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You don't know how this works on /tg/, do you.

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>all those guns and missiles
>2 mauser pistols
atomic robo is the best

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Genocyber was pretty neat, except for the last story ark which made no goddamn sense.

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You mean arc. An ark is a big boat.

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Koichi Ohata knows damn good fightan mech action. It's just a shame that Sho Aikawa is an awful fucking writer who might as well be the reason anime gets a bad rap.

I wanted to like Genocyber.

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what am i looking at

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That guy is SUPPOSED to be a parody, right? ...is it a guy? Is 26kg even a lot for an entire suit of armour?
I have questions.

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26kg is not a lot for an entire suit of armour. Kinda heavy, but there's much heavier around.

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Also he's from One Punch Man and that panel is just before him losing a costume contest for superheroes. So yes, parody.

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The fact that they went webcomic is just all added value really.

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This reminds me of a bunch of clowns I once saw in the circus.

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is that... tuna and mayo and butter??

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I really can't understand how people think this shitty comic is good.

And that's without even getting into it's passive-aggressive "About" page

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Underated post

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Layered Bologna Cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing

Captcha also thinks that fondue is soup.

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Oh yah, he's a total parody. His armor is basically paper mache, he renames his sword like 3 pages later because he was told the name sucked. A monster shows up and slaps him aside.

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Kebab martial arts?

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>went to the comic page JUST to look at the about section
>it's a less subtle, more smarmy take on that thing authors do sometimes where they write: "If this were a fiction novel, I'd just take out all the guards and escape. ALAS IT'S NOT A NOVEL IT'S BETTER THAN ALL THAT OTHER WRITING SO I GUESS I'LL JUST DO SOMETHING ELSE UNLIKELY."

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No, Anon, I recall this comic being sold on the web with exactly that bullshit as a motivator. So I went to the site to check if it was still there. It is. Except they changed the childish statement that there'd be "lots of Nazi-punching" with something else.

But you'll recall I said it's crappy without even taking it into consideration. It's a comic full of lolrandom humour, references, and shitty art. The entire page the OP posted doesn't even have backgrounds. It's just two characters standing in a brown mass.

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>has an eyepiece-thing with cross-hairs
>shoots a guy right in the forehead without centering on him, didn't even turn her head towards him
What's the point?

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It could just be a detector visor or maybe it just has cross hairs like how a camera would have guides. It's not like it's a space marine helmet interface that links up with the gun.

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I always love this

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Literally fucking crying. That fucking shaking paw.

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It's a pilot suit, so it could be that the HUD is slaved to her machine and is more useful when she's piloting. She probably forgot to turn off the HUD because she's a woman.

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Ah, Narutards.
What would we do without them to laugh at?

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I find it hilarious that that Kishimoto's mini-continuation is basically a victory lap of Sasuke being the biggest douchebag imaginable because Naruto and Sakura kept letting him get away with it his whole life. I mean, holy shit.

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I thought I'd be done with Naruto once best girl won.
Who knew that Kishimoto had one last hilarious salt storm to unleash.

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So wait what? They implied it wasn't her kid?
What do you mean? I haven't kept up with this shit for years.

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The kid Sakura is raising is Karin's, the one chick with glasses who was part of Sasuke's little angst party that he had for awhile.

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Also Sasuke's daughter's never seen him before.

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I knew this image would become useful.

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Straight up stated?

All I have to go on is that one image >>39546983

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Basically, one of two things happened:

>Sasuke stayed in the village after being "redeemed" precisely long enough to knock Sakura up and then fucked off the second she got pregnant and never came back. His daughter would have no idea what he looks like without a picture from when he was a teenager and has never seen or spoken to him in her entire life.
>Sasuke dumped his bastard child with another woman in Sakura's lap, and then fucked off to do god-knows-what in the wilderness and never came back. His daughter would have no idea what he looks like without a picture from when he was a teenager and has never seen or spoken to him in her entire life.

Either way, he is the ultimate deadbeat dad of his generation.

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No not straight up stated, but half the chapter is Sarada asking Sakura if he's actually Sasuke's husand, and asking why she has glasses when no one else in their family does Though I'm fairly certain that's not how eye deficiencies work,

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It still kills me that Sasuke fucking blackdads his only child for some ungodly reason.

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I'll never forget the many laughs had at the delusion of narusaku faggots.
I'm upset that most of the fandom who cared probably already left before this new lelpocalypse.

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There have been various lessons about revenge, bonds, and the cycle of violence Sasuke has stubbornly refused to learn the entire series.

The only thing he actually learned by the end of Shippuden was "fuck around and do whatever you want and sponge off do-gooders if it looks like your actions might have consequences."

Dumping a baby that's not even hers in Sakura's lap and running for the hills is so in-character for Sasuke I'm hilarious nobody saw it coming.

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There are weird stains on the bottom right frame...

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>The party finally gels together

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Full plate armor from medieval times weighs around 27 kg. He's not wearing a helmet. 26 kg is not exceptional armor wise, but it is pretty goddamn heavy if you're going to run, jump and fight in it while not being on horseback.

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What really kills me is that Sasuke didn't even bother to let Sakura take a photo together before leaving.

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I know nothing about Naruto past several years ago but that shit looks pretty obvious to me even without context

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It DID imply Sasuke was a deadbeat, not necessarily that the kid wasn't hers.
It was very funny.

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No it's not you retard.

You don't carry plate armor on your back. You wear it. On your body. And it's plates, so it carries itself. You'll tire faster, yes. But it's not going to be "goddamn heavy" if you run, jump and fight.

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>There were people who wanted a happy end for Sakura.
>There were people who ADMIRED Sakura.

Why? She was made to be unlikeable from the start. I don't know if she went through some hardcore character development afterwards, but from what I remember, she was a goddamn bitch all the time.

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People who wanted so bad they convinced themselves Naruhina was an asspull.
But I'm glad they exist, the Great Salt Storm of 2014 was magical. What a time to have been alive.

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>What do you mean? I haven't kept up with this shit for years.
Yeah, probably for the best, that manga got bad fast.
Hell the only reason I'm still checking it out is vague hope that the author won't completely fuck up yet again.

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>Naruhina was an asspull.
But the freaking series started with Hinata stalking Naruto for fuck's sake. I only read the start and I already knew they were going to end together, it's the oldest cliché in the book.

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I'm just a little disappointing their kid doesn't have that neat eye power thing.

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I'm pretty sure Kishimoto forgot the Byakugan was a THING after all the Sharingan dick-sucking.

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Uh huh, that's not how gravity works. Read a book nigger.

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Probably, yeah.

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Tits are the oldest traditional game.

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>implying it has anything to do with gravity


It doesn't hang off your shoulders you fucking retard. Its not clothing. It's not mail.

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So it's somehow supported from the bottom up despite all the joints?

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>Kishimoto's mini-continuation

Wait, what? I thought Naruto was over and Kishimoto got to do that mecha story or whatever he wanted?

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If it's made to fit you, yes.

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Mail also doesn't just fully hang on your shoulders, it shapes itself to your body somewhat distributing the weight.
Nah, a large part is supported by the shoulders yes, but at the same time a lot of the weight is also distributed over the rest of your body(particularly the hips), making it feel less heavy than it is.

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Only in certain positions and never 100%.

Now THAT I can agree with.

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Is this Cross Ange?

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I'd say yes. It's easily recognizable by the fucking crooked faces. What is wrong with these animators? Every time I see something from that fucking show they've got awful floating features. Fucking Deviant Art bullshit.

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ITT: People who STILL don't know that you have free (relatively unrestricted) movement in plate armor.


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budget anime

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Is that a leach???

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Nice effects and modern-made armor. "reenactors" are the most pretentious full of shit people I've ever met.

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>Slug like
>Multiple bite marks on dudes arm
>Thing is biting arm around bite marks

It's probably not a leech. I wouldn't worry about it.

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I know that you have relatively free movement, and that in some positions the armor can rest on itself.

Just that it's still a decent amount of weight on the shoulders.

Hell' the more it could rest on itself the stiffer the joints would likely be.

That is one fucking retarded fish,

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Steel is steel, you dumb motherfucker.

Given how smithing techniques have been lost and are slowly rediscovered, I'd say that those modern armors are clunkier and heavier and unwieldier than actual old plate.

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>That is one fucking paralyzed fish,

>> No.39547855

The fish was poisoned before it started eating it.

>> No.39547859

The fish has been poisoned. It wants to run but can't.

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>Nature is horrifying.webm

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Jesus Christ, Russia.

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It's... actually part of an museum exposition in cooperation with a local university...

I doubt it is armour made with modern materials.

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Ah, that sorta would have been an important thing to include in the Webm

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>exploded toaster

...is this whole thing a big Time Bandits reference?

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what the unholy fuck

>> No.39547931

No anon. I'm sure all the multiple references to time bandits are just a coincidence.

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Poisonous snail, it is hungry.

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>that fucking pose at the end

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This makes me feel viscerally uncomfortable.

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This reminds me of when I saw a tree frog get caught by a mantis, it started the frogs lips, about an eighth of the way through the frog got away and walked right back towards the mantis and got caught again. It never got away again

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It's been ages since I saw that movie, I only recognized the one reference with the toaster.

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Now if only that didn't lead the party to utterly wrecking the secret organization they didn't yet know about that was actually going to be the good guys they're supposed to join due to their flawless logic path...

Fiendish Dr.Wu, you done fucked up now!

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Sometimes you just gotta advance that campaign.

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that blood puke at the end

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Alright you dumbshit, I know this is bait but since there are actual retards out there that think this, let me put this into perspective for you.

I just did some researching to find the numbers.


>the weight of a suit of plate is 55lbs (taking the high end of the weight possibilities)


>the weight of a modern soldiers combat load is 60lbs (taking the low end of weight possibilities)

So let's get this straight; you're saying that a full suit of plate weighing 55lbs with the weight distributed across your body is going to be so much more difficult to move in (and get up off the ground with) than a combat load of 60lbs distributed only on your upper torso.

Go try both, and tell me which you'd rather prefer.

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In the words of my friend's ghetto vampire: "Imma make that bitch into a Capri Sun!"

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The feels of this episode...

>> No.39548362

>National Museum of the Middle Ages

I wonder what youtuber you hold as the correct authority then.

>weight on the shoulders.

It's not a cape hanging from your shoulders. It's strapped all over your body. Your greaves don't weigh on your shoulders, they're strapped to your legs. Your gauntlets don't weigh on your shoulders, they're on your hands.

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>exploded toaster in England.

Oh fuck, nostalgia out of nowhere. Time Bandits was the best midget-based screen entertainment short of ASoIaF.

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Is that even a question?

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>Your gauntlets don't weigh on your shoulders, they're on your hands.

except for the fact that your hands are attached to your arms, which are attached to your shoulders...

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Why is this allowed? So people can play as the Black Knight from Monty Python?

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please tell me the fish was paralyzed and not just that fucking stupid.

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I love you for using my joke, so fucking much.

>> No.39548490

Why are you so preoccupied with the intelligence of a fish?

>> No.39548493

Now I want to rewatch those Japanese bug fight videos.

>> No.39548555

Again, I thank you for making it.

>> No.39548570

It's a Cone Snail, the fish was SoL the moment it was born.
It of course comes from Australia.

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It makes me so happy every time I see it.

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>time jump
>Sakura finally has an actual power set and it's an outlandishly good one
>demoted to a literal puppet

my fucking sides

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Moe raptor girl defies image search, I'm terribly sorry, but could I petition you good sir for the source material?

>> No.39548791

I need a filename for this one.

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>Rolled a 1 to identify.jpg

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>> No.39548839

>elven morality.jpg

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>> No.39548877

Is she trying to show more?

>> No.39548889

Centaur Worries. It is adorable world building.

>> No.39548893

Boku no Centaur.

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>> No.39548922

Goddamnit, how does Japan make everything so adorable.

>> No.39548948

Thank you, based annon.

>> No.39548954

That would actually require a properly sized disertation to explain.

>> No.39548973

So is the follow up to that him communing with giant fauna or something getting horribly ripped apart?

With that art style it looks like it could be either or.

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>> No.39549016

Damn, Nature. You scary

>> No.39549038

He's literally monster Jesus.

>> No.39549061

PETA morality system

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>> No.39549196

>You'll never make the rest of your party irrelevant as you commune with every monster you encounter
>You'll never cuddle with the Terrasque you hatched yourself one last time before he goes off to be with his own kind

>> No.39549229


>You'll never have the campaign turn into Monster Highlander as the Beastmaster befriends a baby Terrasque only for the only other remaining Terrasque in the world to relentlessly hunt the party because there can be only one

>> No.39549249

they don't you weeb

>> No.39549270

The man had a nice dose of character development over the 11 or so chapters that have come out by now.
Google MonsterxMonster, it's the MonHun manga we never got.

>> No.39549271

the hell is the source of this image anyway?

>> No.39549275

anyone got a better filename for this one?

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yay, my typing went to shit

>> No.39549377

>you didnt shell out for masterwork, did you anon

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>Captcha also thinks that fondue is soup.

This made me laugh harder than anything else in this thread... and I'm really enjoying this thread.

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>The first set of clothes he gets her
>Part with the fake ceramic dog
>Bite his shirt and pulls on it to stop him from going to class
Oh my god it's just so cute

Though I can't tell if the raptors are vain sluts or just as innocent, albeit oppurtunistic

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>> No.39549619

What in the world is that from?

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>> No.39549696


The velociraptor? She leads a guy on hardcore in a future chapter. So sluts.

Churio is pure though

>> No.39549747


Nobody is even talking about freedom of movement you dense fuck. 26 kg of armor really DOES put a strain on the person wearing it while performing physical activities. It's 26 kg of goddamn armor after all. Your muscles require a lot more oxygen, causing your heart rate to be much higher. Yeah a lot of the armor supports itself, which is great if you're standing still or if you're on horseback.

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>> No.39549817

How hardcore? Just being a gold digger or acting like a girlfriend before she goes to sit on old men's laps

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>> No.39549874


You're aware boku is the male version of saying "me"? So that makes no sense since it's an adorable comic about big titted centaurs doing adorable things.

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>> No.39549888


>> No.39549896

Yes, I'm weeb enough to know that.

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That pisses me off for some reason and I don't know why.

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>> No.39549960

>> No.39549968

You are aware that "boku no centaur" would mean "my centaur"?

>> No.39549974

>ignoring shield and weapon(s)
Shields were heavy. Heavy and expensive. Depending on the weapon, that's a bit to a lot more added weight, too.

>modern combat load
Which also includes food and other miscellaneous equipment that ISN'T armor. The weight limit on a "fighting load" re: what you're expected to operate in direct combat in, similar to plate and mail and sword in ye olden days is 48 lbs. That's much less weight for an entire load of fighting equipment than your average plate armor weighed by itself.

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>> No.39549995

Does anyone know the artist for these? GIS gives me nothing.

>> No.39550026

Hope you know how to read chirilic Russian:

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>> No.39550084

"...I just picked my nose with that earlier. What the hell..."

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>> No.39550116


Cmon dude, keep it visually relative.

>> No.39550118

Could use a better name, I know.

>> No.39550225

You missed the part about being distributed across the body as opposed to the weight being focused on the torso.

Do you honestly think that so many armies and men would have used full plate if it was so difficult to get back on your feet after falling down?

Have you worn a suit of full plate before? This is now what I'm going to ask anyone who says full plate is too heavy. Have you, personally, worn a full suit of plate and lay on the ground and get back up and run in it and whatnot? Have you personally experienced this supposed "difficulty" of movement and recovery from a prone position?

>> No.39550235

>The Imperial Infantryman's Guide on Xenos Races And Their Sympathizers

>> No.39550260

>> No.39550279

>Russia - reigned by: a volunteer
Every time.

>> No.39550286

>look guise, I didn't watch the video!

Are you dumb? The video clearly shows, not just general mobility, but that you can very clearly and easily get back up off the ground in a full suit of plate.

Which is what most of these retards are saying: "hurr durr plate is too heavy once you're on the ground you can't get back up"

But no, that isn't true and that video very clearly showed someone easily standing back up from a laying position on the ground.

>> No.39550307

>> No.39550330

You Are Umasou!

>> No.39550354

What game?

>> No.39550390

Where in the fuck... what even... WHAT.

>> No.39550404

>look guise, I didn't read the comment!
He didn't say you couldn't move in the armor, he said it's a shitload of weight to be carrying on you all the time. Then he started talking about obvious mumbo jumbo to fluff up his argument.

Regardless of how much movement you have in the armor, IT IS A SUIT OF STEEL and as such it is HEAVY, almost like you were wearing a SUIT MADE OF STEEL.
>But Anon, it isn't -that- heavy.
What the hell do you do in a suit of armor? Go to tea parties? Think about the grueling activity of war, how much movement there is, the combat, the sheer time you spend in combat. Now think about doing that while wearing a suit of steel. There's a reason joggers wear light clothing on their morning jogs and not SUITS MADE OUT OF STEEL.

>> No.39550469

To watercool your screen, I guess. That or HD gardening.

>> No.39550474

I'd say the metal was most likely lower quality (not everywhere, depended on where you were) but the craftsmanship likely made up for that. I could imagine every blacksmith having their own little "secrets" and special trademarks.

>> No.39550488

>> No.39550567

>> No.39550580

Just popping in to remind everyone that jet fuel can't melt steel suits.

>> No.39550621

Another common difference is that modern reproduction plate usually made of uniform thickness sheet. Whilw historical examples varied, only being thick where its needed (the centre line of a breastplate was often 3mm) and thinner in less essential spots (somewhere like the back of the greaves could get as thin as .75mm) so they tended to be a little lighter than modern reproductions with a negligible loss in strength.

>> No.39550638 [SPOILER] 

>> No.39550663

what the duck is that?

>> No.39550688

>> No.39550738

>They love: riots
>Reigned by: doesn't matter
>Amusement: doing nothing

>> No.39550767

The Lorax:Reloaded

>> No.39550775

A very, very sad man's game of guro waifu.

>> No.39550811


>> No.39550815

>> No.39550844

>> No.39550859

This is delitized layered bologna cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing. It really enjoys its new bolognized layers, all wrapped in cheesy goodness. It fully delitized, ham tongue is swollen with fully delitized, gourmet mayonnaise.

>> No.39550868

That actually makes a lot of sense. Probably took quite a bit longer to put together and manufacture though.

>> No.39550869


There's only 2 chapters scanned though? Or is there a better source than bato for this?

>> No.39550878

> Englishman
> Reigned by : Changing every day
> Fashion : French

> Turk
> Science : Wrong political (?)

> Russian
> Mind : Non existant
> Traits : infinitely rough
> Science : Greek (???)
> Fashion : Furry
> They love beating people

>> No.39550879

Why, my weenus peanus, of course. :)

>> No.39550890

same guy,different game cover, same idea

>> No.39550904


Yes but whose perspective are we talking from? Overly friendly dad?

>> No.39550934

It's a reference to Boku no Pico, you moron.

>> No.39550949

I think he thought it meant "I am Pico".

>> No.39550957

>Mind: Non-existent
However, this does seem like a good idea for a pre-modern campaign, albeit with some changes to prevent stereotypes from being complete.

>> No.39551004

That would be "Boku wa Pico."

>> No.39551010


You are the ONLY one talking about movement and getting up.

The question was
>Is 26kg even a lot for an entire suit of armour?
And the answer was
>Full plate armor from medieval times weighs around 27 kg.

Then you started sperging out like the ronery attention desperate faggot you are.

NORMAL fighting is exhausting, a normal human has trouble fighting for 15 minutes continuously. Wearing heavy armor puts an enormous strain on the body and requires a lot of strength training to fight in for extended periods. 27 kg is not a small amount of weight to carry around, but it's not that out of the ordinary for a full plate suit.

>> No.39551029

>Immediately gets ticketed for not being street legal.
>Here we go again.

>> No.39551044

I know that.

>> No.39551071

Why does Thomas have Yes Man from New Vegas's face?

>> No.39551106

The other guy doesn't.

>> No.39551117

The main problem with a steel suit is not the weight, it's the fact that it gets pretty fucking hot in there with limited areas where heat and moisture can escape.

>> No.39551121

>> No.39551129

>Which weighs more? 100kg of feathers or 100kg of steel?

>> No.39551134




>> No.39551170

Makes sense, seeing the point was just to stop lethal wounds, not to make a suit that can survive 100 battles without mending.

>> No.39551255 [SPOILER] 

>> No.39551323

And it all spawned from someone asking how much armor usually weighed.

>> No.39551353

>Posting Spoilered images in a filename thread.
Stay classy.

>> No.39551372

>Elderitch abomination right beside him.
>Doesn't give a shit.
Must be a guardsman.

>> No.39551376

hover over the "Spoiler Image"

>> No.39551452

Why is Kishin Asura in there?

>> No.39551480

Nah, just another Lume.

>> No.39551487


>> No.39551513

What Tau psykers would look like.gif

>> No.39551543

>I'm to old for this stupid shit chaos, I'm retired.gif

>> No.39551546

But that involves me stopping my scroll-click rhythm.

That's really neat to know though, thank you.

>> No.39551594


>> No.39551628


>> No.39551705


>> No.39551712

>> No.39551727

What is this from?

>> No.39551760

if only this were /v/
>HellMOO in a nutshell

>> No.39551770

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
modded server

>> No.39551860

Obvious, but...

>> No.39551863


>> No.39551920

One of the Crank films

>> No.39551952



>> No.39551991

>> No.39551997

What is even going on here?

>> No.39552121

Take each row and randomly shuffle the attributes. Congratulations, a whole bunch of new cultures for your campaign.

>> No.39552285

Look's like Lana's Gate from Hyrule Warriors, but with Link.

Damn I need to play that game some more if you can get a Link skin for Lana.

>> No.39552327

You can't. It was a glitch that let you use her movesets with other characters. It's fixed.

>> No.39552353

Some do. Others not so much. If I remember correctly. I seem to recall that glaucoma is one of these, simply because diabetes is linked to glaucoma, and the wrong type of diabetes can be genetically linked.

>> No.39552363


>> No.39552367

Next time I get a Cryptek, it will be Cave Johnson.

>> No.39552383

> East EU
> West EU
> Except not.

>> No.39552433


I cheated and pulled the panel earlier from Chapter 3 which isn't quite done yet. Within the next few days though!

>> No.39552478


>> No.39552623

THe snail shot it with its eye harpoons.

>> No.39552630

>> No.39552650

Geography is hard Anon.

>> No.39552691


>> No.39552768


>Mind: even less than a Pole
>Reigned by: Doesn't matter
>Character: Most gruesome

This is glorious

>> No.39552838


Well from Russia's perspective the West EU makes sense, and from America's perspective, the East EU makes sense.

Perhaps they named them independently.


>World divided into massive conglomerate alliance groups
>Only one nation still independent
>It's Japan

Never change Japan

>> No.39552850

Urrgh... what even is happening here?!

>> No.39552864

I like the
>Science: Foreign Languages

>> No.39552884

Brazil is still independent too.

>> No.39552886


Looks like you're failing that roll Anon

>> No.39553124

it's a well-known fact that all flash drives contain an unstable warp portal

>> No.39553714

No, it expanded.

>> No.39553864

I was there. Shame it died so early. Oh, well, here's a screencap where I explain Wales.

>> No.39553921

>Implying anyone cares about Wales

Wales is incorporated into England.

>> No.39553959

I learned that on that thread. Also had a crazy Anon that might become a crazy BBEG in real life. Seriously. 30ish Anon who thinks life is boring and wants to cause a robot rebellion that will kill all humans.

>> No.39554108

good reason why "Prince of Wales" is a title that's used by English Nobility before the UK was a thing.

>> No.39554133

I didn't know that.

>> No.39556039

I think I recognize this. Is this that Bando variant that Maung Gyi teaches? I attended a seminar for it when I was thirteen.

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