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So, have we ever settled on what a Space Marine looks like outside his armor?

I remember the last thread on this matter ended up in a derail of colossal proportions, with homosexuals from /fit/ saying Space Marines were pretty boys with tiny waists or whatever and /tg/ autists turning it into another "Space Marines have no balls" thread.

Was a consensus ever reached?
Can we be civil this time?

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The art style doesn't lend itself well to realistic human proportions.

GW doesn't like to draw their human tanks naked because then your human brain would kick in and you would realize how dumb Marines are from a body plan perspective

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They pretty much look like picture related.

Thick from head to heel. Blocky midsection due to extreme hyperthrophy of the core muscles and to support the enhanced skeleton. Super thick lower body due to ultra-strong legs. Lack of neck thanks to large trapezius muscle.

They'd look like those strongmen dudes. Muscular as hell but also with a smooth layer of fat overall thanks to all the callorie surplus they eat to support their metabolism.

This also seems to agree with the HH description. Large, thick, with a slightly acromegalia appearance thanks to the implants.

As for why people try to make them all pretty and shit, I dunno. To me a Space Marine is thick and ugly and full of boils and patched skin. Because an uber soldier doesn't have to be pretty. This is grim dark after-all.

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Always been a fan of this one for the "average" Space Marine. Basically Shaq, but filled out. That's a pretty big fucking dude, that'll tower at least a head over most humans, while still being "somewhat"normal shaped.

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I think I remember reading in one of the Horus Heresy books that they don't have hardly any body fat, as their body is able to regulate cell growth and energy needs without it for long periods of time, as long as they receive adequate nutrition.

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Bork Lazer but like a foot taller

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Shitty proportions are simply a matter of a shitty drawer who drew them with armor first then realized how badly he fucked up.

The Space Marines from the Space Marine shooter seem proportinate and don't deviate much from their traditional representation.

However a case can be made for the fact that their gene-seed might actually fuck up their proportions; elogating some bones and not doing the same for others. In real life this happens when people shoot up too much growth hormone, their head, hands and forearms grows out of proportion. I think this is case for dwarfs and midgets as well. In any case, there is a gene-seed that regulates their growth-hormone, so there's that too.

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>Shaq can fit into power armor

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>GW doesn't like to draw their human tanks naked because then your human brain would kick in and you would realize how dumb Marines are from a body plan perspective
...What about giant Lady Marines?!?!

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Wouldn't this be dependant on how well their gene-seed functions tho?

I was under the impression that this was why some marines are ugly as sin and others look normal (For instance, Blood Angels vs Ultramarines)

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Please don't derail this thread.

I beg you.

I implore you.

I will sacrifice whatever you want in your name.

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To be fair, Shaq is fucking huge, though. The dude is head and shoulders above normal people, exactly as Space Marines are described. He's 7'1" and weighs (currently) over 300 pounds, and he's still in pretty great shape.

Imagine The Rock's body, but with Shaq's height. That is a real-world Space Marine, and it'd be fucking terrifying to meet in real life.

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I'm with this guy, please don't derail this thread. I will give you 72 virgins if you don't

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Body fat might actually be beneficial, it might allow for longer periods of no nutrition, and add a protective layer over their vitals, ala gladiators

though its not like body fat is going to to do much to save you from mega space elf lazer beams and swords comprised of sheer I want to hatemurder everything

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Pretty much always tought a Marine looked like this, except taller

Overly big and muscular , not overly fat but also not "dickskin" lean. Face not so puffy but nothing Gucci would put on their ads. A scar here or there. Skin issues too. Mechanical limbs maybe. And uber muscular jaw and thick forehead.

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open your fridge.

pour out your most expensive drink.


or I do it.

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Bodyfat actually is beneficial as a matter of fact.

For all the reasons you listed besides the fact that fat also cushions joints and shields important tendons and ligaments.

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I'm saying that because I'm imaging basketball playing marines now.

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There goes my cool-aid

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They don't have any excess body fat, or anything else that would be excessive, because their bodies naturally retain their muscle strength over long periods of time and their extremely efficient metabolisms meaning they don't need fat storage as long as they're given modest amounts of nutrients (which is very small, for a Space Marine). It's the same reason they don't have to constantly strength train to maintain their bodies strength levels, as their muscles degrade at an extremely slow rate (What training they do, which is still a lot, is training muscle memory and developing new combat techniques).

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Not the COOL-AID!!!

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Kek. So this is what Salamanders do in their spare time.

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You know what time it is...

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Brock Lesner with added height.

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there are GW-produced images of space marines without armour in the latest codex and in BloodQuest.

It boils down to "a big muscular dude", the only real variable is if the black carapace is visible, or under the skin.

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>Not spelling it Kool-Aid like true god-fearing Americans

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So Salamanders?

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Pretty much.

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We've known what they look like for a while, they aren't some wacky hulk-like individuals with fucked up proportions, rather they look like a 7'6 or 8" tall weight lifter with ports dotting his body for the power armor to plug into.

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So like this except with ports and plugs and a skin tight black shirt (aka black carapace).

Cause this is what a weight lifter looks like.

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Pretty much, yeah. Look up the nekkid Grey Knight from the Lord Inquisitor, the model seems to be fairly accurate.

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Let's get down to the real question-
How big is their dick?

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If everything grows in proportion, it will be like regular human big (which to them would be small), to horse sized.

Of course there will be the occasional micro-penis, which will stand for an average human dick.

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Could we not discuss the genitalia of posthumans for once?

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>tfw no Space Marine bf with horsedick

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Alright, but only because I was about to ask clit size for Sororitas.

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That's a devastator.

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If you got more source pics to show anon I'd say its settled.

and far as I ever read the black carapace is put in a rather gruesome way. What I got out of it is they literally peel the skin off, plant the carapace and let the skin regrow over it.

Either that or they cut all the way down to the muscle tissue and sewed their muscles back ontop or something.

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someone already posted the bloodquest one, so here, from the main codex;

Space Marine and Fire Warrior both did a pretty good job on the scale of the marines next to other kinds of dudes, for what that's worth.

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>oh hey Mentaiko art
>uhh I mean from what moonspeaker does this doodle apparate?

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They probably flay the Neophyte, implant the carapace under the skin, then print a new layer of skin from the neophyte's DNA and stitch it over.

Also FFS, the Black Carapace is not an actual black T-Shirt. It's under the skin everyone, you can't see it. The only visible parts of it are the ports drilled into the space marine's body to link with the armor.

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Isn't that his carapace?
Hell maybe it's different between chapters, I don't know.

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I'd consider a single comic to be pretty dubious compared to the Codex. Plus it contradicts a lot of Black Library books.

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>It's under the skin everyone, you can't see it.
Sometimes you can. The canon isn't very strict for that.

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You also have to consider artistic license. Its part of the reason theres so much confusion over the topic. People all over have their own idea of what a space marine is supposed to look like under the power armor.

What throws it all out of whack is when you get multiple iterations of the same topic bandied about randomly from differing views. Even more when fanworks come into play.

I'd chalk that up to production vaules and chapter standards. I could see the metalfetish marines just leaving the skin off entirely. They really hate weak fleshy bits.

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>Plus it contradicts a lot of Black Library

Around 2nd/early 3rd the carapace was over the skin, while the current fluff has it under the skin. It's not consistent.

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When the fuck is it ever? GW likes flipping it all around to screw with the fanbase.

>> No.40079385


Yes. It would be easier if they just simply said Tzeentch is constantly fucking with the timeline instead of trying to make up continuous explanations as to why shit keeps changing.

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I could live with this, he has to keep making the setting more complicated in order to continue scheming, after all if he won he'd undo his own concept

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Don't worry, he'll never win.
As fast as he knits that sweater Nurgle pulls out the thread.

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It's kool aid you fucking mongrel

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There are a couple more.

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It's too late, ND showed.his ugly face. Why hasn't he been permabanned yet?

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Yo, kool your gets, hotchot

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Because he's not as bad as Carnac.

>> No.40080930

Werid how the Captcha had a Homestuck birthday cake.

>> No.40081241

Carnac isn't in permanent magical realm mode, though.

>> No.40081383

True, but at least ND can have his moments and not go full magical realm mode. Carnac just never stops.

>> No.40081628

Carnac is usually stuck within expected threads. ND can and usually does blurt out dumb shit outside of their containment zones.

They're both cancer.

>> No.40081690

But which is the worse Cancer?

>> No.40081892

They'd have to raise the nets past regulation height to compensate.

>> No.40081952

I'd still watch that game though.

>> No.40082006

Oh, I'm sure there are inter-Chapter 3-on-3 tournaments on Macragge.

>> No.40082196

What's the grand prize?

>> No.40082232

ND, since even its containment zone despises it.

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>>that foot.

>> No.40082247

Even /d/ hates him?

>> No.40082255

Yes. Sad but true.

>> No.40082306

That's sad. Really sad.

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You know, judging from that drawing, the best place to shoot a Marine is in the hands.

Least protected, and takes away their ability to use a Bolter.

>> No.40082383

Space Marines have huge dicks that make bitches drool enviously because they know they can't get it is CANON.

>> No.40082416

>judging by that drawing
It's fanart, and not especially good fanart at that. Power armored gauntlets are made up of ceramite plates, not fabric.

Best parts to shoot a marine are the eyes and throat, since those are wounds they likely can't regenerate easily.

>> No.40082449


Most of the armor is paper thin except for the shoulders. It should be notably bigger, to contain all of the bundles and servos and other shit stored within to assist the Marine in locomotion and physical activities, plus the other numerous systems and redundant systems.

>> No.40082574

To be fair, the source for that is a crazy Fenrisian Inquisitor who fucks an ex-heretic of Chaos.

>> No.40082591

An extra 15 minutes of "free time" per day for a full year for each of the reigning champs.

>> No.40082618

Is that Brick?

>> No.40082640


Still, can't dispute big juicy Space Marine cock. Its pretty much rammed in there!

Also, Loken's whole bit with the Remembrancer during Horus Rising pretty much confirmed can and are often very attractive.

>> No.40082644

Wow. Now that's a reward.

>> No.40082674

That's how Calgar shows he cares.

>> No.40082704

Papa Smurf confirmed to be one of the best chapter masters?

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>> No.40083959


Skip to 0:23
thats how a space marine would look and act.

>> No.40084192

Pretty accurate.

>> No.40084350

they look like big fucking dudes, with lots of scars. often bionics. and lots of metal ports on their body.

Stupid amounts of muscle. a lot wider chest and just thick.

Maybe a 15 inch cock. Who knows! they all wear loin cloths under their armor.

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I keep seeing this Carnac mentioned like he's the board boogeyman yet I still don't know what the deal is with that.

>> No.40084806

Same here. Does he use a handle or something to identify himself?

>> No.40084842

well that might be the smallest Space Marine pauldron I have ever seen

>> No.40084883

>Merens shouldn't be pretty

What about Fulgrim, though?

>> No.40084896

A question that's been on my mind is whether or not Space Marines have hair. I always thought they were bald, but I keep seeing official artwork that depicts some of them with short haircuts.

>> No.40084939

>what a Space Marine looks like outside his armor?

I find this as a pretty good reference

>> No.40084956

No, people I.D. by the fact he tends to recycle his arguments, argues for the same things.







>> No.40084984

Why is he called Carnac then?

>> No.40085091

Why did you guys derail this thread to talk about that guy?

>> No.40085106

IIRC I first remember him becoming infamous/known to /tg/ when the Carnac campaign books came out. So people started referring to him by the fluff.

>> No.40085140

Technically >>40080904
derailed it. I just answered a question that was asked.

>> No.40085164

If we were in Nazimod era you would be as guilty as him.

>> No.40085237

There was no innocence during the Great Purge of 2010. Only varying degrees of guilt.

>> No.40085261

I thought that that statement applied at all times.

>> No.40085302

I think you just answered your question for yourself, bub.

>> No.40085360

Nazimod is the only I know who actually exterminatus'd threads. I didn't even know mods could delete a thread and ban everyone inside, innocent and guilty, before 2010.

>> No.40085394


Carnac is kyptonite to fanwank because he is armed with canon.

>> No.40085431

god dam it you and your female marines

you had some good ideas with your warp fuckery femmarines but there are never going to be space marines that start female

>> No.40085505

His opponents are armed with canon too. Carnac is armed with persistence and ignoring GW's own stance on canon.

>> No.40085543

Page fucking TEN of the Marines codex has an unarmored space marine shown in profile. What more do you fuckers want?

>> No.40085579

To argue. /tg/ pretends to hate Carnac, but by ignoring GW's stance on canon he gives /tg/ what all nerds need. A true ideological foe within their fandom.

>> No.40086116

>cherry pick sources, declare all other sources fanwank

>> No.40086225

Think Hafthor Bjornsson )6'9 180+kg) or Brian Shaw (6'8 200kg), Robert Obherst (6'9 180kg). These guys could pass as 3 inch shorter than average Space Marines

>> No.40086587

Why dow we even discuss when we have, as another anon said, arts in Codexes where we see SM wothout armor, and even pic related that, imo, is pretty accurate. Maybe more scars but that's about it.

>> No.40086635

if they have super regen-skin they don't even have much scars. unless they get shot in the face with a ork-rokkit.

>> No.40086653

They don't have super regen skin, they have instant scar tissue formation.

>> No.40087395

the pauldron isn't even attached yet.

>> No.40087401

kek someone is forgot leg day.

>> No.40089381


ADB's "The Emperor's Gift."

Wasn't the Inquisitor, it was one of her retinue. She passed one of the GK's coming out of the shower and said "What a waste."

The GKs seem way more asexual than other Astartes. Bjorn was definitely flirting with the Fenris-born Inquisitor (Ch 25):

As if for emphasis, he took a lumbering step forwards. His claw could have wrapped around any one of us with ease, so to see the gentleness with which he touched Annika was almost heartbreaking. The war machine rotated his wrist servos, rattling and grinding as he rolled his claw. Then, with the flat of one savagely sharp talon, he tilted her head to one side, then the other, showing the tears of ice on her pale cheeks.

‘Enough tears now, little maiden. You have the look of the frostborn about you. What tribe, huntress?’

‘The Broken Tusk, Great King.’ Her voice was a mouse’s, no louder than that.

‘I still remember them. Vicious bastards, every one. A blessing in a battle if they were on your side, and a curse if they weren’t. Awful sailors, though. That’s the sad truth.’

The Dreadnought stepped back, releasing her cheek. ‘No finer sight on any world than a frostborn maiden. Especially a beauty with black hair. Rare back when I had eyes to stare, and surely even rarer now.’

I stared at the towering figure, wondering if there was some difference in the process by which gene-seed was once cultivated compared to the method now. He seemed to be able to determine that Annika was attractive. I wasn’t sure I could make that perception myself, and I had a thousand other questions to ask: about the warrior’s experiences in the age of the Heresy; about witnessing the Emperor in person; about the classes of vessels that once sailed the stars and now no longer saw use…

‘So,’ the Dreadnought interrupted my reverie. ‘Move ahead to the part that convinces me not to destroy your little fleet. Or I might just slay you, and end this with no effort at all.’

>> No.40089427

I could be mistaken, but by and large the Crusade-era Astartes were much less asexual than their successors. I wonder if post-Heresy, the mental conditioning got tweaked to 11 specifically for that.

>> No.40089494

The Heresy was born of a weakness of the mind and so the Mental Conditioning got turned up to 11 to deal with sny potential weaknesses.

An open mind is like a fortress whose gates are unbarred and unguarded. It was an open mind that allowed the warrior lodges to take root

>> No.40089496

Here is your answer.

Pic related: The third strongest man in the world as of 2015, Hafþór Júlíus "Thor" Björnsson of Iceland, best known for playing Sandor 'The Mountain' Clegane on GoT and generally being enormous.

He's a few inches under seven feet and weighs 400 pounds. If that's not Space Marine material, I don't know what is.

>> No.40089539

If i put that dumbbell off wll he die?

>> No.40089652

I hope one day humanity conquers the stars and on every world we
visit we challenge the natives to Space Jam to decide their fate.
We hold a raucous tournament complete with Quad City DJs booming in the background.

>> No.40089710

He certainly has the proportions down.

>> No.40090551

This one seems pretty good.

>> No.40090754

Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane actually.
Sandor Clegane was uh.... Rory McCann I want to say?

>> No.40090811

That's definitely out of whack. Power armor is a lot thicker and a lot larger than that pic.

>> No.40091081


>Astartes in charge of armor design

Why does Space Marine hate protecting their abdomen so much? Lots of vitals still there and no mutant super bones to protect them.

>> No.40091113


>> No.40091156

This, everything this. Like, whenever anyone asks how big space marines are, I point them to Thor Bjornson. Everyone at my FLGS knows how openly I talk about how I would pay to see Thor Bjornson cosplaying as a Space Wolf anywhere at all.

>> No.40091176

Based Bjorn

>> No.40091181


I like to think the exact look of the carapace varies by what Age, what artifice they have access to, what chapter and so on. Its not explored but there may be different patterns or methods of implementation, and it make have slowly evolved over the last 10k years along side astartes armour and other tech the utilize.

>> No.40091244


Last I checked marines still need to eat, digest and poop. Unless we are pretending the dont have anuses anymore. Also kidneys and etc.

This is why Mk III is best armour!

>> No.40091297

>‘Enough tears now, little maiden. You have the look of the frostborn about you. What tribe, huntress?’
Daw, that's adorable.

>> No.40091384

wHAT IS WAS TRYING to convey was that after their first battle most marines will have gut wounds, and will have their shoot-up parts replaced with "suitable" cybernetics or bionics.

>> No.40091432

>tfw used to be normal black templar
>warp leaked in right next to where I was standing
>now I have tits

>> No.40091439

Their Larraman's Organ should take care of most of it. Space Marines have super healing remember?

Unless you're the Iron Hands I doubt you get a bionic unless the organ is gone, completely.

>> No.40091529

It would be very painful...

>> No.40091679

/d/ barely knows who the fuck I am, let alone despise me.
Now /wst/ here on /tg/ is a better argument, but even then it's only a handful of regulars.

>there are never going to be space marines that start female
...Not even the Greatest of the Primarchs?

>> No.40091742

That screencap was solid fucking gold.

>> No.40091764

I'm surprised it doesn't know who you are.
>Anyone but Sanguinius the greatest primarch
Absolutely disgraceful.

>> No.40091783

This is propably my favourite 30k related art ever made

>> No.40091835

The Emperor and the other Primarchs all agreed that Horus was the greatest of them all.

The only one who disagreed was Horus himself who saw Sanguinius as the better man.

>> No.40091853

I want to know why there's only Khornate and Slaaneshi Chaos slaves there. Did they get there as fast as possible to get a piece of Sanguinius?
And Horus was right.

>> No.40091875

>Implying the Emperor was wrong


>> No.40091897

I realize my mistake but Big E probably changed his mind as soon as he learned of Horus's betrayal and Sang's dead body.

>> No.40091929

He didn't really.

He spent the fmost of the final fight holding back and pleading with Horus to regain his senses. The Emperor loved Horus more than anyone.

>> No.40091978


Emps was a moron, no surprise there

>> No.40091983

Oh. We know how that went. Video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdOm7TFL_pY and Horus's soul getting snuffed out.

>> No.40092083

He still loved his son. He thought he can save Horus, but then he got smart near the end.

>> No.40092118

It took the sacrifice of Terminator Custodes Pius the Immortal Guardsman of the Imperial Fists

>> No.40092170

Horus turned to chaos to because he was afraid humanity would forget him.
The Dark Gods made sure humanity never would.

>> No.40092216

May he rest in peace. I'd imagine this what happened exactly after that.
First comes shock to the Emperor, next comes a grim look of determination of what he had to do followed by tears from the knowledge that he failed to save Horus then all consuming rage when he saw Horus gloating about killing said immortal Terimantor Custode guardsman of the Imperial Fists. Next came Horus feeling guilt about every horrible thing he had done, last came tears from Horus begging for forgiveness before he died.

>> No.40092245

Funny how very little people remember him then.

>> No.40092252

>last came tears from Horus begging for forgiveness before he died.
That speech was awful. The scene had a lot more impact when "tears glistened in Horus' eyes" and they left it there.

Sometimes less is more.

>> No.40092271

The whole of the Imperium remembers him. I doubt you'd anymore find an Imperial who doesn't know about Horus than you would a devout Catholic who doesn't know about Satan.

>> No.40092298

Man, I was on Omegle once, in the question mode, and the question was "Play truth or dare with the other person." (Not really a question, but whatever.)

The other dude says "I'm 14, m, what do you want me to do =)"

So I told him "Get the nearest beverage to you and spill it on the floor near your computer desk."

He was like "What?"

So I repeated myself "Get the nearest beverage to you and spill it on the floor near your computer desk. Go to your fridge and get a drink if you have to."

He just said "Fuck you, fag." and left.

What the fuck? How the fuck was *I* the fag in that conversation?

>> No.40092318

Sorry. I guess your right. Doesn't really matter in the end though. Horus is dead for good, Abaddon is the Warmaster of Chaos and the Imperium still suffers today because of one man. One vile man.

>> No.40092328

>tfw no Lady Space Marine GF with horsedick

>> No.40092342

I thought they suppress knowledge of the Heresy.

>> No.40092395

According to the Imperial Knight codex, there are Knight houses that are still butthurt over the HH even after 10K years.

>> No.40092407

They burned all the records and evidence. But nothing is going to stop an oral history from forming.
The HH series could be viewed as one such oral history. Point is, the Heresy is remembered as myth and legend. It's real to Imperials in the same way the Fall of Lucifer is real to Christians, no real evidence for it beyond faith.

>> No.40092428

I meant the common man.
That makes sense. Or a Word Bear trying to sell Chaos propaganda.

>> No.40092447

Everyone involved in the HH is butthurt over it. It didn't even end in a real victor.

>> No.40092464


That looks surprisingly reasonable.

>> No.40092580


Yeah, pretty sure it was Rory McCann.

>> No.40092583

>one based man

>> No.40092593


Fused extended rib cage, iirc.

>> No.40092604

How can one truly vile soul be so smug?

>> No.40093782

>Not actually pouring the Sunny D

It's like he doesn't know how to praise the sun.

>> No.40097523

Figure your average marine is "The Mountain that Rides" from GOT.

>> No.40098009

it looks like this

>> No.40100426

It was for one season, another season some random played him and bjornsson has played him for 2 seasons now

>> No.40100551

>doesn't realize that cleganebowl is confirmed

>> No.40100651

Fucking confirmed

>> No.40101945

Ya. It's still not an exact match for how space marines are portrayed, but it is alot better than the image in >>40077295.

>> No.40102425

Hey, a thread relevant to this pic

>> No.40102778

Heresy grows from idleness!

>> No.40102820

Not if you use your free time to praise the Emperor.

>> No.40102922


Whoever made this drawing is a retard. I'm sure someone will have the corrected version to post.

>> No.40102965

Someone photoshop an Astartes helm here, now that we've all settled that Space Marines are supposed to be swole.

>> No.40102986


While they are at it, could they post the tiny Abaddon sitting inside his armor with a wheel pic?

>> No.40103013


Why do you female marines so much? Is it a thing of yours or you just like to troll?

Are you a dude or a dudette?

What's your sexual orientation?

What is the flight speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

>> No.40103036

He explained most of it in a thread we had in March or April.

>> No.40103055


But why does Marines have to be swolle?

What about the Iron Hands? If they get swoller, does that mean the flesh is no longer weak?

>> No.40103070


> Overgrown feet and lower legs
> Overgrown hips

So, we all agree they have gigantism?

>> No.40103096


The legs seem a bit too long but since I don't have the "corrected" basketball player picture I just made one in paint.

I never knew power fists weren't gauntlets. They're this kind of brass knuckle exofist.

>> No.40103109


The leg armor is the easiest place to make the marine look bigger without having to actually be that large inside.

But I guess nobody wants their marine cut-aways to look like a midget on stilts.

I don't see why not, this is how Centurion suits work.

>> No.40103143

Those are Tyberos's hands.

>> No.40103218


No it's not, top one is Lufgt Huron and bottom one is generic power fist.

Tyberos has no exposed hands. It's just a clawed power fist with a dual bladed chainsword/fist on the bottom and claws on the top.

>> No.40103229


Why is Tyberos fighting Imperial Fists?

>> No.40103269

What madman created those fists clearly wanted to be cruel.
Mantis Warriors.

>> No.40103305

Given how the Carcharodons equip themselves, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that maybe Tyberos just came a cross a pair of power-fists, a some broken lighting claws and some chain saws, then had a Tech-Priest glue it all together.

>> No.40103309


They still have tiny pinheads, which looks silly.

>> No.40103354


>"Adept, my power-fists are broken, I want you to add some stuff to them."
>"What modifications do you want?"
>"Dunno, just make them awesome."

>> No.40103367

Mars has no record of those relics. If that's the case then Tyebros truly is a madman.

>> No.40106105


Heads don't increase in size when you get swole.

>> No.40106170

Shaq confirmed for space marine

>> No.40108212


Crimson Fists cosplayer at DragonCon. Stilts in the armor to get the guy tall enough.

>> No.40108260

Even the swollest, strongest flesh is weak to power weapons.

>> No.40108384


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