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Can we have a /tg/ screencap thread?

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I just like posting this.

I hope one day there will be another thread like it.

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With the Dark Dozen leading up to The Butcher.

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The Head of Vecna is always a classic.

On another note, on a scale of 1-10, how sad is it that I check these threads to see if my screencaps show up?
(With 1 being checking the change slot on a pay phone and 10 being asking the girl who broke up with you 20 years ago if you had a chance before proposing to your fiance?)

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Read all that in Nelson's voice, couldn't stop laughing the whole time. God damn, the world needs more slapstick.

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About a 2
Sounds like hope
Stop that

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I have one that I am proud of that shows up sometimes.
And one that is a turd, polished to shame other unpolished turds, that shows up far more often.
The rest are more functional than storytime and never see the light of day.
{spoiler}Hope has no place here, where productivity comes to die.[/spoiler]

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That brought a tear to my eye.

What was the first post like?

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I think I saw this game on a 'draw your current RPG party' thread a couple of weeks back.

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thank god he died before full on Dementia set in.

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oh shit, that's a party I DMed. Yeah, I spam a party with those characters in pretty much all the party threads and will be using them as NPCs in the next campaign I'm working on.
That screencap is years old, I think I wrote it for a "RPG romance" thread on a Valentine's Day a while back. I've since run another campaign with those players and characters, but I fell out of touch with pretty much everyone in that group after college.

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Well dammit, I wasn't planning on cryying tonight...

Just finished reading, feet of clay.

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I have a few. How many should I limit myself to?

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Last one for now, don't want to take over the thread.

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I am curious, I am unfamiliar with the story under the name "Allendo"; is there some some greater meaning here that is lost upon this humble archivist, or is this just a retelling of Edgardo with a few of the names changed?

In either case, I bring out lore from the archives.

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"Alaundo" is a character in the Forgotten Realms, http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Alaundo

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That actually is a very smart idea.

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Oh, my! Thank you for posting these: something seems to have happened to my copies of them, and the files appear to have been corrupted!

Furthermore, I had not known of a fifth part to the story, thank you! I'm now curious as to how many more parts to the tales of this cheesy necromancer that I may not know of.

I have a feeling there's more to this, but thank you nonetheless.

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A screencap thread has to be the most cancerous possible waste of board space ever conceived by fakers and sell-outs. In the before times, it was counter-philosophical. Now, it's just idiotically redundant. There's archives. The only possible point to this thread is to get invisible thumbs up that can never be received, the search for brownie points that can never appear.

No it's not. Unlike a telegraph, there's a ridiculous amount of false positives and potential false negatives. The tortured are even eager to destroy the system in that way, to spite the people injuring them. It's even established the the tortured are criminals -- people who do not manage social responsibilities, government fealty, or long-term planning well. It's also born not from the characters being inventive but from the players gaming an Evil act (and this shit is capital E Evil, make no possible mistake) leveraged by their modern sensibilities and tech knowledge.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. That stupid ass post could have been lost to the ether. Half-remembered, cared about by the folks that saw it, and marginally influential. But no. Some asshat went spastic and now he's got to post the stupid thing he screen-grabbed or what did he waste his time editing it for? It was nothing, it is nothing, it changes nothing, and nobody gained anything from seeing it yet again.

Repost is shit. You people are shit. I'm shit for posting here.

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>Repost is shit. You people are shit. I'm shit for posting here.

... Okay.

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You're obsoleted by the automatic archives.

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Your opinion is noted, and discarded.

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It's not an opinion. It's a reasoned stance.

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Archives only work if you know what you're looking for.

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Cry us a river, bitch nigger faggot!

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>pinch nipple, pause, pinch nipple
>pinch nipple, pinch nipple, pause
>pinch nipple, pause, pinch nipple
>the ship's captain signaled the mainland, hoping to save his beleaguered crew, though surely the ship would founder on the rocks of the cape
>a single tear rolls down his cheek amidst the driving rain
>pinch nipple, pause, pause, pause
>the captain salutes as the seawater rushes in about his ankles

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That's a variant on a Pratchett idea that monarchy travels faster than light (no matter where the heir is when the king dies, the heir becomes king), so you could create an intergalactic communications network by torturing monarchs.

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A poorly reasoned stance.

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It didn't. That's the end.

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Eh, I have to almost agree with him.

Better reasoning would be that screencaps themselves are not terrible, but that bad screencaps are.

Really, this thread has maybe six or seven screencaps worth reposting, and then a lot of shit, including shit that people post that is so terrible that it's fairly embarrassing for everyone involved.

But, that's not always how these threads go. Sometimes, someone with good taste and large collection starts these threads, and posts good screencaps, and only a few of these worthless ones trickle in.

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But it is also the begging, for the sand is all mine.

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Does anyone have the palantir mace?

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I see no-one's posted the mexican brawler vs dragon story yet. I'm impressed.

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When /x/ invaded and we lead one of them to his doom.

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>dying for the betterment of a board which is not your own homeboard

Truly a noble death. May he be rewarded in the next life for his service.

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I get the meaning of the story, but not the name.

When I read Allendo, I got that the Allendo author thought the Edgardo author was an asshole who ruined his own story, and tried to show how it could have been done differently.
I like Tale of Allendo on a very meta level.

And coincidentally also love threads like the one that spawned the Elven Masques.
But, the name thing I only get Edgar Allen Do, which is just dumb.

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It's more of that both stories are fake and terrible, and that the author of Edgardo recognized how bad it was, but instead of recognizing that it was a shit story, he lacked the originality to come up with a plausible plot and instead just tried rewriting the same shit, and funnily enough didn't succeed in improving it one bit.

You fans of that story are some of the most pathetic Redditors to come to /tg/, and you really need to stop acting like it's anything other a masturbatory dream of the saddest kind, a person who wants to win at a freeform forum RPG.

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It's also on suptg, but this was just faster to find.

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Fuck you, buddy. I didn't ask for these feels.

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If you read Allendo, you can see the disdain for Edgardo's author and the writing style is different, so the idea that it's the same guy is more than unlikely.
>both stories are fake and terrible
Edgardo may be fake, Allendo is fiction.
Well, I see the worth in a story of friends banding together to survive a system that has turned against them and surviving through perseverance, cleverness, and providence.
If you think they both did that terribly, then thank you for sharing your opinion.

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You don't need to be here.
This is the motherfucking MIB.
Why are you seeking attention on an anonymous board?
Marry. Have lots of childrens.

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I don't care. The feels will be had.

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>perseverance, cleverness, and providence.

Huh. You're really working hard at fluffing up asinine stubborness, arrogant pride, and exploiting obvious loopholes in the rules written explicitly to be taken advantage of.

All to try and make a story about a few losers into something more than it is, which is just them being pointlessly passive aggressive and immature when anyone with half a brain could see that everyone involved was being juvenile and making mountains out of molehills.

It's not a story about some grand undertaking or some amazing quest. It's a poorly written story that tries to make a guy's unhealthy obsession seem like a worthwhile endeavor, and it fails spectacularly.

It's shit.

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Here's one with art, if anyone's interested.

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Found the swordguy

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You sound like a real joy, friend. Are you the same guy who shitposts in HFY threads?

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>oh no, someone's doesn't like my gay story!

It's a fake story. You couldn't find anyone, no matter how hard you delude yourself.

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>It's a fake story
So? All stories are fake.

>implying I'm the author

>> No.40112947

So implying it's not fake is stupid.
Try to keep up.

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You sound like the kind of guy who can't enjoy anything besides accurate historical fiction, and near future hard sci-fi. I feel sad for you, I really do.

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Does this count?

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A friend of mine once called me out on this thing I do where I find a piece of shit and dig through the shit to find the sweet delicious pieces of corn inside, figuratively.
An example of this is The Last Leprechaun, a mediocre at best kids movie. I love the old caretaker in that movie, and he's in about five minutes of it. I like the Leprechaun's performance too, but that's missing the point.

I love Allendo because it tries to do the same thing. It takes the things that Edgardo fans like that are actually worthwhile and tries to make them shine.
In your opinion they failed, in mine they did the best they could with what they had to work with and I consider the final product a success.

Also, the Tale of Allendo is a better response to Edgardo haters like you than this:
>Anon doesn't like the story, he must be Xero
That joke was lame at first, became immediately sad, and now it just pisses me off with it's stupidity.

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Holy shit this is the best goddamn story I've seen since Captain Drake. I was laughing the entire time.

>> No.40113442

I like fiction, don't get me wrong.
It's more of this thing.

>That joke was lame at first, became immediately sad, and now it just pisses me off with it's stupidity.

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>I love Allendo because it tries to do the same thing. It takes the things that Edgardo fans like that are actually worthwhile and tries to make them shine.
In your opinion they failed, in mine they did the best they could with what they had to work with and I consider the final product a success

It took shit, and made it into even worse shit, because while a turd is a turd and isn't a huge embarrassment but just a failure, a polished turd is someone saying "look at how hard I tried, but still I failed."

The whole business should be forgotten and thrown out, rather then reposted.

There's no nuggets of gold in that shit.

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I don't think Envy is right word for I feel while reading this. If I knew any of these people I'd shake their hands. I mean wow.

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> Schizophrenic man dies from murdermasturbation

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To me it's like when a bunch of kids are playing in an abandoned lot and it looks like crap.
So some people come along, clean out the trash, and make it safer and nicer.
But they had no money to work with, so it's still kids playing in abandoned lot and it still looks like shit.
But it is better.

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I've not gotten done reading it yet, but I'd probably go so far into my Magical Realm with the cheese making...

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But that would be assuming Al is the equivalent of being safer or nicer.

It's more like a bunch of kids playing in a vat of radioactive waste, and a crew comes over and puts a thin layer of concrete over it, so that the kids continue to play, they still get radiation sickness, and then the thin concrete breaks and they all fall in and die, and then there's a public outcry as to why a company would be so evil as to try and cover up their radioactive waste instead of dumping it somewhere where it could never poison someone ever again.

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I disagree with your assessment and find your analogy flawed.

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I was hoping it would end with vincent vending metal werewolf man during the boss fight due to crit failing.

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Kids playing in radioactive waste, and a company comes over and dumps more radioactive waste in?

>> No.40117039

Perhaps kids playing in pools of radioactive waste and a company comes over and says, "This is dreadful!"
Then, they set up an elaborate piping system to replace the pools.
And then attach a Slip n' Slide for the kids.

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/k/ would be proud.

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A reasoned stance is still an opinion until backed up with evidence, ya derp. Quit cluttering the thread with posts not about traditional gaming.

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That asshole is why Shadowrun happened.

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... so Hitler's battlecry is "Potatoes!" That's fucking awesome.

>> No.40120377

I was trying to remember if it was potatoes, and yeah. Beautiful.

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> My sides....

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This is one that usually gets a giggle out of me.

>> No.40122874

Huh, that helps

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>> No.40122969

I read that all in Drebin's voice. Oh god.

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God damn /tg/...

I guess I"m just going to fucking sit here and brood.

>> No.40123113

Didn't this get an update?

>> No.40123142

Did anyone post that one where the Spanish luchador monk brutally manhandles and murders an infant dragon and then everyone shares manly tears after the DM fudges the fall damage rules to let him survive?

>> No.40123149

I laughed so hard so much at this.

>> No.40123165

>> No.40123274

GLORIOUS... I need to do this

>> No.40123310

>dat last post

>> No.40123833

Why would he let them get that far before ragequitting? Did he think a game with the son of god, a magic girl, and history's greatest monster could somehow not end like this?

>> No.40123956

>Is that what we're doing today /tg/?
>We're gonna sit here and cry?

>> No.40124019

epic meme /b/rother

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>> No.40128241

I would love to see it if it did.

>> No.40128459


that's glorious

>> No.40128774

>that fucking wizard
Oh fucking god I know people like this and I hate them with every fibre of my being.

>> No.40128923

Start of all guardsman party

>> No.40129105


more cancerous than the multitude of quest generals and tyranid/CSM/soriatas pity threads? I find that hard to believe

>> No.40129225

>No it's not. Unlike a telegraph, there's a ridiculous amount of false positives and potential false negatives. The tortured are even eager to destroy the system in that way, to spite the people injuring them. It's even established the the tortured are criminals -- people who do not manage social responsibilities, government fealty, or long-term planning well. It's also born not from the characters being inventive but from the players gaming an Evil act (and this shit is capital E Evil, make no possible mistake) leveraged by their modern sensibilities and tech knowledge.
Gunna bite this b8. You just have to remove their input from the equation, probably by making the pain too severe to fake.

>> No.40129310

8/10 bait
These threads have a purpose: the archive is only really good if you know what you're looking for. The screencap threads are a great way for people who are newer to /tg/ to get a condensed "lurk moar" experience. There was some good stuff in here that I would have never found by searching the archives.

That being said, there was also some garbage here that didn't need to be reposted.

>> No.40129346

>my tactics are too subtle for you

>> No.40131932

and they were STILL killed to a man

>> No.40132104

one part of me weeps for the loss of such a brave soul, pursing that which all men above all else love. truly, he was a brave man.

on the other hand, we didn't tell him to just burn the crazy apparition. shame on all of us

>> No.40132252

>strangely enough, the only thought that the bowl of petunias had saw "oh god, not again"

>> No.40132411

Anyone have the robowaifu.

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>> No.40132636

Do it. It'd be good for you.

>> No.40132649

It really does. Now you get the Imperial viewpoint of everything that isn't human.

>> No.40132698


That's actually kinda adorable.

>> No.40133039

I wish to know more.
To bad I missed those threads.

>> No.40133240

Did /tg/ send a hero to his death?

>> No.40133895

Ordo Xenos is not proud

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>> No.40134465

This is practically Dex-Starr's origin story.

>> No.40134563


Props to that shit.

>> No.40134699

>And many others...

Honest question: what's up with all the long ass screencaps? I mean, I used to see stuff like Sir Bearington, pic related, or the "who's kirk" troll, which are like two or three posts, the long ass threads with funny jokes were like 5 posts, tops, like the epic failure monks.

Now, I see loads upon loads of posts with blocks upon blocks of text. And like half of them are not even funny. I had read long ass texts before (fucking Russian writers), so is not the length of the text itself. Is just... something else... that made me roll my eyes, skip the screencap and ultimately skip the larger past of the thread.

Seriously, is this the new trend? To post screencaps series filled with walls of text?

>> No.40134855

It really, really depends of the screencap.

A lot of short ones are terrible, and a lot of long ones are terrible too. There's really no quality control for screencap threads.

But, long screencaps are old hat in /tg/. If you're so new that you think bearington/kirk is old, then you probably don't remember back in the day when people would basically submit novellas and novellettes to /tg/. Most may not be worth reading, but there's definite gems hidden away in the longer screencaps.

Also, if you really want to balk at the length of a screencap, feast your eyes on this beauty, which I actually think is well worth the read.

>> No.40135833

>If you're so new

Ugh, so you're taking the "muh sekrit club!" route right out of the bat? Yeah, well, if you were not posting on pic related, you shouldn't be trying to be condescending to me, kiddo.

>Who's kirk: 2013
>waffle house posts: 2011
>Sir Bearington: 2011
>Anal spelunker: 2007


>arthur: 2012
>Your pic: 2013
>oohgie: 2015

I honestly challenge you to find as many screencaps with 5 or more posts that date to 2010 or before. I'm not telling they aren't, what I am trying to point is that the larger part of those, just like the larger part of quest threads, are not very memorable, and eventually tend to be forgotten and deleted. You still see stuff like the Los Tiburon screencap because is short, memorable and funny, like a good joke.

It really irks me to see so many screencaps from 2014-2015 which are coming back to long ass texts that quite probably will get forgotten in a couple years, while that magic hobo NotDrWho keeps being reposted. I mean, haven't we learned anything about which stories are worth to be remembered? Or we have more anons trying to post their own stories as epic tales than usual? "Y,yeah, I didn't write this, but I think is fucking amazing and the anon who did is a pretty neat guy, everybody should read it".

>well worth the read.
Maybe that's the problem. I don't like spending 10 minutes to finally realize it wasn't worth the time. I prefer reading a garbage book on the bus, because I have nothing better to do, than spending 8 minutes reading something that may or may not be good on /tg/ because there's always something better to read/do.

>> No.40136131

I'm pretty sure almost all of your years are wrong

Who's kirk was last year for starters.

>> No.40136349

The few people who remember the good stories of yesteryear are fewer and fewer in number.

You're right in that there's not that many screencaps of long stories from before 2010, even though I do actually have a couple of those screencaps. The reason isn't that these long stories weren't around, it's that people didn't bother screencapping really anything when the archive was ripe for use.

Now, with the archive being a fairly useless quagmire, and these screencap threads being the only way to keep something from falling off the face of this board forever to be forgotten, people are adapting, and are screencapping everything, so we just have more screencaps in general.

Look at what you call "memorable". A bunch of spammed images that really aren't anything special except a handful of people keep spamming them. Los Tiburon isn't a particularly great story, Bearington is a forced meme, and I still don't know why you keep referencing that kirk thread as anything worth remembering. We have a half-dozen threads every day with more interesting posts.

> I mean, haven't we learned anything about which stories are worth to be remembered?

Apparently not. 97% of the screencaps in this thread are terrible. Most of them are either the long and boring stories neither of us like, or the stupid meme-style spammed short one's that you think are so amazing.

The short screencaps are more accessible, but that certainly doesn't make them neccesarily any better. And, just because something is reposted often doesn't make it good either. Some of the worst stories are the ones that are reposted the most often, by people who are basically dedicated spammers at this point.

>> No.40137048

>Who's kirk was last year

Nope, april 2013. In a moment, I'll repost Sir Bearington.

>> No.40137214

You have some fantastically shit taste in screencaps.

>> No.40137388

I've been here way too long. I was in that thread. And that was like my halfway point of joining /tg/

>> No.40137623

>> No.40137717

Fuck, it's march, 2013. Still same year, just read wrong the month.

And here's Sir Bearington. 2011.

You know? I think the trick here is the time. There are plenty examples of work that was lauded as the ultimate masterpiece of their age, but were forgotten within a couple years, and stuff that was called mediocre and predicted to rot away, but remained fresh and eventually became pieces of cult. Citizen Kane, anyone?

My point is, yes, the population in /tg/ changes constantly, but what you call forced meme have remained through the years and the changes. You think neither Sir Bearington or Los Tiburon are worth a shit, but they have been here, reposted more often than any of the long and boring stories I have been criticizing. You think a group of spammers are dedicating themselves to forcing these memes (easy on those buzzwords, buddy, you start to sound like /v/-lite), but personally I can tell you this is the very first time I have posted many of these caps.

You can believe whatever you want. There's a group of dedicated guys spamming these caps to force a meme, going into this for several years since their inception (and some more after this thread), or the screencaps are good enough on their own to find their way into newcomers' HD who are planning to repost them later so other newcomers can see them.

>> No.40138349

>My point is, yes, the population in /tg/ changes constantly, but what you call forced meme have remained through the years and the changes.

Largely thanks to faggots like you.

You like dumb meme shit. You like three-second ideas that suit the lowest common denominator, and you exalt it as "memorable" and "lasting". You think that just because a handful of people keep reposting the same stories over and over again, it makes them good.

That's the kind of retarded thinking that encourages people to just continue to spam these terrible screencaps. To make things that are so painfully unfunny but to make them "quotable" or "iconographic."

Bearington, with its mediocrity, basically says "Hey, if you spam your post enough times, you can develop a cult around it! Just screencap and post your shit as often as you can! It's all luck and chance and how much you spam it!"

> the screencaps are good enough on their own to find their way into newcomers' HD

You mean, if it's mediocre and spammed often enough, it will eventually find its way into the HD's of dimwitted individuals trying to fit in and who are more likely than not also of the spamming mindset?

You know those long stories you hate? Those are people adapting to the model you've set before them, the model you encourage and think represents quality.

I can understand you're trying to stop the flow of what you and your ilk have done, to try and keep the shitty screencaps that are spammed mercilessly to the chosen few pieces of garbage you've dragged throughout the years, but sadly, you can't really do that just by saying "hey, long screencaps are bad," just because the meme one's you are forcing are short.

This is the bed you've made, thinking that spamming low quality threads wouldn't encourage other people to spam their low quality threads.

Every time you post bearington, you encourage some faggot to spam some other mediocre screencap.

>> No.40139087

What would you consider a good cap, then?

>> No.40139278

>> No.40139381

I like ones like these.

No KOOOKY characters with LOLSORANDOM catchphrases, no lengthy, dry masturbatory ode to the author, just a screencap of a post that's actually worth seeing again.

>> No.40139383


>> No.40139446


>> No.40139885

>No KOOOKY characters with LOLSORANDOM catchphrases

Speak of the devil and he doth appear.

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