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Dorf Fort style.

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It's really more kinda sad and heartwarming than funny, really.

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Who has the Overpowered Cat from WoD and the Pysker from Hell stories?

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WoD cat

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>Some sub manages to keep the catan pieces balanced on her belly while some goth vampire kid strangles and cuts her.

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i think you mean good end.

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Sauce on that?

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There's a google option next to your post number, you know...

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As a non 40k player i wonder what that is

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I'm looking for a certain screencap that's a slash fix between Mike Mearls and a personified D&D 3.5. Any help would be appreciated.

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(Human) Sniper Guy and eldar chick are in love, which is a big no-no in 40k, Big guy is a Grey Knight, An order specialized in fighting demons and psykers (such as said chick).
Skull guy is anb Imperial assassin, specialized in being dropped into an area, hulking out and massacring anything in the vicinity.

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A sentinel and a dreadnought are walking together after a battle when the sentinel pilot says, Dude, open-topped? AV10? 2HP? This thing is a walking coffin!

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Guardsman Carlos!

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Does anyone have the wallpaper version of this one? I like it a lot and I know it's around somewhere.

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Here you go friend.

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I am Irish, and that is awesome.

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Let's see, I should have a few /tg/ threads...

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The Quantum Lich

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Crab VS Crane

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Date Ninja

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This Is How I NE Bard

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Feel My Amazing Brain

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Cockblocking Elves Is A Bad Idea, Pt. I

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You Have To Eat All The Eggs

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Does someone have those star waaagh greentext made some time ago?

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Technically /co/ But Works Just As Well For /tg/

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I'd do it.

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Dead Kids Can Still Be Funny

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Oh for the fuck's sake woman, just pay for a True Resurrection.

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World of Darkness Can Be Silly

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I'm assuming that within that campaign, that wasn't possible for whatever reason - perhaps the DM doesn't allow folk to come back from the dead without ludicrous effort.

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A Real Lincoln Quote I Swear

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Cats Are Serious Business In Real Life, Too

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The Baltic Fleet

(Or, "If misery could be harvested, Russia would be the world's breadbasket.")

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A Worldwide Punomenon

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You Don't Need Other Boards, Pt. I

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You Don't Need Other Boards, Pt. II

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>the meme that killed /tg/

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Cockblocking Elves Is A Bad Idea, Pt. II

And that's all for now, /tg/.

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You could have pulled the phone trick earlier.
Go to the toilet for a moment.
Set the alarm for like 15-20 minutes.
Pretend to have to leave.
Call the police anonymously.

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Man, I would kill to have an antagonist like that in one of my campaigns.

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Here ya go

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Got milk?

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God I remember when I still used that trip.

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They totally are!

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Time to D-d-d-duel

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Dumping what I have. I'm in a low mood, needed this thread.

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"Turn leg into wheat and guard temple" is a really good line tho.

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That doesn't matter to me at least, it was still an interesting and well told story

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This is how I racist bard

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That glorious DM...
Wish i could find a group like that.

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Kender are actually fairly good. Pay attention to their fluff, you will notice they value shiny rocks over things like the wizard's spellbook or a pouch of cash.
It's just kender players are like 2e thieves but more obvious about it.

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I just noticed the table fan and dramatic spotlight on the ground in panel 3. It made the whole thing funnier.

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>man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man
I can't believe I've never thought of this as a character concept, especially when my fetish is women pretending to be men pretending to be women.

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Oh God all I needed were the replies to know not to read it again

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Not really humorous. The dialogue smells of Fedora.

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I find it funny when imagining the crab as Iroh. But that's me.

Anyway, guess I'll post some more that I've archived over the years. Quantifying things is a pretty /tg/ thing to do, so...


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So did he post the recipe?

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The Complete Doc Aquatic Brand Percentile Random Adventure Table

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The Throne

(AKA, Be Careful What You Stat, DMs)

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The Guard and the Elf

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Sir Bearington

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Now thats some funny shit. Saved

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The Truth About Drow

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/Co/ Again, But Imagine A Campaign Setting Like This

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Heads Up

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Since the OP is my "drawing", have another one.

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A Dragon's Dilemma

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Troll The DM. Always.

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It's Funny Because I Work At A Pizza Shop

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Manlets, when will they learn?

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/TG/'s White Knights (The Good Kind)

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(this is my favorite one, ever)

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Micky Worked The Kinks Out Of the Spell

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DM Rule -1: Your Players Are Morons. No Exceptions.

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The Battle of Karansebes

(Probably didn't happen. But then again...)

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There Are Seriously People Like This In The World.

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Tolkien Writes 40K

(Not sure why I spoilered the last one...)

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Starring Scott Bakula

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Meanwhile in another thread >>39583722

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DM Rule -2: Punish Your Players For Their Moronic Behavior.

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Thank You, Citizen

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Don't see why anyone would want to homage that SJW garbage. You want to see the kind of faggots that wrote that shit, go check up on David Gerrold's facebook page. Fuckers were the forefront of the Cultural Marxist invasion of nerd culture.

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So Comfy

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The Saga of Jake Dagger

Le edge

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Even Speedwagon Is Afraid

Aaaand I'm out, of my funny ones, anyway.

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Is defending geek culture considered edgy around here? I shouldn't be supprised. Why I keep coming to cuckchan, I'll never know.

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...okay, before we begin this, let's make sure that we're not arguing over nothing and that we're on the same page.

You called Star Trek SJW garbage, yes?

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Not him, but that has nothing to do with "edgy" in the least.

You might as well have called him a fedora or a hipster.

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>fantasy peta

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Yes, because it is, and the creators have said it is. David Gerrold, the writer of the Trouble with Tribbles, flat out said that Star Trek is about social justice.

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Okay, but you understand that it is possible to have a show about social justice, without necessarily having a show being written by Social Justice Warriors, yes?

To me that term implies a certain amount of blind fanaticism that I just don't see in the Trek writers. Particularly not in the 60s, when there really WERE problems in America, notable ones.

Okay, so Trek definitely tries to shill for Marxism, no doubts there. But TOS definitely was written in a time where there were significant, say, racial troubles. Addressing those troubles can make the show a show about social justice, without necessarily meaning that it's a show about the blind fanaticism of SJWs.

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>Kender are actually fairly good
>Pay attention to their fluff

Ok, pic fucking related.

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source of this? i have seen it in a few comics now. I take it those are not the real subs?

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It's somehow news to you that a show with an intentionally diverse cast including a Russian at the height of the Cold War, that featured the first interracial kiss on tv, and that the creator has outright said was about a utopian future where racism and sexism no longer exist has egalitarian subtext?

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>Okay, so Trek definitely tries to shill for Marxism

Nope. There's no needs in Star Trek, so there's no need for any economic system.

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Anyone have the one where the GM of some L5R game basically transported the party into Samurai Jack?

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There's an episode where the Federation forgets it's not 1960s America and beats the shit out of some evil commie aliens.

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I do wonder if anyone has ever gone in the exact opposite direction with Kender's socialistic mindset, namely giving away the parties shit because they have no immediate use for it.

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David Gerrold is a SJW to this very day. Go look at his facebook page, his hatred of the Sad Puppies, and support of the cliche of Cultural Marxists rigging the Hugos.
Nah, that's real.
No, I just don't know why dumbasses like it.

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Beeeecause it's good? Look, it was the 60s, it was either that or Hogan's Heroes. And actually that's not true, it's not a mutually exclusive choice, you can watch both.

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I don't have a single fuck to give about the Hugos, it's been a shit award for a long time. I also don't give a fuck about gamergate, or any other online crusade of the week. It's a waste of what little free time I have.

If you stop caring about a bunch of NEETs yelling at each other you get to actually enjoy things like Star Trek without having their baggage projected on it. It's pretty fun, enjoying things.

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Sounds like a monk who takes his vow of poverty VERY seriously.

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That doesn't explain the interest of the younger generations though.
I do enjoy things, that's why I support GamerGate because it'll stop liberals from ruining the things I do enjoy.

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All of my what?
That's almost like my picture.

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Hero Yoshiko

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Well, keep on crusading. I'm sure bugging people on anonymous image boards is just the golden bullet needed to stop whatever megaconspiracy is plotting to do stuff you don't like because of reasons.

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I'm just trying to get new recruits, as well as understand the mind of those who chose to watch SJW junk.

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Probably one of the most well handled responses to such a stimuli i have seen on this board. Kudos to you anon.

>> No.39615155

I'm not one of them. Inserting myself into other people's conversations like a door to door god peddler isn't how I want to spend my time.

I'm off to pick up some take out. You keep spreading the good word.

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Reminds me of an idea for a Paladin I had way back when I started into the hobby; who forsakes all material wealth besides what is needed to support his Paladin'ing in exchange for being able to turn his sacred Rusty Longsword into a Divine Greatsword of Smiting Evil.

>I'm just trying to get new recruits
You will find little fodder here /pol/ite...

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Pay attention to the original fluff, not the 3e rubbish. For starters "oh you're a bigot if you hate kender" is kinda completely wrong. No-one really likes them, and a lot of people hate them.

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Oh, so someone who cares about nerd culture is automatically a /pol/ack? I'll have you know both GamerGate and Sad Puppies are highly liberal.

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That is not humor.

>> No.39615377

>I'll have you know both GamerGate and Sad Puppies are highly liberal.
I'm sorry, but Nerd Culture, always looking to a brighter tomorrow, is rather pro-progressive by default...

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>don't pay attention to 3e kender
>no one likes them anyway
Any time that I GM a world where there are more than just humans, it is assumed that there were once Kender.

And that there has been a glorious Kender genocide.

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Go read some of the Dragonlance books, kender are quite likable. Tas is cool.
On an unrelated note, would you a Kitiara?

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Reminded me of this.

>> No.39615679

>understand the mind of those who chose to watch SJW junk

Well, the person you're currently arguing with is almost exclusively on the board to post smut, if that helps.

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Would I what?

>> No.39615705

Not him, but Tas is fun as a character to see from the outside, I'd hate to have him in the party. What's a quirk or solitary incident would be repeated over and over in game.
At least in the original books, I never read all that shit with the Titan or whatever

And anyone who wouldn't with Kit deserves to be eaten by a dragon. And not even a cool dragon, like a copper or something.

>> No.39615762

Alternatively, perhaps the life of an immortal elf husbando has higher requirements. Especially one so long dead.

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>> No.39615798

>That doesn't explain the interest of the younger generations then
Because it's good. Younger generations can like good things too, you know.

>> No.39615892

would you a <noun> means would you sex a noun
He reminds me of 2e thieves, and given when Dragonlance was made, that makes sense.

>> No.39615894

Beeeeecause it's good. I said that already.

I don't even know what Gamergate is. It sounds overblown.


I don't know what Sad Puppies is, either. Unless it's meant to be taken literally, in which case, I am definitely against sad puppies. Puppies should be happy! They're puppies, what is there in life to be sad about?

That is awesome.


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That one post got up into the 400s in replies.

>> No.39615973

GamerGate is a consumer revolt against a cabal of cultural marxists trying to take over games journalism. Likewise, Sad Puppies is fighting against a cabal of SJWs who rigged the hugo awards to keep out military science fiction and other popular works.

>> No.39616000

If you're deluded enough to think we're not laughing with their spaghetti, you're the asshole here, Anon.

>> No.39616007

...okay...so does anyone want to tell me what Gamergate and Sad Puppies actually is?

>> No.39616062

No! Not muh gurm jurnilism! How will I know what games are great to excellent on an 8.5-10 scale?


I think the sad puppies thing has to do with rigging of the Hugos, a totally irrelevant award that the brave social warrior shitting up our humor thread probably didn't know existed prior to this event.

>> No.39616098

Sad Puppies was a group of WSF attendees who were annoyed with people voting as a political/SJ bloc when the Hugo awards were selected, so they formed their own bloc to counter it.

>> No.39616183

Here's some background on Sad Puppies
and here's some on GG

>> No.39616209

Shit like the scale is some of the corruption we want to do something about cacklad.
This guy has sad puppies down flat.

>> No.39616251


Gamergate is a movement attacking critical and intellectual approaches to gaming, as well as targeting indie devs, then trying to make them out as the assholes for being targeted.

Sad Puppies is about one guy being sad there were sci fi stories other than "wars in space" and that book sales figures weren't a deciding factor in literary quality so he got his friends together and made a big stinky fuss.

>> No.39616293

If book sales had nothing to do with it, than explain why pTerry never won a Hugo. They are attacking quality itself, just because he doesn't fit into their paradigm.

>> No.39616298

>Shit like the scale is some of the corruption we want to do something about cacklad.

That has nothing to do with da ebil SWJs and everything to do with so called games journalism being bought and paid for by game companies from the very beginning. This isn't unique to games journalism, it's a common problem with every magazine or website centered around luxury consumer items.

>> No.39616319

They're both SJWs and corrupt. Is it really that hard to understand? People like Jim Sterling are both crusading for censorship of games and in the pocket of game devs.

>> No.39616343

Terry Pratchett refused hugo noms. Saw financial success as a reward in itself. Give the awards to those it will help.

>> No.39616356


He wasn't nominated; the nominations were determined by the attendees of a convention, not the panel of judges who picked the winner.

You also say that like pTerry has received absolutely no recognition for his literary quality - which is simply not true. Around seven honorary doctorates and a literal knighthood in services to literature.

>> No.39616387

Citation fucking needed.
>You also say that like pTerry has received absolutely no recognition for his literary quality - which is simply not true. Around seven honorary doctorates and a literal knighthood in services to literature.
Exactly, which is proof that the Hugos are corrupt and ignore quality literature.

>> No.39616424

All the hate and bile is because of the SWJ shit flinging "culture war" bullshit. Don't even pretend you care about journalistic integrity. You people were no where until this little hot button crusade got you all fanny flustered.

>> No.39616427


So would someone who was in the pocket of game devs but NOT socially liberal be acceptable?

Gamergate claims to be apolitical but looking at it from the outside it sure seems to belong to certain political movements.

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>> No.39616462

Those are real subs.

>> No.39616466


From wikipedia:
>In 2005, Going Postal was shortlisted for the Hugo Award for Best Novel; however, Pratchett recused himself, stating that stress over the award would mar his enjoyment of Worldcon.[111][112]
Ansible by Dave Langford; published September 2005; retrieved March 16, 2014
The Hugo Nominees 2005, by Nicholas Whyte; at NicholasWhyte.info; published June 5, 2005

>> No.39616485

Wikipedia has already been proven to be corrupt based on their coverage of GamerGate. Try again.

>> No.39616492

Man, Pratchett was based. Going Postal was my first Discworld book, and it helped me get through a particularly rough period in my life.

>> No.39616505


Not that Sad Puppies is an echo chamber filling the internet with misinformation, but damn this simple fact is being made difficult to find because of how much they're spamming "Pratchett No Hugo! Pratchett No Hugo!" to try and use the beloved dead to further their own petty ends.

>> No.39616518



>> No.39616560

>• For those not in the know, there was further bogglement when nomination statistics revealed that Terry Pratchett would have been a novel finalist – pushing Iain Banks off the ballot – if he hadn't declined his nomination for Going Postal.

>The real surprise was that Terry Pratchett's Going Postal had received enough nominations to make the shortlist, but Pratchett withdrew it, explaining afterwards to disbelieving fans, "The reason was that I wanted to enjoy the Worldcon. It's not been a good 18 months, and I just know that the Japanese meal I had with friends that night did me more good than an evening of suspense!" So The Algebraist slipped in to take the vacant spot. The only other two known cases of authors withdrawing their novels from the Hugo novel shortlist were Robert Silverberg's The World Inside and James Tiptree Jr's Up The Walls Of The World. Two years ago, Ted Chiang withdrew "Liking What You See: A Documentary" from the Hugo novella shortlist because he felt it was not representative of his best work.

Your echo chamber lied to you.

>> No.39616611

So you expect me to believe more SJW garbage?

>> No.39616617


They disagree with me therefore they are wrong.


>> No.39616625


>> No.39616639

But Anon, you didn't label the sources as Social Justice Warrior Garbage, like >>39616611!

>> No.39616649


Okay, you're obviously either trolling or not the original poster.

>> No.39616671


I was smearing it across my walls in my own feces, like every good GGer.

>> No.39616675

What, because I don't drink the koolaid I'm a troll now? You seem to have us confused with the GNAA.

>> No.39616692

>Humor thread devolves into GapingGash shitflinging
Sometimes I wish /tg/ would change.

>> No.39616707


>> No.39616721

No, you're obviously someone who actually opposes the cause you claim to be a member of, and is setting himself up as a punching bag to rally opposition.

>> No.39616757


>> No.39616768

Oh, so I'm a false flag now? You can go suck tranny dick or whatever it is you sjews do on your days off.

>> No.39616773


>> No.39616808


Fine, I'll post screencaps instead of wondering whether he's pretending to be retarded. Happy now?

>> No.39616841

You guys invest way too much energy in this bullshit.

Now I'm going to post a funny gif that I saved thinking I'd use it to some great comedic effect someday, and that's never happened, and that bums me out.

>> No.39616857

That's not really funny...

>> No.39616929


No those are the real subs, as is the one about the guy who licks his poisoned knife (and immediately regrets it), double shit man, and the one about the hero loving boobs. They're all from The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon's Castle.

>> No.39616936

Our senses of humor might differ. I'll try again.

I'm avoid the 40K stuff because everyone's already seen all of them dozens of times.

>> No.39617080

And now for something completely awesome.

>> No.39617286

Why is this so amazing... I want this... all over my body. Everywhere. I LOVE IT

>> No.39617415


Underrated post.

>> No.39617433

Why is /tg/ a group of XVII century Polack aristocrats?

>> No.39617473

Are you saying we arent

>> No.39617476

You aren't? Bend over for the banhammer, kurwa.

>> No.39617497


>> No.39617514


And one elf.

>> No.39617578


Oh thank god, you're tolling.

>> No.39617580

Specifically THAT Elf...

>> No.39617877

Fuck you, I'm a polack and I can use that.

Never really thought that /tg/ is that drunk. I mean, I could actually agree that about 50% of posters are fat, people around here like to fancy themselves way more intellectual than they are and they live in perpetual fantasy land. Not to mention that /tg/ is rather jovial. So yeah. XVII century Polandball aristocracy.

>> No.39617927

>Gamergate is a movement attacking critical and intellectual approaches to gaming

Are you having a giggle mate? Sure, GG was a mass of shitflinging with a nice amount of shitty e-celbs mixed in. But the only "intellectual" or "critical" approaches they have attacked were shitty SJW approaches. Also, those indie developers WERE assholes, just regular assholes, not worthy flinging shit at.

>> No.39618061

Fuck yes. I am okay with this. It is settled. We Cossak now. Or winged Hussar, I care not.

>> No.39618078

I know how the meme works, I just don't know who Kitiara is.

>> No.39618120

Don't want to burst your bubble anon but you aim a bit too high. Hussars were absolute elite fighters. Not really trying to hype them, historically they were reserved for the best fighters and getting in took a lot of work. Most of aristocracy, during the "aristocratic democracy" days were perpetually drunk, angry, boisterous dummies. Sharing tall tales, occasionally beating the shit out of neighbors, but mostly partying all the time.

>> No.39618128

Are cossacks Polish? I thought they were some kinda Russian.

>> No.39618147

Caramon and Raistlin's sister from the Dragonlance books.

>image limit reached
She's the one holding the helmet:

>> No.39618187

They lived in the lands of current Ukraine. But some of those lands belonged to Poland in XVII century. And they often joined Polish army because they were valued soldiers. Also, their fashion and habits got quickly incorporated into polish, aristocratic culture. Painting we are talking about depicts both aristocracy and Cossacks.

>> No.39618193

Oh hey, looks like a hardcore adventuring mulatta.

I like.

>> No.39618206

Cossacks are predominantly in Ukraine and Southern Russia, but are in Poland as well. Our przyjaciel's picture is of polish Cossacks.

>> No.39618308

>One side
Come on bro. Not even a gooblegobber, but you can do better

>> No.39619197

I enjoyed this greatly.

>> No.39620571

I almost dropped out of the first paragraph, but I'm glad I stuck in.

>> No.39620902

Whining that the hollywood morality that film has been forced to accept through years of pretend outrage is not being pandered to by games, instead of playing the fucking games, is not an intellectual approach to gaming. Nor is it a critical approach that distinguishes itself from the constant moral panic that has been thrown at the industry since forever. Gaming had all of that before your favorite youtubing mouth breathers showed up and started demanding importance they don't merit.

>> No.39621935

>defending geek culture
Geek culture doesn't need defending.

>Why I keep coming to cuckchan, I'll never know
You could just leave, and never come back. In fact, you should.

>> No.39622239

No, no, actually it doesn't. It's very reminiscent of the character he was describing.

>> No.39622649

Long story short:

Basically people caught wind of the gaming press having personal relationships with individuals they were covering it (whether it be reviews, recommendations, etc.). Initial suspicions were incorrect but the in depth probing unearthed a google group that was basically discussing what narratives/games to push and what should be left alone. Turns out the lines between journalist and dev were kinda blurred beyond redemption. And when confronted with this or their misrepresentations of narratives/games - rather than shrug it off or ignore it (like big publishers such as Nintendo Power which is obviously just marketing), they chose to misrepresent and berate the community they represent. Naturally this caused it to spread like wildfire.

GG has of course made mistakes in its methodology - though this is hard to qualify due to third party intervention by trolling groups that have been stoking the fires on both sides - but it would not be incorrect to say mistakes have been made. They aren't nearly as bad as they are portrayed to be though.

>Sad Puppies
Meanwhile Sad Puppies - From what I gathered:

>Sad Puppies disagreed with some of the former nominations/winners in previous years
>Sad Puppies then theorized that there was some cliquey shit going on based on political agendas
>Sad Puppies said fuck it and tweeted out asking for support
>Support came in a landslide
So now there is a crossroads. Either the support is entirely ignored - suggesting there was some cliquey shit and reaffirming it in the eyes of Sad Puppies, or Sad Puppies gets some awards. Either way, its a win in Sad Puppies' eyes. The initial push was more or less a check for their theory from what I can tell.

That being said, I am so fucking out of this shit I wouldn't take my word as a guide cause I am just piecing together the stuff as I am going and haven't really paid attention to the Hugos before.

Either way, its two shitstorms that have been brewing for ages.

>> No.39622935


I kind of want cleric spells to work like that now.

>> No.39623749

>The meme being /tg/ a good board to hang around
>somehow this is bad
I don't want to derail this thread but consider that /tg/ is still cool and nothing has killed /tg/

>> No.39623789

Just ignore the autists who insist /tg/ is just for having fun in their approved way.

>> No.39624234

anyone have that story about the epic level rogue who hid up a prostitute's ass all campaign and then at the end when BBEG and prostitute were going for sexy times he slides out?

>> No.39624277

GG is also your standard /v/ controversy that caught the attention of /pol/ which it was then hijacked by.

>> No.39624300

Read the thread.

>> No.39624308

Does anyone have a link to the story about the centauress that the party used as a storage device? They store some artifacts up her vag, but since they were holy they turn her body into demiplane or something?

>> No.39624493

it hurts
i cant stop laughing
i just have this image of the guy from red baron pizza popping out of a crate and saying that
and the room is full of people
but it's just him because he got delivered inside before eveyrone else could get in
so there's like 8 guys jsut sitting at the bar when he does this
and no one moves
because what the fuck
this dude just popped out of a crate and said that

Why did the captcha image thing just play pong with itself? I am too tired for this shit, 4chan

>> No.39624513

I am amused, thanks.

>> No.39624696

>racial penalty to athletics


>> No.39625858


>Sad Puppies disagreed with some of the former nominations/winners in previous years
>Sad Puppies then theorized that there was some cliquey shit going on based on political agendas
>Sad Puppies said fuck it and tweeted out asking for support
>Support came in a landslide

They (meaning, the guy who writes the Monster Hunter International series) theorized after not winning anything that it wasn't his fault, but actually a Liberal conspiracy, and he needed to send out a call to represent Conservative values because of this blatant attack.

>> No.39626125


This covers a lot of it, really.

>> No.39626199

That's fantastic

>> No.39626320

This nigga knows

>> No.39626335

So I read the thing you posted which mentions the following:

>"including George R. R. Martin, whose books formed the basis for Game of Thrones"

>> No.39626344

So that's what he's up to instead of doing his fucking job.

Somehow I feel my apathy growing.

>> No.39626409

...yes? The show is called a Game of Thrones.

The books are called a Song of Fire and Ice.

Is..something in error?

>> No.39626423

underrated post

>> No.39626443

Yes I know (by the way that was my first post in the thread I have no interest and any of the puppies beyond want to know what it was about) I highlighted it because it made me chuckle.

>> No.39626449

>*in any of the

Fucking mobile device.

>> No.39626456

Oh, durp-de-do. My mistake, sorry. Totally wasn't sure what the hell you meant, fair 'nough.

>> No.39626821

Uh, what is this meant to be from? It looks incredibly amusing, but I may need to know the joke first.

>> No.39627050


>> No.39627739

>I don't have a single fuck to give about the Hugos, it's been a shit award for a long time

Same here, Anon. It's honestly hilarious to see people get into a hissy fit over their precious award.

>> No.39627879

"You need to invest in a better dm."

What a load of fucking horseshite.

>> No.39628207

A woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman is actually the plot of an old movie. Can't remember what it's called, but it was about a woman evading the law (or the mob or something) by dressing as a guy then getting a job as a drag queen.

>> No.39629079

>Red-hot Toasting science impacted the bekindled crotch and the mecha's entire pelvis erupted into fire.
I lost it. Seriously, whatever game this is, I fucking NEED it.

>> No.39629167

Isn't that the plot of a shakespere play? And of course the woman is played by a man, because all actors were male back then...

>> No.39629383

That's the plot of half of Shakespeare's plays.

>> No.39629402

Victor Victoria

>> No.39629533

Gamer gate is a group that threatens to rape... pretty much any woman in any part of the game industry and then says it's okay because of corruption in game journalism. Nevemind that game journalism has been corrupt forever, but because of money.

>> No.39630160

>Notice the elf
Well done annon, you have slain my sides.

>> No.39631218


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