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Why don't the rules let you kill things with Drop Pods?

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Balance reasons more than likely. Could you imagine a drop pod or Tyrannocyst dropping down on a squad, decimating their numbers, only for marines or devilgants to step out and completely mow down the survivors?

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I'm pretty sure that's what the Imperium was imagining when they designed the things

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But that happens all the time in fluff.

All the fucking time.

Like, it's the thing they do.

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There's a dataslate for that now. World Eaters natch.

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Because it doesn't actually make sense.

Orbital drop pods and orbital artillery are very different in how they actually work. A drop pod moving fast enough to be an effective kinetic kill projectile would also likely be lethal to any passengers.

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But if you fail and they encircle the pod entirely all the occupants are destroyed unless it's a Lucius pod, because they must disembark but cannot perform one, even an emergency disembark.

>drop pod army using their empty pods as missiles

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Holy SHIT I just noticed that's a Drop Pod slamming into the Titan there. Wow. When I first saw the pic I thought it was the impact from one of the Warlord shots.

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Because the rules are shit in every possible respect.

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Well a drop pod has to slow down before it impacts so at best the rules would allow you to tank shock troops with them.
Shit, me too.

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This HH right? That picture?

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anyone got any more pictures of this diorama?

also why waste useful drop pods killing stuff from orbit when you can just use a conventional orbital bombardment, then follow up with pods?

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I had thought it was HH but it turns out it's 40k.

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I thought the Warlord was for HH.

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It's for both.

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I'd feel bad for how painful that looks to the titan, but then I remembered he's a filthy traitor.

The angle that it's buckling at is really great modeling, but it was probably done that way out of ease of modelling.

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When will they do Imperator titans?

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Probably never, considering they dwarf the Warlord like the Warlord dwarfs Reavers and the Warlord is already a $2000 model that will never fit on a normal game table.

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How much would it cost? $5000?

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It doesn't matter, someone would still buy it and turn it into a terrain piece.

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Nah, judging by the scale they're using, the Warlord is smaller than it was thought to be. People expected 36" Warlord, but it's more like 26" right now. An Imperator using this scale may be around 36" high and would probably cost $3,000.

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Sure? Fuck if I know. I doubt they'll ever make another model as big as the Warlord.

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I wish someone had a close up of Calgar fighting a Bloodthirster at the top of the skyscraper but it seems one doesn't exist.

Probably because nobody had a professional camera that could zoom that far in to the display who also posted it on the net.

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I have some answers. Thanks Anons.

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They said that about the Manta. They'll make the Emperor Titan after this.

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Yes, and it would be fucking awesome. I'd theme an army around that. So instead of just crying about muh balance, let's tweak it to make it work and be halfway fair. Not like 40k is balanced anyway.

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Something something too much guardsmen.

Second time this question has come up.

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Either it tank shocks or drop pods are simply Orbital Bombardments with forced enemy movement away from the pod's landing zone.

To make it fair, simply say the drop pod can't be targeted at an enemy, much like it is now. But instead of the special drop pod guidance rule stopping it just short of hitting terrain or enemies, allow it to crash through terrain and hit enemies.

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>going into Excuse Me threads
>implying someone being a stupid faggot and making a typical Excuse Me thread is the same as someone posting canon, official GW photo evidence and phrasing the question differently in regards to intent of targeting

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Ha. I'm surprised that someone would use the answer I used on that thread so soon.

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OP is a fag

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>It doesn't orbit the sun, it's marching around it on patrol

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>spear of sicarius
>not just "Ultramarines second company"

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Because they are specifically in an all drop pod incarnation. Second company would have them not in drop pods and with different rules.

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Spear of Sicarius sounds more cool. And phallic. Mostly phallic.

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Just imagine the life of that one Ork that lives onthat world.

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Crashing a drop pod into a heavy vehicle is likely to kill the occupants. The inertial guidance system is meant to keep that from happening but it probably can't tell the difference between a crag and a squad of squishy infantry.

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I wonder how they got those Thunderfire cannons up there. That's a really good place to put it, especially against khornates.

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12 dudes and a pod for a Warhound Titan.

Good trade. Better trade than Fire Dragons.

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Same way Leman Russ tanks get to the third floor of ruins.

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Because internal stabilisation, structural padding and power armor aren't things

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It looks to be a defensive siege so maybe they had time to get a lift or something to get it up there before hand, or the techmarine assembled it up there.

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They probably hot dropped it out of a Thunderhawk.

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>Keeps fighting and getting bigger
>Masses of guardsmen can't kill him without making him stronger and stronger
>They just keep swarming him as he grows
>He's the core of the planet and the guardsmen are the rest of the mass

I think I might have found the beginning of a Hulk-and-Bees-verse in 40k. Or we've found how the Imperium dealt with Galatork

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Sweet Imperial penetration

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I'm thinking it's more like:
>"Day 50: I have learned words I never knew existed and how to talk like a human."

>"Day 190: I want to die. This isn't how an Ork is suppose to live."

>"Day 390: I'm going to end it all. I'm going to stop painting myself purple, and die like an Ork. May Gork and Mork forgive me."

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>Balance reasons

Eldar exists you know, its the evidence that balance means shit.

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The game is perfectly balanced.

If both players play Eldar.

QED Eldar are the pinnacle of balance.

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Eldar players are like the Eldar. Violent monsters that only seek victims for their warmongering D.

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I killed a Venom last week, and some Skitarii Rangers the week before with the Dreadclaw drop pods DS attack. It sucks cuz you cant disembark if you use it, but if you bullseye right next to an enemy squad, you have to do it. Its pretty cool setting it down and watching your opponent remove models.

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>All armies are balanced, but some armies are more balanced than others

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Because then Games Workshop would need to put in rules that let you run over people with vehicles, which would favor Vehicle List and they would sell few models...

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Those new Cult Mech robots, errr monstrous creatures - and the tracked troops look pretty strong. Combine them with Skitarii and they are definitely up there with Necrons. Eldar are just stupid right now. Almost no one at my flgs will play against the 4 guys that play Eldar. Ive seen one of them get a game with someone other than the other Eldar guys, and it was because he didnt bring the faggot bikes or a faggot knight. He still won.

GW fucked Eldar players hard, its hilarious. Everyone was pissed because the codex was so absurd and they were so op.... but now who is suffering the most? Eldar players.

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Haven't seen the rules for the Cult Mechanicus stuff yet, but Skitarri Onagers and infantry are already incredibly strong offensively. Defensively not as much. None of them are as good as Eldar WKs or jetbikes.

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because loyalists don't have fun

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how about a chance to kill the units inside the pod when landing on a super-heavy(+)?

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>which would favor Vehicle List and they would sell few models...
Have people forgotten 5e: Dedicated Transport Edition already? Jesus christ, the endless bitching about how moneygrubbing GW was for making those expensive, fiddly vehicles so fucking good.

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Is that a forge world unit in a white dwarf formation? What sorcery is this?

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no, that's a forgeworld unit in a forgeworld book. it's from the new set of formations that forgeworld is putting out

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Kinetic bleeders, inertial dampeners, some kind of other sci-fantasy(-fi) hokus pokus.
Because apparently, the already work in universe.

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>Everything Chaos players have been bitching about solved in one post

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Your all retarded, titans have void shields. The drop pod would just kill itself.

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That's like a 500 point unit minimum. It solves nothing.

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>implying that the drop pod wasn't a kara-cancel to extend the impact of an assist.

... just playing fighting games.

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>the character is the Battle Barge launching drop pods and bombardments

Holy shit the zoning!

>implying drop pods don't have invuln frames
>implying the drop pod is a part of the battle barge's hitbox
>implying space marines need okizeme

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while it is true that drop pods have invuln frames

Titans have bullshit armor that super reduces damage unless you punch through it will multiple hits.

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>Str D hit, lets you assault out of after
Yeah, totally not solved. That can kill damn near anything. Especially considering you can kit out the Zerkers however you like

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>if the Kharybids
>implying people won't want to use the free SD AP1 hit

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Are there other pictures of the book?
What's the name?

The warp is whispering me that there will be a formation with Noise Marines and Sonic Dreadnought, and I need to know.

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There is literally nothing optional about that rule

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Its an Event only campaign book. Blood Oath.

Khorne vs GK, UM, Titans

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It's Khorne and Ultramarine only. It's called Blood Oath.

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Event only?

Are we at least gonna get a digital release?

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Last time I checked you can't aim it over another unit on purpose. You can aim it 1" away and hope for scatter.

>> No.40030143


It's Warhammer World only but not limited. It's to go along with the huge Ultramarine vs. Khorne dioramas all over the building.

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40k, UM and GK vs Khorne. The exclusive campaign supplement is either based on it or it's based on the aforementioned.

This is supposedly part of what went into creating the diorama:

>12,000 man hours
>£20k of Cities of Death boards and kits
>1500 Ultramarines
>200 Grey Knights
>1000 Daemons
>500 Chaos Marines
>12 various Titans (not including Knights)

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... i'm gonna take my coffee now. Apparently i need it badly.

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That's some absolute shit
The Meteoric Descent rule should be applied to all drop pods, they should be able to aim directly at the enemy, and they should be able to hit other units as well. Just gotta nerf the Strength and maybe AP a bit.

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81 ws5 str 5 ap 4 hits with a str D on top of it sure does suck.

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>81 attacks
>that hit with the melee to hit chart
>in melee
>at S5
>at AP4

Why would you not just take 54 scatter laser shots instead.

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Lol what the fuck.

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Which is why Orks should be the only ones with that tactic. Stuff a rokk full of boys and hurl it from space at a gaggle of marines, if you kill more marines than boys with such a move, then it is a success!

>> No.40030547

Ah, someone did get a shot!

Possibly FW's best diorama

>> No.40030573


Boys out number marines in both fluff and tabletop points cost, so even if you kill one marine per two boys lost it's still a success.

>> No.40030595

>calgar fresco
>not rowbutt girlyman

No, this does not expand spiritual liege.

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I get where you're coming from but that art is iconic and incredible. I want to get it blown up, framed, and put on my wall.

>> No.40030631

the assault marines and raptors going at it all over the spires has got to be my favorite part of the diorama

>tfw they're both shit

>> No.40030641

You don't get called the God of War without some respect.

>> No.40030643

Nah nah, the one Ork there is a Kommando dressed up like a Guardsman. Everytime the guardsmen discover him he leaps into a passing wave of guardsmen and is lost in the mass.

>> No.40030660

Please elaborate, this would be amazing with bezerkers no?

>> No.40030670

>That one Marine standing right in the fire, not even looking at the Helldrake
He couldn't give any less of a shit.

>> No.40030712

How did that pod land on the wall?

>> No.40030723

There could even be a new rule. Rather than rolling for impact, you indicate where you want it to land, roll for how far you stand away from the table, then hurl the model at the location.

>> No.40030742 [DELETED] 

can anyone help me find a download link to chapter master?
all the websites links are dead.

>> No.40030773

I played this level before.
You dodge the melee attacks, wait for the daemon prince to do a tell-tale, then get him to charge into a column. He'll be stunned for a few moments, during which time you can get a few hits in with your chainsword.

Then he gets stuck in the last one holding everything up, and you hit it with the thunder hammer, bringing the structure down on top of him and trapping him there forever.

>actually, now that I think about it, a Rocksteady 40k game would actually probably be ok.

>> No.40030889

changed course en-route with the jets on the pod
anti-air-artillery knocked it off course
came out of a critically damaged ship tilted at an odd angle
daemon warp portals.jpg

>> No.40030944

1500 Ultramarines

Even the smurfs can't get shit done with only 1000 troopers

>> No.40030981

It's marneus calgar. That fight would be a cutscene where you just run at the fucker and try to punch it while everyone around you dies.

>> No.40031008

there is a khorne formation with berserkers in assault claw pods that damages shit they land on

>> No.40031027

>all those bikes

muh fuggin dick

>> No.40031045

Command units (that is the chapter master, captains, chaplains, librarians, techmarines, apothecaries and their associated retinues), and pilots have never been under the 1,000 man limit.

>> No.40031250

Non-line troops (line troops being the 10 squads of 10 Marines of the 10 companies) do not count towards the limit. Officers, support, logistics, etc. are outside what is considered the fighting strength of a chapter.

>> No.40031287

I thought pilots and such were drawn from the reserve companies.

>> No.40031328

>1500 Ultramarines
But anon, that's against the Codex and that can't be pre/during-heresy because the GK didn't exist until after. This is double heresy

>> No.40031334

not... always. Especially in newer fluff, most (if not all) of them are now techmarines.

I'm not sure it's ever been specified who is driving the various tanks.

>> No.40031339

>Didn't even bother with the jump packs.
Disappoint. Lazy. Duncan why

>> No.40031374

I remember reading it was dudes from the reserve companies in the 3rd or 4th edition of Codex Space Marines. So, maybe not considered canon anymore.

>> No.40031414

probably cause he's dying in agony, anon

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Just glancing at my 3rd edition codex, it seems (according to the top left excerpt) the various companies have enough crew for their own vehicles. The armory probably has a bunch of marines assigned there to pilot the various specialist rhino and land raider chassis vehicles.

Also worth mentioning later editions have beefed up the amount of command staff and tehcmarines from third.

>> No.40031477

Who would win this game realistically? Not fluff wise, but in the actual game. It would take months if not upwards of a year to finish, but I don't see Imperials winning this one. I have no doubt they'd win in fluff, but in the game, they just can't stand up to those numbers of bloodletters.

>> No.40031511

I dunno, thats pretty nonchalant for "agony"

>> No.40031525

So a QTE like Space Marine did?

>> No.40031528

>Who would win this game realistically?
Smurfs have a warlord, enormously better air power and entrenched gun batteries

assault's shit, especially in apocalypse

>> No.40031547

>There will never be something that detailed and big for an Ork battle
Dis aint proppa...
Please prove me wrong someone.

>> No.40031556

How about a countdown.. Put a token on the target area, that acts like a fast air unit. So the enemy can shoot dem down or "damage" them. (Reduced crew if damaged maybe?)

>> No.40031591

Calling out physical (non-teleport) deep-strikes the turn before would be a pretty cool way of balancing them.

You could probably let them assault on the turn they come in if you did that.

>> No.40031596

>All those Grey Knights
Shouldn't that many Grey Knights be capable of handling the whole army of demons on their own?

>> No.40031641

Fluff, yes. Game, no. Even so, the massive amount of chaos marines and warhound titans is problematic.

>> No.40031687

They couldn't take on Angron's army without help from other Imperials especially the Space Wolves who delivered them where they were needed.

>> No.40031781

looks like a Dreadclaw, those also double as chaos fleet boarding pods. So, thats probably why

>> No.40032054 [SPOILER] 
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Imagine it?
I could just read about it in the codex astartes.

under the heading "Shteel rahne"

>> No.40032085


>Iyanden players having to shelf their armies
>They also get called faggots for something that isn't their fault

Truest suffering.

>> No.40032190


Calgar's ability to let them use their battle doctrines twice becomes more and more of a boon the higher the points value of your army. Plus they get to choose the result of every leadership test they take. Some pretty handy buffs.

>> No.40032288

That was my idea. So units can fight/escape the deep strike.

>> No.40032324

with what? plasma pistols? fucking idiot.

>> No.40032995

Actually, you have to take berzerkers. It also lets them assault out of it

>> No.40033051

There was a "Valkyrie down" diorama with Orks that was pretty awesome.

>> No.40033199
File: 116 KB, 438x480, 1403936915660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wait...LOL look at the two motherfucking assault marines on the fucking hell-drake! thats fucking great! they are sitting there not even giving a shit, bout to ride that thing or something.

>> No.40033227

i just love the one tacticool squad caught in the middle of that pack of grey knights. just like "whelp fuck not much for us to do here"

>> No.40033307

Different anon , anywhere I can go to see that? Love warhammer dioramas

>> No.40033335


Which means they're going slow on impact. Which reduces the bombardment potential?

No Captcha, that second picture is of sashimi, not sushi.

>> No.40033395

It was one of the dioramas at Warhammer world that was dumped the other day in the 40k general. Sadly, I didn't save any, but I think you can find it in the archive.

>> No.40034134


Agreed. Just because it happens in the setting doesn't mean it should be allowed on the tabletop.

>> No.40034203

why can't intercept guns shoot at droppods before they unload?

>> No.40034777
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>Just gotta nerf the Strength and maybe AP a bit
Mfw someone wants to nerf terminal velocity

>> No.40035028

You do realize drop pods do slow down before impact, right? That's what the thrusters at the bottom are for. And what stops the thing from just turning into a hole in the ground with scraps of metal and superhuman feces all over it.

The Kharybdis has big melta-cutters and claws on the bottom designed to eat through space ships, so of course its hit would be more deadly. Not to forget that the Descent breaks it, turning it Immobile (normally it could take off and fly around). So it's clearly not what it's intended for.

>> No.40035038

They're called melta bombs anon

>> No.40035040

Why are they completely exposed?

>> No.40035224

Wrong force commander brah

>> No.40035296

the two techmarines are operating the cannon you tard

>> No.40035372

>That diorama showing what 40k battles would actually look like
Desire to get every player at my LGS to play a massive 10v10 game spanning every piece of terrain the store has is rising at almost the same rate as the tent in my pants.

>> No.40035552

It still wouldnt be the same, just a bunch of crap piled on a flat board

You need to build a city to play in

>> No.40035791

It's not really a drop pod though

It's an 'assault claw' that costs £149 from forgeworld.

>> No.40036115

>Because it doesn't actually make sense.

Someone is new to 40k.

>> No.40036260
File: 234 KB, 1247x831, IMG_4292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a shit load of pictures here.


>> No.40036293

My store actually has some really fucking awesome city terrain boards built, but the fags never pull them down. They claim they're for "special events", but every time we have a league or event, the shit stays up and they just say "we forgot".

>> No.40036388
File: 8 KB, 250x250, 1374944897407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.40036394


Yeah, I could see certain units (like Tau broadsides, with their bigass railguns) having the firepower to dedicate an attack to trying to disrupt the drop pod before it hits the ground.

They don't even have to destroy the pod, just damage it enough to make it a messy landing. You could have it be something like "if the drop pod is [roll result of the attack], all units inside of the drop pod suffer a [damage profile] hit, which resolves before they disembark the crashed pod."

So something like space marines might survive a crashed drop pod with only one or two losses, but with shitty luck it could kill a bunch of them. A dreadnought will probably come out fine, but might be a little banged up. Other units might not be so lucky.

>> No.40036597

>The IG parade
>The new Dropsite Massacre diorama
>The Tyranid invasion diorama
>The most epic daemonic incursion diorama of all fucking time
>The eldar vs Tyranid diorama
>The new Istvaan III diorama
>The Calth attack

>> No.40036683


Why is he stepping on the codex astartes?

>> No.40036701

>"Quick, shoot at it with your bolt pistols!"

>> No.40036742

>got a supplement
>gets Eldar tier rules every edition

Fucking Eldarfags go die

>> No.40036908


AM chapter is not clear.

Maybe 900 power armoured marines plus unlimited scouts, maybe also techmarines

Still that doesnt justify the 500 extra.

I always thought 1000 marine chapters where ridiculous. 10.000 makes so much sense. even 100.000, which is still a small number compared to the scale of the empire and the universe.

It's also ridiculous if we take into account the size of the fleets every chapter has.

1000 marines fit inside the smallest Cobra destroyer ship. What the fuck?

I cant figure out how twenty 100.000 marine legions conquered the fucking galaxy in record time in WH30k.

They should have been a billion each at least-

>> No.40036929


A fuck load of good that is when you can't get games with it faggot-kun.

>> No.40036962

Whats that completely random thunderhammer?

>> No.40037042
File: 100 KB, 600x422, Marneus Calgar Art and Model Compairson by Neomensu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It uh, it forms the foundation of everything he does?

>> No.40037075

The model looks like he's sinking inside his suit and can't get up, just moments away from shouting for assistance.

>> No.40037096

Yet people cry about the tau being too small of an empire while still powerwanking to marines

>> No.40037295


It's an Ultramarine relic that was the macguffin of the Ultramarine movie.

>> No.40037311

>plays Eldar
>calls other faggots

And you wonder why literally every non-Eldar player hates Eldar players.

Face it: some people are so fun they get games regardless of how overpowered their army is. At least some portion of people not playing you is you being a faggot in addition to the Eldar rules.

>> No.40037747
File: 16 KB, 125x125, Glorious!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those dioramas are god damn beautiful.
Jesus fuck, I wish I could see them in person.
Also, is the Eldar vs Nids one supposed to be depicting Valedor?

>> No.40037905

Any good ork dioramas?

>> No.40039013

>Those hormas using carnifex as a ramp to jump on land speeder

>> No.40039104
File: 160 KB, 763x787, 1400844259748.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, but those were TRANSPORTS!
They want you to not only buy those expensive, fiddly vehicle models, but ALSO all the Troop Minis that would supposedly ride around in them.
Thus, you can't build an army by only buying and painting tanks, you need to buy their dudes as well.

Hell, at least you aren't the Sororitas...

>> No.40039616

They're actually kinda meh..

One thing you notice about the old dioramas was the conversions for the leaders and stuff.

It's something not present on any of these, and while they're nice it's a major bummer to see a lack of artistic creativity.

I mean just look at the Crimson fist one. 90% of the marines are just samebody copies not even looking down their sights, and it looks nothing like the diagram.

Pretty disappointing but not unexpected.

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