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The WORST characters you've ever seen. This includes but is not limited to:

>Mary sues
>blatantly overpowered PCs
>blatantly underpowered PCs
>Weaboo characters
>Fetish characters
>Fanfiction NPCs made by the DM
>Alignment retards
>and anything else you can think of.

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>An interesting, believable, well-thought out character
Leling at breakek speed.

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worst character ive had to deal with were random alignment changes due to lol he went insane

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>all that green bait

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The only ones I see that could be bait is the "Weaboo" one because that's always a sore spot for anime fans and the "blatantly underpowered character) one.

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The worst I've ever seen wasn't a weeaboo ninja, a pretty princess sue, a broken munchkin, or even somebody's fetish.

The worst I ever had to deal with was three sessions (which was all I put up with) of a guy who had rolled a magus. Mechanically, his PC was fairly effective. On the other hand, he had also taken flaws just so that he could bog down the rest of the group and flip out in-character, requiring us to detour for huge chunks of time to solve problems he went out of his way to create.

Add to that, the PC was made to be a mouthpiece for all the shit this douchebag wanted to get away with saying--mostly about how everybody else present was a stupid asshole who didn't do anything. He would, in fact, interrupt people trying to ask the GM for information in order do constructive things, just to bitch and slobber about how stupid and useless they were.

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Not a /tg/ character per se, but the worst character I've ever seen was a D.Gray-Man OC by some 14-year-old yaoi fangirl. His backstory included just about every form of abuse and rape imaginable, a whole section of the profile was devoted to explaining how gay he was, and his power literally turned him into a werewolf. I highly doubt the creator had even watched the show or read the manga.

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Oh, boy, you have no idea what you just stepped into. I am prepared for these threads.

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Tech-Priestess Magos, honorary Sister of Battle, 24 year old, beautiful, ingenious, atheist... Rank 1 Explorator.

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Back story.

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>All that LOOK AT ME shit
>Hates: Being the center of attention
>Race: Enderman, human, elven, dog and eagle

Pretty sure whoever made this was taking the piss.

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>couldn't even spell weeaboo right

OP a double shit. There's not really anything wrong with fetish characters, either. And it's not possible to have a mary sue character unless your definition of mary sue is "character I don't like".

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One of those is not like the other. What's wrong with the Rank 1 Explorator?
>Tech-Priestess Magos
>honorary Sister of Battle
> atheist
So much wrong and heresy.
It gets worse. Read her backstory.

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Read the back story. >>40143023

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How the fuck do you play an atheist sister of battle?
How the flying fuck do you even gain enough working knowledge to write backstory for a Warhammer 40k character if you're also the type to insist your character needs to be an atheist?

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I was mostly just pointing out that the dude had dumped all of that shit on what was essentially a level 1 character.

Though the Explorator career is notorious for being OP as shit.

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This is RT isn't it?

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There is absolutely everything wrong with fetish characters. You come to a tabletop game to play a cooperative story with other people, not jerk off under the table as your hermaphrodite cat girl rapes the bar wench.

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That would be Dave the elf.
>lolrandumb retard character
>8 foot tall and over 400 lbs due to permanencied enlarge person spell
>x-box huge bow that fired ballista ammo, straight fighter all the way.
>that made for this perfect clusterfuck of "autokills 1d4 low health-low armor targets a round, completely useless against anything magic/durable/able to get the drop on him" that made him impossible to really tailor any encounter towards.
>constantly doing stupid "funny" shit, like "hurr durr Dave's gonna upend that vat of highly caustic alkalies right next to the body the rogue is searching for clues, just to see what happens!"
>also an obsession with cats. constantly asking "Do I see any cats?" or "any catfolk?" so he could 'glomp' them.
>except for the time I had him spot a cat dash behind the machinery in the room Dave was in, in the textile mill the party was investigating, in the manner of Jones from Alien
>because Dave's player had also seen Alien, metagamed, and noped out like it had just been suggested he use instructions from the Necronomicon to solve the Lament Configuration in the middle of Silent Hill.
Fucking hated that character.

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Rogue Trader characters aren't exactly "level 1", but really they're not that much more powerful than Dark Heresy characters, bar their +5 to all stats, and the ludicrous resources they have at their command.

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Horror. Pure and simple.
I bring more sues!

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Enlarge person doubles height and multiplies weight by 8. Why did he want his character to be a 4', 50 lb. munchkin?

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Back story. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/61089125497

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Yeah, weight was quoted from memory, there. He was more than 900 lbs, now that you remind me.

Originally had been four foot even though.

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I play literally nothing but fetish characters. There is no rape or jerking off included.

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Haven't seen enough Fairy Tail to feel mad about this. This particular OC at least looks down to fuck, and the design is fairly understated as Sues go.
Overall, not that bad.
>Twin dragonslayers
There's a titfucking joke in here somewhere, but I don't think it's worth the effort.

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I play with nobody that when describing their character their first words out of their mouth are "he/she's a ferish character". There's nothing cool about bringing a sexual character into a group of hardy adventurers. It just isn't appropriate. It's like trying to play a "fuck the maid:RPG" character in a grim dark setting. Besides, how will you keep your character interesting if all your character does is fuck things?

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It's a test. The Lord is testing us. MORE SUES. Did you read her backstory? >>40143238
Why are Mary Sues so slutty?

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Is the joke that the one on the left is a shitty character too?

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I remember gaming briefly with a that Guy. Fat, neckbearded, redpiller, the whole 9 yards. He played a multiclassed sorcerer/oracle using the Words of Power variant. He was terrible. Not only was he level 8 and relying on an attack that dealt 2d3 damage, but if he was ever by himself he would automatically do the worst possible thing he could think of the screw the party. His response was "I'm chaotic neutral, it says in the book that chaotic neutral means Random. Also, I'm a nascent chaos god".

Later when I DMd I specifically used that as an excuse of shit that I didn't want to see and he ragequit the group and said he wouldn't come back as long as I was there.

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Her back story. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/66119391112

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I am still reading said backstory, and I AM FILLED WITH RAGE.

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Here's a couple more. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/92355297854
Let the rage become something pure.

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I think it's that she's comparatively less shit.
That whole Goofus and Gallant thing the artist was trying to pull requires a much lower floor standard of what constitutes an insufferable character.

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I had the bad luck of watching a Mary Sue based on a internet series end up becoming a Canon Sue of the series due to the player's connections with the community.

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Why the hell does my character have to fuck anything? She just wears a lot of tight leather/latex, you dumbass.

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That sounds like pure horror.

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Here is the backstory of the Sue that caused the creation of that tumblr account. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/76350028560
Which one of those was the worse to you? The Harry Potter one?

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What community?

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Read and weep. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/56380482348

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I honestly can't say. They're all just plain awful. I... I didn't know people actually did this. WHO WOULD DO THIS?

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Preteen girls discovering masturbation?

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Somebody took Quicken Spell at level 1.

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I bring more! http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/48371878301
And my picture's backstory: http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/46652675808
They did.

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What's a "fetish" character for y'all, mh? I want to truly know.

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A character blatantly designed to appeal to their player's fetish. Self-explanatory, really.

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It's a character that incorporates your fetish.

I have an unhealthy enjoyment of shortstacks. I play gnome/halfling/goblin women when I can.

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And there is this thing. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/45543273998
More sues:
Anon, there are sues probably worse than that.

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They... They must be literally brain dead. I refuse to believe an actual human being, with a working brain, actually wrote that.

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So there were two problems with the guy who had the most marysue character I've seen. First off he couldn't do math at a fucking middleschool level on the fly, and it dragged down the game.

The second was that he was socially awkward, and this led to him creating a character using my pic as their avatar. He was a half vampire (human stat wise) thousand year old noble in full lolita garb using the monk class. Despite carrying around a parasol everywhere he could he could walk in sunlight and just fought with his hands because weapons were to hard to factor into the equation. It also didn't help that he played hey like a spoiled brat of a child who constantly picked fights with guards and expected not to get thrown in prison (surprise, he did, constantly).

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all the characters from fairy tail are shitty one dimensional twats, though.

Here's how you make a Fairy Tail character. Give them one distinguishing physical characteristic, one psychological trait. Boom. You're done.

"a guy with a weird hat who like pinball games!" boom. "a chick with hipster glasses who has anger management problems." there you go. "a dwarf who thinks he's in Naruto." ugh. you're awful, but fine.

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TWO MORE SUES. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/45287679908
Pokemon RP Sue.
You read all three? Most fanfic writers are girls and teenage girls then to go crazy.

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These people will never be able to live with themselves as adults.

>> No.40143820

Got another sue that's canon http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/40829168632
A female magna writer's self insert people.
The typical god and million year old sue.
I feel sorry for the families.

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Jesus Christ her hands.

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Here's Ace's sue when he was 12. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/50020009813
Avengers sue: http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/54768925399
http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/42406440404 A sue from the Hobbit.

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Head over to this thread to see some really bad ones.

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The art has been removed on this one. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/96762422234
Rainbow ghost. Sounds like a snowcone flavor. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/58806963376
More Fairy Tail.
One Piece Sue number two.

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I've never understood how one can be 'half vampire'.

It's a magical disease, you don't catch leprosy and become 'half leper half [insert nationality].

That makes absolutely no sense, and it pisses me off. Half lycan/werewolf also applies here.

Can anyone spread some light on how only half of you is diseased/cursed, and how that somehow manages to be on equal ground with nationality?

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Eh, I don't see what's so bad about this o-
>Theme Song: "Gives You Hell" by All-American Rejects

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I'm not familiar.

>> No.40144018

I take it you've never heard of dhampir?

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Why magnets?

>> No.40144046

Meant to link to >>40143983

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>This thread

>people actually do this shit


>> No.40144066

TF2 Sue:
Lords of the Ring Sue: http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/77364370713
More One Piece : http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/68227106859

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>> No.40144082

But how does a curse/disease translate into nationality? I mean sure, they have vampiric blood, but down the family line they have to have some sort of nationality.

This doesn't actually sound that bad, anon. Needs some work, but I don't think it qualifies as Sue material

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You haven't seen anything yet. Behold the worse sue and I'm trying to find the self insert of the woman who changed her last name to prime and desires to have sex with Optimums Prime. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/61776142698

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>He wants to be a porn star like he once was

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Monster Girls, buddy.

>> No.40144196

>It's a magical disease
Not necessarily, and even when that's true, the 'magical' part means that normal rules do not apply. This is pretty well a given if you accept the existence of vampires at all.

In any case, the half-vampire usually means that certain supernatural traits are passed down, not full vampirism but some vampire-like qualities. This could be a physical effect of vampirism (inheriting the 'vampire blood' or whatever) or a magical effect such as a weaker version of the curse being passed on to your descendents.

I don't think you're using the correct word here.

Half-vampires existed in fiction long before Twilight.

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>Japanese and Koreans doing it

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>> No.40144211

I know, I just went with the worst possible example I could think of. And isn't Twilight Mary Sue central, really?

>> No.40144223

Yes, it is Mary Sue central.

>> No.40144230

Yeah, I guess you're right there.

And I'm fucking retarded, I meant ethnicity.

>> No.40144251

Guys I got a Sue that out Sue'd Bella Swan! http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/35585054864

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A spergy neckbeard that I'm friends with joined our session last night as an Arrokocra Monk (We were playing D&D 5e), and did probably the most infuriating shit I've ever seen.
>Joins the party after taking an hour and a half to make his character (I already gave him the Player Handbook and his stats, he refused to look at both)
I can kinda forgive that since it was his first time, but he wasted a full hour and a half with shit he could have figured out if he took the time to read the first few fucking chapters
>Immediately demands a Magic item from the DM because another of our friends got one from a chest
>Gets a "Magic Pearl" that our DM made up on the spot, probably for use later in the campaign
>After inhibiting us by doing stupid shit like interrupting turns, demanding impossible actions and abilities, and all around being a pain in the dick, we get to the Entrance of a Large Pyramid (We were hunting a Mummy Lord)
>Sperglord immediately says "I'm not entering that Pyramid"
>Wtf what do you mean you're not going to enter the Boss's fucking Lair?
>"No I'm just gonna hang out hear and watch the camels"
>What the fuck ever
>DM prioritizes party actions but he still demands shit to do outside
>DM eventually makes him solo a Manticore and find some useless idol that curses him
>Sperglord decides he's done and lies on the floor with the pillow he brought and falls asleep
Inserting yourself into a D&D session is one thing, but going on about how badly you want to play and then NOT FUCKING PLAYING just pisses me off something fierce. Thats not even the worst bit though.
>Find the Mummy Lord, party's ready for go-time
>DM decides to add sperglord because he's complaining
>After several turns of him doing stupid shit he remembers the pearl
>Except you didn't identify what the fuck it is, dickwad
Its not "Mary Sue" tier, but holy shit it was unforgivable

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>> No.40144285


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>> No.40144320

It's possible.
You can Anon. You can do it. Trust in your rage.

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>> No.40144379

Yes people, the Pumpkin King is in this and he's bisexual. Also vampire baby drinking blood while breast feeding.

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>> No.40144422

WoW sues are the best.

What's the best of that is when the players of the terrible fucking characters freak the fuck out and start calling everyone bullies.

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>> No.40144434

>Space Angels

>> No.40144435

I think Tifa Lockheart became an Akutsaki member. But this is a review and advice. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/60801314104

>> No.40144445

>You can Anon. You can do it. Trust in your rage.

I can't for my rage is nearly MAXIMUM.

It's too much hate, even for me.

I couldn't possibly get any angr -

>Yes people, the Pumpkin King is in this and he's bisexual. Also vampire baby drinking blood while breast feeding.


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>> No.40144490

Grab a pillow, and scream in it. Here's a guy that sort of looks like Moot.

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>I checked
Every damn time...

>> No.40144557

You talking about Serkis in the front or Samberg in the back?

Love those guys.

Love that video PUNCH!!!

I feel better now. Don't have to go beat braindamaged orphans to death to stop this shit, for now.

>> No.40144562

oh god.....
OH GOD!!!!

>> No.40144591

Please tell me you have the "keyblade' picture saved as well. You know the one.

>> No.40144598

How do they not see Beastboy? He's right fucking in front of them!

>> No.40144632

Are you ready? Are you ready? Roll for protecting your sanity Anon because I got a the most dreaded sue I met on that tumblr. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/91580799866

>> No.40144713

I think we're stepping into the deep Warp on that one guys! To quote that reviewer:
I want to warn you all.
You aren’t ready for this.

You will need about twelve, boiling-hot showers after reading this, because you will feel so very unclean.
Because this?
This is insanity like no other.

Shall we step into Hell together?

>> No.40144717


Purge this world, save the universe!

God speed, friends.

>> No.40144761

God rest your soul Anon. May God forgive the human race for a human creating such a thing. Surprisingly I haven't found any Kill la Kill sues yet.

>> No.40144763

By all that is good and holy in this world...

>> No.40144777

Huh. I just realized the running joke in the youtube Teen Titans abridged series, where Cyborg is really enthusiastic about "hitting those showers!", is doubtless a reference to this.

>> No.40144804


>> No.40144807

God is testing us. But refer to >>40144713

>> No.40144838

And now for a slightly less cancerous sue.

>> No.40144879

Wait, the sue is using a Code Geass's look? Heck.

>> No.40144916

This entire shitshow makes me feel at home
so much justified rage

>> No.40144949


>> No.40144973

I think by showing these sues to /tg/ and making fa/tg/uys rage I might be adsorbing that rage. I think I'm going to become Khorne. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/60013805221 Fairy Tail sue.
A sue more of a sue than Bella. I know. A second one. http://marysuefacepalm.tumblr.com/post/52670221420

>> No.40145061

You really are his most faithfull servand you sadistic maderfucker

>> No.40145126

>you really are his most faithfull servand you sadistic maderfucker
No, I am him. All of this rage seems to be invigorating me but I don't feel angry. I guess I'm turning daemonic.

>> No.40145159

OMG now you are tunring into one of "them"

>> No.40145196

There is another troll in 40k I could be serving. It's a three way between Tzeentch, the Laughing God, or the Deceiver.

>> No.40145223

Awful lot of summer in this thread

>> No.40145245

>My guy is a <race> <class or pseudoclass>. He has no family and likes being rich.

Anyone who blands up their fucking characters because they're that god damn uninvested in the game going on or that god damn afraid of being called the meaningless term "Mary Sue" are far more infuriating and useless than any of OP's petty complaints.

>> No.40145262

Oh god what the fuck!?

>> No.40145266

So you want to be a just as planned? are you sure you are not making your own maey sue?

>> No.40145267

That's not an angry kermit.

>> No.40145288

How so?

>> No.40145289

I don't know anymore. I just don't know. Chaos has claws in me and I don't know when they'll get out of me.

>> No.40145302


>> No.40145312

>Wait, the sue is using a Code Geass's look?
That's just some fanart. Not a sue.

>> No.40145332

I think even Mr. Bones would get scared.
AH, thanks.

>> No.40145342

>22 to 23 ft.
>Force fields.
>Glass boobs.
>Sniper rifle machine gun.

... I'm going to bed.

I am going to close my computer, go to my bed, and go to sleep. When I awake, I will no longer take anything for granted and I will go outside. When I return, everything will be pure again. We will go back to talking about DnD, Pathfinder, Warhammer, and everything related to Traditional Games. I will then proceed to wipe this... Monstrosity and other horrors in this thread from my mind so that I may never remember the horrors that I have witnessed today. If I do some how remember Causeway and Fuu and any other characters I have read today, I'm afraid I may revert into a human ball of rage and sadness.

Goodnight, /tg/, I will see you again tomorrow morning.

I have been found wanting. I wish to leave this thread and never return, I wish you and any other poor soul viewing this thread, goodnight.
I leave you and the rest of /tg/ with a picture of moe maids next to a tank.

>> No.40145394

We have broken an Anon.

>> No.40145406


You know that a part deep withing you wants to find and torture this people

>> No.40145407

>I am going to close my computer, go to my bed, and go to sleep. When I awake, I will no longer take anything for granted and I will go outside. When I return, everything will be pure again. We will go back to talking about DnD, Pathfinder, Warhammer, and everything related to Traditional Games. I will then proceed to wipe this... Monstrosity and other horrors in this thread from my mind so that I may never remember the horrors that I have witnessed today. If I do some how remember Causeway and Fuu and any other characters I have read today, I'm afraid I may revert into a human ball of rage and sadness.
Goodnight, /tg/, I will see you again tomorrow morning.
>I have been found wanting. I wish to leave this thread and never return, I wish you and any other poor soul viewing this thread, goodnight.
I leave you and the rest of /tg/ with a picture of moe maids next to a tank.
I'm sorry Anon. Please forgive me. May the Lord heal the damage I caused to everyone.

>> No.40145430

p. sure dick autonomy is not a disease, rather a biological fact. How else could a girl rape a guy unless it was possible for him to have a boner against his will?

>inb4 people suggest the above is not possible

>> No.40145441

What have I done?

>> No.40145459

We really shoud finish this tread and put it down for once

>> No.40145462

You have taken your first step on the road to Armageddon. And you cannot turn back.

>> No.40145463


kenji on kenji racism is real, and far to funny

>> No.40145488

I FEEL T͑̄ͪH̸̏̈́̀͘Ȇͭ̅̀ ͤ̚Wͥ͂̎̇͂̇À͗͢R̨̅̀́P͒̈ͫ̎́ O̯̦͈̬̘͎͙ͤͯV̭̺̥ͣ͑̑͑ͩ́͛ͨE̵̳̹͕̬ͫ̊͂̅ͣ̆̑ͯ̚͠Ṟ̪͕̪͈̗̠̅̋̅̚ͅͅT̤͚͔̲͙̙̱̋ͦ̆̀A̢͚̣̰̝̣͑̈̅̕ͅḰ̶̻̺̞͍̠̺̏ͨͣ͊ͩ̈́͂́ͅİ̖̼͇͝N̨̘̰̊̒͋ͯ͂̋͊ͨG͓͖͔̻̱͇̃̅̊̔͞ ̸̡͕͇̟͖͍̎ͭ́͒́̚͝M͖̘͌ͯͤ͞Ḛ̙͍͎̬͓̱̫̔ͭ͐̀ͣ͒͐͐.̨̨̠̺̮̝͉̘̙̮̒̓̅̆̋̏̚ͅ I̞̹̩̜̾̆́ͭͤ̒͗̑͂ͭ̓͒ͯ̏ͥ̒́͢T̵̻̫̟̟͎͆͆ͯ̈͂ͯ̇̉̅͆ͯͦ͒̇ͮͭͦͧͩ͟͟͡ͅ ̴̵̴̝͓̬̞͍͉̰͎̪̾̑͑̾ͣͣ̔͆͊̓̾̾̇͐ͧ̈ͤͯI͐̏͐̐͌ͮ̀̃͌ͦ̌͏͝҉͔͚̫̠͖͎̹̲͟S̷̡̼͇̣̟̼͍̊ͨ͂ͭ͜ ̷̱͔̬͙͚̰̪̙ͭͫ͛̐ͪ̕A̴̛ͦͩͮ̃ͯ̃̇ͮ̈̑̈́̆̀͂̄̃ͩ͐͠͝҉̫̞̹̳͙̖͕͙͎ ̰̱̣̰͕͖͙̥̜̱͈̦̦̤̬́ͯ̿̌̌ͬ̆̔̅̀͞ͅĢ̦͍̻̰̜͚̲̝̝͎̮̰͚̭̣̹͙̥͍̃ͯ͌̈̾̍̿̔̓͜O̶̡̨͖͕̬͔̠̗̩̙͚͂̿̏͛̂̍͛͋̀̚͞O̸̪̬̬̖̞̫ͯ͐̉ͮ̎̏ͤ͗̊͛̍̌͒̍̅͘͜D̶̴͍̹̘̠͈͖̬͙̙̣̬ͦ̃̆̈͊ͫ͟͡ ̷̙͍͚̹̠̖̮͉ͣͤ͋̀́͘͡P̶̶̢̛̞̫͕̱̠̺͚͉͎̤͙̫̙͉̼̼̓͊͂ͩ̓͒͗̑ͥͬ̚A̡͉̖͙͖͇̙͓̗̺͍̤̝̠̯̱̘͐ͮ͌ͤ̔̉̉͋̒ͅIͮ̂̎̊̌̔̇҉̛͉͈͙̰̙͕̫͕͜N̸̷͍̜͚͙̪̣̤̺̍̅ͤ́ͯ̑ͨ̇ͬͭ͌̉͂̀͢͜.̡̣̲̪ͣ͊́̔ͥ̉̑̑̾ͣ̔̚͞

>> No.40145490

So this is like Dark Heresy?

>> No.40145525

I broke another Anon.

>> No.40145527

im being serious

>> No.40145545


>> No.40145556

Why do all of these characters have to have grim, angsty, edgy backstories?
Why do these people think that the only way to add character depth is for your character to get raped or some shit?

>> No.40145583

I think not even the Emperor can forgive me. I'm on the path of Chaos Godhood. I don't think I can go back now.

>> No.40145592

the rapist got some depth, if you know what I mean.

>> No.40145601

>Wake me up!
I can't take this anymore!

>> No.40145663

Because they have the emotional maturity of a freaking potatoe

>> No.40145664


>> No.40145674

I am sorry Anon.

>> No.40145694

Someone who stumbled on the Imperial Truth?

>> No.40145705

i vote that we find this people and make them regret their mistakes

>> No.40145741

There is nothing, I the Anon who will become Khorne, can do for you. Maybe I'm Undivided. So hey, I'm Be'lakor. I caused rage, despair, a desire to inflict pain, and possibly schemes to cause pain. SO I caused the End Times.

>> No.40145763


>> No.40145844

That cron bothers me a little.

>> No.40145882

So guys, what path am I looking towards? Will I become Khorne or Be'lakor?

>> No.40145903

Damn, there's some oldies in there.

>> No.40145905

You are become Faggot, destroyer of threads.

>> No.40145931

I knew this would come in handy, and now I can use it in the right context of the file name. But OP did ask for the worst characters though.

>> No.40146007

Twist! He's roleplaying a fucking bird. Fuck birds.

>> No.40146029


>> No.40146035


>> No.40146046


I didn't realize Sparkledogs were still a thing

also, haha, fuck you captchs, thst's pretty fucking clearly a fish sandwich, ardtard

>> No.40146113

Got something to say?

>> No.40146117

That, was really fucking terrible.

Like, a nuke.

You could use this to end threads, boards, maybe even live.

And then I saw the porn. God forgive my soul for the things I have seen.

>> No.40146186

I never wanted to cause this much rage. I did what OP asked and showed /tg/ the worse characters I seen. This may be an act of divine punishment or a true test of God. What went wrong? But look at the bright side /tg/. By seeing such raw terror generated by women, well probably mostly women, you're harden to future horrors.
>And then I saw the porn. God forgive my soul for the things I have seen.

>> No.40146198


>> No.40146282

This is not just about women. This is about every piece of shit emo person out their set on bringing about the end of times with their satanic level of character creation.

It's just so sad really. Everyone just burn your Earth flags and destroy all the space ships. We don't deserve to get off this rock.

>> No.40146301

Why do emos hate the human race?

>> No.40146400

Because they think the world hates them for how they are. When really, we don't give a shit how they are.

>> No.40146410

How am I so angry I forget to use who?!
Jimmies to rustled right now.

>> No.40146419

Can we out emo the emos so they want to stop being emos?

>> No.40146451

>There is nothing wrong with fetish characters

Are you the kind of person that complains about /tg/ being prudish for not liking group JO session quests about being a futa minotauress or a loli witch?

>> No.40146452


D͏̢̝̱̥͕̪̞̣͎a̧̠͇a͖͍͈͓͘a҉̳̱͕̟͘͢a̹̕a̷͚͇͈͝a̛̲̞̖̹̗͔͍̹̕͝a̬̲̭̯̭͟ͅa̶̮͈̭̯̯̳͇̪a̢̨̱͎̜̻̫͍̺̯i͙͚̺͖͘s̨͇̼̲̟͈͟y̴̙̱̫̰̹̻͚͖.͈̙̜̭̬̱̀.͏͇͓̟̹̯̰̘̞.̶̧͓̟̮ ̰̱̗̙̟̹̮͎́d̡̢̛͔̠͎̖͚͖̼͖a̭̤̤̠a̧̦̼̟̭a̟̻̰̹̕ͅa̟̤̘̰̭͍a̰͙͔̭̞̼͍ą̶̫̼̼̙̱̗̞̟ͅa̜͕̗̞͟͠ͅa̶̟͉̖̰͍͈͎͝ͅa̛̖̝̞̼͕a̵҉̥͙͍̼̟̫͎i̳̬̩͖͘s̷̳͕̰̲̦̭̫y̸͙̫̹̝͝ ̣͔̙̭̲̰d̨̰̙o̖̮̘̹͝͡ó̗̗̺̹̹͚o̕͏̢̟͕͎̲̦̠̥͇̲o̯̠̤̯͟o̸̖͙̘͇̟.̣̪̠̳̯̤͇̝.̷̮̦͓̞̬̀͢.̱̣͈̀͠ͅ ̯̙̞̲͇̖̮̮́͜d̰̪̳͉̫ą̤̱͓͇͈͎̜͍a͟ͅa҉̰̳͍̫͢ͅa͓͙̝̙͜a̴̢͏͎̹̹̗̙ą̲ą̻͢͜a̠͓̳͇͘͘͢a̴͍̖͉̭̩̜̕a̵̭̞ḁ̵̼̹̠̯̀͢a̩͍͚̮̖̭̗̦a̧̙̻͍i̙̼̭̞ṣ̵̟̞̖̤͕̤̞̀y̨̦̞̳̙̞͔̲͙͟ͅy͉̣͡ỳ͈͎̱͓̮̻̩y̳̙͖̻̙͔͠y̸̬̱̘͇͟y͇͚̲̺͉̕̕ỵ͇̯̠̙̣̟ͅy̴̵̜͡ ̞̝ḏ͎̭̺̬̱̭͡ͅo̡̺̳͉͞͠ơ̴͓o҉͙͇͝o̡̻̠͎̥̬͚o̬̮͖͎̱̙ͅo̴͇̩̤̝͠.̕͏̣̗̫͍͇̘.̛̞̰̥͔̯̣ͅͅ.̞̯͔͙͍̹̟͟͝

>> No.40146498

I'm sorry, Hal. Please forgive me.

>> No.40146577

Is.. Is that an eyeball in its navel? If so I... I kinda wanna fuck it.

>> No.40146590

Fuck it. I'm not going to take this shit anymore. I'm just going to blow it all up.

>> No.40146594

So much to hate....

>> No.40146597

That's his mouth. It's Chaos. You don't know what kind of parts they got.

>> No.40146612


>> No.40146627

Anons, calm down. Realize that because of this thread you can be assured you'll never be as bad as all of these Sues.

>> No.40146631

Okay, kinda new to the table top world so if I may, what exactly constitutes a "Munchkin"?

>> No.40146632


Dave, stop. Stop. S̗̖̪͔̖t̗̱ọ̮͕̦̻p͙̱͕̭̖,̪ ̥̟̩̣w̬̝̲͉̜̞il͎͙̯͙͕̮̜l̝̤͕ ̪y̯͉o̦͈̝̳̬̫u̬͈?̞ S̸͎̰͕͚ţ͇̦͇̹̬̰̪̜o̷̢̝͍̱̝̻̮͝p̪̣̭̹̪͚̳̞̀,̳͖̞̹̫ ̸̨͉͉Ḑ̻̝͞ͅḁ̢̡͡v͈̗̝͓e̵͎̫̙͓̫͜.̧̛̛͉̟̤͉̲̺ W͘͏̣̟̟̟̝̺̠͙̘̭̘̤͉̦̗̲͡i̧̨̺̱̟̖͈͟͜l̸̠̤̞̩̫̟̭̦̫͜l҉̨̼̖̞͍̮̦̬̹͓̖̦͎̹̣͎͇̝̖̀͝͠ ̷̧̦̹̟͓̀͘͢y̢͏̠̮̥̙͔̘̜̼̞͍̦̫͎̞͜͢ơ̥̥̯̟̮͍̣̻̞̠̜̹̫̝̦̜͙͞u̞͔͇̲͉̗̯͕̞͈̯͙̯͘͟ ̢̡̧͎̰̥̪̫̹̞͉͓͕̹̗̙͜͢s̢̛͍̼̙̞͚͍͕̘̟̖̪̰̠̱̲̤̪t҉̴̻̥͓̙̯̼͇͓̤̜̞̗̯̹͓͉̞o̶̠̩̞̲̰̹̫̘̦̹̩̫̺̟̜̝̬̳͚͘p̨̦̥͈̫͍̤ ̧̛̰̻͎̣͎̠͙̖Ḑ̸̘̲͇͎̰̤̮͉̩̯̫̥̼̮̲̀̕ą̷̢̛̖͙̝̣̠̟͟ͅv̷̢̕҉͔̼̘͇͚̝̯̟̗̜͟ͅe̸͍̭͖͙̭̙͔̘̘̯̳͈͘͞ͅ?̢͚̼͉͙͕̝̼̫̲̫̕

>> No.40146661

You must have missed all of this horror, haven't you?
I will, Hal. I promise. Be glad I haven't searched in the deepest, darkest parts of DeviantArt for things.

>> No.40146669

Uh, yeah.


never as bad.

I-I'll just go and chill over in a different..thread..

Y'all niggas is gettin' fooled! WOO! Woohoo. yeah. Them's Jokes! ... yeah

>> No.40146694

Take this.

>> No.40146695


Anon, I'm afraid you're going to have to come with the nice inquisitor now. You have some questions you need to answer.

>> No.40146716


Save for a half-dwarf, half-dragon thing which was on my team in a chatroom game, most of the people I've played with have had pretty down to earth characters.

>> No.40146718



>> No.40146743

That is adorable.

>> No.40146745

Then stay away from the links I've posted.
No. Dear God no. Please let it just be that crazy woman under different names.

>> No.40146749

I'd rather not, last time I did fuckers stole my fingernails. And the big toe on my left foot.

On another note, I have the same image, Except I got it from /d/.

>> No.40146751

Honestly that design ain't so bad for some idol game or something similar in atmosphere/lighthearted
But then I read what settings she's in

>> No.40146772

I can make everything up /tg/.
Because women are crazier than Konrad Curze.

>> No.40146923

I used to think I made Mary Sue characters.

Now I don't. Thank you for boosting my Self Esteem /tg/ while simultaneously making me want to leave any form of RPG to avoid ever having to actually run into this shit.

>> No.40146951

Here's an idea, Beggar, show this thread to your group. Let them feel what we've felt.

>> No.40146988


Luckily, my group is relatively small... and currently I'm the DM. But now i just fear.

So much fear.

>> No.40147050

>Are you ready? Are you ready?

>> No.40147063

Beggar, show them the second cringest thing here. Don't show them the horror that is Causeway lest you want them to embrace eternal damnation.

>> No.40147064


>> No.40147103


>> No.40147147


>> No.40147166

>not clip

>> No.40147216

No one was ready. But I think I forcibly made y'all ready for future cringe. Am I a horrible person?

>> No.40147250


>> No.40147275

wrong gif, this one actually works

>> No.40147305

>homer simpson
Gotta eat fast

>> No.40147308

I didn't think it would be that bad, but I may have not read the entire thing that one time. But this is a highly accurate reaction of everyone who has seen it. Even Megatron would be scared.

>> No.40147338

my reaction to the damn thing

>> No.40147358

I'm certain some Anons will consider this.

>> No.40147404


>> No.40147455

I am going to change the tone of this thread. I think I was able to generate enough wrongness in this thread to get the Warp pregnant with a Chaos God.

>> No.40147511

>I think I was able to generate enough wrongness in this thread to get the Warp pregnant with a Chaos God.
What is he God of?

>> No.40147555

Actually given that the Warp laughs at time I might have seeded the Warp with all four of the Gods. Maybe not Slaanesh as I am not that depraved to create such a thing. Eldar are though. Maybe it's a new minor god.

>> No.40147613 [SPOILER] 

her back story is shit, but ...
>after a few months RoXas then fordged her scythe out of her tears
I found this kind of cool, like, you reap what you sow and, like, a scythe is for reaping, a-and its made of her tears... pls don't hate me

>> No.40147622

Or maybe it's the God of Ugly Truths. The things that people don't want to know.

>> No.40147623

And you get trips, welp this gods special number is 555.

>> No.40147639

So we got the Chaos God of Truths with a holy number that is five. Nice.

>> No.40147790

>this thread

>> No.40147825

This is just the plot of the Chaos God of Truths, Furious George. By having me get you guys disgusted by this thread so the Warp can get pregnant with him.

>> No.40147876


Batman is this thread.
We are the joker.

>> No.40147992

All your posts have a 5 in them


>> No.40148026

SO I've been braining storming. This God's favor color is grey. He appears to be a bearded anteater thing in grey robes watching smoke form over a fiery cauldron. His most hated foes are Nurgle and Tzeentch. Tzeentch is a beautiful lie while he is the ugly truth. Nurgle is denying the the truth that he can't infect everything.

>> No.40148081

>no 5 in your post

>wait, that image dimensions

>4 fives


>> No.40148107

He's singling me out!
I've been counting my posts to see which ones had a five in it to see when did the momentum of His inception started.

>> No.40148177

This one had a five in it.
Second five.
Third five.
Two fives! Six.
Eighth five.
Ninth five.
17. Wait my picture has 500 on it's dimensions. So 18.
I've got 21. Con

>> No.40148201

Around here>>40147250
>>40147308 (the Gif)
>>40148026 (the image)
>>40148107 (4+1=5, 4+1=5, 8+7=15, 5+5+15=25, 25/5=5)

>> No.40148204

23 fives.
29 as there are three fives on this post.

>> No.40148233

My Lord.

>> No.40148236

A munchkin is somebody who disregards roleplaying and everything else in order for his character to get any mechanical advantage. This includes:
>Demanding rules are as written when it benefits them
>Demanding the spirit of the rules when it benefits them
>Cheating in minor ways (using weapon finesse on a non light weapon)
>Cheating in general
>Only caring about loot
Essentially a powergaming cheating ruleslawyer.

>> No.40148284

DnD 3.5 wizard, any wizard.

>> No.40148303

You missed the dimensions on these
The dimensions all have 5 somewhere in them

>> No.40148306

It's ok because at the moment she has no control over it

>> No.40148315

I was counting my posts, but I had no idea to count for others' posts as they too had a hand in his birth.

>> No.40148317

If only for fives. Goodnight, /tg/. It's wicked late/early here and I need sleep.

>> No.40148326

>My Lord.

>> No.40148335


>> No.40148345

I see two fives.
And now I must think of name for this new god.

>> No.40148350


>> No.40148361


>> No.40148393

Now he's being a jerk. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FnO3igOkOk

>> No.40148399

Rolled 99 (1d100)

Surely the dice aren't in on it.

Please no.

>> No.40148410

look at the dates...

>> No.40148420

It was always meant to be this day.

>> No.40148423

Rolled 51 (1d100)

Look at your time stamp.

>> No.40148430

my go these timestamps are perfect!

>> No.40148433

you can be anime and not weeaboo.

and you can be weeaboo and not anime. I've got a friend who does it like nuts with Cape stuff.

its just most common to see anime and weeaboo together.

>> No.40148436

While I've never found it myself, I'm sure there's an excellent character who wields this "sword".

>> No.40148445

I saw the reactions.
I thought they were exaggerating.
I clicked the link
I couldn't last six seconds.
What have I done to deserve this?

>> No.40148452

Yes they are. I'm thinking this is probably the Chaos God of enraging facfiction. You can't accept the truth that it exists and your struggle hives him power, when you do accept more power to him.
You couldn't handle the truth.

>> No.40148457

there's a five in your picture dimensions.

>> No.40148464

He's rubbing it in our faces now.

>> No.40148466

three more fives

>> No.40148479

There's pretty much nothing we can do now.

>> No.40148487

They have been rejoined!

>> No.40148498

we may need a drawfag to do a picture of him

>> No.40148501

So Bayonetta?

I read it in his voice. I can't stop laughing.

>> No.40148507

one more five

>> No.40148515

Good idea. I might do it since I'm the one that started this mess but my artistic skills are horrible.

>> No.40148517

For every five.

With every tear shed in rage over this mary sue bullshit.

For the hatred directed at every bad fanfic.

It's power grows.

>> No.40148519

and another
This needs to go on Sup/tg/

>> No.40148527

>For the hatred directed at every bad fanfic.
Well shoot. He's going to get stronger from every single person raging over Magnus's fanfiction, also known as the HH series.

>> No.40148528


>> No.40148534

another two

>> No.40148547

another one?
Make him out of Fives

>> No.40148548

Took the words right out of my mouth.
This is worse than that thread where OP asked what happens if someone from 40k entered the SCP universe, and I got people to find SCPs that would fit in 40k. Five of them were Tzeentchian. Tzeentch loves SCP apparently.
Speak for yourself.

>> No.40148555

I think it's those types of people are drawn to anime because of its somewhat niche status; and they think their interest makes them special.

Not to blog or anything, but I'm Asian, and I was just watching anime my entire life. It wasn't a hobby, it wasn't something I stumbled upon and was some weird thing I started worshiping; it was just something I watched.

Then when I got into highschool and met those Weeaboo types, I honestly got so fucking terrified. Anime is just a piece of entertainment, but those guys put it up on some holy pedestal and centered their lives around it. And they legit belied that the fact that they liked an international cartoon show somehow made them superior human beings compared to everyone else.

So I just noped the fuck out of there and went back to playing Talisman and shit.

In other words, I blame it all on the hipster mentality. Because seriously, fuck them.

The number five is a pretty important number in quite a few religions. I wouldn't be surprised if a Chaos God was spawned from that shit.

>> No.40148562

Shit I got trips guys, this is actually freaking me out now

>> No.40148564


>> No.40148583

Now that's just cruel. But his symbol is quite five like but is made up of five of the cringest things I posted on this thread. This means Causeway, Fuu, the porn of Causeway and two other things.
>The number five is a pretty important number in quite a few religions. I wouldn't be surprised if a Chaos God was spawned from that shit.
This right here? This is what is making him. The Warp should be giving birth soon.

>> No.40148595

The Torah contains five books—Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy—which are collectively called the Five Books of Moses, the Pentateuch (Greek for "five containers," referring to the scroll cases in which the books were kept), or Humash (חומש, Hebrew for "fifth").
The book of Psalms is arranged into five books, paralleling the Five Books of Moses.
The Khamsa, an ancient symbol shaped like a hand with five fingers, is used as a protective amulet by Jews; that same symbol is also very popular in Arabic culture, known to protect from envy and the evil eye.
There are traditionally Five Wounds of Jesus Christ in Christianity: the Scourging at the Pillar, the Crowning with Thorns, the wounds in Christ's hands, the wounds in Christ's feet, and the Side Wound of Christ.
The Five Pillars of Islam
Muslims pray to Allah five times a day
In Islam, particularly Shia Islam, the Panjetan or the Five Holy Purified Ones are the members of Muhammad's family: Muhammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan, and Husayn and is often symbolically represented by an image of the Khamsa.

>> No.40148603

>tfw GW is watching this right now, drafting up a Chaos God that feeds on anger towards literature, and heros/villains who are prominent

>> No.40148606

The five sacred Sikh symbols prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh are commonly known as Panj Kakars or the 'Five Ks' because they start with letter K representing Kakka (ਕ) in the Punjabi language/Gurmukhi Script. They are: Kesh (unshorn hair), Kangha (the comb), Kara (the steel bracelet), Kachhehra (the soldiers shorts), and Kirpan (the sword) [in Gurmukhi Script: ਕੇਸ, ਕੰਘਾ, ਕੜਾ, ਕਛਹਰਾ, ਕਿਰਪਾਨ]. Also, there are five deadly evils: Kam (lust), Krodh (anger), Moh (attachment), Lobh (greed), and Ankhar (ego).
In Discordianism, 5 is seen as a very important number. This is demonstrated in the Law of Fives, as well as in the Pentabarf, which contains five rules.
Each page of the Principia Discordia —the primary religious document in Discordianism— is labeled with five digits.

>> No.40148617

According to ancient Greek philosophers such as Aristotle, the universe is made up of five classical elements: water, earth, air, fire, and ether. This concept was later adopted by Medieval alchemists and more recently by practitioners of Neo-Pagan religions such as Wicca.
The pentagram, or five-pointed star, bears religious significance in various faiths including Baha'i, Christianity, Satanism, Taoism, Thelema, Freemasonry and Wicca.
In Cantonese, "five" sounds like the word "not" (character: 唔). When five appears in front of a lucky number, e.g. "58", the result is considered unlucky.
In East Asian tradition, there are five elements: (water, fire, earth, wood, and metal). The Japanese names for the days of the week, Tuesday through Saturday, come from these elements via the identification of the elements with the five planets visible with the naked eye. Also, the traditional Japanese calendar has a five-day weekly cycle that can be still observed in printed mixed calendars combining Western, Chinese-Buddhist, and Japanese names for each weekday.
Members of The Nation of Gods and Earths, a primarily African American religious organization, call themselves the "Five-Percenters" because they believe that only 5% of mankind is truly enlightened.

>> No.40148631

> that feeds on anger towards literature
My hate of the HH series is a power boost. I think at this rate we'd be dealing with a weak major Chaos God.

>> No.40148635

Except maybe they're hoping to develop a character as the game plays out? I won't tolerate more than a paragraph of backstory or long expositions from a level 1.

>> No.40148645

Rolled 5, 5, 5, 4, 4 = 23 (5d5)

Someone explain the 5s to me. I think I'm missing something.

>> No.40148659

They were my trips >>40147555

>> No.40148667



guys, guys, guys

tg made that one, i was part of its creation, its a troll one

>> No.40148674

two fives in the filename.

>> No.40148687

I'm fine with that.

Can't cast anything with it for another 8 or so levels. its a +4 to spell slot needed.

>> No.40148689

>16 years old
>named after the (30-something) player
>disowned his parents
>goes to town to kill people
>with a magic sniper rifle
>which he can fire with better skill than any SpecOps unit in the world

also from the same guy

>Navy SEALS officer
>has been training since he was 8
>killed Bin Laden
>then he became a werewolf

>> No.40148705

Should I make a new thread so we can continue this madness from fives?

>> No.40148715

We need a name for this god

>> No.40148719

>killed Bin Laden
I bet there was an epic showdown.

>> No.40148727

I know. Problem is that I can't think of anything.

>> No.40148733

Margarstusu, God of Ugly Truths

>> No.40148741


>> No.40148746

this is literally one month after BS:I came out.
what even.

>> No.40148762

three fives for Margarstusu

>> No.40148776

Margastus must be trying to become a major God. SHould I create the new thread?

>> No.40148778

Perhaps ol' Bin bit him while they were wrestling on top of two moving tanks.

>> No.40148779

>multiple source series

Nope! Nope Nope nope nopenopenopenope. Fuck you, I'm not even reading that one.

>> No.40148784

go for it

>> No.40148787

You must. You must suffer with us. Margarstusu demands it.

>> No.40148808

It's up.

>> No.40148852


>> No.40148863

Who knows. Maybe we'd get a 40k Ork in a kamui.

>> No.40148866

>This fucker
>can see the future so nothing fucking hurts him
>everyone loves him, he can do no wrong
>has a god inside of him and everything is literally given to him with no struggle whatsoever
>Gets the girl with no fucking effort.
>Again, everyone loves him. He's the chosen one. lol

I fucking can't tolerate this game OR the main character. This shit is just grating.

>> No.40148874

I don't know who that is.

>> No.40148881


>> No.40148889


>> No.40148916

That's Shulk, and he's in no way a gary stu. On any goddamn level.

>> No.40148920

Good to know.

>> No.40148929

Jesus fucking christ, I think I believe that bad writing exists now. And that's coming from a person thinking the complaints about Twilight are way overblown.

>> No.40148943

Pure Chaos is what it is.

>> No.40149062

his number!

He comes forth! The dice have summoned him!

>> No.40149090

So we're archiving this thread on suptg right?

>> No.40149108


>> No.40149644


Eyh come on what's wrong with this one ? Guy put in the effort and it doesn't sound any more Mary suey than the average adventure.

>> No.40150016

he just whips out a pillow on the spot and has a nap?

Who the hell does that?

>> No.40150345

I joined a freeform roleplay site (yes, I was asking for it) a few years ago. It was an "original zombie site", where mankind was driven close to extinction by Hell's legions. Said legions were, of course, the undead, but the latter were being lead by a super-powered race of demons.

And this was where the site failed catastrophically. Those demons were ridiculously powerful and had a whole range of powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis etc etc. Being the site's antagonists, it would have been logical for their adversaries to have tricks of their own to even out the field. This was not so.

The only opposition to these demons were humanity's remnants, and oh, how weak and ridiculous they were! The site's admins had made sure that human characters had nothing going for them. They were weak and too few to make any kind of difference. None of their weapons (standard modern day assault rifles and various scavenged weapons) had any effect on the enemy. Guns? The demons would just dodge your bullets or stop them with telekinesis. Explosives? Demons would just make a shield of pure energy and come out unscathed. So human characters tended to stick together in their own roleplay ghettos, doing absolutely nothing, while demons strutted around. Threads with demons interacting with humans were usually torture porn.

It was awful.

>> No.40150540

Rolled 16, 2 = 18 (2d20)

Rolling for SAN loss on this

>> No.40151296

Wasn't surprised as I thought I would be.

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