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Date you enter my magical tomb?

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Well, my calendar is kind of full, how does next tuesday sound?

Or are you asking me out? Sorry but robots aren't my type.

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If I am guilty, so are you.

It was March 4th, 1982.

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For fuck's sake, OP, just find a fucking girlfriend already. Yes, I know it's hard, but if you don't try then no one will ever love you and you are going to die cold and alone.

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>cold and alone.
Just the way I like it.

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Shit, I read:
>Dare you enter my magical womb?

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That's where the scarabs cone from, innit?

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Sounds like Slaanesh.

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This old game again good sir?

I've looked and lurked in your magical tombs in '11, '12 and '13 and I cannot fined nary a date.

Oh sweet forbidden fruit, such deliciousness is always beyond my reach.

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I'll enter your magical womb.

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I'd like to put a bone in that tomb.

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There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity good sir.

I pray you do not cross it.

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As they say, dead men speaks no tales.

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How else do I purge you with cleansing flame?

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Are those sergals? Man, that's a blast from the past...

Also heresy.

>> No.39637743

I'd forsake my mortal flesh for her. If you know what I mean.

>> No.39637782

Very perceptive of you good sir.

Although I must wonder, if the past is capable of generating such enormous space-time continuum shattering explosions.

Why not weaponize the past?

>> No.39637842

>weaponize the past
Only if we bring back Jackson and Teddy.

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Do you want her in your tombs?

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Cheap imitation.
You dont even sound nearly as cringeworthy as the real Sergalfags back in the day.

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Your constructive criticism is dutifully noted good sir.

Quite frankly she had crawled in one too many tombs for my liking.

But I must say even a creature as vile and unrepentant as I enjoy the occasional spelunking adventure.

Just imagine it, crawling in a damp cold dark labyrinth filled with dangers both known and unknown patient with craving claws and lusting eyes as they hear you clumsily approach? With nothing but your wits and a day's worth of stale bread between you and impending doom? Magical. Simply magical.

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This wouldn't happen on one of my fan made dynasties, particularly the first one. This is C'lark. He is the Head Peasant of the Nulvul Rashan Dynasty. Still working on that name, would it sound better the other way around? C'lark's job is to help keep things in line and that trespassers don't crawl in the tombs.

>> No.39638645

Oh good sir although I admire your handy craftsmanship I must voice my criticisms.

Your head peasant needs proper hands, flayed one hands. To get a good firm grip on any interloper and ruffian sneaking into your tombs and thrown them out and teach them a lesson on property ownership and trespassing. Oh and to wield his large weaponry with great efficacy of course.

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What, no. I'm just using that as a genral idea of my guy. I don't play the game.

>> No.39638765

A pity good sir.

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I don't think I'll be playing the game soon. Prices and too much D. I think lesbians don't exist in Eldar society. They love the D too much. Well, Craftworld Eldar do.

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Do we not spell today?

>> No.39639197

Or any day.

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what is the goal of the necrons anyway? are the necron warriors free to fight or is the choice made for them?

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warriors didn't transfer over well, they're pretty mindless. though they do shriek in pain

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So this Necron Phaerak is lusting for the living D.

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>what is the goal of the necrons anyway?

Restoration of their galactic empire.

>are the necron warriors free to fight or is the choice made for them?

All Necron warriors, with the exception of the warriors of the Thokt dynasy, are mindless and witless creatures that can only serve their masters.

>warriors didn't transfer over well

It was intentional. The nobility choose this for the plebs.

> though they do shriek in pain

You mean shriek sometimes when they get destroyed. Though the exact reason behind this are unknown.

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Forgot my picture

>> No.39643577

>Restoration of their galactic empire.
While I imagine the Imperium as a whole may not be the most receptive audience, have they tried methods other than violence?
>in the grim darkness of the far future there is ONLY WAR

>> No.39643595

>have they tried methods other than violence?


Some Necron dynasties used diplomacy to demand their territory back.

>> No.39643614

I'm guessing they got their butts kicked so hard they had to go back and disable the phase out system

>> No.39643774

Honorable dynasties which value chivalry and civility send emissaries to tell the primitives to leave their worlds. If kind words don't work, then a large Necrodermis stick will.

In most cases, the stubborn primitives get their heads bashed in and they are wholesale slaughtered.

>> No.39644259

hm weaponizing nostalgia you say

>> No.39644345

>Why not weaponize the past?

We do this constantly. It's called training, preparation and experience. Or "skeletons in the closet", if your past is used against you

>> No.39644372

aww fuck yeah

pimpin my shit downtownstyle is now a part of my vocab thx to this game series

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People keep telling me they like Xeno, and I see a lot of Xeno threads, but I know which Tau I like best.

>> No.39644421

That's an odd color for an Ork.

>> No.39644443

Course it is! It's why she's a grot, ain't it? Blue's lucky!

>> No.39644674

thanks anon its always nice to know the games we make help people

>> No.39645928

Blue will always be worst Xeno.

>> No.39647014

"Welcome to the boudoir of the scarab queen."

>> No.39647018

That's like your opinion, man.

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That always looks so goddamned familiar.
What's it from?

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