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where is his "voice"

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>that 7th century shielf with 9th century helm and 12th century cowter

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They're hand me downs. Shield's a few generations older than the helm is a few generations older than the cowter.

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This reminds me of Mujaki no Rakuen, when the male MC hides in the girls' bathroom stall.
One of the girls enters the stall, does her business and leaves without noticing him hiding in here behind her.

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Drive your tOaOn in my tunnOO and j-jam it in.

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Why would BBEG make us stop when we didn't even get properly started?

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that fucking gorilla man...

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What's supposed to be hypnotic about this?

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How the fuck did this work?

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I've got fabulous news for you...

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Nigga u gay

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Why am I gay if I don't see what's hypnotising about an old hag with a hoola hoop.

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I watched this about ten times... what fucking gorilla?

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>I watched this about ten times
of course, but did you stop staring at her ass for at least a second?

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>old hag
I've got different news for you...

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What are we, on /cgl/? There's no need to be upset, here.

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I watched this also 10 times, 5 of them not focused on her ass. I didnt see any gorilla.

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There's no gorilla, he's making refernce to a famous psychological experiment where a man in a gorilla suit walks behind a game of basketball; the observers of the game, who had been asked to count the number of times the ball is passed during the game, never saw him because their focus was on the ball.

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>25yr old tops
>old hag
Anon, this isn't an animu. Pedophilia is not accepted in the 3D world.

Also MILF is best 2D fetish

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I'm not upset, I'm just stating the facts.

But I'm not a pedophile.

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>But I'm not a pedophile.
Either you're a lying sumbitch, or your under 18 years old, and in the case of the latter you shouldn't even be here.

which is it?

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>Either you're a lying sumbitch, or your under 18 years old,
But neither of those are true. I am neither predominately nor exclusively attracted to prepubescents, nor am I under 18 years old.

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So you occasionally rape children. Good to know. What's your name again?

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Haha! I'm so rational I totally don't get why it was a good name are you implying she's sexy what even is that she's so ugly get some standards and calm your loins with logic I'll wait to respond with further verbose arguments.

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But I never rape children.

I don't think you know what "verbose" means

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I also didn't say she was ugly.

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Hag implies ugly you nignog.

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You do realize today they use weapons designed over 100 years ago, right? Medieval weapons and equipment didn't just disintegrate when new versions were made. People still kept using the old ones just fine because they existed. And as more and more were made, more and more old ones flooded the market, meaning more and more people could afford them and use them.

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Well, I was more going for a pale husk of what was once true beauty, but if you want to call that ugly, that's fine I guess. I just find that to be a rather large oversimplification.
Now THIS post is verbose.

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I know the pic is DE.

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Jap squat toilets, lack of attention/observation, plot, yadda yadda.

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... this was actually one of the things I really liked about that manga, that the author actually pointed out that normal made-for-humans stuff would have to be modified for non-humans.

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I've seen the hula hoop video (lesbian sex after like 5 minutes of impressive hula hooping) But what's this from?

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whut korean animu is dis

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I thought that the file name was supposed to be clever...

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Stay mad cause you ain't got no taste.

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butthurt pathfags detected

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Junketsu no Maria

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Just out of curiosity, does the swordbreaker guy end up winning?

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>Captcha: oomies

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Be warned: it's kinda shit.

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Dammit, that bit made it look interesting.

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Holy fuck, chill out Megasatan! Ain't no need for those digits!

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it was kinda funny the first time, but it wasn't by the 500th.

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i'm so bad at this game dude

everyone is like "it's easy after the first couple of runs outside of the RNG" but i just have the worst luck

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I feel like this would also work as {demon souls,dark souls, dark souls 2, bloodborne} lore

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I love this commericial

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Dont listen to that anon, its the closest Mongolian shadow puppets is ever going to get to 100 year war era combat and armor

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I have no words.

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Seriously, the only was to get better is to have a whole lo of bad things happen to the characters you care about until you get better.

Or pussy out and read a guide.

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It really was fucking awful aside pretty much any time someone magic was doing anything, but the combat parts were at least well done

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They really did go after every fetish didn't they?

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The guy's or the girl's???
Bruce... please

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The one at the end got me.

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Is it? I remember reading the manga ages ago and it was decent. Obscure as fuck, so I'm amazed it got an animu, but decent.

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What the hel lgame are you talking about?

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Not even surprised.
Boars will fuck you up if they get the chance.

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Is it loss?

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|x| = 1, x = 2, y = +/- 1?

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|x| is not its own variable.

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Oh, it's a system of equations? Then it is madness. I had assumed it was an unrelated series of the buggers or something.

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What I mean is that |x| is not another variable like x or y, it is the modulus of x.

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Because fuck you we Battle of Nations now

>p.s. never fight the Russians

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It's Midnighter, a rough Batman analogue from a different universe that got combined with DC's. And yes, he's gay and referring to Dick's ass.

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I know what absolute value is. Sorry that was not clear! What was unclear to me was that it was a system of equations - that is, the x in 1 is the same x as in 2. I assumed it was a sequence of trick questions, as one might find on a particularly malicious high school algebra assignment, in which only a madman would assume that Problem 1 imposed a constraint on Problem 2 without being informed of such a thing.

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I know the joke but I don't see it

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At the top with the orange squares being the panel dividers.

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Oh, then I don't know, I didn't post the image, nor do I know its source.

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Well it isn't well done, the second panel is not done right

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I dunno what I'm supposed to see


I know, I know

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You made the second square root of the divisor part of the first square root.

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I still have no idea what it's meant to be.

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this show really was fucking amazing

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I don't get it.

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It's coffee.

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I got that much from the filename.
I mean why is Sorin freaking out that Bolas drinks coffee?

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There is an mtg card called bitter revelation which features Sorin on it predominantly in the art.
It's about how one of his friends was killed by Bolas.

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I hunt them with an AK. Not because I need 30 rounds of 7.62*39 to kill them, but if I miss and don't take it down with my first shot I'll need the other 29 rounds too. Those fuckers are mean as fuck.

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Every time. So fucking good.

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General rule: if someone uses an image that includes the word "Loss" on any 4chan board, they're making fun of the comic of the same name in the series Ctrl-Alt-Del, where one of the characters rushes to the hospital to discover her wife has miscarried their child.

It's widely derided as an attempt to add drama to a comedic webcomic, as well as avoid the progression to seeing the responsibility-adverse character tasked with raising a child.

The joke is so well known and extensive, that 4chan has even developed essentially an encoded series of images to represent it, consisting of

l I -l-
I I l __

(god I hope it posts the text correctly. If not, I'll post with an image.)
representing the positions of all the characters depicted in the 4 panels.

As such, the pattern of symbols is a 4chan in-joke, often incorporated into various other works.

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Poor explanation, he did it to prevent the vampires from extincting their own food source like tools.

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>26 kg armor

So, perfectly ordinary armor?

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I don't get it.

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My sides have made an attempt on my life

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>hospital to discover her wife has miscarried their child.

>> No.39540886

His wife had a miscarriage. It's a 4-panel strip with no words that goes like this;
>Walks into hospital
>At the reception desk
>Running through hallway
>Almost sprawled over his wife as she's in the fetal position clutching her stomach.

It's god-awful.

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Use this as the reference.

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Heh heh.

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It's like you people have no idea what a board-specific filename thread is.

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Firstly, it was never specified it had to be board specific.

Secondly, my post was merely illustrating the joke in another.

Thirdly, Ctrl Alt Del is a webcomic that irregularly deals with traditional gaming, and has been discussed on the board before.

Fourthly, knowledge of Loss is practically 4chan rules tier of memedom. Allowing people to not know it would be roughly equivalent to allowing an immigrant to never learn their new home's national anthem.

Lastly, you're a faggot.

These two I've never seen before. And they are beautiful. Kudos to whoever did them.

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>implying that's not a case of high ranks in the skill

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Jesus fucking Christ, how fucking new can you be?

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>Fourthly, knowledge of Loss is practically 4chan rules tier of memedom. Allowing people to not know it would be roughly equivalent to allowing an immigrant to never learn their new home's national anthem.
no no it is not.

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>not relevant to every board


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7 years of jokes, man. It's practically Habbo Pool tier.

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>even remotely relevant

>> No.39541231

>not sotheyfinallyjazzeditupabit.gif
You bring shame on your house.

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It's perfectly fine as is.

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But that's wrong.

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>hating on a Calvinball reference
>in favor of a "hurr baseball is boring" filename
Nigger you don't belong here.

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Enjoy faggots, you now know that Wolf Spiders are everywhere, there is no escape, only spiders

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>doesn't even understand what I'm referencing

Go fuck yourself.

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I think they are talking about darkest dungon.

>> No.39541308

Also this is why the swarm was summoned

>> No.39541319

>referencing Futurama referencing baseball as boring is something special
Stay mad, kid. Your filename is still shit.

>> No.39541331

>Calvin and Hobbes reference is something special

>> No.39541336

Greenland is clearly the promised la-

>on the coast of greenland

Fine, fuck it, moving to Tierra del Fuego.

>> No.39541341

>being this buttflustered
Christ you're autistic.
Also, it actually is special. But not the special like you. No, this special doesn't have to ride the short bus to school.

>> No.39541345

Bah, wolf spiders are harmless and very good to have around since they clean out pest bugs.

>> No.39541351 [DELETED] 

>being this buttflustered
>Christ you're autistic.
Funny how you can just spin that around, right?

>> No.39541357

>no u!
Great comeback.
Nothing personnel... kid, but you're just shitposting. It's time to go.

>> No.39541363

Well they can technically bite the shit out of you if you piss them off but yeah they're nice to have around

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>> No.39541379 [DELETED] 

>you're just shitposting
I suppose that makes two of us...kid <|;^)

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>Firstly, it was never specified it had to be board specific.

If there's not even a tangential relation to /tg/, it's off-topic. The "specification" is the presence of the letters "t" and g", along with the absence of "b".

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Never got bit by one. Used to find them in my house all the time. Just scoop them up in my bare hand and carry them outside.
Of course, I'd be careful not to jostle them or otherwise frighten them while they're in a position to bite.

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Surprised Aus isn't like a dark-green or a black.

>> No.39541416

I like in the mid-US and they're all over the place here too

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It took me a moment.


>> No.39541648

>implying you wouldn't if you could

>> No.39541780

I loved how every time that show threatened to go full grimdark it just went "nope, fuck you, power of friendship!" instead.

>> No.39541789

i bet she shags like a minx

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>> No.39541813

Well, I bet you should learn to use proper English.

>> No.39541873

oh behave baby, yeah!

>> No.39542078


I've always wondered about whether Midnighter tops or bottoms, because either way that's kind of ridiculous. Either he's man enough to fuck a literal ubermensch who smashes spaceships with his face OR he's got the intestinal fortitude to TAKE IT from aforementioned ubermenschen.

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>gay sex with hats on

>> No.39542093

They're both switches, from what I've inferred; either one can top or bottom for the other.

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Holy shit Blue is has no idea what he's doing.

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>> No.39542154 [SPOILER] 

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Jesus fucking christ, who is this erection confection?

>> No.39542231

>erection confection.
I know how I'm going to ask the girl I like out today. Thank you for that.

>> No.39542322


What show is that?

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>> No.39542394

Oh God I can hear it.

>> No.39542450

No, the anon just mistook his opinion for fact.

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>> No.39542538

Does it still count as a rubbing salt in a wound if it's scarred over?
It still hurts, regardless.

>> No.39542554

>Firstly, it was never specified it had to be board specific.
I was under the impression that the name of the board specifies the topics of the board. Or is every board /b/ for you?

>> No.39542568

I actually laughed out loud.

>> No.39542577

>> No.39542610


Ah Colin, you and that old geezer were my favorites.

>> No.39542632


That's more what "Taking 20" looks like than a natural 20, natural 20s are spontaneous.

>> No.39542639

>> No.39542648

It never ceases to amuse me how often a PC will venture a skill roll without even considering just using the Take-10 value.

>> No.39542668

Doing and thing on evolution in highschool. find out about spore. Get So pumped up about it. And Do a big midterm presentation on the game and it's features. I thought you were Cool SPORE! AND YOU LIED TO ME.

>> No.39542708

Yes but WHO is she? I demand to know.

>> No.39542751

Heh, I want to do that for a Vigil game now.

>> No.39542988

It didn't click until "marketing boys think something else"

>> No.39543123

To be fair they explain how it works rather poorly.

>> No.39543156


>> No.39543184

>why do players want to put their characters in risky situations
>why do they even make their characters go adventuring

I always laugh at players who don't immediately retire their PCs at the beginning of the game. I mean, why would you risk having your PC die when you can just stay in the first town forever?

>> No.39543243

>If you're good enough at something to guarantee success every time you should still risk failure for no extra benefit

>> No.39543395

the benefit is comedic value upon failure
nothing is better than a master acrobat missing that ledge

>> No.39543520

Vividred Operation!

>> No.39543523

>> No.39543528

What Manga is this from?

>> No.39543550

>it was never specified it had to be board specific.

>> No.39543690

what anime?

>> No.39543722


Can someone remember me which game it is ?

>> No.39543757


>> No.39543790


Thank you.

Here is one internet, you deserved it

>> No.39543878

>> No.39543891

Your filename appears outdated, assuming I understand the reference.

>> No.39543994 [DELETED] 



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>> No.39544025

>Chaotic Neutral aka Lunacy

>> No.39544059

>> No.39544092

does nobody know who this cum conjurer is?

>> No.39544165

so fucking true

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>> No.39544208


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>> No.39544239

All filename threads are always off-topic shitposting. You're delusional.

>> No.39544270

Female drivers, am I right?

>> No.39544300

>Successful glitch.gif

>> No.39544359

'xcept if he dies because he falls into a very deep pit at a certain point, just 'cuz he didn't take ten.

Or you can have pic related

>> No.39544381

comedie gold

>> No.39544397

>> No.39544407

So you're saying the entire point of an RPG is for everyone to fail horribly at everything for everyone else's amusement?

>> No.39544451

>they might be giants plays softly in the background

>> No.39544453

Not that anon, but I sorta get where the other one is coming from. Do you know AGP (all guardsmen party)?

Failures make for epic stories too, you know? Want some examples?

>> No.39544480

Failures where it matters.
Failing to pass a routine skill check is just being inept, and expecting slapstick from every roll doesn't mesh with at least half of the ways a campaign will be run.

>> No.39544522

An epic fight where you give it everything you've got and come just short is cool. A game where you never even make it to a fight because you TPK on a puddle is not.

>> No.39544538


Anonymous delivers

>> No.39544570

If you TPK on a puddle, your DM a shit. You better leave.

If you put skillpoints into certain skills you drastically reduce the chance of failure tho.

>> No.39544587

Right but the anon I was originally replying to said you should never take 10 for an auto-success because you might fail and that's funny.

>> No.39544733

Thanks doc

>> No.39544924

You realize it was a prank 4chan did a while back, right?

>> No.39545177

don't get it

>> No.39545231

that's not how taking 10 works though. you can't do it when there's an actual consequence for failure besides needing new materials or more time.

>> No.39545802

no that is taking 20 you can take 10 on a skill check when you aren't actively being distracted by anything.

>> No.39546476

I don't have the energy for storytelling right now, but you should be able to find it by googling: D&D gazebo

>> No.39546792

The worst part is I know that professor.
(He does that costume as part of a summer camp, no his lab is not nearly that awesome.)

>> No.39547189

Holy shit, gold star post

>> No.39547228

Lovecraft Hivemind

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