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Well. Just cancelled on a Black Crusade game that I was going to GM. I repeatedly kept telling the guy who was rolling up the noise marine that he couldn't have "Skittles" as a player name.
>its silly and thats why its going to be dark

>mfw the player is a federal agent

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Enjoy your tax audit.

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I honestly can't understand how some one thinks "skittles" is going to be an appropriate for a 40k setting. after telling him "no" for 2 hours. I've decided to just put the thing on ice.

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Remove him from the game.

captcha: literally no pictures of what I'm after and one picture of a soccer ball

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Also if it's online and you have a space add me in.

I'm a GM friendly player, I don't min max and I actually make plans.

email: [email protected]

Also, shamelessly advertising my skype group for 40k pooling, if you want to be dumped into a group of people who like 40k TTPRGs email me to be added.

Again, no sushi in the captcha. Fuck it all.

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>insulting the government

You are basically committing treason.The judgment of federal agents should never be questioned.

Enjoy the rest of your life in Gitmo

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I know for a fact that you're a shitty GM.

much laughs were had

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Not looking to GM anything, I said player.

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Why do you hate freedom, anon? Are you ISIS?

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its a brutal campaign.

>republican plz go

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Brutal in what sense? Rolling a new character every session doesn't bother me. I've played games like that.

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>Brutal in what sense?
every sense.

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>playing WoD
>setting is modern London
>guy gives me sheet
>char name: Light Yagami
>friends with Aerith Gainsborough
>hunted by Kaiba
>not happening
>weeb removed from premises

And that's what you should have done too, OP. Just do the game without that guy, no reason to cancel the whole thing.

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So can I join?

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skype : mscddmx

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That´s not really -that- bad

I may be cancelling my WHFRP campaign because of the 6 people who excitedly signed for it only 2 actually bother to come to the sessions

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No thanks then.

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yea. I'm not doing that bullshit dark heresy style shit. I'm talking planetary scale assaults. Where its a scourge and the party are fueling armies. Combat is highly geared for a marine party. character creation uses hammer of emperor's variant pattern customization. Rites of battle armor patterns with chaos rules. and mostly rules from rogue trader. Any time you have to roll for dialog is basically just straight social combat.

Yes. there will be situations where you'll need easily need 5,000 soldiers.

Yes. You'll actually need them. and gaining them is the fun challenge.

This is Chaos at its finest.

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Sounds shit.

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then don't play black crusade and fuck off

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I don´t like that, but yea. I usually play Dark Heresy

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>says geared towards marine party
>bunch of only war shit
>mostly using rogue trading rules (objectively the worst FFG 40k system)
>every social encounter is social combat



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>geared towards marines
you're going on death worlds, fighting xenos, and waging war.
>rogue trader
planet creation mainly.
>only war shit
only for changing black crusade weapon stats by minute details.
>social combat
you're a mother fucking marine. you can just out right kill anyone that talks back or offer resistance

yes it fucking is fun

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Why would I be jealous, my game got off the ground and has good players in it, you game hasn't started because skittles the sonic fed-hog has a silly name.

I'm just going to start posting the conversation we had after I kicked you before the game started.

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Hm, how to word this. No offense to you man but I would rather have you leave the game than try to tell you to act different. So I'm going to have to say you're fired. Nothing personal just, I just want everything to run smoothly.
[3:31:44 p.m.] mscddmx: well. I'm a renegade
[3:31:54 p.m.] mscddmx: what am I suppose to do exactly?
[3:32:26 p.m.] mscddmx: just lemme play the game. you'll find out that it fixes itself
[3:32:37 p.m.] Axel Braun: No, sorry I'm not going to do that.
[3:32:41 p.m.] mscddmx: why?
[3:33:04 p.m.] Axel Braun: I just explained.
[3:33:25 p.m.] mscddmx: I mean. a good explaination that isn't rooted in stupidity.
[3:34:06 p.m.] Axel Braun: You're saying that me not willing to GM for someone I imagine I'm going to have problems with is rooted in stupidity?
[3:34:28 p.m.] mscddmx: yes. because I don't let imaginary things dictate what will happen.
[3:34:49 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm trying to get a feel for the game via you're feed back. My dude is a fighter.
[3:35:03 p.m.] mscddmx: psychological warefar 101
[3:35:07 p.m.] Axel Braun: I'm not imagining anything, I have a problem with your contrary attitude.
[3:35:32 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm not having a contrary attitude
[3:35:44 p.m.] mscddmx: I've been trying to figure the game out. asking questions
[3:36:21 p.m.] Axel Braun: Not really when I'm explaining to someone else something, you butt in and try to counter me offering friendly advice when I'm not adressing you.
[3:36:26 p.m.] mscddmx: just simple weapon selection seems to be a mind boggling difficult thing
[3:36:41 p.m.] mscddmx: You already addressed that
[3:36:55 p.m.] mscddmx: you must be a skilled necromancer able to bring dead things back to life
[3:37:06 p.m.] Axel Braun: What?

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[3:37:25 p.m.] mscddmx: it was dead and buried. point recieved.
[3:37:40 p.m.] mscddmx: did I mention anything else?
[3:37:41 p.m.] Axel Braun: Then why did you continue to act contrary?
[3:37:50 p.m.] mscddmx: because I'm asking questions
[3:37:58 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm trying to figure out what weapons to use
[3:38:01 p.m.] mscddmx: or even take
[3:38:05 p.m.] Axel Braun: Honestly I don't have to justify anything. I'm jsut doing what's best my game.
[3:38:06 p.m.] mscddmx: can you not read?
[3:38:21 p.m.] Axel Braun: Hey, relax, you got kicked from a game, not the end of th world.
[3:38:31 p.m.] mscddmx: no. I got kicked from a game for reasons that aren't my own.
[3:38:59 p.m.] mscddmx: you had the side chat. I learned that lesson. I haven't talked to the other players about anthing.
[3:39:07 p.m.] Axel Braun: Yes? Because I decide what goes on in my game, because I run it?
[3:39:15 p.m.] mscddmx: railroading isn't fun
[3:39:15 p.m.] Axel Braun: I'm not sure what you're getting at here.
[3:39:20 p.m.] Axel Braun: It's freeform
[3:39:20 p.m.] mscddmx: thats just being a bad GM
[3:39:33 p.m.] mscddmx: you're railroading in a freeform game.
[3:39:48 p.m.] Axel Braun: The game hasn't started...
[3:40:05 p.m.] mscddmx: and you're already doing it
[3:40:12 p.m.] mscddmx: "your weapons won't work"
[3:40:15 p.m.] mscddmx: "you're arguing with the GM"
[3:40:25 p.m.] mscddmx: "no point in taking that"
[3:40:37 p.m.] mscddmx: "you won't fight plebs"
[3:40:37 p.m.] Axel Braun: No

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[3:40:51 p.m.] Axel Braun: This has nothing to do with weapons, I'm talking about your attitude.
[3:41:02 p.m.] mscddmx: I just want to figure out the game
[3:41:20 p.m.] mscddmx: maybe. you just lack the ability to understand what a person is trying to say?
[3:41:54 p.m.] Axel Braun: No, I'm talking about your attitude, no matter what we've spoken about in the past couple of days I've noticed this.
[3:42:08 p.m.] mscddmx: so? I'm a very mercurial man
[3:43:00 p.m.] Axel Braun: And that's supposed to help your case?
[3:43:13 p.m.] mscddmx: yes. because I perform well under various circumstances
[3:43:41 p.m.] mscddmx: Am I a spastic autistic? no
[3:44:07 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm simply a dangerous man who knows how things work.
[3:44:32 p.m.] Axel Braun: We'll first off, I'm not sure what you're getting at, secondly I'm autistic so I'd rather you didn't use autism as slander.
[3:44:39 p.m.] Axel Braun: What?
[3:44:42 p.m.] mscddmx: oh that explains it.
[3:44:47 p.m.] Axel Braun: You're dangerous?What are you tlaking about?
[3:45:20 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm a felon. I understand danerous people. I've done a lot of illegal stuff, for fun.
[3:45:41 p.m.] Axel Braun: What has this got to do with my GMign, I fail to see the connection.
[3:45:46 p.m. | Edited 3:45:59 p.m.] mscddmx: I understand that most people act like children about serious matters and can't get a grip with how shit works
[3:46:08 p.m.] mscddmx: You're eliminating tactical options for players.
[3:46:37 p.m.] mscddmx: its not how you want them to play, its how they play.
[3:46:46 p.m.] mscddmx: I've ran a few games myself.
[3:47:03 p.m.] Axel Braun: I kciked you, because you have an attitude problem.
[3:47:04 p.m.] mscddmx: hell. I got high and wrote 40 campaigns and a full setting in 2 days
[3:47:24 p.m.] mscddmx: no. I think your autism prevents you from understanding me.
[3:47:27 p.m.] Axel Braun: Listen, I'm not interested in hearing your bluster and lies.

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Oh lawdy I remember this being posted elsewhere

>> No.39950366

[3:47:40 p.m.] Axel Braun: I'm jsut letting you know, you're out, nothing personal.
[3:47:40 p.m.] mscddmx: its not bluster and lies.
[3:47:43 p.m.] mscddmx: its fact.
[3:47:49 p.m.] Axel Braun: And I hope you're OK with that.
[3:48:05 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm perfectly fine with this
[3:48:14 p.m.] mscddmx: from day one I knew you were going to be a cunt
[3:48:31 p.m.] mscddmx: so. I'm not surprised. just annoyed.
[3:49:04 p.m.] Axel Braun: I'm not sure what you meen, I broached the topic diplomatically and you start talking about me railroading before the game starts.
[3:49:17 p.m.] mscddmx: no.
[3:49:30 p.m.] mscddmx: you can't proach a topic diplomatically and then resend that conclusion
[3:49:45 p.m.] mscddmx: you aren't a chinese diplomat
[3:49:58 p.m.] Axel Braun: I didn't resend.
[3:50:03 p.m.] Axel Braun: Now
[3:50:23 p.m.] Axel Braun: I've said what I need to say, no hard feelings.
[3:50:40 p.m.] mscddmx: man. you are an idiot
[3:50:53 p.m.] Axel Braun: Care to explain how?

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after 2 hours of you vetoing every idea. Seriously. who vetos a flame thrower?

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My favourite line is

"I'm simply a dangerous man who knows how things work."

He's like 20 or something.


>social combat
>you're a mother fucking marine. you can just out right kill anyone that talks back or offer resistance

So your social combat is regular combat.

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>"I'm simply a dangerous man who knows how things work."
thats what renegade is for you dumb cunt

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I thought the joke about OPs of That Guy threads actually being the real That Guy was a dumb joke before. In your case, however, that is true.

Here's the parts of the story OP is forgetting to mention, copy pasted from the last thread.

>Get invited to Black Crusade group
>Start making my sheet, people in skype are doing theirs as well
>One player is playing a noise marine, can't think of a name so he wants to name his character Skittles
>GM says no, and that he will kill him off if he names his character that.
>Player is like "C'mon man", but lets it go without a fight.
>Fast forward a bit
>Rolling mutations
>Noise Marine player gets Winged mutation
>GM says he can't fly and shoot his noise canon at the same time.
>If he fires it, he will "blow air away out of your wings", and fall.
>Player is like "lol wat?"
>I chime in that 40k isn't really something you bring the laws of physics to, not when titans and orkz are a thing.
>DM maintains his stance, says that technically a space marine in power armor should be too big and heavy to be carried by wings anyways unless those wings are huge
>Player gets fed up and says fine, he'll take a different mutation instead
>In exchange though, his character's name is going to be Skittles. "Period. The end. Done."
>GM posts an image to skype that says "Everybody's getting raped!"

>> No.39950403

I spent 2 days trying to talk him out of skittles.

>> No.39950421

Can't back peddle now OP

Jig is up, you were that guy all along.

Book 'im, Skittles.

>> No.39950424

i'd also never said I'd kill anyone.just that its a horrible idea.

plus. using a blast master in air is a horrible idea. its literally a sustained sonic boom outward

>> No.39950426


Dude, you missed an awesome opportunity. Sure, it's animu shit, but think about what those characters are for a second.

World of Darkness

Character: Megalomaniacal tyrant with supernatural abilities to kill people, who seeks to use them to create a new world order. Opposed by narcissitic flamboyant prodigy genius.

Friends with: A flower girl with a heart of gold, who is hunted by a super-corporation due to her bloodline.

Hunted By: A narcissistic, flamboyant prodigy genius who owns a super-corp, and holds grudges like nobody's business.

The shit writes itself, anon.

>> No.39950434

You know full well that you weren't talking about your character there.

You were bragging about your convictions before even getting around to making your character sheet.

>> No.39950444

Backing this up. Context made it clear. Internet tough guy

>> No.39950445

I'm having a hard time believing that. Also, that shit with the Wings was stupid.

It's an RPG, a 40k one no less. Telling someone they can't do something the book says they can because of physics is retarded, especially in a settting that regularly ignores the laws of physics anyways. Fuck's sake, it's Black Crusade anyways, you can hand wave that shit easily as "It's warp magic, I ain't gotta explain shit".

>> No.39950447

What the fuck

Does this nigga know what a shockwave is?

Or how air works?

>> No.39950466

There's definitely drama in this thread, but I don't understand it.

>> No.39950483


So... you cancelled a whole game because one of the potential player didn't do what you want?

Also, why not allowing the insane supersoldier to call himself "Skittles" ?

>> No.39950496

because he wanted "TASTE THE RAINBOW BITCH" to be his battle cry. and that was his his second character in a row with the name skittles.
both slaaneshi and "rape machine" in the character description.

>> No.39950527

as well as only playing slaaneshi "thrill kill assassins".

I gave a huge amount of lee way but skittles was just....no.

I also recontacted the other players to let them know that I intend to GM anyway. as its going to be 2 weeks from now. and its only the 3rd game i've ran over internet.

"hundreds of thousands of ship crewman sacrificed to train Skittles" was the first sentence in that character sheet bio.

>> No.39950531

OP is calling someone That Guy.

OP is That Guy.

OP is notorious That Guy and those who know of him calling him out.

>> No.39950542

this is case of that guy calling that guy on alpha that guy.

>> No.39950550

Who is that that guy then?

This that guy? Or is he not the that guy from OP's post?

>> No.39950564

skittles. is that that guy.

I openly admit I fuck with people for fun. I've always been a "that guy" but holy shit. there are levels that I can't stomach. I prefer my fuckery to be morbid

>> No.39950585

i'm the GM from that game he joined.
and that chat was up for 2 days before that.I was fully against using Tome classes.

>> No.39950630

This thread is incredible

>> No.39950642

Well, I now have 2 reasons to know not to play with a guy named "mscddmx"


>> No.39950666

the fucked up thing. i've worked at a sex shop. titty bar, street racer, and a florist.

and illegal things are fun. thats why they are illegal. but as soon as you actually say "oh, i've just blown through 4 red lights at 95" people call bull shit.

>> No.39950680

also I love this picture. i've been trying for years to get just this kinda shit made.

>has been on /b/ since 2007

>> No.39950697

>cancels game because one player wanted a silly name

That GM thread?

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Haha what the fuck

>> No.39950765


thanks you for this thread, guys.

I'm sorry I'm being an asshole, but this is just too funny

>> No.39950774


This is fucking amazing, nothing he says makes any sense

>> No.39950779

ow the edge

>> No.39950788

I didn't know that selling flowers was illegal.

>> No.39950795

>"I'm a dangerous man"
the edges must be quantum-sharp on this one

>> No.39950804

Thank you to all involved for advertising your complete lack of anything resembling decent behavior. As such I will take note and ensure that I never play with such individuals, or even any individuals associated with either of you. The last to guarantee no chance of viral infection of this level of stupidity. Again, thank you both for the warning.

>> No.39950805

I actually visualized this

>> No.39950808

Selling weed is like being a florist

>> No.39950809


>> No.39950817

>AND Kaiba
Depending on how good an actor you and the player are, you missed the opportunity for the hammiest scenes ever as two retards try to out keikaku each other.

>> No.39950839

I mean, how different is this from regular WoD shit?

>> No.39950850

>"hundreds of thousands of ship crewman sacrificed to train Skittles"

Skittles sounds like a pretty cool guy. 10/10, would fight alongside him.

>> No.39950853

>this whole thread

>> No.39950864

>> No.39950872

>the fucked up thing. i've worked at a sex shop. titty bar, street racer, and a florist.

>> No.39950875


>> No.39950880

Thank you for this thread OP, I really needed some good feelings going into my exam today.

>> No.39950883

Recruiting people from 4chan is never a good idea. I've tried dozens upon dozens of times, and it hasn't worked out once.

>> No.39950896

I'm >>39950394
And I'm actually not the skittles guy, I was going to play a Khornatte Berzerker. I saw it happen but I wasn't skittles.

>> No.39950901


>> No.39950903

Well, it is 4chan, what did you expect ?
You should try a local game store.

>> No.39950904

This thread is the best thing I've seen all day

>> No.39950906


>> No.39950909

Good catch, yo

>> No.39950915

why not have players create characters with a backstory and then just.....play their backstories?

>> No.39950917

I have a group that's stuck together for multiple years, from /v/ no less

You really have to strain out the retards

>> No.39950926


>> No.39950937

Guy who kicked OP from group before game kicked off.

Yeah I have a /tg/ game thats been going for a few months now. mscddmx or whatever his name was going to be in one of my two new games. (Which amazinging for first session everyone actually showed up).

I am so sorry for my disgusting behaviour today, but this thread, what the fuck happened.

>> No.39950947


>> No.39950970

I'm no one interesting, just a witness. I got an invite from the GM the same day all this drama happened. Don't know about skittles having a dumb backstory or not, I never saw it myself, but from where I stood the name just seemed like a dumb little joke. He actually tried finding different names, but then the wings shit happened and he ended by saying he was going with skittles, period, most likely to piss off the GM since he was being a cunt about the wings.

Whether that makes him That Guy as well or not I guess depends on your own interpretation, all I know is I wasted time on my sheet just for the game to disband and I don't plan on playing with that GM again. Technically I didn't play with him at all since the actual game hadn't started yet, but I don't plan on giving him another shot.

>> No.39950973

Chaos happened.

Congratulations, you won the game!

>> No.39950984

[3:35:07 p.m.] Axel Braun: I'm not imagining anything, I have a problem with your contrary attitude.
>[3:35:32 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm not having a contrary attitude

>> No.39951017

>this entire thread

>> No.39951021

>Noise Marine
>Worshipper of Slaanesh.
>Named for densely packed sugary confection.

I don't see the problem. Besides, My D&D character is named Ravengore Soulblight. He's a Paladin who is adventuring to get away from the mountains of paperwork required by his Viscount position.

Also: remember how goddamn many of the Primarchs have terrible puns as names.

>> No.39951048

>I honestly can't understand how some one thinks "skittles" is going to be an appropriate for a 40k setting. after telling him "no" for 2 hours. I've decided to just put the thing on ice.
Skittles the Noise Marine is a /tg/ character, ain't he?

OP probably didn't know, but that would have been another big red flag.

>> No.39951059

Is there a screencap ?

>> No.39951061

I tried the local gaming store too. They were worse. I thought I'd seen social incompetence and reactionary attitudes before, but man...

I finally got a good group when I started recruiting from tumblr.

>> No.39951069

Stupid BC names or, indeed, character concepts are an art unto themselves

I've played a Forsaken called simply Slam before. He acted like an boozed up biker. Good times were had.

>> No.39951070

Oh. Okay then.


>> No.39951137

>you're a marine you can't just kill people for no reason

...Are you high? Like...I am legit curious.

>> No.39951148

He said can, not can't

Perhaps you were the high one all along?

>> No.39951157

he wrote can

>> No.39951170


>> No.39951184


>> No.39951186

Threads like these make me scared of saying or doing anything, for fear of someone calling me That Guy for reasons I don't understand.

>> No.39951194

Hey look, its That Guy everyone.

>> No.39951205

I'm saving all these. I'll never see an occasion to use them though.

>> No.39951215

my god this thread

>> No.39951229


>> No.39951260

>rogue trader, worst rules
We know that's actually Dark Heresy 1... and mostly because of psychic powers there.

>> No.39951265

Whoever is making these, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

>> No.39951266

I fucking love you guys
Even the duelling pair of That Guys

>> No.39951275

I'm glad someone else noticed that.

Captcha apparently says hamburgers are sandwiches. This makes sense after thinking about it, but it never occurred to me to consider burgers as sandwiches

>> No.39951287

I've had pasta counting as pizza, so no surprises

>> No.39951325

>[3:47:49 p.m.] Axel Braun: And I hope you're OK with that.
>[3:48:05 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm perfectly fine with this
>[3:48:14 p.m.] mscddmx: from day one I knew you were going to be a cunt
>[3:48:31 p.m.] mscddmx: so. I'm not surprised. just annoyed.

>I'm completely fine with this
>I'm annoyed

this guy...

>> No.39951355

>and a florist

>> No.39951398

>yes. because I don't let imaginary things dictate what will happen.

Holy fuck, does no one see the irony?

>> No.39951412

Im of the opinion both parties should kill themselves

>> No.39951422

Just stopping by to confirm mscddmx is terrible stock. I had to kick him from a game due to his argumentative attitude, inability to compromise with other players, power and meta gaming tendencies. He also bragged about how he sells pot, psychically fights his uncle and once got strangled to the point of passing out while driving by a family member all within the first week of group creation. I really wish I was making this up.

Regarding groups from /tg/ I have mostly had success forming 4 succesful groups with a Problem Player rate of 3 out of 20 over the past 4 years.

>> No.39951464

>bragging about getting strangled
>bragging about having a shit relationship with his uncle
>bragging about fucking weed, of all the drugs
dutchfag here, I kek every time someone acts tough about weed

>> No.39951484

>This Thread.

>> No.39951485


>> No.39951549

oh man the edges on this one.

none of these things is illegal

>> No.39951553

Not as good. Remember, these read top to bottom *and* left to right.
So I read the bit over watto first, then the bit down left, then the bit down center and down right.

>> No.39951566

Blowing through 4 red lights at 95 inches is.

>> No.39951570

its a skill really

>> No.39951588

>Ravengore Soulblight
You have foregone all rights to talk about names.

Go wash your mouth with some .45 soap.

>> No.39951601

point taken

>> No.39951603



Yeah, I know. I just really wanted to have the "lol wat" face.

>> No.39951605

This one made me laugh out loud.

>> No.39951621

Should have used episode II geonosians. They fly and have sonic weapons.

>> No.39951708



Glad to hear that.

I'm basically laughing nonstop since this thread started

Damn you're right. Correcting this.

>> No.39951793

Yeah Axel Braun here, same story he gave me, except he said he was going to killhis uncle.

And as someone who lives in NZ, it also amuses me a lot. Considering it's commonly sold in schools.

>> No.39951805


>> No.39951830

Hate to be a that guy too, but he's so fucking illiterate as well...

All those sentences star with "[word]. [some random bullshit]"

>> No.39951923

>psychically fights his uncle

Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the fuck up!

He PSYCHICALLY fights his uncle?

>> No.39951939


>> No.39951987

Wow, that CGI has not aged well.

>> No.39951994

>[3:49:45 p.m.] mscddmx: you aren't a chinese diplomat

>> No.39952025

This thread is approaching dörrö levels

>> No.39952032 [DELETED] 



It's from the cartoon.


Thanks for reminding me

>> No.39952052



It's from the cartoon.


Thanks for reminding me

>> No.39952055

>[3:49:45 p.m.] mscddmx: you aren't a chinese diplomat

>> No.39952077

this thread

>> No.39952091

is it fucked up that I do this shit on purpose?
>/b/tard since 2007

>> No.39952095


>> No.39952113

That expression is just perfect

>> No.39952159


>> No.39952168

holy fuck this made me lose my shit so hard
im trying not to wake people up fuck

>> No.39952177

when I typed that. I was laughing my ass off too.

>> No.39952206

>mscddmx: you aren't a chinese diplomat

>> No.39952222

>because he wanted "TASTE THE RAINBOW BITCH" to be his battle cry.
That is awesome

>> No.39952230

God dammit anon, I almost spat out my drink.

>> No.39952240

How can one guy say so much stupid shit in such a short amount of time?

>> No.39952245

This is what, the second or third time we get this "thread"?

Whatever happened to originality

>> No.39952248


>> No.39952261

'Ad too many giggles to count , m8

>> No.39952268

on purpose using my shit account.

>> No.39952279


>> No.39952298 [SPOILER] 

see this

>> No.39952311

did I create a situation that people laughed? yes. thats the point.

>> No.39952319


>> No.39952322

>you can just out right kill anyone that talks back or offer resistance
This is what is wrong with any 40k RPG. Nay, this is what is wrong with 40k.

There is a bunch of power fantasy wank bullshit that lets you basically ignore actual roleplaying in favor of a mindless shoot-em-up and despite the setting trying to say there is a lot to be afraid of as a marine.

But nope, faggots like you are entertained by FOR DA EMPURUR and then boltering everything. Fuck you.

>> No.39952331


>> No.39952336

Its for Google Images, so those images can pop up when people search for pasta, or hamburgers.

>> No.39952340


>> No.39952345

shhhh. its like when you get new players for only war and hand them a copy of imperial uplifting primer as their only introduction to the lore.

just straight sadism.and retard bait.

>> No.39952359

fucking hell anon

>> No.39952442

If you've ever listened hard when they mix up your order, most fast food workers refer to the burger in a meal as the sandwich.

>> No.39952448


>> No.39952494


>> No.39952542


>> No.39952634

Bad players will play badly fellow anon... There's loads of good, smart 40k RPG groups (example: all guardsman party) that come by and tell stories of diplomacy and intrigue in addition to blowing shit up.
Admittedly, blowing shit up is generally the thing that happens in the end, but still.

>> No.39952668

See these reasons for continuing the facade.

>> No.39952673

I don't get it with these Star Wars images. What's going on?

>> No.39952685

/tg/ is going on. It's beautiful. But read the whole thread to understand.

>> No.39952733

I have literally only had fun when the majority of players have had minimal experience with 40k. Even then it ended up going in a refreshingly different direction that had us switch to a better system/setting anyway.

Basically had it when one of the players pointed out that none of the campaign would happen because normally the solution is screaming heresy or xenos and killing everything.

Not that he was complaining, it was more in a context of "lets not play 40k."

>> No.39952743

go on

>> No.39952754

I did, and I still don't understand. Guess I'm stupid, welp

>> No.39952788

I love me so much right now.

>> No.39952818

Just thinkin' about rock stuff...

>> No.39952825

You got a guy in power armour who weights like two tons and he has wings and flies. I wouldn´t really drag physics into 40k, its a fantasy setting

>> No.39952849

I was thinking
>his wings must be huge
>wing armor
>wouldn't bullets blow his wings off?

>> No.39952913


I'm just having a giggle by posting stuff along with a SW image, transforming a statement into a joke by changing its context.

Also, it kills the troll, because not talking a troll's bullshit seriously is the best way to kill it

>> No.39952955

pffft. thats only if the troll takes itself seriously.
lost my shit with the chinese diplomat when I wrote it and again when you put that scene from that movie.

>> No.39952961

Whats wrong with them?

>> No.39952968

Dude: 40k. It is ridiculous. It's warp fuckery. The warp shit ain't gotta make a lick of goddamn sense
>"our space elves poop psychic crystals"
>"these orangutans make super-advanced weapons but can't communicate"

Learn to say yes, or roll the dice.

>> No.39953003

yea, but when warp fuckery implies its now a target to get shot off with bullets. it holds base.

>> No.39953115

Actually his name (and his general behavior) was inspired by the thread about Goodbane Evilskull (it's in the archive). The summary is: Edgy try hard name, heart of gold.

He's the party's moral anchor, so Good aligned that it's almost comical. (Trustee of the local orphanage, volunteers at the soup kitchen, has invested 65% of his adventurer based income towards housing improvement projects for the slums of his home city.

He's also a worshipper of a death god, but that's more family thing... Kelemvor is a good patron for paladins.

Oh, and the name thing?

>> No.39953191


Weed's really not that hardcore. I've seen sketchier ice cream trucks than people who sell exclusively weed.

Fuck, now I'm in Oregon and it's legal. Like, if you're buying from somebody sketchy you're going to have to go out of your way to do so.

>> No.39953197

Warp fuckery might also make the wings flow like molasses back into form regardless of how much damage is done to them. Warp fuckery already means that chosen tainted space marines just "respawn" in the warp after they get killed. Everything vital is in the ceramite armor.

Look, just stop for a second, and MST3K mantra.

>If you wonder how they eat and breathe
>and other science facts
>Just repeat to yourself "it's just a show
>I should really just relax."

>> No.39953245

Are you going to continue?

>> No.39953257



I remember you.

that was a fun thread

>> No.39953331

Here ya go

I should probably fix that double-post in the cap. Whoever capped it must be an idiot

>> No.39953402


A player like that, it's good you caught him when you did. They tend to do all kinds of annoying dumb shit. Why waste 6 months of gaming torture and burnout proving it to yourself?

>> No.39953414

Smile for the camera, /tg/, you're looking great.

>> No.39953462

>this fucking thread
Is this why old white women watch soap operas?

>> No.39953694

Sorry to hear that OP. I'm currently playing a fun 40k game where my name is Forthy Emperor. It's been a lot of fun.

>> No.39953885

C-can I join in?

>> No.39954033


This is glorious.

>> No.39954065


Not bad at all

>> No.39954150

>that fucking emperor

my sides

>> No.39954155

I have no idea what is happening in this thread but I do know that it is good

>> No.39954314 [DELETED] 


>> No.39954325


>> No.39954993



>> No.39955292

You still think that YOU are the one that pulled the plug?

>implying the group didn't bail when your autism started leaking

>> No.39955394

>All this random

>> No.39955411

Seriously what is going on?

>> No.39955432

welcome to /tg/.

Enjoy your complimentary soda and derailed thread

>> No.39955465

I don't care.

It's a shitty meta name.

If you're trying to be funny in a roleplaying game, do something funny. Using silly names is as fucking low and unfunny as using puns.

>> No.39955598

Except it's totally not meta, nor shitty. His name makes perfect sense in a world where people can be named "Chastity Edenguard" (his fiancée), or "Talon Stoneforge" (Stalwart dwarven cleric and dragon chess opponent). Hell, the only people with "normal" names in the setting are companion NPCs. (Though my character's mother was named Myrtle. Just throwing that out there.)

If you develop the character well enough, names become just that, a name. Hell, there's a quite good literary series that follows the adventures of Skullduggery Pleasant, a skeleton that throws fireballs. It's YA fiction, so that might be around your reading level.

>> No.39956096

Wait is this mscddmx guy trying to pretend he was trolling the whole time?

Ever after back peddling?

>> No.39956169


>> No.39956328


I don't know, I'm not a chinese diplomat

>> No.39956669

So chinese diplomat is a meme now?

>> No.39956688

In this thread? Yes. Elsewhere? Unlikely.

>> No.39956721

Honestly, that one should have been done with Grievous.
It's too fitting to pass up a guy bitching about stupid names being plastered onto the most hilariously awful named villain ever seen.

>> No.39956814

>[3:35:07 p.m.] Axel Braun: I'm not imagining anything, I have a problem with your contrary attitude.
>[3:35:32 p.m.] mscddmx: I'm not having a contrary attitude
I laughed

>> No.39956836

The running joke right now is "why does he have two last names?". (Being named Ravengore Soulblight is like being named "Anderson Cooper", or "James Smith" apparently.)
Man, in HD you can really see where they just glued the horns on... And his nose is much more noticeable when it's still. They should have gone with a full skullcap instead of multiple separate points.

>> No.39956860

Can starwars man do this one, it's too good to miss.

>> No.39956906

Yeah that makeup was never designed to stand up to 1080p.

>> No.39956929

Do you happen to have sceencaps of the skype conversation? This guy seems to be getting himself out there as a grade A internet-toughguy / autist, and I'm making a gallery of all his retarded shit.

>> No.39956975

gib link pls

>> No.39957169



>> No.39957218


Axel Braun / James here, sadly after he blocked me his shit doesn't show up in skype any more.

That's basically all of my discourse with him though because we spoke mostly over voice chat.

I'll admit me arguing at the start of this thread was retarded, and I actually am autistic.

mscddmx is in a league of his own when it comes to retardation however.

It's a shame I don't have the part were he talked about killing his uncle screencap'd.

I'll tell you some more things about him though.

His one-up-man-ship and contrarian ways know no bounds:

>would counter everything anyone said regardless of what was being said, to who or what topic

I gave the example yesterday of his talking about how he was "better than thirty five guys at sex" when talking about some girl he got high with and fucked.

>repeatedly mentioned he was a dangerous criminal

I'll admit to being so stupid as to even put up with him and consider letting him into the group at any point.

One of my favourite lines from him was when me and a player new to 40k where discussing how characteristic bonuses work he said:

"I'm that one white guy who can hang out with the black guys, and he's the dangerous one *snorts and chortles to self as he is being ignored*

To be continued.

>> No.39957247


>> No.39957265

>"I'm that one white guy who can hang out with the black guys, and he's the dangerous one *snorts and chortles to self as he is being ignored*
Starwars guy, that's your que

>> No.39957288

Dude, I know. I fucking feel your pain. Like, read my pic. I have literally seen his case file, all that happened was he stabbed his uncle in a fucking trailer and he tries to spin it into him burning it down and absolutely mutilating this guy.

>> No.39957306

The reason I took him aside in the first place to discuss if we were going to have a problem was because of him countering everything said.

I think I got the quote of him talking about me limiting tactical options and he even said somewhere about me vetoing something for two hours in this thread somewhere.

At the time one of the new players was asking about weapon choices and I was pointing out that things like monoknives, shotguns and flamers really don't do a lot of damage, and are only viable against mooks (which is true) and also bear in mind black crusade characters tend to tend with better weapons that this, like a plasmagun in the case of on archetype. I even gave him other ideas for things to use in their stead such as a heavy flamer, because it's got double damage and has some penetration.

And he ranted and raved about me limiting tactical options. When all I was doing was giving tips to a new player.

>> No.39957452

Last time I heard his story it happened in a driving car.

>> No.39957463

Do you have more screen caps of convos with him, he's ludicrous.

Plenty more to come man.

In the day that he was in the group he told more lies than Tzeench trying to worm his way out of a pedophilia charge.

And yeah he gave me the whole "I doth duel with mine father's brother for three days and three nights upon the summit of the tallest mountain in the realm." Spiel, and I will admit being autistis, and taking things literally quite often I believed him, because hey. Crazy shit does happen.

But as time went on I began to realise he is a living lie dispensary.

HOLY SHIT I just realised what he said their

>I'm not a complete psychopath
>I'm a sociopath

This guy, my word...

>> No.39957620


>> No.39957651


This is my attempt.

>> No.39957684

gold, pure gold

>> No.39957698



>> No.39957754

These just get better and better

>> No.39957767

I don't know. i'm not a chinese diplomat.

>Captcha, I can't identify that food, I'm not a chinese diplomat

>> No.39957826

Link to the last thread?

>> No.39957834

Fucking hell, this is more hilarious than it has any right to be.

I hope someone has archived this, incidentally.

>> No.39957861

How about you just save it like a normal person?

>> No.39957891


To be fair, he's not really a That Guy, he's just an incredibly weird guy.

>Joins DnD group about 6 months ago.
>Extremely reticent about his own life, won't refuse to answer anything, but will answer your exact question and nothing more and no context or anything.
>Sometimes seems vaguely autistic, when I asked him where he works, he gave an address, not like what he did or anything.
>OTOH, he's pretty adept socially, he could tell right away who were the best friends and who just joined the game and became friends after playing.
>First session, watches everything like a hawk.
>Second and on, he'll settle into his chair, close his eyes, and only rarely open them all session.
>Seems to be able to track everything by hearing, if a die rolls off the table he'll scoop it up near him with no trouble.
>Will tap the dice he rolls himself to determine what he rolled; if someone else rolled, he'll wait for them to call out a result.
>Gets very pissy and testy when language isn't exactly used, his own English is incredibly precise, down to when we get into arguments about historical realism or something, he won't even say "X happened" but he'll just cite his source and leave it at that.
> OTOH, he doesn't care at all if it's done in character.
>Roleplays extremely well, as a bard, he'll actually write short ditties and poems and the like.
>Is just really, really weird to be around.

>> No.39957892

Things like this just aren't the same outside the thread in question

>> No.39957908

So how about you screenshot the thread, like a normal person.

Don't tell me you don't know what I'm talking about.

>> No.39957936


>> No.39957952

what, screenshot the conversation that started it, the pictures in a good enough resolution to see the small text, the plot thickening and the reactions to it all?

>> No.39957954

For quite some time I wondered if I should greentext my own tales of Tim's utter shittery, but I ignored it because I felt like he didn't do enough to warrant it.

Then I find a 200+ response thread of people laughing over his shittiness. As someone who had to deal with a Rogue Trader who's idea of roleplaying was to try to seduce anything with breasts, who threw alcohol at the crew while they were in the middle of intense planning, and who vented several thousand crew into the warp while having sex (And later tried to act all dignified and remorseful), I can concur, that Tim is indeed, one of the worst things to slither out of Gamefinder.

But pretty much everyone else you find is awesome.

>> No.39957980

Relax, the archive is done. Head to sup/tg/ and see for yourself.

>> No.39957985

>had to deal with a Rogue Trader who's idea of roleplaying was to try to seduce anything with breasts, who threw alcohol at the crew while they were in the middle of intense planning, and who vented several thousand crew into the warp while having sex (And later tried to act all dignified and remorseful)
going to need some more in depth storytime m8

>> No.39957992



>> No.39958036

God damnit, you hooligans. I'm supposed to be getting projection sheets out to the office managers today. I take a quick minute to grab some water and check /tg/, and now here I am, giggling like a loon, with no chance of getting these done this afternoon.

>> No.39958046

Jesus titty fucking christ

>> No.39958068

Sounds like a normal rogue trader. Just slap him with some exotic space-STDs and insanity points and call it a day.

>> No.39958110

Axel Braun here.

His name was Tim wasn't it?

Please, if anyone else knows mscddmx and have stories to share of his tall tales and shittery in games, come forward.

>> No.39958119

>>Roleplays extremely well, as a bard, he'll actually write short ditties and poems and the like.
This tells me you're lying. When would you ever have an occasion to use one of these in the course of the game?

>> No.39958121

He was killed shortly after that.

>> No.39958135


>> No.39958154

>who vented several thousand crew into the warp while having sex (And later tried to act all dignified and remorseful)

Keyword being "tried", while the arch-militant was foaming at the fucking mouth, fully armed and gripping a flaming power sword.

>> No.39958173

How is Skittles the Noise Marine not awesome? Did you have fun surgically removed from you, GM?

>> No.39958184


the Imgur sums it up, really.

His eventual fate was insulting a frenzied missionary, as the chief enginseer fought off his personal death cult assassins. Apparently refusing to help with what seemed like torture, and walking back alone is grounds for murder. When he got impaled through chest, he swore to create Lacember's evil twin brother, to teach us all a lesson.

As you might imagine, he got kicked from the group after that. He plagued our doc for a week after, and deleted the ship stats. He was quite a dickwaffle.

>> No.39958193

The fuck is this guy?
Beyond a professional launcher of sides.

>> No.39958202

>> No.39958238

Dear fucking lord...

There are no words that can describe how internet tough this guy is.

I am saving every single image.

Every one.

>> No.39958240

>/b/ since 07

This guy....

>> No.39958266


When we're at a tavern, playing for a crowd. Or making a speech before exhorting some NPC minions to do something dangerous. Or just for fun as we describe making our camp.

Are you telling me your group will never actually say what your character is saying IC when making a diplo or bluff roll? This is the same thing, except he'll trot out a 5-8 line (usually) poem/sing it when making a perform check.

>> No.39958282

In context of the thread, we can infer that while the GM wasn't being entirely reasonable, the guy in question was invariably doing it to be a disruptive asshole.

>> No.39958286

We have a new That Guy /tg/

Tall Tim, Teller of Tall Tales

A 6 foot man, on the run from authorities, wanted for being so 80s he's 70's and being so good at sex.

>> No.39958307

He's a big guy

>> No.39958330

>> No.39958334

His skype profile pic should've been a huge redflag already

>> No.39958339

He was assholing back at the worthless pile of shit that was the GM. Don't try and twist it, Tim.

>> No.39958340

This is literally the most painful thing I've ever read. I don't know whether to die from embarrassment or from exploding sides.

>> No.39958341

>Not being able to keep your crew in line
Well, clearly the captain was asking to die. I'd never abide by such insolence on my ship.

>> No.39958352

Tim of /b/ (since 2007) - That Guy who launched a thousand sides

>> No.39958384

Tim, pls.

>> No.39958417

That doesn't look like Tim.

He's actually using proper punctuation.
Or he's adapting, to hide is identity

>> No.39958432

I can't.
I've read cringe.
I've seen terrible things on this site.

But I can't finish this.

>> No.39958482


>> No.39958486

I tried again.

>> No.39958507

>80 mph for a 10 mile drive
Why? That's not even fun. It's like edging for your 5 minute speed wank.

>> No.39958536


>> No.39958557


Should have gone with Bobba Fett, I think

>> No.39958572

Seems likely to me. I can't think of any reason else why anyone would defend him.

>> No.39958614


Wait, how many players do you have? If its more than like 2, that seems pretty silly to ice the whole session because one person is being obstinate.

>> No.39958623

Axel Braun here. So this is him?

He's a big guy.

>> No.39958688

For you.

>> No.39958719

He started drinking at 8 guys and was already a cold hearted killer.

What kind of life did you expect him to lead?

>> No.39958749

If I took those glasses off would he die?

>> No.39958750

H-here I go too

>> No.39958780

One that enables you to realize thirty sit-ups in a minute is "what's a gyme?" tier.

>> No.39958782


Oh hey, I know that exact feeling. So this time around I invited 9(!) people to play, all of them supposedly being super excited and such. After a handful of sessions I figured out who the people that were actually committed were and kicked out the ones that weren't contributing to a healthy group. Now I have five players who actually put an effort into showing up and actually seem to have fun.

The only hard part was the single session where all 9 players showed up, that was a clusterfuck, but I had already more or less figured out who was / wasn't worth keeping at that point, since, save for that one session, the 4 that were kicked almost literally never showed up nor bothered to tell me they weren't showing up.

>> No.39958783


>> No.39958866


Make one with the same sentence during the operation and I'm sold

>> No.39958867

Tim, pls go.

>> No.39958906

My side armour has taken a critical hit! Immobilized here, can't take much more!

>> No.39958908

>> No.39958927

I can't. Because I'm Frank Castle as played by Dennis Leary.

>> No.39958946

Well then, enjoy your worldly glory while it lasts.

Or leave, and don't make us post your dating profile here.

>> No.39958992

>Measured in speed
You're supposed to lower yourself down slowly. People who try for maximum speed don't understand exercise to begin with.

>> No.39959035

I wasn't too impressed by most of these, but this one is killing me.

>> No.39959074


And now it's starting to make me feel bad.

Sorry about this, OP. I ended up being an asshole.

>> No.39959075


>> No.39959077

Post his dating profile here please.

I need this.

I need to know what Tim put on his dating profile.

Anon you can't mention he has a dating profile and not post it..

>> No.39959106

I learned something today, broken "ceramic" body armour functions better than undamaged bullet proof vests.

>> No.39959116

Do you think getting caught by /tg/ was part of his plan?

>> No.39959117

Tell that to the people responsible for physical fitness tests.

>> No.39959132


Please, guys, let's not turn this into something bigger that it is already. Laughing at stuff said on 4chan is one thing, but here it's starting to become harassement and stalking

>> No.39959145

Sorry, the tears from my laughter and the general consensus of him being a moron confused me.

>> No.39959147

Where do you think you are?

>> No.39959152

Dunno, maybe being able to go through the motions faster is a better indicator of fitness, as opposed to a better way to get fit.

>> No.39959186

Tim, pls stop trying to defend yourself.

>> No.39959200

There's something familiar about this almost desperate mythomania. Feels like the same kind of mental mishap as one that used to frequent /k/.

>> No.39959212

>it's easier to kill someone with a gun than with your fists
>not really

>> No.39959255

Ceramic is more than just pots n shit, mate.

I don't know if his stuff is correct put ceramic armor is a thing

>> No.39959283

Yeah well, the best way to go through the motions faster is to bounce your back off the ground to assist your muscles.

Which has nothing to do with fitness.

>> No.39959296

Goddamnit how did I even hit p instead of b

>> No.39959342


I'm the Star Wars guy, actually.

>> No.39959343

This is bordering on stalker-levels, but I reverse searched his head and found his report.

>> No.39959375

Slight deviation from the Star Wars, but I found this to be a bit more fitting.

>> No.39959405

I'm with you. Let's not go down to /b/'s level.

We already ensured he'll never play a game here again

>> No.39959422

He deleted the page. So, no page for you.

Nice try, Tim, the google cache still has it.

>> No.39959434


I'm conflicted I feel like I should argue but I'm 40,000 keks under the sea.

>> No.39959462

I suppose starwars man, but, shit...


I have this morbid curiosity, I want to know more...

>> No.39959465

I never noticed how bad the application of the horns were... my god did they even try in the prequels?

>> No.39959481


>That everything

>> No.39959492

>I don't know if his stuff is correct

Take a wild fucking guess.

>> No.39959497

It's a thing, but ceramic or kevlar armour abso-fucking-lutely does not get better when it's broken. You typically have to throw it away if it takes a hit...

>> No.39959498

You can't tease me like that anon! Gib plox

>> No.39959499

Agreed. he's a colossal dickhead, but he's not done anything public or deserving of continued action.

For now, uphold Safari Rules; look, laugh, but don't touch.

>> No.39959519

Starwars man is right, you know.

Plus, his profile is surprisingly boring.

>> No.39959546

I'm now imagining a safari ride through plains filled with edgelord

>> No.39959593


Isn't that the KOTOR games when you play dark side?

>> No.39959648


Remember who is morbid, too :>>39950699

>> No.39959690


>> No.39959766

>You typically have to throw it away if it takes a hit...
Kevlar is rated for three. You still always replace it after it's been used.

I thought safari rules were look, aim, shoot to kill.

>> No.39959778

Everything about this is terrible. Seriously, tabletop drama is the worst.

>> No.39959809

>I thought safari rules were look, aim, shoot to kill.

>> No.39959820

The sad part is that it isn't drama centered around a game, it's just (apparently) some guy being really autistic of his own volition, and he sometimes splashes that autism into the games he's in.

>> No.39959846

Hope you brought your ceramic dragon skin, Tim.

>> No.39959865

No, this involves several games and several GMs/Players.

>> No.39959876

PTs watch for that sort of shit during regulated fitness tests.

Incidentally, the 30 sit ups he's so proud of wouldn't even pass the biff mark in a reserve battalion. A Bonglander one, at least

>> No.39960084


This guy is literally kenji from katawa shoujo

>> No.39960188

Axel Braun here.

One of my players just asked if he can specialise in Chinese Diplomacy.

*Hank Hill sounds*

>> No.39960205

It would be extremely... painful.

>> No.39960370

Modern Safari dude, we don't ask Unbutu for our shoggoth gun anymore.

>> No.39960514

Greatest thread in quite some time, /tg/ delivers.

>> No.39960822

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise threads at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good threads, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild threads who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave threads, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my thread, there on that sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

>> No.39960918

>we don't ask Unbutu for our shoggoth gun anymore.
You never did. Unbutu isn't dumb enough to stick around when shit hits the fan, and he's not wasting time handing you your gun.

>> No.39960922

Has anyone archived it?

>> No.39961048


Under GM vs That Guy

>> No.39961164

>implying Umbubu's upper lip is that limp

>> No.39961210

I'm half tempted to add an upgrade to ceramite armour called "Plastic Coating"

And every time the user gets shot the AP goes up by 1.

>> No.39961264

Oh it most assuredly is. Carry your own rifle, or you won't have one when you need it.

>> No.39961796

I fucking HATE that.
Actually I haven't managed to be in an online game in months because of shit like this.

>Try to run something, 8 people sign up, 3 show up for character creation, 1 shows up for game
>Join something, create characters, everyone seems to be having a good time, it's working out, and the GM never shows up again
>Join something, no one shows up to even create characters, GM gives up

>> No.39961924

>blown through 4 red lights at 95 inches
>95 inches

>> No.39961975

I guess he means he's utterly exhausted four red-light districts because he can stuff cocks just THAT far up inside him huh.

>> No.39962111


This guy is faster than sanic, unbelievable speeds...

>> No.39962117

Yeah those are Zoo rules... don't make that mistake in the wild

>> No.39962216

Where can I purchase a stronger addiction to danger.

>> No.39962285

That's just a bullshit excuse anyways. When a GM decides they regret having wanted to run a game because "gosh that's so much work and prep-time and they don't look like they'll accept if I play my two DMPCs", ANY excuse will do.

Once, our group outright made the crew of the original enterprise. The DM didn't even notice, but even the names were very close allusions. After a session of him doing everything in his power to split us apart in every scene, and us consistently prioritizing the party and covering for each-other rather spectacularly towards this goal, he exclaimed, after two weeks of simply pulling ass excuses for not showing up, that he'd given up on us due to how little we worked together and how we were consistently at each-other's throats, and he couldn't do anything with a party tearing itself apart so soon into a campaign.

He ain't at the table anymore.

>> No.39962287


>> No.39962374

This one didn't get enough love. It's great, anon.

>> No.39962722

You gotta start doing harder kinds of danger. Freebasing it even.

>> No.39962795

Like ultimate frisbee?

>> No.39962897

What kinds of danger do you partake in these days?

You don't want to od, so you have to work up in stages.

>> No.39963377


> Dangit Bobby...

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