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I mean.. Pic related.. Can you shout at dragons and control them?
Or is it more of an intimidating thing?

Otherwise: Was there ever made a setting about these movies?

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>Can you shout at dragons and control them?

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Bene Gesserit could probably do it, after studying draconic physiology and psychology.

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>what is Thu'um

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>Bene Gesserit
who is that?
When I google it, I get some star trek stuff and I doubt that is what I am looking for
also: You can study draconic physiology?

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>Bene Gesserit
>who is that?


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okay.. I am dumb. I won't deny that. But what am I missing here? Is this Bene someone I should know somehow?

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Benedict Gesserit was one of Ayn Rand's most infamous disciples, known for yelling tirades of Objectivist propaganda at potential recruits to the movement.

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Have you never even heard of Dune, boy?

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heard of it, yeah
Never read it though. Is it any good?

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You have homework now.

Fucking read Dune.

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not sure if b8

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>thread about dragons

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Does the line "The Spice must flow" have any meaning for you?

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>When I google it, I get some star trek stuff

Wat. Are you using Mexican Google or something?

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Naw it's terrible bro

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Dis gun B gud.

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no I just.. I don't know why I said star trek. I only skimmed it and looked at the picture. It looked nothing like star wars so I thought "Well.. that's probably star trek then" But I was wrong.

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>It looked nothing like star wars so I thought "Well.. that's probably star trek then"

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It's a sci-fi classic for a reason.

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With a high enough skill in Bluff, why even shout?

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Alright look man I'll level with you, I know you're new and all and the other guys are being mean because that's what we're supposed to do and blah-de-blah-blah, but seriously, go read Dune. You don't have to read its sequels or see the movies or the TV miniseries or anything, but seriously, read Dune.

See this picture? This is what you look like right now.

When you come to /tg/, there is in fact a certain level of knowledge you need to possess in order to not look like that guy. You don't have to display it like a resume (because seriously only faggots do that) but dude, go fucking read Dune.

I know you're not going to do it right now, and that's okay, but get around to it.

It'll do you some good, son.

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Here's a lesson for you. If your Google search brings up a Wikipedia article, read it first before replying on 4chan. You'll save yourself embarrassment.

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>thats scifi but not star wars
>must be star trek then

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Best thread on /tg/ right now.

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>I mean.. Pic related.. Can you shout at dragons and control them?
Skip the next couple of shitty Disney movies you plan to watch and play through Dragonborn.

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dragonborn isn't even that good.. far too short and you never really feel like this ├╝ber thu'um user. Just some warrior/thief/mage that yell at stuff to make them break

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"Lo and behold OP, whose most defining feature is also his greatest weakness: his enormous faggotry."

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You must command the dragons with the power of cuteness.

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I love this guy.

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Why does she have two tails.

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>never being able to marry a dragon
>never moving into a female dragons cave and care for your crossbreed offspring
>Not taking your dragon/your race hybrid with you on adventures to collect riches for your scaly waifu

Dragonborn could have been so much more..

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it's a dong brah

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Who says the other one's a tail?

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One tail hers, other tail belongs to that lucky little dragon clinging to her.

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I think her modesty is being preserved by a small dragon wrapped around her.

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More pictures of half dragons.

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>never siring an army of foul abominations to conquer the countryside
>not watching foul kingdoms peopled by men and mer falling beneath the grasp of your claw

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>Never spawning the perfect dragon to rule everyone
>not using your magic to transfer your soul into it and thereby becoming a dragon yourself
>You will never be a dragon
;__; ho..hold me /tg/

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Why can't draconian beings be cute, or atleast why can't the West make them cute?

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I think the West might be more into the big, muscular, threatening kinda dragon while the east is more.. kawaii girlish dragon that you wanna stick your dragondick in

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Dune is a must read but I've always felt it was over rated. The world building he did to make it was 11/10 material but the story itself doesn't deserve the praise it gets. Though I would have loved to sew Jodoworsky's Dune.

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I was never really into the whole sci-fi settings. I'm more fantasy. Stuff with elves, magic, swords'n'shit

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>shapeshifting dragon turns into loli
>retains original form eating habits

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Stat me guys

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What about the big, muscular, threatening kinda dragon who wants to stick his dick in you?

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well that's a product of a westener who lived in the east.
Or an eastener who lived in the west. A hybrid
And that there isn't a dragon. It's fire/flying

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No, but it -is- multiple steps up for OP.

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That's fine, Dune is about as interested in science as Star Wars. Well, maybe a little more. If you've read LOTR, it shouldn't be any harder. I'm reading it right now for the first time, actually, so I'm in much the same boat as you. I got in because of the Westwood RTS game, would have read it sooner but couldn't get a hold on a copy at the library for very long.

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>mfw this thread
>mfw no httyd rpg
>mfw no campaign about dragon riding vikings invading not-skyrim in order to stop the not-dovakin from committing genocide on local dragons.

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I both want and need this

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So much nerd rage in this thread!

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>tfw no game where all the apocalypse tier dragons wake up to duke it out

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Dragons have some weird telepathic hivemind shit going down in the movies, agree? They aren't quite eusocial (like bees) but they definitely have some of that in there.

Humans don't, we are more independent. So, if a human manages to key into that telepathic hive mind...Well, the dragons, or at least a dragon, listens. Because even the Alphas and Queens are still Eusocialish, and if you get them young they will listen.

(And the tapping in is why Hiccup's mother was so empathetic with the dragons despite having no reason to do so. And why Hiccup wasn't in on the whole murder and pillage thing in comparison, he got emotional feed back from the victims.)

Or at least, that's how I'd do it.



So how to? You want to use an existent system or not? Though I am a self admitted GURPSfag, I think a kludge on Monsters and Other Childish Things might work.

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Dude must have had some crazy fucking bonuses to intimidate.

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Because AD&D said all half-dragons are ugly mutant abominations, and were rarely possible outside of specific circumstances/breeds.

WoW has been breaking that trend though, give it five more years.

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>all i wanted for the final fight with miraak was no cooldown on shouts and fight only with our voice
>miraak has all shouts and uses them
>bend time against the LDB
>storm call
>mfw no verbal argument to end all arguments

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>He doesn't use Megazard X

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>Monsters and Other Childish Things

That would work perfectly.

Hang on, imma try something.

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>Hang on, imma try something.

Scariest words.

I'd be glad to help, MAOCT is not my jam as I've not had any use for it/people to play with, but I'll gladly go over it and throw my hat in

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The thing to remember is that in Hiccup's world, dragons are quite animalistic and stupid and work on animal logic.

The dragons bow to Drago because he's able to physically dominate them with his strength, his shaking spear, and his fireproof cloak. They assume that if he can do it once, then he can do it every time, and so there's no point in fighting back.

It's like how they still keep elephants in some areas. You tie a rope around the elephant's foot when it's just a child. It tries to run away, but it can't, because it can't break the rope.
When the elephant grows up, it doesn't try running any more, even though it's the same old rope and it's much bigger. Because it thinks it can't break the rope.

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>"oh boy, a thread about how to train your dragon!"
>Neckbeards raging over another 'must-read'
>Dragon fap bait

Fuck you /tg/

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Okay, I'll bite. Dune actually *is* a pretty big deal, anon.

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Have you read the confessions of Augustine? They shaped 1500 years of western civilization, they are also a big deal.

I'm not trying to baity, but considering something an important piece of literature is one thing, raging over "wtf you haven't read that?!" is in my opinion rather childish. Our time on this earth is finite and you can't expect everyone to have the same interests or the same background as yourself.

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>The world building he did to make it was 11/10 material but the story itself doesn't deserve the praise it gets.
That was always my opinion. It was a clumsy story with badly dated values and aesthetics, characters that all have the same autistic-weasel voice and are hard to distinguish, with a number of cheesy, dumb scenes and incredibly dry writing all around...saved by the 12/10 worldbuilding. Not entirely unlike Tolkien in that respect.

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>Dude must have had some crazy fucking bonuses to intimidate.
He really didn't. He found a dragon that could mind control other dragons that was either a baby or otherwise helpless, can't remember, and abused the everloving shit out of it until it learned that "If I don't obey when the crazy human yells and make the dragons do whatever the fuck he wants, unimaginable pain follows". Then he abused that for all it was worth. Once the dragon lord figured out what was really what, pretty sure it ate him.

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In my word, anyone with enough magical power or physical dominance can do it.

However, dragons are intelligent and generally go along with it just fun, though no one knows that.

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>oh boy, a thread about how to train your dragon!
Feel free to leave.

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wow the guy in that image is pretty fucking shitty at google

i mean i thought i was bad but when its right fucking there at least i can see it im just no good at finding the right words to get more obscure stuff

but fuck not knowing who vecna is i can understand if your really new but not been able to find out on google fuck man

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This is actually a pretty good point, and one that I think most people overlook. Hell, if you consider the literary canon, there are a lot of important, formative pieces that aren't necessarily enjoyable to read. Literature professors will acknowledge this, and will tell people that they shouldn't feel compelled to read them unless they're actively studying the subject.

Something is significant not because of its own existence, but because of how it influences its genre. Dune has had a very noticeable impact on a subset of science fiction, and it should be recognized for that. But, to a certain extent, the genre will thrive and continue by moving past it. The works that it has influenced will influence other works yet to come, but some Dune will always remain. You can see this with Tolkien in the fantasy genre--for all that we now have PCs using magic, Metzen orcs, and moral ambiguity, there are still very identifiable elements that can be traced back to Tolkien's works.

This does not mean that anyone who enjoys fantasy novels MUST read The Lord of the Rings. Though, if they don't, they shouldn't pretend that the movies are just as good a source. It is only necessary to read them if you plan to perform an in-depth study or analysis of the fantasy genre, or--arguably--if you want to embark on writing fantasy yourself.

I say arguably, and stand by it. Demanding that we shackle our creations to those who have come before us will slowly starve our creativity. If one must read Dune to interact with science fiction, what happens when another work of that caliber comes along. Must you then read both works, ad keep both works in mind? If we follow that path, we will eventually box ourselves in with our own canon.

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he probably googled "vecna star wars" because of the context of the conversation

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You're a cool guy anon.

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>Have you read the confessions of Augustine

Yes, based Augustine.

Stat him?

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I don't want to fedora too much, but he basically ruined Christianity.

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He did manage to pull it off with that Nightmare, even though he only really cowed it rather than controlling it.

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I think we should do something new. Something easy to learn and with a fuckton of ways to personalize your character/dragon
and possibly get inspiration from the books

>> No.40152571


Well we got

Trying something. MaOCT is pretty easy from what I remember, and has a shitton of ways to customize your monster, you basically draw it!

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How so?

>> No.40152936

these fuckers right here, right?
They grow up to be BIG fuckers like pic related (if you follow the books that is. And this pic was the closest I could get a seadragon gigantus maximus)

>> No.40152985

You should re-watch the movie, that's not what happened.

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And then they shrink back down again.

Personally I think they might hae some weird metamorphisis thing going on, if the right conditions are met, that allow them to upgrade into new forms, like the little dudes into a queen, and possibly Nightfuries into Alphas

>> No.40154860

they shrink back down? Damn son I didn't know that.
Dem dragons are some weird dudes

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Come to think of it, in the second movie all the babies they rode in on were identical in shape.


Yeah, they grow up, then eventually start shrinking back down again. You know how everyone says the books are better than the movies in so manyadaptions? This is not true for HtTYD.

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I dunno about that. You just have to accept that they are two different things that just happens to share a name.. I think

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