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How do I get into Warhammer 40K?

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First, you must be autistic

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Walk into a Games Workshop and tell the staff you wanna get into WH40K and that you'll buy anything and everything they offer

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Are you doing it for the fluff and hobby? Pirated books and novels are your friends, the codices and rulebooks give enough stuff to get the setting
Are you doing it for the game?
If yes, do you have a group of casual friends to play with?
Remember that it is not something that can be played competitive and be enjoyable at the same time
Forging a narrative is an advice more than it is a meme, care about your models, lists and battles and find others that do the same and it can be awesome

Good luck

>captcha: titus

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1.Check online if there is a community in your area, playing alone is not fun
2.Pick a faction BASED ON THE MODELS. Don't pick one because they are powerful. The power of factions varies from time to time. Also many people hate playing against the overpowered stuff.
3.buy the dark vengeance starter box rulebook from ebay.
OR if your faction is Space marines/Chaos space marines or Daemonkin pick the dark vengeance box and sell the undesired models (Use dark angels as space marines if possible because cheap and most people won't care. File off symbols and the bike feathers if you like.)
4. Buy the codex and try to assemble a small force of say 1000 pts. Let somebody from a community help you.
5. Welcome, keep in mind most huge collections/armies are collected over years or decades so go slow with your additions, otherwise you end up with a huge box of unassembled/unpainted models

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With the way 40k canon works, being autistic is the worst possible thing.

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1) Have disposable income
2) Be a teenager or another type of person with disposable time
3) You probably also have to be the type of dumb that keeps buying Cape comics, because you'll be dealing with retcons at roughly the same frequency

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You need to be a free spirit with an artistic inclination to enjoy 40k fluff. If you're an obsessively rational idiot with no common sense who gets hung up on details, you will struggle with 40k fluff, hate it for all the wrong reasons and end up a sadder, worse person.

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...I feel like I should know where that image is from

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otaku no video you fucking bleb

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With the amount of anger you see in people discussing 40k fluff, I sometimes wonder if even the fans enjoy the fluff.

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Probably because an unfortunate amount of autists did make the tragic mistake of getting into it despite their condition.

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1. Go to Games Workshop webstore.

2. Navigate through their shitty new web design and look at all their models for 40k to see which army you like the look and description of the most.

3. Google and use 40k Wiki or Lexicanum to learn some more about your army to get an even better feel about what they're like and to see if you like the army's personality.

4. Google image search the army for art and models to make absolutely 100% sure this is the army for you.

5. Use GW's store finder tool (Google search "GW store finder" without quotes) and look for stores in your area. The tool looks for unofficial stores that play 40k as well as official GW stores, so make sure the unofficial option is also selected. Visit the site's webpage, call them, or drop by to see if anyone there plays 40k or is interested in playing 40k. If not, give up and move on to another game unless you are fine playing solitaire or just building and painting models without opponents.

6. Pirate the main rulebook and your army's codex, then buy 1 HQ model you like and 2 boxes from the Troop section at your local store, on an online retailer, or on eBay. Anywhere but GW's official stores or site, and buy it for as cheap as you can.

TL;DR - Make sure you want to play this game. Find players/store in your area. Then pick your faction and make sure it's the best one for you. Pick based on appearance, models, theme, and story and not the rules because those change all the time. From there just get 1 HQ and 2 Troops to learn the game. Pirate your books, never buy from GW officially especially not online, always buy discount whether new or used.

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I think there's something of a paradox here, as the exact sort of people you claim couldn't enjoy the setting are the exact same that would be most attracted to its simplistic ideological and emotional themes and simultaneously not put off by its jarring sense of morality and aesthetics.

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...And yet.

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not OP, but would this plus two boxes of Tactical Marines be a good start?

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Be careful about buying bundles especially from GW as they often cost more than buying models individually

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drop the terminators. They're never worth their points.

2xTactical Marines is a great start.
Remember to give your tac marines plasma cannons

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I've done some minor calculations and it seems like I could get a fair number of points out of it.

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Yes, it won't be most poweful army but it will give you good graps of game mechanics and enough opportunity for future expansions.

Oh and don't shop directly at GW, some retailers can offer as much as 20% off.

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it's fine to buy from ebay, right?

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Basically yeah. Unless the deal looks too good to be true, because that means it probably is.
And don't trust anything labeled "pro painted" and using it as a justification to charge extra.

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It's okay. None of those units are bad but ideally your army wouldn't contain terminators. If you're going to buy it, give all the terminators hammers and shields, and try to find an extra left handed shield for your librarian somewhere.

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are Terminators bad? because I kinda like how they look.

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that's not the way you want to think about it. You're not trying to make your army cost as much points as you can.

Terminators cost 40 points each. 5 costs you 200 pts. You haven't even bought heavy weapons yet. Meanwhile, your tac marine squad with a plasma cannon can deny them their regular 2+ armor save. The tac marines with a plasma cannon will cost less than 150 pts if you get them a bunch of crap or get full 10 man squads (don't do that btw).

So imagine a scenario where it's your tac marines vs terminators. The plasma cannon will probably take out 2-4 terminators with some good rolls. Then, when those 1-3 terminators get into close combat with your tac marines, they MIGHT win.... except that terminators can't move faster than regular marines. So tac marines would just backpedal and shoot the terminators and win eventually.

Also consider that terminators with power fists strike last in close combat, so they do surprisingly poor against a lot of troops.

Terminators would be fine if they had more firepower. Tau Crisis suits only have a 3+, and no invul save by default, but Tau players have no problem spending 60 or more points per Crisis suit and being competative. That's because they have a lot of wargear options and characters that let them shoot at different units (instead of the squad all firing at the same thing) and they can each shoot like 2 or 3 weapons that you pick, that are probably heavy weapons. Using the "move into Line of Sight, attack, then jet-thrust back to cover where they can't shoot me" helps too.

tl;dr: Terminators are bad.

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Choose Beastmen.

They're not a 40K faction, hell, they're not even in Fantasy anymore, but choose Beastmen.

Fucking do it for the fucking Beastmen.

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Okay, forget the Terminators. what about Assault Marines?

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Terminators are bad because they are 40 points for one wound, a 5++ which is easy to fail, and a 2+ which can be bypassed or forced to fail with lots of little guns.

The only decent terminator to play is the one with the shields and hammers, since it bumps their 5++ to a 3++. They will still die to lots of little guns, but the big guns that pierce their armor will not break through their 3++ as easily as a 5++.

A Terminator is T4, W1, 2+ 5++ for 40 points.
A TH/SS Terminator is T4, W1, 2+ 3++ for 45 points.
A Wraith is T5, W2, 3++, 4+++ for 40 points.

Terminator is twice as many points per wound for inferior toughness and save. It's also slower, and requires a Land Raider, Drop Pod, or Stormraven (don't do this, if the Stormraven gets shot down you lose half your army). Wraiths and Thunderwolf Cavalry can run around on foot as fast or faster than vehicles, are tougher, and have more wounds.

The only thing Terminators have over other units is Deep Strike, which is risky and unreliable. You could potentially never arrive until the second to last turn of the game, or you can arrive and die by teleporting into a mountain.

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Assault marines are also bad.

I totally know how you feel, Terminators and jump packs are my two favorite models too.

Here is the only way to make them even remotely playable.

5 Assault Marines, 2 Melta Guns (or 2 Flamers if you aren't Blood Angels), 1 Melta Bomb, 5 Jump Packs or 1 Rhino or 1 Drop Pod

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Do the Blood Angels have anything good?

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Fast vehicles and drop pods that aren't locked into dedicated transports. They also hit harder and faster than all the other marines in melee, but melee is very hard to play right now unless your army has a broken fast and durable unit like Daemons, Necrons, and Space Wolves.

The special AV13 dreadnoughts are also pretty good, but their infinite combo attack got nerfed and you can get AV13 dreadnoughts elsewhere from Forge World anyway.

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last question, are Blood Angels one of the more expensive armies?

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Assault Marines are good, but they need support. Don't use them in a game that's under 600 pts.

Also, the BASIC flow of combat for the game is (despite the aesthetic) USA civil war.

1. Is victory in close combat certain? Yes: go to 3
2. Shoot the enemy until close combat is certain.
3. charge into close combat
4. win

Step 2 may take 3 or more turns. Actually, you might win the game without step 3 at all. That means that for the first half of the game (or possibly even the entire game) you're assault marines need the rest of your army to carry them.

So, the larger the game, the more worthwhile the assault marines look.

The exception is when you need something to counter-charge the enemy, and the enemy has a low initiative.

That being said, jump packs are an AMAZING upgrade for your librarian. There's pretty much nothing he can do outside of 24", so being able to flit from one piece of cover to the other until you can do something is great.

Also, this is what makes the stormraven amazing. It's just covered in amazing weapons that are useful right from the start of the game. Then, when you're ready to charge into melee, this thing can scoop up a squad and a dreadnaught, bound from one end of the board to the other, and disembark your heavy hitters DIRECTLY into close combat in only 3 turns. Starting in reserve makes it risky, but the dang thing has so much fire power, and gives you so many capabilities, that it's pretty much manditory for any game of 1000 pts or more.

>Do the Blood Angels have anything good?

It's been rough on them since 6th edition. Are you sure you wouldn't like space wolves, Tau, or Iron Hands?

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They're the same price as any normal marine army. If you want a cheap marine army play Grey Knights or some kind of biker marine army like Dark Angels Ravenwing or White Scars. Those armies also happen to not be shitty, which is a bonus, since all Terminator armies like Dark Angels Deathwing are also cheap to buy, but are completely unplayable, even in casual games.

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>Are you sure you wouldn't like space wolves, Tau, or Iron Hands?
My second choice would be Imperial Fists.

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Thanks for your time.

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You can make a cheap IF army based on shooting and infantry if you're interested in that. It's not bad but it's not amazing. You would just take tactical marines, Devastators, and lots of Lascannons.

Any chapter that's found in Codex: Space Marines is fairly interchangeable. An Ultramarine army and an Imperial Fist army can look and perform almost exactly the same, they would just use different chapter modifications and heroes.

You're not going to have a super strong army with marines unless you run all Scouts or play bikes/Centurions.

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My biggest worry is all this talk of Eldar and rape. How badly will this effect me?

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Five man Hammernator squad took down a Wraithknight, losing only two of their number in return.

That's a good ROI.

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No shit?

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Find people who play it
Pirate the books
Get the chinese knock off models
Get some Vallejo paint and primer from the nearest hobby store
Get painting

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Don't listen to >>39514574.
Terminators CAN be good if you use them correctly. To clarify, ASSAULT Terminators can be good.

Dual Lightning Claws rip through MEQ like wet paper - 20 AP3 attacks on the charge with re-rolls To Wound at I4 are brutal, backed up by a 2+/5++. For anything heavier, the reliable TH/SS combo, and I've had one Assault Terminator with TH/SS stay alive for two turns to deny a Kill Point, simply by the grace of his 2+/3++.

If you're playing Salamanders, a hilarious tactic is to put Master Apothecary Harath Shen with them, giving them a further 4+ Feel No Pain.

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It's going to affect everyone badly. Just don't play Eldar players. Most people are going to boycott them anyway.

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We'll only be able to tell once the new Eldar Codex comes out. Lots of people are threatening to quit wh40k all together.

I don't think the Eldar's current player base will be effected. It might grow actually. You'll just have to expect to run into an Eldar Player who you shouldn't play if you're new. Not just because you're "not good" or a "noob" or whatever elitist bullshit people want to throw down on you, but because Eldar rules are confusing.

Eldar pretty much don't do anything like in the big rule book. Nearly every game mechanic is completely ignored or changed by them. Eldar basically aren't playing the same game as you are.

When you're comfortable with the rules in the Big Book, and don't have to look things up very often, THEN read the Eldar Codex before playing against them. I've never had to worry about it with any other army, but some how all of the Eldar Players I face either don't understand the Eldar rules themselves, or are intentionally trying to take advantage of the fact that you haven't committed their rule book to memory. And that's NOW, with their current codex. I dread what their new codex will bring, and I am really annoyed that I'll basically be obligated to memorize the new eldar codex even if I don't play them.

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>lucky dice rolls and personal anecdotes are acceptable arguments
>exceptions to the rule means shitty investments have good returns

In what fucking universe, scrub? Have you even done the math? The Wraithknight can also kill your entire squad in a single turn.

You realize WKs are now fucking superheavy garagnatuans for 295 points and access to D weapons right? Terminators are literally shit in comparison at 200 points min per squad. LITERALLY SHIT. YOUR MODELS WILL TURN INTO FECES IN THE PRESENCE OF WRAITHKNIGHTS.

>> No.39515237

I'm not sure if that was sarcasm or not. But yeah, no shit. There were lucky rolls all around, but they managed it. Barely.

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You don't play against many shooty armies do you?

Any army worth it's salt will have enough AP2 guns that your terminators wont make it to close combat unless you're already about to win anyways.

>> No.39515293


3 Grav Centurions would have killed the WK with no casualties.

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Well, not for two more days for me in Australia.

Also, fucking shoot some heroin and calm down. I have routinely either got my points value back on my Assault Terminators, or tied another CC-rape unit up long enough to warrant taking them.

Just because the Wraithknight CAN kill my entire squad in a single turn, doesn't mean it did. Terminators in a Land Raider are one of the biggest fire magnets in the game, allowing the rest of your army to capture objectives or take down enemy units rather unmolested. Not my fault you think it's a good idea to Deep Strike Lightning Claw Terminators right next to a Swarmlord and then cry that they're useless.

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No sarcasm, I just didn't know if you were pulling my leg.

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Have patience and use the max bid option within the last minute of an auction. If you are paying more than 50% of retail, before shipping, you are doing it wrong.

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/tg/ doesn't play 40k period.

At least that's what I'm led to believe given the shit advice that gets thrown around so much. Because I refuse to believe there is a store out there where all the players are THIS bad at the game that they let their WKs die to TH/SS or get charged by LC TEQ.

The worst part is when these idiots argue with actual good players or advice. It's like, really? There's published data on the Internet that says you're wrong and you're going to argue against concrete facts and MATH? Robin Cruddace, please go.

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I've played against my share. I just stick them in a Land Raider and attach Harath Shen to them. At best, they get close and wreck face. At worst, they're the biggest fire magnet on the board for two or three turns, allowing the rest of my army to do pretty much whatever it wants.

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You're retarded. Literally.

>Just because the Wraithknight CAN kill my entire squad in a single turn, doesn't mean it did.
>doesn't mean it did

No one's saying it did. They're saying it CAN. And it's more likely to happen than your shitty example that "did" happen. Five wounds at T4 with a mere 3++ is SHIT at holding up heavy targets. A Knight can just kick them all off the table in a turn. Try playing good opponents instead of people using the FUCKING SWARMLORD, faggot.

Don't tell people to calm down if you're going to spout stupid ass shit and act like a huge self righteous dipshit who thinks he knows what he's talking about. Unless you're iNcontroL, if you use the Swarmlord against a serious opponent you're going to lose.

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So I did the math, and the Sanguine Strike Company + 2 boxes of Tac Marines will get me 810 points with no upgrades. what should I add after that? (please correct my math if I'm wrong)

>> No.39515393


Land Raiders aren't hard to destroy at all. Especially with D. You don't even have a Spartan, so stop posting. TH/SS are shit and weren't even good in 5E or 6E, let alone now when they cost 25 points more, the Land Raiders received ner and every other army has gotten stronger.

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Aw for gods sake... Wraiths don´t have that stock. Comparing one of the best units, in one of the strongest codexes, with ANY unit from on of the worst codexes simply isn´t fair.

>> No.39515401

Assault termies are good enough to field effectively (because they have 3++ storm shields), if you like the models they're worth it. Their main problem is mobility, deepstriking the earliest they do anything is turn 3, and landraiders are terrible in 7th edition.

Just don't field normal, shooty termies. They are the worst.

>> No.39515419


Harath Shen is shit. Wow you're so fucking bad. Jesus Christ. Only Salamander IC worth using is Vulkan He'stan and maybe Bray'arth for swag points. Harath Shen is worse than a regular command squad apothecary or a BA ally priest due to opportunity cost and points cost.

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is op saying they want to play competitively?
If not Terminators are fine.
You have to decide if you want to play competitive or have fun.

My fun army at 1500 points lets say

HQ:Chaplin: 90
Vulkan He'Stan
Troops: 2x Tactical Squads Flamer and Multi-Melta, Rhinos
Elites: 5x THSS
Fast Attack: Stormtalon Skyhammer
Heavy Support: Landraider Reedemer
2x Vindicators.
1500 on the dot.
I've got Anti-Tank/TEQ
a Hammer of a CC
2/4 Objective secured.

That list will get fucked by anyone with half a brain if they know what I'm bringing or if its a tourney, but if you are casul like me you'll have fun.

>> No.39515447


Even without the RP Wraiths are fucking better. It's 40 points for W2 T5 3++ vs. 45 points for W1 T4 3++.

It's not just "ANY unit" from "one of the worst codexes". Vanilla marines is one of the best codexes. Terminators are just terrible.

>> No.39515451

I don't want to play competitively, I just want to make a fluffy-ish army that I will have fun playing.

>> No.39515452

Wow, you must be really fun to play against. You're the sort of guy who casually asks what your opponent is running and then tailoring your army specifically to smash theirs, aren't you?

I've never gone up against a Swarmlord. At all. I'm literally just saying what I used, how it went down, and that I think in the right circumstances, they can be viable. You've just got your fingers in your ears screaming "THEY'RE NOT GOOD THEY'RE NOT GOOD LALALALALALA"

I understand that a Wraithknight likely would've kicked the crap out of them. I don't give a shit because I'm not a powergaming faggot that builds list purely to win and not enjoy.

>> No.39515460

Vanguard veterans with jump packs and storm shields can be good, if you know what you're doing. Plain assault marines are pretty bad, but can be useful as distraction/flanking units if you can hide them behind LOS blocking cover.

>> No.39515469


Shooting terminators aren't fine even for fun games.

Unless you have lots of terrain. People don't play with enough terrain. Your board should be approaching city fight levels of terrain to deal with how broken shooting has become. And once you do have enough terrain, assault marines and deep striking shooting terminators actually become good.

>> No.39515485

>You're the sort of guy who casually asks what your opponent is running and then tailoring your army specifically to smash theirs, aren't you?

Nice strawman faggot. Competitive players aren't allowed to tailor.

>being this fucking shitty at everything

>I've never gone up against-


>> No.39515496

>I understand that a Wraithknight likely would've kicked the crap out of them.

Then why the fuck would you use that as an example of them being good? Because they didn't get their shit kicked in that one time? That doesn't prove anything.

You're the only idiot with his fingers in his ears, when people are telling you you're wrong with fucking math and you just start spouting random ad hominems.

>> No.39515497


what happens when they're smart enough to NOT shoot your Landraider. No one's ever used fodder to tie up your termies in close combat so that they don't kill anything useful?

Or what if they have something that will pop the Landraider easily enough, like bright lances or those STR 10 Tau weapons, or ONE melta/armorbane weapon?


He'll just have to be careful about who his opponent is then. It's hard to play and have fun if you're army isn't optimized and your opponents is. You've basically lost before the game starts when that happens.

>> No.39515517

/tg/ and most of the internet are shit places to go for non min-maxing i want to win every single time.

If you go down to a local gaming store and ask for a non competitive/ I'm new to the /game you'll be fine if you don't run into dick heads.

My first big game was 1850 vs Orks in an Escalation league I had like 50 something marines of all kinds on the board, he had 130 orks and few trukks/walkers


We had about 200-300 points of models left on the table at the end, I won by 1 or 2 vps.

>> No.39515520

>loaded up with point sinks

Fuck this thread. It's unsalvagable. It's like all the worst marine players in the world decided to post in it.

>> No.39515527

Haha, whatever dude. You're welcome to your opinion. You can put down all the maths and statistics you want. You can scream that my choices and lists are bad until you're blue in the face. I give zero fucks. I'm happy with what I run, and I get results. Do I play at a tournament level? No. Do I want to? Not even slightly. It's easy to say I'm bad when you've never played a game against me. And because you haven't literally everything you say can be disregarded.

I know that S:D weapons are getting more prolific and popular now, which will certainly be a problem. However, you and other old mate continually post the TH/SS combo is bad, and yet for the majority of games I play, that simply isn't the case. I'm not playing against the equivalent of chess grandmasters, and at that competitive level, maybe they wouldn't be good. However, in friendly games, they keep my Terminators alive and draw enough fire for me to do other things.

>> No.39515543


Post a single top GT army list that uses TH/SS within the past year.


>> No.39515567


Why do you insist on using your personal anecdotes and meta as the default internet POV? That's wrong as shit dude.

If my store is all kids or all SoB, does that mean anything I say based on those experiences has any value? Probably not. So why do you honestly think yours do? Because you have a bad Eldar player at your area? Because you haven't tried the new Eldar codex yet? Whoopdedoo.

>> No.39515591

But why? I don't play Tournament. I never said they were good for tournament. I simply enjoy playing games, with mates, over beers, on weekends. I get good use of them. Do they work in all cases? No. Do they even work in MOST cases? Probably not. Do they work in the games I play them in, against friends? Sure thing.

>> No.39515592

Me and my mates aren't Plebs we have enough terrain, 6 buildings, 2 bastions 3 aegis lines, 6 forests garden of moor.

Yeah Shooting terminators can work if you are Poding/DS >Salamanders with a dick ton of flamers and meltas as it its. But walking them is a no go.
Yeah, drag your buddies into the hobby, that's what happened to me.

>> No.39515635

pls respond.

>> No.39515637

>implying netlisting retards who get all their info from other people's theory hammer know what they're talking about

They cost 180pts for 5 tricked out and have a 3++ save, so only massed fire kills them. Since they can hide behind LOS blocking cover, then move over it 12" and re-roll assault they are pretty good.

Just because they aren't wraith auto win good doesn't make them bad. In fact, the general ability to pick a shooty unit to die turn 2 is well worth the point investment.

>> No.39515640

I knew /tg/ was a terrible place to state opinions and personal experiences, but I had no idea it was THIS bad. All I've said was I enjoy using my Terminators in friendly games. None of my friends are powergamers, and they also use units they think are fun, not because they can solo Assault Terminators in a turn.

>> No.39515662

>top army list
>any list not worthy of a figurative shit eater

Good doesn't equal cheese.

>> No.39515707

>HURR DURR actual examples no real, tourney fag list or go home

Stay classy /tg/

>> No.39515731

you know what? With the new elDar codex, and all of these "trap options" in the game, I'm beginning to think that the only enjoyable format is on where you have a moderator write the army lists for both sides. By putting trap options in both lists, each game could be balanced.

It would also be possible to have NPC armies, like ACTUAL npc armies, and not just making fun of Tyranids.

It would probably require the moderator or the store to provide both armies.... that would be a big obstacle. Not just monetarily, but also allowing other people to play with their armies.

>> No.39515742

Not sure about math, I'll check in a min.
Rhinos are good for the Tactical Squads
thats 880,
Either a Tank equipped for anti-tank or a dev squad.

>> No.39515747

Drop pods.

What do you want to play? What theme are you going for? Figure out what is cool and fun, then figure out how to make it work.

>> No.39515778

>where you have a moderator write the army lists for both sides

This is what happens when you have to play neckbears in a GW pickup store. Find some friends to play with and/or start some sort of no cheese league where people agree to play narrative games

>> No.39515801

>Implying I want to hide in METAL BAWKSES!
>Implying I want to be A COWARD, A FOOL.
In all seriousness, I think I might go with drop pods >>39515747

>> No.39515835

I think I might want go with a Death from above theme, is that viable?

>> No.39515839

Derp you want to play blood Angels right?
1025 total
2x10 Tactical, Flamer, ML, Rhino
5x TH/SS Term
Dread with MM
Librarian in terminator armor

>> No.39515862

Yeah...BAs are not my area of expertise.

>> No.39515880

5 man tactical squads with a special weapon and combi-plasma or combi-grav are pretty good as drop pod troops. I'd throw a locator beacon on at least one so your termies don't scatter.

If you're going to be fielding a normal librarian there are 2 ways I'd do it:
1. Jump pack librarian with assault or vanguard assault marines (not sure if blood angels have something better, don't they have 2+ save angel dudes?)
2. Termie armor librarian with assault terminators

I generally get ML 2 (or the highest ML I can).

>> No.39515894

Yes, drop podding is a solid choice.

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>using a single land raider as your primary focus

You better hope you don't have any crafty opponents.

>> No.39515917

How many drop pods would I need for the list I posted?

>> No.39515929

>All I've said was I enjoy using my Terminators in friendly games

Bull fucking shit, you mongoloid. You were claiming they were good and arguing against people stating why they were inferior to things like Wraiths.

Don't try to spin this or play the victim. You are just as wrong as the people claiming only competitive play matters.

>> No.39515961


That's nearly as many points as TH/SS, who have 2+ vs. massed fire and still die. It takes even less to kill 3+/3++.

If you're going to kit out VV, give them melta bombs with at most 2 SS as 3++ granters at the front of the squad, and give them a fucking transport, not jump packs.

>> No.39515969

Can....I think BAs Terminators can, you could put 3 squads, two tactical and 1 terminator in pods
That way half rounding up to 2 of your 3 pods arrive turn 1.

>> No.39515977

Why does non-competitive play matter? I'm not winning or losing anything of value.

>> No.39515990


Every squad needs a drop pod. You should have an odd number of pods. Take empty pods (if your codex can) if you have an even number.

>> No.39515995

If you like how they look, ignore everyone telling you about why you shouldn't field them and just fucking buy them, paint them, and be happy.

>> No.39516000

Yes. Drop pod spam is pretty viable. You probably want some sort of long range, durable firepower to complement your drop pods. Thunderfire canons. and grav centurions are 2 such examples.
If you do want to field assault marines and don't expect to play on tables packed full of LOS blocking cover, you will probably want to field 1 or 2 well armored vehicles large enough to block them as they advance, or provide some distraction to let them position. Vindicators work well for this, I believe.

>> No.39516017

>not massing terminator models and waiting for the day they get the Eldar/Necron treatment

>> No.39516024

If you wreck it or it explodes that is only the LR killed.
Emergency Disembark is 3" anywhere from the vehicle.

>> No.39516040

Can BA take empty drop pods? That sounds pretty sweet if they can. However, you can't attach a librarian to them if you do this since 5 terminators take up all 10 spots in the drop pod

>> No.39516078
File: 994 KB, 440x340, I was expecting you.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This has literally never worked.

>mfw dicks try this all the time, it doesn't work, and I immediately turn on tryhard mode

>> No.39516085
File: 3.58 MB, 500x281, KisstheEMPEREOR.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I HAVE 35

>> No.39516101


You don't get it, probably because you're dumb. Your 400+ point deathstar was stopped in its tracks by 3 cheap models. You cannot charge, you cannot disembark, you cannot move forward. You can only go in reverse. You just lost a turn and your entire deathstar was negated.

>> No.39516111

>tfw suddenly you are the cheese lord
>"goddamn deathwing players, I'm tired of their shit!"
>your wallet when: 200pt superheavy landraiders

>> No.39516120

> Ten-man normal Terminators
> Ten-man Assault Terminators
> Five-man Cataphractii Terminators because they look sweet.

Is good.

>> No.39516128

Not Sure I can't into BAs because I don't have the Dex or a Torrent of it.

>> No.39516131


That's because you're not a retard, like everyone else in this thread. See >>39516024 and the idiots telling people to run terminators and vanguard vets.

>> No.39516153


25mm based terminators have 2+ save against accusations of cheese.

3+ save on 2D6 on accusations of modeling for advantage

>no Tartaros

Fucking hipsters.

>> No.39516155

Well, landraiders are indeed crap now due to every army ignoring their AV 14. But that's not the poor terminator's fault, now is it?

>> No.39516172


It is the terminator's fault for riding around in pieces of junk unless you play a superior codex that lets you cram them in drop pods

>> No.39516193


Tell it to Dipshit McFaglord who talks about how he solos Wraithknights with his awesome Salamanders HQ Apothecary Land Raider deathstar.

>> No.39516237

You never answered >>39515977, by the way.

>> No.39516268


That's because you're retarded. Read the post you're trying to reply to again.

>> No.39516292

The Guy just wants to have fun and he likes the look of terminators if he was asking about a tournament I would have told him Grav-Cent spam or bike spam.

>> No.39516307

I'll be honest, when I threw some vanguard vets in my list I thought they'd be pretty crappy units, but they're hella cool so I did it anyway.

But every time I field them, mind you with a jump librarian buffing them, they steal the goddamn show. They regularly tie up smashfucker long enough that I can ignore him, and half the time they kill him. Nothing quite so hilarious as 5 vanguard veterans and a librarian tanking an entire Tau gunline's overwatch, then tabling half the opponent's army in one multi-charge.

They are very luck dependant, rely on LOS blocking cover to position themselves (so if you're a scrub who plays on parking lots they aren't good), and massed fire will easily wipe them out. But, they can tank high ap weapons like plasma and power weapons and will outfight anything but dedicated assault units.

>> No.39516315

Well he's on 4chan and /tg/ so thats a good start

>> No.39516324

Sorry, there were just two of you wankers ripping on me about how I enjoy the game. Must've been the other guy who said "You are just as wrong as the people claiming only competitive play matters."

>> No.39516332

>charging WKs with TH/SS

Why would you ever fucking do this. It's S10 AP2 I5 A4 T8 W6. You can't wound it easily on a 2+ or 3+ with TH since it's T8 and it swings faster than you.

You're literally better off letting it shoot at you. Except a smart player won't shoot his WK at your LR or TH/SS to begin with. Therefore, you HAVE to charge him, and also to deny him his +1A from charging you first, which is enough attacks to potentially wipe out your entire TH/SS squad. It also costs almost as few points as your TH/SS, and for the cost of the Land Raider, he'll have a second WK too.

The WK is a lose/lose scenario for you. Don't talk like charging them is something you WANT to do. And this is BEFORE the update that turns them into a titan.

>> No.39516341
File: 351 KB, 800x525, ASSFAZE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

20 Assault
15 Regular
7th ed Terminators
2+rr 2++, W:2, WS:5, BS:5, T:5, 20 points, TH/SS 5 point upgrade.

>> No.39516363


Remove the librarian and see why they are shit. You are wasting your librarian on them.

I mean, yeah, it works, but you could get more mileage putting the librarian somewhere else, then using the points on something better.

>> No.39516367

>not playing GK and deepstriking psykernators in with superior "warp dust" Draigo

>> No.39516382

>TH/SS 5 point upgrade.
>mfw even in miracle land, Cruddace gets to tax my Storm Shields.

>> No.39516407

>GW is a faggot and makes you buy pods or GK models and codex if you want to actually teleport your terminators in to the game and not lose
>like they're SUPPOSED to do as advertised by every single fluff description

>> No.39516442

Nah, jump librarian is great for shutting down enemy psykers with his hood. And invisibility or the 4+ FNP power in biomancy make him and his unit of 18" assault range death nearly unkillable, or at the least a worthy distraction.

The problem with librarians is they need a durable unit to shield them from getting insta-gibbed. And I don't like bikes, aesthetically that is.

I should mention that you need raven guard, or at least ultramarine tactics to make them viable.

>> No.39516455

>On 2nd look I wonder why I put the "tax" so much dreamland.

>> No.39516476

Yeah, it'd be cool if everyone got some sort of turn 1 deepstrike, but at least the GK codex is a start.

Fingers crossed for codex SM part 7 t least we're still better than CSM edition

>> No.39516523


You realize Invisibility and the librarian is what's good, not the squad right?

And I was going to say "I bet you play Raven Guard or Fire Hawks" but I didn't want to sound like I was strawmanning.

>> No.39516542

>competitive WH4K


>> No.39516651


As soon as you start discussing gameplay on an online discussion, a measure of competitiveness has already been inherently introduced.

If you're of such a juvenile mindset that you can't understand that, why bother talking about the game at all? Just do whatever you want.

In fact, why even bother with rules? Just make it up as you go along.

>> No.39516668

>talking about what's "good" or not
>makes fun of competitive 40k

>> No.39516764

>mfw looking forward to getting into 40k with Eldar, friend said to wait on the new codex
>codex is broken, literally everyone hates Eldar
but they seem so interesting man

>> No.39516784

Use the old distort rule and this codex goes back to Necron OP levels instead of the always win button they are now.

>> No.39517149

>implying 6E Eldar weren't already extremely hated even before this new bullshit update

>> No.39517661

This is 40k: there are periods where armies are strong, and periods where they are weak. What matters is that you play the codex you like the best, with the models you want to use, and have fun doing it.

>> No.39517879

Nah, even without the powers the squad still makes back their points on a regular basis, while serving as an excellent distraction.

And you're forgetting the fact that those powers are useless without a unit to buff with them, and a unit that moves 12" over all terrain and re-rolls assault is one of the best platforms for a psyker to buff.

>> No.39517978

Though Eldar have only been weak in 4th and 5th Edition.

>> No.39518194


You could have just had Invisible Centurions, Wraiths, or TWC.

You act like you're forced to take shitty units to buff with Invisibility. Surely your army has other units that you can buff? Or is your entire army made of crappy units.

>> No.39520253

I posted a partial list in the list thread but I probably should have posted it here since I'm looking at how to expand the list


aside from the foot lord, is this a terrible plan?

how should I expand the list out to 1000 points? las pred? vindicator? melta raptors/bikers?

>> No.39520490


Step1: Pick Eldar
Step2: Win

>> No.39520542

>implying players at the FLGS won't fake a phone call and say they are too busy for a game the moment they see the space elves coming out of the box

>> No.39521653

My friends were into it in high school. I really liked the fluff and models. I got into it later in life. I am the only one that plays it now.

>> No.39522727

you don't and be happy you still have your money
(captcha "sitty")

>> No.39522783
File: 247 KB, 873x627, m680068a_P1Mb5XL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

there's no beastmen in fantasy anymore?
I don't even play but fuck I do love me some beastmen

>> No.39522935

Play the RPGs. Play Dawn of War. Steer clear from the wargame.

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