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It's been a long time since I've seen one of these threads. ITT we roll 2 different factions within the same combined army and figure out ways for them to work. To start off, we'll select our components from the factions below (roll 1d12):
1: Space Marines
2: Imperial Guard
3: Imperial Knights
4: Sisters of Battle
5: Chaos Daemons/Warband
6: Chaos Space Marines
7: Dark Eldar
8: Eldar
9: Orks
10: Necrons
11: Tau
12: Tyranids

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Bump. Need at least another person to roll on the tables for this to work.

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Rolled 12 (1d12)

I was just about to make one of these...

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Nids! This should be funny. Maybe great minds think alike? Or dumb minds. I'd hate to lump you down to my level.

One of these had Nids DEldar and it was awesome. Hopefully we can make something as good.
One more try?

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Rolled 2 (1d12)


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Nids + Imperial Guard.

We want to go straight to Genestealer Cultists or think of something else? Roll for relationship later?

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Image saved as "Scott Imperium Versus The Galaxy".

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Can we toss the Inquisition in there?

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There's not really much way to go other than genestealter cults, but if somebody has other suggestions I'm all for them.

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Not opposed to it, but I don't know if the available tables will make it easy. Let's get to rolling and then find a good spot to add the Inquisition later.
>Tyranid Table I'll be using/modifying
>Imperial Guard Table I'll be using/modifying

One sec while I type up the first table

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The hive tyrant has the compassion gene.

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What if we ally an army of guard with an army of cute nids?

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It's stupid of me, but I kind of just want to see a bunch of gaunts in guard armor fumbling with lasguns and pretending to be guardsmen.

First table: What is the progenitor (and therefore color influence) of our nids? (1d100)
>1-20: Behemoth
>21-40: Kraken
>41-60: Leviathan
>61-70: Dagon
>71-80: Moloch
>81-90: Naga
>91-100: Other Fleet/Separate Entity

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Rolled 89 (1d100)

A rogue group of guard who managed to capture a Hive Tyrant during a long war.


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A Tervigon might work better for that. It could spawn more gaunts for them to tame.

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Or perhaps a sufficiently powerful psychic Tyranid has enslaved humans to serve alongside it/become sentient and disparate form the hive mind.

All those psychic Eldar genes have to do something right?

Maybe it was rejected by the Hive Mind and the Imperial Guard are trying to use it and it's brood to fight other Tyranids.

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Naga. Eldar are some good eats.

Alright, so What kind of Guardsmen are we dealing with? (1d12)
>1-4: Standard Imperial Guard
>5-6: Planetary Defense Force
>7-8: Penal Legion
>9: Militia
>10: Navy Armsmen
>11-12: Inquisitorial Troops

Added last option in case we want to go Inquisition somehow.

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Rolled 2 (1d12)

My diiiick

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Rolled 8 (1d12)

rolling rolling rolling

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Alright, so they're definitely full Guard, but we have the option of penal legion themes later. Entirely possible what was once a guard has either taken on convicts later or been imprisoned for something (related or not to the nids).

Let's revisit those nids. What scale are we dealing with for our Tyranids? (1d10)
>1-4: Planetary Infestation/Genestealer Cult
>5-8: Hive Fleet Splinter
>9-10: Full Hive Fleet

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Rolled 5 (1d10)

Put the pussy on the chain-wax!

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Rolled 2 (1d10)


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Alright, we've got a big ol fleet splinter going. I wish there was more Imperial Navy inclusion for these tables, to try and customize a possible hive/imperial fleet.

Anyway, what's the demographic of our Guardsmen?
>1-15: All/mostly male
>16-25: All/mostly female
>26-30: caste-born
>31-35: Nobility
>36-40: Priesthood
>41-45: Abhumans
>46-50: Tribespeople
>51-55: Lottery
>56-60: Spacers
>61-65: Firstborn
>66-70: Vat-grown
>71-75: Gangers
>76-80: Convicts
>81-85: Non-Imperial/Pirates
>86-90: Tyranid-infected
>91-100: Roll twice again on the chart.

Please roll between 16 and 25.

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Where is the Tau Auxillary option?

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Rolled 84 (1d100)

I also share you optimism. 86-90 works too

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I was thinking of adding one. Alright, if anyone rolls 96-100 you can make up your own demographic instead of re-rolling.

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Rolled 43 (1d100)

Can i get a reroll in this one? i want all fem guard!

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So we're dealing with pirates it seems. Pity it wasn't between 16 and 25

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>2 away from "tyranid-infected"

>> No.39760320

Anyone opposed to mutant pirates teaming with nids?

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Rolled 62 (1d100)

Well, if there are enough people in favor, we could always just choose it.

>> No.39760344

Only if they're all female.

>> No.39760372

Abhuman could mean less than normal physical strength, right?

>> No.39760382

Well, you can have them all be a bunch of pussies.

>> No.39760397

futas? i like it

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I won't stop you guys from making them all ladies.

The next nid table is about Hive Fleet Size, but we already landed on "splinter", so what's the point? I'll skip to the next one. What are the Tyranid's Goals? (1d100)
>1-20: Head for the Light (going to the Astronomicon)
>21-30: Spread and Devour (looking for lively planets to consume)
>31-40: Recover Remnants (Picking up leftovers from other fleets)
>41-50: Rejoin the Fleet (looking for a larger fleet to merge with)
>51-60: Science! (due to their IG allies, they seek more intimate knowledge of the galaxy they're currently flavor-testing).
>61-70: Survival of the Fittest (hunting down others for their biomorphs)
>71-80: Hunt down a specific target
>81-90: Recoup Hive Fleet Naga's Losses
>91-100: Voyage of Discover (go to exciting places, eat exciting people, boldly going where no nid has gone before)

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Rolled 57 (1d100)


>> No.39760558

It's probing time!

>> No.39760712

This is getting interesting.

Alright, back to our puny humans. What is the nature of their recruitment and basic interaction with the tyranids? (1d10)
>1: Punishment/Redemption/Recycling: prisoners? perhaps sacrificed to the nid fighting forces for some reason.
>2-3: Elite Tithe: the best fighters and strongest mutants are honored to fight alongside the nids.
>4-6: Conscription: through righteous or ill means, soldiers are forced into service.
>7-8: Scientists and Support: For the sake of scientific progress, these empirical outcastes fight alongside the nids.
>9-10: Compulsion: Regardless of who is in charge, the humans are drawn into battle for reasons related specifically to the tyranids.

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Well, they are abhumans.

>> No.39760956

Rolled 1 (1d10)


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Rolled 10 (1d10)

this is guna get very interesting

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Alright, now's a good time to determine the relationship between our forces. Who wears the pants in this alliance? (1d10)
>1-2: Humans control the Tyranids somehow.
>3-4: Tyranids control the humans somehow.
>5: Mutual friendship. Against all sense and reason, humans and tyranids work together as equals.
>6: Loose alliance. Neither side enjoys working together and they are just waiting to kill each other once their mutual enemies are gone.
>7: Bugs Born of Men. Through Science™, humans have created these artificial tyranids as part of their fighting forces.
>8-9: Fusion. These mutants are born from tyranid biology, and the two sides join together in twisted and heretical hybrids of human and xenos parts alongside standard forces from their respective sides.
>10: Come up with your own reason or choose from the list.

Alright, some of the humans are compelled instead of punished with the others.

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Rolled 10 (1d10)

Men Mounting the bugs as mount pls.

>> No.39761124

Well, seems we get to choose then.

Personally, I would pick 1-2, 7, or 8-9 from the list.

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Come here, let me hug you.

But 5 because heresy and the roughest of rides!

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Hmm...the Tyranids are doing science right? What if their experiment was to design infiltrator units that were even more effective, an inadvertently created domesticated tyranids as a result?

The band of pirates, finding the tyranids complacent, decided to take a bunch to sell as exotic pets, also bringing them on raids to fuel the biomass to breed more.

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Gonna go with 1-2, because of this scenario that I have in my head.
>IG: Onward My trusty steed!
>Nid Tyrant: No, no way!
>IG: If you don't, I'm not gonna scratch that one hard-to-reach section on your back....
>Nid Tyrant: ......fine.....

>> No.39761194

that line of thought:
>IG: Onward My trusty steed!
>Nid Tyrant: No, no way!
>IG: If you don't, I'm not gonna scratch that one hard-to-reach section on your back....
>Nid Tyrant: ......fine.....

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So how do you guys want to do this?

>> No.39761218



Jolly Co-operation! also, I'm sure the nids make cleaning up after battles way easier.

>All right pups, everything not-squishy over here, the DEAD squishy is yours and if something moves, make sure it stops doing it

>> No.39761261

I kind of like mixing the 3 here >>39761218

>> No.39761410

Cool. So we have nid-riding mutant science pirates.

Let's get into the homeworld then. What's our HQ? (1d100)
>1-25: Hive World. Whether in Imperial rule or without, this is the perfect clusterfuck world to produce genestealers and mutants for this army to raise from.
>26-40: Death World. Obviously the right term for any planet the nids get to, but it is in this hellish crucible that these outcasts become one with their allies.
>41-55: Uncharted Hideout. Far from any civilization, this feral and untamed planet is the perfect hiding place for this heretical union.
>56-70: Outlaw Country. Well, planet. This planet owes nothing to the Imperium and serves as honored homeworld for the pirates and their tyranid host.
>71-80: Victim World. This planet, now the centerpiece of our army, is occupied by mutants, pirates, and tyranids who prey on the local citizens for resources, biomass, or just for fun.
>81-90: Tyranid Worldship. I don't actually know if they have these. The capital of the Hive Fleet, a biomassive world-ship carrying the combined populations across the galaxy.
>91-100: No Homeworld. Our nids and humans are purely fleet-based and have no homeworld or headquarters, operating across the stars.

>> No.39761438

Rolled 100 (1d100)

Rolling for: Lets live in a Giant bug!

>> No.39761455

Somewhere, in /tg/ a quest is crit failing

>> No.39761496

Rolled 43 (1d100)

So we're not all women?

>> No.39761515

All futas.

>> No.39761536

Can we please not?
I mean, I have nothin against futa nor women, but can't we have a sustentable mutant mix?

>> No.39761567

IG is all women. Nids somehow have a copy of the male side of humans for their breeding project. Thus IG demographic somehow remains all female, but don't show any signs of Nid parts in their DNA each generation.

>> No.39761573

Damn! You know, just for fun and that hundred, you guys can have a Worldship in addition to your fleets if you want to.

Alright, back to our nid tables. What's their usual strategic tendency? (1d100)
>1-10: Synaptic Web. Perhaps even as a boon to our humans.
>11-20: Shadow in the Warp. Lots of psychics.
>21-30: Monstrous Horde. Hungry hungry kaiju.
>31-40; Unending Swarm. Lots of little fellas.
>41-50: Stealth and Infiltration. Sneaky nids.
>51-60: Destruction from Afar. Shooty nids. Humans can help out.
>61-70: Death from Above. Fliers and bombardment.
>71-80: The Ground Trembles. Diggers and sappers.
>81-90: Corrode and Poison.
>91-95: Titanic Beasts and Biotitans.
>96-100: Interspecies Tactics. Humans and nids playing off each others' strengths.

Up to you guys. All the dice care about is mutant pirates.

>> No.39761598

Rolled 84 (1d100)


go 92 please...

>> No.39761604

Rolled 19 (1d100)

Giant bug mount the size of Kaijus!

>> No.39761613

Rolled 1 (1d100)

must try again!

>> No.39761646

... Of course.

>> No.39761699

Psykers and biochemical warfare. Of course you guys will still have big monsters, but at normal levels.

Let's work on the Guard tactics now. What are our core human units? (1d100)
>1-25: Infantry
>26-35: Light Infantry
>36-45: Heavy Infantry
>46-60: Mechanized Infantry
>61-65: Drop Troopers
>66-70: Armored
>71-75: Artillery
>76-80: Siege
>81-85: Shock Troopers
>86-95: Mutant Specialists
>96-100: Tyranid mixed forces/hybrids

>> No.39761710

Rolled 31 (1d100)

I am suddenly clueless as to what I want now.
Rolling for Mixed forces and Heresy!

>> No.39761715

Rolled 8 (1d100)

Not even going to hope, lets see what fate decrees!

>> No.39761726

Can... Can we get another try?

>> No.39761747

I'm fine with the common flashlight female IG Infantry who wears easily shredded t-shirts. Makes it easier for heretical stuff with nids.

>> No.39761763

Sure thing.

>> No.39761774

Rolled 12 (1d100)


>> No.39761786

>asks for a retry
>roll results are the same thing

>> No.39761810

so it's an army of catgirl(extrapolating from abhuman) privateers for the imperium that have somehow hooked up with a rather autonomous splinter of naga that is very psy-focused that fly around space for science? any uh, inquisition backing to make sure this doesn't get nuked from orbit?

>> No.39761811

Rolled 15 (1d100)


Nice, OP is a nice guy/gal and we got the reroll!

... damn

>> No.39761823

Yeah, it looks like we're sticking with Infantry. Luckily they're still mutant pirates, though.

Alright, back to the nid tables. What are the more common biomorphs for our nids? (1d10)
>1: Chameleonic Skin
>2: Feeder Tendrils
>3: Acidic Fluids
>4: Bio-Plasma
>5: Adrenaline Glands
>6: Regenerative Abilities
>7: Toughened Carapace
>8: Symbiotic Swarms
>9: Rend and Slice
>10: Other/Create One

And again, wow. Sorry guys. It was meant to be.

>> No.39761872

Rolled 1 (1d10)

my diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick

>> No.39761885

Rolled 7 (1d10)

ding dong. I don't know. Suddenly you get humanoid nids that look like Kamen Rider but 89% more organic.

>> No.39761901

Noice. Super tough and sneaky nids for the surprise buttsex.

>> No.39761944

Sneaky and Ded 'ard. Not a bad combination.

Alright, time to work out more IG tables, since there are a lot more of them. What are our pirates' specialization?(1d10)
>1: Drill & Discipline
>2: Counter
>3: Stealth/Guerilla Warfare
>4: Lightning Strike
>5: Trench Warfare
>6: Close Combat
>7: Ranged Combat
>8: Shock & Awe
>9: Psyker and Mutant Support
>10: Biochemical Warfare

Changed 9 and 10 so the humans might fall in line with the nid tactics.

>> No.39761973

Rolled 7 (1d10)

Namefagging up for this

>> No.39761986

Rolled 9 (1d10)


>> No.39762007

Looks like the psychic bugs get their sexy IG maids that scratch that one hard to reach part of their thick caparace while they use their minds for psychic stuff. Those lucky bugs.

>> No.39762025

i guess the psy-focus is why they're equals. guard shoot aand mind boolets, nids sneak and tank and stab and mind boolets alongside the guard.

>> No.39762053

Shooty humans to support toxic nids and psykers all around.
All this talk, we really need a drawfag for this.

Alright, the next guard table is loyalty to the Imperium, but we've kind of established that they don't have any. So, throw out any ideas you have now otherwise these humans will be unaffiliated with the Imperium.

>> No.39762057

I can take over for OP if necessary, would the Anons here like me to?

>> No.39762061

You mean all the IGs with futa mutations, riiiiiiight? I know you don't, but that's how I imagine them.

>> No.39762079

How willing are they do band together with the Imperium in dire times?

>> No.39762088

>So, throw out any ideas you have now otherwise these humans will be unaffiliated with the Imperium.
Brainjacked an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor so they would get overlooked by the Bureaucracy.

>> No.39762119

Rolled 8 (1d10)

IG are pirates. They ain't with the actual Imperium. Their Nid mounts are too heretical for Mainstream Imperium. (if the rolls say so, and we roll a 1d10 for this right?)

>> No.39762128

They have the remnants of a SoB coven the Regiment were stationed with when they got Absorbed, should they need to "Replenish" their forces.

>> No.39762146

crap wrong person>>39762061

>> No.39762148

Works for me.

Meanwhile, what special equipment do our pirates have? (1d100)
>1-10: War Trophies taken from their enemies.
>11-20: Modified Imperial Tech.
>21-30: Tyranid mounts
>31-40: Rare heavy weapons or archeotech
>41-50: Tyranid bioweapons (built to be handled by humans)
>51-60: Weapons from another xenos species.
>61-70: Augmented Troops (tyranid or otherwise)
>71-80: Special Vehicles.
>81-90: Eldritch psychic augments (humans connected to the hive mind?)
>91-100: Warp Technology.

Wha– trying to kill me to get my inheritance? You fiend!

>> No.39762162

They have incubators?

>> No.39762165

Rolled 97 (1d100)

go mounts!

>> No.39762250

I wonder what happens on a reroll? Warp Technology still sounds kickass though. Allows the IG psykers to use warp powers despite bugs being right next to them. If not mounts, then special toy stays as warp tech.

>> No.39762257

Rolled 92 (1d100)

I've just worked on, gimme a sec, ah: The Ice Wraiths, The Night Wolves, The Wayward Sons, Hive Fleet Kabal, The Sisterhood of La Muerte, The Anealian PDF 6 Custom Factions, I'll be available if we need some Cute stuff later, that's what I was getting at.

>> No.39762271

Rolled 92 (1d100)

whoops forgot the reroll.

>> No.39762280

Depends on how dire. Everyone is Come the Apocalypse with everyone else nowadays.
The way this has been going, I'm starting to think the Inquisition doesn't matter in this army anymore. If you guys can think of good fluff for it, be my guest, though.
Are you rolling for the loyalty table? If so and 8 means "unorthodox loyalty" which can mean anything we need it to.
Warp tech, sweet. I know a lot of you guys want beast riders on nids, though, so I'll totally allow it for these guys. The way the army's gone it's certainly plausible.
Yeah, that works perfectly, too.

>> No.39762281

They have the BEST Warp Tech.

>> No.39762307

So much Warp tech these guys are basically Chaos.
Cool. Were you with our group that did these fusions before? Order of Bloody Lightning and the Butchers, etc.

>> No.39762314

what manner of warp fuckery is this?
I'm still pleased with the results though.

>> No.39762368

I worked with you on the Butchers but not the Order of Bloody Lightning.

I came up with Hippopotamus btw.

>> No.39762390

Hell yeah.

Alright, so the nids need some kind of badass monster. A special snowflake nid. What is our hive's specialist creature(s)? (1d100)
>1-10: Human-Tyranid hybrid (ripoffs of Kerrigan are acceptable)
>11-20: Brainleech Thralls
>21-30: Seeded Lictors
>31-40: Ancient Mastermind
>41-50: Psychic Vampire
>51-60: Ultimate Stalker
>61-70: Unkillable Beast
>71-80: Parasitic Broodfather
>81-90: Subterranean Hunter
>91-100: Nightmare Fiend

I'll admit I don't know many of these myself.

>> No.39762408

Rolled 68 (1d100)

I wonder what we'll get......and behind door number one is.....

>> No.39762416

Rolled 54 (1d100)


>> No.39762429

Rolled 20 (1d100)

fuck lots of those sound awesome. gimme kerrigan.

>> No.39762452

these two combined seem to fit into the hive's specialties.

>> No.39762465

>Unkillable Beast
>All Female IG working with Nids
>Warp Tech for Psychic stuff.
>Nids have Psychic Focus
>Unkillable Beast surrounded by Fem IG.
>Unkillable Beast will not die as long as there are women on the field.
> Manliest Nid.

>> No.39762478

They're not all female, they're just mutant pirates.

>> No.39762484

It's a fine day with you around.
Agreed. Everyone cool with Superlictor/Superfex tag team?

>> No.39762498

I'm cool with it.

>> No.39762587

Alright, what are the guiding principles of our pirate mutants? (1d100)
>1-30: Science! Just like the nids, or perhaps because of them, these pirates are motivated by science and discovery.
>31-60: Plunder. They're pirates through and through. Nids or not, they'll pillage and reave their way to gold, glory, and power.
>61-70: Alphas. Taking after their allies, these marauders pride themselves on their might and dominance over their peer life forms.
>71-80: Glory in Death. Suicidal, genocidal, homicidal. The nids will probably outlive them in the long run.
>81-90: Mutant Supremacy. They're all Magneto, forging a future for mutantkind and exterminating all who are pure for the sake of their glorious, abominable evolution.
>91-95: Something something Warp. Be it Chaos or something else, their psychic and warp focus brings them close enough to the Immaterium for corruption to spread like wildfire.
>96-100: Mind the Hive. Taking inspiration from the nids, these humans want to be more like their misbegotten allies. Be it linking all their brains together in a human hive network or joining the Tyranid hive mind themselves, they are quickly losing their independence. Some may even worship the Hive Mind religiously.

>> No.39762603

Rolled 25 (1d100)


>> No.39762635

Rolled 37 (1d100)

Hoping for Glory in Death/Mind the Hive (they go so well together.)

>> No.39762671

Rolled 49 (1d100)

"We were made for those clouds. BOYS! PREPARE FOR RUNNIN' THE DEEPS!"
"Deeps! Deeps! They'll crush their tiny hulls."
"Deeps! Deeps! Leave nothing but their skulls..."

>> No.39762710

Rolled 54 (1d100)


You have good taste

>> No.39762725

Rolled 76 (1d100)

Shame there aren't any good pics of the Murk Raiders though.

>> No.39762745

Plunder! These aren't mutually exclusive.

We're getting close to the end. While pirates and filthy heretics, who else in the galaxy is likely to hire their services as mercenaries or fellow allies? (1d100)
>1-5: Imperial Administratum
>6-10: Arbites
>11-15: Space Marines
>16-20: Adeptus Mechanicus
>21-25: Adepta Sororitas
>26-30: Titans/Knights
>31-35: Ecclesiarchy
>36-40: Imperial Guard
>41-45: Imperial Navy
>46-55: Inquisition
>56-60: Navigators
>61-65: Officio Assassinorum
>66-70: Rogue Traders
>71-75: Astropaths
>76-80: Eldar
>81-85: Dark Eldar
>91-95: Necrons
>96-100: Chaos

>> No.39762753

Rolled 97 (1d100)

Derp, forgot my name

>> No.39762770

Rolled 6 (1d100)

Why not add that we get a a shiny new body if we die

>> No.39762773

Rolled 60 (1d100)

This will probably be extra heretical

>> No.39762813

Chaos, Arbites or Navigators? Someone make sense of this.

Alright, and lastly, our arch enemies. (1d100)
>1-10: Other Tyranids
>11-30: Imperium of Man
>31-40: Orks
>41-55: Eldar
>56-65: Forces of Chaos
>66-75: Dark Eldar
>76-90: Tau
>91-100: Other (any minor faction or xenos empire) or Choose from the list.

>> No.39762830

Rolled 13 (1d100)

I'd say Chaos makes the most sense as allies. They seem like reasonable folk.

>> No.39762831

Uumm that >>39762753
was for this >>39762587, sorry.

>> No.39762838

Rolled 45 (1d100)


>> No.39762849

Rolled 42 (1d100)


>> No.39762862

Oh. Well, it can count for Chaos if people want it to. Otherwise we can just do Navigator/Arbite allies.
Imperium and Eldar. Perfectly sensible enemies.

Alright, those are all the tables. Let's review the abominations we've made.

>> No.39762883

first we need a name for these Beauts

>> No.39762891

Well, they're pirates mixed with a hive fleet. What's a good monstrous name to give a pirate ship?

>> No.39762920

I was just gonna straight up Plunder the Murk Raiders from Storm Hawks for that, so the Blood Jaw sounds good, doesn't it?

>> No.39762955

Bahamut Lagoon

>> No.39762959

Works for me.

>> No.39762984

I think if you search hormissar gaunt on 1d4chan you'll find something like that

>> No.39763022

Why not call our fleet Hive Fleet Tiamat?

>> No.39763024

>implying the Imperium would ally themselves with xenos

Please report to your Commissar for blamming.

>> No.39763026

I think that one's taken.

>> No.39763039

Certainly not, sir. This is a hypothetical situation where pirate heretic mutants are aligned with xenos tyranid filth. The Imperium will obviously destroy them all.

>> No.39763041

Don't worry. It's not the Imperium. Just pirates.

You'll have to work for the blamming.

>> No.39763059

Okay, how about, Nergal?

>> No.39763081

I don't know, Blood Jaw puts my attention on the feeding frenzy. I keep thinking of the Butchers what with them eating people all the time.

The name should allude to their psychicness or toxicity or warp stuff, etc. Play to their themes.

>> No.39763088

That's a bit close to Nurgle isn't it?

>> No.39763139

Would you believe me if I told you I was gonna go for the Ogdru Jahad/Hem next?

>> No.39763144

How about Fafnir? It breathes poison and is a greedy dragon.

>> No.39763160

Hive Fleet Fafnir it is then, how do we hunt fleets? Use mind fuckery to trick the navigators and then eat the crew?

>> No.39763161


>> No.39763183


>> No.39763246

I have no clue who the artist is, but I'd love to find more from them. That daemonette is adorable.

>> No.39763264

That would make the most sense.

How would Shadow in the Warp interact with all this by the way? It would be a nice way of preventing escape, though it might also cause some issues.

>> No.39763297

Heresy makes me stronger!

>> No.39763308


>> No.39763368

That's exactly what we want, anon.

>> No.39763386

Maybe yo should give the class an example so we don't make the same mistake twice

>> No.39763445

Bahamut Lagoon has the space dragon and pirate theme.

>> No.39763458

she can't push in, it's where she's hiding the heavy melta weapon

>> No.39763569

They use the Shadow to find their prey, and to bring down the smaller craftworlds of the Eldar (Nom Delicious Wraithbone Nom)

>> No.39763581

Yeah. Plus all that sweet Eldar loot.

>> No.39763771

The Wriathbone explains their Phenominal Psychic Power as well, what with Wraithbone-Chitin composite armor, any creature in the Swarm can act as a synaptic focus.

>> No.39764168

>81-85: Non-Imperial
And oh, hey: >>39760279

7 would've been cool, but this is something else entirely, and I like it. I'll just keep 7 in mind if my RT players find another radical Inquisitor.

Did I miss all the rolling?

>> No.39764524

Pretty much, we're just fine tuning Hive Fleet Fafnir and the Murk Raiders

>> No.39764532

shit meant to reply to>>39764168

>> No.39764583

What SHE wants and what WE want are two different things anon.

I'm pretty sure the class doesn't want to see my hairy man tits. Her's yes.

It's a great place for MY heavy "melta" weapon

>> No.39765490

So is this dead then? cos it looks that way to me. Shame really I had the idea that the 'nids of Fafnir where changing into something else. Human creativity+Tyranid adaptability+Xenos Resources/Genetics=Something completely new...

>> No.39766454

I'll keep you afloat thred

>> No.39768070

Lemme put this into perspective:
>Mutant Pirate IG Infantry equipped with ADVANCED WARP TECHNOLOGY that ride Super tough and Sneaky Nids led by a tag-team duo of a Super Lictor and a Super Carnifex
> Both the IG and the Nids live in a Giant bug the size of a planet. They travel in the Giant bug, exploring new frontiers for PLUNDER AND SCIENCE!
>The Nids to the heavy work lifting in their psychic and poison tactics while the IG support them with bullets (their warp technology allowing them to assist the bugs with their own flavor of mind bullets).
>Both somehow work together with each other in apparent jolly co-operation but secretly the nids control them through slow integration of nid parts into human DNA without the presence of a cult devoted to stealing denim pants (a.k.a.Genestealer cult).
>Nids reason to work with the IG because they think working with humans (although mutant ones) are a frontier they've never explored (as they've already mapped the realms of om nom and CONSUME).
>IG reason to work with Nids instead of purging for dear EMPRAH is because those 3 minutes of not purging bugs and actually communicating tickled their principles of PLUNDERING FOR SCIENCE!
>The IG are still Loyal to the Imperium. In the view of the all-seeing Old Man Emps, the act of the Imperium taming the bugs (as if they wear the pants in the relationship) counts as asserting human supremacy over foul-xenos. Thus the Emprah gives the IG the official Loyalty License.

Continued in Part 2.

>> No.39768085

>Problem is, it's just that their loyalty isn't popular with mainstream way of showing Loyalty to the Imperium, Much of the Imperium would rather see the IG/Nid team dead because of the equation (IG mutants + Nids + Jolly co-operation = so many Jimmies rustled).
>They also drew the ire of the Eldar. Much of the shenanigans caused by team B.I.G (Bugs & Imperial Guard) have thrown all their keikaku into ruin. For details: Shadow of the Warp = bullshit. Sneaky and tough nids = More bullshit. Nids can use psychic bullshit while they can't = Even more bullshit. Nids are supported by IG equipped with Warp Technology = Raege inducing bullshit.
>Chaos however likes them a LOT. The mere fact that this heretical team exists which rustles the massive jimmies of both the Imperium (and Eldar), and are able to get away with their shenanigans (with the Corpse Emperor's approval no less!) pretty much checks off everything in the list of requirements to be a "Friend of Chaos"

>> No.39768229


>> No.39768677

Most of that is on the money. Except the rolls put these guys completely out of Imperial jurisdiction. Void pirates, mutant outcasts, outlaws, etc. Maybe once upon a time they were Imperial citizens, but they're only allegiance now is to themselves.

But, you guys can work out the fluff. No more rolling to be done, so I'm gonna merge back with the anonymous collective.

Thanks for playing everyone!

>> No.39768801

New unique biomod for the 'nids

++++Records translated from interactions with Craftworld [Aylis-Nasturcane]++++

>Fafnirs breath
>The foul mist exuded by the bioforms of this hive fleet is part Fungus, part Tyranid Parasite, generally the Infection spreads through inhalation of the spores and is infections in concentrations as low as 1ppt, first symptom is usually a cough, typically mistaken for some other disease, the next symptom is the production of large amounts of red flecked white phlegm, which if not destroyed will start to grow and spread and begin to sporeulate within about an hour, next he patient develops a rash of white pustles, skin contact with the patient must be avoided at All costs during this stage. The patient condition then degenerates rapidly and they suffer from a [TRANSLATION NEEDED] before expiring, the body then collapses in on itself leaving a pile of white semi-fungal material about the size of a [TRANSLATION NEEDED]. this mass will start to generate a constant cloud of spores within an hour if not completely eradicated.

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