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>This is a quest taking place in the Dragonball universe, starting at the beginning of the Saiyan Saga

>You are a human male, currently twelve years of age (13 actual)

>All previous threads are archived on suptg if you'd like to catch up

>At the end of each update, you will have the opportunity to vote on what to do next. After ten minutes, the option with the most votes wins

>Write-ins are allowed, though I will disregard those I suspect to be shitposting

>Death is possible in this quest, but in this universe it is rarely permanent. So, try to be careful, but have fun

>I will offer certain action/dialogue options at the end of each update. You can vote on these, or write-in

>Have fun

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Don't worry DRALO, no one saw the first thread.

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"Someone please set up a TV," you ask of your friends as you wander around the shrine, hoping to see the Spirit of the mighty human who first taught you what you really are.

He does not keep you waiting long, and appears before you in a golden light, smiling kindly as he looks at you.

"Kaguya, you've grown," he observes. "And, I get the feeling you need my help."

>A. Tell him that you do

>B. Explain the situation

>C. Something else

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If anyone did, I have a backup trip

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>A. Tell him that you do
>B. Explain the situation
>C. Something else
"And sorry for using your shrine as a temporary base of operations and shelter"

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>>A. Tell him that you do
>B. Explain the situation

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>A. Tell him that you do
>B. Explain the situation

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Let's go motherfuckers.

>>B. Explain the situation

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"I do need your help," you confess, then give him a somewhat embarrassed look as you remember that your friends are currently setting up a television in the middle of his shrine.

"And...sorry for using your shrine as a temporary base of operations and shelter," you add.

He chuckles. "Don't worry about it. Though, I imagine things must be pretty grim if you're using this place as a shelter."

You explain the situation to him, starting with who exactly Demon King Piccolo is, and detailing the sequence of events that lead to his return. You tell him of everything that's happened since then, about all of the death and destruction, and even the recent battle you fought against him.

Olibu frowns, thinking hard on what you're saying. "You certainly have your work cut out for you, Kaguya. Truth be told, your powers surpassed my own long ago. My strength does not even compare to your own, now."

He shakes his head, at a loss. "I don't know what you think I can possibly do to help you at this point."

>A. You don't need more strength, you need more training

>B. Ask if he knows how to deal with immortals

>C. Ask if you can at least say for the time being

>D. Something else

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>A. You don't need more strength, you need more training
>B. Ask if he knows how to deal with immortals
>C. Ask if you can at least say for the time being

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>B. Ask if he knows how to deal with immortals

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>>B. Ask if he knows how to deal with immortals
>A. You don't need more strength, you need more training

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>>B. Ask if he knows how to deal with immortals
>>C. Ask if you can at least say for the time being
>>D. Something else
"Was Earth this popular in your time? I've been fighting almost 8 years straight now."

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>>A. You don't need more strength, you need more training
"All this power doesn't mean anything if I cannot use it properly."

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>A. You don't need more strength, you need more training
>B. Ask if he knows how to deal with immortals

Tried tiring him out, but it turns out his power increases gradually to match whoever he's facing. Combine that with the inability to be maimed or killed, and that's a hard combination to overcome.

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>>B. Ask if he knows how to deal with immortals
>C. Ask if you can at least say for the time being

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"I don't need more strength," you tell him. "I need more training. Do you know how to deal with immortals?"

He shrugs. "I dealt with one or two during my time in the world of the living. The trick was to seal them away. But, from what you've told me, that isn't working."

"Was Earth this popular in your time?" you ask. "I've been fighting for like eight years straight."

Olibu chuckles. "There is always a new threat, Kaguya. That's why the world will always need heroes like you. But, I suppose that I can offer you some training. But not yet, and not quite here."

Before you can ask for clarification, Olibu begins to fade away.

"And by the way, feel free to take shelter here as long as you need," he tells you before vanishing.

>A. Go watch television with the others

>B. Practice punches, kicks, and such

>C. Meditate

>D. Talk to someone (specify)

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>>A. Go watch television with the others
Get a sitrep

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>>C. Meditate
this might be best. Maybe we can figure out what to do.

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>D. Talk to someone (specify)


Ask if he can help us develop a restraining technique

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>A. Go watch television with the others
>D. Talk to someone (specify)
All the Z-fighters, let the cat out of the bag and tell them that King Piccolo might have wished to remove his limits with the blackstar dragonballs.

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>D. Talk to Goku.
We need his opinion on things. He's probably our best bet on a plan, even if he isn't that smart.

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>>C. Meditate
And practice our TK and Telepathy.

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>A. Go watch television with the others

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Seconding, need to inform them if we end up letting them punch us to not toy with him.

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>C. Meditate

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>A. Go watch television with the others
Time to see what King Piccolo's next target is

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You make your way over to the others, most of whom are watching television in near silence. You imagine that they probably just don't want to talk about the fact that everyone just left Piccolo to die.

You take a seat, and watch as Hercule flips through channels, most of which are news broadcasts detailing the evacuation efforts in West City. There's nothing that you didn't expect to hear; people are panicking, traffic is clogged up as people desperately and chaotically attempt to flee for their lives from death at the hands of King Piccolo.

The mood is not improved by these broadcasts.

Gohan finally breaks the silence. "What was Piccolo so worried about?"

"If I had to guess?" Goku asks. "Piccolo and King Piccolo are probably linked mentally, and our Piccolo didn't want us to be tracked through him."

"If only he hadn't wished for immortality, Kaguya would have crushed him!" Tien laments.

"I don't know," Krillin says. "Is it just me, or did Piccolo get stronger as that fight went on?"

"Maybe he used the Black Star Balls to be free of limits," you suggest.

"That's....not a comforting thought," Krillin says, sighing.

>A. Meditate

>B. Take a nap

>C. Talk to someone (specify)

>D. Something else

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>A. Meditate

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>>A. Meditate

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>A. Meditate

>> No.39796234

>A. Meditate
Someone else should try and get the water.

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>A. Meditate
So did yajirobe eat any of king piccolo's children on the Lookout?

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Develop a new restraining tech with the help of Gohan

guise pls

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>A. Meditate

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>A. Meditate

>> No.39796289

>>B. Take a nap
Gotta head off Kaguya's Narcolepsy if only just a little.

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>>C. Meditate
Possibly work on our mental abilities and try to figure out how Piccolo is getting stronger when we were fighting him.

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>A. Meditate

>> No.39796340

>>A. Meditate

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Let's rock fuckers

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Staring at the television will not do wonders for you, and you get the feeling nothing particularly productive will come from this current conversation.

So, you get up, find a quiet corner, sit down, and meditate. For a few hours, you find calm, which is then quickly and painfully ripped away as Bulma screams at the television.

>A. Go see what's happening

>B. Ignore it and keep meditating

>C. This can't be good, go to sleep and ask about it tomorrow

>D. Something else

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>A. Go see what's happening

>> No.39796482

>>A. Go see what's happening

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>A. Go see what's happening

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>B. Ignore it and keep meditating
In all likely hood its just more people dying.

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>>A. Go see what's happening
The wording of C is hilarious.

>> No.39796517

>A. Go see what's happening
Majin Buu has awakened and has absorbed King Piccolo, to become Majin Buccolo an immortal being without limits and super regeneration.

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"Dammit people a guy tries to meditate to pull off mind juju on an immortal slug demon to save the planet and all i get is screaming."


>> No.39796544

Got time stop and perfect multiform while he was at it.

>> No.39796600

Don't forget Perfect "Change Now" in which the soul of the owners body is replaced by a piece of the user while the user is still in their body.

>> No.39796623

Baby pls.

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You get up and march over to the television, finding what it is that everyone is so concerned about.

You see a city burning, and an old man frowning as he watches it all. The city is consumed in a mushroom cloud, and around you, the walls and floor tremble, and, with a crash, everything vanishes.

>THE END...?!?

So, I have to put this quest on hiatus for the time being. It will return.

And yes, I know what trip I just posted with.

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You know well as I do that he is going to hitch a rider inside everyone that went to get the Blackstar dragonballs and screw Kaguya at life again when their gathered.

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That took longer than I thought it would

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I appreciate your patience.

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I can't tell if I'm being trolled or not.

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Well like 90% of us knew. Not sure if you were going for a bait and switch or something.

You got fucked boy.

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Yeah, I knew that most of you guys knew.

Nope, we're taking a break.

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I'd pay money to see the look on the faces of the 10%

>> No.39796833

Take a look

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SOMNIUS ran the DBZ saiyan quest, starring Frank and his three waifus. It didn't end well.

So why the abrupt stop, DRALIUS?

>> No.39796854

What's the need for the hiatus, if I may ask? And about for how long will it last?

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This is exactly what I wanted

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What, didn't you get the memo?

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I a SOMNIUS. I ran quests in the past that became infamous for their poor endings due to my poor handling of quest mechanics and common knowledge. So, as the name SOMNIUS is pretty much poison here now, I switched my name and started fresh.


Finals, and I'm just burnt out on this. I'm not sure when we'll come back, but we will come back.

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Is something of a low number.

>> No.39796898

Weren't you paying attention when people called DRALO SOM?

>> No.39796899

Well I'm lost.

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Is this really the end for our intrepid heroes?

>> No.39796932

No, Kaguya is just having a seizure in the shrine with everyone panicing.

>> No.39796935

Rocks fall everyone dies is fitting

>> No.39796936

We will finally see the return of Sith apprentice quest?With the dice[/spoiler

>> No.39796943

They weren't "infamous" for their endings, dingdong. They were "infamous" for all the stuff between the first update and the last.

I'm actually a little surprised things didn't really shit the bed until Cell.

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He got gud

>> No.39796963

Refresh my memory, it was at five, right?

It's okay, anon

No, no dice. Never again.

Me too, honestly. This lasted far longer than I expected.

Would you have it any other way?

>> No.39796966

Look on the bright side, everyone.

We don't have to deal with Videl or Haya for a while

>> No.39796969

Got marginally better is a better phrase.

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So what should the title for this thread archive be?

>> No.39796987

so is DRALO ever going to come back or is this the end?

>> No.39796989


>> No.39796996

Yeah seriously
I've been in a few of Som's threads before and this has been surprisingly good
Had me thinking it wasn't him for a while

>> No.39796999

/tg/ called it 133 threads ago?

Eh, I'll take it.


Who knows? Maybe I'll go with another new name, without all caps.

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Well, okay then.

GL with finals

>> No.39797040

well it was a good run DRALO, any other quests you might do later or what?

>> No.39797041

No dude he isn't Brine. Brine got a job and left. Whiskey is back and running again.

Also Sith Apprentice was garbage.

>> No.39797055

I disagree with your opinion.

Whiskey is running again and Brine got a job. Think that one anon was trolling.

>> No.39797066

Is it bad that I legit had fun with this quest, to the point where I don't know what I'm going to do without participating in it in the evenings now?

>> No.39797075


I miss SAQ

>> No.39797076

Thanks, anon.


I'm thinking about that now, as a matter of fact.

>> No.39797080

Rolled 17 (1d20)

I roll to forget THE REVELATION

>> No.39797083


>> No.39797097

Will you keep the akswym thing up or will it die as well.

>> No.39797100

Rolled 3 (1d20)

You needed a nat 20 to succeed, too bad anon.

I, however, roll to retcon that last post.

>> No.39797104

Nah different sith apprentice in which we died twice got to the second planet and got shanked by the dice the third time

>> No.39797108

That will remain up

So close...

>> No.39797109

Rolled 20 (1d20)


>> No.39797116

Rolled 4 (1d20)

I retcon your failed retcon.

>> No.39797126

Rolled 11 (1d20)




>> No.39797128

any hints on what the next quest?

>> No.39797135

Rolled 91 (1d100)

I retcon your fail rolls

>> No.39797151

I probably won't use the name Somnius.

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File: 2.00 MB, 300x300, 1424558689110.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pfft I am surprised you want more.

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File: 27 KB, 250x403, 1405030024570.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I can't say I didn't see this coming, but I can say that you improved pretty noticeably. I prefer to remember you as DRALO from this point forward, unless you manage to poison that title too. I might actually look forward to your next quest, bubbo.

>> No.39797171

...Minoc right?

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File: 68 KB, 425x239, my general feeling right now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah imma go ahead and say this picture sums it all up nicely for me

>> No.39797183

I don't see why you don't just keep it, you were outted pretty early and still had people.

Cept you. I don't know how you couldn't tell.

>> No.39797186

I meant about the next quest man, KND, Danny Phantom, original content?

>> No.39797189

You know you've just become the boogyman right?

Everyone is going to think that EVERY new quest is you

No one is safe

>> No.39797192

We really Scottish'd the pooch a lot of the time, but it was a good run.
Thanks for QMing.

>> No.39797201

I ran a quest like 6 months ago and people thought I was Som too.

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I just said I could tell you big dumbo.

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File: 109 KB, 1600x900, thiswillmakeyousmile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




Thanks for playing.

I have no idea right now.

We'll see.

Thanks, anon.


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Now that you aren't doing this anymore, I almost want to give my own DBZ quest a shot. But hell at this point I doubt I could actually manage to live up the legacy this thing is leaving behind.

I don't read Space Monkey quest but I'm fairly certain that one is doing well, and there was that one anon that was doing a DB quest.

World probably doesn't need me adding to the pile anytime soon.

>> No.39797242

Aw man, no more DBZHQ...
Good luck with finals DRALO. Are you going to continue the quest after, or do something different?

>> No.39797243

>Everyone Is SOMNIUS Quest

>> No.39797259

I say go for it, anon.

I am undecided on that

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File: 144 KB, 320x240, Goku_in_Path_to_Power.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I'd rather hope not. I plan on starting an early Dragonball quest some time soon, I'd like to not be accused of being someone I'm not. Though I sort of already have an established presence elsewhere, maybe that'll help...

>> No.39797277

Listen, Anon.

The absolute worst thing that can come from you running that quest is that a bunch of people you will never meet in your life will think you're a bad writer.

You can't possibly be as bad as some of the Kill la Kill quest writers, and that's coming from one of them.

>> No.39797279

Lizard Squadron reporting in. Disappointed we can't mess with Buu. Had fun times with Cell and Freiza. Good luck on finals.

Shitpost you later faggot.

>> No.39797291

>I am undecided on that
Honestly, I hope that this isn't the last that we see of Kaguya and friends.

Didn't you say you were having fun with this arc? ;_;

>> No.39797295

You guys ever think that QMs actually have a meeting, and they decided if they can't do an honest conclusion to their quest they take up the moniker of SOMNIUS in order to axe the quest real easy like?

>> No.39797299

Are you No-Star?

>> No.39797306
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The German or the Frenchie?

>> No.39797320



I was

>> No.39797327


The anon I talked about here >>39797233

Considering this dude has already had an idea going for a good while, I doubt whatever I can come up with might match it.

My problem is I generally don't do well working alone, I enjoy having someone to bounce ideas off of or at least talk things out with.

Kiiiinda fucked in that regard.

Thanks for the nice words friend

>> No.39797331

SOMNIUS is not a name.... SOMNIUS is a title.

>> No.39797337

No that's not a thing and it never will be.

There's certainly no group of people determining what quests are and are not successful/acceptable

>> No.39797340

Of course I do, who do you think I am? I'll have you know I'm not just any regular old fa/tg/uy... I've become something you fear

>> No.39797348
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>> No.39797360

The German.

>> No.39797362

>There's certainly no group of people determining what quests are and are not successful/acceptable

Nah I'm actually part of the committee. This quest was on the chopping block for awhile but we couldn't get around to killing it til now.

>> No.39797372

Give it a try anyway. Hell, why not start it up right now? Take a chance, anon, it just might turn out better than you'd think.

>> No.39797387

Man why couldn't you have done this on the weekend. We could have gotten WQTD in here and had a party.

>> No.39797397

Seriously, do it. Fuck it; if you've got an idea on where to go, do it right now. We're all here ready to play a quest.

>> No.39797401

>we couldn't get around to killing it til now

>> No.39797425

I'm sure they'll talk about it

>> No.39797438

I had such suspense about this quest. I would think about it at work sometimes. I don't know what to do now.

>> No.39797442

Now that the quest is temporarily over, QM objectivity is broken.
Who did you want to win the Kaguya bowl?

>> No.39797446


>> No.39797453

Did you get up today planning on killing the quest, or did you make it up as you went along?

>> No.39797468

Hey who down voted this thread? We need to get this one to gold status. Its really is the only one that matters.

Maybe, but it'd be funner if everyone was in here together.


>> No.39797482

The latter

Eh, I'll drop in and shitpost. It will be fun.

>> No.39797518

Oh come on, there had to be a better description.

>> No.39797528

Hey wasn't me.

>> No.39797594

Well boyos, I did a thing and it's probably terrible, with some mild copying at the start.


Let's get this rolling

>> No.39797625
File: 292 KB, 640x480, SaiyanTuffleWar01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah damn. I'll wait until Friday, I guess.

>> No.39798247

We should have stopped digging...

>> No.39798492

Chicken Mafia found us and sold us out to Piccolo.

>> No.39799644

Better ending than Frank got.

>> No.39799680


Frank got a shit ending, this is much better since the quest is actually coming back.

>> No.39799695

Assuming the Hiatus Demon doesn't eat Somnius before then, of course.

>> No.39799960
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It's been a fun ride if nothing else.

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