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Oh my, look what time it is

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>Using a tool improperly, then penalizing citizens based on your incorrect conclusions.
Excellent commentary on government agencies.

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That kinda bothered me.
Weren't the northern dragons have been colddrakes I.E. not breath fire?

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Yeah, that scene was pretty odd.

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Argh, my grammar.
Sorry about that, should have proofread.

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it was odd, but I kinda liked it

more interesting than the rest of the film at least

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>better than barrel fight scene
Elk Eyebrows was pretty funny, though probably unintentionally.

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the barrel fight was a mess, all of the fights were

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Hey /tg/!

I'm drinking right now!

Can anyone think of a way to turn this thread into a drinking game?

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Drink everytime something is funny, top off everytime something actually makes you chuckle/laugh?

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At least they were better than the giant piles of "let's do nothing but foreshadow lotr movie bits" and the random romance subplot.

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pretty sure wrestling is /tg/

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Well it's basically LARPing for an audience.

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Dude I'm half pissed, I'm chuckling at every one of these posts.

You know it.

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One day, I hope anon makes good on his plan to make a fabio rpg. Because I would play the shit out of it.

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Gay magical realm?

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But if cha is everyone's main stat...

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All bard party?

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I was thinking it would be more like a group of handsome men having swashbuckling adventures and helping each other score chicks. Like playing an all paladin game except everyone is everyone else's wingman and no one wears a shirt that closes.

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And this is the villain npc class.

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fabio is fabioulous, but that doesn't make him gay

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i love it

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Fabio the RPG - Like a less creepy version of FATAL

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I imagine Fabio: The RPG would be less interesting than you guys assume.

Rather than everyone playing Fabio, it would be more like, there's only one Fabio, and you're not him. Every "Campaign" is just one of his romance novels where he's a pirate or a thief or an indian or whatever, and he's gonna meet and fuck some random chick in this half-baked setting.

You? You're the guy crewing his pirate ship.

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That could be fun.

Play it like Dark Heresy, but instead of an Inquisitor you have a Fabio who you must safeguard as he meets and bangs each chick.

Are you a bad enough pirate/viking/rogue/champion/comanche to get your boss laid?

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yeah and we get to admire him while crewing it

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Nah, fabio was a demigod who bedded many a lass throughout the world.

Player characters are his male descendents who have inherited a portion of his power and looks. Born different, these scattered, handsome, and diversely skilled adventurers band together to fight evil and relive the exploits of their mythical ancestor.

Why would you write something specifically to be not fun?

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being fabio's wingman would be pretty fascinating

like, who does fabio's hair? Who gets all his outfits? Who oils his muscles? Maybe YOU'RE that guy.

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lol y u mad tho?

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Cos his knee jerked in reaction and it hurt his feelings when he realised he got worked up over a boogeyman for nothing.

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Because there's more to /tg/ than d&d.

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No. Smaug was from up north and he was very much a fire breather.
I don't recall any Tolkien dragons having cold breath. Unless you want to count Glaurung's poisonous breath.

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In Tolkien's work "Coldrake" simply means a dragon who can't breath fire.
The coldrakes are mentioned as having destroyed the old dwarf kingdoms after coming down from the north.

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Wizards, man. Wizards.

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So, the time has finally come.

Now, I, too, recognize that bulge.

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You are not alone brother...I too, immediately, recognised that bulge

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No it's staying. :)

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>I must leave.

Sure is Commander Shepard in here.

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After the big wars against Melkor, Firedragons are only realkly mentioned as individuals, whereas colddrakes come in numbers.
"Beasts of the north" makes it sound like Thrandi is talking abou the latter.

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...not much of a liar now is he?

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He was aiming for the queen.

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>i want to be a flyboy

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my side where are u?

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>not suplexing her

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Just an edited gif of Galo Sengan, mang

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>you can't just satisfy your sexual urges with your cat.jpg

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>You will never know the pleasures of a well-lubed cat

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>inb4: that one why am I a felon screencap

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>This thing will swim around my folder for all eternity now
God i hate you so fucking much, anon.

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here, have this

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>That one guy who always tries to force his character to have explosives.
>"Don't worry guys, I promise I won't throw a grenade inside of our car next time we get chased by undead wolves."

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>That guy who always takes explosive as a skill just to have a "If I die I'm taking you with me" moment.
>Always ends up a "I went insane and thought the party was undead horrors so I initiated plan BLOWUPEVERYTHING"

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so you guys play with old man henderson?

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Nah, more like Old Man Henerson's retarded, half-brother twice removed. Same idea, worse execution

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What is this from?

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Boku no Fell's Five

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Boku no Five Nights at Freddy's.

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I miss this comic so fucking much

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I'm gonna guess that's actually a targeting laser for a bombing run.

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Nah, I'm guessing that's a TOW Missile, they actually fly slow enough that you can visually adjust their trajectory mid-flight.

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Fuck you people. I miss my dead cat enough as is. Can't get a new one because my landlord sucks...

Life without cats is hardly worth living.

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is that fucking tomb of horrors?

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I think I've found my next My Life With Master game.

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I do, too. She passed away in November after a long period of being old and crappy.

She was an outdoor cat, and every night I have the sinking feeling that there's a chore left undone, that I have to let her back inside. And then I remember that I don't have to do that little chore anymore.

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How is this humor or /tg/? Its frankly rather horrifying.

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Gropey is a fancy, important man.

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> horrific resolution

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So, Blue Rose with a liiiiiittle less emphasis on fudgepacking?

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I'm in that boat too. Had that cat since I was 5, then a few months ago he was snatched in the night by a coyote. I still find myself checking to see if the water dish needs filling. It hurts.

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In relation to this post I also roleplay while playing Rome II.

I smoke a fuck ton of weed, go into a battle pick some dude out of a unit and BE HIM for the remainder of the battle.

I have felt the earth tremble as 4,000 Gauls charge across an open field.

I have held strong against a charge of African Elephants.

I have charged headlong into a Spartan Phalanx.

I have watched my comrades be cut down by Germanic Berzerkers.

I have Seen. I have Conquered. AVE IMPERATOR.

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What's this from? I like the art.

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this post felt great

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Wakfu or Doofus, I'm not sure.
The French tried making anime with Flash, and it turned out good.
The main draw is the hips.

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>Scout 'mech
My sides

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From today, thought it's be nice to share here.

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So... you did nothing?

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This is neither funny nor cap worthy.

You probably should lurk more.

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Really? A 'lurk more'?
Get off the high-horse, buddy.

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So that is what happened to Jules.

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To that anon from the filename thread we had earlier but which 404'd. I assume you'll be in here and get this message.

I have three finals, none of which I'm prepared for. One of them is tomorrow morning and I'm sitting here pounding my head against my textbook, trying to figure out what the test is going to be on, so that I can pass the damn class, and then immediately start studying for the other two finals I have on Thursday, one of which I believe I am failing the class of.

But did I spend today studying?

No, I spent today reading leddit : the webcomic, filtered through cancer, because it was like playing a slot machine of finding funny panels and I couldn't fucking stop. I knew I should stop. I tried multiple times to stop, but now I've read them all.

I hope you vomit spiders.

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Working that ECM like a boss. A slow, bloated boss.

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The fact there are not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different versions of this game already is hilarious by itself

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There's only one problem. Everybody knows that the Atlas is the Lyran medium. The Lyran light is the Zeus.

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It sounds like something out of a real life random encounter thread.

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I was there for that. Great shame upon you for not including how literally everything is made of Guardsmen. The planet is made of Guardsmen. The sun is made of Guardsmen. The guardsmen do not orbit the guardsmen, the guardsmen patrol the guardsmen.

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That really would be good scifi.

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Is it really your first time on this board?

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If you have it saved, please share. Can't find it on suptg, would actually appreciate the contribution.

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I have like 4 screencap stories from my writefaggotry floating around on this thread, so no, it's not my first time.

I'm not new, in fact I've been on here longer than some of my friends have been in tabletopping, and they've been in tabletopping for a long fucking time.

But I don't tell someone to lurk more.

This is /tg/, we're better than that.

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Only four?
Not much to brag about, especially if they're the same quality as the threads you've been posting.

I guess eternal newfags are a thing.
In your case, "lurk moar" simply means "Quit posting."

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>eternal newfag

muh feelings.

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I'm trying to determine what triggered your autism so fucking hard and drawing blanks.

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This is about two thirds of the characters in my survival horror campaigns. Varying degrees of helpful and quirky. It's great because the character start trusting disembodied heads that are botany enthusiasts and carrying them around asking them if they can trust the next crazy thing they encounter.

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I need to get around to reading this sometime.

Also bring them back for 5e because why not?

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All the humor stuff I've got (that is fit to post here) is from that magical grey area where /d/ and /tg/ do lewd things together, enjoy.

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I'm so drunk. I miss /tg/ I need to start browsing it again.

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Is this show any good?

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best girl

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ss13 general-

>> No.39782364

Nothing special. Not really bad, and there's some pretty obscure references all around(not just to the cthulthu mythos either, there's a lot of gaming industry, mecha, and Japanese sentai references as well).

I do think some of the underlying themes of the show are pretty neat parodies/homages to the mythos, and it's interesting to have a show where the girl takes almost as much violence as the guy, but at the end of the day it's still your basic anime show.

>> No.39782395

And then d-weapons happened.

>> No.39782491

What's the name of this one? I have a friend who's quite into anime, and another who likes the mythos, and I've been thinking of bringing it up.

>> No.39782507

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

>> No.39782510

Nyaruko: Crawling with Love.

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I need that picture in the caption

>> No.39782661

which is which?

>> No.39782680

Totally gonna play a low int martial character next campaign.

>> No.39782695

That is an excellent question.

>> No.39782713

Then go on and get it, you lazy ass.
The screencap has post number, you can look it up on 4chan archive of your choice and retrieve the image. I've just tried and could post it (well, link, because too lewd), but you know... man, fish, etc.

>> No.39782747

Hell of a guy, that Kharn.

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>> No.39782764

just tried, no post

>> No.39782791

>[spoonfeeding intensifies]

>> No.39782840

oh, the thumbnails were blanked and I was skimming for it...

>> No.39782911

ah hahahaha

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>> No.39783181

pic related

>> No.39783269

Couldn't you just as easily play Mount and Blade?

>> No.39783303


Same here. He used to sleep on my belly every single night, and I'd have to move him to the crook of my elbow so I could breathe.

Liver disease sucks so much.

>> No.39783475

>dead cats
I had to put one of two brothers down earlier in the year. Necessary (blood clot, could barely move around), but fucking sad. The surviving one is now super clingy because he's lost his best buddy.

>> No.39783646

Cruel, but hilarious at the same time.

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>> No.39783770

You monster.

>> No.39783796

>I thought you were never ever ever ever ever ever coming back, so I panicked.jpg

>> No.39783810

I just came across your post and even though it is 3 hours old, ought to let you know u r a faget.

>> No.39783862

I have read some stories, and this is genuinely the best fucking shit I have ever seen in my life.

>> No.39783944


> She's not pregnet. I checked.
> not pregnet
> pregnet

I haven't had an actual convulsive cringe in awhile. Ty. Saved to my autism folder.

>> No.39783957

>The guardsmen do not orbit the guardsmen, the guardsmen patrol the guardsmen.
My sides patrol the guardsmen too.

>> No.39783985

>I checked
What the actual fuck?

>> No.39784026

Robin is a licensed and practicing gynecologist.

>> No.39784036

That explains so much.

Wait, no it doesn't.

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>> No.39784085

Missing the point.

>> No.39784086


This needs 'you died' at the end of it, and 'invading the forest' or 'invading the belltower' as the title

>> No.39784099 [SPOILER] 

I think that that is the border between Norway and Sweden

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>> No.39784122


should be

>dwarf fortress.jpg

or, to be more hipster

>legendary+3 butcher.jpg

>> No.39784147

Anyone have the one where
>the axedwarf stands up.

Or the one where it's a brutal fight, but the last two lines are
>The dwarf stands up.
>A gentle breeze rolls in from the east.

>> No.39784149

They're not evil...they just adapted in an evil environment

>> No.39784169


You've clearly never met a magpie.

>> No.39784189

get fucked, magpies are awesome.

>> No.39784640

One of my favorite Conan skits ever.

>> No.39785012

It's at the very end of season 2 of Wakfu. It's a French cartoon, and it's pretty good.

>> No.39785607

Loved this one.

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>> No.39785792

>> No.39785843

>> No.39785875

Underrated post.

>> No.39785889

>tau hatemail
^ this always gets me

>> No.39785892

>> No.39786033

She goes to my college

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Cold also burns

>> No.39786084

>> No.39786095

Poetry in motion.

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I laughed, ur a faggot

>> No.39786122

I hope you are a troll, cuz bro, you... you should just stop

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>> No.39786137

Was that a durka tank?

>> No.39786148

Christ, what an arsehole.

>> No.39786151

Did he ever find/post the full rules?

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>> No.39786185


It's funny because the horses actually died and they had to do 3 more takes to get it right.

>> No.39786280

i head butted one to death last swooping season, i was on my bike, he refused to fuck off, head down when he came back, then BAM, one dead magpie.

in my defence, im missing 2 chunks out of my ears from magpies, and have a huge ass scar on the back of my head where i was swooped as a child.

fuck magpies.

>> No.39786285

A bit of OC.
>brand new to D&D
>DM is as well, but he decides to homebrew a campaign anyway.
>my Paladin of Vengeance begins in a merchant guild town (DM gave us all original starting quests which we all ignored)
>exploring around the guild doing a cliche nolan batman voice because justice when I notice a cleaned out stall.
>ask if I can start an orange juice stand because solaire knock off.
>ii mean, you need to procure oranges, someone to run the stand, and you need to get a liscense from the guild master.
>are there oranges anywhere?
>shrug and continue on until I come across a druid shopkeeper...
>You! Can you grow orange trees!
>I would need some alchemical reagents, but sure...
(Continue ?)

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>> No.39786477

>> No.39786485

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>> No.39786560

>> No.39786573

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>> No.39786635

>> No.39786649

I need that harley quinn spoiler pic

>> No.39786696

I just want to share with you guys a quote from my last game, but Im actually going to post the conversation in reverse.

>>I win the staring contest and pass the DM a drink
>I don't need excuses to put my fetishes into this game! I just need historical accuracy!
What the fuck are you talking about?
>Ah, that explains the nipples and the six pack abs
So the armor is expensive because it's ceremonial...

>> No.39786710

How was the square used improperly?

>> No.39786719

>but Im actually going to post the conversation in reverse.

>> No.39786745

It's not I"M SO RANDUMB. It's purposeful bewilderment, because I know /tg/ won't read it as a joke if they read it in order, they'll just kneejerk and piss all over it and ignore that it was intended as a joke.

>> No.39786751


What a shitty cap

>> No.39786766

they didn't brace the square against the table, they eyeballed it.

>> No.39786783

>It's purposeful bewilderment
Done for no good reason and adding no entertainment value.
>blah blah kneejerk
If you can't post it in order, it's not a good joke.

>> No.39786788

If that was the intention, then you shouldn't have started out by saying that you've written it in reverse, idiot.

>> No.39786816


>> No.39786822

The problem there is it reads coherently ish backwards.

>> No.39786850

There is that feeling, with an army of heavy cav at your back... After many battles using actual strategy, forming nice battle lines. Keeping your horse in reserve to smash the enemies line as they close...

Just being able to hit F1 then F3. The roar of over a hundred horses at full gallop, a wall of lances coming down to target the enemy... It feels good man.

>> No.39786861

Literally a game for cucks

>> No.39786869



>> No.39786872

Debbie downer here: unless he owns that lot, that's vandalism, which isn't lawful. Also in most places a sign in front of the space is required, so all those spots without signs could be parked in without breaking any laws.

>> No.39787035

In Australia you dont need signs
You also cant enforce disabled parking lawfully.
The sign doesnt mean shit, because private property, its up to whoever actually owns the premise to enforce it, cops cant do shit.
Literally noone here follows those, or the family parking spots.

Also... its from a comedy show... its staged.

>> No.39787071

Yeah, basically you have to catch the person getting out of the car as a store owner and tell them to move, if they refuse, you have to go through the effort of calling the police to come and remove THEM from the premises. By the time the cops arrive, the douchebag has already done their shopping and fucked off. There is legit nothing you can do about it.

The only places it gets enforced are Government buildings and emergency services where security can act on it.

>> No.39787074

>being lawful is always about OTHER PEOPLE'S LAW

>> No.39787269

>it's staged

No shit. Still a flawed concept.

>> No.39787498


>> No.39787548

I read it in Rick's voice and it was perfect. Maybe said 'Morty' a little bit too much.

>> No.39787583

All things considered, Morty's butthole could certainly accommodate at least a few elves.

>> No.39787584

Please see

Plux dont refer to your local laws as though they exist everywhere. This show was shot in the UK and Australia.

>> No.39787601

>> No.39787606

>> No.39787607

and the concept is fine.
He exists to piss people off and ignore the laws anyway.

>> No.39787621

>> No.39787633

>> No.39787826

i do the same thing..but i dont need to smoke a bunch of weed to do it


>> No.39788055

of course the key is to abandon hubris, but that is possibly the most bountiful emotion in the setting

>> No.39788151

Also note that he "checked" if the used protection.

>> No.39788176

Its one of the spoiler images on /co/

>> No.39788207

I read the central post in Morgan Freeman's voice

>> No.39788512

For you two heretics to say such heresy means you've obviously never played chapter master
>You should, it's fun

>> No.39788726

The demons grow ever bolder, sire!

>> No.39788859

Where the dickens did those two pictures of Lidda getting preped for tentacle time go?! Oh, and if anyone has the rest of the set, that would be quite nice to see.

>> No.39789110

Looks like a road not a border, could be anywhere in the northern US or Canada as well.

>> No.39790285

pics or disbelief.

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