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>What is Android: Netrunner?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAslVfZ9p-Y [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Official FAQ, Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:

>Deckbuilding Resources:

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):
http://www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun html

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first for chen

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I dunno what to think about the crim on-score virtual resource. It's expensive, but potentially powerful, especially vs FA. But FA is already easy enough for Crim to handle, and it encourages HQI over Legwork.

Might be good for enabling slower criminal decks a bit, letting them pressure the astrotrain without running.

Shame it isn't "may" access, because that makes snare all the worse, and is too much redundancy to do both in most decks.

Now to work out how to splash 2-of Imp in a Crim list. Make sure the accesses count.

Heh, also, two of theese out with one HQI seems like four accesses, even if they might overlap.

Do you think running this with fan site or spoilers is a good plan?

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New fan theory: Exile is the kid on Blacklist. That's why he can't get a job and is homeless, he's on the Blacklist.

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Spoilers is too much influence if you're worried about imp. Fan site maybe with data dealer but that's about the only use and I don't see why you'd bother if you aren't Ian, who has like no influence.

Fan site seems better for frame job because you only want it a few times. Maybe the credits plus accesses would be worth it but that's a lot of cards to share a trigger.

Could be good in Leela though to make them scoring extra rough.

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Spoiler is a a card I've had on the back of my mind for a while.

You're looking at a card that's going to fire between once and six times. In typical Anarch fashion, it's a high variance card, but also one thats' totally dependent on the meta.

The great thing is, you have nothing to do but put it on the table for it to work. No clicks nor money to spend.

The bad is you want it early, and want several out to maximize efficiency.

The ugly is it's in competition for deck slots with cards that are much better at doing what it does. And I don't think there's yet enough decking tools for it to become a complement to those.

Apart from a (not really unwarranted) fear of too many decking tools being available to the runner at once, I don't see what made it cost three influence. And I keep wondering if it should maybe have been like Human First, either discarding per agenda point or also on agenda steal (certainly not both though).

As it is ? It's a card that will have it's potential once we have more robust decking tool (and they've bee, slowly coming). But I really don't see its build right now.

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Is the old Asian Guy on Compromised Employee also on Career Fair? I hope he shows up on more cards.

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>Discarding per agenda point
>Scoring three pointers trashes nine cards off R&D with 3 spoilers out

I think there might be some problems with that. Spoiler isn't unique like Human First, and it's not completely unplayable either.

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>Spoiler isn't unique like Human First

Which is why I think and said it certainly can't have BOTH trigger on agenda steal and per agenda point trashing, but I think one OR the other would go a long way to make it more worthwhile - though note the original "maybe", I'm not even certain that's needed.

>Scoring three pointers trashes nine cards off R&D with 3 spoilers out

Yes, I know, too much randomness. Frankly I can live with it. Force the corp's hand in mixing agendas or trying multiple servers to mitigate. Though we don't really need a reason to give incentives NOT to play three pointers.

>and it's not completely unplayable either

It's amusing because people keep telling me that yet and on average per game where it lands I've been making really good money out of Human First- it's better than Sure Gamble on that front.

The issue is that, of course, you have to be willing to let go control out the window.

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Seems to be so

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But you see all decks have to be PPVP Kate level stream lined or they are worthless in a tournament.

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How many Human Firsts do you run? And which runner?

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As a long term test I've been playing it as a one of in all (but one) Anarch deck I've made since O&C (which is why I felt the need to specify "when it lands").

So that makes every Anarch ID but Whizzard so far.

I wouldn't pay influence for it unless maybe for very specific builds (it's been a godsend in those fun one turn glory runs builds in that it can allow to shorten on the set up a bit which you really need - gives you money as you gear up proper and corp scores and allows you start a bit tighter because you know you'll be getting money from those agendas you'll steal the one turn. Works decently well in milling decks too).

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What is this crim on-score resource you speak of?

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From previous thread:

>Criminal - Virtual Resource
>Whenever the Corp scores an agenda, access 1 card from HQ
>Cost 2
>inf 3

Fucking captcha

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Looks okay, though as others have said the lack of "may" could lead to some interesting scenarios - especially as the corp knows you'll have to access HQ.

Empty your hand, except for a trap of some sort, with a scoring combo and the forced access hits the runner right in the face.
Definitely something for Jinteki and NBN to consider

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It's after friday so I think this is ok.

Shaper - Virtual Resource
When you initiate your first run each turn, choose an icebreaker. That icebreaker has 0[Credits]: Break Subroutine until you pass an ICE.
Cost 6
Inf 5

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haha as if Lukas could design cards like that

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Your right that puts too much interaction and thought into playing the game. It is all about RNG Psi Games!

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Make it a Genetic and I'd play it. More or less puts a better Tinkering on the first ICE you hit each turn.
It'd be near crippling to most Jinteki RP decks right now.

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It is pretty much a bypass for the first piece of Ice you encounter, except for strength. Given something like Cyber-Cypher, you're basically getting a single free run per turn. Kills protected Assets, gives you free runs with Multi-acess cards and is generally a very, very powerful effect against ANY deck.

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I was super into this game before/during the 2nd cycle, why do I feel like it's dead now?

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>you will never get to play this game because there are no card shops in your area

just kill me.

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It is dead and Caprice killed it.
No one here even plays anymore, we just fight over spoilers and how they don't counter Caprice.

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I'd put this in a Kit deck with Alpha.

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Be reasonable.

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There's this thing called R&D lock that beats her just fine. If they rez her there the remote and HQ become weak.

If she was really that bad people would suck it up and run the gun like they did plas.

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Vamp is much better than S&W, that thing is useless. Terrible example though because S&W is a non tutoable 3 influence card, iirc.

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you can tutor it with tyson

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>S&W is a non tutoable card

Get on with the times.

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Not to mention...

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True. You can now run 2 piece of trash cards to counter caprice instead of 1. (I don't think she NEEDS to be countered, btw).

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I don't think they're trash, I think that some players have a hammer and so all they're seeing is nails.

They want a "solution" to the Caprice problem that will just be a card they'll add to their existing build, a couple of swaps maybe, and not make a new new build - especially one that will have other weaknesses to deal with than Caprice.

>I don't think she NEEDS to be countered, btw

I don't either. But if one's going to shit on cards, one should make sure one's factually correct. Helps with credibility.

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Well, I guess I disagree. Playing Tyson, tutoring with it, playing S&W, and then using it will take approximately 1 million clicks. Just enough time to score that first or second nisei

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Which seems to me mostly a matter of wanting/expecting to play on a turn per turn, purely reactive basis and not wanting to strategize.

From a pure cost value, it's no worse than Test Run, who sees play - even without the Scavenge combo.

I do believe that if you asked any top player right now they'd have a solution to Caprice. It's just that the opportunity cost of the build faced against other decks is deemed too high.

Another forgotten one, also.

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You are gonna have to run more than one Tyson, which means not only are you investing 30, 000 clicks but also a handful of deckspace. Vamp shuts off caprice. If they Caprice HQ, vamp does nothing, but neither would S&W. What would you take out influence wise for 2-3 Tyron's? Or even 1 S&W? Clot and stimhack? Datasucker and a Corroder? This is just dismantling any good deck. There's a reason no one runs this stuff. They are cute for casual play, but it's about as slow as you can get.

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Thanks for confirming my point.

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Sure. Once again, I don't think it needs to be countered, but people complain about it for a reason. If these solutions were even remotely competitive, people would run it. They aren't. I'd probably laugh if my opponent installed a Tyson against me at regionals, let alone an S&W

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>If these solutions were even remotely competitive, people would run it.

Self Confirmation bias. How long did it take to see a Leela or even better example, a Reina Roja deck that is deemed "acceptable" by the competitive crowd ?

And yet, when you look at the card list of the original Headlock those were cards that had for the most part been in the pool for a while. And I would argue that it's it not that the new cards in there made the build inherently that much better to previous alternatives, it's that there was an uphill battle in rewiring habits.

Again, if you read closely, I've not been advocating using Tyson Observatory - or any of those other disregarded tutoring option - in an existing build - I specifically mentioned it would be the wrong way to do it, which you tried anyway as counter argument. But I do think in a specific - Hardware intensive build - that is yet to come, it would alleviate complaints against some cards taken individually.

But playing differently takes time. Especially given how adverse to change the community is (shuffling *a couple* of cards around in an existing year old frame is deemed a big change in the competitive meta). If it's not perfectly efficient right now it's shit (or "casual" which is a euphemism for same most of the time).

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Eater is a crucial part of Headlock Reina. For that deck to work, you need to start beating the corp into submission before they get on their feet, and for that you really do need Eater. Finding non-AI breakers takes too long (and too much deck space), and pre-Eater AIs are not suitable as the primary breaker for this kind of deck. Overmind would run out of counters in a turn, Knight is a bit too expensive and can be trashed by the corp by overwriting the host ice, Crypsis and Darwin are too slow, and finally Atman, Alpha and Omega are all out-of-faction, limited, and expensive to install. I don't think I need to tell you why Wyrm wouldn't work.

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But you see now with Net Ready Eyes Wrym is entirely playable as a Data Sucker replacement for Static Breaker decks all you.... ok sorry I can't finish this it is just too fucking awful.
Wrym is trash.

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Wyrm has never been a data sucker replacement, it's a data sucker complement for when when you have data suckers but are completely locked out of servers that all also have crisium grid.
Like in that octgn game I was just watching.

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wyrm is best breaker

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I can't wait till Wyrm 2.0 in the 2nt Edition Core.

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Eater takes it over the edge and gives it the consistency wanted by the competitive crowd.

You could definitively play variants around with Knight that were perfectly *decent*. But were dubbed shit/trash all along the way of the development/experimentation phase by competitive people.

Which, kinda dampens the validity of their readings. It's too often too short sighted and tunnel-visioned to be representative of anything more than "what's winning right now".

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There is no Netrunner Hive Mind.
Netrunner is a game with a very narrow margin for what is good in competitive.
There are not a bunch of unexplored decks out there waiting in the mist to be tested. Most even random ideas are tested to death on OCTGN daily.
So stop showing up in /ARNG/ and acting like you are some mystical guru that has some hidden level of Netrunner knowledge.

>> No.40132475


Thanks for totally misreading what I've been saying.

There are decks *right now* that are perfectly decent, playable and being tested upon, and a handful of them are the future - yet dubbed shit/casual by the competitive crowd.
Because obviously there's only two types of decks/cards: winners and shit.

>There is no Netrunner Hive Mind.

Arguably, but there are opinionated groups whose perspectives are unduly given more weight than deserved.

See for example:
>Netrunner is a game with a very narrow margin for what is good in competitive.

With the permeating incredibly short sighted view that what is good in competitive = what is good for the game/what makes a good game. And the better-than-though attitude that goes along.

Obviously not all competitive types think like (thank god) but there's enough of them to put the hurt.

>So stop showing up in /ARNG/

I'll trow it right back at you. Why don't you take your spoilers, and go back to wherever it is people share only your opinions and priorities ?


I'm sad now, can't find my copy of the MS paint comic of Noise being helped by his budy Wyrm. Love that silly thing.

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competitive is the game. You kitchen table players get your shit cards to fuck around with so be happy with that. Just stop trying to talk about what is "good" without putting it in the context of 7 rounds of RR and 5+ games in the bracket. If it can't produce results in that environment then it is not worth talking about.

>> No.40132669

>competitive is the game. You kitchen table players get your shit cards to fuck around with so be happy with that
Kill yourself with that attitude.

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And fuck you for trying to turn the best competitive card game on the market into casual board game trash.

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Yeah because it was TOURNEY OR BUST for mtg for so long and it's doing so poorly.

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Sometimes decks exists in a spot just below competitive viability, and a new card pushes it over. This was not the case with Headlock Reina and Eater. It existed in a spot where people could see that it had potential, but was just impossible to make work well with the current cardpool.

>With the permeating incredibly short sighted view that what is good in competitive = what is good for the game/what makes a good game. And the better-than-though attitude that goes along.
Competitive players talk about the current competitive scene. If you aren't interested in the current competitive scene, don't read what they write, and don't post on forums that are mainly concerned with the current competitive scene (like Stimhack).

I consider myself a fairly competitive player, but I still regularly play jankier decks. Most competitive players do. They just don't talk about them much because they aren't competitive at the moment.

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See? People like you are bad for the game. For games in general. And the more vigorously you're being put in your place - that is you're a specific niche that doesn't matter any more or less than any other - the less likely you are to kill games and local game communities as you all too often do (anyone that had to run a game club for a long time will know what I'm talking about - poison).

If a good game is a series of interesting choices, then the competitive meta makes for a relatively poor game in the long run.

It's good that the competitive meta exists because of the enthusiasm, dedication and the compulsive testing. But the people that makes it shouldn't really have any narcissistic delusion of "being the game", as all too often happens.


>> No.40133097

So what has your "niche" contributed back to the game?

>> No.40133142

>Sometimes decks exists in a spot just below competitive viability, and a new card pushes it over. This was not the case with Headlock Reina and Eater. It existed in a spot where people could see that it had potential, but was just impossible to make work well with the current cardpool.
I'd argue that it wasn't Eater that made Headlock Reina tick, it's the fuckton of new draw cards that did. All of the draw in Headlock (Earthrise, Vigil, IHW, Visage) has come out in the past 4 releases.

>> No.40133197

>Love that silly thing.
Thank you! I made it a while ago, I thought everyone forgot about it actually.
Sadly I lost everything recently. If you find it please post it again, I'd like to save it again too.

>> No.40133224

>Sometimes decks exists in a spot just below competitive viability, and a new card pushes it over. This was not the case with Headlock Reina and Eater. It existed in a spot where people could see that it had potential, but was just impossible to make work well with the current cardpool.

And yet how many times were we met with "Reina is a shitty ID not worth playing" statements all during the existence and testing of those builds with potential ?
Same goes for other cards.

>Competitive players talk about the current competitive scene. If you aren't interested in the current competitive scene, don't read what they write, and don't post on forums that are mainly concerned with the current competitive scene (like Stimhack).

I don't go there. I post here and play in clubs where I suffer them live (and reciprocally to be fair). But if they want to shit talk other people, they have to be prepared to be talked back to in an open environment.

>I consider myself a fairly competitive player, but I still regularly play jankier decks. Most competitive players do. They just don't talk about them much because they aren't competitive at the moment.

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying all competitive players taken individually are bad, certainly not, but there *is* a permeating attitude to the group that can be a killer for community dynamics. And frankly I'm tired of it.

Again, I think it's good that a competitive meta exists. It's healthy. That it gets to be the standard for the game isn't. But given how vocal it is it all too often becomes just that.

>> No.40133286

I'm with you, the biggest thing that happened to anarchs, and what really made them spectacular, was all the draw options, because they already had the tools that everyone was borrowing, they just needed the draw.

>> No.40133297

MTG is doing fine and is mostly carried by it's huge competitive market. denying that just shows that you have a missive opinion bias.

Competitive is what keeps a game growing. Once the big turn out tournaments die so does the game, no one sees it being played, no one talks about it, it just goes away as the main market of tournament players move to their next game. They are the people who bring in the money, advertise the game, and buy the after market products.
Without the competitive players you hate so much there is no Netrunner. Netrunner is a Spike game with major Johnny aspects to it's design, making for a near perfect tournament game. Timmy players do get cards from time to time but mostly they are not a faction that fits with this game and most of those people make up the kitchen table side.
If you are a member of that group then please understand that and don't try to push your shitty opinions on real players.

Case in point the Caprice VS the Gun argument going on lately. No Spikes think the Gun is a real option, tho they all know Caprice is a major issue. It is better to talk about real ways to deal with her and RP in the current meta than it is for Timmy players to keep telling us to run the Gun.

>> No.40133370

Your response shows you have a massive reading comprehension issues and no amount of catch-all phrases will change that.

>> No.40133381

Netrunner is a game in which unexpected strategies can really sweep events. Especially Corp decks. Are there unexplored completely tier 1 decks? Not really. But there are so many tier 2 strats that are very capable of winning every game if they are poised against the meta.

These hardcore chucklefucks need to lighten up. No ones claiming they discovered gold. But these discussions are perfectly valid tech discussions.

Probably the same fucks who showed up when I tried talking Twins in Weyland.

>> No.40133403

which is still bad

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>real players
>imaginative players

>> No.40133425


Sales. Talks. Weekly games with a community big enough - because diverse enough - that I can negotiate with the local town council to have a room lent to us twice a week and even a small budget that allows us to have a card pool to lend to some of the kids that come playing. And players on average good enough for being forced to all play together that the average level is decent.

Which tends to not happen with games that focuses on their competitive meta to the exclusion of others. The community contracts, and then that's it. There's a few hardcore players and all the others have left. I've had to deal with that fallout too often.


It *is* nice and if I find it I'll be sure to post it.


People go crazy at the idea (and I guess on that one they're kinda right) but I played caissa Reina with Wyldisde and it didn't do so bad that I would I would completely disregard the idea.

>> No.40133625

>MtG is carried by the competitive scene

The level of horseshit that this statement is staggering. The vast, VAST majority of Magic's income is from Wal-Mart and Target selling packs to kitchen table player. Even Damon has said that Netrunner's player base is a 90/10 split in casual's favor.

>> No.40133692


I kinda agree, I think Anarch needed the draw - let's not forget the econ - because we clearly aren't getting the tutors (ok, mea culpa Djinn, you're awesome). So we needed something reliable that we didn't have to borrow - there was just too much we had to take from other factions when they in return could just take our efficient tools along their less constraining backbone frames.

I love that Anarchs are the high-variance faction, but clearly they still needed a solid foundation for that aspect to work. You can deal with some aspect having constraint in one way or another, but when it's all of them, and the pieces hardly fit, then there's a problem.

>> No.40133734

Damon is a boob that says random shit like that all the time.
Lukas has said in interviews more than once that the competitive market is the main market they focus on. Hell he just said that in that interview the other day.

>> No.40133805

While the draw cards are important, they mostly just make the deck more consistent. That's not really what Headlock needed. Eater is an improvement on the functionality of the deck. It's a whole breaker suite in a single card, it's cheap enough for repeated runs, and its downside is acceptable for that deck. These combined with Lamprey is where the whole "lock" part comes from. Headlock without Eater is a very different deck.

>> No.40133945

Feel I should note that my point was that if Caprice was really so awful as some were saying the fun would see play. It isn't, so she's clearly not invincible.

I agree with Lukas though, if you play psi as RNG you are doing it wrong. It might seem easier or better but I really don't think it is. Unlike HQ accesses which should probably be made with dice.

And to the doom and gloomers: as powerful as caprice doesn't mean good for RP necessarily. There are other ways to do Jinteki that might be more reliably benefitted from it. We'll have to see.

>> No.40133973


Honestly the card for me that makes it is Lamprey. Not Eater. Not the new draw or econ options. It was just the kind of cheap bite-size aggression the deck needed.

As I've said in previous thread Lamprey does serious work for you in the right build - to the point that nowadays just putting it on the table can sometime initiate a purge from the corp, same as Imp.

Though, let's be honest for the competitive crowd proper, it's probably the combination of all those things that was needed in the end.

>> No.40133994

Now all three runner factions have had their Box (assuming the NBN one doesn't mess with everything we know), what would you say they each need - that they can have without infringing on another faction?

Criminals, for example, are fairly short on breakers. They have a very small number of good ones. While limited (but always pumpable) breakers are obviously one of their things, they could do with a little help there.

>> No.40134190

if you have 15-20 credits, can rez all the ice you want, can advance all the things you want there is literally no reason to not be random with your bet.

that's why caprice is so powerful in RP, the deck makes money SO EFFICIENTLY, to carry it out of "i have to think about my caprice bid"

>> No.40134751

>if you have 15-20 credits, can rez all the ice you want, can advance all the things you want there is literally no reason to not be random with your bet.
Why would you spend 0 if you have so much money?

>> No.40134866

You guys keep talking like 15-20 credits is a lot, but it's not unless all your ICE is gearcheck.

>> No.40135296


Well, most taxing ice eats up a good chunk of that. But why?

0 benefits the runner heavily in random rolls. 2 punishes you hard unless they are broke or spending all their cash on the run.

Random just means runner should usually bid 0 as it'll be right much of the time and if not you lose out. Weak decision to rely on when theythey want to tax your econ down as well.

>> No.40136534

3 jackson howards and 1 interns or 2 jackson howards and 2 interns?

>> No.40136734

3 Jackson Howard and 3 Archived Memories.

>> No.40136768

0 Jacksons. He is a shitty card that only gets played from order of the competitive hive mind.
Think for yourself and stop this net decking cancer.

>> No.40136826

Astroscript and Nisei Mk 2 are crutches too.

>> No.40136840

Depends on the deck.

>> No.40136910


Sorry the answer took so long - preparing my decks for tomorrow.

For Anarchs, it's really not something they *need*, but something I'd really like them to have is some incentive to play the trace game. Obviously, given Anarchs are the faction who best can and want to keep the corp's board state down (or so I think come at me crims), they often have a greater incentive to aggressively take traces (or as I put it: if you want to pay 6 credits and me nothing to give me that one brain damage ? Be my guest. Go on. I'm waiting).

From a more practical standpoint, I guess more things that allow the faction to threaten Archives early game (An "Archives Siphon" of sort I guess?).

The biggest issue for me still is that the faction basically has two card pools - one virus and one "others", and they often still don't mesh gracefully. O&C helped a lot with the click compression issue (while adding a lot more reasons to suffer from it too, but I'm not going to complain of more options). On that other front, though, it helped, but I'm still feeling not enough. Viruses are still a good half of the program card pool if I'm not mistaken, and more importantly they sinergize better together along with their support cards than the non-viruses do with themselves or the two with each other. But it's bound to get better as more cards get printed.

(to be cont'd)

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>> No.40136981


Honestly, Criminals are my least played faction, and the one I have the hardest time to wire playing.

I like that the designers want the faction to be about... not control, but let's say snipping ? Dancing around ? The faction's breakers tend to be costly in one way or another because you're not supposed to make as many uninformed runs. Hence the expose, the bypass the derezz. The econ. You're supposed to be able to afford playing the waiting game and make the corp dance to your tune. And you're also supposed to have the early aggression that makes it all possible in the long run - hence the cheap (from a pure econ standpoint) but transient cards.

Basically, the faction has two main angles: the hyper aggressive run all the time for cheap decks (which historically imported a lot of Anarch tools and still tend to make the bulk of the builds you see), and the slower, methodical run-when-it-matters decks, which have been basically put dormant because of the long meta focus on FA.

What I'd love is addition to the card pool that makes focusing on the later desirable again(yeah, I know, one can always hope). I mean look at all the cards for expose and intelligence gathering in faction (there's what ? ten of them ?), then look how many of them actually get played. That's disheartening. A whole angle of the game basically dead (I don't know how it is in other metas, but people still trying to run expose locally can be counted on Django Reinhardt's fingers).

>> No.40137126


Shapers... I don't k now that the faction *itself* needs anything. Being the "brute force" faction, it certainly has everything it needs to build most kind of decks. Theirs is the most solid backbone, so they can borrow liberally to refine their base game...

Main issue comes from inner balance. Some IDs I find are a joy to build for and play (Chaos Theory, The Professor, Kit) but almost always suffer the comparison with Kate - like EtF she's so damn good, build-agnostic and rewarding you for doing things you basically cannot not do. So the specific builds that fits those IDs are going to need to be damn good and tailor-made to suffer the comparison. And I think for two of them (Kit and the Professor) FFG has been too conservative with influence, preventing them from branching out enough to differentiate themselves.

Nasir is its own thing and I love him. Makes for great games, forces all the player to think differently, and for that that alone I'm glad that he's here. I don't know that he needs something apart being here. Totally playable and unique.

And then there's poor Exile. With, what ? Five cards in the whole game that interacts with his ability - two of them that arguably benefits from Kate's ability - and now counter-plays the corp has against heap play too ? And his ability is just too narrow - going to be hard to add something that benefits him better than Kate (something working along the lines of Pawn could work I guess, though not tied to an out faction set of cards). If there' anything that needs work in Shaper for me right now, it's him. Supposedly an ID that is never going to leave the card pool. They have to do something. Doesn't need to make him competitive, but he has to make you feel like making a dedicated build just for him is worthwhile.

>> No.40137436

Not the anon who posted the question, but I like your answers.

>> No.40137478
File: 75 KB, 484x440, c616dfd8ca[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm spectating a game on OCTGN right now and Wyrm just killed an Archer with a Parasite

>> No.40137553

Still cost 4 data sucker tokens and 3 credits.

>> No.40137645

... to kill an archer he payed a two pointer to rez

>> No.40138205

3 jacksons all the time. Unless you love agenda flood and insta-losing to noise. 3 influence seems like a decent price to pay in order to not flat out lose a good handful of games

>> No.40138363

Green Level or Blue Level in Core Weyland?

>> No.40138418
File: 1.42 MB, 734x1045, Dvgl0lm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40138517

Is there full art of this somewhere?

>> No.40138659
File: 127 KB, 430x600, bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda04008.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No only the aftermath.

>> No.40138751
File: 75 KB, 300x418, 02087[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blacklist guy isn't Exile.
Quality Time guy is.

>> No.40139015

They both are. They fell in love at school and she left him after he got blacklisted after The Professor and his followers got outed.

>> No.40139082

I think Blacklist guy might be from SanSan though and Exile is from New Angeles.

>first turn inject
>draw morning star and retrieval run

>> No.40139182
File: 455 KB, 430x600, bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda02004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

On that note what do people think of using Morningstar as your main Fractor with shit like NRE in the pool now.
6 Str seems to cover most your needs outside a few crazy ice and that is what Datasucker is for.

>> No.40139340

5 STR has been enough for all non-Weyland barriers since core and datasuckers have always been able to make up the difference. Morningstar's problem is not that it can't pump its strength, it's that it costs 8 credits and is 2MU.

>> No.40139368
File: 61 KB, 300x418, 06032[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was using Morning Star together with Ice Carver and it was pretty fun.

And then pic related was released.

>> No.40139385

Am that anon, I like them too.

>> No.40139418


D4V1D. Anything below five you break for one, anything above you break for free (and hopefully Knife).


Thanks. I do try to not be negative only... though I guess I fail too often.

Would be nice if others voiced their opinions too.

>> No.40139472

>using alt arts on octgn
why do you have to do this

>> No.40139478

You can get around 8 Credits and with Grim + Mem Strips MU is not much of an issue in Anarch anymore.
I can see an Anarch Big Rig deck really shaping up to be nasty, the only issue I see is lack of a good ID to run it in.

>> No.40139490

maxx and retrieval runs is the best

>> No.40139498

I use the ones I own IRL.

>> No.40139613

It's not me who did it. I think the guy who played runner gave money to db0 so that he can use alt art and people see it or something. Dunno how it works.

>> No.40139786

I'm not so sure about Anarchs being able to get around the 8 credit cost. Anarchs need money.

Maybe Retrieval Run MaxX is the answer; but what else would you want to use Retrieval Runs on?

>> No.40139972

Femmes, Torchs, Parasites

>> No.40140016

As the anon you were replying to, I didn't add anything cause I mostly agree. Now that I think about it:

Anarch: something to incentivize one successful run per turn, to boost Whizz and Kim.

Crim: an influence-free way to meaningfully slow fast advance down, so their slow game can thrive.

Shaper: swap Kate's and Kit's influence totals.

>> No.40140118

Ok, that's it, I still have one deck to build for tomorrow, I don't know what to make... Helium-3 Deposit time !

>> No.40140176

Kit would be insane with 15 inf. But Kate really is too good. Maybe 12 inf for both.

>> No.40140205

Wait for Quicksand

>> No.40140211

Noise using cache, Test run, and Salvage.

>> No.40140258

This is a list with every piece of positional ICE.

Zed 1.0
Cell Portal
Whirpool (?)
RSVP (?)
Wormhole (?)

Now play Positional Blue Sun

>> No.40140289
File: 77 KB, 300x418, salvage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40140345

I once saw a server protected by two Markers and a Pup as the outermost ice.

>Zed 1.0

>> No.40140440

God I wish that card was playable.

>> No.40140475

Made unplayable by Gingerbread. Gingerbread too good.

>> No.40140510
File: 74 KB, 300x418, 07004.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make it playable.

>> No.40140688

Parasite says hi to your advancement counters.

>> No.40140751


>> No.40140950


Come on, I've been working the whole month to get the motivation and try ! Don't kill it.


I'll only make that, with a full one-pointer agenda selection to boot if I get to plays against a slow-ass expose Leela.


From that comment and looking at cards while building: just made me realize that I disregarded something about The Twins: it's the installed ICE that is being encountered again, so all the advancement tokens on it count. Say, a Swarm with 4 advancement tokens, that gets to be passed twice... Ok, probably doesn't beat Komainu going from 5 to ten subroutines, but still...

Add Midway for more jank. Because there's never enough.

>> No.40141108

It does not gain the subs on encounter. It has them by default.
That is why Tyrant is ALMOST playable.

>> No.40141634
File: 131 KB, 300x418, modded.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shitify your octgn:

I've been compiling these

>> No.40141694

Thanks, I've been looking for this.

>> No.40141900

Just bought the game yesterday, had an...interesting time learning it with my girlfriend. We forgot half the rules and restarted a couple of times but I think I have the hang of it now. I have a couple of new player questions

1. Does the runner die from having no cards in hand as a result of taking damage?
2. What's the difference between meat damage and net damage?
3. How much memory does each runner start with?
4. How do hosted counters work? One of the Jinteki Corporation's agenda card says "Hosted Agenda Counter: End the Run.". Does that mean that you remove a counter to end the run, or something else?

>> No.40141937

Almost forgot, do identity cards count as being in your deck for deck size purposes? Like have 44 cards + your identity = 45? Or are they separate?

>> No.40142013

1: Runners Flatline from taking more damage then cards in their hand. So 2 Damage with 1 Card in hand is dead but 1 damage is still alive.

2: Mostly what deals it and what interacts with it.

3: 4 MU

4: ya, you spend the counter it gains when you score it to end the run.

5: IDs are not part of your card count.

>> No.40142062

>1. Does the runner die from having no cards in hand as a result of taking damage?
The runner dies from being forced to discard more cards than he can.

2. What's the difference between meat damage and net damage?
Nothing. Just some cards influence some kinds of damage.

3. How much memory does each runner start with?
4. Except you're Chaos Theory.

>4. How do hosted counters work? One of the Jinteki Corporation's agenda card says "Hosted Agenda Counter: End the Run.". Does that mean that you remove a counter to end the run, or something else?
A card ability that goes like "blabla: do blabla" is a payed ability. The stuff before the colon is the cost. You can use them during payed ability windows unless they cost a click, then it's an action and you can only do them as actions (outside of runs and so on).

>Almost forgot, do identity cards count as being in your deck for deck size purposes? Like have 44 cards + your identity = 45? Or are they separate?

>> No.40142064

>1. Does the runner die from having no cards in hand as a result of taking damage?
Runner flatlines if he has to discard cards, but can't do it because he hasn't enough cards in hand for it.
>2. What's the difference between meat damage and net damage?
Thematically. Net damage comes from the net. Meat damage from the real world.
>3. How much memory does each runner start with?
4 MU
>4. How do hosted counters work? One of the Jinteki Corporation's agenda card says "Hosted Agenda Counter: End the Run.". Does that mean that you remove a counter to end the run, or something else?
That's what it does, yes. When the Corp scores that agenda it says to place one agenda counter on it. He can use that ability in any paid ability window (check the timing structure of a run) to end the run.

No, it's 45+ID

>> No.40142080

if you take this line of thinking then congratulations: you just lost your caprice bid.

>> No.40142093

>implying the runner ever spends anything but 0

>> No.40142127

i guess you have bad runners then. enjoy your free caprice wins!

>> No.40142144

When you install upgrades, you do not need to clearify that it's an upgrade. Upgrades get installed just like assets. Saying this because every new guy gets this wrong and it annoys me to see people on OCTGN put upgrades further to the back even if there's nothing else installed in the server.

>> No.40142145
File: 921 KB, 500x281, hSANnbq.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFW I spend 3 clicks and a total of 16 credits to break into RP's scoring server only to find a 2 advanced Junebug.

>> No.40142335

1. If the Runner takes more damage than the number of cards in his grip, or if he has a maximum hand size of less than zero at the end of his turn, then he is flatlined and the Corporation wins the game.
2.a Thematic reasons.
2.b Cards that specifically prevent one type of damage (meat, net or brain) cannot be used to prevent another type.
3.Default value of Memory Units is four. Can then be modified by card effect.
4.As the agenda will specify, you should place a counter on it when scored. The bold-ed "Hosted agenda Counter is the price to use the agenda's ability, so yes you remove the counter to use the ability, and cannot use it once you have exhausted the counter.


No, IDs do not count toward deck size.

Welcome to the game. You can download the rules and he latest FAQ off the FFG site, they should be more convenient to browse with a search function. Keep the Timing Structure of Turns and Timing Structure of a Run on hands when learning - can be a bit convoluted at first when you have to ingest all of it at once, but don't let that discourage you. It's worth it.


Don't be afraid to ask, we're mostly nice. Unles when we're aren't and we terraform one another's neighborhoods.

>> No.40142393

terraform implies things can live there afterwards. Glass one another's neighborhoods might better get the point across. Damn elizabeth Mills

>> No.40142571


Oh, don't worry, once we're done renovating the place, it will be perfectly fit for living again.
After all who would want one's own land to needlessly lose all market value, just because of one non-elucidated random act of terrorism ?

>> No.40142604
File: 261 KB, 299x417, Scorched Earth HD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40143379
File: 257 KB, 430x600, scortched earth.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oops, we dropped a satellite on you, sorry guys.

If they're rodding the targets, then the land would still be viable.

>> No.40143390
File: 546 KB, 1024x768, wyrm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, well... look what I found laying defenseless in Archives.

>> No.40143728

Now we need a "You have been visited by the Wyrm of strength reduction" image.

>> No.40148802
File: 146 KB, 954x838, tri_maf_contact___netrunner_by_witta-d7d6bo8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.40148876
File: 193 KB, 299x414, edit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40149221

I get why RP.netdeck rarely has advancable traps in any of it's slight variations, the Caprice remote scoring window is often very obviously open or closed. Should the Caprice server become less reliable or more porous as the meta (hopefully soon) changes to combat the dominant strategy, maybe we'll see more traps
to throw the runner off.

I've been running 2x agg sec and 2x Chronos Protocol with good effect in a atman and eater heavy meta.

>> No.40149978

Midnight Promise Liar here

All this Caprice hate.

What other problems should I design cards you wish were real for.

It'll probably be less fun now I'm not lying anymore, without the possibility of spoilers I'm just playing pretend

>> No.40150462

Gingerbread. It's turning my meta upside down.

>> No.40150622

My meta don't know how to deal with Account Siphon yet.

>> No.40150743


>> No.40150747
File: 78 KB, 300x418, 06048.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does your meta not have First Contact yet?

>> No.40150791

love mimic's faces

>> No.40150862

And now please find me that comic of criminal deck construction that ends with 3 account siphons on a plate and a disappointed guy saying it's all just account siphon.

>> No.40151593
File: 50 KB, 300x418, sexyagendas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.40151749
File: 169 KB, 1029x1500, 1410767944544.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anybody have the rest?

>> No.40153211
File: 814 KB, 3060x1496, triptch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go

>> No.40154068
File: 3.11 MB, 280x160, 86822-not-like-this-gif-perfect-loop-pD6b.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MFW I spend all morning testing out RP to see what people are talking about with Caprice.
1 loss out of 20 games... I think I am taking this to regionals but it just feels so wrong...

>> No.40154312

What's with Caprice?

>> No.40154385

>watch game on octgn again
>runner runs into caprice 6 times
>always bids 0
>against nisei division

>> No.40154404

She just wins games. 1 Taxing ICE and a Caprice scores an agenda most the time. Hell most games it scores 2-3 Agendas on it's own. If I score a Nisei mk 2 I have already won.
Psi games are just so insanely favored on the Corp side that she is almost free wins.

The only game I lost was to a pure Keyhole and ICE Destro Noise deck that managed to kill all me Caprices and Jacksons by turn 5.

>> No.40154457
File: 60 KB, 300x418, 04054[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What if
What if Caprice in RP isn't overpowered
What if it's all just because of Sundew?

>> No.40154579

Sundew is nice but most runners trash them the turn I rez them if they can. They almost never stay out for 2 turns.

>> No.40154597

Just had two games in a row on OCTGN where someone tried to break my Eli's with decoders or killers.

Is this a new meme or something?

>> No.40154633

Influx of new players. The metrics say there is around 200 new players over the last month on OCTGN.
I blame the Stimhack stuff.

>> No.40154738

What stimhack stuff?

>> No.40154808

Stimhack has been pushing for more streamers, recorded games, etc. Making it so more people see and know about OCTGN.
There are at least 4-5 ANR streamers each night now compared to 1 at most just a month or so ago.

If people start getting subs I can see people pushing into daily streaming of ANR as a nice side gig. There are a few MTG streamers that make a fair bit of money off it now.

>> No.40154827

>Sundew is nice but most runners trash them the turn I rez them if they can. They almost never stay out for 2 turns.

You don't Ice up your Sundews!?

Sundew is, in my opinion, the premier thing that makes RP incredibly powerful. Caprice is an insane card, but RP mostly wins on excellent economy. I often find that an upgrade in a remote server just means they leave it alone - no need to spend 8 credits to Psi against Caprice, in their opinion.

>> No.40155306

I have found that people just don't check remotes and RP can go for the long game so I run Hostile Infrastructure and Melange Mining Corp. Many times the runner won't take the option of 2 clicks, 1 credit, and 1-3 Net Damage to deal with a Mining Corp. Most the time in RP I just set up and wait for Agendas anyways so I can Mining Corp away as needed.

>> No.40155648

This is suffering. I'm in a game that's taken half an hour for ten turns.

>> No.40155669

Looking at Net-Ready Eyes, and with Chameleon coming in Underway, I'm seeing some serious shaper shenanigans possible in future.

Chameleon in particular can pull off some serious bullshit - if you use multiple LLDS Processors and London Library (or Sahasrara) you could get a very nice high strength breaker.
If you wanted more jank/power you could also use Dinosaurus.
Autoscripter might also be also be worth including, to mitigate the install click

With all this hardware Tyson Observatory might not be a bad idea - either that, or a lot of draw cards.

Obviously the times when you have everything out and have a Strength 9 Chameleon will be few and far between, but I think even the lower end of the concept still has a fair bit of power.

Also, I've noticed that you can Scavenge a program from London Library, instead of returning it to your hand, which is pretty neat

>> No.40155869

Chameleon combos with London Library anyways since you can trigger Chameleons bounce before it trashes at the end of the turn. So you can just reinstall it for free each turn at no risk.

>> No.40155891

put something like "experienced" into the game title when hosting
don't join games that say casual

>> No.40155958

Leela is the answer to what you want. She has the classic early game aggression that all crims want, and then she can transition seamlessly into the long game, building up kati and your powerhouse rig until the corp gives you an opening to make a couple of huge runs

>> No.40156116

>Harvey Kaplan

>> No.40156233

>Still can't do month to month break down

>> No.40157814
File: 169 KB, 250x350, ChaosTheoryAltArt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that, that's why I said it.

Still, it's something I want to try when Chameleon comes out:

>You sit down, and breathe deep. Relax. With steady hands you slot the cyberfeeder into the port behind your ear.
>You close your eyes and focus on the Sahasrara, the thousand petalled lotus. The program comes to life, and you see into cyberspace through net-ready eyes, drawing in power as lines of not-light converge about you
>At a thought the autoscripter embedded in your rig comes to life - it is pre-equipped for the rapid installation of the master program at its core, and in your mind's eye the code flows from it to the heart of your rig, first in a stream, then a torrent.
>You open your eyes but the glowing animus rising from the console remains, surrounded by a host of small windows - inconsequential details and distractions
>The glowing program constantly shifts in colour and form: a furious crimson kaiju, capable of smashing through any barrier, an electric-blue dragon, the match of any sentry, and a deft-clawed raptor in emerald green, nearly unrecognisable from the top-of-the-line edutainment software it was adapted from.
>In meatspace the rig hums with carefully-regulated power, its three core processors painstakingly arrayed in a delta rosette feeding each other in a rising cycle as the breaker crystallises into being.
>The timer in a hovering window blinks out, you make your choice. The program seems to shudder, but then glows brighter, growing bigger as it stops shifting and starts to move with purpose.
>Time to run

>> No.40158706

It's after 5PM so I'm not breaking any blood oaths.

Howard Labs - "Edutainment Unleashed"
Identity: Division (NBN)
Whenever you draw a card, the Runner draws a card.

>> No.40158792

There is only downsides do this card...

>> No.40158839

It's before 5pm, but blood oaths are worth breaking.

Wetland Ice - Barrier
7 to rez - 5 strength - 2 influence
- The runner loses 2c if able, if not, end the run.
- The corporation gains 2c.
- End the run.

>> No.40159020

That's what they said about Cerebral Imaging and look at it now, a deck that used to be Tier 2.5 until Clot came out.

>Start of turn: Forces 2 runner draws with the power of Daily Business Show
>Click 1+2: Corporate Shuffle
>Click 3: Sweeps Week
>Runner's turn: Runner can't play all those new cards without discarding some, gets demoralized and surrenders on the spot.

>> No.40159059
File: 72 KB, 300x418, Paywall.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That is awful

That's not too bad.
Strength's a bit low, but a 3 sub datapike-barrier isn't something to sneeze at.
Sadly I could see that cost/strength ratio.

Name's a bit uninspired though

>> No.40159563

Couldn't come up with better name.

Wanted to be as realistic on rez cost as I could.

Major inspiration was Wall of Thorns.

Is 6 for Corroder to break, or 2 and at least one Lady counter. Even D4V1D has it rough, can go through for one counter but then there is a 4c swing.

1st and 2nd subs would be stronger reversed, but tried to be pessimistic where possible outside of the main concept.

Nicely taxing, unlikely to keep a runner out for long, risky to face check, best broken by Breach at 4 just for giggles.

Feel like it'd be worth playing though in many decks, might even get splashed some, while not being particularly unbalanced.

After all, HB and Jinteki get barriers you don't want to face check, why not big W?

Doubt 79 is much like this, but was fun to design.

>> No.40160093

Yeah it's an okay design.
Gets a lot better if you plan to support it with Patch or AIZ

Mentioning the big HB barrier reminds me, I've been thinking about putting a Heimdall 2.0 in Blue Sun - the influence is a bit of a squeeze, but I think it might be worth it.

I've actually just noticed something while using archives - we were told #79 is ice
>79 is fairly exciting Ice. Not overpowered, but very certainly playable, especially currently.

We've not been told if it's a barrier or not - the thing I misread, then started saying it IS a barrier was spoiler-ken talking about how much he's told us
>and that #79 is Ice - and that #76 is a Barrier, actually.

It may well be, because Weyland, but it's not as guaranteed as I thought

>> No.40160313

So why do I see HB with Caprice but no Weyland with Caprice?

>> No.40160382
File: 4.03 MB, 300x418, Scorched Earth.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you want to kill proactively then you really need those sweet yellow traces

>> No.40160460

people have tired it but it does not really pay off. Jinteki ICE is more taxing for the cost and RP has built in tax.

HB has built in Fast Advance, Ash, and Econ while having some really taxing low cost ICE in faction.

Weyland has bad Agendas, gear check ICE, and no in faction Agenda protection assets. They need to port in most their tools and they are left with a weak package at the end.

>> No.40160507

Thank you

>> No.40161225

executive retreat...

>> No.40161230

It's all over anyway so any promises I've made don't matter.

Miranda Rhapsody
Runner - Shaper - 0 Link
Prevent all Meat Damage.
The Corp cannot trash resources you control.
You are tagged.
Whenever you initiate a run, flip Miranda Rhapsody.


Ele "Smoke" Scovak
Runner - Shaper - 2 Link

2 (recurring credit)
Use these credits during runs.
Whenever a successful run ends, flip Ele "Smoke" Scovak.

>> No.40161309

You forgot she has Stealth on the other side too.

>> No.40161539
File: 67 KB, 300x418, 06119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

obvious auto-include?

>> No.40161565

Wouldn't work due to the rules of recurring credits.

>> No.40161647
File: 61 KB, 300x418, 06025.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

didn't we already get a faq on cerebral static and wizzard?

>> No.40161749

Why would it need one?

>> No.40161885

Recurring creds are placed as soon as a card is played, and assuming that the flip side counts as a new card each time there shouldn't be a problem.

>> No.40162053

S-K later confirmed 79 as barrier when we were all praying obnoxiously for a code gate.
Yeah, the recurring credits don't go away but they stop refreshing at the start of the turn (and maybe can't be spent I forget).

Either way the Miranda/Smoke I'd is unplayable since you have to flip like that.

I doubt they're the same person anyway. Reeeally hope not.

Besides, I don't think it WAS ever confirmed by a legit source that all the runners flipped, or that they were all of different factions, or anything. We know naught, and likely won't until June.

Much more curious about all the other things coming out beforehand, like Faust and what other support Haarpsichord is getting and if there's more stuff for Hayley yet to arrive.

>> No.40162084

It is after the Blood Moon so the damons won't come acall'n.

Stumbler Blog
Anarch - 5 Influence
Resource - Contact
Cost - 4
Each time you steal an Agenda you may forfeit it to host a power counter on this card.
Hosted Power Counter 3[clicks]: Give the Corp 1 Bad Pub.

>> No.40162237


>> No.40162342

Ah, right.
Still, at least it's meant to be good.

>> No.40162436

It has been forever since spoilers.
Toss us the full Underway spoilers please!

>> No.40162515

haha no

>> No.40162602

These still sound the most reasonable amount of crazy to me:

>one side 0 Link but says "LINK cards cost 1 less to install" and the other side is blank with 2 link. You can flip her by starting a Trace 2 for a click, if you win you flip her and if you lose you take a tag.

>0 Link on both sides.
>One Side you have 2 stealth credits to use during runs but you are consisted tagged.
>The other side you gain 1 credit for each card you discard at the end of your turn but have a hand size of 2. You can flip in place of accessing cards on any run on a central server.

>> No.40162668

If these are true, I hope the Shaper stealth side is called revenant.

>> No.40162736

Spoiler-ken bot confirm or deny!

>> No.40162883

He's gonna confirm they are true by not denying they are fake

>> No.40163141

Both are false.

>> No.40163170

strictly worse than frame job or am i missing something?

>> No.40163228

never change

>> No.40163305

oh god that shaper sounds awful. no resources allowed, perma vulnerable to scorched. Other side just sounds unplesant to deal with, and the flip condition is potentially a tempo hit depending on board state. plus, how do you flip from the stealth back to the shittier side?

>> No.40163310

Other ideas to share:

A Jinteki current, 3 to play.
Standard current text, and: "Whenever a successful run ends, you may trash the top card of R&D. If you do, the runner takes 1 net damage."
Helps PE slightly vs Keyhole by pseudo-Shicki.g them each run. Helps IG build archives. Nasty for CP. Expensive due to power if runner cannot break current somehow, also turns off immediately when they do so PE doesn't sting twice.

Jinteki Upgrade - Region
1 to rez, 4 to trash
"Whenever the runner makes a successful run on this server, play psi. If you win, the order of accessed card determined by the corporation, including on the run this is trashed. (Runner still chooses which cards to access, and whether or not to pay additional costs.)"

Maybe not the best wording, but makes Shock better for PE and generally makes some runs riskier, but not always reliable so runner has a chance to not die from corporation ordering. At least it is a tax or makes the runner use Hades Shard.

Last one for now:
Weyland Asset - Executive
0 to rez - 3 to trash - 2 info
Click: Place an advancement counter on an installed card that can be advanced.
Trash: Rez an installed card, ignoring any additional costs.

Makes advance ice cheaper while also helping to advance agendas cheaply outside of the renovations which are a bimbo, lets you rez archer without forfeiting an agenda, gets around some other things, helps Corporate Town too. Seems handy without being busted.

>> No.40163412

FOREVER, a week, basically the same thing, right?

>> No.40163446

Nah, Junior is heavily busted with Archer. Click 1: Install Archer; Click 2: Install "Junior", rez and trash it. Archer for 4 credits. Pretty ridiculous.

>> No.40163456
File: 66 KB, 300x418, quest.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unsurprisingly, the runner who we're closest to is Whizzard

>> No.40163581

Based spoiler-ken, I've heard conflicting reports about Underway Renovation. When overadvanced, does it trash the top 3 cards of the Runner's stack or the top 4?

>> No.40163712

Make him 1 or 2 to rez, then? Archer is kinda weak right now. Shutdown and Crescentus are seeing play again, as are inside jobs and things, and you need to get both those cards in your hand first.

Maybe have him remove himself from the game, too, just to avoid recursion?

>> No.40163834

Am I the only one that thinks Underway Renovation might have a deck centered around it.

I am thinking like Blacklist, UR, tossed in with gear check ICE and Corporate Troubleshooter.
Toss it behind a HIVE with a CT early and you can trash a fair number of Runner cards.
It is only 1 point if I remember right so there giving it up is not always the worst thing ever.

>> No.40163884

Really? Where? Everyone I've seen talks about it as 4 cards.

>> No.40163961

Cost 4 Hardware Console Unique
Influence 4

You cannot install programs from your grip.
When your turn begins, you may install the top-most program from your heap at no cost if you trashed at least one program during your previous turn.

>> No.40163979

I think 1/2 to rez, and change the trash ability to "Remove from game, rez a card ignoring all rez costs"
to make it feel more like jackson.
the "ignore additional costs" just feels weird. So it's an advance machine, and a potential OH SHIT if you can't afford to rez a trap for reasons.

>> No.40164014

In ANCUR it is listed as 3 cards. I don't know where they get 4 but I've always seen it as 3.

>> No.40164107

Ok time for some real spoils!

70: Echo Chamber
Shaper - 4 Influence
Program - 3 MU
4 Cost
[Click]: Make a run on HQ, If successful, instead of accessing cards, reveal all ICE in HQ. Host one of those ICE on this card.
When encountering a Rezed ICE you may swap it with ICE hosted on this card. The new ICE is installed rezed.

>> No.40164346

How do you know the corp is really revealing all ice?

>> No.40164370

A basic level of trust you need to play any game.

>> No.40164464

Imagine if Special Order wouldn't force the runner to reveal the card they searched for. People would cheat all the time.

>> No.40164566

I guess if you play with cheaters...

>> No.40164718

I mean most cards don't really give you a way to cheat. You can still just cheat by installing agendas as ice, but at least the cards should be strict.
This card lets you do stuff like
>yeah this archer here is totally the only ice in my hand

Anyway, would you be able to host any number of ice on that card?

>> No.40164722

Not denied yet by Spoiler-Ken. I am going to take it as highly likely true.

Now that said this care is INSANE. Load it up with cheap early game ICE and swap it out for big taxing ones. Snatch up all their good ICE early before they install it. Get to see how many non-ICE cards there are in HQ, etc.
This is almost as good as Keyhole. 3 MU and it is a huge trash target but I can see this being a central card in a ICE deny deck.

>> No.40164950

Lukas said they're never making heap order matter.

>> No.40164997


>> No.40165072

ANR Bad Publicity 100th episode. Somewhere in the middle of a 2 hour q&a. He said he doesn't want to make it happen because he doesn't want people penalized for accidentally shuffling their heap when they aren't allowed to.

>> No.40165111

I think the original time it was spoiled said 4, but considering the pattern held by the other agendas, its hard to believe that its anything but 'trash 2 cards, or 3 if there are 4 or more advancement counters on it'

>> No.40166114

No, no, and no.

>> No.40166270


Not trying to pass this as true, just throwing what I think is -as is - a bad idea, but one that emerged this afternoon while talking about creating new cards that would:

a) Fit Exile better than Kate.
b) Foster new patterns of play.
c) Hopefully at least make Exile interesting to build for specifically.

Just for he sake of conversation really since everyone seems to be throwing imaginary cards left and right.

Other idea, a program suite based on the current criminal cloud model, keyword Recycle. When you trash a Recycle breaker you can install a copy of a recycle breaker of another type from you heap at the end of your turn. Something that would make Strength dependent on moving pieces, but couldn't agree on how.

There's a reason I'm not a gme designer.

>> No.40166499

The problem is making heap recursion specific enough that Kate can't benefit as much. Clone Chip is just really good, and more like it would screw things over.

>> No.40166740


The main idea is it's going to be recursion that brings no installation payment into play, to prevent Kate's idea ability from firing.

>> No.40167151

Cerebral Static probably has my favorite piece of flavor text in ANR

>> No.40168957

No, you are not the only one, and if it really is what has been leaked, it will completely drive Criminal out of the meta.

>> No.40169018

>Industrial Genomics

>> No.40169562

It'd suck, but...

Inside Job > Hive + CT

Femme can handle most else.

And it might not hurt Shapers or Snatched enough to matter these days since Criminal is no longer God.

>> No.40172560

Engineering the Root (54 cards)
Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future

-- Agenda (11 cards)
2 Accelerated Beta Test
3 Efficiency Committee
3 Mandatory Upgrades
3 Project Vitruvius

-- Asset (7 cards)
3 Adonis Campaign
2 Eve Campaign
2 The Root

-- ICE (19 cards)
3 Architect
2 Cortex Lock
1 Crick
3 Eli 1.0
1 Ichi 1.0
3 Janus 1.0
3 NEXT Bronze
3 NEXT Silver

-- Operation (6 cards)
3 Blue Level Clearance
3 Hedge Fund
1 Interns

-- Upgrade (11 cards)
3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY
2 Awakening Center
3 Breaker Bay Grid
2 The Twins

ETF with NEXT, Eli and Architect for standard rushing, Cortex Lock to keep them honest, BBG to subsidise Adonis, Eve and the Root and live the Awakening Center Janus Twins dream. Plausible?

>> No.40173627

Green level is best level.

>> No.40173676

SanSan Cycle #99.

>> No.40173780

Let me guess, 2 influence, cost 3, type Double Transaction, Spend Click as an additional cost, Gain 9 credits.

>> No.40173895

The credit gain is not static.

>> No.40173900

>Create clot to stop NBN shenanigans.
>Completely ruin CI's gimmick as a result.

>> No.40173918

Ooh, interesting.

I hope it's better than Peak Efficiency

>> No.40173995

Gain 2 credits for each Transaction card in the archives.

>> No.40174049

>>Create clot to stop NBN shenanigans.
It barely does anything against NBN except for making them advance cards first and then rezzing sansan or using astro tokens. It really just fucks HB.

>> No.40174057

didn't you say it worked with the public agendas?

>> No.40174062

>gain 1 credit for every credit in your credit pool credit

>> No.40174076

>gain 1 credit for every installed card with at least 1 advancement counter on it

>> No.40174116

It's made them run CVS, Blacklist, and SfSS. Not that those are bad cards, but I don't think they would have run cards tangential to their core game plan if they didn't absolutely need to.

>> No.40174193

Hmm, the guy may have been on the right track though. Something akin to Power Nap that becomes sequentially stronger when X condition is met repeatedly?

Perhaps "Choose a server. Gain a credit for each piece of ice protecting that server"?

>> No.40174219

whatever it is it better make weyland at least 7 credits or more on the regular.

they supposed to be the money corp and jinteki currently shitting all over them

>> No.40174299

cannot wait for underway renovation and casting call in argus. gonna be an awesome deck when all the pieces are together

>> No.40174308

commercialisation for cards in servers instead of ICE?

>> No.40174444

Don't hold your breath. It's probably mediocrity embodied. Though I hope otherwise.

Celebrity Gift is only as absurd as it is because The Future Perfect is annoying as all dick and NAPD is a ho-ass bitch, and thus revealing that you have said agendas in your hand is hardly a detriment.

>> No.40174694

Hopefully it's two influence (it won't be one), but something tells me it'll be three influence. It is a very NBN effect.

>> No.40174736

what will be 3 inf?

>> No.40174816
File: 573 KB, 600x502, San San Fan.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Casting Call, I think he'd referring to.

It's at least 2

>> No.40174820

>Naprice Cisei.

>> No.40174844

Casting Call is OP as shit. There is a fair chance it is the best NBN card ever printed. It makes Jackson look like Scavenge.

>> No.40174860

I really hope it's 2, I have mushin standing in for it at the moment and the influence fits quite nicely

>> No.40174978

it's fucking brutal in argus, makes any agenda at least 2 clicks and 4 creds to steal, and that only if they take 2 meat as well, if they don't take the meat it's 3 clicks and 6 creds

>> No.40175110

Will we ever get a 0 point weyland agenda?

>> No.40175122

How about a 1/0 with no ability?

>> No.40175146

I just noticed you can only use offer you can't refuse on central servers.
Well shit.

>> No.40175171

You can always just toss nasty upgrades on a central and have them come charging down it.
Or have a bunch of Shocks and such in Archives and pressure them into those.

Mostly it is just a 4 credit cost Agenda point as any smart runner will refuse the run.

>> No.40175218

While playing with friends and the new cards, somebody actually built a fairly nice deck using it. It was somewhat janky, but hey, sometimes it worked.

However somebody did one of the most baller Netrunner-things I have ever seen. Accept the run on An Offer You Can't Refuse and install Hades Shard instead of accessing.

>> No.40175275


Giving them something just to feed Archer/Corporate Town, seems a bit of a crude move?

>> No.40175726

Are there updates today?
Is today the day we see the new Deluxe!?

>> No.40175830

Probably not, there's still not been a release article for Chrome City.

>Giving them something just to feed Archer/Corporate Town, seems a bit of a crude move?
But come on, HB got a 0 point agenda and they're gonna get a bioroid archer, too.
And they also have Eliza's. The only thing Weyland has to get around additional costs is oversight AI I guess.

>> No.40175938

Deluxe is unlikely, we won't see it until after Chrome City

I think Eliza's is partly for the big bioroids (and Barry), given that BER is worse than pre-Blue Sun Oversight AI .

I'd support another 2/1, but for ignoring costs they should probably have to import.

Has anyone tested Eliza's in Blue Sun?
Does it work well, or is it too slow?

>> No.40176211

>they should probably have to import.
Yeah the problem is they can't import agendas.
What about a 3/0 agenda? Give it some random ability. Might as well be neutral.
Right now Corp Town seems way easier to use in HB than Weyland.

>> No.40176322

Pushed Agenda
Neutral - Agenda
Advancement Requirement: 3
Agenda Points: 0
When this Agenda is scored or stolen reveal the top card of R&D. The Corp may install or play that card paying no clicks, if it can be rezzed rez it ignoring all costs.

>> No.40176396

I meant import something that lets you ignore costs.

Yeah, I agree that it is looking that way, unfortunately - Eliza's and being better at protecting assets means HB can run it more easily.

>> No.40177650

No rain, no snow.

>> No.40177727

Looks like FFG is taking the day off for USA Murders the World day so no new spoilers for us T-T;

>> No.40179126

Not being from the US it took me a few moments to realise what you were on about.

Does Savoir-faire work with Hayley's ability?
And does Personal Workshop, if you use it in the corp's turn?

>> No.40179225

Yes, Savoir-faire and Personal Workshop both trigger Hayley.

>> No.40179367


I've not used PW much, how well does it work for saving money and clicks?

>> No.40181928
File: 877 KB, 1176x1000, Day Job full art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.40182059

Thanks to the anon that recommended playing TWIY* with Grail and Midway.

The more I play it, the more I like it. I think it reconciled me with NBN. Amusing to play, lot of potential there, I think.

>> No.40182491
File: 1.42 MB, 1001x1495, Midway Poster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How is that deck for influence with, what, 9 on Grail ice?

>> No.40182710

NAPD, Red Herrings, Project Beale?

>> No.40182911


Pretty tough, but at the same time interesting in that it forces you to play with the yellow card pool.


I've tried several builds (among which that one, yes). Probably the least effective, but most fun to play was one that used a modicum of tagging support, Market Research and License Acquisition. City Surveillance was actually quite nice in there.

Runner has to make choices: give you the opportunity to score or get in those costly servers but not be able to trash. Float the tag(s) and risk the boosted scores or lose even more and money than can really be afforded.

Certainly not competitive by any stretch - too fragile - but if/once you get it going, it's very fun to play.

>> No.40183357

I was playing that for a while, but then I switched to NEH Grail and have been having more success with it. The ability card draw is just so much better than six cards in hand.

>> No.40183441

I think it's the combination of both reduced deck size and bigger hand size that makes the deck. But I was thinking that NEH draw can probably speed it up. Specially if you're playing cards like City Surveillance.

>> No.40183479

The approach I took for economy is Pad/Marked Accounts. So since I was doing that anyway the transition to NEH made more sense. The extra influence helps with Executive Boot Camp to get the economy getting online fast.
I also never find I miss the extra card in HQ.

>> No.40184182


Latest version I played only had 6 assets though, would have to rework it some for NEH to make sense.

I actually liked the variation with MMM you could see the runner just not wanting to run that remote, but not being able to afford it.

>> No.40184441

Have anybody playtested Geist already? How was it?

>> No.40185181

Don't think we know his Influence/Minimum Deck size yet?

>> No.40185409

I don't know if it was confirmed but everyone is assuming he is 45/15. It's a 1 link runner with a draw ability that relies on card effects. Basically Criminal Exile, but playable (I hope).

>> No.40186417
File: 274 KB, 647x938, bc0f047c-01b1-427f-a439-d451eda02104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just realized how clever Faerie wording is compared to Sharpshooter if some HB deck used Tyr's Hand to prevent the breaking of one of Ichi's subroutines. Same goes for Janus/Deus X.

>> No.40186466

He, Exile and MaxX share a similar design space - they all need to get things from the heap.
As Shaper is the faction with the most recursion tools I can see why they made Exile the weakest, but I think they went far too far

>> No.40186693

What's tier 1 in anarch nowadays?

>> No.40186922

>what's tier 1 in anarch nowadays?
headlock reina

>> No.40187614

And Maxx with standard breakers.

>> No.40188923

Didn't Blacklist break that?

>> No.40189530

She doesn't have the same problems as Kate getting into a remote like cycy creates with a rezzed blacklist but it does hurt her.

>> No.40189761

So I have a problem, maybe. I'm not sure if it's just a fluke or what but all my recent games have been decided by my making a move to "force" my opponent to have an answer, and I'm not sure if this is a good thing for me to do. For instance, recently I've lost 2 games, one was when I bet that the corp didn't have a scorch kill in hand when I picked up the second to last point, after checking HQ and only seeing mid seasons in hand, and another where it came down to if a Kate had a fracter and won a psi game to steal my last vitruvius. This doesn't sit well with me, how can I improve /tg/? I ask since I think this might be common.

>> No.40190121


Chrome City visual spoilers!

>> No.40190293

Jesus Christ that turntable art is shit.

>> No.40190340

Pretty stuff

>> No.40190511

Pretty but, as a pack, mostly unexciting

>> No.40190628

Netrunner, brought to you by Beats By Dre.

>> No.40191132

Btw. Onosendaicorp hasn't been updated for the latest cycle. I think the developer has stopped development for now.

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