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BYOND Download link: http://www.byond.com/download/

To connect: Open BYOND, click the gear in the upper right. Click "Open Location" and paste in the IP above. Click "Ok".

Welcome to d20Station, a rule light, low moderation server filled with custom content.

>What the fuck is Space Station 13
A top down atmospherics simulator with a "whodunit" on top. Survive in the station and do your department's job, while fixing the problems that the antagonists cause.

>How the fuck do I play this game? I keep hitting myself with things.
Use OOC and ask someone for help on how to play. People will almost always help you get a grip of the game if you're polite about it, just don't reveal too much in-round information in OOC.

>Hey /tg/ station I...
We are a separate entity from /tg/ station, we just host our threads on /tg/ as the server was made by fa/tg/uys for elegan/tg/entlemen.

We occassionally run Dorfstation mode, a roundtype where the crew must build up from a bare-bones station.

>How is this station different from [station]?
Join the server and read the rules and changelog (located at the top right of the game window). The changelog has been cleaned up to show changes starting from the base code of the /nt/ branch.

Do know what SS13 is? Dislike hate how other servers have gone? You'll (probably) like it here.

Code branch from NT (also named d20Station) is updated a few times every week with fixes and new content.

If you have a bug, contact an admin in-game or on the thread to report it.

Note: This is NOT SS13 general.

>Who is Whiteagle/Widebagel/Wheatbagel/NiceDaemonette? Why are they such a shitposter?
They're the resident /tg/ shitposter that insists on trying to make the thread about themself no matter what is actually being discussed. Under no circumstances should you reply to this namefag.

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Your server is shirt, and you are shirt by association.

What color shirt is up to you, I'm not a shirt-eugenicist

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"breaking into science is hard" my ass
i even deliberately was pretending to be retarded

>> No.39630408


It isn't hard to break into anywhere if there is nobody there to catch you.

I'd like to see you try to get away with breaking the table and the windoor when there's somebody actually doing science in there.

>> No.39630630

>implying thats hard as well
just get there within the first ten minutes and robust their weak asses, dont let them build up

>> No.39630660

front desk break-in was me literally pretending to be retarded
the point was that idiots were arguing that having regular walls instead of rwalls on science front desk will somehow make it easier to break in
it's not like there's any way to hide from people that are doing research there if you are welding in

>> No.39630681

>Implying we aren't already finished research by ten minutes

>> No.39631311

Please stop shitposting. Your vendetta against science is doing nothing but bringing down the quality of the thread.

>> No.39632276

he has a point mezzo scientists aren't shit if you robutt them before they have a bag of guns and a mech

>> No.39632880

His point was pointless, it has nothing to do with what the topic was about, and a scientist is only as robust as the player. If somebody like nernums were doing science, your ass would be grass regardless.

The point was that you couldn't reliably break in without getting caught if you're just going in through the windoor. It has nothing to do with killing scientists or the difficulty thereof.

>> No.39632935

>implying nernums is unbeatable
you just have to be better at tomfoolery than the other person, and half of it is luck anyways

his point is that its easier to break into science when there's someone there when they can't shoot you with lasers while you do it

the best they can do is throw things at you or use water that you can walk over.

>> No.39633035

Or call for help, etc.

But the point still stands, because if you're breaking into somewhere regardless of who sees you and plan on killing anybody in your way, it doesn't really matter what sort of defenses are in your way, because you're either soon to be dead, a shitter, already stole all-access, or all three.

You can only have a discussion about the difficulty of breaking into an area of you assume the burglar gives a shit about getting caught.

>> No.39633205

the point still stands that it's easier than waiting an hour for science to be rolling

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Have any admins taken a look at the mag of holding code yet? Good? Bad? A worthy/unworthy addition?

>> No.39633699

you had your answer at the start whether or not they'd be good and it still stands.
I haven't seen all the sprites or the code if you've bundled it together but the code for them wouldnt be rocket science

>> No.39633805


I gave it all out in a post two threads ago but it was right before the thread died so it's not surprising that it slipped past


This has all the sprites needed at the bottom of the .dmis (magazines are in ammo.dmi, the two new SMG sprites are at the bottom of gun.dmi), and the .txt has the code itself with comments marking what's what and so on

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to kk from last thread thank you for alerting me to the presence of macros

if i can get them to work well enough it'd be genuinely more help than 2/4 admins going "typing out a verb is better shut up" without a genuine alternative

on the flip side why do we have intent hotkeyed when cycling them is also hotkeyed and you don't really need to change them so actively

>> No.39635095

Is this an RP server at all or is it fuckers running around murdering each other like goon?

>> No.39635151

wait, my files don't include macros.dmf
does this server not allow them or what

>> No.39635162

it's supposed to be a server of rp which isn't taken super seriously
of course it's at the mercy of the players involved so it depends shift to shift

>> No.39635211

>he doesn't swap to help intent to change the positions of the officer he's trying to get past and then swap to harm so the officer can't push past him
>he doesn't swap between disarm, grab, and harm in a fight
they were probably a proof of conecpt in earlier builds, we didn't put them in so don't ask us why we have them
they're not broken so they won't be fixed

>typing out a verb
>implying you don't just press the button of the verb in the objects tab
methinks you're just unrobust and want a faster way to be a scrub

>> No.39635320

you're technically supposed to play a role
but since sec is either shit or nonexistant, everyone is sec
expect everyone to play the vigilante if you want to shit or be a tator
"i'm opening a locker" is actually a decent cover for magdumping someone if you clean up afterward

>expecting an angry sec to be on help
>using harm at all if you have any sort of 10 brute weapon
are you giving bad examples for fun or what

>using the objects tab, which fluctuates constantly based on where you're standing, instead of keeping your eyes on the screen during any sort of situation
freeman speed is not equivalent to human speed

>> No.39635494

>using hotkeys

>> No.39636198


Damn it nernums you can't just keep saying that

>> No.39636338

yes I can
as long as wasd has a slight amount of lag due to forwarding the commands, arrow keys will continue being superior

also you can't run around screaming things while dodging tasers while pushing wasd

>> No.39636405


But how are you supposed to click out attacks while typing things and using the arrow keys?

>> No.39636586

nimble wizard hands
but I don't generally talk in combat if I'm on the offensive, but on the defensive if it's not close I'll often mock people while running

>> No.39636642


/Lit/ here

I'm going to be doing a field study of your games and rounds so I can write a book

what should I write about?

>> No.39636669

The players and the degeneration from bright eyed newbie to jaded murderhobo.

>> No.39636689

normal people behavior versus griff mc assistant's tendency to stab people to death over a slice of pizza

>> No.39636741

Have several main characters and write misadventures of them aboard the space station with satirical themes of our daily life; and don't explain the concepts of ss13 too much in your story, let your reader develop an understanding of the ss13 universe.

>> No.39636867

Why do air alarms and various sensors say Amount of Unknown gas detected when the air alarms straight up have a setting for telling the scrubbers to filter N2O.

>> No.39636870


The growing paranoia and stress that comes from learning you can never trust anyone on SS13, and then realizing that it is merely a microcosm of real life and never trusting any human being ever again

>> No.39636903

The former, though there are a few people who I won't name that tend to treat it like a single player game and kill people who do anything they don't like.

And no, I don't mean Freeman.

>> No.39636943

i remember when i created the mongoloid robot army and someone made this gif.

>> No.39636961

N2O is a "trace" gas, which is a datum in Atmos that looks to be able to hold all manner of gases besides plasma, oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

It is the only trace gas used though, so...

>> No.39636963


Anon I want to be just like you!

anybody know how to get this working on Linux?

>> No.39636990


how much hard science is involved in this game?

>> No.39637029


>hard science

You made me giggle

Virtually zero with only a few notable exceptions

>> No.39637038

You can only play graphical (not text-based) BYOND games on Windows.

Pull Oracle Virtualbox, set up a virtual Windows XP box, run BYOND on that.

>> No.39637071

No, you don't

>> No.39637073

to be fair atmospherics is just about 100% real life physics in action and one of the only parts of the game that actually requires applying real world knowledge.

>> No.39637077

there's some trig involved in telescience but most logic in this game's mechanics are based on itself and loosely on the real world

chemistry has real chemical names and they all react to form fantasy chems, etc

>> No.39637085



Atmos is extremely accurate

>> No.39637114


Not him, but is there an equivalent to Trichord and such in real life

is it fantasy chem out of copyright or are these just mixtures that usually do not produce anything(? not a chemist)

>> No.39637117


>with only a few notable exceptions

Learn to read fuckface

>> No.39637171


Go fuck yourself asswipe

>Station structure

just because you are a stupid piece of shit who just runs around stabbing people doesn't mean there is no science in here

>> No.39637335 [DELETED] 

...Froman's petty abuse of power?

>> No.39637443

>food is a science
>gathering materials is a science
>a spessman's application of gravity is a science
>harm is a science
two of these are an art, two of these are dumb labor to either produce or maintain
you're confusing anything with a structure to it with science, reducing it to a buzzword
and apparently your jimmies are in a twist about it too
try again later when you've had your afternoon nap

does everything really have to be about you
kinda surprised you don't have a trip considering the sheer volume of threads you take a shit in on the daily

>> No.39637451


>stick shit in a microwave or deep fat frier and get things automagically

>metal does everything, no such thing as alloys or different metal elements

>gravity generator
>herp derp

>herp derp


It's like you're trying to prove yourself wrong

>> No.39637461


how set up windows xp box ?

FATAL no bootable disk drive!

>> No.39637533

You need a .iso or other form of disk image and a virtual disk mount tool.

You can DL .iso files of various Windows disks from Microsoft or really just google it.

>> No.39637622


fuck you!

>> No.39637824

Everyone else who replied don't know shit. I play SS13 on Wine all the time. Following this guide should let you do it.

>> No.39638046

It's realistic, but I wouldn't go that far. It does model gases using the ideal gas law, but LINDA, the Atmos system we use (with some modifications) models it in a cell by cell thing, which means gases often flow like jello rather than in streams or anything like that.

It is the most realistic part, but doesn't match the complexity of fluid physics.

That sort of thing is way beyond the scope of most any game, though, so I'd say the Atmos is about as realistic as you could expect it to be.

>> No.39638086

>Check atmos in pipes with scanner
>78% Nitrogen, 20% oxygen
>Nothing else in the last 2%
I get that it's as realistic as it can be, but this has always just gotten to me.

>> No.39638157

I was commentating that he doesn't want to become like me, not that he can't do it.

>> No.39638196

I'm pretty sure that's due to it rounding down to the nearest percentage.

I. E. :

78.6% Nitrogen
20.8% Oxygen
0.6% Carbon Dioxide

Or something along those lines.

>> No.39640884

So, how're things coming?

>> No.39641746


Straight-up fantasy. What you need to keep in mind is that most things are made by pouring a few elements (except for the base reagents that aren't elements, like sugar) into a beaker, and they somehow automatically become whatever the product is.

Those products involve stuff like a medicine that when ingested/injected causes quick regeneration from any non-lethal degree of physical harm, stuff that nigh-instantly cures any brain damage or genetic damage, and similar magic drugs.

The non-meds are a little more logical in their effects, but the creation is still simplified as fuck - thermite for example is just aluminium, iron and oxygen in a beaker (yes you can get oxygen in beakers at room temperature).

There's also plasma which is goddamn magic and is used in some chemistry.

>> No.39641832

>does this server not allow them or what
that never stopped anyone, though :^)
to be serious for a moment, macros are pretty much useless due to the fact there is a tickdelay on pretty much every specialverb of note
the only people who can get a real use out of them are non-human antags (ling, wizard, xeno etc.), and you know how rarely we have them
the only use i've had for them is spooking lockers real fast before admins added a timer on that
tl;dr >using hotkeys
the only reason i use hotkeys myself is because my arrow keys are broken

>> No.39642164

also, to add
ss13 is optimized to be controlled with a numpad
if your keyboard has a numpad, i genuinely don't see a reason to use macros, because all of the useful things (drop, throw, use, switch) are mapped there

>> No.39642304

with hotkey mode on or off?
with it off i'd just be typing numbers
with it on i'd need an extra hand, either to continue being able to move or to continue being able to click

>> No.39642376

its a mix
expect lee to roll up on you and hose you down in pacid from a spray can for no reason or myself to chuck autism grenades at you or freeman will go around bola-ing everyone on the station repeatedly 4noraisins, but on the other hand, most other players seem to d/c as soon as there's the slightest strife and treat the game like a more peaceful/easier dwarf fortress

>there is a pill that you can swallow and instantly see your wounds mend and burns heal

I use them because the delay isn't all that long and wasd+mouse is infinitely more comfortable than arrow keys imo

also i'm bad at FPS games and it's easier to just push a button to engage a mode or use a small item than to click around the hud super fast

push your num lock key until it works

>> No.39642718

>or myself to chuck autism grenades at you
Can you not?

>> No.39642937

>expect lee to roll up on you and hose you down in pacid from a spray can
to be fair i havent done that in a while and m quiting my shit ways
ill spray if you trigger me tho

>> No.39642956

>name filled in for some raisin

>> No.39644604

RIP in piss.

>> No.39645440

Is it possible to introduce a way to acquire a grey slime extract, somehow, through play?
It's rare, but I've had a couple shifts where I simply couldn't do xenobio, because the grey slime I salvaged split into four non-greys. None of the other colors can revert back to grey! A single instance of bad RNG or mismanagement can destroy the entire job, and that's not true of any other department that I'm aware of.

Most straight forward would be a cargo crate with a single grey extract for an extravagant cost, but there's something unsatisfying about that.

Tangential note: almost all of the colors of slimes suck ass. Sepia, really?
Though I vastly prefer the paint cans pyrite slimes produce to the faded tones the floor painter provides.

>> No.39645450

working on some basic targeting/aggression for AI to try and get it into a passable working state

taking into account things like mutations and blindness are really getting out of hand

>> No.39645469

Never fear, we'll harass your every oversight and miscalculation until we're satisfied. So never.
Looking forward to it.

>> No.39645629

well that was a bit larger than expected

>> No.39645668

>jap locale
just use applocale if you want to play your waifu simulators, it still works on seven just fine

>> No.39645730

only on most, others are cranky, non-waifu simulator programs of mongrorian owijins can be a pain too.

besides, I'm used to it

>> No.39645749

g i t
g u d

>> No.39646007

It's rare to see that meme-bait response posted in a relevant situation.
This isn't one of them.

>> No.39646462

big large mc huge map changes
>redesigned mining shuttle to not be 5x the size of large station mining shuttles
>dug up an old version of the map (revision 350 or so) and put the old z1 asteroid back in
>moved a ton of shit around on the ship graveyard station
>replaced some mundane loot on the graveyard with cool stuff
>replaced mechs in the vault with something even cooler
>freed the graveyard from its floating steel cage that it was confined to for months
>rebalanced zlevel probabilities. Station is 40%, all three non-empties (including graveyard) are 20%.

>> No.39646472

You're playing a dangerous game, Freeman.

>> No.39646486

ive got no fucks left to give
having an entire z-level sealed into a cube of steel is fucking retarded realism and gameplay wise
>captcha: select all the images of pasta below

>> No.39646494

Comrade, you better put those mechs back in, how can something be cooler than mechs?

>> No.39646530

you'll just have to finish the vault and see!

>> No.39646533

Mechs a shit.

>> No.39647157


Might b cool, will mine today to see what's what

>> No.39647299

good news everyone I updated and recompiled the server so the map changes are ready to go including nernums new science maint door

>> No.39647378


>> No.39647414

fucking gold

>> No.39647604


>> No.39647782

another reason not to play science
even the admin team hates it and trolls the shit out of it
if you play it you will be hated both in game and out of game
so dont

>> No.39648014

Is there only 1 Grey Slime to start with? An easy fix would be to add a second slime. Sure you can STILL get fucked by the RNG, but if its twice in a row? Clearly the RNG gods have something against you and time to just call it a day. Or perhaps go all in and try to get the... Was it Gold slime that spawned mobs? And can it spawn more slimes? If so try for that!

>> No.39648043

No, there's two, nernums moved the second one into the cell on the other side.

>> No.39648130

Hipekans please cease the incessant shitposting.

It grows tiresome.

>> No.39648157

oh man this is great I knew I want the only one who hated science this much
cant wait to fuck over some science autist and wait for the ooc shitstorm he causes
please don't change this one back this is one of the best changes ive seen
in fact can you do this for ever science door thatd be so fucking hilarious

>> No.39648167

You can't ruse me, anon.

>> No.39648206

Request: Cease shitposting
Originating ID: Doombot.Dedibox
Recipient ID: UNKNOWN [analysis of style indicates either suspected rampant shitposter alias "hipekans" or a poor imitation, in which case the suspect is shitposter alias "lee"]
Reason: Incrementing postcount with unnecessarily inflammatory remarks or intentionally obtuse content is of no calculable benefit.

>> No.39648227

are you still on with this "everyone who says something i dont like is the same person" thing

>> No.39648281

>implying its the same person
stop with the boogyman shit
>implying its shitposting if its true and most people believe in it
my salt intake increased again stop crying

>> No.39648287


If you are someone else, you should stop shitposting

If you aren't, you should definitely stop shitposting

>> No.39648303

I dunno why you insist it's me, I don't really give a shit two ways about Science since they don't personally bother me

have you considered therapy for this weird boogeyman belief you have

>> No.39648362


>shit they're onto me
>time to change my posting style! They'll never possibly think it was me!

>> No.39648397


Analyzing post content...
Lack of proper capitalization detected.
Lack of punctuation detected.
Insistence that there is more than one shitposter present.
Not present: "literally schizoid"

Analyzing post timers...
Samefag detected.

Comparing post content to logfiles...
Style match: hipekans
Context: angry hipekans in deadchat
Context: Rampant shitposting

Hipekans BTFO; In line to be the next user to be banned for shitposting if behavior does not cease.

Recommendation: Cease and desist from rampant shitposting.

>> No.39648440

Look, Father Relaxe is a shit more often than not, yeah, but I don't think anonymous posts on an image board are proper fodder for banishment in-game.

>> No.39648441

l i t e r a l l y
s c h i z o i d

it is an actual sign of mental disorder to assume that many inconveniences or personal sleights in your life are all from the same person

seek a mental health assessment immediately

>> No.39648469

Phrase "literally schizoid" detected.
Further insistence of the existence of multiple shitposters detected.
Content style match for shitposts detected.

100% objective proof of multiple shitposters: Not detected.

>> No.39648477


Pictures mean jack shit niggertits, that's the oldest trick in the shitposting book

>> No.39648516

literally every single player hates science i dont see how hard it is to believe that multiple people post about what they think

>> No.39648522


>> No.39648534

>literally every single player hates science

>> No.39648542

prove you're not samefagging rn

>> No.39648555

>calls samefag on two posts that are less than a minute apart

>> No.39648562


>look mom I did it again

Cellphones exist and shitposters often use them as secondary IPs, you're better off taking pictures of your dick and posting them

>> No.39648568

Guys no, only flamewars and injustice come from this.

>> No.39648591

+1 Like

>> No.39648623

I'm not very good at at Science so I don't touch it, but I still like having it around. The upgrades to whatever machines I use in the round are nice.

>> No.39648671

>you're better off taking pictures of your dick and posting them
I'd rather not but I'm flattered that you wanna see that

>> No.39648672

This Anon gets it. Medical especially benefits from upgrades, especially for the cloner. I say keep it, but more ways to access their autism-fort is nice.

>> No.39648678

shut up emiko

>> No.39648694

Why more ways to access it?

>> No.39648696

Proto-kinetic accelerator accelerating you backward in space when?

>> No.39648763

Throw does have recoil momentum, tis weird that kinetic projectile weapons do not, I agree.

>> No.39648774

all of you, stop your shitposting

astv, stop witchhunting for a single scapegoat
it's not unheard of multiple people having the same retarded opinion
and shitposting in the thread isn't a bannable offense (disregarding widebeagle and all that)
and you, stop being salty about science
who gives a shit in the first place anyway?
'cause i don't
freemin, i think you are going overboard
science, sec, bridge and engi have a lot of high-risk items that don't require having a specific department access if you broke in (not in traitor sense, but in griff sense), so there should be some measure of adequate protection
cargo and medbay, however, don't have any, with the exception of possibly chemistry (because using cargo requires having access and there's literally no high-risk items in medbay aside from chemmaster)
so it makes sense for the former departments to have better protection than for the latter departments
as of now, science is less secure than cargo is, because using cargo console requires access while using rnd console doesn't
you may disregard my opinion at will, but, please, calm down with the science hateboner for a bit and think of what i said
but i enjoyed the scimaints door joke :^)
emiko admits that everyone hates science, though, including her, it's just that you're hating it for entirely wrong reasons, i.e. "it's too strong", which is dumb
i would know, cause i fucking hate science

>> No.39648780

A single department covered fully in r-walls with only one, now two entry points, complete with airlock on one, it makes it difficult for tators to cause fun. And tators causing fun is the only way most shit happens in a round (usually).

>> No.39648813

There's been a backdoor to space that's might vulnerable for as long as I can remember. Not to diminish the "fortress" quality of R&D as it was, but a spessuit is one of the uplink purchase options.

>> No.39648815

I didn't have anything to do with the maint door and i'm pretty sure that wasn't even the intended result

>> No.39648837

when you git gud

but seriously, people have done the math time and time again, a modern firearm, let alone a glorified air rifle (the proto-kinetic is basically a spring-powered vortex ring gun) isn't gonna move you significantly in space and a shouldered weapon is off-axis enough from your center of gravity that you'd torque more than move

also if the proto-kinetic does work like a spring air gun, the recoil of the piston moving forward is actually significant enough to make a forward recoil, and depending on the volume of air moving out to make the vortex ring, it might not so much recoil as just shake violently from competing forces. this is actually a real-life consideration when buying optics for air rifles, depending on the gun and how cheap the glass is, your scope could just shatter after a few shots where on a conventional rifle it'd last a lot longer

yet again someone is gonna respond to this with an earnest "git gud fag" or similar shitpost instead of anything about what I actually said

>and you, stop being salty about science
except I wasn't, I've never been particularly upset about science. he just has brain problems and needs a boogeyman

I've sometimes said that science encompasses things that should belong to other departments fluff-wise, but that's hardly being salty

>> No.39648863

>that spoiler
>posts "git gud" himself

>> No.39648876

The problem in multiple shitposters is the fact that the post styles (no punctuation, no caps, "literally schizoid") are consistent.

To say nothing of the post times screaming "samefag".

If there's multiple posters, the search must extend to identify this person and slap their shit just like Hipekans.

"Remove Science because they can ruin my fun by fixing all the things I wreck so other people can't have fun"
"I will validhunt all Scientists for existing"
are the reason juiceboxes need doling out.

If this person wants to bring actual, thought the fuck out criticisms against the Science jobs (i.e. How to make it less flowcharty), those criticisms will be considered, possibly written down for the planned Science overhaul.

Spewing baseless mad, mad about Science gets us nowhere.

>> No.39648954

extinguishers give you momentum and keeping a few emergency extinguishers on you is great for ghetto jetpacking around

you don't have as many uses as a max stack of tiles or bunches of cable, but it still works

I'm not sure on this but I also feel like extinguishers give you more momentum than throwing per blast/toss. I'm probably wrong on this one though, test it yourself

>not noticing a brief explanation of airgun recoil immediately following it with a "but seriously"
i guess jokes are beyond spessmens

the problem is that you're wrong and probably do have brain problems if you are so buttflustered about this scary boogeyman you've constructed that you seek to ban people from a video game server over anonymous posts on /tg/

and also that you are just wrong about who's who and who believes what

and ESPECIALLY that you are just wrong about who's who and who believes what

>> No.39648961

>Implying that has not been tried before
"No guys science will never ever get an update because it's bullshit overpowered and the code is so terrible no admin will ever touch it stay mad scifag."

>> No.39649001

>le "brain problems" deflection

I'll agree as far as anonymous posts not being worthy of a ban, but the constant bitching about and fabrication of opportunities to complain on R&D has really worn thin.
It may not be all the same person, but everyone doing so does need to stop.

>> No.39649017


Science isn't being updated because there's a complete overhaul on the way via Mezzo. This has been explained countless times already and unless something huge crops up there will be no changes to it.

>> No.39649031

I came here because "Ooh, Space Station 13! I remember playing this once or twice when people first discovered this crazy thing! I should try it out again!"

What the hell is with this shitposting?
What's even going on?

>> No.39649048


Space Station 13 has always been a hotbed for underage faggots with retarded opinions to throw tantrums. This is business as usual, nothing out of the ordinary.

>> No.39649116

Research was made with the idea of short rounds and scarce minerals in mind.
People are upset because everyone learned how to do science as quickly as possible because of short rounds.
With a server with long rounds, everyone who did science now can use their knowledge to do research quickly and get the OP items that were not meant to be gotten every round, AKA bags of holding that have huge inventory spaces, guns that never need a recharge, super cloning, etc.
This has lead to much anger within the community as this should make scientists very OP, but the last time that usually happened was last summer when a player abused the shit out of the system in order to get everyone to see that giving research a locker with about two full stacks of minerals at round start by default was retarded and over powered.
However this is how many of the older players and admins still view science, thus leading to much hate against people who do not deserve it.

>> No.39649142

Some anon or anons decided that the Science department needed to be removed and began posting (shittily) about it.
It eventually came to light that the reason at least one of these anons was so asspained about Science was the fact that they can repair the station.

"If I remove a department, I want it to stay removed. Science ruins that." is a choice, if paraphrased, quote.

tl;dr Anon(s) mad about Science's ability to undo their griefing.

Science is, as you may know, pretty fucking OP and in need of a redesign.

Which, as has been stated by Mezzo (one of the admins/coders) is a project that will happen eventually. It's a rather large undertaking.

>> No.39649155

>It may not be all the same person,

>but everyone doing so does need to stop.
Yeah here's the thing though, I don't bitch about R&D. This guy here is just apparently having an actual psychotic break and probably needs a juicebox himself.

A juicebox full of Atavan or Benzodiazepine or something.

>What's even going on?
The Mental Health Crisis In America Today

>> No.39649171


You've been caught redhanded bitching about science, don't try to backpedal and pretend you never had anything to do with this.

>> No.39649184

Same as it always has been, Toxins burns.

>> No.39649187

>>can you stop being an asshole?
>le ur fukt in da head m8 argument
Hey, hey, guess what.

Kill yourself :^)

>> No.39649246

>You've been caught redhanded bitching about science,
I haven't been talking shit about R&D for ages, and when I do, it's usually things like "manufacturing would make more sense for engineers" or "scientists need to fucking knock before cutting down walls into my workspace", not "I want to bomb everything 5ever and am too dumb to finish the job I started"

Or are you >>39648562 and still insisting that I'm posting from multiple devices at once or some dumb shit

>Kill yourself :^)
I'm not having a psychotic break rn so no thx m80

>> No.39649285


You do understand that the right way to convince everyone you aren't the shitter they're looking for would be to not call everyone who accuses you of it mentally ill, including the admins?

>> No.39649379

Telescience is the most scientific of the sciences, everything else is just mindless grinding

>> No.39649431


Nigger that is completely irrelevant to that old discussion, based on hard science doesn't mean "you have to actually use babby math" to do it

Telescience is one of the least scientifically hard parts of SS13

>> No.39649471

>> No.39649475

Well it requires a smidge of math to get it right. Which is honestly the most scientific part of science if someone is just following a flowchart to get their goodies.

>> No.39649517

You have no idea what he'stalking about do you

>> No.39649546

>implying you have to do calibrations to land anything within 10 tiles of its target
no its actually pretty easy if you just guess too

>> No.39649858

>You do understand that the right way to convince everyone you aren't the shitter they're looking for would be to not call everyone who accuses you of it mentally ill, including the admins?
I tried photo evidence twice and it didn't work. This isn't the first time, either.

Actual proof isn't good enough; what am I supposed to do about that? What is the right way, then? I've said I don't mind R&D. I've provided evidence of what posts are mine or not mine. There's nothing to the contrary other than blind accusations. What's left?

is it "git gud" as usual?

>> No.39649920

Stop posting

Or, y'know, keep the discussion at least somewhat civil (this is the internet after all). I don't actually know what your point is, so knowing that would help the discussion instead of resorting to shit flinging.

>> No.39649922

Like, you are less likely to fuck up than a Mek Boy with a Tellyporta?

>> No.39649946


That's true, but at the same time, throwing a piece of paper with one hand won't move you in real life either.

>> No.39649979 [DELETED] 

both of you, stop being so goddamn salty and start acting like mature people you are
and don't make any kindergarten excuses like "but he started it!" or "he's dumb and wrong and i'm right and smart" or "he doesn't want to listen to me!"
without insults
or insinuations
or things that can be misinterpreted
jesus christ, the only thing i can't deal with - when others get assblasted at each other for no fucking reason
respect your dialogue partner, goddammit

>is it "git gud" as usual?
no, it's "don't get mad at others even if they are mad at you"
if you talk calmly, without agressive or holier-than-thou attitude from the very start to the person arguing with or insulting you, no matter what they say to you, they will eventually calm down
be the mature one, for fuck's sake, even and especially if your discussion opponent isn't, because that will make him act mature too
and don't make any kindergarten excuses like "but he started it!" or "he's dumb and wrong and i'm right and smart" or "he doesn't want to listen to me!"
without insults
or insinuations
or things that can be misinterpreted
jesus christ, the only thing i can't deal with - when others get assblasted at each other for no fucking reason
respect your dialogue partner, goddammit, even if he doesn't

>> No.39650025

>is it "git gud" as usual?
no, it's "don't get mad at others even if they are mad at you"
if you talk calmly, without aggressive or holier-than-thou attitude from the very start to the person arguing with or insulting you, no matter what they say to you, they will eventually calm down
be the mature one, for fuck's sake, even and especially if your discussion opponent isn't, because that will make him act mature too
and don't make any kindergarten excuses like "but he started it!" or "he's dumb and wrong and i'm right and smart" or "he doesn't want to listen to me!"
without insults
or insinuations
or things that can be misinterpreted
jesus christ, the only thing i can't deal with - when others get assblasted at each other for no fucking reason
respect your dialogue partner, goddammit, even if he doesn't

>> No.39650069


Guys, quit with the witch-hunting, whoever >>39649246 is, it clearly isn't the science-hating shitposter. They can compose their thoughts, know how to capitalize their letters and punctuate, and are clearly stating they're not even that opposed to science.

>> No.39650104


Thank you.

>> No.39650140


Mezzo you are just too naive

>> No.39650364

This is all sorts of disappointing in a sense
I just wanted to weld niggas into lockers and hurl them into space as a microcosm of society dissolved around me.

>> No.39650387


That is a great thing to do but people are gonna get pissy about it

>> No.39650515

I think "I'm gonna ban you under the whitebeagle clause because I'm mad about anonymous posts" is valid reason to be upset, ESPECIALLY when I prove twice over that he's wrong about who made what posts AND have done it the same thing in other threads before.

Why he's got this weird hate-boner for me over complaints about R&D is beyond me, and it's getting fucking tiresome. Even moreso since when I do bother to articulate complaints or even casual fucking explanations, I get shit on and no one actually addresses any of the points and just shitposts garbage instead because of it.

I could say that the space accordion is missing a sprite and I'm sure the response would be along the lines of >>39648397

>I don't actually know what your point is, so knowing that would help the discussion instead of resorting to shit flinging.

It's that >>39648130 is wrong. >>39647782
>47 is not me. Stop assuming it's me whenever anyone grumbles. Maybe respond to anything I say in a civil way instead of jumping to "qq more enjoy ur juicebox"

>> No.39650549

Just stopping by to say this thread is full of /tg/'s biggest autists and cry babies. I was interested in trying this game til I read half of this thread.

You guys are the fucking worst. That's saying a lot for /tg/.

>> No.39650575


Try /vg/'s general for SS13, and don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you.

>> No.39650576

Yeah, it gets pretty /drama/ in here sometimes, though only really on the thread, the station is usually fine

>> No.39650616


Funny that the original shitposters have just gone quiet as you desperately struggle to convince the admins you aren't the shitposter.

>> No.39650670

because i only give a shit when people try to get fucking science buffed
none of this other crap concerns me

>> No.39650716


If you want to convince the admins of your position, show some balls and give them your ckey so they at least know you actually play on this server and aren't just shitposting in the thread for the sake of it.

>> No.39650800

Yeah, just don't do literally anything ever or else you're the source of everyone's problems forever.

>> No.39650862

Cut back on the salt m80, you're giving me high blood pressure.

>> No.39651165

Mineable salt when?

>> No.39651226

>buffing R&D

>> No.39651671

Okay so the minerals in the station's asteroid are way too abundant

It's like walking into a candy shop with aisles full of delicious shit

Even the ship graveyard's most mineral-abundant areas are nothing compared to just five steps outside the cargo airlock, it borders on the ridiculous

>> No.39651932

Can we buff robotics? Who cares about R&D, I want more flavors of mech to build, and probably have stronger mechs that a Ion weapon wont slag in 4 fucking hits

>> No.39651984

I could understand wanting more variety (even though there's already a fair amount) but
>and probably have stronger mechs that a Ion weapon wont slag in 4 fucking hits
ion guns are supposed to be hard counters to mech shittlery, thats a lot to ask

>> No.39652007


>> No.39652008

That's why I removed the Asteroid in Z1 in the first place.

If people want mining without risk, that's the entire reason I made the whole inner quarter (inner third now, since Gordon's removal of the wall also removes 5,000 tiles of usable space in the Ship Graveyard) free of danger, barring a lone carp wandering in.

>> No.39652053

>deep fry a lantern that's on
>the light its projecting in its icon is also fried

>> No.39652142

>fried light

So, what, 30% less fat?

>> No.39653018

well today has been interesting
>up all night messing around with spaghetti and real life work
>8 am rolls around and I get contacted by a ukrainian business man who's wanted to talk to me about another spaceman game with humour similar to ss13 but is a single player rts closer to dwarf fortress
>talk for four hours with him about the project and pass out while hes gathering the rest of his team to do a demonstration for me
>wake up to this thread with astv threatening bans to boogymens
>apparently I missed an r-wall in science

>> No.39653228

What was their reaction to you passing out?

>> No.39653279

they were pretty cool with it and we're going to just do the meeting tomorrow or something
they're a bunch of indie guys so they probably have a good idea what it's like to pass out at a desk for no good reason

>> No.39653607

>wake up to this thread with astv threatening bans to boogymens
ahahahahaahahahahahah holy shit its real

>getting mad enough at random anons to ban random ckeys

>> No.39653694



>> No.39653701

by god, what happened to astv and freeman yesterday that made them so retarded

>> No.39653717

>he did it on the vnc
>in addition to the server
I'm removing the vnc one because seriously what the fuck

>> No.39653872


>> No.39654050

The VNC one was purely for lels.

I've got more proof he's at least one of the shitposters than of him NOT being one of them, hence the carton of juiceboxes.

>> No.39654062

Factual: Epicenter radius: 6. Outer radius: 12. Shockwave radius: 25.

I'm proud of that bomb

Apparently, it was so good, it crashed the server

>> No.39654069

evidence not submitted is not evidence, friend
would you like to prove this to your fellow admins or just assume you're better than them

>> No.39654082

Too bad. I just got Immortalis, I wanted to find out what all the nonsense with the Syndie items and the deep fried guns in the bar was about.

>> No.39654116

Server's back up.

>> No.39654157


Well... he is better than them, it's his server.

>> No.39654255

that isn't how it works

>> No.39654380


nernums help everyone's suffering a psychotic breakdown and think that several people are one person because they can't handle the truth

they're all l i t e r a l l y s c h i z o i d

>> No.39654390

That's an awful reason.

Point 1:
One of the shitposters tended to post shit shortly after something in-game upset player HipEkans and said player voiced their upset in deadchat.
The most recent example of this was Freeman and Emiko's Cold War up near the Bridge. This was all well and good (harmless [for d20]) until Slare announced that the "Barmory" was now open. East and West reconciled their differences because this newfangled Barmory was going to run them out of business and a raid was attempted.
The raid resulted in multiple casualties and the deaths of both the Russians and the Americans.

Freeman then repaired the hull breaches with adminbus, healed the non-bus players, and spawned the defeated attackers in Gygaxes for a final raid.

After the Gygaxes won handily, they were deleted, the breaches repaired, and the dead non-bus players, again, rezzed.

Not before HipEkans bitched bitterly in deadchat, though I can't really blame him for that.

Shitposting after everyone got rezzed and the damage repaired, however, was bad form.

Other examples exist, though this is the most recent in memory.

Point 2:
The shitposts share consistent style:
*A lack of capitalization
*A lack of punctuation
*"Literally schizoid"
*Stating that detractors have mental health issues

So, before I suspected HipEkans, I decided to crawl the server logs for a player or players with a consistent style (lack of caps, punctualization, common phrasing, etc). I found, after some time, that not only did HipEkans voice a decidedly negative view of Science, scientists, and Emiko the player in deadchat, but, when he was upset by in-game events, his posts in deadchat mirrored the style of the shitposts in the thread (again, no caps, no punctuation).

Accusing HipEkans today was another piece of this shitty puzzle, in which the possibility arose that multiple shitposters exist.

This does not, however, prove HipEkans innocent.

>> No.39654455

stop this

>> No.39654478

>I've got more proof he's at least one of the shitposters
such as? I already posted >>39648522 and >>39648441 plus mezzo agrees that we're clearly different people and at least one other person at least feels that you're witchhunting.

All you have is >>39648876 which is conjecture based on post times, flawed memory and seeing patterns where there are none. Even your lynchpin, my "literally schizoid" catchphrase, was ABSENT from the post that sent you into this tizzy, and I only used it in response you being fucking wrong about who posted what in the first place and actually exhibiting yet more of that boogeyman delusion behaviour.

And by the way, the only reason I keep calling you that is because you really do behave in that way. You remind me a lot of longtime alcoholics I've known who have similar attitudes -- refusing to see evidence, unreasonable steadfastness in beliefs, and assumptions that all the wrong in some area of your life is coming from a single person. Think about this, dude. You, right now, are acting the same as a person in my life who was literally broken-brained due to alcohol abuse and a family history of mental illness.

Why you've picked me of all people is beyond me, especially when I don't much mind R&D and complaints against R&D are what's triggering you so bad. If you're gonna hate me for unreasonable attitudes towards a department of a space station in a top-down RPG/whodunnit video game, at least get who I am and what I believe right. And if you're gonna try profiling or impersonating me, try to get a handle on my language before assuming it's just about skipping out on the shift key

>well, I think it's him, because fyad posting
uh huh

>Not before HipEkans bitched bitterly in deadchat, though I can't really blame him for that.
So you're gonna hold a grudge for a badly handled event from like a week ago or some shit? Have you been fuming that long over THAT?

>> No.39654506

CSI: Meme

>> No.39654536

Come on numnums, don't you love turning the thread into a giant shitflinging argument that only serves to drive new people away from the server and reduce our reputation as a whole? I really love the part where the admins are getting in on the action instead of trying to prevent it

>> No.39654540

>I can't really blame him for that
>I can't really blame him
>I can't blame him

Since we've agreed to shitpost, l2read :^)

>> No.39654600

For starters, accusing others of having dain bramage is par for the course on this site.

You sperg.

>> No.39654707


I already warned you that the only way to not get in more trouble than you're already in is to shut up.

>> No.39654731


No astv is actually right this time, both you and Mezzo need to stop undermining him in public.

>> No.39654755

You're mixing situations, here. Widebangle's ban was justified because he's easily identifiable for actually valid reasons.

If anyone else had a beef, all they'd have to do is not capitalize and call astv a schizoid to remove any chance of being banned.

>> No.39654844

it doesnt matter if hes right or not
it's pretty obvious hipekans is a shitposter
witchhunting is a massive waste of time and just looks bad on everyone else

>the worst shitposts are at times where only hipekans is on and no other memers
>they don't show up when hes not around

I don't really even like the guy that much and wrote him off as a shitlorde the very first time he signed up with the name 'Father RELAXXXE' like 8 months ago or some shit, and hell getting rid of all the ebic meemers is probably healthier for the community in the long run but he's been apparently well behaved since slare got banned regardless.

I'm against two things on principle, witchhunts, and whining.

>> No.39654877

First off, it's clearly got him upset if he's bringing it up as if it's some kind of High Shittlery. That it's the most recent I've played is an outright lie, I logged on as Chaplain just this morning and have been playing in the wee hours a bunch lately because of a fucked up schedule.

>Shitposting after everyone got rezzed and the damage repaired, however, was bad form.
my first response is "prove it", less because I question that I was mad (because I do remember that round and it was pretty shit) and more because this was like a week ago and I question what was said, but more importantly, BY WHO? Really? "By fuckin' who", I gotta ask.

>I decided to crawl the server logs for a player or players with a consistent style
not only crazy behavior in itself and would be inconclusive unless you're actually some kind of forensic lexicographer, but it doesn't change what the board software reported in >>39648522 and >>39648441

>(lack of caps, punctualization, common phrasing, etc).
an EXTREMELY common writing style on the internet thanks to it leaking out into the rest of the internet from FYAD, already originating as a style to specifically show low-effort in a post in an otherwise moderately effort-y setting.

I know it's challenging to think further than "no capitals, id muss b dat guy" but I implore you to try.

we goon now

>> No.39654947


You're being antagonistic toward astv which isn't going to win you any favor from him or the other admins

I suggest you stop while you're ahead

>> No.39654958

>he's been apparently well behaved since slare got banned regardless.
tbh I'm a pretty responsive/reactionary player

if I log on and get pacid sprayed on my way off the arrivals shuttle 3 rounds in a row, I'm not gonna be playing nice or being helpful

a lot of people have toned it down as of late, so I have no reason to start shit either these days. I don't do shit just to do it

my sleep schedule has also led me to play a lot in the wee hours so there's not much reason to be a shitter with such low playercounts and consistently friendly people

you'll notice I get a lot more irate around the weekend when the playercounts rise, dorf happens, and the game starts being genuinely frustrating and full of non-antags intentionally impeding things.

All I'm asking for is proof of what he's saying. I'm not saying "The thing I did wasn't wrong", I'm saying "I didn't do the thing."

>> No.39654982


You should talk to astv about it on Skype, calling him out in the thread is even worse because it makes it look like the admin team is a huge mess of disordered guys who aren't even on the same page


Any potential new players who can't handle a little shitposting aren't going to be happy with this server period, because it's not for softies

>> No.39655036

>calling him out in the thread is even worse because it makes it look like the admin team is a huge mess of disordered guys who aren't even on the same page

>> No.39655096

>Still mad about getting rightfully banned

>> No.39655131

>36 unique posters
>but this guy i'm replying to is surely the one we've been shitposting about!

>> No.39655169


>> No.39655193

>makes it look like the admin team is a huge mess of disordered guys
you mean like when he slams something like this entire situation down our throats to deal with as a surprise?
I was never contacted about this privately and neither was anyone else I am fairly certain of that

I do my best to keep people on the same page of things, but I can't say that it happens all around the circle given that are are indeed a huge mess of disordered guys from around the world, in different timezones, who have both different coding styles and playing styles.

It's no secret that we all butt heads constantly, hell even mezzo butts heads with people.

fact of the matter is, if one person makes a bold move without telling anyone else, he's representing the rest of us, and none of us want to be represented by things we do not agree with and never had a say in

>> No.39655284


Alright, alright. I guess it's time.

I should have known this day was coming, if I insisted on sticking around.


Me for Admin, 2015


>> No.39655356

>banning the LE R&D IS OP idiot
How is this in any way "bold"?

>> No.39655387

because of the basic notion of anonymity opening up the obvious possibility of banning the wrong person?

don't know what's so hard to understand here

>> No.39655417

>don't know what's so hard to understand here
Why you refuse to capitalize, for one.

>> No.39655429

i bet if nernums took off his trip you'd never know the difference

>> No.39655538

Nernums doesn't incessantly complain about R&D.

>> No.39655548

He'd have to stop posting smug anime images too.

>> No.39655587

>this entire thread
I look forward to the redesign that mining will go through, following Freeman's impetuous redesign today.

>> No.39655599

>He actually thinks such a general typing style proves anyone to be anyone else

>> No.39655612



>> No.39655632

>He thinks it's at all hard to tell people apart by typing style

>> No.39655865

reminder that nobody mined because mining was shitty when you removed that without telling anyone
>removed 5000 tiles of usable space
don't even

if you want to change the mineral deposits from high chance to regular chance go ahead, because this is what the asteroid was like revision 350

>littering the ship graveyard with ion weapons and deaglels
I can understand wanting to give people loot but that's just over the top
I didn't have anything to do with banning boogeyman ckeys
he has a point
spawning in three gygaxes and a dark gygax after getting pooped on and literally just flattening everyone with them was shitty to some degree
astv owns the box but as shown by the april fools day build of the server nernums owns the code
if one doesn't have the other the server wouldn't be anywhere
>banning someone perma for shitposts
>could have possibly banned the wrong guy
>banning him even after he's calmed down
>banning him without telling anyone else
permabanning someone for OOC bullshit is bound to cause turmoil. source: I banned widebeagle with only telling nernums

>> No.39655903

It is when something half the people on this thread are guilty of is your only descriptor.

Guessing and pretending you're right is the problem here.

>> No.39655946

i was more talking about the whole removing any and all reward from a dungeon run for shiggles when i included you in that post

>> No.39655952

>by god, what happened to astv and freeman yesterday that made them so retarded
I think the more important question is "what happened yesterday?".

>> No.39655997

the ion weapons were fine but I agree with replacing the deagles, the whole incident is being handled though, I'll message you on steam to explain

I wouldn't word it as 'own' the code but more that I control the svn. I get your meaning but the wording is important lest we get swarmed by /g/oofy /g/oobers

>> No.39656034

>It is when something half the people on this thread are guilty of is your only descriptor.
Dishonesty will get you nowhere. Posting styles are really distinct, especially when you know how the players act in-game.

Wait, I thought you actually owned it, like had rights to it, or at least the vast majority of it?

>> No.39656039

putting literal adminbus mechs into the vault under the guise of it being almost impossible to get to them is terrible

>> No.39656136

there was a chart freeman made a bit ago of the svn and my contributions came in at over double what anyone else had, or something like that, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to claim the entire thing belongs to me. I've put in countless hours to it, but if everyone elses were totalled together against my own then it would be much harder to make a claim that it is mine alone

the vault was never a good idea ever

people haven't even explored the rest of the ship graveyard because they know the vault is in the top left corner.

>> No.39656174

Well, they wouldn't be adminbus mechs if you didn't make them be adminbus only.

>> No.39656193

>This thread
Stop banning people when they haven't actually violated any server rules. Shitposting here isn't anything new and even some of us are guilty of it. Just ignore them.

>replacing vault reward with scrap of paper 'at least you tried'
>using broken/incorrect wall textures and plating
>setting up the disposals system for mining to be useless
>removing supplies from mining for no particular reason
>replacing ion pistol with m1 garand (what the fuck?)
>deagles are better then m1s!

If you want the vault and other things gone, delete them, don't just gut things "because you don't like them." This was a rage-fueled change purely because you don't like mining and it's evidence by the terrible and slapshod job you did putting it together.

>without telling anyone
Also not true.

None of these are legitimate points except for over-the-top loot.

>> No.39656201

>spawning in three gygaxes and a dark gygax after getting pooped on and literally just flattening everyone with them was shitty to some degree
Then again, who started it all and then shitposted in the thread for days on top of it?

>> No.39656375

They're adminbus mechs because they're overpowered as fuck and never should have been added to the game.

neither should normal mechs

>> No.39656450

>"neither should normal mechs"
>an admin is saying that science is OP

Pack it in, boys, the dream is over.

>> No.39656456

Y'know you could post whatever you're going by that ISN'T "lol lowercase!!!" if you're so sure it's accurate instead of going around calling people liars for disagreeing with your shit argument.

>> No.39656483

I would be a bit miffed too if I beat up a bunch of people and then every time they just come back stronger and flatten you
then they would just be grossly retardedly overpowered mechas that have no reason to be regularly attainable
>the vault ever being a thing that should have been in in the first place
I was going to put a standard centcom ID in there but then I just thought nevermind
>incorrect wall textures/platings
looked right to me in dream maker, oops guess they're shitty. I'll fix it up in a bit.
>put m1's there
implulsve, I shouldn't have, it felt weird just getting rid of things without putting anything in place
>disposal system
had no reason to really be there pulling crates in is easy enough anyways
for reference they're a 7 round mag of 75 damage each and a M1 is an 8 round mag of 40 damage each, the M1 is at least balanced in normal gameplay and people have been wanting a way to get them
>gut things because I don't like them
I gutted them because they were fucking terrible. Having an entire zlevel cordoned off in space is completely silly. Having an area with tons of loot just to compel people to explore it is silly because people do more looting and powergaming than exploring.

>> No.39656486

>science is op
Yes, so long as they have a box that gives them free minerals at the beginning of the round. To keep science balanced you need to force a requirement that miners have to mine for them to do anything really spectacular - make mechs, make telescience, make super op guns, etc, etc.

Is anyone really surprised this is coming from someone who repeatedly and insistently said that the mineral box needed to be deleted?

>> No.39656513

>don't gut them
>delete them
I did say that. There's also no way for people to reload deagles short of adminbus, so those 7 shots are all you get (unless I'm mistaken and you can't get the ammo for m1s either)

>> No.39656527

i'm almost positive astv added .50 AE to the ammolathe.

pretty sure I neglected a way to get more 30-06 or enblocs

>> No.39656559


>> No.39656659

Why not? Guns are cool.

>> No.39656682

until the rangequeen ammo has some sort of downside it's over powered as fuck

>> No.39656747

>rangequeen ammo having downsides other than cost per round
>you don't have to buy the ammo, you have a machine that can magically transmuate iron into lead and brass

Maybe just add stuff like 9mm AP and the exotic shotgun ammo to the ammolathe to balance out stuff like .50 AE?

12.7x108mm, FN 5.7 and 4.73×33mm Caseless when

>> No.39656777

The evidence is there.

>> No.39656786

i'd think rangequeen ammo would be less accurate than smaller calibers. the deaglel is firstly a rangequeen and secondly an execution pistol

I was thinking about adding different loads for the same calibers like 7N1 loads for 7.62x54R that give increased accuracy.

>> No.39656895

>i'd think rangequeen ammo would be less accurate than smaller calibers.
you'd think wrong, .50 AE would be heavier and thus have a more predictable trajectory, being less affected by varying air resistance over range or outright wind or whatever.

ofc in SS13, every gun is as accurate as it gets (barring shotshells but A) who doesnt wax them and B) scattergat behaviour is intended) and realistically, the engagement ranges are so short that the only reason to ever miss a shot is user error

>> No.39656981

>I would be a bit miffed too if I beat up a bunch of people and then every time they just come back stronger and flatten you
You've gone soft.

We don't need players like that who can't handle the banter here.

>> No.39657034

its one thing if it's legit
it's another if it's adminshittery

>> No.39657065

Encouraging softies just gets us /vg/ shitters who just sit around RPing with eachother. Maybe if they were serious about playing, they'd have done something other than stand around getting robusted in their autism store.

>> No.39657115

I do plan on making weapons that are burst fire less accurate as they fire, so you will in the future see some changes that way, not the near future, but the future

there are a lot of things planned out, but that is some time off

>/vg/ shitters who just sit around RPing with eachother.
uh what
nigger _what_

>> No.39657224

>nigger _what_
You know the type. They come by, get robusted by a mech or a guy with a laser cannon or something, cry about it in the thread and are (thankfully) never heard from again.

The problem, though, is there's an infinite supply of these people.

>> No.39657444

you do realize how grossly overpowered a mech is, let alone four of them on the same team

>> No.39657480

we are on /tg/
the roleplaying board of 4chan
if you truly believe that people should not be roleplaying in this game then you need to go back to /vg/ where you belong.

This server was made last year to relive the glory days of ss13 where it was all half serious roleplay with shenanigans involved. Not call of duty gitgud simulator 2015.

Just because we make improvements to combat doesn't mean it's a battle game, it's a simulation game with roleplaying being a major factor, and most people will roleplay their jobs just fine, but there are others that will act just the same as every one of their characters no matter the role.
there are a lot of fa/tg/uys out there that just can't roleplay for shit so I try to not call them out on it, but they at least understand the basic concepts

it's pretty clear that we've breached the point of people saying shit ironically, pretending to be idiots, and idiots believing they are in good company, to the point there are nearly only idiots left.

>> No.39657752


You what?
In what way are mechs powerful?

Please fucking explain, so I can see why those giant wastes of metal are worth building.

>> No.39657797

their offensive capabilities are incredibly noteworthy, and the only effective way of dealing with them is destroying them in a firefight.

they get attacked quite quickly because of it.

AC2 is my mech weapon of choice but nobody ever uses it for some reason.

>> No.39657851

Why do people insist that the supermatter is better than the singularity

>> No.39657880

>every brute weapon is taser-tier hitstun
>40 burn lasers for next to nothing
>energy relay makes the destruction indefinite
>ability to get fuck you armor that bounces everything but the most powerful shit off for nothing
>science building mechs usually means they control where the ion weaponry is, meaning you can't really be prepared for a fight without knowing beforehand and having enough time to get other sources of emp
>some of them have melee attacks to take advantage of the free stuns
>phazon in particular can do OVER 70 DAMAGE A PUNCH with toxin punch mode, resigning you to guaranteed death in three punches
>you can only get a fair fight with the person inside the mech if you manage to take it out only with weapons that regen/don't have ammo, without taking damage

>> No.39657916

>I've been the victim of an effective mech rampage or effectively used a mech

>> No.39658060

I've never been a victim, I've never seen a mech go on a rampage before.

I've watched plenty of mechs try to kill people though, but because magic, every single person happened to have an ion weapon, and that mech stopped existing, and the pilot got to visit space while naked.

>> No.39658382

I meant to say "never" but
the point still stands that those people don't know how to rush with a mech
so much as having a mech on the station makes people look for ion weapons, you roll it out and immeidately murder anyone you see

>> No.39658903

>you do realize how grossly overpowered a mech is, let alone four of them on the same team
Not very.
>What are ion weapons
>What are EMPs
>What is having a team yourself
five seconds with a screwdriver and multitool gets you into the armoury, and an extra five gets you more uranium than you can drink for EMPs without even mining.

But hey, nerf science lol ebin meme brah mad valid

Anyone serious about roleplaying on tabletops should know how to fight too. Or are you one of those people who lets dolts who take intentionally gimped builds to the table and then tolerate their crying about how they never get to accomplish anything?

>> No.39658932

>implying science has uranium anymore

>> No.39658949

There's other sources of uranium, friend :^)

>> No.39658991

I'm the one who takes an intentionally gimped build to the table and leads the party through everything like a man bub

>> No.39658994

>take ion weapons before hand
>emps are difficult to produce in meaningful amounts
the only place that can reliably get more ion weapons is science

>> No.39659065

>still complaining that only science can do anything
A couple start in the armoury, and there's always EMPs. You van even rig them to be voice-activated and implant them in your own chest if you're not good enough to be quicker on the draw than your attacker. Or even set them on proxy triggers next to actual grenades and reset your traps whenever a fly buzzes into your web.

>I'm the one who takes an intentionally gimped build to the table and leads the party through everything like a man bub
OK, so you know how to fight. Why shouldn't others?

>> No.39659101

I never said others shouldnt

>> No.39659161

emps aren't nearly as effective as an ion weapon is
they'll fuck up the charge on the mech and that's about it, which is easily replaced by an energy relay

>> No.39659189

Except you're yelling at me for saying players should learn how to play instead of shitposting endlessly about getting owned by mechs instead of adapting to changing situations like grown-ass men.

>> No.39659245


Wow you're a weeping little cunt aren't you?

>> No.39659246

re-read what I said

it's a light roleplay server on a roleplay board, not a no roleplay server

>> No.39659286

Says the person whining about getting owned by mechs. I'm not the one weeping about mechs being adminbus tier OP.

Since when are roleplaying and knowing how to play the damn game mutually exclusive?

>> No.39659311


You're literally complaining about people complaining about mechs and telling them to get off the server because they don't belong, how do you not understand you have become the very thing you despise so much?

>> No.39659321

you really are just trying to force words into peoples mouths
are you trying to troll or what

>> No.39659458

>how do you not understand you have become the very thing you despise so much?
>the very thing you despise so much
What thing?
A shitter who can't handle some bits of metal?

>> No.39659472


You can't be this oblivious.

>> No.39659529


Like mining.

What other sources are there, carrot nose?

>> No.39659561

>What other sources are there, carrot nose?
Are you serious? Try actually playing the game before talking shit. There's ways.

Next you'll be telling me that it's hard to get a hold of large beakers.

>> No.39659588

>mining mineral = thing made from glass
shitposter-kun pls

>> No.39659631

Well I guess it was just a matter of time before this server that was supposed to be about fun and a departure from the drama and ridiculous capricious moderation of regular /tg/station would end up becoming as bad, if not worse.

Congrats. Your server is now just more shit clogging up the SS13 toilet.

>> No.39659669


>> No.39659671


Yes, shitters always find a way to ruin what little left that is good about SS13.

>> No.39659718

On the plus side, it's managed to avoid becoming a perverse ERP brothel that /tg/station is.

I can't remember the last time I heard 'Woody Got Wood' during a game here.

>> No.39659749

don't just drop the subject to blame everything on the admins, tell me where the free uranium is

>> No.39659804

Here's a tutorial.


>> No.39659821

Glowberries contain uranium, synthesized using space magic.

>> No.39659868

what's so alluring about shitposting, anyway? it feels like a waste of time, and not even a good one

oh neat, didn't know that before
that isn't exactly 5 seconds, though. you'd need a lot of time before you're able to robust a mech with just glowberries (without somatorays from science, too)
bonemeal-type item that ages plants when

>> No.39659916

there are plenty of slow release fertilizers available to you

this isn't fucking minecraft you nerd

although there should indeed be a way to grow plants faster, I can agree to that.
perhaps increasing their metabolism via hyperzine or something

>> No.39659992


You can solidify reagent gold and silver with 20u of gold or silver, 5u iron, and 5u frost oil, then can solidify uranium with 20u uranium, 5u radium, 5u frost oil.

You can get iron and radium from the chem dispenser.

Frost oil comes from Frost Chilis

Gold comes from Gold Apples.

Silver comes from... something.

Uranium comes from Goldberries.

Also, while not an item, I was planning on having an upgraded seed extractor "germinate" seeds stored in it, causing them to mature (once planted) at a faster rate, along with having otherwise increased stats (it would increase all stats but potency - you may not want that high- and yield).

>> No.39660042

wait, is there something that only does a positive change or what do you mean by "slow release" exactly

i know about mutagen and the normal vendor nutriments but those can be negative as well, pretty bad if you're on a time limit

>> No.39660262


>Silver comes from... something.


>> No.39660324

You know what we need?


Plant beehives in botany tubs. They grow bees. Harvest bees with a beaker. Mix them into grenades. Throw bee swarm grenades at assistants.

>> No.39660328

glowberries not gold berries silly
I don't think silver is in any of the plants right now though

silver-leaf and silverlace vines come to mind though if someone wanted to add them

>> No.39660409


I'm working on something with bees involved. Once that's done I plan on re-using what I have for bees elsewhere.

>> No.39660489


You're the best, Mezzo.

>> No.39662127

back in my day shitposting was about making people laugh and we called it funposting now all i see is buzzwords and angry nerds
im just gunna close my eyes and pretend how things are like they where before the fire nation attacked

>> No.39664350

That is exactly the problem.
Why can't fun things just be fun anymore?
Having the station start out orderly and then fall into a total shitshow as everyone was suspected of being a traitor was the dopest shit.

>> No.39664470

>Why can't fun things just be fun anymore?
Shitters who bitch and moan about Science/Mechs/Lube/Freeman/whatever else being OP.

How 'bout you post your ckey faggot to prove you actually play here and aren't just shitposting from /vg/?

>> No.39664476

>all this doomsaying
gorgrin, help me out with this one

i realize that this is probably just regular shitposting on your side, but one shit thread does not make the weather
if you want to have fun in-game, then do exactly that instead of bitching about it in the thread, so stop being a part of the problem
of course, people are gonna get pissed if you interfere with their particular notion of "fun" by enforcing your own, but, hey, what happens in the round stays in the round
and that's part of the charm anyway :^)
and things are exactly business as usual, by the way
remember the freemin drama?
the emiko drama?
first couple days of slare's shittery?
i'm not even talking about people like veyveyr or widebeagle
it's business as usual
now stop salting the thread and start playing

>> No.39664584


My thoughts exactly. The thread becomes a drama infested shithole every few months, server's still kept on ticking.

>> No.39664677

>server's still kept on ticking.
Only by banning shitters, sweeping away scrubs and constantly refining the playerbase.

>> No.39664732

>before the fire nation attacked
You mean before you got thrown a juice box?

>> No.39664743

i-i didn't get banned

>> No.39664781

see ive only ever been banned twice for very short periods of time for
1. respawn abusing so i could emp anthony who was augmented (5 hour ban)
2. telling gordon to fly to idaho so i could kick him in the dick (ten minute ban)

>> No.39664783

Post your ckey then.

>> No.39664790 [SPOILER] 

forgot da picture
i showed you mine now you show me yours bb

>> No.39664843

>I can use paint

>> No.39664854


>> No.39665219


>not recognizing lee just from his posting style

You dumb n'wah.

>> No.39665740

i am velard amakar, former /vg/ admin, current coder and shitposter, professional mommi harasser

ask questions about the new cult gamemode i'm working on for /vg/ and by proxy tg because you best believe remie is gonna port it as soon as it's ready
No, it's not going to replace the existing one. Yes, they will have a chance to exist on the station simultaneously and fight each other.

>> No.39665792

sorry this is d20 not teegee station

>> No.39665816

ask questions anyway nerds you're welcome to port it once i finish

>> No.39665851

filename related
here is a serious question why does your servers admins get shit on by the players

>> No.39665880

what is the endgame for them? is it similar to narsie?

>> No.39666075

because a lot of them are whiny bitches who don't play well with others. also our admins are kinda burnt out and don't always make the best decisions, but they're generally good at what they do and as such make unpopular decisions

instead of learning words newcult has to amass special resources and sacrifice brains

the ultimate power lets you build a vessel for Ratvar(the new god) and it takes time and resources to allow it to summon him from exile

upon activating the ark a 5 minute timer starts and half of everyone is given a rough estimate of where the summoning is taking place

narsie cultists will be given less vague info
much like a narsie summoning, ratvar is unstoppable and will proceed to wreak havoc everywhere

>> No.39666235

but cult is terribe and we wouldn't get enough players for it anyways and porting things is bad wrong
>sacrifice brains
how do you do this gameplay wise
>only giving half of everyone an idea
tell me that this has plans to inversely scale with non-cult players since having 20 people playing and 5 of them cultists meaning only 6-7 people getting an idea seems a bit silly.
champion of the ring lord singuloth would like to have a word with you

>> No.39666259

You are kind of distasteful.

>> No.39666310

>sacrifice brains
>how do you do this gameplay wise
free appendix removals in maint!

>> No.39666362

you have to erect a structure to put the brains in
you gotta cut the brain out yourself


singulo can't beat narnar on /vg/

sorta like that

>> No.39666416

seems like a long and risky process to get some brains into a jar. Would this structure be movable/deconstructable or is it just a one time use thing that disappears after used
>singularity can't beat narsie
how silly gravity beats all

>> No.39666933

another question
what is your server like and if you could compare it to another server what server would it be?

>> No.39667178

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