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I'm working on a DMC universes campaign for Anima Beyond Fantasy and could use some over te top dmc style weapons, monsters, and characters.

Any ideas for the game are welcome too.

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An axe that can fold out into a Guillotine

Numerous lieutenants formally under Mundus' control are now vying for control of Hell and each one is slowly advancing their way towards the surface world.

Now that the Order (or whoever those guys were called in DMC4) are gone, their failed experiments and random Devil Arms and broken out and assumed shape once again.

Governments and large corporations are getting into the game snatching up Devil Arms and creating their own brand of demon infused super soldiers.

Cyber Demon Punk

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Tell us about your universe, we'll give you advice. Commencing dump.

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I'm thinking of setting the game before the 3rd game (first in time line ). It would follow the children of sparta's generals and lutinents From the war against mundus, After Sparta and the PCs parents where sealed back into hell with mundus and his armies and the human world is saved. The PC fight the remnets of hells legions from the war while protecting a sparta's wife and her sons (baby Dante and Vergil ) while keeping the 3 swords of Sparta out of demon hands.

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It could be set in a different era than the main games (psudo. 90s) and in something like the turn of the century (all the flashbacks and painting suggest that's when Dante was born ). The tech level makes it kinda a fresh take and any thing modern could be just if yes with demon magic and rule of cool.

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I ment justified by magic or rule of cool

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Or it could be set in the same era and still follow the desendents of Spartas army playing bodyguard to Eve and baby Dante and Vergil, while keeping the sword out of eney hands

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The player characters would all be part human part demon and have access to a devil trigger mechanic. They will all start with a unique Demon Arm and collect new weapons both guns and melee along the way. Characters could string together multi weapon combos and do over the top acesst moves with one another.

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do you want meleƩ arms of firearms?

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Both :D

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I don't suppose there's going to be room in your campaign, OP, it's been a while since I've been in an Anima game and I wanna put my hardcover to good use.

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Idk at this point. Havnt really ironed out the details.

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>DMC using anima
You're a great man.

Dual wielded Leo gun-bastard

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The Demi-fiend from the Shin Megami Tensei series

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Done he is in the campaign. Omg, smt3 is amazing.

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Good man, you clearly would survive in a world of STR.

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When it comes to the guns avoid stupid shit like >>40262348
That was one of the many problems with DmC, they turned the pure sex that was Ebony and Ivory (anyone have that one /k/ screencap?) into generic, edgy, hip and cool guns. Unless they are directly supernatural.

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>The problem with DmC was edgy, hip and cool guns!!
Yes! Because edgy, hip and cool crap isn't in other DMCs! THey're ADULT AND SERIOUS!

Fuck off and stay OFF.

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Wow, calm the fuck down faggot.

DmC did a lot of things wrong, don't even defend it. It all stems from the creator of it having that exact attitude you just took.

So, to quote some faggot...
"Fuck off and stay OFF."

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When I say DMC I do mean the main series. This is why the new games title upset me. Okay game though.

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Don't you even try and say that this stupid bullshit is equivalent to http://devilmaycry.wikia.com/wiki/Ebony_%26_Ivory
There was always overdesigned, edgy bullshit but it was always devil shit. And the difference between DMC and DmC is that DMC never took itself seriously and sure as hell didn't say that it was fucking shakespearean.

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Human guns = normal sexy guns
Devil guns = over design sexy guns

Edgy is important, so is a sense of humor to DmC.

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>Devil guns = over design sexy guns
Nah, devil guns=Over designed technomagic.
Human guns=stylized and sexy.
And its kinda hard to have a sense of humor when a game completely destroys the entire character and setting of a previously good series.

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I'm talking about the original series. I was confused on the adreviations. I like the new game, but greatly prefer the originals.

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Ah, DMC is the old series, DmC is the Tameem trash.

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I see. From here on let's assume were all talking about the original universe.

I see these as devil guns.

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Top I can see, bottom maybe but middle just looks stupid.

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Remove all the blades and it would look cool.

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Now is the opritune time to post your shitty DMC oc.

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Nero's mother/Vergil's girl. She's actually just a completely normal person who can somewhat competently aim a gun.

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So Lady?

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Post weapons!
Post monsters!
Post over design demon hunters!

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Dante would be proud.

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How the fuck does that fire? Do you hit the plunger at the end of the barrel?

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This could serve my purposes well...

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They happen to be a bit more detailed than the 7 sins I would say.

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Be sure to use gratuitous amounts of edgy rock.


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Only the highest level of "too cool for you" obnoxiously cool J-rock. Engrish included.

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Where is he from? He looks too familiar

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He's only the most MARVELOUS character in the Souls series.

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Now I remember.

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Throw some of the weapons from RWBY in for good measure.

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oh wow a DMC thread, what timing

hope you don't mind sort of advertising your thread OP but I'm going to be starting a DMC quest tomorrow, at around 7 PM Eastern US time. It'll be based around a white-haired 19 year old, who has a relatively normal life. Of course that won't last for long no matter what direction the quest goes in. Won't start with any devil arms, and progressing and developing into what you really are (or denying it, even) will be a big part of the story, once you learn your origin.

It'll be almost more like a paranormal investigative quest to start, with things getting more cuhrayzee the more powerful you get. I'm happy to answer any questions, just thought this would be a good place to let DMC fans know this is starting tomorrow.

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Monkey boy gun-chucks please.

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The only thing I know about DMC is that Combichrist did the soundtrack. So you should play combichrist and his other bands. Also just because it's rad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wDAOO78mT0

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>combichrist did the soundtrack for DMC
you must be thinking of some other game, anon.

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DMC isn't Devil May Cry? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPgzI0QCaOo

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How good are you at drawing pictures? What's the art style of the quest?

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Sure it is, but that's not DMC. That's DmC. An honest mistake, but the two games aren't the same series. Posting some DMC-relevant music, though not actually from the soundtrack because I'm sure OP is already going to use it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g2e0RbRFLk

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Can't draw shit captain. I'm a casual writer. Art style? Not sure what you mean. It's going to be a grittier tone I think.

I've always imagined the DMC world to be this really dark serious place, but Dante and others are so humorous and off the wall that it balances it out completely. I'm borrowing a lot from classic horror, so it's going to be a campy sort of fun. Even the very first encounter is a nod to a certain house on hamburger hill.

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This entire channel has a lot of good DMC-inspired songs:

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Gothic architecture and atmosphere was a big deal in the first one, it's nice to see somebody bring it back.

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The quest is going to be centered in a fictional rural Pennsylvanian town, to start. The MC was raised by nuns in a catholic church. Demons are going to be more than just things to kill (though they'll also be that)

Many classic horror movie ideas will be thrown around in the first bits. Demon possession, poltergeists, zombies, werewolves, vampires, myths, cults, and everything between are going to play a part.

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