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This is how i Psionic

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this is how i cleric

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So you're playing Jubilee?

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This is how I hide in plain sight

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This is how i NAT 1 a seduce

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This is how I Slaaneshi Heretek.

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This is how my DM deals with nat 1's

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Why did the car have a nuclear fusion reactor in it?

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Doesn't yours?

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Pintos man.

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one of those new tesla cars

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this is pretty much how I GM

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yeah but with more massed combat....

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This is how I Bard

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Pleb. I bet your car still uses internal-combustion.

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Silly Anon, I bet you haven't noticed, but it's 2015 already.
It's only natural for cars to have Mr. Fusion pre-installed inside them.
Still waiting for dehydrated pizzas and hoverboards. ;_;

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This is how I monk.

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That's not Tony's mask.

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This is how I druid.

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This is how I bard:


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This is how i druid

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This is how I bluff

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This is how I role playing session.

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This is how I monk.

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>Still waiting for dehydrated pizzas and hoverboards. ;_;
Well you're in luck because 1 of those things exists. Astronauts are getting a 3d printer for food that among other things can print pizza.

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As for the other one...

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This is how I exorcist.

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>Do you see that restless spirit, my son?
>We're gonna exorcise the fuck out of it.

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This is how I paladin.

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This how it all comes tumbling down.

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This is how I betray the party

Yo buddy

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this is how i wish i could monk

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Coincidentally, that's how I Emperor's Children.

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That is how I Ork

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This is how I lawful good.

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>hobo gets the power of greyskull the gif

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This is how I paladin

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This is how I Chaotic Good.

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> Good

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This is how I bard.

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This is how I food golem.

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This is how I nat 1 gather information

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Yes. Good. Does that upset you, GDI scum?

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I'm not upset towards desillusional people

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This is how I nat 1 perception

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> this is how I desperate plea for help coping with depression and suicidal thoughts.

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This is how I blackguard

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Goddamn did that scene in T2 fuck up my sleep patterns for a looonng time...

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This is how i solider

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