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My Cultist-chan folder does not have enough pics. Post some.

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She was totally asking for it.

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How is this more socially acceptable than a Xeno thread?

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Because Cultist-

1. Wasn't from a terrible quest that only a handful of people cared about
2. Came from a time when waifus were more acceptable
3. Never was spammed as hard, transparently, or as forcibly as Xeno was
4. Is actually cute

The 4th point is probably the strongest. Cultist is one of the better designed /tg/ characters. Xeno is among the worst.

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Xeno come from this shit


Cultist comes from this shit


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>hurr durr Xeno is the cancer

I don't give a damn, post more Cultist-chan.

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It's a contest between "I'm ditzy and sickeningly cute" and "I have a grating, eye-cancer inducing speech impediment, am sickeningly cute and HWEE KAPTOORED IT FHOR KAY-OSS"

What I'm saying is that I think they're both fucking awful, but to each his own.

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something from a drawfriend's quest thread. I thought I had another, oh well.

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How and why did we go from System Shock Xeno to Ditzy Xeno anyways?

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Whether or not you like or dislike the speech impediment, it's not arbitrary. It's a reference to the voice lines in Dawn of War, so it's got a bit of nostalgia to it for some of the fa/tg/uys who got into 40k through the RTS.

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>I don't give a damn, post more Cultist-chan.

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It's nice to see Dranon's Delight make a return.

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High-five Chaos-bro!

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Fuckin lost my shit, that's good.

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The problem is that Xeno is just ditzy. She's not really all that cute.

In fact, she's not even really all that ditzy. She barely has any personality at all.

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>for kay-ohss!

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One of the best.

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There needs to be more porn of Culexus' stuff.

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But that's a fantasy...

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Ooo, nice! Hopefully there's more. I wish I could art, then I would provide. Especially in that empress thread.

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The speech thing is from Dawn of War's cultists, though. That's probably what's the closest to actual 40k-canon about her.

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This is the only picture I need

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>Hwee are Kay-ohss! Kay-ohss izz strong!

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For reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JrtFazaS7g

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>Hwee are kap-tore for kay-ohss

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Why are the Playstation controller buttons etched on to her sword blade?

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I don't know man, I cropped it from a larger doodle pic of Mr. Culexus'...

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And then the Necrons destroy the universe.

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In spite of the pic title I so totally consider this canon.

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But which one is the father?

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Slanesh obviously blessed Cultist-chan with the required amenities for it.

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I'm not surprised.

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But I am aroused.

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Vagina Anemone, what a wonderful phrase~
Vagina Anemone, means a tentacle v-jay-jay!

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I'm thinking more like this.

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You're doing God's work NiceDaemonette.

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You're aways on about that, and it's never actually appealing.

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I dunno, I think it'd be fun to ride but I wouldn't go down on it. Too busy.

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Like that would achieve anything. She'll just get resurrected again.

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Moar Cultist-chan.

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What quest is that?

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01001111 01101000 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110100 00100001 00100001

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Oh my, it's been a while. Dusting off my old Cultist-chan folder, I see I have rather little of her that's safe to post on a blue board.

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I always though Jo drew a very cute Cultist.

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>Every time.

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brace for it

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"and thus their story began..."

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I wonder what Heresy bars taste like?

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He does.

Did he do more? I swore there was but I can't find any. Also nice to know he was a fa/tg/uy at some point

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there's some of his stuff over at rule34 (phaleal), but I don't think he made anything 40k recently

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He did one set of stuff of Cultist, Macha and Lolicron having a slutty sleepover. Wish I had saved more from that.
He does his NerfNow! webcomic pretty regularly and occasionally has some stuff referencing 40k. Not much since the comic mostly focuses on vidya.
He also has a DeviantArt account with a bit of stuff there.

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