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>To increase her power, the witch is absorbing energy from vanquished foes.
>This is slowly turning her into a demon
>She's doing it to protect the party
>Whatever consequences may come, can be dealt with later

Pretend for a moment that this is the players plan, not the DMs. That you in fact have your ideal DM and not whatever DM you do have.

Do you stop her or agree that it can be dealt with later?

What if she's doing it specifically to protect you? And turning into a demon is muddling the emotions she feels for you and you'll never be quite certain whether it's her talking, or the corruption, but you never would have known about her feelings if she hadn't started down this path in the first place.

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This is like SoC, except retarded.

So, I spit on your thread.

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What kind of foes? Why would their essences turn her into daemons? Is she fighting demons? That's what my current Paladin calls fighting fire with fire and if it wasn't for the fact that He's the metaphorical equivalent of a waterfall in that scenario, he would totally cover the surrounding area in gasoline and help out. Having a Demon Queen who is buddy buddy with members of the Holy Orders can only be a good thing.

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This sounds like a fun thing. Still, most all of my characters would respond with something along the lines of:

>don't do it man

As long as they remain an ally of justice though, it'd be fine

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>dealt with later
>implying any of us are coming out alive

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Nigger, I just went through and hid all non-relevant threads to me.

I hid 40k threads because I play modern and can't afford it
I'm in a 5e campaign, so I have nothing to discuss in the fifteen other system generals.
I hid every quest thread, civ thread, CYOA thread, builder thread, and every other piece of shit like that.
I hid all threads that had been exhausted of interest because I've already gone through them
I hid the stat me's the begging, the file name, and the this is how I.

Do you know how many threads I ended up hiding? One hundred and twenty eight. 128 threads were some variety of shit in my opinion.

But do I go in those threads to piss on them? No, I hide them and move on.

/tg/ is not the idyllic wellspring of quality that needs to be protected from every thread that has one foot in the idea pile, and the other foot in the fetish pile.

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Didn't you make this thread two days ago?

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You've pretty much summed up how I feel about /tg/ nowadays. I don't really play tabletop games any more. I've moved on to other hobbies, but this is still the best internet forum I know, mostly for threads like this and

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No you idiot, you're supposed to AVOID becoming monsters. Who told you otherwise? Do you become a bear when you go bear hunting? No. You throw on a full body suit covered in spikes and bring half a dozen mastiffs

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Best to kill it now.
Maybe let the squire be the one to kill it, he's been a bit antsy lately, staring at that demon.
The boy's gotta learn.

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You are the problem with /tg/, condensed into a single person.

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Hatas gonna hate.

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If I don't spit on people's threads, they won't get the message that people are dissatisfied with the quality of their contributions, and they'll just keep posting the same shit.

So, here. I spit on your post. Actually use your brain instead of flapping your gums next time.

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Problem of definitions thats never brought up. Take Guts from Berserk. Hes human all the way to the blood and bones. But he can kill a hundred armed men while injured and fatigued. Because he has a body able to fight monsters. Guts may be human. But Guts is a fucking monster all the same.

No one says to become the same monster youre fighting. You have to become a stronger "monster".

Or in the case of science, make a stronger monster

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But the Witch in my party is a Warforged Scarred Witch Doctor that was adopted and "raised" by Orcs, considering himself to be one.
He Considers himself a Doctor first, despite the fact that he is able to recognize only two races: Orcs, and Humans (which is where he groups every other race, including the Merman in the party).

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Something along those lines happened last session in my game. The party and a half-demon orc warlord were racing to claim an ancient artifact of great power.In the final showdown, it appeared the warlord would defeat the, killed the party Alienist. The psion used a power to revive the Alienist. The now severely wounded and weakened (lost his buffs) alienist decided to go balls to the wall, cast Gate and call through an otherworldy being known as ZUM. Its tentacles came through the portal, began attacking the warlord and the party and destroyed the artifact.

A desperate situation called for desperate measures. must be monster to fight monster, etc.

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Look man. /tg/ isnt good because of the OPs. The OPs just have to make something interesting enough that people will idly open the thread. Its the posters that make things great. I do my beat to contribute. Why dont you go make a better thread rather than pissing on this one?

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I would milk that story, ask if the player is OK with NPCing it later or having it die. Its basically like having a sleeper agent in the party that will eventually turn on them.

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>doesn't like thread
>still in thread

Something fishy is going on here...

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Well if he's a human doing good things he's. Sure he's as strong as a monster, but that does no defacto make him a monster in either the physical or moral sense. None of that "Well from the monsters perspective Humans are the real monsters" bullcrap. Humans stand for humans, so a really strong, monster killing human does no count as a monster TO US. Because humanities opinion is the one that matters.

Making another monster is legit. We bred dogs to fight bears for us, that's totally fair and okay.

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I hope you're almost done with the final BBEG or that demons can be "redeemed" as it were, because if she doesn't stop soon you're going to get fucked. First in the good way, then in the REALLY bad way.

Maybe have some form of limiter placed on her, something that keeps the demonic instincts in check. I know it sounds fetishy but that usually involves some kind of magical tattoo or tattoo network network. For practicality's sake of course, one cannot take off their skin and survive for long.

Would probably also be fueled by her own willpower to remain good. If she starts wanting to be evil the seal will begin to degrade and that'll be the warning sign that the betrayal is imminent if the seal can't be reinforced somehow.

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And if its an interhuman war he gets dragged in to? Hes still not a monster when hes slaughtering soldiers by the dozen to hold that an gate closed?

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Well if they're human soldiers, yes, because he's a morally corrupt evil monster. If they're the other species getting slaughtered he's a glorious hero of humanity. The Aliens can call him whatever their word for boogeyman is. Not our problem

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>being this le mad

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friendly reminder that this has been done to death

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Deal with it later. You can always go on a quest for a hat of opposite alignment if the changes are mental and not just physical. Is it so bad to be blue?

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Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

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Better than what I had. Once I saw a thri kreen whose understanding of gender went "dangly bits", "different bits", "lizard", and bug, and classified races by how they tasted.

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>Do you stop her or agree that it can be dealt with later?
Well is she showing any worrying side effects?
Is she fine with the transformation?
Also are there historical examples of similar things we can use to see if we should be worried?

>What if she's doing it specifically to protect you? And turning into a demon is muddling the emotions she feels for you and you'll never be quite certain whether it's her talking, or the corruption, but you never would have known about her feelings if she hadn't started down this path in the first place.
In that case I'll probably be extra concerned, but also flattered, I'd probably try to help her work through what's going on. As for her feelings on the matter, well does she feel that way about others also or just me?
Also, what sort of demon traits is she taking?
And elaborate on the "absorbing energy from vanquished foes" bit

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I'm lawful evil, so i don't have too much issue with it.

That said, I would invest time and gold into figuring out how to keep her mind intact and her power from overwhelming her will. It would be a shame for such a dearly devoted ally to truly become a monster.

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Is it bad that I'm angry there's no single good Negima anime and that it's all spread out over four fucking adaptations, none of them covering the ending or the fights to any satisfaction?

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In Guts case, he was a monster to everyone who wasn't on the Hawks' side. Even if they were just watching.

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>Also, what sort of demon traits is she taking?
Going by the pic, succubus traits probably

>And elaborate on the "absorbing energy from vanquished foes" bit
She's eating their souls/lifeforce and turning them to assfat

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Let her continue, we must all make sacrifices to mend this world and when it grows too heavy a burden on her...

I pray she finds peace, within my right arm.

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So every soldier in the history of our world is a morally corrupt evil monster?

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No I thought you were talking about humans versus aliens because I forgot what the word Interspecies meant. There is a hierarchy depending upon what scale the story is being told from. In the case of inter species war it depends on what side you're viewing it from, or if your watching from the outside.

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I actually should have said intrahuman to mean a war with humans on both sides. Because humanity is far from united and war is fought for a thousand reasons with heroes and villains on both sides, but you're still being dumb.

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