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What about them?

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>Though the Tau fleet was pursued by dozens of bio-ships, only a handful of cadre vessels
were boarded and destroyed before the Tau successfully punched through the Tyranid
blockade. Unaffected by the Shadow in the Warp, the Tau’s ZFR Horizon drives propelled
their ships at near light speed through realspace, and arrived safely at Ke’lshan. It took
the Tyranids many days to traverse the same span of space, and for the first time in
months, the Tau hoped to have a chance to catch their breath and recuperate.

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>A Narvhal is a Tyranid Bio-ship that fulfills the essential role of allowing all the vessels of a Tyranid Hive Fleet to travel faster than light. This ability makes up for a Narvhal ship being small, innocuous, and having almost no weaponry or armour.[1]
>Tyranids do not travel via Warp jumps, such as the Imperium does, and so instead rely on their Narvhal ships. Through the use of monofilament spines clustered along a Narvhal's bow which can interpret a wide range of sensory input and even a broad spectrum of gravimetric signals, a Narvhal can detect the presence of a planetary system at an incredible distance away. It can then somehow harness the system's gravity to create a corridor of compressed-space through which Tyranid vessels can travel towards the system at a swift rate. Whilst slower than proper warp travel, this method is infinitely more reliable.

>can go faster than light
>get outran by slower than light Tau

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>>can go faster than light
>>get outran by slower than light Tau

u mad?

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My favorite is what they've done to Old One Eye

Here's modern old one eye.

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And beast-as-fuck unkillable doom OG old one eye

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Don't forget new OOE is 220 pts and an HQ, only is 164 and is HS, and is also, way fuckin better

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The swarmlord is the worth piece of shit ever added to GW's fluff too. It doesn't even make any sense.

"The reincarnation of the Swarmlord appears to be a stress-induced response by the hive
fleets, one triggered when its prey cannot be defeated through biological adaptations
alone. Indeed, each time it has been reborn, the Swarmlord has been created with the
express purpose of out-thinking the enemy and developing new strategies to achieve the
greatest results with the warrior-beasts fighting around it. To this end, the Swarmlord
possesses more autonomy than any other Tyranid creature yet witnessed. The Swarmlord
combines its own resourcefulness with tactical knowledge and experience accumulated
through aeons of bloodshed. Such is the Swarmlord’s alien cunning that, on several
occasions during the Battle for Macragge, it was able to outmanoeuvre and outwit the
Ultramarines, warriors whose own tactical acumen is legendary."

casual smurf wank

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>Initiative 2
>Hopping around the board like a Jack Russel Terrier

Sounds about right.

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Not seeing the problem. The hive mind developed a synapse creature capable of tactical understanding to rival that of the Imperium.

See also: Tyranid units and their related hijacked genomes.

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> a hive mind needing a minion with tactical understanding

Ah, i see, my arm isn't tactical enough, i need to develop a heart arm more tactical.

Because you know, i get all my tactics from my arm.

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tau are just retarded shit in fluff anyways

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I might be wrong about this (DLF, forgive me), but synapse creatures are extensions of the hive cortex. They're less an extension of the body, but the mind, with synapse-dependent creatures acting as the body.

Kind of like if we had smaller brains in our joints like an earthworm. This particular 'brain' makes its 'arm' fight slightly better. Insofar as how Tyranid adaptation usually works, it remembers and adapts to human tactics.

As an aside, I bought Space Hulk and was wondering if anyone knew some good tutorials for 'albino' models. I want my 'Nids to LOOK like they've been stuck on a lightless rock forever.

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Make them bio luminescent instead

A hive mind is a hive mind, they're less like tiny brains, and more like nerves, directing the body (swarm) to do its shit

Why a hive mind would have an individual consciousness within it anyways is retarded, other tyranid special characters in the past were just specialized mutants, but the retarded fucking shit about the swarmlord is that it is the same mind every time, it is a singular creature within the swarm, its like a fucking lame Kerrigan.

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Sheer rage.

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That doesn't even make sense. How does a ship capable of FTL and using FTL lose to a ship not capable of FTL? How do the Tau even maintain an empire with slower than light travel, when everyone around them can travel faster than light?

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>Convincing your friends to let you use a homebrew codex with actual biomorph options

Life is good.

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>not just using the based as fuck 3rd ed codex or the actually op 4th ed.

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According to a recent white dwarf article, Tau do have their old skim drives back, though the fluff still indicates that they were developed after the ZRF horizon drive.

So that fluff piece with the Nids is still dumb, but at least it isn't affecting everything.

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>"Well that's your opinion." - Robin "Math is an Opinion" Cruddace

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>pyrovores are a useful and versatile unit.

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What can I say? I really wanted a Trygon, as well as some of the other new units.

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There are not enough faces capable of screaming to express the hive mind's frustration towards codices management

>captcha: noomm
Yes, captcha, I want a dominatrix too

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>tervigons are now worthless but you still basically have to take them
>tyranids have the worst monstrous creatures of any faction
>riptides are monstrous creatures

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Are you a complete moron. I mean what's wrong with you. You think you're clever because you caught something in the fluff and now trying to bash Crud for it? Guess what, moron? You're a complete moron who doesn't know Tyranid fluff.

Try opening the Tyranid codex instead of going through a internet wiki and you would now that the Narvhals give the Tyranid FTL speeds while in the void of space. When the Tyranids arrive into systems they revert to STL speeds. This means the Near light speed Tau ships can outrace the Tyranid hiveships WITHIN A SYSTEM.

Goddamnit you're such a wanker.

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Tightly condensed cluster of stars.

>So that fluff piece with the Nids is still dumb, but at least it isn't affecting everything.

Nothing is dumb but you guys. The fight against Gorgon primarily occurred in the Kel'shan Sept. Sept means a fully settled system.

Within systems Tyranids can't use their FTL and rely on STL.

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On average, stars are about 3LY away from each other in our galaxy.

Tightly packed would be maybe half a lightyear away from each other.

Still a matter of months at sublight speeds. If we're talking stars within days of each other (at slow tyranid sublight speeds), we're not talking about different systems. We're talking about several stars in the same system.

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I am not TIDFING. I am just against slandering of a writer by plebs who don't even bother to understand the material in front of them. If you want to complain about Crud "ruining" the Tyranids, then for god's sake have a little knowledge about how they work.

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CIDF pls go.

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>Why a hive mind would have an individual consciousness within it anyways is retarded
The hive mind is made of individuals that share data though
Think of the hive mind like the internet

Knowledge and information is hold on clouds and the like by the devices maintaining it and can be shared by and to all computers capable of accessing it, that can in their place share them trough other means to other physical containers that can't
But the quantity of information and the rapidity of downloading and uploading, formatting,encoding and decoding and elaborating data is still dependant on the quality of the physical device

The swarmlord is that, one of the most advanced processing nodes designed for war
Thinking it has an independent consciousness is stupid though
Everything the swarmlord is, the hive mind is too, it just elaborates stuff on a finer level and can recognize and react to the strong individuals that support the forces of the other races

The rest can be explained using the ignorant imperial point of view to explain stuff like it being a single entity because they see it rarely
But only because it isn't spawned multiple times it doesn't mean it can't, it's probably because the hive mind needs only one on most battlefields and 2 or more would be an unnecessary waste of psychic resources

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its also just dumb, fuck the swarmlord, worthless, ineffective cunt.

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I like to think being killed is part of its plans

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Nah, the Swarmlord is as old as the Tyranid race itself.

possibly the "Adam" of the Nids. The first Tyranid ever. He isn't just some Tyranid drone, he is an individual among the masses.

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>Why a hive mind would have an individual consciousness within it

One could view it from the other perspective - that the Hive Mind is itself created from the composite consciousnesses within it. Hive Tyrants are described as being fully sapient creatures, as are Warriors and other higher Synapse Creatures.

I've only been awake for about twenty minutes and I'm still half-asleep, so this might be complete trash, but think of it as a cycle. The Hive Mind springs from the gestalt psychic presences of the Tyranid race's synapse creatures, but it has an intelligence and guiding will of its own, which feeds back into those very same creatures, uniting them and guiding their actions. If you take the old 2nd/3rd edition era short story 'Hive Fleet Horror' as canon, then the Tyranids aren't mindless creatures (the Synaptic ones, at least), but possess an awareness of what they are and what they're doing.

If one accepts this, then the presence of unique creatures like the Swarmlord becomes more acceptable. Hive Tyrants are capable of learning and growing within their natural limits - a Tyrant is never going to spontaneously develop emotions or a love for art, because the evolution of its neural pathways prevents it from feeling those things even though it is aware of what they are, but it can develop its own strategies, learning and adapting each time it dies, has its essence absorbed by the Hive Mind, and is reborn in a new body. The Swarmlord, in this sense, is simply the most successful Hive Tyrant.

The one fly in the ointment is that if this is true, then in theory all Hive Tyrants would have access to the Swarmlord's strategic understanding thanks to the uniting influence of the Hive Mind. There's possibly some way of justifying it, but I'm too dozy to think of one right now.

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But muh psychic gargantuan monstrosity

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Or maybe it's as old as the tyranids because the very concept of a better processing mind was always part of the tyranids evolution?
Being as old as the hive mind race you embody doesn't mean shit
It's like saying I am as old as myself

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>Something was wrong. A sensation at the back of her mind. The sensation grew teeth, became pain.

>Her soul was gripped by agony.

>Iyanna screamed, falling from the edge of the couch. The pain abated, then squeezed her anew. She vomited.

>The dead were dismayed. The blow against her raced out across her attack group, leaping from mind to mind. Wraithbomber engines guttered out. The Wraithborne’s sleek cruisers turned viciously, wallowing in psychic swell.

>Bright light burned at Iyanna’s soul. A long tunnel telescoped away, encompassing infinite distance. A tube stabbed through the fabric of the world. She felt its ripples in the warp. She felt its ripples in the webway.

>She had the sense of an eye, slave to a great power. An intellect that dwarfed the Great Wheel of the galaxy. She opened her second sense, to find the Dragon looking at her with terrible regard.

>For aeons it seemed it held her in its gaze. And there was fury in that examination.

>The Dragon was angry, and it was angry with her. Not with the galaxy, or this sector, or her species. But with her personally. The promise of endless torment came from it, her very being enslaved to its ends and used against others, her body rebuilt over and again so that it might suffer the Dragon’s revenge.

>Terror of a kind she could not have conceived of flooded her mind. She screamed again, and this time every eldar in the fleet screamed with her.

-From Wraithflight (short story) by Guy Haley

FYI, the Hivemind can feel hate.

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Go on
just as planned

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i actually have no follow up

that shit actually took me like 10 minutes the fuck is wrong with me.

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For the Swarmlord, dying is just his way of teleporting/fast travel. He will spawn again where he actually wanted to go.

All those times the Swarmlord died? He was just pretending because he had to be somewhere else.

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>Yriel plunged his spear deep into the rearing serpent. It keened terribly, and Yriel salivated as his weapon drank. Since the day he had lost his eye due to the spear feasting on the limitless hive mind, he had managed to control its fell power and its obscene appetites, but at this final pass he no longer had the strength, and the spear’s murderous soul overwhelmed him. He could not stop it feeding, drawing upon the infinity of spirit the Great Devourer possessed. Yriel felt the hive mind, heard it howl. It thrashed about, and Yriel was battered by its anger. Its thoughts were utterly, unimaginably alien. But one thing came through strong and loud. Hatred, hatred for this creature that had for the first time in untold aeons wounded it.

-From "Valedor"

And fear and anger as well apparently

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>Tfw I wan't to play a Kerrigan-esque Ordo Xenos Inquisitor gone Tyranid as the Warlord for my nids

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Genestealer cults near my friend

Female hybrids leading cults can be a thing

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The way it acted like a stuck pig when Yriel's spear was draining it of soul juice.

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uh.. No they can't

Its called a broodlord. Not a broodlady. (they don't have sexes anyways)

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Stress induced actions and realizations of new priorities: What inferiors would call rage and hatred are just logical reactions

And psychic contact are always relative to the observer
The ignorantly egocentric eldar are not reliable sources of objective information
Their history proves it

I mean the human-stealer hybrids, the ones looking completely like their host race

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Tyranids were affected by the shadow of warp as per sentence two in first post...

They may not use warp but their technology can still be affected by it...

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Those don't lead cults.

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Has anything ever said the hive mind can't feel emotions?

I mean, I suppose that implies some kind of centralized intelligence, but honestly - it's a psychic gestalt. There are no hard and fast rules.

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>tyranids affected by shadow of the warp.


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>Has anything ever said the hive mind can't feel emotions?

Just an Imperial Inquisitor quote which had the Inquisitor saying that he loathed because they are incapable of good honest hatred like men.

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And literally 100% of Space Hulk customers already had a bunch of terminators and don't need Genestealers, yet it sold out for three entire production runs.

You're completely missing the point of this box.

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>tyranids were my first army
>haven't played since 5th ed because they're fucking shit now

When will GW make it right?

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My 4th ed nidzilla never lost a game.

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They're not really 'shit', like, you can play nid flying circus and it's pretty disgusting.

I had two flygons in 4th so it doesn't really change much for me.

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if you want to play anything but flying circus you lose.

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Wrong, but not innacurate.

I simply play with a fandex customized by me myself and I anyway, but I do feel your pain.

I switched to fantasy.

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>They're not really 'shit'

If 90% of the codex is shit, with a handful of overpowered units spread randomly throughout the book, then it's shit. The Tyranid codex is badly designed, badly written, it's just all-round bad and should not be defended.

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Narvahls cant use their gravity wormhole deal too close to a solar system, they have to go sub light speeds when entering so perhaps that was what was happening?

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>to rival that of the imperium

Swarmlord has been around since the beginning of the tyranids, LONG before they ever entered the milky way

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Well, look at it this way.

Biovores are pretty good now. Carnefexii are balanced (Could be 20 points cheaper base admittedly), gargoyles are really good(they would be op if they were a point cheaper and not fighting for a slot). Just some examples, cbf listing more.

I'm not defending the book because really, how fucking hard is it to do a little bit of playtesting before you release this shit, I'm just saying that if you get past the butthurt it's not bad.

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fuck cruddace and his cruddy cruddex. I bet he was behind the latest eldar dex.

predictions for 8th edition:
>Point cost universally raised by 20% across board
>Devourers become Heavy7, S5 (so that you can't kill anymore tanks)
> FMC is now slow and purposeful, loses zoom and vector strike
> Tyranids unable to ally with anyone. Not even via the allies matrix. They are simply too alien
> No more extended carapace for warriors

Tyranids is a social experiment to see how much players can take in the butt before they quit.

>> No.39481172

>Warriors now MEQ with +5 saves, 1w

>> No.39481198

>flyrants and all the other good models, all the monstrous creatures are nerfed in an experiment to see how many times people will re-buy an army

>> No.39481212

Doesn't it make sense that tyranids can't ally with anyone though?

>> No.39481224

fluffwise, yes.

Gameplay wise, Tyranids have been shit since 5th edition, fuck you cut us a break.

>> No.39481279

Except for guard.

Genestealer cult at least should be playable.

>> No.39481319

Biovores are good, I'll grant that. Carnifexes are cheap enough to put on the table but pretty bad if you want to use them as anything other than gun platforms - low WS and average A means they can't really do much except knock over vehicles in combat without tarpitting themselves, whereas the re-rolls from two pairs of Talons in the previous codex at least ensured they had a semi-reasonable damage output.

Gargoyles aren't 'really good' - they're a serviceable fast tarpit, and work well as ablative wounds in the Skytyrant formation, but have an extremely low damage output. They do their job well enough, but wouldn't even be close to overpowered if you cut their points a little.

> I'm just saying that if you get past the butthurt it's not bad.

Butthurt? The codex is objectively bad. It's full of units which are grossly overcosted or written in such away that they cannot adequately fulfill their role in the army, or both. The changes to the way melee bio-weapons worked meant that several Tyranid units actually got worse in combat thanks to the new book!

After battering my head against the brick wall that was the fifth edition codex for five years, I have very few regrets about shelving my Tyranids and concentrating on my other armies. The Dark Eldar book isn't perfect, but I don't feel like I actually have to fight my own Codex as much as I do the opponent's army to pull off a win.

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Like I said, I play with my own rules that have been balanced with feedback from my group.

So I can't REALLY judge the book, I guess. I'm just saying from my perspective it's not the worst thing ever.

Nids are my only 40k army, I have a splash of chaos just for painting, but nothing will take me from nids. Being the NPC race is just the best.

Im also a perma DM, so draw what links you may.

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This is probably the dumbest post I've ever read on /tg/.

>> No.39481516

the Magus is the Patriarch's right hand man. As I recall, they were a psyker and looked, pretty much, full human.

>> No.39481521

No, the Swarmlord has been around since Cruddace hamfisted him into the codex in 5th ed while ignoring over a decade of Tyranid fluff that makes his existence completely impossible.

>> No.39481544

Yes, but not on the same table as main codex Tyranids.

>> No.39481576

This writing is so bad and gets a little bit worse every time it's posted on here.

>> No.39481579

Hive Fleet Kabal is best Hive Fleet

>> No.39481601

Jormungandr monster race
Kelly save us

>> No.39481608

The Swarmlord makes sense. There had to be a first Tyranid. Something the Hivemind can use as template for the whole race.

>> No.39481613

I've always been fond of the primordial terror Behemoth gave off. I like Moloch as well for the colour scheme.

>> No.39481627

No, it would have had to be a proto-Norn Queen, and considering Tyranids are relentless in their engineered evolution for peak efficiency it's pretty much ridiculous to conclude that the Tyranids encountered in our galaxy would even remotely resemble anything like their ancient ancestors.

>> No.39481642

>The Swarmlord makes sense.
Ahhh yes, it makes sense that a macro-organism would only ever spawn a single iteration of an individual cell at a time, and that a race which possesses a gestalt consciousness would ever need the direction of that single organism whose thoughts and experiences are entirely contained within that consciousness.

Wait, wait no, it doesn't at all.

>> No.39481654

Is anyone here from the Ice Wraiths threads?

>> No.39481693

Why not? I could in the bad old days and now I can put IG next to Orks. So why the fuck not Genestealer cults next to regular 'nids?

>> No.39481708

Because it never happens in the fluff, hybrids which end up in synapse range just march into ripper swarms to get eaten and Tyranids will charge into and kill the shit out of them like everyone else.

IG and Orks actually happens in the fluff on rare occasions. Tyranids never, ever, ever ever ever EVER ever fight alongside anyone that isn't another Tyranid from the same Hive Fleet.

>> No.39481753

>it's pretty much ridiculous to conclude that the Tyranids encountered in our galaxy would even remotely resemble anything like their ancient ancestors.

Unless the Hivemind kept modifying the that unique being through out the aeons.

The Swarmlord is an individual. He can processes his thoughts and memory much better than the Hivemind

>> No.39481771

It's not completely implausible that some vanguard organisms (Lictors, Gargoyles, Shrikes etc) might be seen on the same battlefield as a Genestealer Cult, but only if the Cult's uprising proves to be unusually successful. Most of the time, they throw the planet's defenses into chaos, but are contained or wiped out by the time the Tyranids themselves arrive in bulk.

That said, it wouldn't be difficult for GW to change the fluff if they wished. All it would take is a single line describing how, once a Hive Fleet enters orbit, the Cult is subsumed by the Hive Mind and driven into fighting alongside the ground swarms as canon fodder. Living or dead, they're going to be consumed in either case - if the uprising survives long enough to greet the Hive Fleet itself, might as well make some use of them.

Given that we're apparently getting a Genestealer Cult codex some time down the line, it wouldn't surprise me if something like this happened to allow Tyranid/Cult alliances in-game. GW's likely to sell more models if they can tempt existing Tyranid players into pick up a couple of boxes of Hybrids, after all.

>> No.39481784

>he Swarmlord is an individual. He can processes his thoughts and memory much better than the Hivemind
That's not how the Hive Mind works, you ninny. It is literally the conglomeration of all consciousnesses that make it up.

>> No.39481809

Kelly may have taken the name first (along with probably lots of other people, since it's just following the formula for hive fleet names), but Cruddy was the one who fluffed them out.

>> No.39481819

Doesn't mean it doesn't have individuals in it. Otherwise we wouldn't have the tyrants and the Swarmlord.

Look at the Great Daemons for example. They are their own men, women, and whatever in between but they are still part of the greater whole that is the Chaos Gods.

>> No.39481834

I get the feeling that should Nidfags get what they want, the Nid codex would be nothing but gaunts of various sizes.

>> No.39481837

Pretty sure Jormungandr is Jes Goodwin's Fleet, actually.

>> No.39481853

>Doesn't mean it doesn't have individuals in it. Otherwise we wouldn't have the tyrants and the Swarmlord.
You are incapable of understanding, it's fine, forget it.

>> No.39481857

Does that mean I win?

>> No.39481859

If that's what you want to believe, yes.

>> No.39481875

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my pod in the Hive Ship, and I’ve been involved in numerous feeding raids on the Imperium, and I have over 300 confirmed infections. I am trained in synaptic gorilla warfare and I’m the top Flyrant in the entire Kraken Hive Fleet. You are nothing to me but just another meal. I will wipe you the fuck out with digestive acids the likes of which has never been seen before on this sector, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Astronomican? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my Hive Mind and your cogitator is being traced right now so you better prepare for the shadow in the warp, maggot. The shadow that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can consume you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare claws. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire bio-arsenal of the Norn-Queen and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the Imperium, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit mycetic spores all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

>> No.39481908

The swarmlord is retarded and anyone defending it is a double nigger

3rd ed codex is god tier, 4th ed is super god tier, the only things kinda redeemable in 5th were the doom, parasite, and deathleaper, cause they basically represented specialized bioforms (unlike Swarmlord, who is supposed to be a separate conciousness..)

The rape of OOE was disgusting, ymargl stealers are shite anyways, and literally no one likes the red terror.

>> No.39481917

>The swarmlord is retarded and anyone defending it is a double nigger

But he is literally the only interesting thing about the Nids. He is a PC in a sea of NPCs.

>> No.39481920

Well, I don't know what Goodwin's nids are - I'd assume he has some, given his work on them, though I don't think I've ever actually seen any of his personal models - but Kelly's army which he's had since at least 3rd edition is Hive Fleet Jormungandr. In the 4e rulebook he went into detail about how he'd cheated with the colour scheme, since only the yellow bits are actually painted and the rest is just undercoat and varnish, with a few exceptions like the blue tongues.

>> No.39481922


>> No.39482089

>The Tyranids were what ants and termites would be if they could evolve further and become intelligent. What made such intelligence incomprehensible was that the Tyranids had never evolved emotions. They were aware that such concepts such as sympathy and honour existed in the species they harvested, but they viewed them only in the abstract and dismissed them as evolutionary mistakes. Gene coding for emotion was never made use of by the Hive Fleets.
-Hive Fleet Horror
HFH is basically the only decent defining nid fluff.

>> No.39482109

How it howled? and thrashed? and felt hate?
Sounds like hate

>> No.39482120

>Tyranids were affected by the shadow of warp
What are you even saying

>> No.39482131

Poke an animal suddenly with a sharp stick. What emotions will go through its mind?

>> No.39482149

It makes some kind of sense that the tyranid bioforms don't have any emotion, but the hive mind - being a psychic gestalt - doesn't have DNA, so whether or not it codes for emotion in tyranid creatures is irrelevant.

>Making value judgements without emotions
Yeah, that's totally something that can happen.

>> No.39482154

Biovores are good
Carnifexes are good in a very limited role, but being slow, no 2+ save and lack of initative and ws makes them only really good for TL devourers
Gargoyles are a tarpit unit, they have very little use outside of that
Flyrants are amazing
Majority of every other unit is below average or doesn't synergise at all

>> No.39482155

Step on a spike
Do you feel fear?

>> No.39482162

It's not fluffy.

>> No.39482183

Exocrines shoot good.

Malanthropes (and to a lesser extent Venomthropes) make everyone into terminators in ruins, or sphess mehreens in the open behind a gargoyle screen.

Mawlocs are pretty great, especially in Lictorshame type lists.

>> No.39482184

But the hive mind is the collective consciousness of the tyranid creatures. It's just the nids put together, cold, emotionless nids. No matter how many emotionless creatures you add together they can't spontaneously have emotion.

>> No.39482195

I like the red terror.

>> No.39482199

So you're an expert on psychic gestalts, are you?

>> No.39482205

That's one of the Tyranid quotes that's really stuck with me.

>"The more I learn about these aliens, the more I come to understand what drives them, the more I hate them. I hate them for what they are and for what they may one day become. I hate them not because they hate us but because they are incapable of good, honest, human hatred."
- Inquisitor Agmar

There's a similar part in Xenology which I'm fond of as well:

>Yet another sleepless night. Blood and screams and slaughter. And when I do sleep...
>[ragged breath]
>It doesn’t matter. The Tyranid scum are dead. Diabolical creatures. Clawed and toothed, shrieking, snarling. Utterly beyond reason. I detest all xenogen life with a passion, but at least those specimens Darvus has hacked to shreds already had some pretence of intelligence, the ability to hate us, as we hate them.
>The Tyranids don’t hate. They don’t yearn or care or fear. They can’t be reasoned with. I realised that as I watched Darvus mutter and enthuse, cutting and splicing. They are weapons made of flesh, weapons who pull their own triggers.
>It was a pleasure to consign the soulless monstrosities to oblivion.

>> No.39482209

I like that five ton tyranid that can hide up your ass. It's the crown jewel of the shitpile tyranids have become.

>> No.39482216

What a silly question. This is the internet, I'm literally the top expert in every field of knowledge conceived by mankind.

>> No.39482221

I love that one of you finds a piece of text that says "X is right", and the other one finds a piece of text that says, "X is wrong", and both of you conclude that your own piece of text must be right, instead of concluding what everyone already knew - that 40k fluff is inconsistent as fuck, and the only solution is to decide for yourself what's true and not.

>> No.39482243

I wasn't even part of that argument, I was just posting quotes I like.

>> No.39482362

What is this portal to madness?

>> No.39482404

4th edition codex has belt alt lore

Hive Fleet Tiamet M35, not really a true fleet, the Tiamet system was a system of seven life sustaining planets and countless life sustaining planetoids. All of which were death worlds. The explorators that found the system quarantined themselves (as they found out their ship was contaminated, since all the planets had similar DNA), and died out just under a week later. They fusion bombed the shit out the system afterwards, but life suvived, later swallowed by Kraken, thought to be the source of the ymargl genestealers.

written down in m36 the cardinal of tracian primaris recorded a history of the Legion of Ouroboris, an invasion of an earlier age. described as winged entities with burning insides, descended from the skies, and raped the countrysize, included wording like 'vomited from the bellies of great beasts that clouded the skies with their numbers'. A warlord titan was present, and when examined in M41,revealed bio-plasma scars, and pyro-acid burns consistent w/ tyranid weaponry, space wolves may have been present,and that may have been where the 'kraken's egg' came from (which later burst out.. Tyranids. Ayy lmao.) The writer claims the emperor himself drove back the beasts at the end, but the dating on the damage on the titan is markedly post heresy. Still, may have been a nid fleet thrown through the warp to a different time.

Hive Fleet Collossus M38. Zoats. It was the zoats. Zoats came into the galaxy, claimed to be fleeting oppressors, but eventually were exterminated by the imperium in 50 year crusade, noted for fighting with 'terrible ferocity'.

Possible lore of the zoats being another kind of infiltrator species like Genestealers, useful for integrating into societies like the Tau? If they had met the Tau instead of the imperium might have been a successful infiltration.

Truth unknown.

>> No.39483145

Shouldn't that be New One Eye?

>> No.39483375

don't be shitty Barry.

>> No.39483399

The glory of Adrian smith confronted with the thoughtform that is tyranids hive consciousness manifested in ink and pixels

>> No.39483467

Anyone else miss 3rd edition (might have been 4th?) codex where tyranids were incredibly customisable? I miss having my own special gaunts etc... Now they're all so similar it sucks

>> No.39483530


>green text
>brick of text instead of short quip

What the actual fuck happened?

>> No.39483534

cry more, fuckboi

>> No.39483560

I miss my 4th ed nids raping Tau so insanely hard those blue fucks had no idea what was going on.


>> No.39483561

You and every other tyranid player who experienced the glory days, anon.
5th and 6th have no soul, they're what you would get if someone who had no idea what tyranids were tried to write a codex after glancing at a picture of them for 5 minutes and trying to work it out from there. A superficial imitation of the real thing, lacking substance.

>> No.39483604

when the 5th ed codex came out, i went to my local GW shop and read through it, curious.

I walked out, boxed up my nids, and never played again.

and here we are today.

3rd ed nids were the most customizeable, hillarious shit like venom cannon rippers was totally possible., 4th ed nids were fucking amazing, so good, so versatile, the only thing i missed from that edition (and every edition since), is making warrior broods entirely armed with venom cannons a HS choice.

>> No.39483608

The last tyranids codices have been intended and written as enemies to fight, not as troops to play

This is the sas truth


>> No.39483631

They must not have been raping the Tau too badly. The Nids have overrun Imperium sectors and areas of the galaxy ten times the size of the Tau Empire with little difficulty.

>> No.39483655

its hard to overrun mary-sues

>> No.39483678

Here, have the best depiction of tyranids ever

>> No.39483685

>mary sues
come on, you're not even trying

>> No.39483707

Is there any way to communicate with the Tyranids or are they just too alien/animalistic to notice? Has anyone ever managed to communicate with them?

>> No.39483768

Does a wolf have any reason to communicate with a lamb?

>> No.39483770

Tigurius touched the hive mind, his description of what happened is as follows

"As I looked into its dead black eyes, I saw the terrible sentience it had in place of a soul. Behind that was the steel will of its leader. Further still I could feel its primogenitor coldly assessing me from the void. And looking back from the furthest recesses of the alien's mind. I can only describe it as an immortal hunger. It is this we cannot kill."

>> No.39483791

Would standards of living for humans in the Tau Empire be better than the average human in the Imperium of Man?

I mean aside from the sterilization.

>> No.39483815

See, I would agree, but there's one major artist good that really annoys me.

The Warrior being the Gaunts doesn't have any legs. While they would be mostly hidden behind the lesser creatures, you should still be able to see bits of them, and the hooves on the ground, but there's nothing. You can even see the base of the creature's torso, where it flows into the tail, but there's nothing below that. I don't even think it has hips.

>> No.39483817

The Hive Mind is just too alien for that. Even for the Chaos Gods, but I think if it was possible this would happen.
>You. You are the most pathetic thing I heard in this Warp. Always going on about tentacles and your "perfection" and other things I don't know about. Stop interrupting my thinking time. -100/10, would not absorb the biomass of.
Tau propaganda about their women.

>> No.39483847 [DELETED] 

Er, major artist good, I mean.

Better? Probably yes. They'd be cleaner and more hygenic, with access to better medical care, since the Tau Empire doesn't have a large enough population to treat its citizens as disposable cogs. But you wouldn't be any more free than you would in the Imperium; it'd just be a bit more Brave New World as opposed to the Imperiums's 1984.

>> No.39483858

>Tau propaganda about their women.
For the Greater Blueberry Love Muffin

>> No.39483869

And thus fitting into 40k lore.

>> No.39483870

Er, major artist goof, I mean.

Better? Probably yes. They'd be cleaner and more hygenic, with access to better medical care, since the Tau Empire doesn't have a large enough population to treat its citizens as disposable cogs. But you wouldn't be any more free than you would in the Imperium; it'd just be a bit more Brave New World as opposed to the Imperiums's 1984.

>> No.39483884

>any more free
So no one would probably notice.

>Imperium's 1984
I thought the Tau were the Orwellian ones.

>> No.39483929

So why is there not a Hive Fleet Ziz yet? It seems appropriate with Leviathan and Behemoth existing, and when you consider the fact that FMC spam is the only viable build Nids have.

>> No.39484055

Well, the Imperium's the dystopian nightmare that keeps people in line with fear and oppression, while the Tau Empire is the dystopian nightmare that keeps people in line by distracting them with flashy gadgets and comforting distractions. At the end of the day, you're still slaving away for a distant, looming overlord with no hope of living a free, independant life.

>> No.39484138

Oh! I'll jizz into your genepool, dont worry 8th edition codex is coming.

>> No.39484224

You know, this is all assuming that a future hive fleet couldn't evolve and adapt to using a planet's forces against itself.

>> No.39484335

Huh, he does look like an ogryn

>> No.39484358

Ziz doesn't sound very threatening.

>> No.39484580

If you're comfortable, what difference does freedom make? It's basically what you're living right now.

>> No.39484604

I miss him

>> No.39484640

Maybe the fleet would be his way of coming back.

>> No.39484642

More lies. The Tau are playing with big boys who have existed from thousands to billions of years.
None of this would happen if Emps put the finishing touches on the Imperium.

>> No.39484651

>The Tau are playing with big boys who have existed from thousands to billions of years.
>and winning
Tau confirmed for best faction

>> No.39484693

The tau have no idea of what's going on
They're more like an ant managing to carry a big rock on its back
While everything around it is on fire or engulfed in lava

>> No.39484698

I'll give you that they have managed to survive, but there's reasons for that. Everyone else is too busy fighting themselves or have reasons other than that. The Chaos Gods aren't worried about them, and if they do, the Dominion of Fire 2 or Black Crusade 13.5 will be directed at them.

>> No.39484742

Yep. The Necrons haven't completely awaken yet, and some tomb worlds have tech problems. But the Stormlord's realm is getting close to the Tau Empire. The ancients will unleash their wrath upon the living.

>> No.39484773

>had Naga entered the galaxy further south along the galactic plane, it would likely have erased the emergent Tau from existence.

Oh well.

>> No.39484778

>but there's reasons for that.
1) Having Blueberry Love Muffins
2) The Greater Good!

>> No.39484816

>three dimensional galaxy

>> No.39484845


>> No.39484922

Look at this picture, Xeno Lover. See some familiar faces? Compare them to now. The traitor legions are not the things they used to be. There are no jetbikes in service of Chaos in the 41st Millennium. The madness of the Eye and Chaos in general have ruined them and their equipment. The Thousand Sons are a parody of themselves. The World Eaters have lost themselves to their bloodlust. The Emperor's Children care only about finding something new to experience. The Death Guard have become deluded that the God who caused their pain loves them. The Alpha Legion doesn't even know what they're doing these days. The Word Bearers can't seem to go without committing some horrible ritual to honor the Gods. The Iron Warriors become more bitter and twisted as time goes on. The Night Lords have stopped caring, but Talos might have renewed something in them with the recording of their dead father. Abaddon has to reframe himself from going on tantrum spirals out of stress. He's trying to keep the Black Legion at least a shadow of its former self. And must I go on with the other factions?

>> No.39484942


>> No.39484953

Galaxy is still three dimensional, still no south

>> No.39484968

actually if you want to effectively navigate the galaxy you'd have to designate a NSEW in addition to U/D

>> No.39484988

Hey, it's the creators of the Doom of Malan'ti!
Good point.

>> No.39485089

I LIKED the red terror when he was a fucking super tyrgon that consumed entire military bases

Being a red ravener with a big mouth sucks

>> No.39485113

thats all he ever was.

>> No.39485114

Comparing the galaxy consuming super consciousness of a hundred trillion minds inside alien bug dinosaurs as "just an animal"
First mistake right there

>> No.39485148

>A howling scream echoes through the webway
>All contact is lost with Craftworld Malant'ai
Makes me cream my pants every time.

>> No.39485177

The only good things in the 5th ed dex were the doom and the parasite

>6th ed dex


>> No.39485195

Their death God isn't going to work out is it?

>> No.39485260

Maybe. The best part was how my brother, an Eldar player, raged over how stupid it was.

>> No.39485280

Can you even see the artwork? See how much closer the soldier is and how he is still being towered over by red terror, that's a trygon

>> No.39485283

This pleases the Swarmlord and Hive Mind.

>> No.39485317

Yeah he was a monstrous creature, he was still kinda shit.

>> No.39485373

Seeing as the Tau took care of Gorgon, I think that's unlikely.

>> No.39485402

Wasn't gorgon stated to be the smallest recorded hivefleet ever? Didn't they also get back up to beat it?

>> No.39485408

Will things in the Galaxy improve or is 40k supposed to represent the end of days for civilization?

>> No.39485468

The Ad Mech thinks they found a STC for something that would help humanity with the transition to a full psychic race, or maybe it can repair the Golden Throne or it can keep the Astronacon still be a thing so Emps can die and come back.

>> No.39485506

It's a grimdark setting.


Rumored to be on a Daemon World. There chance it won't even be there and there a high chance that it was corrupted during its stay there.

>> No.39485558

>Wasn't gorgon stated to be the smallest recorded hivefleet ever?

No, it was stated to be among the relatively small ones just like Naga.

Unlike Naga, Gorgon brought with it a unique ability to hyper adapt and evolve its bio-weapons. The Tau matched hyper bio-adaption by their own technological adaptation.

>Didn't they also get back up to beat it?

Yes, from the Necrons and Imperial Guard. However, by that time the Tau were winning the war.

>> No.39485603

>Gorgon brought with it a unique ability to hyper adapt and evolve its bio-weapons. The Tau matched hyper bio-adaption by their own technological adaptation.


the nids getting out-adapted in their own book

>> No.39485630

But they're taking a chance. If the chance that it's not corrupted and works then what risks could be so high?

>> No.39485644

Remember when the tau celebrated necrons saving them?

Remember how well that went?

That what will happen if the stormlord attacks them, he'll go through tau space like a red-hot ball bearing.

>> No.39485682

"Relatively small", though it also happened almost a hundred years later, and the Tau's thing is that they've developed quickly - unnaturally quickly, even. Gorgon still left them shaken enough that they were scrambling to accept literally any help they could get against Kraken, which was what led to their cultural exchange with the Dark Eldar.

>> No.39485687

Didn't the Necrons kill them all after the celebration started a couple days before?

>> No.39485752

>A day of celebration on Ka'mais. The Necrons land on the colony world to be greeted in great ceremony by the honoured Ethereal Aun'taniel.

>Aun'taniel is slain by the Necron invaders. The Harvest of Ka'mais begins.

>> No.39485837

>Remember how well that went?

It was a 50/50 chance between the Necrons leaving them alone or destroying them.

Anrakyr who is normally reasonable wasn't in a good mood that day because he had to fight Tyranids which is something he does not enjoy.

You guys always forgot a little context for the Dark Revelations story. The Tau were streched thin with thanks for the Third Sphere wars which made them desperate for any aid against the splinters of the Kraken that surrounded their space. If they weren't desperate, then they would have been more cautious. Even with what happened, it was a good thing in the long run. One world for a little breather from the nids.

>> No.39485876

It stopped being funny after the Newcrons became a thing. Approaching the Necrons with civility might up your chance for survival is some cases.

>> No.39485922

in some*

>> No.39486219

They started the slaughter two days into the festivities.

>> No.39486255

How do you think transhuman Overwatch soldiers would fare against Imperial Guard or Nids?

>> No.39486567

All you need is techpriest with a power crowbar

>> No.39486950

7th ed codex is probably gonna nerf flyrants, i bet they'll only get to carry 1 twin linked devourer instead of 2.

>> No.39487083

Why do the nids get outwanked in their own book?

>> No.39487088

This, there will also likely be no significant buff to anything else, tyranids are just gonna keep rolling down hill

>> No.39487127

oh, they'll probably nerf crones in some way, followed up by introducing FMC for all the other races in 8th edition, with nid FMC only getting worse.

in return they will make a new HS choice thats just a giant pyrovore. It will be shit.

>> No.39487150


>> No.39487295

>anyone wins anything
>it's cuz of wank
I'm tired of this meme. It's toxic.

>> No.39487338

I would agree BUT half the pictures in the nid codex are of nids getting killed, and the majority of their stories are about them almost winning then losing, or being stomped

>> No.39487363

>the Tau OUT ADAPT the Tyranids
>A hyper adaptive tyranid fleet
>the tyranids
>the race that is defined by being a hyper-adaptive race of bio-weapons
>but the tau out adapt them.

Thats why its wank.

>> No.39487387

The Nids literally have to lose or the entire galaxy is consumed. Ergo they have to make it to a point of almost winning and then lose. Use your brain.

>traits are set in stone and can never be overcome even though the fluff describes how it was done
Stop being a retard.

>> No.39487428

>out-adapt the hyper-adaptive strain of Race: Adaptation

You really can't rationalize this away. It's pure garbage fluff, on a scale with running a multistellar empire without FTL.

>> No.39487444


like if the imperium just rolled up for a war, and then in two weeks suddenly imperium tech is now better than tau tech.

>> No.39487445


If Nids get worse I am literally flying to England and murdering Cruddace. Literally. This is in fact a written death threat Mr. FBI agent.

>> No.39487475


its not against a woman, you get a pass

this time.

>> No.39487522

They're adaptive, not infallible.

>running a multistellar empire without FTL.
They have the ability to travel between star systems in short periods of time. That gives them the ability to run their empire.
Really, you need to stop being dumb.

Your reaction is the equivalent of Tau fans sperging about any field of technology where another faction outdoes them.

>> No.39487582

The imperium develops superior battlesuits to the Tau's out of nowhere. What would your reaction be?

>> No.39487650

Interested to see how the Tau adapt to it, and if the Imperium deploys it with their Space Marines or as part of the Imperial Guard.
Would you sperg out and gnash your teeth?

>> No.39487667

bullshit. You'd sperg. They just took away what makes the Tau the Tau.

>> No.39487698

Maybe the FBI is into 40k, and might help you. And while you're at it, ask the BL writers what's going on with some of the stupid they've been having. And maybe punch GW.
They need to know that Necrons have acess to alternative demissions and can weaponize stars.
The Mechcanis found the STC for IQ points?

>> No.39487703

> on a scale with running a multistellar empire without FTL.

The Tau have their skim engines back in the 997 41K.

They have FTL.

>> No.39487746

Stop projecting your autism. I don't play Tau so I don't care.
In any case, the Tau are already know for adaptability, it's not something they "took away" from the Nids.

>In the end, Hive Fleet Gorgon's extreme adaptability proved to be its chief vulnerability, as the rapid cycle of adaptation and replenishment of its forces forced the Tyranids to rely on their smaller, less complex biomorphs that could be bred most rapidly. The Gorgon had few of the larger and more potent Tyranid biomorphs at its disposal and those it did possess were not easy to replace. Once the Tau recognised this reality and made the elimination of these creatures a priority for the Fire Caste, the course of the war dramatically shifted in their favour.
muh adaptability

>> No.39487749

I needed a laugh... Thank you

>> No.39487774

False equivalency of the extreme kind.

The Tau were already described as race that is ever adapting and evolving their technology. The Imperium on the other hand is suffering technological decline from its massive size and the difficulties that entail and also because of dogma.

>> No.39487779

>i don't play tau

I know you don't

you play IG Cruddace

>> No.39487804

He is mysterious. A Tyranid as old as the Tyranid race implies he was the first of his race. He might be the scientist that created the Tyranids!

>> No.39487805


>> No.39487829


>> No.39487859


His existence opens way for a lot of speculation.

>> No.39487875


>> No.39487879

>short periods of time

If you cannot travel practically at or above the speed of light, your travel time is measured in years. Months in the densest cluster that won't just collapse under its own gravity. Empires like that don't last, especially against external pressures.


If you do the math, it would be impossible for them to have traveled across the length of space their empire covers in the time they've had marginal FTL, let alone conquer it. I'm not even going to grace their STL travel times with notice.

Either Tau have always had FTL, or they've never had an empire. Current garbage fluff fails internal logic, making it worse than even the most inconsistent and contrived wank.

>> No.39487918

Maybe the proto-Nids were nastier than they are now, and the Swarmlord was the weakest of the bunch.

>> No.39487955

Maybe we should just pretend the 5th and 6th ed dexes don't exist since they're SHIT

>> No.39487971

>overthinking a fictional game with space elves and bug dinosaurs that eat galaxies
pure autism

>> No.39487989

Then the Hivemind wouldn't have chosen to keep him relevant all this time. He has been the Hivemind's right hand in the consumption of a dozen galaxies. That's some love.

>> No.39487994

That bait comes from a specific baiter.

>> No.39488037

Necrontyr established a galactic empire. Warred with themselves and then with the Old Ones.

All of this with near-light stasis ships. Clearly, anon, your calculations are wrong.

>> No.39488051

Whatever you say.
Drastic evolution maybe. The proto-Hive Mind had to make tough calls and the stronger bunch had to get off production.

>> No.39488170

The First Spherer expansion took 1000 years and netted them 8 Septs total. That's 8 star systems in a dense star cluster.

I'd say that's a plausible time frame.

>> No.39488239

it's wankery :(

>> No.39488395


I like how, without fail, adding these sorts of characters to hive mind races always ruins them or just leaves us with a stupid character.

>> No.39488475 [SPOILER] 

But giving the big bad monster race a big bad monster face opens up all sorts of exciting storytelling possibilities.

>> No.39488507

What about Kerrigan? In SC1 it worked, though SC2 ruined it.

>> No.39488533

You forgot to include a couple of Wraithguard. Swarmie got the D hard at the end of the novel Valedor.

>> No.39488578

I didn't make it, just saved it from an old thread. Good to know though.

>> No.39488743

>Ah, i see, my arm isn't tactical enough, i need to develop a heart arm more tactical

Think of it more like a brain arm.
Look at an octopus. An incredible amount of an octopus's nervous system is found in its eight arms. On my mobile so I have no sources, but so much of an octopus's nervous system is in its arm, that while the octopus's brain is still making decisions, the arm more or less "decides" on its own how to execute the finer points of executing that action, because it is more efficient than having a single brain executing incredibly minute actions independently in eight different arms at once.

Tldr the swarmlord is just an arm brain that handles finer tactical movements of the hive than it could otherwise handle acting on base hive instinct and standard insect swarm tactics and other broad actions.

>> No.39488772

Someone finally gets it.

>> No.39488830


Isn't that already the point of a normal Hive Tyrant? Why did they have to make a Super Hive Tyrant that is actually a person?

>> No.39489079


GW shouldn't bother with highly technical physics and measurements if they can't get it right. They could easily have written Tau to have been a plausible race instead of over-emphasizing the infantility of the race, applying it not only to their naive attitude but also their budding technology. "Ethereals provided FTL travel alongside their uplifting of the Tau race" would have been simple and got rid of all the impossibility of the Tau empire's span and timeline.

>> No.39489160

No, point of normal tyrant is enduring 59 multimeltas.

>> No.39489180

Because the Hive Mind wanted a meaner version.

>> No.39489207

> Same hive fleet
Have different hive fleets ever fought each other?

>> No.39489374

why not make all of the tyrants meaner, its not like there's a limiting factor, swarmlord isn't any different from any other tyrant, and the quad boneswords seem sub-optimal anyways.

You're a hive mind. Why would you make only one arm better? Why not make EVERY arm better?

>> No.39489400

Don't worry, Swarmlord, what if you had Genestealers at your side?

>> No.39489493

Probably the same reason if we go with my idea that the proto-Nids that were meaner got phased out. Biomass. They probably required biomass that was only limited to their Galaxy. The Swarmlord probably was the most unused bioform they had back then. Captcha: Arkin

>> No.39489543

no, thats bullshit

Biomass is biomass. A swamlord is just a tyrant in terms of biomass.

>> No.39489609

I never said that was the true reason. Anyone else want to see proto-Tyranids?

>> No.39489689


>> No.39489705

Daily reminder that this pile of shit got a green light from the things GW calls "play-tester"

>> No.39489813

Those things are ugly with a captial U. I see one with a somewhat Tyranid head but it's more xenomorph like, and that big thing to the left has some similarities with a carnifex.

>> No.39489938

It's not even a good looking model. It manages to be both bland and ugly.
Why are its brains in its abdomen? Why are they exposed as fuck?

>> No.39489989

>new guard codes is released
>Guardsmen are now T5 with BS5
>Tanks all have a 4++ and repair on a 3+
>Battle cannons are now Strength D
>Vets have BS6 and 2+ armor and can take up to seven special weapons
>Chimeras are 13 all around and can buy a battle cannon upgrade for 5pts
>Lasguns are Salvo 3/5

>> No.39490024

>Why are its brains in its abdomen? Why are they exposed as fuck?
To be fair, it has a 5++ psychic barrier...

>> No.39490044

>>Lasguns are Salvo 3/5

Yes plz.

>> No.39490068

>Vets have BS6 and 2+ armor and can take up to seven special weapons
Per vet, right?

>> No.39490080

>Implying playtesting was involved

That thing was shat out because they had a model lying around and felt like releasing it.

>> No.39490109

That's because it works if people would realize that focused witchfires have been badly worded and don't need to hit to work

>> No.39490125

lets be real.

they shit a model out and shit out some rules too.

such an ugly sculpt

>> No.39490140

Of course not! In a 5 man squad.

>> No.39490142


whats the matter, don't like your models made by computers?

>> No.39490175

i'm not convinced this isn't a lump of clay smashed together with other random nid parts.

>> No.39490336

>The skein resounded to the triumphant laughter of She Who Thirsts. She was waiting for him now. Her presence pushed aside the limitless mind of the voidspawn. The horrors of the flesh had been displaced by that of the spirit.


Slaanesh to the Hivemind


>> No.39490359

CAD design actually doesn't have to look bad. GW are just sort of shit at it.

>> No.39490566

When two tendrils of different Hive Fleets meet, they fight to see whose absorbed genetic information is the best. The winner fleet absorbs the loser fleet, and takes all the useful adaptations the other fleet has developed.

>> No.39490738

The unit is still total shit even if it doesn't need to roll to hit. The cost in points and warp charges needed to focus are way over bloated... The only thing it has going for it is the 5++ and that's because ++ are so fucking rare on nids

>> No.39491008

rebellion. The hive can control one free thinking organism thingy. But it'd really suck if all its arms rebelled against it.

>> No.39491031

So why make any of them free thinking. You don't need it to be free thinking. You just need its tactical SHIT.

>> No.39491067

because you can't have one without the other. That's a fairly common trope in these things.

>> No.39491096

which is why its retarded

>> No.39491163

>tropes are automatically retarded.

I see we're in the rebellious high school phase.

>> No.39491233

no, its just retarded in the context of the nids.

the whole point is that they're a faceless, ever hungering intelligence, giving them a face in the swarmlord contradicts like, their whole point.

>> No.39491271

If they're ever adapting, maybe it's just an adaptation? :)

>> No.39491324

The swarmlord is an 'adaptation' in the sense that it gives the lore a 'boss creature' to beat up every time it wants to make the nids look like shit

which is always.

>> No.39491360

They still seem like a faceless ever hungering intelligence to me, just one that has really big boss monsters in it.

To be perfectly honest, you sound like a person who complains for the sake of complaining. I'm not going to engage with you anymore on this subject, because it's a waste of my time. Be unhappy!

>> No.39491361

Are you going to cry because the Nids haven't "won" the game?

>> No.39491400

they aren't in it's abdomen. It's abdomen is it's butt. The brains are inside it's cephalothorax. As for why they're exposed like that, because the same reason Zoanthrope's brains are ridiculously exposed.

I actually like the Maleceptor/ Toxicrene model. I think it's very refreshing to finally get some new Tyranid Monsters that don't, basically, just look like a bigger Carnifex.

>> No.39491441

The way I pretend the Swarmlord works is that, like in Diskworld, in 40k the narrative is an actual physical force such that plot armor works and speshul snoflaeks never die to mooks. The Hive Mind adapted to this and created a snowflake of it's own in order to hunt down enemy snowflakes.

>> No.39491447

replied to wrong post, meant to respond to >>39489938

>> No.39491499

The forelimbs on that shit look like absolute garbage.

>> No.39491545

What? No. Its just annoying that the nids aren't the nids anymore.

4th edition lore for them is infinitely better done than the 5th/6th edition lore, what other race is made to look like shit in its own codex.

Like i get it, the nids can't be winning every battle, they're the devourer of worlds, the endgame.

But as a fan, the epic conclusion of the invasion of hive fleet behemoth (which was better w/o the swarmlord) was only defeated at enormous fucking cost by the Ultramarines, the imperium had to sacrifice one of its greatest and oldest battleships, the Ultra's entire first company was wiped out in a hopeless battle, the chapter was changed enough by this that it created special tyrannic war veteran units in future conflicts. It changed the Ultras.

Compare to the hive fleet Gorgon, where it just gets it shit rocked by the Tau in short order. This story might have been fine in a Tau codex, but in the Nid codex its just like.. Why? Why would you tell me about the nids getting their asses handed to them in their own codex?

Thats my frustration. The codexes show no love to the nids, the 3rd/4th edition dexes had heart.

Consider that 4th ed nids were basically the only dex without ANY special characters, if you wanna make a swarm of monsters feel like a SWARM, the less special snowflakes the better. The entire race is a war machine bred to fight, why would there be personalities or anything like that within it?

Too bad cause 4th ed Broodlord + posse were actually the most HQ rapingest squad ever.

>> No.39491597

I am a britbong personally and will gladly join

>> No.39491629

Why did Slaany do that? It's not like the Nids needed souls. And he probably used drugs to push the Hive Mind away.

>> No.39491785

Am I the only one who doesn't see the swarmlord as a special snowflake? More like a super hive tyrant? Not some personality filled creature, just a more intelligent badass tyrant

>> No.39491835

You done fucked up.

>> No.39491845

Mathhammer is for scrubs.

>> No.39491880

Tyranid nom Eldar souls too.

>> No.39492040

This. This picture seems awesome to me, I think it's the sunlight making a good background.
I figured that one was a mutant.

>> No.39492077

if it was just a super hive tyrant that'd be fine. But its an individual creature and intelligence within the swarm thats 'as old as the swarm' and has names. Which is retarded.

Why would the hive mind give a tyrant that much importance anyways, tyrants are just conduits, they aren't like dominatrixes or norn queens or anything.

>> No.39492099

>I figured that one was a mutant.

The hivemind cloned it and made lesser copies of it.

>> No.39492119

Because he is the original Tyranid and the Hivemind is sentimentally attached to him.

>> No.39492186

>But its an individual creature and intelligence
Aren't all Tyrants technically still this? The 5th edition lore changes were dumb
>Rather than being an advanced scouting and preparation force, gene stealers instinctively run away from swarms! Because I don't know what an emotionless super-intelligence is!

>> No.39492248

>>Rather than being an advanced scouting and preparation force, gene stealers instinctively run away from swarms! Because I don't know what an emotionless super-intelligence is!

Of all the complaints so far this has to be the most stupid. Genestealers evacuate worlds to spread their infections to other worlds. It would suck for them and the Tyranids if they were devoured with the rest of the planet. It would be quite the hassle to deploy them again as infiltrators to soften up other worlds.

>> No.39492276

Hive tyrants may or may not be individuals within the swarm, their destruction doesn't 'lessen' the hive mind, it just removes its presence from the immediate area.

They're all just bioforms, driven by the implacable will of the hive mind, lore actually follows in that the only true conciousness within the swarm are the norn-queens, who direct the evolution of the swarm, everything else is a beast controlled via their psychic will, synapse creatures from warriors to tyrants to dominatrixes connected directly to the hive mind as a conduit of their will.

>> No.39492319

.It says the Hive Tyrants are slaved to the Hivemind.

They are unique persons forced to serve a collective.

>> No.39492359

I think its slaved in the way a computer part is slaved, not a person you fucking dumbshit.

>> No.39492547

The new thing right?

>> No.39492587


It's a 7th/6th ED thing.

>> No.39492864


I agree, why couldn't there have been a complete victory against X race, in the process creating an even more evolved strain (something akin to doom of malantai?) or perhaps new hive fleet created from winning a battle which could then fuck off and be eternally threatening like the rest of of the supposedly limitless tyranid threat out there

if the nids don't win this infinite battle vs the orks that kryptman started I'll be a very very sad nid fan.

>> No.39495500


I was convinced that must be a quote from an Eldar until I read the bottom part.

>> No.39495552


It was Guy Haley's attempt to warn us of things to come.

>> No.39495586

What and why and who?

>> No.39495723


Guy Haley wrote the Valedor book DFG is citing and unless you've not read any other thread on /tg/ the past couple of days then you know the situation with wraith guard.

>> No.39495884

I know about the Wraith Guard hate. Dear Lord, I understand now.

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