to be reckoned with. Would scout areas ahead, could help find enemy mages.

After witnessing a Detritus mage strike down two battlemages with vile magic
at a young age, I made it my lifes ambition to seek out hostile leaders and mages. Instead of using my magic for
offense I decided to utilise my magic to enhance myself, becoming a skilled warrior is my hope.

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Anyone have the latest fantasy prostitute cyoa?

>> No.40296260

>tail length

>> No.40296272

The latest I've seen still had just the first portion, which was totally unbalanced into the negatives by itself (by design, as the second part would have most of the positive points).

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I want more race options and a more detailed description of the world as well as what exactly are you expected to do.

What if my customers are all gross, fat, balding men and orcs with nasty diseases? Please have mercy, wizard mob.

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>Flame weapon + Plasma weapon + Weapon of light + Vorpal weapon
>MFW anon activates all of it at the same time and his blade explodes with force of tactical nuke

>> No.40296689

Maybe battlemage should get a separate thread.

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All except Light Ward and Holy Fury

Felena Wyverun
Theo Giraud

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>> No.40296822

Why so salty? Are we not allowed to have fun with a CYOA because it is in your 'private space'?

>> No.40296898

don't worry people bitch about anything that's popular that they don't like.

People didn't like Dungeon Meister either when it was popular for a bit. Once Battle Mage dies down things'll go back to normal.

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You can't let go of Alice

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File: 1.41 MB, 1244x1159, Who's Alice 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't let go of vampire Alice

>> No.40297043

Mage-Killer Build

>Full Aegis
>Titan Blade/Arcane Staff
>Elemental Dragon

>Spell Block
>Spell Grab
>Spell Break
>Mana Burn
>Mana Chain
>Flame Weapons
>Flame Armor
>Frozen Heart

Aegis Armor, Flame Armor, and Frozen Heart boost strength, speed, stamina, and durability.

The Arcane abilities and Aegis provide lots of magical protection and anti magic spells.

GG mages.

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File: 2.71 MB, 1244x1820, Who's Alice 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can't let go of minotaur Alice

>> No.40297071

alice is not a fun cyoa.

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Battle Mage Hood
Soldier Cuirass
Knight Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves

Spear + Staff
Shield Catalyst


Cassandra Larun

Elemental Horse

Flame Weapon
Flame Armor
Dragon Fire
Cloud of Smoke
Magma Torrent

Frozen Heart


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Alice is yandere for you.

>> No.40297298

It's not even a proper CYOA, because there's no choice, only RNG.

>> No.40297480

Battle mage hood
Battle mage robe
Battle mage gloves
Leather boots

Hybrid, sabre (katana) and staff (4) and shield catalyst (5)
Dragon (shadow)

Flame weapon
Ice armour, obsidian ice
Plasma weapons
Shadow jump, light drinker, vorpal weapon, dark shards, shade

I present to you Sephiroth Darkdeath no murumasu-shiki, the edgiest battlemage of them all

>> No.40297543

Why the fuck is that salty bitching? It's a reasonable suggestion. You do realize that 4chan can host multiple threads on a board, right? Do you somehow think that there's not enough attention given to Battle Mage that it won't survive in its own thread?

>People didn't like Dungeon Meister either
Going to its own thread doesn't mean anyone doesn't like it. It's purely an administrative concern.
>Once Battle Mage dies down things'll go back to normal.
So you're saying that Battle Mage has so much activity that things aren't normal, and somehow this is a counterpoint to the suggestion that this is a good time to have it separate?

>> No.40297555

Battlerobe hood.
Leather armor.
Aegis gauntlets.
Leather boots.
Pretty much undetectable in the dark, with good combat reserves and hitting hard.

I'm taking a rapier which also functions as a staff, for only 4 points. I'm not sure why rapiers are a one-point option, they should probably be two even if you ignore the false statement that they're good against armor. Oh, and the staff magic that I'm hybridizing in is shadow, but I'll get to that. I take a bow, just for when I maybe need it some time in the future because why not, and a targe, which I'll likely use a lot more.

I don't really like companions in CYOAs so I reckon my points go to a dragon.

I'll be Beautarian, and of adequate status; presumably my dragon comes from my heritage.

Time for the meat of the matter. I'm going for a shadow build. Shadow jump gives me mobility, light drinker gives me dominance in my own arena, and vorpal weapons make my rapier the herald of death.
Illusions befuddle my enemies and mark of fear should keep me from being overwhelmed. Nocturne allows me to reach the highest levels of power. And Umbra, of course, lets me turn my world into a shadow of death.
Seismic sense is pretty much necessary to know what's going on when I'm doing my thing.
Lustdrinker for the last point because it's quite powerful if you're in/near civilization.

>> No.40297560

Void Haste lists the wrong prerequisite.

>"in the act"
Word you're looking for is "involved".

>> No.40297650

>all these bitch ass Hunters trying to out coldsteel me
Mark: Hunter
>Battle Robe Hood, and gloves. Leather Armour and boots.
Best hunter combo is best, defense is for nerds
>Dagger, Wand, Shield catalyst
sudoku yadda yadda
>sickdark horse,Cassandra Lanun, Ada Godefray
>Undead:Masochism, Sanguine essence, Flash Decay
>Shadow:Shadow Jump, Illusions, Mark of Fear, Nocturne, Umbra
>Ice:Frozen Heart
Decided that the bloke from the last thread had the right of it, as Frozen Heart lets me cut deep into my edge with Masochism and if Vampire strength works exponentially then I'd be even more ridiculous. Still the goat assassin build.

>> No.40297967

Step back, kids.... this just got personnel
>Battle robe hood
>leather armour
>battle robe gloves
>leather boots

>Hybrid: polearm (scythe) and staff (5 points)

>dameon caras and earl reimfred

>masochism, sanguine essence, flash decay
>shadow jump, light drinker, vorpal weapons
>weapons of light, mark of redemption, angelic wings

Deathsteel Chaosthunder is a half demon half angel assassin that kills his opponents with a single swing of his mystic scythe NecroGetsu
*shadow jumps behind you* pssh.... you pissed me off kid.... time to DIE *pierces through your shield with Necrogetsu and turns your flesh to dust* *starts flying away with angel wings* ill see you in hell fucker

>> No.40298032

>That Breeder one gave me HIV.

That what?

>> No.40298038


>> No.40298050

>Nocturne/Umbra build
>dipping undeath
>not Soul Seeker to turn your zone of dark and illusion from merely confusing to actually hazardous to your enemies while enhancing its benefit to you

>half demon half angel
Also half vampire.

>> No.40298103


This is how Star Dust was treated after a while, lots of people felt like it needed its own thread too.

>> No.40298130
File: 144 KB, 730x1095, 1425095532922.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a question, what're the actual limitations of Companion for nature? Like, do I get an average sized bear or something ridable if I wante or like, could I have a giant crow as oppose to a flock of like 20-30 crows or what?

>That feel when no new mounts
>That feel when arcane is blue not pink or purple.

>> No.40298151

Arcane is purple.

>> No.40298167


>Armor Set

Pure Aegis, go big or go home. Knight Set is just barely acceptable as an alternative.


Mace or Axe as a main weapon, one handed. A tower shield is ideal if I'm going with Aegis armor, a square shield with Knight armor, just make sure it's a big fucking shield. I'd keep a wand on hand, and spend the next two points on whatever you want.


Sentinel, of fucking course.

Someone faster than me and/or better at long-range offensive magics.


Horse when dealing with little day to day things, I sure as shit don't want to walk everywhere. Elemental (Force/Earth) Behemoth on call when shit goes south, using the two weapon slots I neglected earlier.

The entire force/earth branch, with the exception of launch.

Come at me motherfuckers.

>> No.40298232

spell-aesthetically though.

>> No.40298270

I don't get the appeal of this CYOA. Is it meant to be like making a character build for an MMO?

>> No.40298278

..don't come to CYOA often?

>> No.40298320

>using something that tracks when that shit is the most obvious bait
Not even once. I have flash decay for magic and super strength for physical, balance m8. Also Soul seek is in spell grab tier range, and I'm not about to lose my soul for a light show.

>> No.40298333

I concede to your half angel, half vampire, half demon self. I forgot the cardinal rule of edge, gotta have the LIGHT side too, because you're really two different people.

>> No.40298350
File: 1.61 MB, 2260x1386, App Choice W.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Originally, it was mostly things like this. They came from /b/ and were meant to produce discussion by encouraging people to put themselves in all kinds of weird situations (the earliest ones were the flat choices - "you can get a million dollars or a night with the girl of your dreams", etc., followed by "you are stuck on a desert island, you can choose three things to take", etc.). As /tg/ fell in love with the format, however, it began to make it more and more elaborate until at some point the whole "put yourself in a situation" aspect was just subsumed completely (there was a transitory period during which all CYOAs opened with something like "you are transported into a fantasy world, where you get a body and background of your choice...") and now they're pretty much all "make a character for a roleplaying game you'll never play". Since /tg/ by definition is filled with people who's "tabletop games playing time" consists of 0.1% actual play, 99.97% reading rulebooks and 2% making character sheets and talking about games they pretended to play on the internet anyway, this fit with them just fine.

>> No.40298374
File: 132 KB, 620x450, TWISTED FIRE STARTAH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Mark: Vanguard

>Armour set
Battlemage set


Geroldus Rogola

Flame branch, Magma torrent excluded.


1. Learn from Greoldus Rogola.
2. Burn shit with pyro buddies.
3. ???
4. Profit.
5. Burn the profit too.

>> No.40298454

You should take the 3 arcane spells to make yourself basically immune to magic too.

>> No.40298476

Has the change scared a lot of people off? Personally I prefer actually playing games to making characters for them.

>> No.40298520

Wasn't someone making an interactive one of this like the Magical Realm thing?

It is what it is, rolling a random Alice is pretty funny sometimes. It's not a CYOA though and shouldn't really be treated as such.

>> No.40298528

Actually i am getting rather tired of too much crunch heavy CYOAs appearing lately.

>> No.40298643

Immortality (4)
Major power Generation (4)
Unlock manipulation (1)
Friendship talisman (1)

No point in munchkining it up and choosing power growth just so I can unlock Mental and get a cheap item. I feel like Blip and I had the same idea.

>> No.40298646


When I made my CYOA what I wanted to achieve was just a imagination primer, if you like. Picking various options gives you something to daydream about.

Crunch heavy are still great, but I'm too much of a optimizing cunt to really enjoy it. Turning a demonic sword into a "Demon Sword +4 Attack, -4 Will", sort of ruins the fantasy for me.

My personal favourite CYOA's are really concept heavy, cramming as much evocative world building as possible in just a few lines.

That and the sex ones.

>> No.40298658

I have a feeling I know what broke the ice there.

>> No.40298666

I'd considered that, it's still kind of tempting. But I think I have a good balance inbetween full Aegis armor (for magical defense) and the Force/Earth spells (for physical defense). Also, I have the tower shield and nearby chunks of rock to soften up spells.

On top of THAT, I have a behemoth that's enhanced by elemental earth. We're approaching full Havel-monster here.

>> No.40298674

Good taste but I don't recognise your name.

>> No.40298699

Yes. The number of unique IPs per thread was dropping for a long while, but recently has increased a bit. Threads were also slowing down.

>> No.40298709

What I like is how far CYOAs have grown. They're so fleshed out now, just look at battlemage and tell me that it doesn't tell a story in itself.

>> No.40298740
File: 1.64 MB, 1662x1811, 1333352724513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I made this in 2011-2012, did a few threads with it. Was fun. Was inspired by stupid /b/ stuff, thought /tg/ ones would be cooler.

Was before it was even called CYOA or anything. Not going to say people didn't do it on /tg/ before, but there are like 4-5 (improved) copies of this and it obviously took off over the years.

>> No.40298745

Well... it doesn't, to me. Nothing about it feels new, and I'm definitely not saying that's bad, but it's delivering its punch with very familiar elements. It's a satisfying CYOA to go through but it doesn't develop any new notions in my head and the lore seems tangential and throwaway, which if I understand correctly was the intent. The goal is mass appeal so a very adaptable, 'safe' CYOA with vague borders is the best fit.

>> No.40298756

Oh wow, you're old... and you've been watching us all this time? Which are your modern favourites?

>> No.40298763
File: 1.38 MB, 2066x1230, 1366947510520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can see how the earliest CYOA evolved from it.

>> No.40298771

biggest problm is that its AMAZING hwne you start, thinking of all different scenario's, imagining everything, going through multiple different stories in your head and even having other people with builds and RP with them on some chats or in general. Its almost like a dnd game at times.

Then comes the wall. You've played all of these settings, you know everyone and the others don't interest or aren't complete. Not enough new content + not anything to do with them. Play them, posts builds, think in your head but then what?

Luckily we have SDA, th scientist, tunebuggy and maybe one more. These are the people the generate arguably the biggest and best cyoa's. When a new one is released it often takes a few threads to finish playing with them and some stay forever, such as battlemage and stardust and necromancer.

In the end, if someone actually found/made a better USE for these builds, like a program or game or something, our community would explode.

>> No.40298772

>When I made my CYOA what I wanted to achieve was just a imagination primer, if you like. Picking various options gives you something to daydream about.
That's what i enjoy about CYOA mostly.

>> No.40298784

>our community would explode
Thanks for the cancer, m8.

>> No.40298786
File: 1.64 MB, 2228x1008, 1365128607075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Heh, I'm only in late twenties, but been hanging around /tg/ for ages.

I like the Conduit CYOA quite a lot, and as I said I do like the silly fetish ones too. Honestly though, even when they aren't my cup of tea they are so well designed and always impressed by it.

I keep wanting to do a Planar Sphere CYOA, like the kind from BG2.

>> No.40298788

>maybe one more
Don't leave us hanging like that anon!

>In the end, if someone actually found/made a better USE for these builds
You know, a few months ago a poster suggested something like "catalyst images" where it was specifically designed to inspire and set the building blocks for a campaign. There were good arguments for and against and nothing came of it.

>> No.40298792


and of course we can't forget our forefathers, which is why (whoever freaking has it) create the CYOA maker CYOA, of course its waifu, i believe even dumbledaff is on it.

And while I like a good imagination, it stales out, their is no incoming stimulus, no surprise, no turn about, lack of real feedback.

>> No.40298801

damn mad respect I see that CYOA everywhere

>> No.40298822

Its just overarching difficult. Let's be honest, we either want A. an entire fucking roleplay world inspired from each cyoa where our builds aren't too OP and we can play with others or B. a video game with our build being the character creation.

Progress towards this goal, is one of the things we need. As well as a leader in events (contests, challenges, etc tc), but currently I have one eye, need to go create a campaign and don't havee the time to create contests, goals or even another cyoa.

>> No.40298826

Because you're new. He's the one who started /tg/-style CYOAs.

>> No.40298830
File: 1.87 MB, 1224x1816, 1370711226379.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


What's hilarious is you can tell how early it is because there are no instructions. It was all typed out in the original thread.

Early threads called them "Island Games" too, before CYOA.

>> No.40298836

>and maybe one more

>> No.40298840


Do you actually remember me? That's fucking awesome.

>> No.40298845

Are... Are you from reddit? While I hate to levy insults without cause, your mindset is really odd.

>> No.40298848

>one more
Thrallherd? Trainwreck? Outer Worlds guy (I like him...)? Aztec World anon?

>> No.40298864

Of course. It wasn't actually all that long ago, in the scheme of things.

>> No.40298867
File: 1.30 MB, 2077x1008, Version 1.03 page 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey, don't forget the first part. For you whippersnappers, this was made so long ago i had to split it to keep under file size limits. I still think this is the best one I've created, though the build write ups i did for the apocalypse one were more fun, nobody has yet to really capture its feel in my opnion. I really should update this some day. Some of the objects really need to be changed

Also, I concur with Dumbeldalf. Less numbers, more imaginiation. I haven't posted a build in months, since so many of these new cyoas boil down to obvious optimizations.

>> No.40298879

Yeah I have CYOAs where I'd rank them highly for concept, design, and accessibility, and often a CYOA only fits into one of those boxes. To be honest I think the early island CYOAs were great at concept and accessibility, and while their design doesn't look so ahead of the curve now, it was way ahead of those that came before.

>> No.40298880

Read my post. I didn't say it has anything really new, it just has its entire world and lore fleshed out. It's beyond just being something for you to pick A or B. It may be standard and nothing new, but give the guy credit for going beyond our 'cyoa criteria' and doing it anyways. We're not here for the new master pieces of man.

>> No.40298887
File: 2.79 MB, 2223x2016, 1371258037922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh yeah, I concatenated this one back when we got limits increased.

>> No.40298889

I was responding to the idea of it telling a story by itself- I didn't mean to offend you.

>> No.40298898
File: 321 KB, 640x596, why did you put peanut butter there.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I didn't mean to offend you.

>> No.40298900


the conduit guy, there are more but these are the bigger one's.

From? No, but i visit there to find games sometimes. I'm just more peaceful than most due to it being 7 am, no work, half blind and with a nice cup of tea. At peace is my current mindset i think.

If i still had the old cheating death one I made, I'd give it to you. Its just lost to time unfortuently.

>> No.40298912

It might be in the archives. What were some of the options?

>> No.40298921

>At peace
Not that. It's just that your thinking is so... I dunno, not goal nor product oriented, but so mired in definites and concretes. Playing as an action, and as something you can finish doing. Focusing on identities in general, and namefags in specific. A use for builds, as if that's a coherent idea. An exploding community, as if that would be a good thing.
I know that none of that is necessarily weird among normalfags but to me it's bizarre.

>> No.40298922


You're absolutely right, I guess crappy years just feel longer.


OMFG this might even predate my island one thinking about it, but my memory is fuzzy. I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Wasn't there a thread requesting people record themselves voice acting the intro?

And yeah, while character building is certainly awesome, there's no real reason to have literal mechanical functions when there isn't anything to do with the characters at the end.

Although, from the beginning with the Island CYOA people picked obvious "superior" choices, which it just human nature. Or geek nature.

Hard balance between open enough for imagination to do the work, and 'gamist' enough for it to not just be a short story.

>> No.40298944

>there's no real reason to have literal mechanical functions
Well yeah, that's just fucking dumb.

>obvious "superior" choices
This is why points were popular for a while; it's pretty easy to just post a CYOA, then see what people think is most powerful, and increase the point cost. So eventually things get balanced.

>> No.40298949

>our community would explode
It has, more than once. But it usually explodes into a cancerous circlejerk that requires its own threads. The PACYOA threads are an example. That was a cool CYOA and people started making a couple of RPG systems for it, but the discussion threads went to shit pretty quickly.

>> No.40298950


Ah, never mind, sorry I get you now with the two parts together. I just recall a thread discussing the cool introduction part. I mean, for me, that opener captures what CYOA really should be.

>> No.40298953

If play isn't a phase of action contrasted to practical activity, with defined transitions, then what is it? I do think that the disproportionate number of CYOAs produced by a few individuals is a real phenomenon too, which would suggest focus is sensible.

>> No.40298959


hell, heaven, completely gray, had a secret bbox that never got finished and was overall a veery shit CYOA because for every good thing you got, you got something too horrible to take anything.

The point was to cheat death, example:

Disadvantage: Must kill family and 100+ children with your own hands. no help is given.
If you don't do this before you die, you go to hell, watching the one's you DID kill be harmed.

Cheat: Choose immortality, don't die, never go to hell for not doing it.

Problem was I never finished it and never revamped it.

>> No.40298982

I'm trying to point out that it has a fleshed out setting as opposed to most other CYOAs. I feel like I'm a part of a different world, kind of thing. You don't exactly start with a blank state.

>> No.40298998

Most CYOAs play lip service to setting, don't they? Looking through my own saved collection (of course I save the ones I like) about 2/3 involve another world or bringing in cliches that make me assume they are set in another world.

>> No.40299003

You reek of elitism. I suppose only good CYOAs must fit your sage criteria.

>> No.40299011

Yeah, part of the reason I stopped doing CYOAs is that my graphic design is limited to ms paint. I am just completely outclassed by these photoshop having moderns.

I'd love to see it. I been lurking CYOA since the very beginning, so I may have seen it already, but there's always the possibility.

No yours predates mine by about a year. I know because I kept checking the catalog for things like it. I'm the nerd who kept picking

Also, there was no general reading. You just decided to do that. I still have it saved, its kinda funny. >>40298950 You're too kind as well.

And balancing imagination and power is really hard. See the object choices from the Offer.

>> No.40299015


While points obviously work, I'd love a CYOA which did something with sort of "encounter tables" or something.

Like the more you chose, the more unusual things happen to you. Or each cool magical item/power you decide to take, it's warped somewhat.

You could have modifiers for less powerful ones, or just see how many times you want to risk picking things before you get a horrible curse. And even then, what's a good character without a cool flaw?

>> No.40299024

With events, places, people, and histories? Maps? Cultures?

>> No.40299026

I remember that one
Nobody ever picked the options because to get them you had to be
-raped by cthulu
-tortured 4 days a week
-never speak to another human or use human technology
-slaughter fuckloads of people

>> No.40299033


Whatever man. I'm simply saying it's hard to find a reason for higher stats to excite me when there isn't any context for it.

>> No.40299039

Man, I love it when we start having "theory of CYOAs" threads.

Don't stop because of photoshop! In my experience there's no relationship between the CYOAs I think are prettiest and the ones which are most successful. My first ever CYOA is probably my most successful and didn't show any great artistic skill at all.

>> No.40299053

That's my next big CYOA, actually. It will progress due to what you encounter and overcome.

Less on the flaws, though.

>> No.40299060

No, but I think that it's more important to have a memorable setting than a detailed one. I've been reading Battlemage since the first draft, so maybe I've looked over the image twenty times. My memory isn't brilliant but if you asked me to remember what was involved in the setting, I would only be able to remember that there was a corrupting deity called Detritus and several generations of battlemages.

>> No.40299067


Hahaha oh shit was it just doing that?

You know I actually do it as a job now technically. In a very limited shitty capacity.

Good times were had anyway. Us MSPaint PROS need to stick together in this wacky world of layers and custom fonts.

>> No.40299073

only was in two threads, honestly unlikely, only problem with it is, is that it wasn't finished and thats like making a half cooked steak on one side, its going to be awful.

I'd make and do more but i care more about feedback than creating it. Recipe for disaster haha.

exactly! so unfinished, only 2-3 ways to cheat and not all of the good options had ways to cheat.

I think if i did it again or make a different kind I'd want dice rolls in a way, but different so w don't get "rolling", a table of random bad things. I always liked those.

>> No.40299082


Accidentally didn't a word. Just me*


I think you're right about pretty ones. I mean, at the very least, it's better than some that are totally illegible sadly.

>> No.40299105

I have to disagree, there's a pretty clear indication of good design and popularity.

Judging from your criteria of good CYOAs, all of the popular ones from the past year shouldn't have been, since they're all just big and scary with complex mechanics but pretty designs.

>> No.40299110

If you're defining the word "play" that's not a poor definition. But "playing" a CYOA is kind of nonsensical. You don't actively play CYOAs, you just do them. Or you don't. But the main activity is just thinking about and talking about them and enjoying the thread. In these threads as in most of 4chan, there's neither goal nor purpose, nor any real relevance to time.
>I do think that the disproportionate number of CYOAs produced by a few individuals is a real phenomenon too,
Possibly, but to notice or care is still weird.
>which would suggest focus is sensible.
Why? The most effect it'll have is to get things judged based on their creator more than their quality. The best case scenario is that nothing will change, and it'll be the same as if it weren't the case.

>> No.40299114

There's also time, since I no longer have all the free time I used to. Though my new job as a lot of down time...

Also, since we're weighing in on what CYOA is supposed to be, I think there should be more personal interaction between the creator and the participants. A lot of new CYOAs just devolve into posting and then updating in response to complaints. That doesn't encourage stories or even real community, just creator worship.

I tried to do something like that when this was first getting started, back when /tg/ was a slower board. I wrote up endings for people who posted their builds. It was fun, though not really practical since i couldn't get things written up in time.

Good to hear. I just hope you don't affect a british accent all the time. It sounds a little awkward

Oh yeah. I vaguely remember that one. The real tonal issue I found with it is that it was too concrete. You knew Cthulhu was involved or exactly what was going to happen. None of the "nobody has the real picture" that I was trying for in the offer.

>> No.40299123

I don't really get what you're talking about. Like a random factor?

>> No.40299158

Interesting. I'm sure there are many kinds of activity CYOAs engender in different people- after all, I never post builds and rarely post advice, but I see that very often- but I suppose my behaviour when confronted with a CYOA is probably just "thinking about it". I enjoy the threads as well and like to know what CYOAs are going to appear in the future.

I think I would call it 'play', but I'm also wondering if that's just by association. Everything else I do which involves the themes CYOAs deal with is definitely play. Video games, fantasising, RPGs. I might have fallen into the trap of calling it play because of superficial similarity.

>Possibly, but to notice or care is still weird.
I don't think it is, for the same reason I remember and follow certain directors or authors. I'm not able to read every CYOA to the fullest extent but if I see, for example, that it's been made by SDA I'll give it a lot of time because I consider it guaranteed that there will be quality return. It's a judgement call that's probably hurt my appreciation of anonymous CYOAs, but also caused me to spend time on and learn to appreciate CYOAs I would otherwise ignore.

>> No.40299163
File: 63 KB, 600x400, 143661837.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> mfw actually British

I think I was trying do like a silly over top posh thing right? I do DVD VO for a tiny company, telling people how to not fuck up their hands when changing a light bulb. It's very dull, and doesn't provide any chance for silly voices'

>> No.40299184


I mean like, a huge list of strange modifications to the thing you "bought" or "chose".

Like you could pick the Magnificent Sceptre of Intellectual Property Stealing, but you roll and get the "conditional power" modifier, and under that - your item only works when it's placed on the spire of a building you've climbed to the top of, and the higher the more powerful.

>> No.40299204

So basically, you pick an option and then roll on a table, and your result on that table has an effect on that option

>> No.40299213

Any news on SDA and Star Dust? In December he was going on about DLC and adding more ships (capital, super carriers, etc) and all kinds of shit

>> No.40299226

I miss the choice games of yore.

>> No.40299236

>I remember and follow certain directors
That's weird too. A director doesn't even have that much impact on a film compared to all of the everything else.
>An author
Well, something like writing can have a certain tone, and since it mirrors thought so closely it can be good to find one that mirrors the way your own thoughts work, I suppose. But it still leads to the trap of judging based on creator rather than merit.

>implying SDA's work has a high quality relative to its time investment
Time investment is pretty much the only quality it has.

>> No.40299263

>Since /tg/ by definition is filled with people who's "tabletop games playing time" consists of 0.1% actual play, 99.97% reading rulebooks and 2% making character sheets and talking about games they pretended to play on the internet anyway, this fit with them just fine.
>tfw you've literally read hundreds of RPG books for (quite very likely) over a hundred systems if you include all the short ones, and you'll be lucky to play 10 of those in your life

>> No.40299280
File: 19 KB, 538x368, simpsons monkey paw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yeah, not sure how to balance it really though. But I've always loved the concept of cursed items that are still useful. Things that you're too tempted to use, regardless of the terrible consequences.

>> No.40299299

>A director doesn't even have that much impact on a film compared to all of the everything else.
I'm surprised you say that, because as you know this is an old debate with very strong opinions on both sides. My personal leaning is that the director is an important cog, so I definitely do not go full Auteur theory, but I try not to swing too far to the other side and represent a film as a community effort to the extent that every contributor is vital.

>judging based on creator
I do support exercising strong judgement in choosing book. I'm aware of advantages and disadvantages to it and on balance I've developed a strong bias towards judging books by their cover.

>> No.40299305

Oh. I could tell you were affecting something, but apparently not the right thing. I just figured it was the accent, since it sounded like such a stereotype.

That sounds kinda neat. Granted, I'm a weirdo who plays Wild Talents specifically to make strange powers, but I'd still read it.

Actually I think a wave of rolling CYOAs could be good for the community. A lot of them consist of making the best of bad options, which really lends itself to the more limited, less optimization style that these old timers miss.

>> No.40299328

Every single thing he's produced or touched has become popular. I think theres only 3 things so far but it's undeniable.

>> No.40299341

>wave of rolling CYOAs could be good for the community
what is it i don't even

>> No.40299360

Let's try it!

>> No.40299414

I'm serious. The community needs new blood and rolling cyoas are one of the easiest ways to do it. People look at them and try to do the best with what is there, which attracts the kind of people who like the guided daydreams that CYOA offers. Most of the CYOAs we have appeal to people who already like this kind of thing, with lots of options and fiddly bits, but they can't just be posted somewhere and entice new blood.

The numberless choice building ones island ones ala Dumbeldalf were good at this as well. I still get emails about the ones I made years ago, over half of which are from people who have never even heard of /tg/. They just found it somewhere and had a bar conversation with their friends. People don't want builds, they want a fantasy world.

>> No.40299426


Rolling as in dice rolling.

Wave as in sudden influx.

>> No.40299501

I was ironic. Because all we need to improve our threads is an influx of /b/ newfriends and generals full of rolls.

>> No.40299528

Who do you think makes up the current threads?

>> No.40299628

Popular doesn't mean good.

>> No.40299633
File: 21 KB, 250x300, al-akir-the-windlord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just saying, an Air Tree would be much appreciated.

>> No.40299642

It's gotta be popular for a reason. I like his stuff.

>> No.40299645

It's not like we've got much better to do. Battlemage hype will drop off soon, and then CYOA general will be back on life support. Besides, shitty /b/tards tend not to stay long.

>> No.40299671

Good in your opinion doesn't mean objectively good. SDA's work seems to be what the people want, so who's to judge?

>> No.40299693

No it doesn't, but his stuff is legitimately good. I think they're a little more railroaded than other CYOAs, but they still do a good job of being enticing.

I'm sorry that they don't fit your shitty rules for CYOAs

>> No.40299707

While I've been working on Battlemage, I've been working on other CYOAs.

I have another 3 or so planned, one of which to release later this month, hopefully. Or at least an early version of it. Won't be as big as my previous work, but I don't think the concept has been done yet.

>> No.40299713

He's found his audience, sure. But there are plenty of people in these threats who get tired of him much quicker.

>> No.40299740

>tfw it's come to this
Don't worry, I'm going anonymous for my next works. You won't have to scream 'namefag' at me anymore.

>> No.40299754

I can spot your style from the thumbnail down and I know your writing.

>> No.40299777

I guess it's good that I'm trying new techniques, then.

>> No.40299790

I'll believe it when I see it m8

>> No.40299830

Biomancy & golemancy when?

>> No.40299892
File: 402 KB, 1424x842, based Sandro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Battle Robe Hood
>Soldier Curiass
>Battle Robe Gloves
>Wizard Robe Bottom

>Hybrid Weapon (Svärdstav/Undead Staff)
>Shield Catalyst


>Lilith Fawne
>Zalixar Nyhr

>Undead Horse


>Soul Seeker
>Soul Guardians
>Summon Undead
>Relentless Charge
>Army of the Dead
>Cryo Shot
>Seeker Shards
>Frozen Heart

Skeletons, skeletons and skeletons while using frost spells to keep control on the battlefield

>> No.40300121

holy shit this thread

so let me get this straight
you guys DONT want large setting-style cyoas
but want to either go back to very simple style cyoas
or just devolve entire threads into rolling and nothing else


>> No.40300178

No, depth anon.


We want smaller worlds that give more for less rather than shit tons of things. Battlemage is great but its all about what power not what STORY. Conduit is an example of what we want.

>> No.40300253

>Battlemage is good but it's shit! And not what cyoas are about!
Keep crying, anon.

>> No.40300300

go away sda, you're supposed to be writing stardust

>> No.40300309

but we are all sda

>> No.40300319
File: 542 KB, 892x1822, 1433043281044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40300337

But doesn't the addition of the map and the followers add quite a bit of depth?

>> No.40300347

No, we must go deeper

>> No.40300348

That wasn't me.

I am actually working on stardust stuffs right now, though.

>> No.40300353


Quantity doesn't always result in depth. It can but usually depth is a result of the intensity and not the number of concepts.

>> No.40300355

you can make this as deep or shallow as you want. make stories up and shit about your progress over the years fighting the bad guys

>> No.40300382

Just shitposting, I actually like your stuff. Not that I'd say that to your face, of course, I don't want you to feel overly appreciated.

>> No.40300439

Just saying rebuttal, no harm done.

Actually, I think Frozen Heart and Flash Freeze should be on the same branch, since they're both more or less personal passive buffs. I dunno really, there's been a lot of rearrangements and suggestions for Frost.

Actually I like these things. Someone did one a few threads ago and found some good suggestions in it.

>> No.40300482

what bothers me is how does mastering ice armor and coating your weapons in ice enable you to flash freeze. how does frozen heart let you master an ice wall? why a lot of T4 become huge aoe when you only need one branch to get to it? a lot of the branches don't make any goddamn sense

>> No.40300523

What bothers me is how everyone has different inputs on how they want the CYOA to be structured.

Since we're nearing the end of the CYOA's completion, I've decided to just go with what I think feels best and fuck it all. I think most people are happy with how it is anyways, and I want to move on to other stuff.

>> No.40300564

Personally, I don't like skill trees. Not just because it's hard to make all abilities feel like part of a intuitive series of consequences, but also because in a system without crunch you have to rely on flavour text for a sense of progression. I'm used to playing video games and getting a very tactile sense of progression- I am this much stronger or can use this flashy animation.

It does make sense. It incentivizes you to invest in a few areas of magic or lose out. But it deters me from making a build.

>> No.40300595

well that's what happens when you put yourself out there.

>> No.40300596

Actually, I was originally going to have some stats. Spell cast time, energy used, potency, and whatnot.

I decided against it when people said they preferred fluff, and having stats would've dragged out development process. That said, it wouldn't really be too difficult to balance stats between even that many spells, but I can see where people would prefer fluff stats anyways. And balancing stats would still take a lot of time, regardless of its difficulty.

>> No.40300600

I've arranged first branch into "path of warrior" where you learn to coat your armour in ice (basic) , turn your weapon in super-ice (medium) and in the end turn your own heart into magic-ice (master)

>> No.40300618

Eh. I want to be a wizard because magic is crazy, unpredictable, and supernatural. Turning it into a science or numbers makes magic less... magic, for me. I think you made the right choice.

>> No.40300627

>>40300596 >>40300564
stats would be hard to balance i think. it's better to just do a general fluff kinda deal like you did.

>> No.40300655

another thing is that elements need themes. like if fire is just damage, so why would it have an armor?

ice is control and defense, so no obsidian ice

that's my take on things, OP can do w/e he wants but be prepared for unwanted criticism because you can't make everyone happy

>> No.40300666

I do like feedback. I don't believe it's possible to release something of BM's magnitude or larger without wanting or needing feedback. Pretty much every CYOA that gains recognition here goes through a multitude of versions from feedback.

I see where you're coming from. You're one of many who suggested moving Frozen Heart over to that branch, so I think I'll do something about that.

>magic is crazy, unpredictable, and supernatural
That was my reasoning behind it as well.

I didn't mean to imply that it'd be easy, but it would've dragged out the development process much longer.

>> No.40300852

what about lore, who are those bad guys we're fighting? Do they have magic? Are those giant beasts spooky?

>> No.40300857


I think a somewhat more "dureable" immortality- option in the promrän caro would be great.

>> No.40300873


>> No.40300916

Battlemage is better than Stardust but suffers from similar problems.
Stardust is super nitty-gritty to the point of tedium, and is generic. Battlemage is better about this but then it also has the problem that there's really just a handful of archetypes to fall into.

>> No.40300925

The Father(1 free disgraced guard)
Forgotten Laboratory in southern Teb'lhr
>Spells-Promraen Caro, 10 base, giving up 2 items and a companion for 13
>Gentle Repose, Cure Disease, Create Ghoul, Reinforcement
>Warp Flesh, Natural Weapons, Create Abomination, Alter Appearance
>Create Life, Mass Growth, Wereform, Craft Plague
Xanthuun Vat
Common Clothes
1 Free Disgraced Guard
5 Slaves(1)
1 Scholar(4)
2 Groundskeepers(8)
1 Alchemist(11)
1 Chimaera(16)
2 Created Lives(26)
3 Werewolves(35)
1 Greater Abomination(45)
Death-Fearing Duke(5)
Psychotic Count(12)
Scheming Nobleman(14)
Fabled Hero(15)

Make loads of dosh selling cures and hunting mythical beasts for their flesh. Restore the lab for some cool shit and use the wolf trio to fuck up those who come close. Live a secluded and comfy life.

>> No.40301106

>My personal favourite CYOA's are really concept heavy, cramming as much evocative world building as possible in just a few lines.
So what's your opinion on things like the necromancer cyoa or conduit?

Also, thank you for your work in starting all this.

>> No.40301385

Good to see a fellow ice necromancer.

>> No.40301703

>Breeder one


>> No.40301860


>> No.40301955
File: 678 KB, 1024x768, 1333364085272.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey Dumbledalf! Ever going to pick up the old project?

>> No.40301978

Well that was a letdown. I expected something cool like being an alien breeder overlord or some shit. Just completely random plotless fetish.

Now I kinda wanna make a half-decent CYOA focused around breeding in a non-fetishy way. It could be a cool concept.

>> No.40302005

>breeding in a non-fetishy way
Is such a thing even possible?

>> No.40302037

.. Yes?

Either as a kind of attempting to spread genes you've selected around to save the human race/destroy annoying traits/for the lulz, or as a sort of alien monster thing expanding it's hivemind to conquer.

>> No.40302040

>Zerg Broodmother cyoa etc
I could get behind it, trying to make the best little warren you can so help feed the front lines or better your species.

>> No.40302381

>PACYOA but with zerg/nid styled swarms
Fund it.

>> No.40302605

>those aren't fetishy
Your fetishes a shit.

>> No.40302738

So if I'm right you can't get more than 2 tier 3 spells to empower the Tier 4 spell. I kind of wish you'd made it an even 10 so you could go all in to one tree because otherwise tier 4 spells growing with tier 3 spells taken seems like something that should have been left out.

>> No.40302812


Rolling for a hopeful dubs or even trip. If I could have only one, then Typewriter' would be my first choice. Next would be Stress Free Livin' would help so much. Finally, if I am absolutely lucky with trips, E-Tank.

>> No.40303016

You mean like the PACYOA symbiont suit dlc that already exists?

>> No.40303051

There is also that CYOA where aliums make you into hivemind overlord and send you to invade a planet and you have biomass points to build your swarm.

>> No.40303440

I feel like Obsidian Ice is worthless and that it should be a T3 ability so that you don't have to waste points on it.

IMO, the branches should be.
>Frost Armor
>>Frozen Heart
>>Obsidian Ice

>Wall of Ice
>>Ice Permanence
>>>Flash Freeze

>Cryo Shot
>>Seeker Shards

>> No.40303873


Would you need a partner who's good at healing, like >>40294640 ? Seems like we're the only ones who picked sentinel mark.

>> No.40303901

Frozen Heart>Frost Armor>Obsidian Ice
Is how the branch should be in my opinion.

>> No.40304024

Eh, I'd be ok with that as well. So long as Obsidian Ice is at the bottom.

>> No.40304246

>Not a frost mages who are trying to feast on best spell in game - "frozen heart"

>> No.40304443

>Projecting this hard.

>> No.40304530

>trying to buzzword because his whole plan was exposed
Shut it down?

>> No.40304576

Are you retarded? Neither branch that they suggested would make Frozen Heart easier to get, one of them would make it harder, imbecile.

>> No.40304671

I don't agree. Frozen heart is one of those spells that is universally useful to any build. It should remain where it is now.

Don't know about anything else. I'd make Frost Armor T2, like the flame armor just for the sake of consistency.

>> No.40304720

frozen heart should be 3rd not 2nd and
>Obsidian Ice is worthless and that it should be a T3 ability so that you don't have to waste points on it.
clearly states that he doesn't care about frost branch

>> No.40304787
File: 14 KB, 600x600, pepe_is_angry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that is universally useful to any build
>It should remain where it is now

>> No.40304833
File: 1.55 MB, 1250x8661, 1423094031926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did this one ever get updated with bases and what not?

>> No.40304847

>>frozen heart should be 3rd not 2nd
That is just your shit opinion,

>clearly states that he doesn't care about frost branch
Bullshit, if he didn't care about the frost branch other than Frozen he wouldn't bother with suggesting something that make it harder to get. He just don't like Obsidian Ice.

>> No.40305058

>He just don't like Obsidian Ice
He doesn't like Obsidian ice because he takes flame weapon or leafmetal that renders obsidian ice useless for him
>That is just your shit opinion
frozen heart is pinnacle of frost warrior and should be harder to get.
Other T3 schools:
>You creates whole army of undead
>You're unmatchable at night time
>You can summon nature
>You can control metal
Ice T3:
>lol you can walk through ice

>> No.40305134
File: 2.54 MB, 1280x720, 1424404983928.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Battle Robe Hood
Battle Robes
Battle Robe Gloves
Wizard Robes Bottom

Wand (1 Weapon Slot)
Staff (3 Weapon Slots) Arcane Enchanted
Dagger (4 Weapon Slots)
Shield Catalyst (5 Weapon Slots)

Cassandra Larun (6 Companion Slots)
Horse (7 Companion Slots)
Elemental Mount (8 Companion Slots, 6 Weapon Slots) Arcane

1 Void Stare
2 Void Call
3 Mana Burn
4 Energy Siphon
5 Energy Focus
6 Energy Barrier
7 Mjolnir
8 Inertia
9 Frozen Heart


1 Void Stare
2 Void Call
3 Energy Siphon
4 Energy Focus
5 Energy Barrier
6 Mending Sparks
7 Silver Tongue
8 Desire Peek
9 Changeling

A hard choice, as both have uses. One more offensive in nature, but defensive and energy efficient, the other more tuned to dealing in healing, defense and politics/social situations. Changeling would be perfect for information gathering.

I just am not sure which I'd go with given a real option, simply because I see the role both have to play. I like the idea of a balance of offense and defense, but I also like the idea of applying my abilities in less obvious ways.

Anyways I should be fairly energy efficient at least.

>> No.40305227

If you make Frozen Heart T3 it needs to be more potent. Like regenerating more quickly in cold environments.

That said Permeance is actually quite good. You can phase through ice, and move more quickly in cold environments. The key to it is you're leaving a trail of ice behind you.

>> No.40305261

>frozen heart is pinnacle of frost warrior and should be harder to get.
I don't see how Frozen Heart is T3, it's not that powerful, it's just a skill that go well with almost everything. Also, I still fail to see why someone that only cares about FH would suggest a branch that makes it harder to get.

>> No.40305340

>frozen heart is pinnacle of frost warrior
>increased vitality and stamina
Maybe if you're talking about being great in bed or something. Either buff it, or leave it as it is.

>> No.40305349

>lol you can walk through ice
That's powerful how fuck, cold enough ice is harder than iron, a skill that allow someone freely go inside and out of something like that is pretty powerful, and even if the ice is not that cold is still a great skill for running or for fighting after/if you put a good field, that you should.

>> No.40305367

>The key to it is you're leaving a trail of ice behind you
I fail to see how small ice trail will override environment you're in. If you're not in winter, arctic or activated glacial winds this T3 ability is close to useless

>> No.40305457

It's a key part of it because betwen that and your other ice abilities you're creating an ice environment. Walls of ice, ground of ice, shards of ice, arctic winds and all of this combine. The walls and floor alone would create temporary micro environments. unlike darkness where you use one big ability or the time of day, if you're not in a cold environment, the tree invites you to use your abilities to surround yourself bit by bit. Each ability is a part of the whole. That key art of permeance factors in to all the little things that add up to something larger.

>> No.40305498

There's a motive why wall of ice is bellow Permeance, frost mages also have several skills to freeze the field.

>> No.40305504

only obsidian ice is as hard as iron and you can get only on your weapons. That IS great ability but it's not on the same power level as other T3 abilities

>> No.40305566
File: 227 KB, 789x1013, violinist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greetings fellow mages, can I interest you in an folksong?

A gargantuan hole in the pass, will detritus to enter amass.
Oh but more a sin than letting it in it's letting our good fortune out.
Fair Beautaria did succumb, while nobles hid their fear in the rum.
Ciraezir, it broke and threw out its folk and well now their surely my chum.

Two mountains one open track, walls that holds the detritus aback
A futile try to stay alive when Ziona's already black.
They were swarmed by men from the south, and they're all living hand to mouth.
the gods conclude we're horribly screwed 'cause Elysium can't honor their vows.

'Cause Ziona's going down
All falling into the nether
We'll go down
There's no need to frown
'Cause we're all going together
And I won't say "Woe is me"
As I disappear into the sea
'Cause I'm in good company
As we're all going together

>> No.40305649
File: 29 KB, 560x640, swiper no swiping.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since this has turned into the battlemage general, I’ll just go ahead and post my sneaky rogue build.
Forerunner for maximum sneaking.
All rogue gear. Really difficult choice.
Composite recurve bow/staff (4)
Two daggers (1)
Not too many weapons for rogues, so again, pretty easy choice.
Not really certain what to put here, so I’ll just settle on Jourdain Ricaud. I was thinking of Lea for potential waifuness, but acoustic doesn’t seem like it’d mix well with stealth. (3)
Elemental drake (5 character slots, 1 weapon slot)
Drakes seem like the best choice for mobility, while still being powerful enough to not get killed. Add shadow elementalism in for 10x more sneakiness.
Shadow: Shadow jump, Dark shards, Shade, Illusion, Mark of fear, Nocturne, Umbra
Lightning: Plasma weapons, Bolt
Using bolt and illusion to stun enemies, you could get in close for a heavily charged plasma dagger, or just stick with dark shards and arrows at range. Umbra is great with nocturne, or to facilitate escapes.
I hate to join in on complaining about a really good CYOA, but I wish light drinker was where mark of fear is. Light drinker seems like a more confrontational, noticeable upgrade, so I figure it should be in the same line as nocturne, instead of with something stealthier like vorpal weapons.

>> No.40305672

lets put it another way, name me worse T3 ability than Ice permeance

>> No.40305728

Launch, what I win?

>> No.40305830

I don't know, I'd take being able to do hulk jumps over being able to walk through ice any day.

>> No.40305917

Protip those T3 spells are meant to synergize with other T2 spells.

Ice permeance means you can safely ignore enemy frost mage's frost armor and obsidian ice weapons, in addition you can travel through your own ice walls.

Launch is just a means to exponentially increase momentum.

>> No.40305957

You're a fool then.

>> No.40305993

Launch is also good because it focuses your energy into your legs.

You could kick someone with absolutely massive force. Or jump off of them, and if they're not durable enough it'd wreck them. Or just launch yourself at them with extreme speed.

That's not even combining it with Unstoppable Force.

>> No.40306028

You can also cast ice wall at point blank without worrying about getting damaged.

>> No.40306110

>unstoppable force
>unstoppable force
repeat till all enemies are dead. Try again

>> No.40306180

Besides the obvious synergy with unstoppable force, you could use it alongside black hole to drag enemies into the sky.

>> No.40306205

Same can be said about point blank Ice Wall + IP till enemies are dead, you don't even need to waste time with the landing.

>> No.40306291

You can't do that against another frost mage with Ice permanence.

>> No.40306300

and how do you want to kill people with ice wall, furthermore how IP will help you to kill them?

>> No.40306355

But even without unstoppable force, Launch just says you can focus energy through your legs, so it'd make you kick really hard too.

>> No.40306396

>and how do you want to kill people with ice wall
Is this a joke?

>furthermore how IP will help you to kill them?
It will help you to not get killed by the IW.

>> No.40306485

Sure, and good luck doing that combo against someone with blackhole, launch or angelic wing.

>> No.40306491

>He casts ice wall and stands there laughing at force mage
>force mage channels power into his right leg
>crushes ice wall and ice mage balls, because he had real T3 ability not some card focus

>> No.40306529

Wouldn't launch make you able to run at super speeds too, because it's strengthening your legs?

>> No.40306554

Probably only last for an instant.

>> No.40306578

Super speed for an instant is more than enough time though, you could just get a massive burst and blitz an enemy mage before they have the time to react and cast a spell.

>> No.40306599

You forgot the "till dead" part.

>> No.40306616

How? The enemy mage will seen you coming because you have to channel for launch to work.

>> No.40306633


>> No.40306639

Oh right. Shoot.

It'd still be effective for maneuvering though, at the very least.

>> No.40306648

Is takes time to charge and it would be less running super fast and more jumping super fast, and I don't think that I need to tell how easily something like that can fuck the guy.

>> No.40306708

It's shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt

>> No.40306709

It just says it focuses energy through your legs, it doesn't say you have to release it by jumping. It just says you CAN use it to jump, but not that you have to.

I'm assuming it'd make you run faster too because you can accelerate off the ground faster.

>> No.40306768

How long does Changeling last? Am I stuck in my new form until I decide to change it again, or do I revert back to my true form after a set amount of time?

>> No.40306769

Why not use it for a kick?

>> No.40306791

I love how nobody is commenting on how OP acoustics is, because you can cast two spells at the same time, one from an instrument and one from your voice.

If you custom weapon your instrument with staff or wand, now you can cast your secondary element.

>> No.40306859

You could.

Might work well for a build using only your bare hands.

>> No.40306868

does frozen heart makes you immune to Lust magic?

>> No.40306984

Idk, but abilities like glacial winds (that summons very big blizzard) are louder than music acoustic can play so none can hear what he plays

>> No.40307036

I think you're supposed to chose between singing or playing an instrument.
Even then, if you can play a tune on an instrument while singing, focusing on casting spells, and dodging enemy attacks, then I think you deserve to be a little powerful.

>> No.40307047

You cast aria, for the magic bonus, then double crescendo, until your the loudest thing in the universe and then you kill the opponent with a near infinite power spell, any damaging spell.

>> No.40307090

You have to play the crescendo, if someone interrupts you I don't think the spell will still be boosted.

>> No.40307114

Crescendo states you don't have to continuously play it, you follow up with the spell you want to power up.

>> No.40307151

>until your the loudest thing in the universe
Regular blizzard will still be louder than you

>> No.40307160


Not >>40306396 but you trap them in the icewall with you, then IP out, your not going to do the whole channel power thing, because your fucking frozen solid.

Its a pretty fucking OP combo.

>> No.40307170


>> No.40307204
File: 5.64 MB, 3405x4544, 1430933049718.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cast dedbump!

>> No.40307258

crescendo makes you louder, but it doesn't mean you will be
> loudest thing in the universe
you just get megaphone

>> No.40307260

What? Where does it say you don't have to continuously play it?

It says you have a play a tune. In music, a crescendo is when you play louder and louder, and you can end on a very loud note, so you'd have to keep playing and eventually release the spell you want boosted, as the very loud note at the end is probably meant to be the extremely powerful spell.

Reading it makes it seem basically like an infinite charge up for another spell, if someone interrupts your crescendo you'd stop charging.

>> No.40307268

Guess its time for something stupid.

Battle Robe Hood
Soldier Cuirass
Knight Gauntlets
Soldier Greaves
Custom Weapon (Knuckles)
Shield Catalyst
Natan Gregorek

Unstoppable Force
Plasma Weapons
Frozen Heart
Cryo Shot
Seeker Shards

>Jump with Launch and Blink even higher
>Activate Comet, charge Launch again
>Kick whatever the opponent is in the face, shout

I feel like someone else had the same idea before.

>> No.40307314

Traits: Resilience

Gang: Alistair Matthews, Maya Yanova, Jamie Vasquez

Supporting Characters: Maude and Jack Royal

Watcher: Daniel Scott

Items: Mumei Tamanoo, Soul Tree

Nemesis: Bitch-Queen from Hell (bonus trait: Might)

I'm personally focused on killing things that prey on humanity, with Daniel as a teacher in that regard and Jack as sparring partner and occasional help in battle. Other members of the gang are for support - Alistair covers the planning, Jamie brings stealth and magic, and Maya is the money. Best approach is to acquire those artifacts ASAP and block the Bitch-Queen from completing her goal that way, but I'm guessing there would be a climatic battle with her in the end anyway.

>> No.40307317

IF it will trap them in ice, maybe it will push enemy mage out of way?
>Captcha: living duckling are food

>> No.40307332
File: 2.76 MB, 2222x1300, 1408376865046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoa, a spooky island CYOA I don't have yet, thanks, kind sir

>> No.40307374

The problem is are you even allowed to play crescendo with your voice and with your instrument?

The T1 acoustic spells are the only ones with a voice and instrument requirement does this condition carry down their respective branches?

If so, they its better to sing crescendo, cast other secondary elemental spells from your hands/staff/weapon to defend yourself and then charge up your killing blow.

>> No.40307661

>maybe it will push enemy mage out of way?
Just look at the image of the magic, the mage would be pierced/killed before being pushed out of the way.

>> No.40307672

>tfw I literally made that build as a joke but nobody knew realized how absurdly good it was
metalcore would have torn detritus up

>> No.40307775
File: 16 KB, 580x326, Next stop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Off topic, but this CYOA right here is easily one of my favorites yet. Maybe it's the difficulty of it, maybe it's the uniqueness of the choices, maybe it's the great writing... I just love the bleak atmosphere of it all. 10/10

> Court
> Lunacy

When the King walks, the world goes mad.

> Camera
> Directory
> Mathematician
> Officer

I'm picturing P.I. pulled straight out of a Twilight Zone episode, teamed up with a ghost for brains and a broken woman for brawn.

>> No.40307888
File: 5.41 MB, 3405x4544, Isle 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did the anon ever finish making the 5th part?

>> No.40307925

unless he wears any kind of protection, for example steel cuirass. And to create enough steel-like ice you will probably use all of your mana

>> No.40308047

>And to create enough steel-like ice you will probably use all of your mana
I disagree, steel-like ice is hardly a big deal when compared to what the other tree do, it will probably be costly but "all your mana" is too much.

>> No.40308054
File: 398 KB, 1200x1293, please99.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

new school,armor, and combat styles.

>> No.40308085

this reeks of self insert

>> No.40308091

I hate all of you.

Vine Control for kink and Mending for the dangers of the job. Frozen Heart to keep performance going for as long as necessary. Energy Siphon and Energy Focus means that things can probably get weird and definitely get theatrical. Illusion for quite a lot of things. All the things, really. And finally, Devil's Kiss for repeat business, Lustdrinker for Energy X synergy, and Silver Tongue for the fat stacks of cash.

She wears a wizard hat because that's sexy as all of /tg/ knows. Can't get down to business without your wizard hat on. The basic robes, extra tight and with a serious boob window, for all the other slots except for leather boots. Because leather boots are very, very sexy.

Shield Catalyst on a fancy silver charm bangle. A dagger slipped into the thigh band all subtle-like. And no other weapons.

Secretly, she knows where to get a dragon.

Everything is stupid. You're all stupid. I'm stupid for being here.

>> No.40308189

>Everything is stupid. You're all stupid. I'm stupid for being here.
I like you.

>> No.40308199

would fuk/10

>> No.40308306


see >>40307888 there are two more picture to this series

>> No.40308783

I'm going to guess you absolutely have to, otherwise you have no way to play music.

But the combination you said would work very well, just use defensive magic to turtle until the crescendo makes a spell so powerful no one can defeat it.

>> No.40308863

Just hope that you don't fight an arcane mage.

>> No.40308969

>Soldier Helmet
>Soldier Cuirass
>Knight Gauntlets
>Wizard Robes Bottom

>Custom Hybrid Weapon: Cestus+Wand x2
>Shield Catalyst


>Faren Lovell
>Eve Laveux

>Unstoppable Force
>Sanguine Essence
>Frozen Heart
>Flame Weapons
>Flame Armour
>Black Hole

Fighting style will be based around punching things and grappling while magic style will be based on augmenting those abilities. While the wording on launch says it's a kick, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to apply that to my arm to make it a punch instead. As for companion choices, I went with Faren who can potentially teach me magic that can keep me fighting for longer and Eve who can do what I can't do on my own, which is heal and let's face it, I am probably going to get fucked up a lot with masochism and increased pain tolerance.

>> No.40309008

I sort of agree, it would be cool to not be limited to a single school if one wants the immortality option. Though I'd be happy with clarification on whether this is a starting spell list or all the spells one can ever learn. If it's the latter, a couple extra points would be very welcome indeed.

>> No.40309054

>the immortality option

>> No.40309095

But arcane has the best magic defenses bar none.

If we're making a build to turtle and kill with crescendo powered spells it would look something like this:


Seismic Sense/Deflect

Spell Block/Spell Grab/Spell Break

Against physical attackers you cast deflect, against magic user you cast a combination of spell block/grab/break

And you crescendo into overload.

>> No.40309136
File: 47 KB, 500x275, 35234124.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the immortality option
Look at that squishy Prophet wanting to live forever.

>> No.40309172

Also the only weakness to this build is that overload has a channeling time, so when you follow up to overload you can sing Staccato/Marcato to provide some defense.

Otherwise its better to invest crescendo into spell break.

>> No.40309564

Apparently these are all starting/signature spells, and we're supposed to learn new types of magic in universe.

>> No.40309594

You can't just learn all the spells forever, that's retarded. That message said stuff like magical sparks and telekinesis and other low level but super magical spell bullshit is totally valid but these are Battlemage spells. You are choosing the Battlemage spells you can manage to do after all the intense training you went through in the Battlemage academy.

>> No.40309638
File: 3.47 MB, 4880x4296, 1401704685081[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oldie but goodie.
Pick 2 companions (pick 2 more if you got the Cosmic Father)
Describe yourself in a way similar to the companions (Race, Class, Strengths, Weaknesses)
Roll for your BBEG.

>> No.40309651

Its not even that its the general mentality that you can gain all the options later or that there must be a mandatory immortality option that is making cyoas insufferable.

>> No.40309667
File: 2.61 MB, 4832x2604, 1362257318248[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here are the descriptions of the BBEG lairs.

>> No.40309704

Let's do this!
>Battle Robe Hood
>Knight Cuirass
>Soldier Gauntlets
>Aegis Greaves
With a nice amount of mana, good defense, skill with melee and Magic Penetration, I'm as good as any on the battlefield. I'm a jack-of-all-trades.

Weapons and Shields
>2 Daggers
>Recurve Bow
>Shield Catalyst
A wide array of weaponry, ensues power through every situation.
>Mark: Forerunner
>Companion: Dragon
Being a forerunner, it would be very unwise to travel in groups to explore. With the dragon, I would be able to fly above my objectives, and he would prove a valuable assent in combat.

Now for the main event: Magicks
Fire tree:
>Cloud of Smoke
Shadow Tree
>Shadow Jump
>Light Drinker
>Dark Shards
Nature Tree
With this I would have an eagle or several squirrels, just for scouting.
>Vine Control
I guess this is a good balanced spell choice. It would be the best to avoid combat, using the shadow tree abilities, but if things go really awry, using small but effective attacks combined with my dragon's attacks would ensure my victory. What do you think?

>> No.40309765

>What do you think?
It's okay. Could've used a lighter armor set and taken less weapons, scouts are usually first to die anyway.

>> No.40309958
File: 3.57 MB, 1200x2750, CYOAA CYOA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I do like the silly fetish ones too
What about this one. It even has you in it though I misspelled your name.

>> No.40310020

Going for a bitchin' sneak mage.

>Full Leather Set
No other choice for the sneak master.

>Custom Weapon: Hybrid
>Bow/Staff(Lightning) 4 Points
>Shield Catalyst 1 Point
>Shortsword 1 Point
Keep the bastards at range, use my sword for when it gets all up in my face.

I'm a motherfucking sneaky bitch, what'd you expect?

>Serf Bardol
Captain, my Captain!
>Isabel Gazrael
Fast agile girl up in the hood. Closes the distance whilst I provide cover.
>Mirelda Bardol
Teams eyes and ears making sure we don't fall into any traps.


Lightning Tree
> Plasma Weapons, Shoot lightning bolts, yes please!
> Blink, mothers start to get close I blink away.
> Magnetism, shift arrows so they don't hit me.
> Bolt, long range small crowd control
> Shock Force, if I get surrounded stun and use the brief amount of stun time to blink away.
> Smite, Larger Crowd Control. Good to use at the start potentially wipe my opposition off the map before they know I'm there
> Mjolnir, not super my style but sometimes things go south and this is my I need more power switch.

>Illusion, helps with my stealth and even can distract or fool enemies mid-fight

>Seismic Sense, if I'm ever on my own it'd be super useful to know if I'm alone. Also good for any blinding effects that come my way.

>> No.40310158

I like large setting-style CYOAs. At least, if I like the setting.

>> No.40310190

I lurv Conduit. Was there ever a game of it made?

>> No.40310208

Rolled 6, 29, 63, 77 = 175 (4d100)

SSAnon, Scientist, Lamas and Dumbledaft

>> No.40310442

>Samantha Jordan
>Alistair Matthews
>Roy Bradley

>Three Musketeers

>Alexander Fraser

>Mister Stabby
>Spectral Circlet

>The Conspiracy

"The air was damp, the ground damper, churned by several footprints. Boots. 'Are you sure this is the right place? There's no activity by over two hours. Only two or three cars left here.' Paul said. 'Yeah, we're sure. This building was rented by a Mr. 'David Powers', which we researched. Nothing before 2012. This dude simply didn't exis- Wait, C'MON, DUDE, HEAL UP! I'M ALMOST DYING HERE!' one of the kids screamed through the wireless earphone. 'Focus, Bob. What else?' the Slayer crouched when heard some noise coming from the place, his hidden spot was safe for the past three hours he was there, but caution is never enough. A soldier left the hangar and went near the door, light up a cigarette and stayed there, one hand in the smoke and the other on the smoker. Standard size assault rifle of the Fletcher, although the clothes were different. 'Uhh, there were several orders of delivery to this hangar, some supplies, heavy acrylic walls and some silver framing.' Bob finished. 'Hmm, they're going to build cells here. This place is relatively away from the populated areas of the city. I gotta check inside. Talk to you guys later.' Paul turned off the cellphone. Grabbing Stabby, he sneaked through the forest, being sure not to be caught by the soldier's sight. He rushed onto him, making quick work of the soldier. Dragging his body to the forest and hiding it, he took his clothes and weapon, put on the circlet under the black cap, he casually entered the hangar, hoping to find some clues on what's behind that place."

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