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Remember old /tg/?

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The dream is dead. Anon has turned against even lolis, now, and Yotsuba is sad.

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If you stopped calling them lolis, I think people wouldn't care so much.

There's a difference between liking little girls, and being a lolicon.

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/tg/ is the broken shell of a board.


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Why do you say that based on that data?

Looks like peak use is in winter months for Northern Hemispehere. It is nice and warm in Mom's basement

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Don't romanticise the past anon. It isn't healthy.

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>that massive drop when nazimod

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You can almost feel the nazi mod in that graph.

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>MFW activity increase last august

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Almost feel?
You can SEE that something good died exactly there.
Activity cut in half and pretty much all actual content gone, replaced by child-friendly chirstian censored reposts of reposts.

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Why did he do it?

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Imagine the neckbeard that likes little girls.

I'd rather the neckbeard that likes lolis. If nothing else, he fits here.

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The Nazimod drama was worse than the actual mod themselves IMO. Not that he wasn't bad, but it was beyond exasperating to see people making threads like 'NOT ALLOWED X THREAD FUCK THE MOD' and have that banned, because meta-bitching, when the actual thread type they wanted was dying on page 10 because it didn't mention the mod at all.

Also, onn the plus side it destroyed the existing tripfag culture of /tg/. Still, it was definitely a terrible time for all.

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>side it destroyed the existing tripfag culture of /tg/.
thank God we aren't like /k/ when it comes to that.

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I don't know, I kind of think tripfags need purged every so often. Otherwise you can get a circlejerk atmosphere that fucks up the board. Just look at the IRC channels for the different boards.

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Or fuck just look at shit like nicedaemonette. Can we just purge already?

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>There's a difference between liking little girls, and being a pedophile.



I remember that "actual content". It was endless, ENDLESS porn and fetish threads. /tg/ was basically /d/-lite before the mod came and kicked all the scum out, and good fucking riddance.

/tg/'s "golden age" ended long before the mod came anyway.

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You can see activity dropped off before coming back. Nothing about what replaced it or whether it was actual content or reposts. The only, and actually pretty interesting thing is that amount of image posting remains pretty damn consistent.

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Except it was a fair number of those tripfags doing the art, the homebrew, pushing forward the projects on the board.
Look on 1d4chan at the homebrew projects created before, and after, nazimod.
It trickles to almost nothing for damn near 2 years.
Now, you have a handful of people with long term work, but nazimod's shit also allowed quest threads to replace homebrew threads, because nazimod didn't delete those.

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>Can we just purge already?

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>mfw my HDD shat itself in March 2011
>mfw I'll probably never see that content again
>mfw my /tg/ folder still hasn't reached the same quantity of images in 4 years, let alone quality.

Someone please hold me

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Been around since 08, what counts as old /tg/? Remember a lot of good drawfags and the board barely being SFW if at all. Also a lot of recognizable but shit name and tripfags. Like all they had to do was show up at the thread would derail with rage.

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That was when recaptcha was added, idiots. The same drop is visible on other board.

But don't actual facts stop you from your emotional reaction. You probably were not even around then.

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Remember that time imidiately following Ruby Quest, the thread for which was being cross-posted on ychan?

Remember all the terrible threads caused by the resulting furry contamination? Remember Unified Setting?

I have flashbacks about that shit. People these days talk about magical realm, they haven't seen real fucking magical realm.

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Next you'll mention sup/tg/. Both are biased archives and not worth shit, to be honest.

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>/tg/'s "golden age" ended long before the mod came anyway.
We lost most of drawfags and other people capable of producing OC to nazimod. The void started filling with quests and /a/ migrants...

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>post count has an overall massive drop in 2012, when nazimod was in place

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/a/ has the same drop in posts.

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I wasn't here for old tg. Im new to thr boarf that being said i only post on magic the gathering stuff

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>biased archives
So a place that simply names the homebrew that came from the board, what it is and when it was brought to be is biased because it exists?
And what drop are you talking about?
The massive spike or the overall bottoming out trend in 2012?

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Recaptcha also stopped people's rapid post scripts.

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Given that there are no unbiased archives, we're gonna have to make do with those.

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I don't remember that because I think I was too busy with Zeonquest at the time.

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>and /a/ migrants...
We've always had /a/ migrants.

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And this shitty thread, apparently

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Middle of 2010.

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