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What is the AR of the average American gunt to melee weapons? What is the average American gunt's resistance to spells?

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>What is the AR of the average American


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...assuming you are making a contraction of "gut cunt," and ignoring your erroneous generalizations that this is the "average" for Americans, probably whatever the rest of the body has.

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Why do you post that? What sick pleasure do you get from it?

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I'm assuming to bait us Americans.

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This term has lost all meaning, hasn't it?

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Eh, I stopped giving a fuck about what yuropoors think a long time ago.

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Even r9k's canuckcuck threads are better at it than this lazy attempt.

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>claiming the average American isn't a gigantic fat sack of shit like OP's picture, and that the majority of those who are aren't fully aware of their size makes you a neckbeard

We have gone full circle.

>mfw the one on the right almost looks healthy compared to the other three.

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Is this what it's come to? Do Europeans really fell this inferior?

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They were always inferior, anon, except for the French before the 1800's. They were bros.

This may just be a Not!American (Canadian) or a self-hating American.

>mfw the entire EU still has no way of countering the US on the geopolitical scale

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...Why the fuck would we care what anyone else thinks? Shit, most of us can't even name who runs their countries.

Actually we can, it's the CIA

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That's not how you spell Mossad

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>implying the Mossad isn't controlled by the CIA.

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Oh son, you're new to the political scene aren't you?

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>implying Mossad isn't a cats-paw of the CIA that allows them to do their dirty work in the Middle East

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>self-hating American.
What's with it being popular to self-hate among the American youth? I love being American, I embrace the stereotypes, I drink Euro tears for fun.

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>this entire thread
I want /pol/ to leave.

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>implying you aren't controlled by the CIA.

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That not how you use that you fucking retard.

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Can't handle the freedom?

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Wouldn't be a canadian. We don't really hate you guys. Not nearly as much as we hate our own countrymen, the filthy filthy Quebecois.

Besides, if it were a Canadian it wouldn't be about obesity. We have nearly the same diet as you. But with less sugar and more fat. It would be about healthcare.

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Are those guys brothers?

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>>this entire thread
>I want /pol/ to leave.

Listen kid shouldn't you be doing your homework right now?

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Every man in Canada looks like that.

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In arms, perhaps.

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If I worked at the NSA I'd totally get a hat like that.

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>Every man in Canada looks like that.

Heh. Good one.

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I'd get the AnCap flag on a t-shirt.

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What type of drones is he sending out?

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I laughed... and then realized I DO look like that.
Then I laughed harder.

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>dat bear


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Aren't Timbits just doughnut holes?

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I am intensely curious about what I can find at that phone number on the billboard.

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But it's a free trial, anon.

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The condom won't help you.

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It's just some actors standing together and smiling, telling me that I'll find it here. Surely they wouldn't be advertising sex on a billboard. We only know that it's probably gay. We just don't know *how* gay.

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Yes. Only in Canada, Tim Hortons has done it so long, nobody else does it. Because nobody here would buy "doughnut holes" from Second Cup or whatever when they could have timbits from Timmy's. Plus they line the cups with cocaine or something, because even faced with high quality coffee... almost all of us would still prefer a 750mL coffee from Tims.

No, there is no explanation. It's just one of those things we do subconsciously like lemmings. Like putting milk in bags and adding cheese and gravy to fries.

Did you know that canadian McDonalds has McPoutine? And currently for a limited time, we have Maple Bacon McPoutine.

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>We just don't know *how* gay.
How do you feel about rainbow zucchini?

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I still have no idea how one even gets that fat.

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To be fair, cheese and gravy on fries sounds like fucking cocaine to American ears and would probably kill us all off in a couple generations if it were to ever take off here.

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>MFW I google McPoutine

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I don't know where in the US you are, but poutine is very much a thing already where I am.

It's happening.

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Good. Now image search Smokes Poutinerie

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As an American the butthurt from fatties is great

Keep it up OP

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I'm so glad I live in Michigan where I can go out and buy a cup of tim hortons cocaiffee, grab a disgusting tray of bacon covered gravy slathered curd infested poutine, and then go to the riverside and shake my fist at canada.

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>TFW I live in Jersey

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For what? Destroying your arteries? Because we suffer the same fate, my Northern brother.

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When will this meme die?

Every time banter comes up some fucking redditor pulls out the /pol/ boogey man

Hit the treadmill fatty

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>and then go to the riverside and shake my fist at canada.

Bullshit, there are no rivers in Michigan.

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>When will this meme die?
When /pol/ leaves.

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I'm moving for southern New Mexico to Seattle. Can I get this... Poutine stuff there? It doesn't look all that good, probably the curds, but I'm willing to give it a taste.

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oh god

Can you imagine this making its way south? Actual fucking gravy on those fuckers.

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I would derive Sexual Pleasure from your death OP.

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They would say yes. Just like if you ask any combat soldier. They may absolutely loathe everyone else in their unit, but they also love them like family. It can't be helped happening, when you spend years of your life with the same 30-50 people, any of whom could very well save your life, and who depend on you to do the same.

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Most of /pol/ already left to their own website after the whole fiasco last winter

Now it's just people who were always here making banter, and you getting asshurt over it.

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>Maple Bacon McPoutine.
....go on.

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You can hop over the line with little fuss

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...But I'm FBI...

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>What is the Detroit river
You're adorable.

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>implying you aren't a proxy of the Patriots

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