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So... is fire a viable option for dealing with everything?

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Hey guys, back. Real life shit interrupted a build. What I mi-



Right, so. Allow me to elaborate on the plan.

Specifically. The Contract of the World.

Starts off with Pact-Binder from the Changeling jump, which allows me to create full-on Contracts on the level of canon ones in exchange for: commencing on and finishing an epic quest and finding a worthy sacrifice to 'solidify' the bond.

In order to initiate Pact-Binder's part however, you need a few perks: Mostly, Conjoined Conjures (conjoining EVERY FUCKING SUMMONING MAGICK YOU CAN ACCESS), Gaia Speaks To Me, and Voice of the Planet. Along with every Diplomancer perk you can bring to bear - salesmanship, charisma, EVERYTHING.

You initiate the quest, which will vary based on the setting / world. You find the proper sacrifice, again varies based on the world. This is all you need to do, as after I re-clarified some stuff with the Jump-Maker they (The Lost Anon) said that future worlds could be grandfathered into the base Contract / Court. Course, one thing is for certain: KNOW YOUR FUCKING LEGALESE! Ensure that every detail within the Contract is NAILED DOWN AND FINISHED! Ensure that there are no loopholes, no ways for either party to get out of their agreement, none. ZIP. ZILCH. NADDA. That also extends to the Grandfathering bit: make sure said Legalese includes the Contract extending into the future with different worlds.

Now. Here's the BASIS of the Contract of the World idea. Basically, it was to allow non-changeling allies to access the Clauses within said Contract. However, there's the issue of Glamour being involved. Glamour, when used by non-changelings / mortals, seems to have the distinctly negative effect on the psyche. So what is the solution?

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Prayer. By acting as the main reservoir of Glamour and spending the cost of Glamour each time someone enacts your name, you can allow them access to that Clause of the Contract and allow them to enact it at their location.

Essentially, you are spending your Glamour to enable others to access the Contract.

Now. Moving onward. Clearly, you can run out of Glamour quickly through this. BUT. /But/. Glamour is derived from emotional energy, while not being emotional energy. Now... Tell me. What's a good source of energy that is emotional in nature and ALSO derived from prayer?

Mantra. Yes, from Asura's Wrath, which is also where you have more perks to aid in the Contract of the World plan, in the Ally of the Gohma tree. Now, for MOST effectiveness? You'll want to go Demigod + Ally of the Gohma to properly get shit done. AS for what Mantra Affinity would work best? Honestly, I have no idea. Still working that part out.

Now. Remember back up there? Where I mentioned Conjoined Conjures? And conjoining all the summoning magicks?

There's one form of Magic. heralding from Berserk, that specializes in summoning spirits. In doing so, this form of magic has a special ability - the ability to temporarily merge with said summoned spirit for a devastating combination. Now...

Do you remember whose spirit you summon to initiate the Contract to begin with?

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Shapeshifting allows me to get hands with relative ease, so that's one thing down.

Lets see:
Selective Weight
Colossal Grace
Bloody Magical
True Magical Affinity
High Magic Output
Magic Eye

Also, Elementalism: Fire, Lightning, Wind, Elemental Training, and Elemental Synergy.

I can get hugeness elsewhere, but Super Spyro Magicalness is best acquired here, along with being able to later take a suspiciously lightweight and graceful form in the Kaiju jump.

And fail to set off landmines elsewhere, which will be useful if someone is tailing me and assumes the path I take is safe.

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Is this still the most recent version of the shape supplement?

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Sweet unholy fuck.

It BEGINS. The great World Jumper of our time.

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Yeah nothing's changed yet. I have something more planned for it. I just need some more time after finishing up the first draft of Smash Brothers.

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>TFW It's Happenning

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Yes. Fire is the answer to all of your problems. Giant sentient roaches? Burn them. Xenos getting you down? Torch 'em. That one yandere chick stalking you who might want to kill you? Kill it with fire. See? Fire fixes everything.

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>tfw OAA becomes the planet
>tfw OAA eventually figures out how to do it for other planets
>tfw Seras becomes the Moon and the two utterly erase anything in orbit

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So Claymore jump time. Questions, comments, suggestions, whatever?

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And you people were scared of Wakfu.

Come on now.

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So two questions:
1.) How fucked am I if I start out in the Demon World in Jackie Chan Adventures?
2.) If I have some reaction time improving perks, and I go to SAO, if I have a faster reaction time than Kirito, does that mean that I get the dual-wielding perk instead of him?

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>Seras as a moon
>hfw her figure

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Hey, she's in shape. Round is a shape, after all.

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Except it's merging with the spirit of the planet, not the actual planet.

But count me as still horrified.

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Is there anyway to make it so the Claymores don't go crazy/monster because of that youmi or youkai whatever?

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They don't go crazy if they keep cool and don't use their power, if they keep below 10% of their Yoki they won't ever see any issues. Willpower and in general having a strong mind also keeps them around longer.

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So no way to keep them stable if they use more than 10%?

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Whoever has the fastest reaction speed gets <Dual Wielding>. If that's you, then that's you. I hope you can live up to Kayaba's desires so you can get his world seed.

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Technically it's the spirit, not the planet, as >>39457976 said.

But the resulting HUGE would probably still result in the same kind of chicanery.

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>start out in the Demon World
Very fucked. If I remember correctly that place is inescapable from the inside, and it's, as the name implies, filled with a lot of really nasty and powerful monsters.

>get the dual-wielding perk instead of him?
You should, I think the game was just programmed to automatically give the perk to whoever got their stats that high first.

Why was that even in the game anyway? Seriously no magic and no dual wielding, SAO was a really shitty MMO.

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It's not really clear, someone with a strong enough mind could probably manage a great deal more power. The characters that could half awaken never had any apparent issues after their first time going past their limit. As well it's entirely possible for just about any warrior to become incredibly strong without using any Yoki.

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Well, it's not like you could stop playing because you were dissatisfied with the game.

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You could always kill yourself, that would take you out of the game

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I have a feeling this is a reference to some spinoff manga I have never seen. If so I would like a link if possible if not I am wondering if I should take the drawback like how I was debating on whether to take hellsing's abridged drawback for funny or stay the original feel.

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OAA has out-huged Red

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Jesus Christ how horrifying.

>> No.39458190

It's actually just some 4koma that supposedly came with the databook.

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But...nobody can outhuge Red. It's impossible! It's like...she has this perk that automatically makes her the biggest in whatever universe she's in!

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It's not the end until someone can be...

the Hugest

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Well fuck.

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Manyfist I've got a question for you if you're around. For the All Spark Chosen upgrade from the Tranformers jump, does that mean any machine I give a spark to automatically becomes a Transformer or I am just giving it sapience and nothing else?

I need to know because I'm planning on using it on something that's already humanoid.

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But is she planet-huge?

Is she Asura the Destructor huge?

Because I think OAA just got that huge.

>> No.39458295

She can be as huge as she wants to be. Red is absolutely fuckhuge.

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I wonder which Claymore is best to take home/

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Probably one of the ones that dies in Pieta.

>> No.39458558

Well, with OAA breaking everything it's safe to say we can pack up and leave. GG everyone, GG

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>tfw don't have anything as cool as Red or OAA
All I have is gem/crystal magitech, fire stacking, and ultra-extreme sports equipment.

At least OAA found his Jumper-Opus

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...well I believe a few things are in order.

1. OAA, you fucking SCARY. And creative. Holy shit, my hat's off to YOU.
2. That is seriously way more neat than my Tree plan. I don't think I ever would have come up with something as awesome as making a plan to talk with the fucking PLANET.
3. You. Are. SCARY.

Now that that's over with... your challenge has been noted.

I have not even begun to huge.

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There is something he didn't take into account. The fact that you need a sacrifice, that may vary according to world. However, you hust KNOW that's gonna end in tears.

Power always has a price, after all~

>> No.39458761

Spyro. Spyro.

I just wanted to find a way for non-Changeling allies to access a Contract without Glamour requirements.

And shit broke.
Take an idea. Find shit that links to it. AND GO.

>> No.39458780

Same. I don't have any crazy combos. I don't know if I'm creative enough to figure a stacking method like Red or OAA. I just like explosions and exterminatus.

>> No.39458789

I am taking it into account. Which is why I'm being incredibly fucking careful with which world I start the Contract in.

So far we've had sacrifices ranging from dots in stats like Intelligence and Strength, to a contract-maker's firstborn child, to a captured True Fae.

And the price WILL vary based on the world, that much I know.

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>careful wording
>implying that helps

Have you not read the million wish or demon threads on /tg/? If the world wants to screw you over, it will find a way. After all, who wants to be bound when you could be powerful on your own? Trust me, these things never end well.

Unless you go to Winnie the Pooh and make the contract there in which case...


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So, when you say the claymore we can buy is indestructible; How indestructible are we talking about. Like, Proto-Adamantium levels?

>> No.39458852

Or. I find a world with a conflict, in which the villain is trying to end it for one reason or another.

There is the quest and the sacrifice, right there.

But I see what you mean.

>> No.39458881

Well, the metric shitton of charisma perks he has probably helps as well.

>> No.39458882

By being a dick, anon gave me an idea!

The perfect world to make a deal with? Ar Ciel.

Now, listen for a sec. Ar Ciel is actually a great planet once you save it. Which counts as your quest, by the way. Ar Ciel loves its children and wants only the best for them and for them to be happy, or it did before it went crazy and will once it's fixed. So less danger.

>> No.39458886

>Pooh Earth

>> No.39458898


>> No.39458899


Yeah, that may not go over so great. I mean, you're already saving the world, but that doesn't count much as a sacrifice if you wouldn't break a sweat while doing it.

Give up your other arm in Gurren Lagann with the No Power drawback. I dare yoy. I double dare you.

>> No.39458905

In all the multiverse, who is the most poor, unfortunate, and powerless individual you can think of?

>> No.39458909

I would say not Proto-Adamantium levels. However everything shown should include two blades going at least a couple times the speed of sound or more, without the slightest nick in the blade. They are very tough, but ultimately it's unclear how tough.

>> No.39458926

How does Awakened hunger interact with autosustenance perks? Do I need to eat humans, or am I addicted/compelled to eat humans?

>> No.39458942

the little matchstick girl

>> No.39458963


>> No.39458965

I really like FiSS from PS238 but I really don't want flight, makes my precious sporting equipment out of use. Is there any other jumps that offer a huge durability, speed and strength boosts.

And anything that grants a neat magic boost outside Negima's gift of 1000 masters.

Yeah I was wondering about that too. And could an artificially grown human liver work as a good substitute?

>> No.39459000

Awakened beings breakdown what amount of their human body they have, and have to replace it. It's less about eating, and more about replacing damaged flesh with new flesh. They also appear to be very strongly compelled to eat humans, it's a compulsion that happens before they even fully awaken.
Artificial flesh would work fine.

>> No.39459022

Wouldn't regen counteract it?

>> No.39459035

Well, that's unfortunate. My current project involves abusing the Aion "Armfusion Crafter" to make an absurdly powerful weapon for myself and was looking for an alternate way to make it indestructible. Guess I'll have to shell out for the "Evil's Bane" enchantment in the legend of zelda jump.

>> No.39459084

Wouldn't just using the immortal object perk from SAO and then having immunity to time shenanigans allow you to continue to work on it without much problem?

>> No.39459093

No they regen their human flesh alongside everything else anyway, they regen it damaged or something. The issue is that as an awakened being you are less human, and more the form of life that creates yoma, you can be considered a parasite that needs flesh to live in. Priscilla for instance has limitless energy and can regenerate anything, creating new material from nothing, she still craves flesh, and more so than any other awakened being.

>> No.39459102

I wish I'd jumped Soul Eater, Aion and FFXIII-2 before RWBY. I feel like a jumper could build one hell of a weapon by using the Armsfusion Crafter to fuse similar weapons into their ultimate form, and the Weapon Combination Template to fuse two dissimilar weapons together, and then fuse the aforementioned amalgamated guns into your RWBY weapon. I think you wind up with a baby /k/ube if you do this hard enough.

>> No.39459134

I don't think anyone is going to take this except Val then. Can't get around it with regen or lack of a need for food, I can't think of anything else that'd work.

>> No.39459152

Thanks for the ruling and explaining the rationale behind it, in addition to giving the okay on a more moral alternative.

No, onto bitching about canon:

What the hell's up with their healing and digestion? Strictly speaking, humans eat the food we do as material to process for energy and resources so cells can divide and replace dying material. I guess 'fucking magic' but this might also be chalked up to 'awakened beings were designed as bioweapons for use on the main continent' (iirc). Designed biological imperative?

>checks the wiki
Didn't find what I was looking for but goddamn, Yoma can eat brains to perfectly emulate a person? And the emulated copy is still semi-aware, but only enough to cry.


>> No.39459203

Would that even be possible? Where would I get immunity to time shenanigans?

I get around that by becoming a servant in the fate jump. One of my noble phantasms is a cheap, E rank one who's sole ability is being able to transform into any weapon ever, but has really shitty stats. I just use it as a base and fuse stuff to it to improve the stats that way.

>> No.39459270

DMC's Quicksilver style grants immunity as a bonus if I remember, FFXIII,-2, and -3 has a strong resistance to it. Just off of the top of my head though.
Time manipulation magic from anywhere else could negate the frozen in time effect enough to work on it.

>> No.39459298

Drakengard! Only reason I went Drop-in, otherwise I woulda been a Monster.

>> No.39459307

Cloned flesh, like flash cloned organs from Halo would work. Besides I wasn't trying to make it appealing, it's a be a horrible monster option, as such it should stand on the merits of the horrible monster it is.
Their healing is odd, and they don't seem to really digest food, not awakened beings anyway. I would say, fucking magic, because they are based off of fucking crazy biology that doesn't seem to follow regular rules. They are also an incomplete product, technically the goal is for awakened beings that don't lose their humanity and crave human flesh.

Also the Yoma are said to do that earlier on, but later on, they are stated to be a parasite that jumps hosts.

>> No.39459355

What is this Aion jump? Is it actually called that or is it an abbreviation? I must have missed it when it first came out.

>> No.39459381

That only seems to protect against paradoxes, not time-stop

Yeah, just Aion. It's in the folder with all the other jumps.

>> No.39459451

Okay, let me try to reason this out. The constant among those that crave human entrails isn't the parasites, because Claymores- and therefore Awakened- don't have the parasites, just Yoma flesh. So something about the Claymore magic needs human entrails. This is independent of their regeneration ability, yet when Priscilla got pushed to the wire, she had a feral need for entrails. So either entrails is actually a need, or the compulsion/addiction for entrails is harder to resist the more stressed you are?

...Fuck it, I'ma just gonna make sure I have cloned flesh handy if I go Awakened, or even Claymore.

Also, the PDF section titles misspells the word 'Backgrounds'.

And maybe I'm just blind, but what do all the * mean?

>> No.39459594

The * is something for the Soul Link companion, it denotes which perks they get if you buy the perk for yourself. I felt like just giving that companion a copy of all your perks was a bit much, even if they are a costly companion, so I limited it to the relevant perks.

I think the entrails eating thing is somewhat more compulsion when it comes to regen and such, because of the way Teresa talks about Priscilla being able to regain all of her strength one way or another. As well as that everything that she ate at a point after that ripped it's way out of her, and she was no worse for wear(actually seemed better off). It may be that the stress on the body induces the compulsion, and that eating them reduces that stress.

>> No.39459681

Maybe mention the significance of * marks at the top of the Perks section, to reduce confusion? Even just a 'for more info, check the 'Soul Link' Companion'.

Yeah, but even if it's a stress reaction, how does having Yoma flesh/Yoki induce it? I'm giving this way too much time and thought. Fucking magic. It doesn't need to make sense.

Thanks for engaging on the topic!

>> No.39459725

Now that I've given the whole thing a closer read, I meant to add, overall a fun jump. Well done. I need to think on a proper build, but... yeah, there's some neat stuff in here and I'm going to have to do some cost/benefit analysis.

>> No.39459743

Right. I was doing something before posting the Contract of the World plan.

And now look at where we are. Anywho, back to the build.

>Asura's Wrath
Era: 12,000 Years Later
Age: 410-years-old
Drawbacks: Agent of Balance (+300), A Rival (+200), Outside the Wheel (+100)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Origin: Demigod

-Mantra Generation (Free)
-Imposing Declaration of Title! (Free)
-Mantra Affinity (Free) (Lust) - See. I'm several flavors of nature god, which include such details as 'Life' and 'Fertility.' That and fuck it. These shenanigans will be turned up to 11.
-Mantra Training & Techniques
-Demigod Atelier
-Cyborg Hindu Godbody
-Spirit of the World
-General of Wind and Hill
-Noble Title and Demesne

-Resplendent Wardrobe (Free)
-Mantra Reactor

>> No.39459782

So you're a huge manslut now.

>> No.39459798

Well the flesh of yoma is a crazy result of the use of Asarakam flesh to try and make something else with similar power to them. Combining unawakened and awakened Asarakam flesh creates a parasite that if introduced into a human turns that human into a yoma, and apparently breaks down their body in such a way that they need more human flesh to parasitize, Awakened beings seem to need the same thing despite not really being the parasite. Course it was never fully explained.

Also thanks for the suggestion about the asterisk, next time I post the thing it'll have that and some typo fixes. Just holding back on posting now to see if there are any more things that people find or suggest.

>> No.39459808 [SPOILER] 

Let it be known that once the things kick into top gear, OAA will probably have a form to rival Asura's hugeness at the end of the game

>> No.39459813

Within reason. Self-control is a beautiful thing.

Even if said self control is partially assisted by pills.

>> No.39459816

No such thing. Seras weeps.

>> No.39459817


Review plox.

I just put all my jumpchain crap on pastebin and I've already got 75 unique hits. WTF.

>> No.39459830

Coward, a real man either plows his waifu or controls himself.

>> No.39459860

To be fair, the General associated with 'Lust' was never shown to be a slut. Just a very overbearing bitch.

>implying that that doesn't happen anyway.

The pills are only for emergencies anyway, mate-o. I've spent the last several thousand years expressing self-control.
But this fucking contract plan makes me wonder about that.

>> No.39459883

What you don't see, OAA. She was still filled with huge levels of lust, it's what her mantra does. You have betrayed all who you care for.

>> No.39459890

Giving spaience and nothing else. Only bodies forged by Cybertron be once Transformers. All Spark in Bayformers not withstanding, but that's the All Spark. It's Deus Ex Machina & McGuffin, so it's OP levels of BS.

>> No.39459909

And any of the others would be more preferable?

He's at least been able to control his libido. Becoming Wrath would likely not end anywhere near as well.

>> No.39459923

Hm. It sounds like the Yoma part then creates a compulsion for human flesh so it can either incubate or synthesize more young- and then Claymores and Awakened are left with the urge, presumably from the 'donated' organs they receive. It might actually mess with their other processes, messing with their recovery, or it might just be mental.

>> No.39459924

Bitch, I was a Doctor in Franken Fran two jumps ago. Cannibalism is par for the course. It literally doesn't even crack the Top 50 Most Horrifying Shit that's happened to me in the last thirty years.

>> No.39459925

Anything that would not wound his waifu so.

>> No.39459945

We've all eaten human flesh before, but it's not something we want to make a necessity for life, you know?

>> No.39459964

You realize 'Lust' can be stuff like lusting for adventure, or for power, or for peace, or for innovation, or any of the stuff, right?

It's a desire. It's not just "hurr time to bone".

>> No.39459974

Pretty sure she was just using the mantra generated from 'purification beams'- and therefore unaspected. Though yeah, she pretty obviously wanted to jump her boss's dick.

But yeah, you get a power boost if you embrace your mantra.

>> No.39459987

Hey /jc/, decided to go back and take a look at the Supernatural jump so I could get The Cure, and I was wondering.

On a scale of 1-10, how big of an OCP would it be to bring a pet Shoggoth in?

>> No.39459990

Lust as a sin regards pleasures of the flesh.

>> No.39459996

this >>39459964

But I guess it's just too easy to hop on the 'YOU DUN GOOFED FUCKER' train.

>> No.39460014

Oh, then why is Yasha not constantly going 'BUUUH. SAD FACE EVERYWHERE' given that he's Melancholy?

Melancholy is also not a sin. So your analogy there falls to shit, son.

>> No.39460019

Well it most likely is mental until they actually eat human flesh, it was noted at one point that there is no going back from that. Before that either Soul Link or Half Awakening seems to function just fine for preventing the need for flesh, so a stable human mind should prevent the need from ever developing to far. It is also noted that the flesh that is used to create warriors has an impact, in particular all of the warriors that half awakened had yoma flesh from former humans who greatly cared for them. The guy that does the research when he found out said that if he had had the chance to dissect them he may have been able to create warriors that could awaken and return without issue. It was also suggested that it was the lingering thoughts of the person the flesh belonged to that was the important part.

>> No.39460021

Make sure to tick it as unlisted.

>> No.39460037

His whole thing is being depressed about his dead sister.

>> No.39460048

And who says he has to embrace it? He may've just gotten the perk for the free level of Mantra and will regulate how much Lust Mantra he consumes to ensure he's not overtaken?

But I guess according to anon he's now a dickmonster.

>> No.39460051

Who says I have to? These imbeciles can't even create proper half-human hybrids, I mean Jesus. This is just insulting to the art of medicine, honestly. I could make better Claymores than this. Besides, cannibalism, schmanibalism. A little slice and some rearrangement of internal organs, some quick brain surgery and genetic engineering and I'll have that shit fixed in a jiffy!

>> No.39460053

>Melancholy is also not a sin
Actually as far as historically, you could make a rather strong case for Sloth originally being Melancholy, as far as the seven sins developed.

>> No.39460062

Yes, but he still shows emotion besides depression. You're stating OAA would be reduced to a lust-crazed beast.

Can't have it two ways. One way or another.

>> No.39460075

I'm just saying he'd be a total manslut, which his wife won't appreciate I imagine.

>> No.39460095

Anon, you're just stereotyping for the sake of stereotyping. Do you see Greed mantra folk stealing everything they possibly can? Do you see Pride mantra folk with their head up their asses every time they talk?

No. You're speaking bullshit.

>> No.39460097

He doesn't need to. It's too his benefit to Lust (not necessarily sexually) for something.

That's all I intended to communicate, but it got distracted my own observations about the Lust general.

My apologies for that communication error- that was my bad.

>> No.39460123

I see the canon characters being extremely covetous and prideful, respectively.

>> No.39460143

for reference, you could use the FMA (or to some extent 40k) interpretation with him just getting REALLY into things

>> No.39460171


I agree with the FMA comparison. Not the 40k one.

>> No.39460194

>OAA is He Who Thirsts

>> No.39460203

Eh, there's mentions of pursuing perfection as being a Slaaneshi thing
quiet you

>> No.39460227

Seras is going to be exhausted and pleased every time OAA and her go to bed.

>> No.39460242

Until he starts bringing others too.

>> No.39460256

This is why we can't have lewd jumps. The second someone even mentions anything like 'lust' the thread assumes self-control is nonexistent.

>> No.39460265

>Thinking OAA is unfaithful.
Come on Anon. OAA isn't that kind of person from what I gathered from his posts.

>> No.39460276

>being this focused

Dude. If you have a problem, speak up. They've been together for a fuckload of jumps now and there's such a thing as single-target sexuality.

There is such a thing as self control you fucking nutjobs. I mean sure, you might lack it. But other people don't.

They've been cheering for it for a while each time something happens.

>> No.39460277

I wouldn't think so either, but now he's a being fueled by raw lust.

>> No.39460292

Apparently not according to anon. Anyone who takes lust has to be some dick monger who never is faithful. 'cause heaven forbid someone ever demonstrates self-control.

You don't hear Red going on and on about how she fucks everything, do you?

>> No.39460299

Except that's not how it works.

Having a Mantra Affinity just means that eating that specific type of mantra gives you a massive boost compared to the others. He could likely regulate it.

>> No.39460301

It's not raw lust, it's heavily processed lust.

>> No.39460314

And it effects you and your emotions when you channel it.

>> No.39460338

Yes. And? That falls into the 'regulating' bit as well.

If he's up vs a world-ending god and needs a boost? I can see going OMNOMNOM on Lust Mantra, but for day-to-day shit? Save it for later.

SEriously dude. There are arguments for each argument you make. You're getting creepy about this.

>> No.39460343

By your logic, anyone who takes a Mantra affinity automatically loses Jumpchain, because now they're so one-track minded that they're incapable of thinking of anything else, and as such are boring.

>> No.39460352

Brân Jinglōng Joaquín Jostrélla Hrafn Thorson
Demigod of Thor
23/M/Camp Valhalla
Old Traditions
Minor Blessing - Electrical Resistance
Monstrous Strength
Hero Training
Divine Child of Thor, Greater
Glory to Me, Thorson
Legendary Implement - Nildavellir Forged Iron Gauntlets (Celestial Bronze/Imperial Gold metal) that turn into a ring.
Divine Artifact - Megingjörð-Replica
- Divine Distain (Loki)
- Luddite
- Illiterate
- Bad Oath (Can't refuse hospitality, Can't eat horseflesh)

Like the long name? I collect them.

>> No.39460355

Nobody said he didn't have any personality beyond being a manslut, just that he was one.

>> No.39460374

you're the only one making any of these assertions, and we'd appreciate if you'd stop

>> No.39460392

>(Can't refuse hospitality, Can't eat horseflesh)
What are you, the Horse of Oslo?

>> No.39460394


>> No.39460452

>Brân Jinglōng Joaquín Jostrélla Hrafn Thorson
I want to see how far you're willing to take this.

>> No.39460534

the fight is on
show him who's boss!

>> No.39460551

They're going to try to take this HUGE thing to new heights, aren't they?

>> No.39460586

Eventually we'll go even further beyond huge, even Super Huge

>> No.39460600

Is there a pun perk?

>> No.39460670

Mega Man Classic I think. Boosts your skills if you make puns. It's from one of the Mega Man Jumps, at least.

>> No.39460683

If, according to anon, I must be manslut, at least it'll be single-target mansluttery. Of course, there is such a thing as avoiding overindulgence. Sure it impacts my power, but it avoids the loss of control issue. You know, that thing that keeps me from being a twat.

but then again, clearly I don't know anything. Beyond the fact that both I and Seras are liable to be fucking exhausted. Which... isn't much different from usual.

What I do know, is that the Contract Plan will begin. The Contract of the World begins... In Ivalice.

>Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced
Class: Hunter
Complications: Marche to the Sea (+600)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Origin: Knight

Reaction, Support, and General Abilities:
-Strike Back (Free)
-Critical: Evasion
-Protection +
-Clan Boss
-MP Shield
-Out-Classed (Summoner)
-Dream Team (600 CP spent)
-Judge Not

Companion Recruited (Freebie):
-Zwingly the Moogle Tinkerer

-Thor Rod

>> No.39460844

This is going to end up as Gurren Lagann for jumpers, with jumpers large enough to chuck solar systems as weapons.

>> No.39460924

That's actually not that hard to do, scarily enough. You can do some dangerous things with The Laws Are Mine.

>> No.39461003


Awakened Being -Sounds like a blast

Awakened (Defense)- Not really bothered about damage dealing, but regen fits the theme

Rabona- Don't tolerate unnatural stuff? Oh my, what a perfect starting point.

Yoki Manipulation- Might as well pick it up.
Soft Spot- I love hypocritical perks like this, it makes me feel all warm and giddy inside.
Filled with Hate- Just perfect, I love it. All that hate needs an outlet that I'm happy to provide

Awakened Form- Going for the whole giant tentacle monster route, might be fun.
Tentacles x3- Obvious
Massive Form x3- Bigger then a townhouse? Yes please~
Extendible Flesh (Tentacles)- Gotta get some reach
Malleable Body x2- Can't be wriggly and writhing all the time

Setting Appropriate Clothing- Freebie

Insuppressible Urges- Life as usual eh?
You Smell Delicious- I bring prey to me? Hell yeah.
Generational Abyss- Might be pretty fun.
Fated Encounters- Why not?

>> No.39461048

>Awakened Being

>> No.39461056

Enchanted Weapon from Samurai Jack. Makes your chosen weapon "absolutely indestructible", much like Jack's katana.

>> No.39461059


>Pic Related


Well, I figure that I got all of the abilities of the Supreme Tigrex. My fists can now ignite explosions, if I had wings I'd be able to use them to make clouds of explosive powder, and I have an extremely powerful Sonic Roar, on top of my Thundering Roar from Jurassic Park. Maybe I can shake explosive powder from my hair? That'd be one hell of a dandruff problem.

Also, in general, my Gem form is extremely fast, strong, and can take loads of punishment. My Gem core is way tougher than most gems and can regenerate from cracks on its own.

>> No.39461080

I couldn't really be the others, got a rep to uphold y'know? Sides, it'll be an amusing diversion to slither around for a while.

>> No.39461103

Well because we've slowed down a bit, and I don't really expect much more in feedback before I end up going to bed, here is an update. I fixed some typos, added a comment in the skills and ability section pertaining to the asterisks, and added a small line to the Strong Heart perk I though I had already written, about resisting mental influence even if it comes from your own flesh.

>> No.39461104

Your build is basically Riful with tentacles instead of razor ribbons. And your personality, based on what I've gathered from these threads, is pretty close to hers. I think you two would get along smashingly. Maybe you could fluff yourself as being old friends with her?

>> No.39461122

Do quarter-losers get silver eyes and blondness too?

>> No.39461130

Well, I do have stuff like Cosmic fact and those 9 to 5 perks....And this Riful does seem very cute.

>> No.39461131

Yess. Yessssss. That shall do nicely. Much better than the LoZ version of the same enchantment.

>> No.39461151

With Generational Abyss she might be roughly the same age in universe as Riful.
Yes, main character, the only quarter yoma in the series, has silver eyes and is just as blond as everyone else, despite having light brown hair originally.

>> No.39461393

Have you ever been the head of a religious organization?

>> No.39461425

Of course! The church of Valerism has spread across many worlds now, though I do seem to lose all my darling worshippers every decade. Alas, tis a constant struggle to show these new worlds the one true goddess.

>> No.39461612

>Kind Goddess
I call bullshit there.

>> No.39461621

Maybe she kills them quickly? That'd be a kindness under a certain definition.

>> No.39461631

I'll take the Grand Planet OAA up there over my liver being eaten.

>> No.39461655

Did you know that your liver can recover from up to only a quarter of it being left? It's true. The liver has amazing regenerative abilities. Someone could farm your liver and have a meal every few years and you'd be fine.

>> No.39461658

But I'm doing them a kindness! By killing them, their souls join with those of all the other's I've blessed, forming an afterlife in me. What greater reward is there then spending eternity singing my praises? Hahaha.

>> No.39461704

Is it pleasant at all?

Likely not for the person being harvested.

Again. I'll just stick with the guy fusing with planet-spirits. He might be horny as fuck after Asura's Wrath, but he's a decent fellow.

>> No.39461706

So, just got around to doing the viking saga jump. And I must say; Holy shit, does anybody else find the "of destiny born" perk to be ridiculously overpriced for what it gives? I mean it's effectively 1600 cp. And you have to go through Ragnarok.

>> No.39461720

Oh hey guys, what's going on in this th-

>OAA becoming Gohma Vlitra of Lust
>OAA and Red having a huge-off
>projections, projections everywhere

...every time we go to sleep something like this happens.


Drawbacks: Generational Abyss, You Smell Delicious (1500)

Rolled Dabi

Drop-In, Age 24. Human organs? Why settle for mere mortal flesh when our drawbacks can enables us to feast upon the Yoma themselves? YOU ARE HUGE, THAT MEANS YOU HAVE HUGE GUTS. BRAISE AND MARINATE. BRAISE AND MARINATE YOUR HUGE GUYS

Fleshcrafter (300). In case we feel the need to whip up some native cuisine in the future
Asarakam and Yoma Samples (200). Mmmm. Snacks.
Lucky With The Ladies (0). That name is...unfortunate, but heck-it's not like the general public has anything to fear from us this time around. Apart from the fully fledged Yoma/Abyss Feeder populace. It's not our fault they're so damn delicious.


Our companions have advised us to get a hobby. Which is why we're spending the ten years here doing something we've always had a passion for: Breaking new boundaries in the field of exotic cuisine.




>> No.39461724

It's semi-old, in that it's from over four months ago. Back then it was the only 'defy destiny/fate/prophecy' perk.

>> No.39461737

I am likely working towards that in Highshcool DxD. Apparently the church is a bunch of dicks. I went with the church faction to redeem them. While they say there is no option for advancement in the jump... Things happen when you stack charisma to the sky and are not a complete dick bag to everyone around you.Of coarse I am still researching the setting so this is likely to go horribly wrong.

>> No.39461738

So what do Yoma taste like?

>> No.39461747

It varies from person to person.

>> No.39461755

I love you Toriko.

>> No.39461762




I won't refrain from commenting on the Gohma bit though.

>> No.39461806

>That name is...unfortunate
I'm not sorry, but it's a play on the name of the character that the perk is based on. As Raki from the japanese is phonetically quite similar to Lucky(and for a time there was a translator translating it as such) and the guy survived lots of bullshit due to his luck in situations where women were likely to kill him.

>> No.39461886


LoSS/Legends of Spyro/Skylanders
> Location: Ape Settlement [Rolled7]
> Origin: Dragon [-50CP]
> Age: 16 [Rolled1]
> Background: Drop In
> Magitech Training [-200CP]
> Narrative Causality [-200CP]
> Crystal Rewiring [Freebie!]
> Elemental Training [Freebie!]
> Shape Customization [Freebie!]
> Dexterity [-100CP]
> Unbreakable Will [Freebie!]
> Silver Tongue [-100CP]
> Perception [-100CP]
> Quick Reflexes [-100CP]
> Supernatural Senses [-100CP]
> Elemental Synergy [-300CP]
> Elementalism (Lightning) [Freebie!]
> Elementalism (Shadow) [-100CP]
> Elementalism (Poison) [-200CP]
> Medical Kit [-50CP]
> Pool Of Visions [-400CP]
> Malicious Curiosity [+300CP]
> Malicious Interests [+300CP]
> Malicious Obsession [+300CP]
> Malicious Nemesis [+100CP]

LoSS Dragon Shape Supplement
> Tough Hide
> True Elemental Affinity
> Opposable Claws
> Bloody Magical
> High Magic Output
> Magical Sustenance

I think... I might need to reposition this in my jump order.

Between Poison Affinity, some scattered willpower perks, and Kirby's Dream Power, I MIGHT be all but immune to corruption. Not quite, but close.
"Fighting" Malefor mostly consists of scanning the pool frequently for plot points, running away a lot, and sniping at him with PS238 Power Armor'd Robots armed with magitek cannons. Like a cross between a chess game and guerrilla warfare.

Anyway, I think I'm practically a walking mana battery by now. This and Elona's Magical Body.

Malefor is best companion.

>> No.39462092

Also, while I'm at it:

> If you manage to weather 7 years worth of Malefor’s wrath [...] then you gain him as a companion. (He shall be given a new body via the shape customization to your specifications)

Malefor's Customization
> Lightweight
> Stunted Growth
> Opposable Claws
> Colossal Grace
> Magical Sustenance
> Magic Eye

Yeah, he's never getting bigger than Spyro after this.

>> No.39462106

This is hilarious and devious. Avoid a guy for a few years and then get carte blanche to turn him into a stunted midget in service to you as a companion.

>> No.39462435

Claymore, eh? I guess I'd better get to work, then.

Origin: Awakened Being (300)
Race: Awakened (Defensive)
Location: Dabi
Drawbacks: Armless x2 (+200), Generation Abyssal (+300), Fated Encounters (+0), You Smell Delicious (+200)
Total Points: 1,700cp

Yoki Manipulation (150)
Filled With Hate (300)

Awakened Form:
Extendible Flesh (50)
A Tail or Two (100)
Massive Form (50)
Tentacles x3 (150)
Malleable Body x2 (300)
Hardened Body (300)
Metallic Body (300)

Setting Appropriate Clothing (Free)

So basically I'm a virtually invincible inhuman abomination towering taller than a two story building that consists mostly of a giant hooded cloak trailing about a thousand huge tentacles. My body is near indestructible and regenerates super fast. My "true form" is essentially a giant cecaelia with a single large "tail" surrounded by hundreds of huge tentacles.

>> No.39462466

Goddammit, I didn't edit that right. I forgot to take out Metallic Body.

>> No.39462524

So a big shoggoth, basically.

>> No.39462527

It works out, you actually have 100 left unspent, because as an Awakened Being you get 400cp to spend on your awakened form.

>> No.39462603

Oh. I knew there was a reason why that made sense when I put it there!

Pretty much, yeah. It's a shoggoth that's really an armless half-octopus woman underneath the cloak.

>> No.39462644

Aaugh! I meant to quote you and I quoted me! This is what my life is now. I haven't slept going on 22 hours. This is terrible!

>> No.39462651

How often do you buy items?

I can understand it the jum poffers something unique that you can't get anywhere else, but after just a very jumps it seems there's very few things I can't get my hands on one way or another.

>> No.39462653

You could be a man if you want. The Organization intentionally takes unprepared males and turns them into Claymores in such a way that they immediately Awaken and turn into an Awakened Being in 'factory' set up for this purpose.

>> No.39462661

Clean up/when it's unique and not fond in the setting/when it's a really interesting item I want to get my hands on more than a perk.

>> No.39462676

I don't really care, honestly. I've gone through so many jumps that male or female doesn't matter to me anymore anyway. You spend centuries with shapeshifting powers and things kind of pan out.

>> No.39462734

Just clearing it up in case you or anyone else is interested.

>> No.39462924

You mean with CP?

Pretty much never unless it's go some technology in it that I haven't seen before or made out of a special material.

But I'm an engineer, I only get those things so I can rip them apart and incorporate them into my own creations.

On that note, what are some good jumps for Magitech?

>> No.39462989

In terms of combat I tend to mostly just sit there and let my tentacles do all of the fighting for me. They're as near-indestructible as I am and thus cutting them is extremely difficult. And even if an enemy does manage to cut some of them it's not like it's a huge loss; I can regenerate them without any effort. The only way to really kill me is to attack my cloaked main body, but to do that you have to get past my tentacles. If a lone Warrior tried to just rush me they'd quickly be overwhelmed from all angles by hundreds of tentacles and torn apart. So they have to go through my tentacles to kill me, except that I can regenerate them. So, functionally, I'm a slithering self-perpetuating fortress.

As a side note, once I start moving and/or the cloak comes off, shit is about to get real scary.

>> No.39463003

Have you jumped to King Arthur yet?
It has a great enchantment option that you can customize a bunch so you could get a sword that absorbs the properties/enchantments from other objects or gets stronger for each kill.
It's how I've been stacking things up onto mine.

Apparently the Op Op fruit from One Piece can help transfer enchantments around after a whole bunch of practice too.

>> No.39463077

Generally I take items to survive the short-term or to build into the long-term. Options that give unlimited of something are priority picks though, Holy Bayonets have continued to be useful throughout my chain.

>> No.39463088

Asura's Wrath, kinda.

>> No.39463173

Almost all of the Final Fantasy jumps have some pretty interesting magitek perks, although "Sufficiently Analyzed Magic" from Final Fantasy VIII is probably the best. It lets you power magic spells using conventional energy sources, which can get pretty ludicrous depending on how much energy you have access to.

>> No.39463195

Christ. Looking at all the options in the king Arthur jump is nearly enough to cause me physical pain. I assume the drawback limit is 600 cp?
Also: That drawback that pays me 300 cp AND F/SN version of Excalibur? Yes please.

>> No.39463202

>Electro Conduit
>Perpetual energy machine
>Orgel of Origins
It's like I don't even NEED mana anymore

>> No.39463218

Tales of Vesparia
FF8 (kinda). Generally the later Final Fantasy jumps have all kinds of crazy borderline-clarktech magitech everywhere
Technically Bayonetta based magic seems compatible with being reproduced in magitech form
MCU, if you go Asgardian and Engineer
Fate and Tsukihime can teach you to create Mystic Codes and Conceptual Weapons, which may or may not count as magitech
Etrian Odyssey has that one capstone
I'm not sure, but I think Spyro has some?

>> No.39463271

If that drawback is referencing the Excalibur that I think it's referencing then no amount of points is worth dealing with that for ten years.

>> No.39463297

I think it's meant to be the Soul Eater version of Excalibur which is definitely a bad thing.

>> No.39463299

Considering that in the notes section:
Soul Eater - (Excalibur's Legend In The 12th Century)
is one of the SUGGESTED setting options I think it would be best to assume so and run for your chain.

>> No.39463317

Willpower perks man. Just ten years (of hell on earth) and I'll have a A++ rank noble phantasm, plus whatever enchantments I end up buying for it. I don't actually need to do all the shit it takes to wield it either, just put up with him mouthing off at me. I'll just punch shit to death in the meantime.
For real though, what's the drawback limit?

>> No.39463318


> Location: Mainland [Rolled7]
> Background: Drop In
> Age: 21 [Rolled3]
> Race: Quarter Yoma (Priscilla/Defense) [-150CP]
> Armor Of Muscle [Get a Freebie!]
> Basic Warrior Training [-100CP]
> Supervision [-100CP]
> Enchanting Body And Hair [-100CP]
> Specialized Fighting (Priscilla) [-100CP]
> Great Drive [-150CP]
> Lucky With The Ladies [-200CP]
> Soft Spot [-300CP]
> Malleable Body (x2) [-300CP]
> Setting Appropriate Clothing [Get a Freebie!]
> Hawk Sword [Get a Freebie!]
> Yoki-Suppressing Pills [-100CP]
> Cutemore [Get a Freebie!]
> Armless [+100CP]
> Priscilla Likes You [+200CP]

Sure, why the hell not.
After doing some cursory research, I've learned Priscilla is the final boss, who is a broken girl, and apparently her dad ate her mom.
So. That's a thing.

Anyway, I figure I'll fix that. Through a combination of cute and friendship and therapy and drugs. Lots of drugs.
That fucking perk from Persona needs to start pulling its weight, cuz it sure ain't doing a damn thing for MY mental instability.

Anyway, other than that, I think I'll slot this in somewhere after Terraformers and Kill La Kill. Which means that thread down my front is gonna be life fibers. Like a whole spindle's worth. And if you look underneath it, it probably shows all kinds of red lines and cool star effects.

One way or another I end this jump as Priscilla's beloved onee-chan.
Too bad she'll probably go nuts when I leave. I'll have to come pick her up post-spark.

>> No.39463336

It's easy to say something like "I have a bunch of willpower perks so a lobster attacking my genitals for ten years isn't a problem" and then there's actually dealing with that situation.

>> No.39463338

Hate to say it but drawbacks overwrite perks. You're only running on your willpower in regards to him.

But still... Good luck or cut off your ears or something.

>> No.39463344

Don't let her use Excalibur, I know you still have him and he's kind of a god or something of inducing hate. Priscilla in ways could be considered a god of hate, it's where she gets her power. The results of combining those two could be bad.

>> No.39463347

What happens if I take unnatural size twice?

>> No.39463382

>Lots of drugs.

I get the feeling that this is how you deal with most people you want to 'help'.

>> No.39463391

>lobster attacking my genitals
That sounds WAY worse than putting up with Excalibur being an obnoxious shit for ten years.

That's fine. I'm the oldest in a big family. I can deal with obnoxious really well. The big difference here is that I don't need to keep Excalibur happy or complete his 1000 provisions. So my current plan is tuning out his insults/general rudeness and snoring. For ten years. Not going to be easy, I'll admit. But it will be worth it.

>> No.39463397

>not liking the pharmacological solution
Take your drugs.

>> No.39463406

"Help", yes. Help, no. There is a difference between helping and "helping".

I helped Lady Satsuki in Kill La Kill. I am "helping" Priscilla.

>> No.39463416

You've never read Soul Eater, have you? The amount of suffering you'll experience is about the same, except it's going to be psychological instead of physical.

>> No.39463438

Excalibur is the Madness of Rage. He's a great old one type that will drive you to insanity by sheer proxy. Even if you aren't bothered by what he does, the endlessness of it, and the fact that's it him doing it? It's going to be a problem.

>> No.39463481

Double the bonus.
You can now have + or - 8 feet to your base height.
Your dragon form (whatever you have/choose) I'm guessing you can now be as small as an apartment complex or become as large as... well a mountain range size can already get longer than the diameter of our moon so... a dwarf planet?

>> No.39463491

> Red takes six levels of Unnatural Size

>> No.39463496

if I take it 3 time full on planet!

>> No.39463522

I really think you guys are overstating how bad it is. I've seen the him(it?) in the anime, and while I do agree that he's a narcissistic asshole and having him around me for ten years is going to be an enormous pain in the ass, all he can really do is annoy me. Since, as I said before, the drawback doesn't force you to become his bitch like Hiro and do the 1000 provisions.

>> No.39463532

You can only take it twice.

>> No.39463533

The copy of the dragon supplement I've got says you get a maximum of two purchases, though. I think Spyroanon said it caps at being the rough size of either the moon or a mountain range, I forgot which

>> No.39463560

Andes, world's longest above-ground mountain chain, is about 4,350 miles (7,000 km) long

The moon's diameter is 2,159.2 miles (3,475 km)

>> No.39463585

Just realized that you can already out do a dwarf planet.
Pluto has a diameter of 1,471 miles (2,368 km)

>> No.39463586

Personally, I find Excalibur hilarious. Granted, this is moreso when other people are around to mess with him. When we're alone I usually just ignore him.
I do make him coffee every morning, though. And I've attended a couple of his storytelling parties. They're always good for a laugh.
They change with each telling. I asked him about it once and he told me I was a fool, and then told me that the past was exactly as he said it, and a hero never repeats himself.
I kindof went cross-eyed for a moment there and I've never questioned him again.

I think you're overestimating his aura, though. He and King Arthur got along great for Arthur's entire life, to the point that Ex considers him a close friend. And that other guy didn't really mind him at all, until he started sneezing.

Granted, I do think it takes a very particular mindset to get along with Excalibur, and "I'll just sleep through it" ain't it.
But Ex isn't the thing that made me go insane.
Nah, it's a combination of drawbacks, backgrounds, and crapsack worlds that did that.

Duly noted. I'll probably need to engage in Excalibur distraction habits for most of the jump.
Distraction Tactics generally consists of constructing robots or golems whose express and only purpose is to cater to all of Excalibur's desires.

They have an unusually high self-destruction rate and I can't seem to fix that no matter how many perks I stack.

>> No.39463591

1/4 Yomi seems more like an appropriate drawback than a race. The "Affinity of techniques used" really doesn't sell itself.

As a result bumping up Warrior to 200cp and making 1/2 Yomi Free would work. Because at the moment you're paying 300cp to be less than Awaken which offers you a lot more OOMPH for your CP.

Warrior Techniques maybe they should receive discount on all additional purchases, instead the 1st? Also you should clarify if they can be performed with other weapons and what not.

Lucky with the Ladies doesnt feel like 400cp worth. Maybe add something about charming Yomi or something. Or just being able to interact with them long enough not to get attacked right away.

Specialized Opponent, you should be able to switch your opponent instead of buying multiples. Only after you defeat them in some manner.

I don't see the point in Power Supression, not for 400cp anyways. Seems pretty weak compared to assimilating a tech into your flesh, or being a huge manipulative bastard.

Other than that, the rest seems pretty good. It's your jump so it's up to you to do as you wish.

>> No.39463610

>Valeria is Ilias

I KNEW it.

>> No.39463662

Well, I did import her as my Divine Parent in Percy Jackson, mainly for how funny I find it.

>> No.39463761


I think once we worked out that I was the opposite god to Val's pantheon, but because I'm chaotic neutral and my chaos works against everyone, even me, I still end up funneling souls to Val.

There is no escape.

But as far as jumps are concerned, no. High Empress maybe, but never a god.

Though when I send you to Val you appear to her as a giant SPIDER

>> No.39463786


>> No.39463931

Havn't posted a build in awhile so why not now?

Awakened Being - - - Awakened - - - Male
Strong Heart - More willpower and clearer thinking along with being able to do partial transformations. Not sure if that even matters for an Awakened.

Filled with Hate - I've done a lot of things during my Jumps I hate myself for and met a lot of people I can say I would probably hate. Increased Regen that benefits from my hate? Sure.

Assimilation - Whats not to love? I've got several items in mind for this.

Awakened Form - - - For the most part a very human looking form. More like Super Saiyan 4 though. Body hair and all that. Long mane of hair which is the focus here.

Fluffy - A large mane of hair that the other choices are attached to.

Massive 3 -- When taken gives you a 5 story tall form. I've applied it to my hair. Thats 54ft of hair.

Tentacles -- Applied to my hair to give control over it and also makes it stronger then my body.

Additional Limbs --- Applied to hair to make four massive arms.

Projectile -- Applied to hair to let me launch it at targets. With practice I gain the ability to grow things like eyes from it and still control them at a distance. This has uses.

Malleable 2 -- Applied to my whole body and the hair. Mostly to reform and resize my hair to manageable sizes. Also for the ability to reabsorb my hair when I launch it or should it be cut off.

Drawbacks: Generational Abyss, You Smell Good, Children

Basic idea is that for 30 some odd years I will wander about, eating Yoki that come after me and in the process hopefully eat whatever they have inside them. With several key perks from other Jumps, I can go a long time without having to eat and have good restraint.

I'll still eat people as needed but I'm not going to go on a bloody rampage.

I'll be there from the start and killing rivals that pop up. The Awakened and their Children are there to keep me amused and drawn to me so I won't be bored.

>> No.39464149

>MFW when I think all the chaos I'm going to cause with anti-regen perks.

There is going to be no end to the tears.

>> No.39464166

What happens if you stack anti-regen anyway? Like if you take A Ragged Wound and That'll Leave A Mark?

>> No.39464184

What about that one ability that allows you battle precog by sensing someone's Yoki?

>> No.39464195

Do Shadow or Wood Clones from Naruto keep your other powers or only the Naruto ones?
I'm hoping it works like the Teen Titans ones where they can but just get weaker the more I make.

>> No.39464210

whats a ragged wound from?

>> No.39464216

Franken Fran

>> No.39464224

Personally I just say it makes the wound even more unhealable, like to say natural healing as well as regen.

>> No.39464227

No, that's a bit much for just stacking two perks. I'd personally say it just takes longer for it to naturally heal, rather then adding an entirely new effect.

>> No.39464231

What jumps is That'll Leave A Mark from?

>> No.39464238

Who says its only two? You also have wasteland.

And how is stopping natural healing a "new" effect? Its still healing.

>> No.39464241

Because neither of the two stated perks stop natural healing, only regen. Stacking perks improves them, it doesn't add entirely new things to them.

>> No.39464242


Got it, thanks. Am definitely going to be supplementing them with the Necromancer capstone in the upcoming Valkyrie Profile jump

>> No.39464246


You also have wasteland from lovecraft and irc, mystic eyes of death perception is unhealable.

>> No.39464248

Eh, to be fair I didn't think of wasteland until now. Mostly 'cos it also has offensive capabilities on top of being anti-regen alone

>> No.39464250

what is the difference between Natural healing and Regen?

>> No.39464264

It's obvious. Regeneration is the unnaturally fast healing you see in things like Wolverine or werewolves. Natural healing is slowly scabbing over and fixing a wound over time.

>> No.39464294

Its not, natural healing is still healing, ergo the perks inhibit natural healing. Just saying it slows down natural healing like you did is admitting this fact. Also a ragged wound doesn't say natural healing works on it anyways. Neither does wasteland.

>> No.39464300

No, both perks make a difference. Ragged wound states only regenerative abilities, while Leave a Mark makes a difference between regeneration and natural healing.

>> No.39464301

What's wasteland?

>> No.39464311

Regen is super healing like wolverine, natural healing is normal healing, which means its not going to help you at all when you get bisected by someone anyway. So I assume this is just some silly semantic argument.

>> No.39464320

>No, both perks make a difference. Ragged wound states only regenerative abilities,

You are misinformed.

>some attacks need to go the extra mile. Your strikes and blows deal damage that can only be fixed by the best,

That implies that only someone like FrankenFran can help you, NOT natural healing.

Also considering natural healing can't fix an arm or a head cut off, I assume this is some weird semantic argument on your part?

>> No.39464330

Lovecraft, you basically become a walking death field.

>> No.39464339

Semantics? Coming from you? Look, at this point, it's obvious you're just using a specific definition to say you get perma damage on everything and there's hardly any further point in continuing the convo.

>> No.39464350

>anti-regen perks, Drakengard/FrankenFran

In the fine tradition of rock-paper-scissors, what perks would be useful in resisting/removing such anti-regen effects?

>> No.39464358

What do you mean? So that they can't be used against you? Not aware of anything that does that sorry, though thankfully such foes are rare. With how big the chain is, there;s probably something floating around though.

>> No.39464371

As opposed to trying to use that specific definition to say we don't do perma damage on everything because "natural healing" still works when "natural healing" isn't going to help you survive something regen can?

>> No.39464373

Hmm, on second thought, I guess a lot of anti regen stuff could be just healed with cure spells or magic, unless it states it also affects that sort of thing.

>> No.39464383

> That implies that only someone like FrankenFran can help you
> someone like FrankenFran

> "Fran! I need you to help me get rid of this huge bleeding wound!"
> ...
> "why is my head on a cat"

>> No.39464384

Don't get hit. So-flash step from Elona, sonic speed, timestop.

I doubt you'll be up against any "anti-regen" opponents anyway (that is, specifically anti-regen not not poison or radioactive or whatever), unless you're loitering in the Nasuverse or possibly Raildex for some reason

>> No.39464396

Body hoping, iirc Franken Fan herself just adds new body parts in place of old ones.

Iirc, Alucard uses souls to regen, so stuff that can stop regen doesn't work on him.

>> No.39464405

Oh good ideas. I suppose outright reversing time might also work, though it'd be a bit harder to get that then you're suggestions.

>> No.39464408

>Implying Franken Fran isn't helping you.

Your just so limited in your definition of helping anon, Franken Fran tries to help everyone she can.

>> No.39464419

The Dragons from Drakengard as well, but they are rare enough.

>> No.39464429

>Go to bleach
>Punch orihime once
>Data Drain
Not really.

>> No.39464437

Yes, using that 600cp perk to specifically go for one character's powers and drain them is much easier then just lopping off someone's arm and sticking it on yours.

>> No.39464447

Er, I never said it was impossible, just that merely replacing the damaged part would probably be easier then reversing causality.

>> No.39464450

>healed with cure spells or magic

The perk in Drakengard has the texts "Much like the ancient dragons" ... "your attacks, both physical and otherwise will now be unable to be regenerate or otherwise unnaturally healed", which is pretty nasty since I'd guess that includes spells. D&D monsters with that kind of effect usually require you to receive a Remove Curse, Break Enchantment or similar countermeasure before you can be magically healed.

Hmm, in Final Fantasy terms it'd be a status effect, so to answer my own question, perks that do counter status effects (FFTA has Ribbon Bearer) or equivalent could do the job.

>> No.39464464

Yes, the Drakengard one definitely includes magic, since it's based off of how the Dragons can stop the inter-dimensional flower thing from healing the Sisters. Which is both wonderfully squicky to watch and definitely supernatural.

>> No.39464469

Does her ability work on herself, I though she was basically the ultimate cleric and had to focus to use her powers.

I admit I could be wrong though.

>> No.39464503

>Don't get hit.
Oh, definitely. I'm just a fan of defense-in-depth.

>> No.39464535


Actually, you just reminded me-Phase State, Alexandria Package, Browbeat, Inorganic Avatar and debatedly Soft Physics, Energy Shadow and Phase state are all parahuman powers in Worm that work wonders for making you hyper-tough.

Question-you're familiar with the Type-MOON setting right?

I was wondering what Origins do-as in, what I could achieve if I put in the effort and study to get the most out of them.

I understand the ginger midget MC of Fate with Sword as his origin ended up with Unlimited Blade Works, is that what Origins do? Give you a Reality Marble?

>> No.39464536

I love it when /jc/ write greentext like this.

>> No.39464549

You have to pay for a reality marble or have a fairly twisted soul in order to get one inverse.

>> No.39464565

Origins? Honestly, not much. They really do have only a minor effect, a small boost to actions related to your origin. Every living thing has one, so getting a reality marble is just something unique to people like shirou, who are warped mentally (Kid's fucking nuts to be honest).

You can get some benefit out of them of course, Kiritsugu had the origins of Severing and Binding, and made bullets out of his bones that could seriously mess up magic circuits. And they do provide a small boost to related actions, enough to say yu have a talent for something but nothing truly noteworthy.

There was a reason I didn't bother including them in Fate jump and that's because in the vast majority of cases they simply don't have a significant effect, and the ones that do are often very unique and have other factors in it.

>> No.39464693

>Worm powers

Actually I'm strongly inclined not to take a Worm power unless I can come up with a very good plan to deal with the Third Entity. Having a Shard means having it hardwired into your brain for ten years, slurping up everything you think about and every piece of data it can get on your Jumper powers. _And the Shards share with each other_.

Bad enough if I don't manage to prevent Golden Morning, I'd feel even worse if the Third Entity (the one the web serial hints is waiting in the beyond for Zion to die so it can vacuum up all the Shards) got its eldritch paws on how to use Jumper magic/psionics/tech.

>> No.39464707

Yeah, I'm avoiding shards for that reason, too. I don't like the idea of there being backdoors into my brain. Has a lot of potential dangers.

>> No.39464837

What is a shard, anyway? Can you take them from other people?

>> No.39464939

Shards are fragments of the alien Entities that symbiotically fuse with people to give them their powers. The majority of them is folded away into another dimension, with only a little bit sticking through to interface with your brain, so they probably can't be transferred between people (they can be cloned, though, so it might be possible with a lot of work). They're also parasites, manipulating their hosts into conflict so as to ensure they'll use their powers and provide lots of test data for them to base the next generation of shards on. They're dangerous things to have, a definite double-edged sword. Being bonded to a shard gives you incredible power, but also leaves you vulnerable to the Entities' manipulation. It also means you can't easily kill Jack Slash due to how his powers work, and you REALLY want to kill Jack Slash if you want to prevent the apocalypse, so that's a problem.

>> No.39464991

Can't you just ask a companion without a shard to kill jack slash instead?

>> No.39464996

Killing Jack Slash should be pretty easy if you do it through someone else or a robot right? Anything stronger than him that doesn't have a shard.

>> No.39465013


Or kill him using indirect applications of power. I'm pretty sure you could Tinker yourself an autonomous hunter-seeker kill-bot that could seek out and kill Jack by just shooting him from kilometres away with Tinkertech missiles.

>> No.39465028

Oh, yeah, there are ways around his power. It just makes things more complicated.

>> No.39465035

I'm pretty sure the most dangerous thing about Jack Slash is the other people he hangs out with. He uses his companions to shore up his vulnerabilities. Using FrankenFran to make him immune to stuff like asphyxiation and stuff.

>> No.39465064

For the record, the cloning bit has less to do with copying the shard and more to do with gaming how shards pick their hosts. A shard has a directive (find a person with X, Y and Z traits), and being able to trigger means you were the best match. The SH9000 recreated both the mindset and genetic structure of the original hosts, so the shards came running back to them... all at once.

Shard budding is also a thing you could manipulate. If you provide enough usage data to a shard, it will bud, and will use your social interaction data to help pick that bud's directive. Usually, that means a family member or close friend gets a power (genetically) related to yours.

If you can deal with the brain-backdooring, Shards are quite exploitable.

>> No.39465113

Besides Pokemon/PMD and the related psychic Pokemon, which other Jumps give you the standard suite of psychic powers (telepathy, telekinesis)?

>> No.39465144

Both Star wars jumps.

>> No.39465192

Are there any telekinesis powers that work like the Marvel one where it scales up with your strength?

By adding Energy and Toughness to the Kinesis perk would that let me make constructs that scale with my strength? (energy giving it shape and toughness making it more physical)
Normal telekinesis looks boring to me but giving it a form through constructs makes it more appealing.

>> No.39465257

Metal Gear Solid has one, provided you don't specialize, although it starts out on the lower end of the power spectrum and isn't that useful. You can train up, though, presumably up to around Psycho Mantis levels.

If Megacorp would finish GI Joe Jump, you'd be able to make machines that specifically increase psychic powers while active, and then eat those machines with Savage Salvage. You could probably hit something fairly ridiculous by spamming a feast of those things.

It kindof sounds like what you're looking for is a Lantern Ring from DC?

>> No.39465262

So, what kind of awesome mounts have you tamed? Do they retain their usefulness even after you've developed your own ability to fly/teleport?

>> No.39465337

Ah yes. Tamed mounts.
I have one of those...

But seriously though. I don't really do much in the way of mounts, I prefer vehicles. Much less temperamental. And if I'm in a situation where vehicles are out of place, I can usually buy a horse or two once I get there.

>> No.39465349

It would be pretty similar but without all the high tech parts of it like the scanning, translation and the other things it gives like FTL travel, protective aura, teleportation and stuff.

It would pretty much just be making the telekinesis into shapes and then making it visible.

>> No.39465397

> Do they retain their usefulness even after you've developed your own ability to fly/teleport?

> So, what kind of awesome mounts have you tamed?
I really don't collect them, since I'm more into machines. But I have the immortal horse from Shadows of the Colossus, which I used bioengineering to turn into a beautiful angelic white furred horse. Didn't mess with its brain or powers or anything. Just made it pretty.
I can also summon Nightmares (demonic horses) with my Warlock powers from World of Warcraft.
And I hijacked the Songbird from Bioshock Infinite. It's not sapiant or a companion or anything, so I could lose it. But I also know how to make more. So no big loss. It makes a pretty good minion.

Oh, and I stole the giant spider mech from Weird Wild West. Totally just... murdered the guy with superpowers and stole it.
Used it as a mobile home the whole jump.
My companions kept asking what was the point, when I could already fly and run faster and it was huge and clunky and not really good for anything.
And I told them to shut up.

>> No.39465399


My R6 can be a temperamental girl. All ways runs but if you aren't hitting the red line during shift she'll kick you hard.

Still handy for getting around quickly with out drawing attention. And even though a high speed impact won't out right kill me anymore road rash still hurts like a bitch, so their is something gratifying about having a skill that I didn't pick up as a perk.

>> No.39465414

>It also means you can't easily kill Jack Slash due to how his powers work

Actually its still very easy to kill Jack Slash, just use an alt-form.

In fact just using an alt-form the entire time pretty much eliminates the negatives of having a shard, just wait out the ten years or just use it when you want to.

Besides, its probably very likely a shard can't even get information on you unless your using your Worm self or maybe True Form.

So at worst, a Jumper has to wait a bit before the power is true theirs.

>> No.39465463

as the guy who wrote a lot of that jump, yes psycho mantis level is absolutely possible
however, you do get the standard powers even with specialization, post jump you can get even get the powers listed from the opposite spec

>> No.39465469

I'm super-tempted by the motorcycle in every Jump that has one. But since I took Energy Form in Infamous I end up just teleporting everywhere (my logic: if I can throw lightning somewhere, I can turn myself into lightning and throw myself there too).

Due to abovementioned Electrokinesis, I went with a Zebstrika. Even if she's not quite as fast as I am, spending time around here recharges my batteries in all kinds of ways.

Did you keep the spider-mech in your Warehouse?

Also, Nine to Five jump gives you a luxury penthouse half the size of your Warehouse. Which in my case would be... 40,000 square feet.

Who the hell has a penthouse with 40,000 square feet?!?

>> No.39465490

>Who the hell has a penthouse with 40,000 square feet?!?
You don't?

>> No.39465511

Also I'm trying to figure out fun applications of Electrokinesis from Infamous. I'm assuming that anything Cole can do, I can do eventually: if he can read memories by scanning residual electrical impulses in a dying brain, presumably I can do things like detect people through walls and whatnot by monitoring their bioelectrical signals? Human lie-detector? Omnidirectional senses?

Could I jam transmissions by emanating huge bursts of static or something?

>> No.39465529

> Did you keep the spider-mech in your Warehouse?
I did for awhile. It eventually got torn apart for other projects, though, because I just never used it for anything after that jump and it was taking up space.
I still have the schematics, though. I don't throw out schematics. I could presumably build another one. Or even mass produce them and cram simplistic AI in there. You know. If I wanted to do that.

>> No.39465547

>I really don't collect them, since I'm more into machines.

>Implying the Machine spirit doesn't exist.
>Implying Machines don't require respect.

That's some pretty heretical implications there Konata, you gonna get purged.

I'm super tempted to make a MotoGP jump that's centered around professional and Street superbike racing where you pick a manufacturer and after market parts.

>Suzuki (discount to transmission)
>Kawasaki (discount to Super Charger)
>Yamaha (discount to ECU calibration)
>Honda (discount to reliablity)
>Ducatti (Everything costs four times as much, must take the "Unreliable Euroshit draw back)

>> No.39465577

>do they retain their usefulness


The only exception to the rule-that is "mount" and not cybernetic superweapon like the Cabbit Reapers-is our Persona motorcycle. See, a while ago for what were perfectly good reasons we used Transformers-based tech to grant self awareness to it. Amongst other upgrades. By the time we got to Asura's Wrath it had acquired FTL, onboard nanoweapons, the ability to transform into a giant fighting robot, an onboard magitech mini-motherbox to give it spellcasting capabilities, a miniaturised LEGO portal generator, a set of modified Strikers and a hybrid AGE/Lambda driver that-

...we swear that thing does a different, unexplainable thing every time it does something. The only common denominator seems to be that it only works when the bike is in serious danger, or fighting to protect its rider.

The point is. You know Hermes from Kino's Journey? It's like Hermes on 'roids, if Hermes was sort of a tulpa-machine generated by every single human in existence subconsciously thinking that motorcycles are cool.

Which incidentally has granted it a host of altforms based around exactly how humans in different realities picture a "cool" motorcycle.

There's also the JoJo steamroller, but at this point it's more of a martial arts weapon than a mount.

>> No.39465600

So you ended up creating some kind of shounen platonic ideal of motorcycles. You chose it because you thought motorcycles were cool -- now you know motorcycles are cool because you chose it.

>> No.39465620


Motorcycles were always cool, they transcend the notion of coolness and become something beyoned what can be conveyed through language.

>> No.39465668

Tenochtitlan, Aztlán
Brân Jinglōng Joaquín Jostrélla Hrafn Thorsson Xbalanque Ehecacozcatl
Male, 25yo
Awakened (900)
Will to Live (750)
Exceptional (600)
Sorcery (300)
Adept (0)
Chummer (Sheimi) + Ace (-150)
Chummer (Chináxū) + Ace (-300)
Upgrade (-400)
Weapon Focus (Gauntlets)
Electrochromatic Clothes
Bag of Tricks (-500)
Assassin's Creed (-400)
Astral Buglight (-200)
Gremlins (-100)
Bad Rep (0)

Maybe the bad rep is because, the bug spirits, tech not working, and refusal to kill but what the job requires. Guards have families too, y'know? I like to think of me walking in the place and the guards are like to one another -


>> No.39465688

That's why I took the form of a Tron Lightcycle in Transformers, coolest looking bike ever. (or vehicle)
Also depending on which version it is then I could possibly turn 90 degrees on the spot.

>> No.39465705

But does it leave behind a solid wall of light?

>> No.39465764

I sure hope so, I assume any vehicle you pick to transform into is just as capable as the original.

>> No.39465827

Got to have the original version at hand. You have to actively scan the vehicle.

>> No.39465838

>Also depending on which version it is then I could possibly turn 90 degrees on the spot

As someone who actually rides bikes the Tron lightcycle's desigin is only good for going really fast in a straight line.

The longer distance between the wheels might give you a better ability to drift through corners, but they've got a low center of mass and a low rider position, which makes it difficult to initate and control a drift.

The rider and handle position makes slow control hard as all fuck, turning circle would be massive, and you couldn't lean into a turn very well so your high speed turning would be poor too.

Motorbikes have never been done right in popular culture and it rustles my jimmies. Off the Grid the Tron lightbike has such a poor real world design. You could fit a massive engine in it and go really fast, but the whole fun behind riding a bike is it's agility. You may as well be in a car

>> No.39465910

I'm suddenly imagining an alternate universe where I drug the Spider Mech from Weird Wild West all the way over to Transformers and used it as my altmode.
It is simultaneously the dumbest, most impractical, and hilarious thing I can think of doing.
And every single one of my companions would be pissed.

>> No.39465914

Tronbikes aren't real world bikes. They're lightcycles, they run off "Rule of Cool".

>> No.39465950

For some reason when I think of impractical Altmode for TF. I can only think lewd. Like transforming into a vibrator.

>> No.39465951

Then it should work like the original since I picked up a light cycle in the generic virtual world jump.

True but the ones in the original were shown to turn corners instantly, not realistic at all but they could do it.

Then again in the newer film they did smoother turns so I don't know which one it would be.

There's also the fact I have insane agility myself through several perks such as being the child of a messenger god in Percy Jackson.

>> No.39465991

I would recommend changing the name of the Awakened race option so it doesn't get confused with the Awakened origin.

How do Pure Heart and Awakened relate to going over 80%? Can Awakened use more than 80% safely, or do you need Pure Heart to do that?

Can I combine Ribbons with one purchase of Malleable body to become a mass of malleable ribbons, or would I need two purchases to affect my whole body?

If you take Priscilla Likes You, will she not attack you? If her hatred continues to grow, will she eventually start attacking you? Is it possible to help her with therapy perks?

>> No.39465993

This is...worryingly accurate

It becomes even more troubling when one considers the ramifications of using perks such as Rumormonger on an entire populace. Or harnessing the Contract of Dreams to infiltrate the human subconciousnes, leaving behind a trail of corruptive influence. Or really, any of our past plans that have involved affecting the human subconsciousness on a grand scale. It's...unclear whether this would have any overt impact on the bike-at least, if one makes the assumption that the reality warping effects wrought by Rumormonger will follow cause like normal physics.

Did we upgrade the motorcycle because we thought it would be cool, or did how we affect the collective consciousness cause us to be predestined to upgrade it in a manner deemed cool? If we can be considered a large majority the collective subconsciousness in worlds where where the total number of our sub-minds outnumber local sophonts, does that effectively grant the bike a sort of mechanical manifest destiny?

Speaking of lightcycles, we personally weren't one in Transformers so-we just adapted a HALO hardlight projector, Solar Harnessing and 2x4 Technology to achieve a similar effect. Though it didn't get weaponised until we figured out how to get a beam katana projector to configure well enough to work attached to the backside of a motorcycle.


...pic related

>> No.39466022

You say that now, but wait until you have to sneak into the fortress of Vibrwanda, the Dildo Queen. Then suddenly you're the smartest guy in the room.

> "The only way we could possibly get in is if we had some way to disguise as a vibrator!"
> Your companions slowly turn to look at you as one.
> There is a long silence.
> One of them flatly says they've always hated you.

>> No.39466034

Why spend points on getting the small item transformation when you can just tell someone to hop on your gear stick?

I do wonder what a Tron Cycle would look like in the humanoid form and if it would effect how a triplechangers other form would look.
A glowy tron humanoid and animal form would be cool.

>> No.39466065

Hence why I said "off the Grid".

You can do whatever you want in the chain. But motorbikes don't need the rule of cool, they are cool.

They actually defy the current understanding of physics, no one actually knows how a motorbike stays stable. They used to think it was the gyroscopic motion of the wheels, weight distrobution and center of mass, and while they play a factor they aren't the answer. Infact the laws that govern the stability of a motorcycle change based on velocity and acceleration. Steering actually reverses at around 60kmph, so turing the wheel left will turn you right. Though at that velocity you're leaning into your corners to turn.

They don't need "the rule of cool" to be cool.

>> No.39466111

>That whole post
>All I got from it was 'motorbikes are cool'
Damn it all Anti spiral, you're affecting reality now good fucking job.

>> No.39466144

don't much care for joke backgrounds, but otherwise support more racing jumps

>> No.39466145

Meh, never found vehicles other than jets & planes to be cool.

>> No.39466247

>yfw the reason why motorbikes work is because of antispiral's eldritch quantum bullshit
>yfw antispiral is slowly eying our reality travelling back in time post-Spark
>yfw everyone who has ever ridden a motorbike is at risk from corruption by the antispiral

>> No.39466250

There are also the Light Jets that look good too as they can fit 3 inside, have turrets and still have the cool light ribbons.
The main downside is that it isn't a cool bike...

I might just shapeshift myself into being both since I can't actually pick a vehicle mode with the Prime exclusive upgrade.
I just hope that my shapeshifting perks plus the cybertronian tech perk gives me enough understanding to do that.

>> No.39466293

If ninecrqft is around could I get an answer on if mystcraft is straight up magic? I want to know fir conjoined conjuring reasons.

>> No.39466296

>yfw the existence of motorbikes is all because one guy looked at his bike and said "I should put an engine on it THAT WOULD BE COOL"

>> No.39466325

Trust me, I'm an engineer.

It's not a joke.
Ducati's use a dirty clutch and are as expensive as all hell to buy and maintain. They look really cool, but if you have one you're either a poser or REALLY in to mechanical maintence. Considering that If I do it based around manufactures I may put in Ducati, it will be expensive, and it will be unreliable, but I might balance it by making some rider perks or something.

Many... don't get me started about planes
I fucking love Jets, all of them from the humble Electric Lightning to the rock star F14D Super Tomcat to the Viper, Mud hen, Flankers, all of them aside from the F-35, The F18 being my favorite, everything about them. Wing areodynamics, RADAR, Avionics, those holograpic screens, the design of the Turbofans, they're just awesome. But if I start talking about them I will be here all day and I need to go to bed soon, and the method by which planes operate is well understood, which is the difference.

And the shit that went in the the B-29 super fortress. They had computer controlled guns back in 1944, they were massive and power hungry but computer controlled paralax gun sighting.

But yeah, you think I'm nerding out about bikes?

>> No.39466362

Damn SA, you get more and more based with each post

sport bikes still a shit though

>> No.39466385

Damn you. I laughed.

>> No.39466424


When I stack my shit on my R6 and have to get a new one it will be a Z1000. Streetfighters are okay right?

I do love my R6 though and you're a dirty slut if you think otherwise.

>> No.39466435

>tfw you're the one that put OAA on the path to becoming the world

Also, you forgot to mention using the Spell Altar from The Elder Scrolls jump to make better versions of all the summoning spells to use with conjoined conjures.

>> No.39466451

Clearly it's that last shred of you from the beforetime. The motorcycle is powered by your own desire to achieve awesomeness, nay, your secret belief that awesomeness is the best power. It's the manifestation of your latent awesomeness brought to life in the face of all logic, kicking reason to the curb!

Those wheels sure do spin nice, don't they, AntiSpiral-kun?

>> No.39466508

And like every last shred of the person we used to be, it too is carefully repressed by our own will to keep it under control. There is no such thing as awesomeness, only insufficiently extrapolated logic. For Jump-Chan's sake, we didn't take Stasis as our Origin and divine Aspect just to lose all self-control from one admittedly ominous science project.

>those wheels

Yeah, about that-as of Asura's Wrath? It has a space bike mode. Which means it don't need no damn wheels.

>pic related

>> No.39466715

Capital Wasteland
Brân Jinglōng Joaquín Jostrélla Hrafn Thorsson Xbalanque Ehecacozcatl
Male, 28yo
Chosen One (900)
Educated (800)
Fortune Finder (700)
Rad Child (550)
Slayer (250)
Grim Reaper's Spirit (-350)
Power Fist
Medkits (-400)
Pipboy 2000+ (-600)
Wild Wasteland
Bloody Mess (-500)
Hated (Enclave) (-300)
Shunned (-100)
Fast Metabolism (0)

Wild wild wasteland of DC Metro area. One little thing I like to ignore, is the stupid power nerf. If I want to go toe to toe with Liberty Prime, so help me I will. I'm not one to advocate ignoring portions of Jumps, this is my exception.

>> No.39466950

> it don't need no damn wheels.
If that's the case, isn't it more like a flying metal board or something? Can it even be called a motorcycle?

How strange. I feel like it's actually less interesting somehow, and consequently like it holds less power over me. I wonder why...?
I should run some tests.

> Experiment M73219
> Correlation noted between wheels and interest level. Examined casual exposure to wheeled machines via test subjects for purposes of data collection.
> Results are as follows:
> 4 Wheels: Moderate interest.
> 3 Wheels: Slightly decreased interest.
> 2 Wheels: Significantly increased interest.
> 1 Wheel: Extremely decreased interest.
> 5 Wheels: Subject appears confused.

>> No.39467104

Plus Pyrokinesis, Clairvoyance (more in the sense of viewing through the eyes of others), Confusion, Mind Blasts, Invisibility, Levitation, and a few other things that are standard parts of training psychic ability there. They're literally merit badges.

>> No.39467292

>three drawbacks work

>> No.39467338

What's New Scooby Doo?
Brân Xbalanque Hrafn Fredrick Joaquín Jostrélla Jinglōng Thorsson Ehecacozcatl
Male, 20yo
Meddling Kid
Run for your life (900)
Black Belt (800)
Scooby-Dooby Doors (600)
Glasses (500)
Coolsville News
More Meddling Kids (300)
Traps Illustrated (Explicit) (100)
Trapmaster 5000 (-300)
Ghost! (0)

I'M SORRY FREDDIE, didn't mean to kill you. I know having your spine explode through your chest was grizzly way to go. At least no one misses you, right? RIGHT? STOP HAUNTING ME! ONE LITTLE PAT ON THE BACK! I FORGOT MY OWN STRENGTH!

At least I have your Trap Maga... HELLO!?!?! Who knew Freddy was into this stuff?

>> No.39467406

Shit, thanks for notifying me.
Change DRAWBACKS to.
Hatred (Enclave) (-400)
Beyond the Beef (-200)
Shunned (0)

Yeah, why waste good source of protein. Right?

>> No.39468061

No reason to think you could really. Might be able to teach companions.

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