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What does your jumper look like? Personally my jumper looks like a cosmic hobo.

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I'll have to keep that in mind, thank you.

Anyhow. Time to go from InFamous. Think I'll save Mass Effect for later.

... Oh fuck it. May as well.

Location: Brakmar
Age: 18-years-old
Race: Ecaflip
Identity: Bounty Hunter

Skills & Abilities:
-Combat Training (Freebie)
-Above the Law

Gear & Supplies:
-50,000 Kamas
-40x Wisdom Candies

-Virulent Treacherose
-Absol - Osamodas
-Heracross - Foggernaut (Past)
-Rotom - Sacrier
-Haxorus - Iop
-Archeops - Eniripsa
-Ninetails - Cra

-Smugduck (+600)

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Spoilers: I always agreed with the Sith code more. I will strive to follow the way of the Grey Jedi, but the Sith Code itself has held a good place in my heart.

>Just what side of the Force do you think she's channeling?
>pic related

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Absolute Vodka?

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Shapeshifter. So anything.

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There are so many Jumps based on animes(mangas) I know nothing about (Hellsing, Box, Strike Witches...)!

Which Jumpchain-anime is worth watching? = actually good, not overly long and the base of a decent Jumpworld

((Mods... I am asking for advice on a Jumpchain=/tg/ anime so I can better understand a topic in a /tg/general. This has nothing to do with basic anime and would be completely unsuited for /a/. Just a small heads up in case some shitposter feels like reporting me))

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I personally just use Momoyo as a base appearance for my jumper, rather then think up an original appearance. Tad lazy, but she's cute enough.

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You're a paranoid weirdo.

Go watch Girlchan in Paradise.

>> No.39511379

Like me but more attractive.

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Well now. I figured I'd give a try and throwing together a jump for this since it seemed interesting enough. It's a rough draft but I tried to make it fairly balanced and fun.


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I got a 1-3 day bann a couple of weeks ago when I asked which anime people would like a Jumpchain off.

"Off-topic: Anime belongs on /a/" or something it said

The mods are busy people so I assume its very normal for mistakes to be made and since short banns cant be appealed I'd rather avoid getting them.

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Chances are you said something else stupid to piss us off considering we've had a decent amount of anime talk.

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I'm a fan of JoJo, Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann but I understand they're not for everyone.
The new Fate anime is gorgeous too, love the animation in it.

Though they're all pretty popular so might've seen them all already.

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Is this like a conglomerate of different bomberman settings? I recognize Bomberman 64, but there seems to be a bunch of other stuff here I've never heard of.

>> No.39511562

So you're a freerunning cat-person with electricity and Neon so far.

What's the next destination?

>> No.39511596

Mods are occasionally fags.
I once got banned for posting a naked kobold with a big black censor bar over it in a kobold thread thirty minutes after the thread had already died.

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So I'm going to show this game to Saitama.

Bad Idea Y/N?

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You deserved that.

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That's just a 1980's hobo who was in the bin behind Radio Shack.

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Bomberman 64
Age: 23
Location: The Big City
Origin: GDF Agent (100cp)
Race: Aquilan
Be the Bomb
Explosive Arms (100cp)
Blast Proofing (300cp)
Items & Gear
Shield Heart (200cp)
Crimson Bomb Pack (300cp)

Pretty cool. That +600 drawback is neat (although I would probably never take it for any reason). I don't really know much about this particular Bomberman game and its Universe, so my build might change if I saw some of this shit in action. Pretty arright for a first Jump (this is your first one, yeah?)

>> No.39511851

Short answer: yes

Long answer: There are some references to older stuff like Bomberman GB2 and a bunch of calls forward to Bomberman 64: The second attack since they sit in the same continuity, and I plan to make a jump for that as well if people like this one enough.

Clown valley is from Bomberman Hero and mostly there for my amusement since I was feeling a bit of a troll. I am considering making a jump for that as well.

>> No.39511871

Yep. It is indeed my first one. I've done a LOT of studying of the various jumps though.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

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That picture is adorable.

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The short answer is pic related.

The longer answer is: At this point, we've carried out so many metaphysical modifications to ourself that our true self is a form of energy unto itself. It's all Supernatural Angel and Rakasha and Evangelion Angel energy wavelengths modified and taken to their logical extreme. At this point, the Anti-Spiral avatar is a Stand-like tulpa we create to communicate with others in a form they're comfortable with, while our real self remain locked out of the physical realm.

Here goes nothing!

Rolled the big city

GDF Agent, Age 24, Human (900) (???)

Explosive Manifestation (Free). Aw SHIT, we knew doing magical cocaine with the True Fae would have weird side effects.

Be the Bomb (Free). This is the power of 10 Wyrd/10 Clarity. Complete rationality compeled with complete Hedgelore until our own collective subconsciousness has a prolapse and...makes the bombs it shits out slightly bigger
Specialized Explosives (600). Time to commence working on those temporal grenades we reverse engineered from FF13-2 to completely stop time
Blast proofing (0). You never know, explosions are a very common hazard in our line of work

...you know what? Just this once, we're going to take a support role. Meet up with the hero on his journey, go through the motions of hopping from island to island (greatly expediting the trip thanks to mobile portals) and totally not trying to steal the omni-cube while both hero and villain are locked into a climatic battle. ALWAYS at a remove-we want to let him work at his own pace. Unless some sort of wide-scale unavoidable calamity threatens the locals-in which case, suddenly cosmic fire interception.

We'll be like that one merchant who keeps getting to dungeons and boss battles ahead of time, and who also sells the most OP upgrades/weapons to the hero. Though...we WILL throw in a freebie if he's really struggling. Just sign here on the dotted line...

What's the secret end?

>> No.39511994

Star Wars is my ending world so I'll be clad in this more often than not. Alternatively, I'll be running around as a cat or myself rather unchanged in just about every other world.

>> No.39512092

Secret ending: After meeting the gold card requirements (50 or more) and defeating Altair Sirius is supposed to betray you, steal the Omni-cube in the confusion, and run off to his base the rainbow palace, preparing to destroy the world below, at which point you get up there and kick his ass. Given that you're pretty much the Anti-Spiral it'd probubally be child's play to circumvent that.

>> No.39512104

Besides 40k, what other Jumps have we got that make good end-Jumps?

>> No.39512133

Gurren lagann has a pretty good, if balls out difficult end game scenario.

>> No.39512182

Tenchi Muyo has a good one. You "merely" have to completely wreck the Chousin Experiment. Bear in mind that revealing your status as a jumper will complete the Chousin Experiment, so in addition to undoing the work of the three most powerful beings in the universe you have to do it without them ever realizing what you are. Have fun!

>> No.39512313

Wasn't there a dragon ball jump that was planned to be an alternate end jump?

>> No.39512331

If you're optional to Drawbacks making things hard enough for end game...there's a couple that might be interesting.

>> No.39512348

End jumps are a category, not a thing you just pick and choose. A jump can't be an end game jump unless it's either an end jump or a normal jump with an end game scenario.

>> No.39512385

Then why is there almost always a Stay Here option at the end of the jumps? I know I sound like a dick, but I'm genuinely curious as to what you think.

>> No.39512406

Stay Here isn't ending, it is not finishing.

>> No.39512413

That's for if you want to give up and quit. That's not an 'end jump'. Your end jump is a final challenge, something you complete to end the chain, yet gain your Spark so you can travel dimensions on your own. An oldwalker spark.

>> No.39512442

Oh. Well thanks for clearing that up, apologies.

>> No.39512459

Also, are any of these "rules" written down anywhere?

>> No.39512490

Possibly stupid question: The planet you terraform in LoT #2, is it present in the 40k finale? I don't see why it wouldn't but i'm not sure.

>> No.39512500


Gosh, that's adorable. No really-it is

Because that's practically begging for a one-way trip to the Multidimensional Labyrinth (heavily retooled Nexus of Giruvegan conjoin conjured with a Reality Marble) the second he lays his filthy paws on our precious treasure.

Where A WORLD OF FUN AND EXCITEMENT AWAITS! Gaze in awe at Tunnel of Fear, as its non-euclidean archietecture directs you to rooms emanating different forms of absolute despair! Have fun navigating the Continuum Loop, where you'll be stuck in an endless circle of space-time for who knows how long! Brave the Artificial Hedge-and watch out for those nasty thorns! And don't forget to check out the Fear Zone, because sooner or later-it's coming to check you out! Ha! Ha! Ha!

>> No.39512502 [DELETED] 

To further clarify it's basically a far toned down version of the +600 drawback that doesn't stop you from continuing jumping.

>> No.39512600

I would be very amused to see how that plays out, I would. You sir are a very entertaining jumper and Jump-Chan should be proud.

>> No.39512651


Out of curiosity. Did you notice that 'Fueled by Hate'(with the support of some other stuff) from Claymore creates the possibility of a new variant of spiral nemesis?

>> No.39512661

The Frowny-Face Nemesis?

>> No.39512701

What jumps can let you combine powers with a companion?
I know of Transformers, Steven Universe, and D&D off the top of my head.

>> No.39512723

Question, how come there's no Strong Soul perk for Soul Eater? Also companion imports, you have to be Demon Weapon, Witch, or Miester. No drop-in options or being a "normal" human.

>> No.39512727

Pic fuckin' related. Except by now imagine them 67'4" in height.

>> No.39512738

They're called 'imports' for a reason. As in, you're giving them a history in the world. Drop-in isn't a history.

>> No.39512750

I think Dishonored has that, though it may just be with the dishonored powers.

>> No.39512760

>Not staying loyal

>> No.39512764

I'm a shapeshifter, so I can look like many different things, but my default appearance always tends to be a well-dressed professional with surprisingly average appearance and physicality. Because, as always, the ultimate rule of thumb in anime; do not mess with anybody that wears a suit into combat. Ever.

>> No.39512777

Always stay loyal to your waifu Jumpchan.

>> No.39512796

Its Absolut


>> No.39512800

Imports doesn't always means they have to have a history. What if I wanted to give them CP to spend on stuff?

>> No.39512803

Dangit-we almost forgot the most important part

We've GOT to get this all on video. Set up an interdimensional livestream as we chase the poor sod through the labyrinth to broadcast on whatever passes for Youtube on Eris. It'll be like TMZ, but free and with a frightened robot person instead of Angelina Jolie or whatever.

Actually-wasn't entirely sure how stronk Assimilation and the rest of the Awakened Being powerset could get. Though-we did consider Wrath Mantra affinity and Cursed Existence to have worrying synergy with this. Not to mention that Hate Chip item from the recent Sly Cooper jump.

To be honest though-we aren't entirely sure how strong Awakened Beings can potentially grow. Are they like reptiles/Dead Apostles, and just continuously grow in power unless culled before it's too late?

>> No.39512807

I always pictured you as:

>pic related

N-not that I picture you alot, sempai.

>> No.39512840

That's what import is for. A history. The points are a side effect of letting you customize and justify that history with abilities and skills.

>> No.39512842

>Experiment. Bear in mind that revealing your status as a jumper will complete the Chousin Experiment, so in addition to undoing the work of the three most powerful beings in the universe you have to do it without them ever realizing what you are. Have fun!
Don't take drop in, be Jurai
/// other steps///
Seduce Tokimi. Win.

>> No.39512865

>Are they like reptiles

>> No.39512894

Hey look, Tokimi can like you all she wants, but she doesn't want her experiment ruined. So she's still going to go hauling after you to capture you and try to figure out what's going on and/or fix the experiment and get Tenchi to ascend. Hell that might be even more dangerous if she loves you, since that's an extra piece of motivation right there, and she might even know of that jumper thing already which would make it an insta-loss.

>> No.39512897

Meant to type lobsters. As in-they continuously grow in strength given enough time to mature.


...yeah, not sure how we got from lobsters to reptiles either.

>> No.39512899

Then why do we get hav a drop in option? Yet our companions don't? Companion import should be "Bring your companion in to a setting with you, they get a background of their choice and X amount of CP to spend."

>> No.39512919

Your companions drop-in when you do. That's their default as it is yours.

>> No.39512924

>it'll be like pic related


>> No.39512938

Lobsters do that?

>> No.39512953

They seem to be able to grow in power over time but it's not that fast after awakening, bigger evidence for this though is actually that Asarakam are stated to only get strong with age, but that awakened beings are made through stuff coming from Asarakam and are immortal, while Asarakam have a 200 year or so lifespan. What that anon is really talking about though is that Priscilla kind of accidentally herself godhood through hate. Each time she was killed, or even injured(she destroyed some of her limbs to make stronger ones at one point) she just got stronger until an attack that was stated to be able to return her to dust. The Filled With Hate perk is just a nerfed version of her power.

>> No.39512955

Except that isn't the case. Your companions normally get nothing from the standard option of 8 in.

>> No.39512962

Yeah but they don't get any CP if you don't import them in.

>> No.39512966

Some reptiles do that, too. Tortoises just grow stronger and more lively with age. Charles Darwin's personal pet tortoise only died recently, in fact.

There is no such thing as a natural death for lobsters. Only violent ones. They're terrifying, and I'm glad we eat them so as to cull the population.

>> No.39512987

> 67'4"
Jesus, Red. I'd ask you how the weather was up there, but you probably wouldn't even hear me.
You know the temperature drops the higher up you go. What's it like getting a head cold in the middle of the Sahara?

Have you developed your own orbit yet? Maybe you can go on a date with Galactus next.

>> No.39512989

Hey, the outsider wasn't asking. if anything i was helping Jump-chan to avoid a conflict. When someone offers you powers and you're in their world, refusing would be rude.

Jumpchan would wipe the floor with the outsider anyway

>> No.39512993

Tortoises, the pet that lasts for generations.

>> No.39513015

Do we get any info on these Asarakam things? Like how strong they are comparatively, if they're sapient, why there's a war and all that.

>> No.39513032

Does anyone have the pastebin for the roguelike/dungeon crawler jump?

>> No.39513085

Question. New jumps need to be .PDF format to be added to the drive, right?

>> No.39513093


On an unrelated note, how many points would you thing this drawback is worth. It's for the Generic Monster Trainer Jump.

Monsterocalypse Reborn: For whatever reason your arrival is the concern of a widely known prophecy that identifies you as the herald of a Neo Monsterocalypse. Expect for every major player to be gunning for you and to be declared an outlaw by the king of Monsterra once you’re identified. So long as you they think you’re still alive and free to act they will continue to escalate their attempts to stop you, which might very well make this prophecy self-fulfilling. Even worse for you, there are those who will take advantage of the distraction you create to bring forth their chosen apocalypses. I hope you’re ready to survive, because peaceful days are over, trainer. Let’s survive.

>> No.39513110


If you have MS Word you can export it into PDF.

>> No.39513113

lol womanlet
I'm 100000'11"

>> No.39513116


-Not enough tattoos
-Too veiny
-I wouldn't even be caught DEAD wearing that
-Not my style

So while close, it's not quite there. I can see why you would, though.

This is why I picked up a lot of temperature perks. ...like, a lot of them. I don't think you even realize how many of them I grabbed in anticipation of getting HUGE.

I don't think I even have my own orbit even as a kaiju, though. Then again, I haven't even accounted for igniting the Wells/eating the Gourmet Cell-enhanced fruit, so... well shit, I have no idea what WOULD happen or how huge I'd get. However, I'm gonna keep getting more huge. Sooooooo there.

>> No.39513124

Not really no, I would expect that they are sapient but the only ones that we see are in the middle of a battle that is just a couple pages showing it, and a couple that are bound and near death. As for how strong they are, they are 3 times the size of humans normally, and they can awaken(is stated to be technically different but similar to what happens with warriors) to become something much larger, as well as that the awakened beings are a weapon of war to fight Asarakam. As well the war seems to have been going on for more than a hundred years, implying some level of a stalemate between Awakened Beings and Asarakam.

>> No.39513214

And now that I'm rereading it on the internet I notice I need to edit it more. Fuck.

Whatever. The other big drawback is essentially "be the Monster Trainer Champion at the end of the jump while all of your opponents have teams out of badly balanced difficulty hacks that are designed to counter you."

>> No.39513238

Double fuck "You fail the jump like you died if you aren't the current Monster Trainer Champion at the end of the jump while all of your opponents have teams out of badly balanced difficulty hacks that are designed to counter you."

>> No.39513265

Ha Pretending I didn't kill tenchi and the other candidates before they got very far along.

>> No.39513290

Then you have to spend the next decade running from her and her sisters, because you just ruined millennia of work and they are quite understandably pissed at you.

>> No.39513325

And Tokimi has zero reason to really care too much if you lose or even die, because you just get to go home. And she can come with. She literally loses nothing.

>> No.39513332

Sadly, that's really the only practical way to accomplish the Tenchi exit-jump scenario, which is why I won't be using it.

>> No.39513359

But telling her that requires you to reveal the existence of the jumpchain, which is a lose condition in that scenario. So either you don't tell her and she chases you down and you spend the next decade running, or you do tell her and lose instantly.

>> No.39513386

A more attractive version of myself. I haven't gotten any major shape shifting powers yet unfortunately.

>Star Wars is my ending world.
Do you mean you're ending your chain at Star Wars and you're not going after the spark, or Star Wars is the last jump you're taking before you go to the end jump?

The last we head Q.S was still working on it and he decided to make it into a Dragon Ball Xenoverse jump.

>> No.39513390

Then enjoy being captured and losing.

>> No.39513402

it is not because those two are separate jumps unless Babylon 5 says otherwise I don't think so.

>> No.39513435

Shibusen (Death City, NV)
Brân Xbalanque Hrafn Fredrick Aquilinus Joaquín Jostrélla Jinglōng Thorsson Ehecacozcatl Mikołajczak
Male, 14yo
The Face
Soul Menace (700)
Black Blood (300)
Soul Perception (100)
Comfort Funds x 3 (0)

>> No.39513452

B5 Anon is free to contradict me on this, but I'd be cool with that
same goes for any secondary ships you had during LoT

>> No.39513469

I just have this weird image of you becoming too big for the planet to even handle. Like, you hulk out and accidentally displace a continent. Millions die. And then you accidentally smack your head on the moon.
I am somewhat genuinely curious as to exactly what point huge starts to become a liability. Be sure to get back to me on the results of that experiment. For SCIENCE!

Bomberman 64
> Origin: Treasure Hunter [-100CP]
> Race: Aquilan
> Age: 23 [Rolled5]
> Location: Black Fortress [Rolled6/OVERRULED!]
> Explosive Manifestation (Advanced SCIENCE!) [Get a Freebie!]
> Heart Bar [-100CP]
> When In Doubt, Hit The Problem! [Get a Freebie!]
> Blades Of Light [-150CP]
> Loot Magnet [-300CP]
> Money (x3) [-50CP]
> Shield Heart [-200CP]
> Remote Bomb Pack [-200CP]
> Masker [+100CP]

What, you mean I get a hundred extra points AND I get to hang out with the cool kids? Sounds good to me!
Annnd apparently I can just make bombs now. Bombs that explode by remote. I wonder what happens when I pump them full of SPIRAL ENERGY? I should find out.
In fact, I should do all kinds of experiments with this bomb formation mechanism to see just what kind of stuff I can produce.

Anyway, I think I'll mostly toy around with Sirius and Bomberdweeb. I'll save Artemis and Orion from death while I'm at it, and then right at the end when it looks like we're going to lose (or if I should happen to murder Sirius beforehand), I'll grab the Omnicube and run off. Fun for everyone!

>> No.39513482

Yes, that was my point. That just going "lol, I killed Tenchi early, easy win" doesn't work.

>> No.39513487

But Konata aren't you getting smaller and smaller every other jump?

>> No.39513498


I'm not sure about the potential power level of Awakened Beings. Although considering that youma flesh is apparently 'infectious' and the memory eating they probably have a lot of room for growth.

However I was thinking more of the implications of being able to create matter(And thus energy) out of hate.

Combined that with the following

1. several hate related perks
2. being an Evangelion angel
3. soul fire
4. biology manipulation perks

and you have someone who can potentially create a limitless amount of stuff from their existence and pure hatred.

To make this even worse add in 'Mother of the Terrible Glow' from Lord of Light, and Demon Blood from Okami.

This lets them release blood that turns into monsters, and Filled with Hate ensures it regenerates. Oh and if you somehow manage to kill them a demon born from their rage seeking revenge will show up.

>> No.39513520

>Do you mean you're ending your chain at Star Wars and you're not going after the spark

>> No.39513530

Nope. That's just my morals.

>> No.39513531

I wonder if all parts of her scale up equally. And I don't even mean that in a pervy way, just a simple matter of anatomy. Her hair, for example. Does she have hair follicles as thick around as tree trunks, or does she grow more of them to make up the coverage?

>> No.39513543

I thought you would be bigger, especially after One Armed Anon went planet size. Your lagging behind I am slightly disappointed.

>> No.39513599

>irresponsible and reckless with power
>allows and even works with entirely preventable evils
>admits to slowly becoming less moral

And to think many of you consider this creature "neutral!"

Don't any of you Jumpers have a sense of responsibility to go with all of this power?

>> No.39513610

I wonder how likely it is to find a broken down or rusted old baneblade or some imperium tech in the graveyard of the lost in the LoT

>> No.39513618

I look like a tourist going to a tropical island. Straw hat, shorts, sandals, sunglasses. Basically pic related.

This of course hides the fact that i'm something of a elditch abomination that makes Azmodan look like a small fry with my 20 arms, 20 legs, 10 "Hand-Tails" while being a nice 16 feet tall.

But that is more like my "There will be no survivor" or my "Freak people out" form.

If you somehow got me angry (Which is a quite a feat in and of itself as i'm a very calm person by nature) "then" you will just receive the first level of transformation which is a combination of my Ork from and my Tonberry Servant form from Fate/Jump.

>> No.39513641

Yeah, I call it 'my companions'. Since I work hard to make them as powerful as I can they can keep me in line when it looks like I'm starting on a slippery slope. They've kept me good thus far, else I'd have likely fallen to the Dark Side long ago, not for power, but for simple expidency.

>> No.39513652

Pretty likely I would think, but also very hard to fix it, might just be better to go with the options that give you manufacturing capability than try to fix up literal junk.

>> No.39513661

Not usually if there is something that can be prevented that wasn't in vain I don't feel like it's my responsibility to do anything unless as I said if there can be preventable deaths, might effect me, or my plans.

>> No.39513670

Pff, no. I'm not evil but I'm not some superhero weighed down with 'responsibility' either.

>> No.39513685

But aren't baneblade or vehicles like those take a long time to even produce?

>> No.39513692

Only because the modern Imperium is technologically retarded.

>> No.39513723

Moderately responsible helpful broship has kinda become the shtick for my run so far. I'm getting the impression I'm a rarity here.

>> No.39513734

MAGIC! And size shifting. ...really I have no idea. I'm not sure it'd get THAT bad, but... I don't know.

Keep in mind I haven't calculated the Well thing. Which the Bismarck waters make at MINIMUM five times normal size... then there's Katalyst X-63. Then there's the fact that Dirge said the Well of Eternity could have amplified the size boost, so for all we know...

Honestly? I don't know, I think the answer is somewhere in the middle.

I like to think I do. I don't go around destroying places/killing gods for fun, but at the same time I don't run around terraforming planets and uprooting civilization. I get pretty crazy with modifying myself, but I feel that since the places I go is just me visiting, it's not my right to actually warp. I will help the protagonist as needed, but in regards to massive, world-shattering changes I keep myself from that. I am a visitor, an explorer, a researcher. To use my gifts and boons irresponsibly is to diminish their meaning.

>> No.39513737

Brân Xbalanque Hrafn Fredrick Aquilinus Brucecaptio Joaquín Jostrélla Jinglōng Thorsson Ehecacozcatl Mikołajczak Bluejay
Male, 14yo
Just Imagine
It Was Bright Sunny Day (800)
Always a Path (650)
Tie themselves in Knots (350)
A Stitch In Time Saves Nine (50)
Sewing Kit (0)
Timeless Storybook
Bag of Seeds (-100)
Not So Entertaining (0)

WINNIE THE POOH! Dreadfully boring I am, but hey, who cares?

>> No.39513738

I'm not sure. This sounds likes either a 600 CP or a 300 CP drawback. I really think it could go either way, but I'm leaning towards 600.

It would definitely be a 600 if it also took away your powers.

>> No.39513739

Which is why I was asking would it be better to repair broken down vehicles or tanks than producing it.

>> No.39513778

good pick, if you're going to schlub it up, you might as well do it right

>> No.39513817

One of the manufacturing options, Mars Pattern Command, lets you create a company or more of Leman Russ Battletanks, Though looking again at the graveyard, it says
>There may even be a few still useable units buried there somewhere.
So maybe a few baneblades or similar

>> No.39513827


>> No.39513844

Not unless you assume that responsibility, spider bitch. And don't try and take a moral highground with me, because I never sold my marriage to Satan like a certain someone.

>> No.39513855

So since Spider-man doesn't have much power he only has a little responsibility, right? Right?

>> No.39513883

Yes and the real responsibility of say, super strength is to not punch people in the dick with it. Not to go around beating up criminals and doing the job of the police.

>> No.39513894

I have both in my build here.
Part 2: All Alone in the Night
Companions: Shas'O Ko'el, Tau Battlesuit Pilot: XV109 Y'vahra Battlesuit
The World: Atmosphere: Toxic (+2) 2/0
Terrain: Swampy (0) 2/0
Flora and Fauna: Unpleasant (+2) 4/0
Special Resources: Mars Pattern Command (3), Graveyard of the Lost (1) 0/0
Natives: Hostile Natives (Tarellians) (+3), Friendly Natives (Zoats) (3) 0/0
Skills and Abilities 1000 cp: Cultural Monopolization (200), Catastrophe Recovery (200), Unwavering Belief (100), Civilian Infrastructure (100), Draft (200), Literacy Program (300), Healthcare (200), Military Modernization (300), Defensive Tactics (300) -900/1000
Complications: Imperial Guard (+600, IG Regiment: Death Korps of Krieg), Ork War Party (+600, Goff Rockers) 300/1000

I was just hoping it would be better to have the Mars Pattern Command just make the Leman Russ Battletanks, and just rebuild broken down tech like a Baneblade.

>> No.39513931

Of course I am best leader, it is my responsibility to be best glorious ruler of country.

All Hail Doom Stadt.

>> No.39513953

Oh, and far be it from me to bring up the poor, impressionable alien symbiote that just wants your love that you abandoned, tricked, and lied to several times and it never learned or understood why?

>> No.39513963

>ruined millennia of work
Millennia? The Chousin Plan is millions of years in the making. The Sisters are going to be PISSED. You might be able to reason with Tsunami and Washu, but Tokimi will straight fuck your shit up if she catches you.

>> No.39513981

Anon's set up is that he wooed Tokimi. So she's probably on the level of her sisters in this situation if only because of that mitigating factor.

>> No.39513996

>implying that the writers didn't shun their responsibility to write him sensibly, and in doing so misuse their power

>> No.39514001

Should work, majority of the tech for building the two tanks is the same, they are both ultimately quite simple, as is most of the tech of the Imperium.

>> No.39514008

Don't forget killing one GF, and making a deal with the devil to annul his marriage to another. All for what? Aunt May & his secret ID.

>> No.39514015

My jumper probubally has a passing resemblance to an western version of Miyamoto Musashi if he worked as a blacksmith decked out in clock punk armor.

>> No.39514033

>Implying your writers are sensible and using their powers in a proper fashion.

>> No.39514038

>get Tenchi to ascend
The Chousin Experiment can also succeed if Zero or Ryoko ascend. So you've got three people you have to either make unable to ascend or convince to not ascend.

>> No.39514055

Everyone should've already killed Zero by this point, honestly.

>> No.39514057


>> No.39514092

Agreed. My plan is to convince Ryoko and Tenchi not to ascend. Zero gets one chance at to not ascend and then he gets offed.

>> No.39514133


The first alt-form I ever picked up was a aasimar in forgotten realms, and I've mixed it with the best of all other species I've been. Factoring in various perks, I default to a very attractive young man with slightly elvish features. Although I don't need them to fly anymore, I miss my big fluffy wings.

Must acquire shapeshifting perks to get them back.

Everyday clothes are loose, robes or a Gi if I can get away with it.

I turn a lot of heads...and break a lot of hearts when I introduce people to my wife.

>> No.39514195

Right then. My jump is now in .PDF form. How exactly do I go about adding it to the drive?

>> No.39514209

needs to be uploaded folder

>> No.39514232

I'm responsible in a sense that if I can avert tragedy in a timely and neat manner, I have nothing stopping me from doing so.

I don't go all Peter Parker on the matter, though.

Though really, I tend to prefer people don't realize I ever acted at all. Keeps things nice and neat.

>> No.39514246

Typically post it here, then if it doesn't show up in the drive the archivist missed it and you may want to add it to the upload folder.

>> No.39514285


Aug, right in the nostalgia.

Are the old stick-death flash videos still up somewhere on the web you think?

>> No.39514293

Thanks, but figured it out.

Really happy with the input so far as well.

>> No.39514370

Definitely want to post it too, though.

>> No.39514402 [DELETED] 


There you go. Should work. It's mostly the same as the pastebin version, but considerably more cleaned up and probubally a little nicer to look at.

>> No.39514434

Uploading directly to the board is a better approach, anon.

>> No.39514510

Ah. Sorry. I am very new at this I'm afraid. This should do.

>> No.39514640

Looks good I can't wait to see what you make next.

>> No.39514719


Actually revealing the existence of the chain probably isn't a problem. It's the existence of the sponsor. At least I'm assuming it's the sponsor since the jump mentions 'jump-chan' instead of 'the jump-chain'


I actually originally didn't think it was possible to win at the Tenchi Muyo endgame scenario. Mostly since I'm not sure how you disrupt an experiment that's basically "Let's wait for super God to show up".

Although if only the 'sponsor' is a problem I thought of something that might work.

Step 1. Go to Tenchi Muyo
Step 2. Find a way to make the choshin aware of your nature as a dimensional traveler from 'outside'(but not above) their territory, without revealing the sponsor(or at least the sponsors full power).
Step 3. Finish the normal jumps
Step 4. Enter the endgame scenario
Step 5. After waiting for a little try to find one of the choshin, mention that their experiment is make it so that the dimensional path won't open, and politely ask them to pause it/turn it off until the 'door' can be opened(thus disrupting the experiment).
Step 6. If step 5 fails try bribing them by pointing out that access to it could be useful to their research.
Step 7. If successful wait and see if this works or not, and make sure none of the potentials need to ascend
Step 8. If it works use your planeswalker nature to 'help' the goddesses with the 'lost research.'

If it works you get the spark and get to avoid starting your time as a planes walker with three angry creator goddesses, and possibly an annoyed super god.

>> No.39514783

Beings outside of their power kinda confirm their suspicions. You being from outside of their influence tells them that there are places beyond their creation and control.

>> No.39514807

That seems like it would work. Convince the Chousin that you're working for the same goals, have them put things off for ten years, and as soon as you complete the jump, BOOM!, they get what they want as well.

>> No.39514908

A question for those of you who acquired the assistant companion from the nine-to-five jump: Who did you base the assistant on?

I've seen at least one (unpowered) Yomiko Readman and I'm considering a Fate Testarossa while I try to decide whether or not I want to get them before or after Sims 3.

No rent for the shop vs. keeping them in the secretary outfit regardless of (normal) climate.

>> No.39514917

Would a 'The Magicians' jump work better pre or post Brakebills/other magic school?

Pre-Brakebills would allow for more interesting stuff going on + more low-key perks, but post-Brakebills would be more high-power and have better backgrounds (Brakebills Grad, European Ex-Pat, Underground Magician, etc.)

>> No.39514946

Is there some kind of timeskip longer than ten years?

>> No.39515038

Not quite, but the structure and nature of the perks and backgrounds would change significantly.

As well, if starting Pre-Brakebills it would be 1st book to 2nd book, and Post-Brakebills would be 2nd book to 3rd book

>> No.39515051


I'm a paladin and I act like one.

I always seek advice from my companions when faced with a moral quandary. I don't abuse my powers, I have lines I don't cross, and I try to leave every world just a little bit better then when I found it.

>> No.39515161


The latest version. Changelog: Adjusted some descriptions for clarity. Added height limits to Aboriginal Ball Form. That's about it really.

Unless anyone finds anything egregious I need to fix this is probably the final build of this jump.

>People made builds of my jump already


>> No.39515285

Only thing I can think of is a double jump deal like Tenchi.

>> No.39515325

Hmmm, already got a minor change. Rather than the Aboriginal Ball Form's height being 'a dozen or so stories' it'll be 'a few dozen times your height'. Just for shenanigans... also because if you're huge you may have a standing bounce higher than the cap, which would be silly.

>> No.39515348

I normally shapeshift to disguise myself as a 7ft tall buff guy.

>> No.39515373


It implies the possibility, but the fact that their trying to find it kind of implies they already consider it likely. Otherwise they would have set up the experiment to be 'determine if super-god exists or not' instead of 'try to get super god to show up'

Plus outside and beyond doesn't automatically imply above. For example the ancient Roman Empire isn't part of any current modern country. However it's government doesn't outrank any of the modern ones.

Basically if other similar entities to the Chousin was enough for their experiment than the other Chousin would be enough for their experiment.

Although I'm not 100% sure if it would work or not. It's more a case of 'this is the best thing I can think of that seems to have a chance of working'.


If it works you can also just show them the 'answer'. Sure they might complain about the left out information, but they probably won't be 'I can't go back to this multiverse angry'.

>> No.39515400

Haven't decided between Bomberman 64: The second attack or Bomberman Hero yet. Might do something entirely different as well, like try my hand at one of the older Final Fantasies if no one else is already working on them.

>> No.39515465

The opportunity to respond to Gilgamesh's "it's morphing time" line by morphing into a 6 armed power ranger is one that many will cherish.

>> No.39515489

Can we decide upon what the Members of our particular Fiendish Five are like, or are they just the members from the game? Same with the Clockwerk Jumper. Obviously they will pretty much act the same as Clockwerk, but can we decide what abilities and powers they have, for the purposes of writefaggotry?

>> No.39515492

You haven't done that already?

>> No.39515525

I gave up the assistant for the couch. It is a damn comfortable couch.

>> No.39515573

No, I've currently got plans through jump ~16 or so and high bookkeeping jumps like JRPGs and actual RPGs are scheduled for after I have a bunch of "gain experience and skill quickly" perks. As well as "everyone drops phat lewt" perks.

Also, last I checked there's no FFV jump, so I can't do it in Exdeath's castle short of using my Video conduit powers and those are saved for stealing items and/or training.

Gluing together 10-15 video games worth of Excaliburs should do something effective.

>> No.39515594

It's the same Gilgamesh throughout the continuity. Think there's at least one way to get him a companion even.

>> No.39515611

Yeah, but it's the principle of the thing. I want to do it before he gets cast into the void, essentially.

>> No.39515634

I have to prevent three goddesses from finding God?

>> No.39515704


>> No.39515749


Sitting on Yomiko is comfier. She's got great padding.

>> No.39515789

And this makes me wish I was more familiar with FFV. I'd totally go for it. Think I might actually binge research it to make that my next jump write up. Unless of course someone else is willing and more able to manage it. I think right now I want to focus on getting the Bomberman jumps out of the way before I do any other settings.

>> No.39515802


From what I know of Tenchi Muyo continuity, the win condition seems to be:
1) ten years pass WITHOUT
2) Tenchi or anyone else ascending AND
3) the Chousin don't find out you're a Jumper

Is there some kind of stasis power you can throw on the potential ascendants to lock them down for 10 years?

>> No.39515804

If you do it, all I ask is a crossdressing perk.

>> No.39515843

I think 3 is more accurately they don't find out about jumpchan not specifcally you being extra dimensional

As for stasis Chi Magic from Jackie Chan, or Magic boxes from Xiaolin Showdown would fit the bill.

>> No.39515895

One would kind of imply the other, though. If you're extradimensional, you've either arrived under your own power or you were transported by someone. They may not know about Jump-chan specifically, but they would probably infer the existence of someone *like* her.

Those stasis solutions look cool. What would go wrong if I just threw Tenchi in one and left him there for 10 years? He's the one who releases Ryoko, right? So if he never does that, then presumably Ryoko never becomes a potential ascendant either.

>> No.39515934

Except there are extra dimensional beings in Tenchi as it is. You're not special unless you go out of your way to demonstrate that hey look at me beyond what Tenchi and crew do on a regular basis.

Which is why acting like a spoiled little space samurai wizard is best solution.

>> No.39515949

dnd spells can lock someone in one place for an infinite amount of time unless they use the spell liberate. I forget what the spell was, but it drove some mage in Baldur's Gate insane.
Stasis tech from Warhammer 40k would also prevent someone from leaving.

>> No.39515971


that was my first thought too.

Stasis + pocket dimension or similar.

'Who? Tenchi?'

Just spend ten years chilling with a few tiny people hidden in the cupboard behind the cereal.

>> No.39516152

Some interesting things one could do with that,besides humorous stuff of course. I'll definitely consider it if I get around to that.

>> No.39516347

So...Just how much would everyone be gunning for you if you took Trigram Knowledge and Manipulation from Journey to the West into Fullmetal Alchemist and buy all the Alchemy related perks? Would you be on everybody's "We Need Him On Our Side Now" list due to the extra stuff you can do with Trigram Knowledge?

>> No.39516433

Basically. You'd also be the most protected person, though. They definitely don't want you to die, not even the Homunculi.

>> No.39516459


Those actually aren't the only two choices. There's also the possibility of some kind of easy to overlook or tricky to use 'natural system'. Like naturally occurring dimensional portals/pathways.

>> No.39516478

Sweet. Does the Trigram Knowledge kinda act as a Philosopher's Stone in the fact that it can do things when combined with Alchemy that normal Alchemy can't do?
And if anybody knows this, can I do the formula in my head, or is the "magic" or whatever in writing it out?

>> No.39516536

Your being able to travel along such pathways, when the Chousin themselves cannot, qualifies as being a dimensional traveller under your own power.

>> No.39516575

In high school DxD for blessings of the faithful it says you can't use powers to convert people and gain the bonus but can you use them indirectly. Lets say I wanted to feed the hungry and poor so I make really awesome food (because stacking cooking perks is fun) Anyways if I win them over doing that and maybe using a little magic in the food (not to influence them just to make the food better and more plentiful) do I still get the bonus?

>> No.39516598

Just realized I forgot to post my writefaggotry in thread. Behold my entrance into Familiar of Zero, my second jump.

First jump was Soul Eater but having more trouble on that one.

>> No.39516617

Enjoy the misery.

>> No.39516619

Yes you can make your own. The drawback means a group has formed similar to the fiendish five, but not related to the actual group that goes by that name.

>> No.39516632 [DELETED] 

Current work in progress of hero and demon king here.

I have to sleep now, I will check reviews and your replies in the morning tell me what you think.

>> No.39516655

Current work in progress of hero and demon king here.

I have to sleep now, I will check reviews and your replies in the morning tell me what you think.

>> No.39516693

I'm looking for a way to make pocket dimensions. Is there a specific perk anywhere or will I need to wank it with my tech?

>> No.39516710


>> No.39516732

Sick. This is going to be a really fun Jump. I goddamn love the Sly Cooper games.

>> No.39516739

She may have issues, but one of the major ones was Saito being a cock. If you're a cool guy and/or show up in an alt form that's clearly non-human-or-elven she'll start happy and then you can bribe her by curing her hot older sister Cattleya's Anime Cancer.

Ideally you'll also want to have taken a perk to make it easier for her to learn Void magic, but eh.

>> No.39516771

Eh, Louise is better than the other three options, and I took Familiar of Zero as one of my last jumps because it allows me to run around as truly monstrous super god. If she tries to brainwash me, I have enough magic resist to stop it. Like I'm totally planning to go all Macross on that Albion air fleet.

>> No.39516788

Personally I like the Pope. His goal is admirable and something I could get behind.

>> No.39516815

> I like the Pope
> something I could get behind

The Pope would like to get behind YOU, Anon...

>> No.39516830

Meh, sorry Francis, FoZ Pope is cuter.

>> No.39516840

Is the DnD jump in the drive? I can't find it there.

>> No.39516844

> Francis
> prefer FoZ


>> No.39516845

Yeah, but Louise gives me more chances to fuck around with the plot and cure Tabitha's mother/Louise's sister.

>> No.39516862

John Paul? I don't keep up with my popes anon. I don't know which one is which.

>> No.39516875

I have a question about the Viking Saga jump.

Are the field hands companions, those rare non-companion followers, or just 'in each world you get this amount of people to take care of your property'?

>> No.39516897

look for ravenloft, forgotten realms, order of the stick

>> No.39516906

Also Dark Sun

>> No.39516935

It might be interesting to pick up a cool alt-form like a dragon or something. Louise would probably love you a lot more than if you were some stereotypical anime protagonist.

> show up in an animal alt-form
> Louise's gift lets you use any weapon you touch
> be an animal
> use a weapon anyway
> become pic related

>> No.39516944

Oddly enough while my Soul Eater magic includes healing I didn't thinks to apply it to that. Mostly I was planning on the "don't be the utter moron Saito was" and "establish it's a partnership" schools of thought. Also bribing her with golem servants, Enchanter Gloves and lessons in how to use them, and actually being a decent person (although I did take the +100 interesting times drawback. That will pop up in the next few installments. Trying to decide on whether I should include the questioning on setting details I already know or just gloss it over. Probably won't be seeing much of Siesta since I'm not going to be doing the laundry (I've got golems for that).

>> No.39516950

Be a shapeshifting animal, get to use your hands.

>> No.39516958

Is it wrong that I find Cattleya more appealing than Louise?

>> No.39516997

No. Also, she's not tsundere like Louise either. She's actually somewhat sane, if chronically ill.

>> No.39517004

She's kind, has breasts the size of her head, is a powerful mage despite her Anime Cancer, and loves animals. Of course, given Karin's growth spurt Louise should eventually grow out as well.

>> No.39517021

She's not a huge bitch. That's a plus.

>> No.39517068

> use your hands

Why would I want to? As long as I don't appear to have hands, my 'owner' will have to pick my poop up for me.

> Louise should eventually grow out as well
She'll grow UP. She probably won't outgrow being a horrible person.

>> No.39517116

Therapy-no-jutsu. Tutorial+Like a Bicycle+Soft-cap to learn not-magical therapy to an impossible level and then work through her issues with her. The genre slider perk from Evangelion. Any number of other "make people nicer" perks.

>> No.39517144

Possibly. I might try to get a unicorn shape so I can bullshit her about healing and virtue and whatnot. Get Louise to become a better person in exchange for healing her sister; threesome ensues.

>> No.39517176

Alternatively, if you want easy mode for Cattelya and Tab's mom, get Holy Ashes from Dragon Age, maybe mix it with some estus while you're at it.

>> No.39517252

Nah Louise is busy being "I can't believe it's not loli", for the purposes of my writing I'm assuming she's kinda short and not well developed in the chest region as opposed to looking like a 10 year old.
Yeah the only really terrible master is Joseph, Tabitha gets you the shittiest power but is a moe blob who's easy to lead, Pope gets you a decent power in exchange for a ruthless master with a set objective, and Louise is bearable if you handle her right.

Also reposting my FoZ build for reference, I decided to shake things up by randomly reassigning the Void abilites, I lucked out (there was a 1/8 chance of almost certain death):
I got Mind of God with Louise as master
Vittoro has Gandalfr
Joseph got Vindalfr (fuck my life)
Tiffiana's familiar remains unchanged
Void Slave (1200)
Linguist (free) suppose this might be occasionally useful
Luck (1000) I'll be needing this, hopefully it will help find some useful items besides Derf
Ediect Memory (700) Figure I may as well play up that "Mind of God" thing
Elven Magic (100) It's heresy time, it will be quite fun figuring this out without a guidebook. Brimir help me if Louise catches me practicing it.
Durable (-100)
Troublesome (0) Living in interesting times ahoy.
In retrospect Magical Science would've been useful, oh well.

>> No.39517314

you can't use therapy no jutsu against your waifu.

>> No.39517320

I restrict myself to my own code of morals and honor- they can be wide-reaching at their loftiest, but it boils down to 'don't be a dick, do the good you can, minimize the bad.' I'd say I'm an ally of justice, but I don't appoint titles I don't think I deserve.

>> No.39517321

Tastes will be tastes I suppose. Far as I'm concerned Louise' figure > Her Sisters but her personality <<<< her sister's. Which matters more.
I HOPE Louise isn't his waifu. A rotten cutie for sure.

>> No.39517356

Actually, now that I think about it, a non-powered Hayate Yagami would also qualify fairly well as a harem wrangler as well as business assistant. I could run a porno store or something for the Nine-to-Five jump.

Then once either once the Nanoha Jump turns up or via the Ranma Fanfic "drawback" I could introduce her to herself, as it were.

>> No.39517379

Speaking of FoZ, how does chain weaving compare to elven magic?
And how bad would it be to take the elf drawback and be summoned by Louise?

>> No.39517393

Elven Magic >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everything Else

>> No.39517396

I had been assuming that they were locals, only in the Viking Saga jump

>> No.39517422

I generally try to do what I can to resolve things favorably via metaknowledge and subtle uses of my power. Two of my companions tend to create an empire that they run out of third world nations, Louise tends to help me with my stuff. Robert Josephson is currently acclimating to jumper life while Father Alexander (Van Hellsing) serves as a conscience and decent person to turn to for moral advice. Tinker Mcnotfranky tends to spend most of his time doing his own thing hopping dimensions parallel to our current one with his seed AI buddies, I sometimes join him once I'm reasonably happy with the current course of events on the main world.

>> No.39517468

Decided to start work on the Bomberman Hero jump next.

That said what is the verdict on not strictly canon companions? Say I want to take someone who isn't even remotely plot relevant and drag them along for the ride? I have some interesting ideas for an ex-Shinra scientist who would probubally want to tag along for the sake of SCIENCE!

>> No.39517493

Care to explain why? I'm unfamiliar with the setting.

>> No.39517497

Verdict on what about them, exactly?

>> No.39517507

>mfw I rolled Joseph every time
On the plus side, magical artifact mastery can get real bullshit real quickly. Shame it has to be linked to a homicidal maniac.

>> No.39517512

>hero and demon king
Fuck. Yes.

>> No.39517516

I'm saying it's perfectly normal to prefer Cattelaya. Louise is underdeveloped and has a troublesome personality made worse by Saito. Frankly Wardes gets a mix of disgust and pity for being engaged to Louise (speaking of which I also rolled to see which faction he's loyal to this time), pity because she's a terrible Tsundere with way too much tsun and next to no Dere by default and disgust because she seriously looks like a 12 year old at most, seriously man.

>> No.39517522

What? Then why are they priced the same? In fact chain weaving is more expensive since you also have to buy elementalism.

>> No.39517524

The over all legality. Would I be allowed to pick one up if they are sufficiently willing?

>> No.39517556

'Normal'? Sure, I'm just mentioning opinions since you kinda aged her up or something. Disgust is probably an overreaction on your part considering this is 4chan, but as long as you don't go on some judgmental bitch spree like some have been known to, then again, that's just opinions.

>> No.39517559

Do you have a pod, or are you paying for the companion import?

>> No.39517597

Looks good, can't think of anything more I would want to add.

I want to know though, would combining Final Casting with a spell that's already really destructive and some perks that boost your mana pool produce something... horrifically powerful? Or does the spell itself not matter that much since all your mana gets put into it no matter what?

>> No.39517630

I lack the pod I'm afraid, but import can be used to create a character from scratch?

>> No.39517645

DxD to create a facsimile.

>> No.39517648

It varies from Jump to Jump. Usually it says if you can.

>> No.39517673

Elves can call on local spirits to do stuff for them. They don't cast fireball, they ask the local spirits to set someone on fire.

Its extremely mana efficient, and they also get a kind of "spirit shield" out of the deal than can withstand some serious damage. Well, serious for the setting. A decent anti-material/anti-tank weapon should suffice to make sume Elf puree.

For the most part Elf magic is better than human magic (excluding Void magic), but there is a glaring weakness- it needs spirits to function.

No spirits= no magic, plain and simple. Pretty sure there's at least one dude that knows a spell that can banish local spirits, thus rendering all Elf Magic completely unusable.

>> No.39517698

Not one for lolis. The age up is more just me slightly altering things to make at least some sense appearance wise. More a headcanon thing than something that will get more than perhaps a passing mention in story. I tend towards assuming semi realistic appearances unless the jump makes a big deal of it being otherwise like Lego or Johnny Test.

I'm personally asexual so I won't be pursuing her or anything like that.

>> No.39517715

You need to re read the win condition. it's disrupt the Chousin Experiment and THEN survive 10 years. That's what makes it difficult. You can't just nab Tenchi, Ryoko and Zero and hide them for a decade. You have to make it so they will not or cannot ascend.

Once you've done that, then you've got to survive the decade.

Important distinction.

>> No.39517748

>Semi-realistic appearances
That'd explain it. For me, I imagine everything looking how it did in the medium. So anime settings are just like the anime, Marvel looks like the comics, but something like Buffy has everyone realistic. This only becomes a problem with books, where it really depends on the tone how I imagine it.

>> No.39517764

I generally assume it's fine to use single person imports to create OCs if you want to. Captain Fishface and Tinker Mcnotfranky come from using the One Piece import options for it. Admittedly it is fanwank but of a minor nature.

>> No.39517785

AFAIK the Light Novels describe a less loli-like appearance for Louise

>> No.39517805

That's good to know. Means I'll have to go back and re-distribute some of my spending, but good to know. Thanks for the heads up.

Presuming I have a highly liveable house that can support my companions effectively indefinitely, can I use that instead or do I absolutely NEED the pods?

>> No.39517825

Tenchi as an end jump is more difficult than people give it credit for.

>> No.39517829

Wait, OAA's planet size?

What the fuck did I miss?

>> No.39517837

You missed the huegining.

>> No.39517854

The pods are for people who are not proper Jump-granted companions, like say, using return to revisit Pokemon and kidnapping that Hex Maniac that sells milk.

>> No.39517859

>What the fuck did I miss?
Turns out Seras is a size queen.

OAA overcompensated.

>> No.39517882


Aside from the hilarious scenario here >>39517859
Let these two posts guide you, dear anon:

>> No.39517893

I see. I probubally am fine without them then.

>> No.39517907

So Elf Magic emphasizes efficiency at the cost of resource opportunity and Human Magic is the reverse?

>> No.39517934

To be clear if you want an existing canonical character it requires a pod unless they're specifically available as a purchased companion. Meanwhile most companion options get you original character companions you're free to fluff as you want so long as their backstory doesn't mess up the canonical setting.

>> No.39517935

The only real drawback to having lots of companions is that you can only have 8 of them active and not stored in the space outside of time, which as far as I know cannot be expanded by any non-fanwank method. Like say using a supplement. Not that I personally care, but don't mention it if you do.

>> No.39517958

>Hex maniac
Your waifu is a nice choice

>> No.39518000

>contracting with the fragment of reality that is 'The World' via using a spirit as the representative

>being able to merge with said world's spirit

>having contract-accessing paladins and priests

OAA. You aren't allowed to say you're a low-powered jumper anymore.

In hypothetical multiplayer, you scare the shit out of me.

>> No.39518030

>In hypothetical multiplayer, you scare the shit out of me.
He's got nothing on the doll

>> No.39518049

The doll scares everyone, anon.
The doll scares everyone.

>> No.39518067

The idea of OAA in Potatos scares me too.

>> No.39518077

Sort of? Human magic is powered by the caster themselves, and depending on how good they are, they can do a wide variety of things using combinations of elements.

Elves have raw power more than anything else, the stuff they wield is more akin to mini-natural disasters than proper spells.

>> No.39518090

the doll?

>> No.39518092 [SPOILER] 

Absolutely terrifying

>> No.39518094

Bacon has to come from somewhere.

>> No.39518103

Considering i've made use of a number of the warehouse supplements that problem's cleared up.

Yeah. The only character really effected by this was one picked up from the FF7 jump, so I redistributed my points to account for it, dropping a perk to pick up the cost and since it gave me two companions I wrote up another one as well. I'm quite satisfied with the results and I don't think they violate canon that badly at all... not to say that I plan not to. Ho boy do I plan to try and mix things up.

>> No.39518108

I kinda like her.

>> No.39518114

The point I was trying to make was that humans seem to always have their casting resource readily available, whereas elves must depend in the environment.

>> No.39518132

Wakfu's evil-ish, but just as disaster-prone alter-ego.

>> No.39518133

The doll? What (or who) is the doll?

>> No.39518148

Are you calling OAA a pig?
Animal Farm jump when?

>> No.39518152

>Example fanwank method 1:
>Pokemon can be stored in the pokemon storage system. Which is to say a computer.
>Pokemon's computers have not-Tron in them per the Porygon episode.
>Pokeballs can contain pretty much anything other than humans normally.
>This limitation can presumably be removed, so do it.
>Use return or some other method to grab a copy of the Pokemon storage system and/or recreate it.
>Now take Kayaba's World Seed and use it to support a virtual world populated by anyone in the system.
>Stick companions in balls.
>Stick them in the system.
>Congrats, you've made a Companion Storage System and can let them do stuff instead of just not-living.

>> No.39518157

Exactly, humans are extremely lame in FoZ.

>> No.39518159

Gehrman plz go

>> No.39518166

See >>39518132

>> No.39518221


Nice method.

>> No.39518222

First off, nice triples.

Second off, why? You have how many jumpers capable of breaking planets at this point?

The Contract's nothing special.

>> No.39518246

Not many that talk about it. As far as known factors you only have to deal with Red and Anti-Spiral.

>> No.39518250

OAA scares the shit out of me. I mean year I made the Bow, and the DPP, and the Trees with the Wells... but being able to fuse with a planet at will? Nope. Fuck that shit, I'm out.

>> No.39518263

That's because most planets are incapable of defending themselves, and thus rely on heroes, spirits, and similar 'anti-bodies' to protect themselves.

By merging with them? You give them a way to finally channel and manipulate all of that power they possibly have and a method of directing it.

>> No.39518289

A best.

>> No.39518300

Planets are not smart things. Often, they want what they want without considering the consequences upon intelligent life. As if all other life trumps it. Pfft.

Being a Cetra's okay, because you can at least say no.

>> No.39518305

How much do you figure a ring that stops your personal time (so preventing poisons/aging from working) is worth?

>> No.39518314

So... are you talking about potatoes or "Potatoes."

I'm not sure Epicureanon is interested in getting involved with Seras and OAA.

>> No.39518328


>> No.39518336

Yeah, as far as planet bound beings go, Cetra are okay. They don't have to do anything if they don't want.

Also, I like how best planet, Ar Ciel, pretty much goes against all of that. Except when it's going insane, it cares a whole lot about the happiness of the life on it, and doesn't even try to stop/interfere with tech progression. Hell even when it was crazy it took centuries to talk itself into genocide. Best planet.

>> No.39518339

5 dollars, probably.

>> No.39518354

>Has a PS4

>> No.39518368

Points wise, smarty pants.

>> No.39518370

nope, all PC this gen, but I've been watching Patsworth muck about

>> No.39518424

This coming from the madame who can quite literally eliminate planets with red matter arrows that multiply for each organic being they target.

>> No.39518463

Eh, Red Matter from Minecraft is different from the Red Matter from Star Trek. I took that out.

Also we have no confirmation of that capacity.

>> No.39518467

it depends on the setting and what other things are available with those points.

>> No.39518498

Anyone else feel really inadequate when namefags start talking about how superpowerful they are?

I'm not a low powered jumper by any means, but I haven't come up with all these cool combinations and what not.

Not a slam against the namefags, I like reading what they write, but I am jelly.

>> No.39518499

I probably just shouldn't include this, no aging is a given for 3/5 of the origins.

>> No.39518522

I'm not an insecure child, so no, I don't.

>> No.39518524

How many arrows was it /per person/?

/and how many enchantments and murderous aspects per arrow/.

It's not superpowerful.

Honestly, the thing that people are forgetting about the planet-fusion thing is that it's like the Berserk spirit fusion: It's temporary.

Outlast it and BOOMDED.

>> No.39518554

I am actually rather curious, since Cetra can talk to the planet... if they could talk Ar Ciel out of its insanity.

>> No.39518578

I don't think so, they'd probably either be convinced of its view (We want to kill our children with our own hands as one final mercy before we reset the atmosphere and the whole planet to save it.) or go insane from all the pain. Ar Ciel isn't so much psychologically damaged as it is physically, its core itself has been shattered and insanity is the by-product of that.

>> No.39518588

Don't be a dick.

Honestly, you could see it another way. We could just be as autistic as fuck and combing through things to justify our bullshit. So on the other hand, you could justify that you have a life outside /jc/ while we don't. It goes both ways.


Including the Demon King and Hero jump... ...10,800-32,400 arrows per person. Striking them each ten times. That doesn't constitute planet busting though!

>> No.39518589

I think a lot of people underestimate just how easy it is to crack a planet, especially with some engineering perks.

Just jump to Halo and snag a Super MAC- standard, out-of-the-box ones can crack continents, all a jumper has to do is up-size it.

There you go- a planet broken at a budget.

>> No.39518606

Sly Cooper Build
Drawback: Fiendish Five (1200), You look better in the Dark (1300)
Default Form: Import from Jurassic Park
Background: Cop (1250), 22, Haiti
Skills: Free Nose to the Ground, Discount Leap (1200), Discount Suspiciously Convenient Clues (1100), Discount Undercover Cop (950), Plan A (850), Light-Footed (750), Animalia [Spit, Enhanced Swimming, Natural Armor] (550)
Gear: Import Iconic Item [Custom Sidearm] (450), +Magnet on a Fishing Rod (400), Free +Shock Pistol, +Sleep Darts (350), +Smoke Bomb (300), +Armed and Dangerous (250), Free Binocucom, Gang Van (50), Free +Cop Car, Free +Battering Van (0)

>> No.39518620

Forgot to say, talking to Ar Ciel can have only one positive outcome. That you convince it to wait a little bit longer to kill everyone so humans will have more time to fix everything.

>> No.39518667


It's not game-breaking. And likely if the main planet's cracked, the fusion bit will shatter with no small amount of damage to summoner (e.g. me).

>> No.39518717

Dinosaur cop? Nice!

Also you get Calling Cards for free, if you want them.

>> No.39518738

Halo has a lot of frankly scary tech.

It also has a nuke called the Nova Bomb that can obliterate planets and burn off an atmosphere, even at a distance.

>> No.39518755

If I took Roulette and the various other perks from God Hand, related TO the God Hand, could I apply those Perks to the God Hand from DMC? I don't need the invulnerability and such, I just want the Roulette and other such things.

>> No.39518762

>It also has a nuke called the Nova Bomb that can obliterate planets and burn off an atmosphere, even at a distance.
Huh. That thing has to either have a lot of potential energy or the capacity to generate it.

I know what I'm having for dinner; thank you Savage Salvage.

>> No.39518776

Could you teach the FoZ void mages the Void Magic from Kirby?

>> No.39518779 [SPOILER] 

right, forgot to list that,
and since I went for hybrid options in JP the ugly drawback made sense
for reference I had bits of a Sea Turtle, a Raptor, and pic related

>> No.39518793

Meh. Half the stuff they come up with involves slapping together magical and spiritual items, which they can do because there are barely any rules on magical and spiritual stuff.

It is impressive that they can connect the dots to form things together. But the items made tend to be for show.
We know that Red's bow can shoot a fuck ton of magical arrows, but can only guess at how much damage it does.

If you really want something powerful, get some science perks, steal the death star plans during the clone wars (or any other doomsday weapon you want. Pick your flavor), Invader Zim Perpetual Energy generator (not needed, but useful) and grab a miniaturization/efficiency skills from either Worm or 007. You now have everything needed to make a (possibly) handheld weapon that can easily reach the kiloton range in terms of damage without nuclear fallout.

If that's too much, get infinite ammo skills from DMC or Bayonet and the M-920 Cain from Mass Effect.

>> No.39518805

>28. No matter how tempted I am with the prospect of unlimited power, I will not consume any energy field bigger than my head.

>> No.39518815

You'd be better served eating an Orgel of Origins or some other dedicated energy producing technology or device.

Eating a nuke just lets you turn YOURSELF into a nuke.

Savage salvage lets you replicate what a machine/thing does- so now you can explode with the force of a small star.

>> No.39518829

>Orgel of Origins
They're part of my balanced breakfast.

>tfw I accidentally became Galactus, just without the derp headgear

>> No.39518841

But what if you have enough durability to survive the explosion? Do you just release it like when Vegeta tried (and failed) to kill Buu?

>> No.39518854

If you want to set off nuclear explosions and survive you're better served with either of the sun-generating perks.

>> No.39518855

>Infinite ammo Cain

Well. I know what I'm getting now.

>> No.39518881

I know that all the skills/knowledge needed to make doomsday weapons can easily be found in one jump.

An that's just off the top of my head.

>> No.39518892

The closest I ever got were my death writers. I had picked up Enchanting early on in Fairy Tail for utility's sake. That let me make Light Writers. From there I Ensouled them with VS runes and enhanced the, with technology derived from a Lord of Light Bright Lance. The end result were mobile platforms that were ridiculously hard to hit and could create all sorts of interesting runic arrays ridiculously fast. Also they could be effectively used as a Nanoha Inteligent Device for scribing other magic circles and such.

This was also supplemented by the supercomputer I had set up to simulate runic arrays to find interesting ones (since internalized via Savage Salvage).

>> No.39518907

Don't forget to reduce the charge time. Otherwise they'll still be kind of limited in application.

>> No.39518912

Honestly, the most destructive weapons are something like a projectile propelled to relativistic speeds. I'm sure those would be cheap enough to reproduce and to essentially spam at mid to late jumper level. The Alcubierre Drive I was talking about requires an item with negative mass, and something like Half Life has one or two of those, and those can destroy a world. The largest combos namefags have require multiple jumps, but are fairly weak to methods that require one or two jumps like tactical exterminatus via Light of Terra, Death Star shenanigans, or accelerating a piece of iron really fucking fast. If worst comes to worst, you should just go to dnd and line up like 30 trillion peasants with a bunch of poles.

>> No.39518921

Read that as 'seduce the charge time'

>> No.39518944

Okay how about we just chill the fuck out about combos.

Everything has a weakness and a strength. That's a fact of life.

>> No.39518952

If he can't fix that, one could just rig several of them together so as to fire in sequential order.

A Gatling Cain if you will.

>> No.39518954

False. Joseph Joestar has no weaknesses, and no flaws.

>> No.39518958


My doomsday weapon of choice is a Caster Gun from Outlaw Star that's been up-sized into a 1.5km cannon.

I can fire Black Holes and Supernova blasts/beams.

I can use it to collapse stars.

>> No.39518962

If worst comes to worst, my favored method is Ice Assassins. Some posters may have anti-world level weaponry, but how long will they last when those weapons are turned against them?

>> No.39518966

I assume eating new munitions is how you upgrade yours if you're an abyssal with savage salvage. So it should let you techno-organically generate and launch nova bombs. Though you'd still probably have to supply the appropriate materials/mass/energy for your body to manufacture them.

>> No.39518969

No potatoes.

>> No.39518973

>We know that Red's bow can shoot a fuck ton of magical arrows, but can only guess at how much damage it does.
Oh, undoubtedly. I can only guess at how much damage it does on a magical scale as well. Honestly, the kicker is that it's fused with a sword that uses my magical POWER as physical damage. And it's fused with a bunch of items that boosts magical power a lot.

And it increases in size, so I could be firing metal rods the size of battleships at targets, with the draw strength always scaling up. So you can imagine the kind of speeds a Kaiju that's bigger than Mt. Everest firing battleship-sized metal rods can do.

>> No.39518979

>no flaw
He cheated on his wife Vecna

>> No.39518989

I am personally a fan of kinetic weapons.
The reason of put down the Death Star laser is due to the simplicity and the flexibility.

>> No.39518996

Yeah but he produced Josuke.

>> No.39519022


True, but he still cheated on her.

>> No.39519055

>A Gatling Cain if you will.
Okay, that got me hard.

>> No.39519084

There's no forgiveness for being that much of a disgusting waste of human flesh.

>> No.39519092

>Caster Gun from Outlaw Star
Anime can be hit or miss with weapon designs, but that one they got right. It LOOKS like something that shoots magic, like something that should rightly be called magitech.

>> No.39519114

Does he? Guess I know I can skip out on reading Jojo.

>> No.39519130

I shouldn't have mentioned the flaws part, I concede that, but he doesn't have any weaknesses. He's still pretty awesome. If only Alessi vs Joseph happened.
Why? Are we talking about the same Josuke? Without Josuke, there wouldn't be Yoshikage Kira, beautiful Duwang, Sheer Heart Attack, or pasta punching. Hell there wouldn't even be a part 5.
There's something very poetic about using a population of illiterate peasants who can be killed by a housecat to propel poles at blistering speeds. That's my lowtech doomsday weapon.

>> No.39519156

He cheated on his wife. There's no forgiveness for that shit. I don't give a fuck who his son is.

>> No.39519162

Right then. I suppose I'll run off the jumps i've hashed out so far. I figured I'd start off with something quite simple... Minecraft. I've played a lot of it in my day (particularly modded) so the familiarity's there.

Background: Drop in (0 CP)

Biome/location - Black forest (...fuck)

Free bonus chest: wood axe, hoe, pickaxe, shovel, sword, five apples, five breads, four torches, the chest itself.

Rei's minimap: Free
Hack/Mine: 200 (Warrior class)
Crafting table: 100 (Wouldn't be minecraft without the crafting)
Mo' Creatures, Peaceful Fauna Edition: + 0 CP adds more life to the world.

Hardcore questing mode: 50
Endless bag of glowstone: 50
Tool pack: 100 (Full diamond set, bow, fishing rod. Unbreakable.)
-Aqua affinity enchant: 100
Mining laser: 400

So right off the bat the odds are against me. The plan is to use the the mining laser to clear out as many trees as soon as possible to let sunlight in and keep monsters back, while giving me enough wood to make a decent starting base. Glow stone and the torches will help further stave off mob incursions so after the initial danger has passed I'll at least be sitting moderately well.

Hack/Mine means I'll start in a 'low level' area so the monsters aren't horribly dangerous in my starting biome at least. The quest book gives me an excuse to actually go out and not hide in some corner of a fortress of solitude, which is bound to upset Jump-Chan. Rei's minimap is stupidly valuable given how cheap it is. At least for someone like me. Which some work this should be a very successful jump, particularly when I start dungeon diving and gathering loot to kick the heads in of various mobs.

By the end of it, presuming I haven't died horribly, it'll be on to the next jump.

>> No.39519196

Alessi vs Joseph would have been amazing, such a missed opportunity.

>> No.39519231

I know right? They had joke stills of that on April 1st. It's a shame they couldn't deviate from the script a little bit, but it makes sense considering David's budget isn't that high and Vanilla Ice and Dio's World are coming up. Those are two of my favorite moments in manga, and Dio's World is one of the greatest endings.

>> No.39519240

Considering the bow strength has to deal with more weight combined with the larger surface area for air friction, I doubt it's going to reach any fantastical speeds.

Unless you fire it from orbit and aiming down at the planet. Then you could reach some serious speed. The velocity combined with the weight of the metal alone could easily cause the same damage as a tactical nuke per arrow.

Add in your magic a spirit capabilities with all the other arrows, that bow (still in orbit) could probably take out an entire country with one pull.

>> No.39519266

Ten years. Of being one of the few sane and competent people in Megakat City.

First off. The Enforcers needed an upgrade - to competence /and/ equipment. Mostly the competence however.

Second off, the Swat Kats were damn good off as they were. Buuuuuuut... Guess who may've dropped off some schemata on how to augment their jets with Halo-level weaponry and the like?

And then guess who may've snuck in and upgraded their jet to be a two-person, variable-mode mecha. And that was just the beginning.

With Callie aiding my efforts while I moonlighted as the secretary's assistant, the city became safe. Safe for everyone.

>Maoyuu Hero & Demon King
Location: Central Kingdom
Age: 22-years-old
Drawbacks: King of Corruption (+300), Military Inferiority (+300)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Background: Demon King
Race: Dragon

-Economy 101 (Free)
-Hard Work & Study
-Crimson Sage
-Crimson Saint
-Magic Adept

-Outer Library
-Bodyguardx2 (Adam Jensen & Zwingly the Moogle Tinkerer)

And y'see.
This is why I know I'm not stronk.

>> No.39519282

ohey forgot to namefag like a faggot.

>> No.39519299

>This is why I know I'm not stronk.

That's cool, I can't suplex trains either. The point was, there are plenty of jumps that offer you planet-cracking tech, you just need some hacking/engineering skills to get them.

>> No.39519310

Could anyone help me come up with a good name for using in superhero jumps? I'm planning on using a lot of powers that could nebulously be gathered under the title of "causality manipulation". Time warping, altering probability, precognition, stuff like that. Anyone got any good names for that theme?

>> No.39519395

Minute Man.

>> No.39519400

Lifeline, Watchman, Theory, Outsider
Just off the top of my head.
That's a good one too.

>> No.39519407

Thanks, those are pretty good.

>> No.39519409

I was gone for too long it seems

>> No.39519412

Déjà vu
Déjà Fist
Time Crunch

>> No.39519418

Catalyst is a name I always like, but just off the top of my head; Lord/Lady Luck, Coin Flip, No Chance, or Probable Cause.

>> No.39519430

Wakfu isn't evil exactly, Wakfu is deranged.

>> No.39519433

Maybe Mr. Fate.

>> No.39519441

Also good ones. Thank you.

>> No.39519442

Be careful with the Black Hole one. If you use it in a HIGH magic universe, it's possibly going to kill you. A low/no magic? Probably. And scaling it will only make it worse.

>> No.39519458

I think you mean vice versa there. Caster shells draw from local magic first, so using them in a place with a lot of magic is perfectly safe. They draw from your life second, so using them in a low magic universe is death.

>> No.39519494

I said that. High magic = Possible, low to no = Probable. I emphasized High Magic to point out that this is pretty serious mojo that might drain the local area of magic for a bit.

>> No.39519498

By this point I've quite a few magic storing options, and whole lot of Mako saved up.

I'll admit, I cheese it a bit when harvesting Mako. I seed a planet with virulent plant life, then I use my various "grow faster" skills to accelerate their growth.

Once the planet has a lush fauna biosphere, (around year 8-9 of a jump), then I plant a few dozen high-capacity Mako reactors and bleed it dry.

>> No.39519518

Literally evil.

>> No.39519569

Evil? Perhaps a bit. Pretty pragmatic and clever though, I'd say, and it doesn't hurt sentient life... probubally. I approve.

>> No.39519588

Time Warner Cable can suck my fat dick.


Its simple, easy to say, allows for puns if you're into Silver Age antics, and conveys what you're about.

>> No.39519594

Literally worse than Char "Fuck the world Imma drop a big rock on it" Aznable

>> No.39519595


Flora, FLORA

I meant Flora. I don't plan on having any critters grow on these Mako-battery planets.

I'm not killing critters, I'm only leeching plant life.

Does that make it less evil?

I'm basically waiting a few years for a planet to develop Pandora Jungles level of plant life, then leeching it.

>> No.39519621

You could, you know use the perk Let's Put Our Hearts Together, from Generic Sugar Bowl, to fix planets after you drained them to fix them up, allowing you to do high drain on pretty much every planet.

Suggestion though, don't try to use Mako reactors in Tales of Vesperia, or Tales of Symphonia. In Symphonia the planet is already near death iirc, and in Vesperia there is a completely different system of magitech going on that is killing the planet, but through different means. You don't want the side effects of both magitech planet killing systems, it would be bad.

>> No.39519632

>literally turns a planet into a lifeless husk of a rock incapable of sustaining plant life, and by proxy fauna
>grinds souls and the planet's life itself into rocks
>utterly destroys a version of an afterlife and condemns the civilization to a slow, horrible death as they run out of resources

>doesn't hurt sentient life

>> No.39519636

And this. Prime evidence.

That jumpers are worse than Hitler.

>> No.39519653

You appear to be assuming they are doing it to a world that actually had per-existing life in the first place.

>> No.39519654

Y'all don't have any rights bitching at this guy when Konata loves doing things like this with Mako.

>> No.39519663

See >>39519636

>> No.39519673

Too slow.

>> No.39519674

Honestly? This is like the kiddie pool of evil. It's not torturing something endlessly like the dark eldar or go off into the deep end of the pool like Rapestate anon. It's just a planet full of xenos anyways, so it doesn't really matter.

>> No.39519678

I really don't care about your whiny morality.

>> No.39519688

>It's just a planet full of xenos anyways, so it doesn't really matter.
You do know that from the other perspective, you are the xenos right?

>> No.39519693

I assumed it was being done on an empty, or already dead world. If that's the case it's no worse than growing a garden then over harvesting it and the garden dies.

>> No.39519698

Every single world we start on has life. And he can't just up and MAKE a new world in ten years. Either way, the point remains. He's making life on a planetary scale for the sole purpose of harvesting it.

That's because everyone already knows Konota is evil as hell. Old news. But even then, Konota doesn't make life just to make a bigger payload.

>> No.39519701

Kotana isn't doing it just to harvest mako, I'm pretty sure she's set for power, she's doing it as a weapon. She straps the reactors to things she wants to kill.

>> No.39519721

Good is so annoyingly goddamn bitchy. They need to keep their whining to themselves.

>> No.39519724

Except part of a Mako Reactor's effectiveness was that it drained the Lifestream, which was essentially the collective cluster of souls of ALL life on that planet. You need living beings in order to have a Lifestream.

>> No.39519728

No. I am a member of the greatest species ever made. Do they have a god emperor of man? I thought not. Suffer not the alien to live.

>> No.39519743

Samefag edgelord detected.

>> No.39519751

See >>39519693

Sure to make some elves and tree huggers very angry, but I see no problem here.

>> No.39519753

Thus the seeding a planet part. Go to dead/empty world, plant life, accelerate it's growth, harvest it. The planet is left with some dead plants and that's it.

>> No.39519754

>tfw Emprah was essentially a Chaos God of Humanity.

>> No.39519755

Ok, better reiterate.

I have a whole bunch of green thumb/growing perks. A whole damn lot.

Early in a jump, I fly out to a desolate planet or asteroid, and I lay down a whole mess of seeds. I leave some Satellites to track progress, then I take off.

From there, around year 8 or 9, I go back. From there, I slap down Mako reactors to do their business, and once they extract what they can, I leave the planet.

That's it, no woodland critters will be harmed. I'm just farming dirtballs for Mako.

Is that still evil? I'd genuinely like to know your opinions.

>> No.39519765

Two things idiot.

1) To be a samefag, you have to pretend to be someone else. Making multiple posts is not samefagging or all of you are doing it.

2) I'm not evil. I'm just sick of you all exploding into whining and crying the minute someone is.

>> No.39519769

Honestly, it'd depend on the world's definition of 'soul'. Some 'verses have EVERYTHING having a soul, down to the mushrooms. In other cases, plants don't have 'em.

>> No.39519770

I wouldn't say it's evil. Seems perfectly fine to me, else you'd have to argue about eating vegetables that we've grown just to be eaten.

>> No.39519783

It's not evil. It's considerably greedy at worst... unless said plants somehow developed sentience. Then things start to get a bit grey, but that's pretty unlikely an outcome.

>> No.39519810

Even so, they're right. Morality no longer applies after a point.
It doesn't matter if it is.

>> No.39519861

>Even so, they're right. Morality no longer applies after a point.
I beg to differ, morality actually matters WAY more as a jumper progresses. Without morality you're no better than some beast. So claiming 'hurr durr I'm a new being morality is for weaklings who hold to weak humanity' is just edgelord bullshit.

Nice try, though.

>> No.39519862


my last transforming guy used 'Flux.'

>> No.39519868

Nope. Only if you decide it does. It doesn't have to if you decide it doesn't.

>> No.39519871

quiet, you
seems like a lot of work and expense relative to the gain, but not evil so long as there's no intelligent life

>> No.39519878

Aaand shit like this is why we will.never have potato casserole.

>> No.39519879

Whatever, Nietzsche wannabe.

>> No.39519880

>quiet, you
>Shut up for having an opinion I disagree with
Not even him, but don't pull that bullshit.

>> No.39519891

Are you having trouble with them too?

>> No.39519900

Dryads must hate you guys.

>> No.39519903

goddamn that dog is creepy
my bad, I still think he's full of shit, but you're not wrong

>> No.39519917

If you went back to earth with enough power to destroy it an opinion against you destroying it matters not at all if they cannot stop you. Morality only even exists if there is another being that matches your strength or is more powerful than you. Your opinion on the matter is irrelevant because that's just how it is naturally and would be the same with or without your approval.

>> No.39519944

>your opinion is irrelevant
This is canon; there is only power, and those too weak to take it.

(Seriously, be careful, you're gonna cut yourself on all that edge, buddy.)

>> No.39519956

Its actually not a whole lot of work. I've bio-engineered the plant life to be hardy, self-pollinating, and aggressive. My green thumb perks are mostly passive, and for an added buff I can have the satellites collect solar power and convert it into growing magic to be beamed planet side.

Besides, my purpose on the asteroid/planet is twofold, I'm already there extracting metals and other metallics with Autonomous factories, so it's two birds with one stone.

The factories/mining bots all have Anno 2070 tech, so their environmental impact is zero, due to that they don't hinder the propagation of plants in any way.

I'm going for pragmatic, not evil.

>> No.39519959

Look who came out of philosophy class.

>> No.39519961

on the contrary, if there's nothing stopping you, then the ONLY thing that matters is one's ability to decide if it is or isn't right to do so

>> No.39519975

>Your opinion on the matter is irrelevant because that's just how it is naturally and would be the same with or without your approval.
And INSTANTLY what little credibility you have is shot down. Talk about stuck-up.

>> No.39519997

It is what it is. If you're in an ally and a guy has a gun in your face your opinion no-longer has any merit.

>> No.39519999

Sooo... I can't choose not to destroy the world and be a massive dick because my opinion doesn't matter? I call bullshit... unless I'm misinterpreting you here.

>> No.39520042

That doesn't make him morally justified. Your argument is flawed and has no merit. Good day, sir!

>> No.39520058

Morality only exists if there is conflict against it. Without conflict it just is. Natural order. It doesn't matter what you do if no one can stop you. You make the rules at that point.
Morals don't exist at a point.

>> No.39520078


>> No.39520080

And what does that make me if I choose not to be a massive dick about it like you seem bent on making people be. One can very easily have that much power and choose to stick to morals one considers conventional.

>> No.39520091


>> No.39520111

I love you too, Crux.
It just makes you, you. How you interpret yourself and things around you is all that matters.

>> No.39520138

And I consider other people important, so they matter as well, since I'm apparently making the rules.

For the future perhaps word your arguments a bit better and more neutrally? It does come off terribly edgy.

>> No.39520156

Ignoring this first year psych student bullshit... let's look at it this way.

Each and every jumper all shares the same origin: They started as a human. They started as an average, baseline human that an omnipotent benefactor chose for the lulz. That means that literally ANYONE could have been the Jumper. Anyone at all. Naturally their views and opinions will change and grow based on their experiences, their lessons learned, their options expanded. Would YOU be okay with such a being deciding your fate? If someone came in right now, and said "I'm going to kill you", would you REALLY say "Go ahead, you have the right?"

No, chances are you will ask them not to kill you. Because at minimum, we value our own lives. We want to live. We want to do things, we want to explore, we want to do what we feel is fun or meaningful. For someone to come by and tell you that your own life and opinion doesn't matter? That goes against every single self-preservation desire we have. Hell, if today was the last day you had left, would you want to live for longer?

Morals are but one of many things that define us. We determine personally what we feel may be right or wrong, but at the same time morals are VERY important as one becomes more than they are. Trying to get rid of morals is like trying to get rid of your own prejudices, or your own desires, or your own feelings. We like to say we can, but COULD we? Would it really be so easy to just walk up to someone and pull the trigger, watch them die?

Will our morals CHANGE as we live and develop? Or most certainly. Will they ever go away? No. Even the opinion of "power determines what is right and wrong" is a moral standpoint, because it is being used as an indicator of what is good or evil. Your attempts of claiming 'we don't need morality' is flawed from the start.

>> No.39520159


Fuck your good. Fuck your evil.
I'm all for 'Chaotic Fun' alignment

Bioshock Infinite
Age: 23-years-old
Identity: Lamb

-Lockpicking (Free)
-Tears (Free)

-Murder of Crows
-Bucking Bronco
-Shock Jockey

-Sky-Hook (Free)
-Lockpicks (Free)
-Salts Machine
-Bag of Eagles x2

-Songbird (+100)

>> No.39520169

...yeah, man, you seriously have no clue what you're on about here. Morality exists regardless of how powerful you are. You might not like, follow or even recognise it, but it doesn't simply wink out of existence when there's no opposition.

I mean, shit, it's coming from me of all people.

>> No.39520207

I gotta agree with you.
Side note
How do you guys factor your jumper's age?
njumpsx10 +current age
(Mean starting agexnumber of jumps)+(number of jumpsx10)+current age?
How do you guys do it jc?

>> No.39520210

Yeah, something you just can't avoid sometimes.
The near exact opposite could be said to you. I get where you're coming from though.

>> No.39520229

You can do number of jumps times ten plus current age, or go through all of the jumps you've done, look at the age you rolled, and add that on as well, since it's memories of life.

>> No.39520237


Isn't morality just a combination 'this is what I think is the right thing to do because reasons' and 'this is what I think is the wrong thing to do because reasons' because reasons?

That seems like the kind of thing that's technically impossible to avoid while being anything capable of being considered a person(or people for the hivemind jumpers).

Sure people can't force you to obey specific moral systems, but the only thing that changed is your ability to get away with using a different system.

>> No.39520246

Such a being is long dead compared to one that has lived lives as everything besides a human dozens of times and has tens of thousands of years behind them. Those mere twenty years are as nothing. They have nothing at all to do with the personality and sum-total of experience which is what you are now.

I may be good, but I have no illusions that who I am now is even remotely related to who I was, or that I am at all human. I am not.

>> No.39520255

Past my fifth jump, I just settled it at OLD.

Once I went Revtail Origin, age just.... wasn't all that important. Be it 50 or 500.

>> No.39520257

>if today was the last day you had left, would you want to live for longer?
No, I'd just be glad it was finally over.

>> No.39520283

You're assuming much. You don't seem to have much experience when it comes to life.

>> No.39520289

Come back and say that on your last day friend. It's always easy to say you don't care for life when you have life left to live. It's when you're on death's door that you realise just how much you still wanna do.

>> No.39520300

Come back and say this when you've dealt with severe depression the majority of your life.

>> No.39520316

Already have anon. It's hard and awful, but it's not impossible to get out of. There are ways to get out of depression but sitting around won't bring them to you.

>> No.39520324

Every person starts from somewhere. Every tree starts as a sapling. Tens of thousands of years may be there, but that doesn't change that you began as a human. Obviously morals can change, but to be discarded? Extremely unlikely.

>I may be good, but I have no illusions that who I am now is even remotely related to who I was, or that I am at all human. I am not.
You are only as related to your old self as you wish to be. And there's nothing wrong with feeling you're not human... hell, I threw away my feelings of being human LOOOONG ago, my jumper identifies as a demon. But the funny thing is morals are cross-species. Cross-dimensions. So long as a mind is functional and capable of formulating views, it will have morals. Now me? I don't have morals as a HUMAN, but I have morals as a PERSON. And those morals boil down to "I wouldn't want some superpowered being making my life a Hell, ergo I do not have the right to do it to them."

When claiming people's lives are irrelevant to yours, always assume you could be on the receiving end at any time... then ask yourself if you're REALLY okay with it.

>> No.39520327

That speech isn't relevant to my post. Even if you think it's possible, the point was that if today was my last day I'd be glad to die.

>> No.39520342

Why you still here then?

>> No.39520351

Ups and downs, and there's always that little voice telling you that you might be even more of a burden dead than you are alive.

>> No.39520356

Been there, done that. Here's a protip: It's the little things in life that help.

The taste of a nice meal, the ending to a good story, that sudden 'thank you' when you open the door for people. It all adds up.

>> No.39520365

DMC's God Hand already says you get roulette moves, though

>> No.39520381

That being the case, you should in all seriousness consider professional help.

This. A thousand times this.

>> No.39520393

There are 3 Team Fortress 2 PDFs on the Drive, 2 image jumps and 1 text-only. Which is the most current version?

Also I rolled this as my 3rd Jump(after KOTOR/Infamous), how survivable is it? I never actually played the games.

>> No.39520408

The images are the most up to date; there are just two imaged versions for readability.

>> No.39520417

Getting whiny here, but I just don't enjoy food or any of my hobbies anymore. The small joys are gone. At this point, when it's been your entire life, or the majority of what you remember, it's a lot different than something that came later like it is for most people.
You'd be surprised how hard that can be to get and maintain. I was.

But yeah, I'm going to shut up. I hate whining.

>> No.39520427


This version made the most sense to me.

Number of jumps x 10 + the sum total of ages rolled for non-drop in backgrounds + current age

>> No.39520451

I would not be. I've been there too. It's fucking miserable. I wouldn't call myself recovered, I'm running long term in the ran-out-of-fucks-to-give stage, but once in a while something will catch me by surprise and put a smile on my face and that's what I live for.

>> No.39520472

That too.
I just didn't want to add all that stuff up.
Fair enough

another question
How would you explain your age to anyone back on Earth?

>> No.39520477

Why would I bother?

>> No.39520496

Ayup. I am tired of their shit, but they're the best of the worst in my area.

>> No.39520511

Considering that I would probubally not look much older at all than when I left? I wouldn't.

>> No.39520521

Explain to who?

>> No.39520733

Do we have a Cthulhu Tech jump? I never played, but it always looked pretty neat.

>> No.39520777

We do not unfortunately. I agree. Except for some of the weird magical realm shit here and there, some of the concepts and shit are pretty neat (even if they were pretty a little wholesale from elsewhere).

>> No.39520802

If I knew anything about it I might consider it, but I don't want to make a jump of something I don't know anything about. Especially something as big as a gaming system.

>> No.39520851

I would consider giving it a shot, but I have way too many Jumps to make already.

>> No.39520874

>Cthulhu Tech
Vas ist das?

>> No.39520890

Transform into a warrior of love and justice and tentacles and go punch out Cthulhu

>> No.39520905

No part of that sounds unappealing.

>> No.39520921

It's H.P Lovecraft meets Macross meets Evangelion meets Guyver. It is utterly insane and I love it.

>> No.39520923

The setting is actually pretty cool. I think most people hated it for the system.

It's not really any different from doing the Lovecraft Jump after you've acquired mecha and magic from elsewhere, I guess.

>> No.39520935

Love tentacles are best tentacles

>> No.39520975


I'd probably just go with 'I became a dimensional traveler and got this stuff on the way back' if I felt like even trying to explain it.

This however reminded me of a thought I had.

Has anyone tried figuring out an IC explanation for why their jumpers continue jumping instead of 'lets try for the spark' once they have enough power to make the endgame scenario survivable?

>> No.39520994

>Has anyone tried figuring out an IC explanation for why their jumpers continue jumping instead of 'lets try for the spark' once they have enough power to make the endgame scenario survivable?
I play my jumper as me and I am compuslive about preparation and planning. Take away any time based pressure and I'll do everything in my power, spend as long as a need, to turn a possible outcome into a shoe-in.

>> No.39520997

It'll probably have to be something like having to fake your own death and then sliding around until you can kitbash or steal your own.

>> No.39521010

My explanation is that I'm collecting addresses. Jump-chan gives you the multiversal coordinates for all the worlds you've previously visited when you become a planeswalker, otherwise if you want to go to a particular world you need to search around at random. So I'm using the jumpchain to put together a map of sorts, landmarks that I can navigate by. Easier to get to whatever mecha series I might want to if I start by going to Gundam and searching outward from there, for example.

>> No.39521044

I assume that my Jump destiny is out of my control. It's the Benefactors call where I go next.

>> No.39521070

Haven't aged at all. I might be suffering from a few centuries' worth of PTSD though. Assume I'll be insulated from negative consequences by sudden fabulous wealth and a beautiful, adoring harem.

> Has anyone tried figuring out an IC explanation for why their jumpers continue jumping instead of 'lets try for the spark' once they have enough power to make the endgame scenario survivable?

My Jumper doesn't even know that such a point exists. But with so much at stake, he'd probably try to stack the deck as much as possible.

>> No.39521074

I know a lot of people play that way, but I don't. Not sure what to say about why you keep jumping, then, unless its just that JC doesn't want to see her favorite show cancelled.

>> No.39521132

I personally keep Jumping because I play it as myself. I personally mostly lack ambition, and usually need a little direction before I can apply myself properly. I keep Jumping because, as the Benefactor has explained to me, time is paused where I come from, and upon death (disregarding particular drawbacks) I will simply return to my home plane with all my accumulated stuff. I usually take drawbacks that give me some kind of impetus or goal to work towards, because being given direction and purpose without being told exactly what to do is how I do my best work. And I all I really desire in life is to improve myself and get as close to perfection as possible.

>> No.39521149

at jump 100, I was deemed ready by Jumpchan and given a choice, End Jump or spend a period of time stripped of my first 100 jumps worth of power, companions and gear. I also had most of my memories sealed away. It wound up taking me 20 jumps. Bits of my memory refused to go away, and I started rebuilding myself. at Jump 120, I got my powers back, and though Jumpchan keeps offering to let me wrap things up, she lets me keep jumping. I suspect at Jump 200, I'll have to endure similar circumstances. I've got 20 more jumps before I have to deal with that again. Or... will Jumpchan have something new for me to deal with?

>> No.39521224

>>39519266 (You)

Why are potatoes demonic. They're one of the most versatile plants, and taste good when prepared right as well. Such as being made into VODKA.



Fuck your armies, I have spontaneous chasms spawned with a few drops of blood.

... Moving on.

Age: 20-years-old
Drawbacks: At the Beginning (+300), Through to the End (+400)
Final Point Count: 1,700 CP
Location: Sucia Island
Background: Servile

Focus: Shaping

Skills & Abilities:
-Mechanics (Free)
-Crystal Working
-Innate Genetic Understanding

Equipment & Items:
-Portable Geneforge Components
-Farsight Crystal

>> No.39521236

Because I don't want the ride to end anytime soon.

>> No.39521254

The ride... must... go on...

>> No.39521359


Makes sense. I mostly had the thought after realizing that the longer IC you keeps jumping past "I'm ready for the endgame' the riskier it is.

Sure you get more stuff to start your time as a planeswalker, but you also have more to lose, and I don't just mean powers.

>> No.39521539

Well, it looks like no one has any major critiques, so here's a pdf of the Sly Cooper jump. Enjoy!

>> No.39521718

Oh, isn't it obvious?

Jump-Chan is our friend and we want to make the most of our time together.

Drawbacks: Military Inferiority, Famine, Bad Impression (1600)

Rolled Aurora Island

Demon King, Age 22 (1400)

Outer Library (1000). Huh...that's a thing. Which is going to be awfully useful whenever Discworld jump gets finished
Crimson Saint (700). And this has frankly rather frightening implications for DC-brand magick
Hard Work and Study (600). Eh, can't hurt
Loophole Abuse (0). Faust ain't shit

I Don't Want No Trouble: The jump. Two sides locked into some kind of awkward cold war that heats up wherever we go, while we're just trying to figure out what's going on in. Only to be attacked by angry humans/demons and have to defend ourself with a stepladder

>> No.39521760


How does finishing the chain prevent 'Let's hang out with Jump-Chan'?

>> No.39521805

Spiral, you do see the WIP in the file name and the whole current progress thing right?

>> No.39521869

Eh, tentative build then? Was just bored and thought it looked complete enough to to build for. Plus OAA already did a build.

It doesn't. But once we get the spark, we'll have places to go, things to do. people to meet. We might end up falling out of touch, who knows? The sum total of all possible realities is a big place to get lost, and at least during the jumpchain we practically have a direct line of communication.

It's like the difference between hanging out with your best friend in highschool, and having to social network them because after you graduated you moved to different countries to get a work internship and were busy trying to break up a species' blind ambition before their recklessness could destroy the universe

>> No.39521974


I suppose in your case the chain also works as practice for dealing with 'Stop it before you break reality'.

>> No.39522053

Spell doesnt matter so much as long as you blow all your mana on it.

>> No.39522061

>Spell doesnt matter so much as long as you blow all your mana on it.
>as long as you blow all your mana on it
>doesn't matter
>blow all your mana
Just li... You know what? Too easy.

>> No.39522111

He looks like this.

>> No.39522119

Ahh, the return of Dick Hair, Rhinestone Tuxedo and Dildo Blade. What an outfit.

>> No.39522184

I want to believe that's a joke, but part of me thinks that you'd actually sport that.

>> No.39522198

I dunno, it does kinda fit Mr. Pompadick here.

>> No.39522204

Thats my point

>> No.39522212

Ah, of course. Sorry for that.

>> No.39522240

>>Rhinestone Tuxedo
Bitch do you know how hard it is to get Hyper carbon Is believed to retain the look of diamond?

>> No.39522249

Nope. I do however, know it looks tacky as fuck.

>> No.39522301

That's fair, but I've never really Given a damn about what people think of my Admittedly ridiculous dress sense, so I don't see Why jumper me Would, this is pretty much how I would dress if given the opportunity. If you're the kind of Person who so weak that they just go with the flow in regards to what is expected of them To Wear and not Awesome like me. I can understand your reluctance to dress like this. I mean come on If You Are a jumper who is going to stop You?

>> No.39522325

My good sense of fashion?

>> No.39522426

Hey tera, what are the pins on the coat?

>> No.39522456

They are buttons not pins.
. This needs some updating, but here you go.

>> No.39522480

I just can't get over the hair (seriously, that hair must involve perks, nanotech, glue or all three) but the clothing, bike and saber are totally cool.

pic related. Time Lord's Jacket, ho!

>> No.39522491

Typically a pompadour would be managed with glue, however there are a number of perks that could do the job.

>> No.39522501

>> devil may cry: get set,Get Set! (100, comes free with Darkslayer)- You now have the ability to style your hair in whatever form you wish, whenever you wish, with just your bare hands. Is your hair not long enough or too short for
the style you want? No problem, just run your hands through it a couple times, and it'll adjust. Don't ask
me how it works. It just does.

Yeah I Couldn't have done it without this.

>> No.39522606

Ok fixed some spelling and a wwird problem with a discount, hero and demon king is live on the drive

>> No.39522650


>> No.39522671

I look like a bird mask. Not really by choice but by happenstance and compromise. The main reason is the Mask of the Titans from Shadow of the Colossus which vaguely resembles a plague doctor mask. Everything save for the outer most layer of my equipment and myself is covered in an indestructible elastic metal black metal that prevents any harm from getting through to me almost indefinitely because there are no open holes. I don't breath and I've been able to see through just about anything since my third world. I'm fairly deaf unless I choose to alter my set for a period of time though the trade off is worth it. The only other notable gear of mine or stuff that you can actually see on me would be six bone charms in a belt across my waist, handcrafted black leather by yours truly, and a good magic staff from either WoW, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, or the Staff of Magnus from The Elder Scrolls. Perhaps alternating? Wearing and using as little as I can otherwise.

Without I'm just a pale, black longhaired, scruffy, and blue eyed athletically built man. I suppose I'm attractive to people because I took one of those many appeal boons. More for the sake of manipulation than anything else. So says I. I guess I'd stand around six and a half feet tall not really wanting to make myself shorter than what I already am. I imagine myself constantly slouching and leaning on things. Sounds about right.

>> No.39522678


>> No.39522738

C-Tech suffers from trying to do too many shit at once in a single book. Mech Wars with the Engel super pilots is one pull, then you have the supernatural investigative branch with Psychics pulling in another direction. Lastly you had the shadow war with alien symbiotes (Guyver) fighting against monsters. That's three major games in their own right. Yet combined with the system, it was horrible.

Now they did fix some of it with the splat books, which gave a lot of nice detail. The setting is really well put together considering how much a mashup it is. Minus some things like rape machines, and furries.

If a C-Tech Jump is to be made I think having 3 separate Jumps would be best. Mech Jump is going to have loads of gear and the option to be a Engel pilot.

Investigative Jump would handle being a gumshoe in a world filled with monsters, cults, and other perversions.

Tager Jump would be all about the shadow war with Tager Symbiotes vs Zoanoid monsters. Theme would be what measure is human?

>> No.39522847

Same reason I do most things; Because I want a challenge. Because I want to find out just how good I am. What and where my limits are.

I don't mind if I fail, but I'd rather say 'I gave it a shot' rather than not start at all.

>> No.39522874

Im Trying to make one though. Writing up one right now

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