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>"and this is my Barbarian!"

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>and this is my druid/fighter

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I also made a barbarian anon..

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>implying this is a problem

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Rogue reporting in

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>And this is my healer!

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Helpful NPC.

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We should all get along people~

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Peeraise the sun!

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My necromancer

>You're level 1 with only 10 gold worth of equipment, where the hell did you get unicorn skin armor?!!

Fucking munchkins

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>and this is my cleric

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Neat, here's my Paladin!

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I like you, guy.

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Grammaton Cleric?

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Nah, can't control myself well enough to play a totally emotionless character. NG cleric of the Creator deity of the Dual Heresy in a Dragonstar campaign.

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>chaotic good loli necromancer

>"Don't you know that raising the dead is evil?!"
>"The way I see it, I'm just giving them another day to party. Wether that be the dancy kind of party or the adventurer kind of party though, i cant always choose."

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>Awesome! Here's my rogue!

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That's clearly a bard with performance: dance.

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>Here is the Orc Warlord you'll be fighting

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It wouldn't be exaggeration to say that this is my party's BBEG

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>"Here is my ninja"

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Long time no see, brother.

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Huh. Picture uploaded funny

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>And this is our rogue!

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That's technically also a barbarian

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>Those teeth
Is your rogue a half mimic?

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Only where it counts.

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I am legitimatlly confused as to the gender of this... person

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Why are her nipples on the side of her boobs?

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>"This is my Warforged Ranger who dual wields."
>"We aren't even playing Eberron."

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>You're playing a warforge? Me too! Check my bard that specializes in performance.

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There is no defending sergals

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Not sure if .webm applicable or not...

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This party is getting a bit melee-heavy, don't you think?
We might be running low on magic too, so anyone joining next should think about that.

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It's okay, I brought my Elementalist


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Eunuch, the answer must be Eunuch.

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fucking pogo unicorns

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>And this is my ranger.

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this thread pleases me

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>and our wizard

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those are either the world's most innacurate arrows or that bow is a toy and he's secretly the mage.

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I actually had a player once who brought me that exact picture for his barbarians character art and he asked if I could make it into a token. We were friends, so I knew he was just doing it to mess with me.

Jokes on him though, I actually did make a token for it and made him use it.

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Swordmage joins the party!

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Fuck, I can't unsee that.
Serves me right for hastily grabbing an image just for this thread.

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Aniki, let us hunt together!

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Oh, for kirin out loud.

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>no tits

It's a guy.
[spoilers]and you want him don't you?[spoilers]

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Press ctrl + s buddy.

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That was beautiful

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>Here's my new magus!

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Okay, guys, there's like, at least 22 players here.

Who brought the snacks?

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I did... but i ate them on the way here when i was stuck in traffic..

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Jesus Christ.
The pizza run is going to be hell.
Who wants to volunteer for it?

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If you can't tell it doesn't matter.

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"Be careful, there's a strong and ravenous kind of slime inhabiting this damp and dark cavern. Its wet, semiliquid, half-transparent body is flexible, and can change into various forms to wrap its prey and ingest nutrients."

"It is physically and mentally more advanced than other slimes, to the point of using the flexibility of its body to mimic the human form."

"It can also form clothes that look and feel almost like the real thing, but since the clothing it makes is always wet it’s normally easy to see through it."

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So your BBEG is literally Sauron?

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....fuuuck ok fine. my guy is unconscious anyways

you better split the loot fair or I'm not getting bbq wings

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these two know whats up

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fucking magic realm...

can i join?

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Of course. That's why I picked a sneak-attack class!

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damn it...

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you used that as an f-list profile pic, didn't you anon.

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The fuck is going on in here

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it started out as a monster hunter thread, but apparently we're fighting off slimeboys now?

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>I have a bladelock from a couple games back. I can rewrite some of his backstory to fit in the campaign if it's cool

>> No.40045061

>Here's the quest giver

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Don't worry, I'll make sure everyone gets their fair share.

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It's looking like a magical realm thread at this point

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i'm fine either way really

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>its okay, here's my druid
I regret everything
and yet also nothing

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Was looking at it again... for reasons. That file name.

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And this is mine.

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>and this is my monk

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Okay, so we have: Four barbarians, three Druids, three Rogues, two Mages, two Rangers, a Necromancer, a Cleric, a Paladin, a Bard, an Amazon, an Archer, an Elementalist, a Swordmage, and a Wizard... what the fuck system are we playing anyway, and how the shit are we all fitting into Steve's living room?

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>You're a rogue too?

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How can an orc warlord look so...like, did he grow up in the Orc suburbs with a red picket fence and a warg named Skip? He's like the Orange County to the howling LA wasteland that is orcs.

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Maybe that's just how the setting is? All the male orcs look like that bloke and all the female orcs look like She-Hulk.

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If the BBEG was that fab i might just join him

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>muh rogue/bard

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So where's the Gunslinger/Cavalier and the Sea Reaver Barbarian? I thought you guys were birds of a feather.

>> No.40046604

Right here, of course.

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Man, I wish I still had my old VHS copy. That was my bleeding childhood.
>tfw there is now a generation that grew up without the great VHS classics
>tfw you will never show them to your kids because tapes will be uber hard to find and chances are no one will make the DVDs anymore.
It hurts anon. Why does it hurt so?

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This is my Fighting Man

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And this is my Ranger

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Goddamnit, forgot the pic.

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My Mage/Priest.

>> No.40046706

I know, right.

Although the movies still can be easily found in the internet. There's hope.

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And this is how they travel.

>> No.40046740

Download online?

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>"Here's my Tiefling sorcerer. He may look like a little kid but he's actually hundreds of years old!"

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>thread begins with Monster Hunter
>Ends with furries, loli, traps and furry loli traps
Goddammit /tg/.

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Here is another paladin to join the party!

>> No.40046924

Stop bitching, we're almost back on track with Aztechs and Christians.

This is my Diplomancer/Rogue.

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Hey, I brought my rogue, too

>> No.40046933

Fuck birds, yo. Here's my Paladin.

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Sounds like /tg/ as usual.

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>Awesome, here's my barbarian.

>> No.40046987

Here's my Barbarian after winning his campaign and getting his wish.

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Not seeing the problem.

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Hey, maybe she had them removed so people would think they were covered and would stop giving her (as much) shit for walking around nearly topless.

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...I need these men for my harem, ARMY. Fuck, I meant army...harem army...of big, playful men...

>> No.40047150

But she's a barbarian. As a barbarian, the proper response to people criticizing you for walking around in your preferred state of undress is hitting those people with something sharp and/or heavy, not accommodating them.

>> No.40047176


Can I join this party?

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Why is there piss running down his boob?

>> No.40047275


It's probably supposed to be honey or nectar, but I can't read moonrunes.

>> No.40047300

Uh, I thought we were doing an Eclipse Phase game this week...

>> No.40047309


Well, there's going to be a lot of moon gazing, at least...

>> No.40047318

>not straight up along the abs

>> No.40047440

>>You're level 1 with only 10 gold worth of equipment, where the hell did you get unicorn skin armor?!!
>Fucking munchkins

It's obviously fake

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Does he even count as a monk? He seems to enjoy mindbreaking his targets more than actually fighting them.

>> No.40047771


You wouldn't be the first guy who collected big dudes under the pretext of forming a military unit.

"The most beautiful girl or woman in the world would be a matter of indifference to me, but tall soldiers--they are my weakness."


The hell of it is? The crazy bastard who collected big men and played dress up with them was actually a pretty good king.

"Okay... so he seems to otherwise have a handle on things so we're just going to pretend that the king is not gayer than a 15 peacock orgy and ignore the whole sketching portraits of his harem of giant dudes in uniform."

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This is my necromancer at work. Control Undead is a lot easier to cast than Create Undead...

>> No.40047794

>and this is his familiar

>> No.40047810 [SPOILER] 

Why hello there, big guy..

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>> No.40047974

how the hell do these shorts work with the tail? is it passing through the fabric just like that or what?

>> No.40047978

Why is JoJo an aztec god?

>> No.40047981

>make a hole for the tail

>> No.40047986


Not JoJo - the Pillar Men.

>> No.40048138

Well it's more effective than the class features, if we're talking about DnD.

>tfw I've statted up the deviant blades as Artifacts in Anima

>> No.40048199

I never realized I wanted to play a Day of the Dead themed necromancer before.

I now want to play a Day of the Dead themed necromancer.

Loli a shit, though

>> No.40048211

Well don't forget, a guy who was Feeling completely curbstomped ALL of the other Clerics.

>> No.40048268

>tfw I've statted up the deviant blades as Artifacts in Anima
Can you post them?

>> No.40048313

You guys should stream your game. For reasons.

>> No.40048368


>mfw there's actually a male version of Samus' zero suit in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's dlc.
>It pretty much looks like that, sans the erection.

>> No.40048383

Anon, if your erection looks like that, you should probably seek medical help.

>> No.40048444 [DELETED] 


>Is it okay with you guys if I play my custom class this time round? She's a unicorn with pegasus wings...or a pegasus with a unicorn horn...anyways, I've given her some really cool spells and abilities and she'll fit perfectly in the game's setting!
>...By the way, what is the setting for this campaign, anyway?

>> No.40048453

Sure thing, he looks pretty tasty

>> No.40048538


>> No.40048765

real girls like curves

>> No.40050319

It's a guy

>> No.40050354

Maybe she's multiclassing?

>> No.40050444


>> No.40050803

Like what you see hun?

>> No.40050900

I was wondering where all the ca/tg/irls were hiding.

>> No.40050969

Maybe they were sleeping, cats like to sleep after all.

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>> No.40051495

I'd have done a pog with a close up on the barbarian's crotch.

>> No.40051594


>> No.40051669

What was the pic?

>> No.40051689

Could someone post the picture of the effeminate Conan? I lost my copy.

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>> No.40051755

Or, as someone might call it... pic related.

>> No.40051831

Christ alive, those proportions are like something you'd see in a political cartoon.

>> No.40051878

I call it the David Bowie method.

>> No.40051932

Is that King Jeremiah?

>> No.40051969

>party has 2 healers

>> No.40052096

>"Is it cool if I remake my Anima character?"

>> No.40052185

>"Or I could roll up a sorcerer with the dragon bloodline. I'm thinking black."

>> No.40052319

Sounds cool bro!

>> No.40052331


>> No.40052423

So my Construct is cool with you guys, then?


>> No.40052508

Sure thing~

>> No.40052584

Is there still room in the party for a diplomancer?

>> No.40052600

>Not rolling up Malificient.
Do you even Dragon bruh?

>> No.40052619

Only if there's room for my awakened animal PC.

>> No.40052696

>so I figured our party needed a chief comfort officer

>> No.40052724

Alright, but I'm bringing my Favored Soul.

>> No.40052835

>ITT: /tg/ - Totally Gay

>> No.40052878

I thought Jeremiah was a bullfrog

>> No.40052915

> Thread is, like, 1/5 hot guys
what. I'd say it was more straightfags easily derailing what could've been a gay thread.

Anyway, yeah. I know you guys are used to me playing casters, but I figured I'd try a monk this time.

>> No.40052941

And this is my monk.

>> No.40052986

I just got my hands on Spheres of Power. Mind if I try out my new Armorist?

>> No.40052997

Alright, alright, fine. I'll play a mage again. I'm going to have an enemy in my backstory, though - twin brother who went evil while I went good.

>> No.40053006

Dumb phone ate my pic

>> No.40053064

>Holes on the side for easy access

>> No.40053085


and this is my next BBEG

>> No.40053092

Man, that doujin.

>> No.40053094

>straightfags easily derailing what could've been a gay thread.

Pretty much. A shame some people cannot read the mood.

>> No.40053096

I thought I'd try rolling an alchemist.

>> No.40053098

>And this is my animal companion

>> No.40053120

Wait what.

Is this new? 'Cause I've been here for 2 years and didn't know you could do that, 'cause all that'd happen is the computer'd try to save nothing.

>> No.40053153


That's not where the vajoo is!

Back of the knee, maybe...

>> No.40053186

Check out mine. For centuries, this fiend has ruled a jingoistic military dictatorship from the shadows and started imperialist wars just to keep the human sacrifices going.

>> No.40053190

It gives you easy access to caressing his thighs you numbnut

Or, with a bit of daring reach, the peachy smooth balls...

>> No.40053200

>implying that's a girl

I had completely forgotten about that comic though, fuck.

>> No.40053224

Hey guys, you cool with Dryad characters?

Sorry man, the only new thing is you here. I've always known about it and I've been here for 5 years

>> No.40053228

Here's my wizard

>> No.40053238

I have no idea why it now works, then. Maybe I was only trying it when I hadn't clicked inside the box, or something.

Man, and I've just been writing it out this whole time...

>> No.40053252

>I think I'll play a tiefling rogue this time

>> No.40053290

Stop it /tg/

I don't want to catch the gay

>> No.40053296

>I guess I'll be a bard.

>> No.40053305

Don't worry. For every hot guy someone posts, fuckers will post three other pics. I'm convinced they're not just not reading the mood, they've actively understood it and they don't like it.

>> No.40053308

This is how much protection spellcasters are allowed to wear in the setting before they start taking penalties to casting.

>> No.40053324


>> No.40053333

Be bi then, you faggot.

>> No.40053338


>> No.40053342

Tiefling barbarian.

>> No.40053344

Silly anon, you only catch it if you're a simpering wimp who's insecure in his own masculinity and heterosexuality. As long as you are firm in your self confidence and identity no amount of gays, trannies, or other wishy-washy sodomites can change you.

>> No.40053349

Would you his sores, /tg/?

>> No.40053368


There go my sides!

Anyway, I brought a Rogue!

>> No.40053369

>beefcake thread


>> No.40053377

> Implying such things about Khorne

>> No.40053402


>self confidence


Pick one and only one.

>> No.40053410

Get those bitches out of here.

>> No.40053443

>not having self-confidence

>> No.40053492

Is it fagfags or women posting?

Can't tell.

>> No.40053501

>be bartender in tavern
>serving the customers as usual
>suddenly, a very large adventuring party enters the tavern, mostly composed of scantily-clad males tending towards attractive in some sense or another, and only a few females, also of equivalent attractiveness
>also two or three paladins and a more standard wizardly archetype, all wielding guns of some sort
>"Barkeep, we are parched! Serve us some of your finest ale!"
>"Y-yeah, okay, sure..."
>the wife's going to kill me for finding these people attractive

>> No.40053524

>Is it fagfags or women posting?
there's no such thing as women.

>> No.40053535

Why does it matter?

>> No.40053590

>And this is my Wizard!

>> No.40053604

Are you doing a survey dude, or wondering why your clairvoyant powers have failed you?

>> No.40053616


>> No.40053627

That's sort of the whole point of being anonymous.

>> No.40053656

My wizard

>> No.40053658

Today isn't your day anon

>> No.40053664

See >>40044504

>> No.40053705

my DM has a race of (read: kitsune) that get a tail every 100 years they live, increasing their magical powers
unfortunately they stop aging in their early teens and all act like shoujo tropes

>> No.40053723

This is my cleric

>> No.40053787

I love your taste in artists, Lvlv is amazing.

>> No.40053804

And here's my knight.

>> No.40053819


>> No.40053827

... I'm sorry. Gun or not I just can't take that bunny seriously.

>> No.40053838

Currently playing a Dhamphir Day of the Dead Necromancer who uses speak with dead to ask if they want one more adventure.

>> No.40053848

sfw board

>> No.40053881

These are my beastmen.

>> No.40053885

That sounds lovely, tell me more.

>> No.40053935

>"Can my monk hold hands with your barbarian?

>> No.40054149

What if I'm self-confident in my bisexuality?

I wish to fill all holes. Occasionally even my own.

>> No.40054162


L/N Dhamphir born in the Spooky Forest. Father was a neglectful vampire who was too busy plane shifting to raise him.

So he raised his own friends. Ever since then he's been wandering around making friends and allies of those that just want one more shot, have something to live for, or just wanted to see their wife one last time.

>> No.40054263

Had a hearty laugh at these.

>> No.40054281

>necromancer dabbles in geomancy.jpg

>> No.40054325


>> No.40054424

Kokkuri-san Kokkuri-san, will you ever get rid of that runt Inugami?

>> No.40054442

Yes, yes we could need you. If you ever need to relieve some stress, come see me alright?

>> No.40054450

Is that a dude or a girl.

Anyway, source?

>> No.40054492

>> No.40054545


I just wanted to point out that in a pinch a guy will also do, in stead of a woman. Look at prisons, the concept is the same!

>> No.40054576

this is my mount

>> No.40054615


>> No.40054957

"Looks like the foolish sailors failed in pleasing the vicious local sea god with proper tribute and offerings. He is now delivering terrific punishment upon the coastal dwellers."

"The Terror of the Deep is rarely seen, preferring to set currents and winds in motion from afar, or send forth great sharks, krakens and morkoths to engulf swimmers or shipwrecked sailors, watching in delight the blood being spilled through the fangs of the sea predators."

"But in his rage, the Sea King emerged and, revelling in his own power, does not seen hesitant in displaying the harshness of the sea by drowning an entire city."

>> No.40055060

>"What genre were we playing again?"

>> No.40055118

Bara. It's a genre.

>> No.40055148

>"Oh. Sorry, but I gotta go. I can't handle it, and I'll ruin your fun if I stay."

>> No.40055207

At least you didn't get all passive aggressive and play an elven chef who doesn't want to go adventuring like a faggot.

>> No.40055306

That must have sucked. I just don't get people who don't do what's best for the group all the time.

>> No.40055332

bump again

>> No.40055363

>this is my elven aristocrat

Looks more like a half-elf being treated as a lowly servant by his pureblood parents.

>> No.40055381

>glorious european knight
>using dirty slav technology

what is this vile heresy?

>> No.40055444


Anybody have need for a Catfolk Barbarian?

>> No.40055456

>this is my barbarian centaur

>> No.40055505

Those legs look tiny, and I can't stop laughing at the hip-horns.

>> No.40055616


Can't ride a bike with no handlebars, Anon.

>> No.40055777

You know where half elves come from, right?

>> No.40055794

>my sahuagin ranger

>> No.40055822

I'd ask you not to bully my priest centaur, but I'm not sure you'd be able to catch him with those stubby legs.

>> No.40055902

It's always bothered me that centaurs, satyrs, and other classic mythological races always get passed over for endless variations of humans-plus-minor-cosmetic-feature. Are there any settings out there where centaurs and/or satyrs are a core player race?

>> No.40056032

Considering the amount of femboys and shota being posted, it's still primarily straight guys posting. I came in here expecting a beefcake thread and am thoroughly disappointed.

>> No.40056100

That's a male version of Malificent.

>> No.40056132


That is Tzeentch tho

>> No.40056184

Changeling the Dreaming?

You should check this too, for inspiration..

>> No.40056251



>> No.40056286

I've really been wanting to play an orc for a while guys!

Yes he's a mage, why do you ask?

>> No.40056408

I have them as a playable race in my M:tG mod of Fate.

>> No.40056523

I blame racism. Those dirty flatfoots are always discriminating against the proud and noble hoofed races.

>> No.40056560

>my dread knight cultist of Slaanesh

He will be the fuccboi of the entire tribe, including the females.

>> No.40056583

Is that a chick?

>> No.40056584

Fagfag here. I like both, personally. Twinks and beefcakes should coexist in handsome harmony.

>> No.40056628

It's not his fault! There was an... accident one day while he was practicing his magic. Now nobody will leave him alone.

>> No.40056650

Just be a Lorwyn Elf and get the best of both worlds.

>> No.40056703

This thread makes me feel funny.

>> No.40056708

It's a cultist of Slaanesh.

They can be whatever they want as long as the form pleases your eyes.

>> No.40056731

This is my sorcerer. She's human, but wears ears and a tail plug.

>> No.40056771

Where? This is a character thread not a lamp post thread.

>> No.40056850

A lot of funny feels.
Honestly thought about submitting this in a character sheet see if any of my friends would recognise the art.

>> No.40056922


>> No.40056990


>> No.40056996


>> No.40057018


I mean. I just HAD to pick the transmutation school... How was I supposed to know that was an expert level spell? That asshole merchant passed it off as a beginner's book!

So what's the worst you've had a spell backfire on you... I bet it doesn't top this.

>> No.40057029

>using Mentaiko's art as a character ref
>see if anyone noticeably blanches or recognizes it
>my side

>> No.40057235

Women pretending to be gay fags pretending to be straight. Duh.

>> No.40057243

We still need magic right ?

>> No.40057441

>artist wanted the Bayonetta audience

>> No.40057659

For your adventure to succeed, you must gain the cooperation of the most powerful chieftain in the region. How do you win his favor?

>> No.40057742

Are gnolls too furfaggy to join this party? What about minotaurs.

>> No.40057861

Hilariously enough, Mentaiko is a huge fan of Madoka.

>> No.40057862

>Posing with a giant pair of shears.
You had best gain his cooperation, lest you be added to his castrated harem.

>> No.40057886

It depends on how you play them, but minotaurs and gnolls usually get a pass on the furfag filter, as do other more "ugly"/bestial races like kobolds and lizardfolk.

>> No.40057929


>Implying that isn't my fetish

>> No.40058008

Honestly, the only beastfolk I really see /tg/ get up in arms about seem to be catfolk, "kitsunes", and sergals. Other types of furbait are usually acceptable, as long as they aren't too overtly sexualized. Ratfolk and birdfolk seem to be particularly popular.

>> No.40058013

>He's squatting down like he's about to take a shit
What a great pose.

>> No.40058058

By castrated I mean completely nullified.

If you serve him well for long enough and he likes you enough he may be generous enough to have his court wizard give you genitals again.

Female genitals

>> No.40058135

that was very interesting, thank you

>> No.40058156


>> No.40058157

Archives bro, learn how to use them.


>> No.40058191


but anonymous that is also my fetish

>> No.40058234

>Considering the amount of femboys and shota
>still primarily straight guys posting

>> No.40058379

Sure is 50 Shades of Gay all up in here.

>> No.40058432

Kitsunes/fox spirits are great, but only if done right.

>> No.40058440

Bisexuality doesn't exist to some people.

>> No.40058455

Which they basically never are.

>> No.40058469

>straight guys
>bi guys
pick one

>> No.40058471

Ah, always nice to see low level paladins.

>> No.40058529

Ah, well then it seems your party has a very elegant solution for this problem!

Now drop your pants and prepare to be snipped. Don't worry, the shears are magical you won't feel a thing.

Unless you'd like to put that tool to use one last time.

>> No.40058531

What the fuck are you on about? I did choose one, you moron.

>> No.40058579

Yeah, if you make them 100% furry material instead of an otherwise ethereal humanoid being with only slight vulpine traits.

>> No.40058619

I love centaurs, but they're at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to dungeon-crawling. It'd be nice to see a setting where they had some sort of interesting depiction aside from the typical nebulous "noble savage" treatment. I think they'd make a good Mongol analogue. They'd also work with a frontier/Old West sorta flavor.

>> No.40058730

build centaur dungeons like giant corn field mazes.

>> No.40058758

In the same way that bishounen and the seme/uke archetypes appeal to traditional fujos, the idea of traps and femboys are designed specifically to cater to self-identifying straight men. The bara market similarly exists almost exclusively to cater to gay men. Yes, there is overlap between all three, but you should understand the demographics of each.

Post had nothing to do with bisexuals, but you sure did find a way to shoehorn them in!

>> No.40058897

But of course.

>> No.40058961

I have a somewhat similar problem with merfolk. You simply can't dundgeon crawl or venture too far from the sea with a fish tail...


>> No.40059057

It took me a surprisingly long time to find a male naga/lamia picture on my hard drive that wasn't 2lewd4tg.

Why are snakemen such sluts?

>> No.40059309

Sinuousness and flexibility is inherently sensual.

I played a naga alchemist in a campaign once (actually a yuan-ti since that's the closest DnD seems to have to half-human/half-snake people), but since the setting portrays them as a cartoonishly villainous race, he ended up being a bit too Drizzt-ish for my tastes.

>> No.40059566

Well there's always that one snakeman character that was on /tg/ a long time ago who got into a lot of sexual situations and wooed a lot of human women.

If someone starts angrily swearing at me in the next few minutes I'll know it's still too soon to talk about that.

>> No.40060196

I remember that guy. I liked it, stories are always fun!

>> No.40060250

You're the only person I've seen so far that remembers those stories fondly.

I'd post the fanart but we've hit image limit.

>> No.40060411

>homos can't be pederasts
I feel offended for some reason.

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