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Last Time on Status Quo Quest...
Thread Six: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/39197860/

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"...What kind of news?" Zviadi asks, with a sigh, not about to wait for you to get the hint.

"Lady Separ asked about you!" You inform him, brightly. "She seemed glad you were okay." He blinks, before running a hand through his hair.

"...Okay, I'm going to need a little more context here." The devil admits, a little oddly, as though for some reason he was having trouble processing what you just said. "Lady Separ? She actually asked about me? ...You spoke with her?"

"By name!" You confirm, with a nod, and he doesn't seem to know how to take that. "And yeah, we had a chat after she finished sinking a ship and blowing up buildings." Zviadi just stares at you blankly.

"...She was what?" He asks, a little dully.

"Oh, she was just blockading the city in retaliation for the attack on you. Pretty sure she's also the one who killed the Rector, in the end - having a palace explode tends to be slightly lethal for people inside." You explain.

"This isn't helping." He complains, tapping the book in his lap agitatedly. "Start from the beginning, please."

"Four thousand years ago, there was only primordial chaos..." The devil interrupts you almost immediately.

"You're fucking with me." It's the first time you've heard him curse. You're kind of proud.

"Just a bit." You take a seat under the tree with him. "Let me explain..."

You explain it to him, this time being less deliberately obtuse, and then the two of you chat for a while, about less important things. But, well... You can't just sit around all day, and you're out of things to talk about, really. You lever yourself to your feet, brushing the dirt off of your pants.

"Well..." Zviadi waves you off.

"Yes, yes." He says. "Things to do."

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He doesn't even wait for you to leave before cracking the book back open and going back to his reading. Apparently that's a dismissal.

You start back towards camp. ...The thing is, at the moment, you don't have a lot of pressing tasks that need to be completed. Your companion wandered off somewhere, you could hunt her down, get some sparring in, or discuss magic, maybe get some more lessons in orcish, if you haven't already gotten as far as she can teach you.

Or you could get Izhar to show you to the Flesh-Mender's 'namjesnik'. Your questions are only multiplying, the more you learn.

There's always finding Uzair, and getting a more thorough grounding in the orcish hierarchy, and how all these ranks and titles work. That's something that you should probably take care of at some point as well.

>Your companion could be over there...
>This whole Flesh-Mender business has gone on long enough.
>You should learn what all these ranks are about.


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>This whole Flesh-Mender business has gone on long enough.

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>This whole Flesh-Mender business has gone on long enough.

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>This whole Flesh-Mender business has gone on long enough.

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>Your companion could be over there...
Hey, maybe she knows what a Flesh-Mender is! Or maybe not.

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>This whole Flesh-Mender business has gone on long enough.

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Yeah. You know, you've spent too long just wondering about it. It's about time you get this Flesh-Mender thing settled. You wave Izhar over.

"I'd like to speak with the flesh-mender's...'namjesnik'." You tell the orc, "Where can I find them?" Your self-appointed bodyguard nods.

"I will show you to the tent." Izhar rumbles, "They will be able to answer your questions." He turns, and you follow the large orc to a small tent, not very far from the main Flash-Mender's tent, in fact. This tent, however, almost seems too small, for an orc - certainly, one of Izhar's size would hardly be able to enter.

Glancing at your guard, he nods. This is the right place, then.

"Hello?" You call, and there's a clattering from within the tent.

"What is it, what is it." The voice that answers is different from other orcs you've heard, but...somehow, you can't quite place how, exactly, until the speaker emerges from the tent. "Are we moving again?"

It's something you've never seen before.

An old orc.

You can't help but stare, for a moment. There's no mistaking it - the skin is slightly discoloured, paler and looser than other orcs, and teeth are even missing. An old orc... you'd not thought you'd ever see one. Really, you're almost surprised one exists, even though you suppose, really, they must.

"...Hm?" The orc, stooped with age, leans heavily on a cane. "What's this then?"

"Are you the...Flesh-Mender's 'namjesnik'?" You ask, shaking yourself out of your surprise. You had questions, and they won't get answered by staring.

"Yes." The elderly orc answers, eyeing you. "I am the svestenik. And why is a human asking after me?"

"I had some questions about the Flesh-Mender." You answer, before frowning. "...What is a svestenik?"

"What is there for you to know?" The orc asks, shifting weight off of one leg. "The Flesh-Mender keeps to the agreements. I see to it that we do in return. That's a svestenik." You frown.

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"...'flesh-mender' is not a profession of some sort, is it." The old orc stares at you for a long moment.

"The Flesh-Mender is a bog." The old orc replies, at last, as though uncertain whether you're being serious. "One of the good-bogovi, who keep to the deals they strike, and are satisfied."

You get the feeling that further conversation on the topic will wander into territory you are ill-equipped, vocabulary-wise, to handle. This is the sort of conversation you'll probably need your companion to handle.

"...I'm not good enough at the language, it looks like." You run your hand over your head. "Sorry to bother you."

>Find your companion and return to finish the conversation.

>Give up for now
>>Find your companion
>>Talk to Uzair


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>Find your companion and return to finish the conversation.

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>Find your companion and return to finish the conversation.

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>Find your companion and return to finish the conversation.
What's that first ?
A mystery box?!

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>Find your companion and return to finish the conversation.

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>>Find your companion and return to finish the conversation.

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fast board today

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You excuse yourself, briefly, to go and find your companion to interpret for you. The only question is, where is she...

"...can't believe you'd try to do that. You're in no condition to..." Oh, there she is. Carrying the Knight back to the flesh-mender's tent in a single hand, as she scolds your fellow human for, if you don't miss your guess, sneaking out for sword practice. It's almost a comical sight, the Knight's feet dangling in the air as she just droops, the fight gone from her. It brings to mind a mother cat, carrying a kitten by the scruff of its neck. "...worse than Hero, really."

"Hey!" You wave a hand at her, and she spins. The knight glowers as she swings back and forth, her resemblance to a kitten in its mother's grip only deepens.

"Hero~!" Your companion waves back, excitedly. "Give me just one minute! Let's get you back into bed, okay?" This last is directed to the blonde woman in her grasp, feet only an inch or so off of the ground. The knight continues to scowl.

Only a couple of moments later, your companion has rejoined you.

"What's up, Hero?" She asks. You explain the problem, briefly, and she frowns. "...a svestenik is a priest." She tells you. "...Sort of. And bog is the word for 'god'. Bogovi is just plural. The flesh-mender is a god?" You shrug. The two of you return to the old priest.

"...So what more did you need to know?" The elder orc grumps.

...Which, really, is an excellent question. Now that you have someone who can give you the words you don't recognise, what did you want to know, anyway?

>The deals they strike?
>Good-gods? Tell me more...
>What does the Flesh-Mender even do?


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Don't rub it in...

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i meant /tg/, seeing as 2 hours was enough to put this thread into the dangerzone...

>>The deals they strike?
>>Good-gods? Tell me more...
>>What does the Flesh-Mender even do?

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>All of the above

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>The deals they strike?
>Good-gods? Tell me more...

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>The deals they strike?
>Good-gods? Tell me more...
>What does the Flesh-Mender even do?

As substitute demon lord, we need to know their culture!

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>almost a comical sight
Just almost? I laughed heartily.

>Good-gods? Tell me more...
>The deals they strike?
I figure that after he explains a little more about Orcish cosmology, the thing about deals is something we can segue into naturally.

>also be sure to thank him for indulging your curiosity

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Preemptive bump to make sure the thread doesn't vanish into the night while I'm sleeping.

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>>The deals they strike?
>>Good-gods? Tell me more...

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"...What did you mean, about 'keeping to the deals they strike'?" You ask, curiously. The old orc shrugs, although the need to keep weight on the cane makes it something of a lopsided gesture.

"Some of the gods do not feel themselves bound by the words they speak. These are the evil-gods, who will lie, and make deals they will not keep." The orc stumps around, pacing. "But to break a deal with a god is to invite retribution. The Flesh-Mender can be trusted. So long as we maintain our covenant, the Flesh-Mender will heal our wounds."

"So." From the way he's talking, "There are other 'good-gods'?" The orcish priest nods, after a moment.

"Yes. But few are as direct, and none maintain a covenant, as the Flesh-Mender does." You frown, thinking about how much use you've gotten out of the Flesh-Mender's assistance recently.

"...And what is the price for the Flesh-Mender's help?" You can't help but ask. "What's our end of the deal?" The old orc beams.

"That's the best part." The orc says, almost cheerfully, if it weren't so gruff. "It costs us nothing we have any use for."

"...But what DOES it cost us?"

"Only those the Flesh-Mender cannot help." The old orc explains. "Those it cannot help, it takes."


"Those it cannot help... it takes?" You repeat, a little dully, uncertain if you heard properly.

"Yes. Those who are beyond the Flesh-Mender's help, it takes." The old orc gives you another half-shrug as it continues, "What it does with them, who can say."

...So in exchange for the fantastic healing powers of this god, those it decides are beyond its aid it simply 'takes' for unknown reasons and to an unknown purpose.


>That's...not unreasonable....?
>It could be worse.
>That's not good at all.
>Well, it's not like there's any problem with that.


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And I will be back in nine hours! Hopefully a little more sleep will mean shorter delays in posting, a little less blank staring at screens, that sort of thing.

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>>That's...not unreasonable....?
>But what happens if they CAN be saved, just not by the Flesh-Mender? Would that require dissolving the covenant? Would the Flesh-Mender be....."proactively reluctant" about such a result?
is there some sort of divine credit system, or are we horribly, horribly in the red, as it were?

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>That's...not unreasonable....?
"But what if there was someone beyond the Flesh-Mender's ability, but not beyond that of someone, or something, else? Like an Elixir?"

We need to be more careful with who we take to the Flesh-Mender.
Should we bring it terminally ill and wounded as appropriate sacrifice? They were going to die anyway, after all.

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bump before my laptop runs out of battery

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bump again now that I'm charging

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Bump for the morning from someone else!

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>That's...not unreasonable....?
>What sort of people are beyond the Flesh-Mender's help? Do they have anything in common?
>What do you think of all this, companion?

>implying that they could be saved if they couldn't be saved by the Flesh-Mender
>implying the Flesh-Mender lies by stretching the definition of "can't be helped"
>being a heretic

Let's not just start blaspheming an Orcish god left and right in front of an Orcish priest, guys. I thought you were smarter than this.

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>It could be worse.

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Reporting in for Bump Patrol Sir!!

Oh my bumps,
My beautiful bumps,
See how the bumps roam,
Wherever will they go

>That's...not unreasonable....?

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You don't like it, but...

"That's... not unreasonable." You say, after a moment. If it's not able to help them, you don't think it's very likely that they could be saved, but it still smacks of sacrifice to you. You might not like it, but...

Well, you don't have to. The orcs are content, even happy with the arrangement. It does mean they are more likely to survive their injuries, after all.

It's not going to be something you're going to worry about, unless problems arise. You nod, thinking.

"Thank you for explaining." You thank the old priest, withdrawing a ways with your companion to discuss this. "What do you think?"

"...Could be worse." She shrugs. "It could just was a percentage, after all, or, worse..." She glances at the tent. "It could be doing it out of curiosity. The dead, and those who can't be saved...It's not a bad price. Whatever it wants them for, it's...not the worst deal."

"That's about what I thought." You nod, "I'm not sure I like it, but..."

"But you don't have to like it." She completes the thought, familiar with the way you think. "Yeah."

>Would you like to...
>>Help me with my orcish?
>>discuss magic?
>>Go take it easy?

>Go talk to Uzair.


>> No.39467830

>Would you like to go take it easy and discuss magic?

I'm pretty stoked to finally learn more about Companion's magic, and magic in general.

>> No.39469550

>Would you like to go take it easy and discuss magic?

Cherish our downtime and use it to get exposition.

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"So." You stretch, "You want to go take walk? Just take it easy, you know?" Your companion gives you a wide grin.

"It's about time!" She declares, and then laughs. "The way you are, I was half-expecting you to just work yourself into the ground!" She leans in close, laying a hand on your arm. "I know this stuff is really important, but you've got to take the time to relax when you can." The hand fastens around your arm, and it suddenly becomes clear that she's very, very serious about you not worrying yourself about the work you've been doing. "There's this nice little stand of trees over this way..."

Suddenly regretting your decision, you allow her to lead you off.


"Where did you even find grapes?" You can't help but ask, as she feeds you another of the small fruits. "Aren't they out of season?" Your companion just giggles.

"A big port like that," She waves a hand in the general direction of Rabrodnik, "has a little bit of everything, from everywhere." She explains, "Grapes are easy."

"Well, if you say so." You allow. She laughs, and runs her claws gently over your scalp again. It feels a lot nicer than you'll ever admit out loud. "So. Anything new you've been working on?" She hums, bobbing her head in thought.

"Well..." She hedges, drawing out the word as she considers the question, "I suppose there is this one thing..."


Second half in about six hours - can't leave you with a choice today, but I should have a few hours to run when I get back.

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In case you ever need more pictures of Liru, Baker, I just want to let you know that I have a fuckton of them prepared.

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Baker, we miss you!


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Anons waiting, with the thread on auto-refresh
Their shadows lurking in the night
Fa/tg/guys, people, living just to quest on /tg/
Bumping somewhere in the niiiiiiiiiiiight!

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did, did Baker lie?

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"Oh?" You prompt, accepting another grape.

"Yeah." She continues, "You know that spell of mine, the living object one?" It's one of her more effective - and, if you're being absolutely honest, one of the more disturbing. You're used to it, and some of the ways objects come to life still unnerve you.

When a shrieking crossbow burrows into a man's torso, using its six sharp limbs to hollow out a space for itself, it makes you take a step back. Or two. Or just start running.

"...Yeah." You confirm, a little warily.

"Well, I've been trying to figure out a way to control the results. Or, you know. At least for them to be a bit less..." She hesitates, as she tries to think of a way to phrase it.

"Omnicidal." You supply. She huffs.

"They aren't omnicidal! They like me, at least!" You prop yourself up on an elbow, lifting your head out of her lap to give her a skeptical look. "...Mostly." You just continue looking at her. "...Sometimes..." You lay your head back down.

"So how's that going for you?" You ask, a little doubtfully. She sighs heavily, mostly answering your question. "How do you even manage to do that, anyway?"

"I told you! You have to figure it out yourself, Hero." She scolds, "I'm not just going to give you my secrets." There's a beat of silence, and you can see the sly expression on her face in your mind. "...Well, not THOSE secrets, at least." You just laugh. She resumes scratching your scalp, and the conversation drifts into a comfortable silence.

>What do you think about all of this?
>What do you think about the orcs?
>This business with Rabrodnik...
>This is nice.



Pick one.

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I'm incredibly slow, mostly.

Also, terrible. But mostly it's the slow thing.

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>This business with Rabrodnik...

>> No.39478550

>>This is nice.

>> No.39479252

>This is nice.

>> No.39479667

>What do you think about all of this?
The orcs, the devils, these almost-attacks...

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"...This is nice." You say, after a long, long silence. Your companion hums softly in agreement, her claws on your scalp more pleasant than they have any right to be.

"...Hero." Your companion murmurs, after a while.

"Hmmm?" You might be a bit more tired than you thought - you're starting to fall asleep like this. Well, it's a nice place for it, certainly. An isolated stand of trees, in your companion's lap...

"...nothing." She changes her mind. "It's nothing." She strokes your forehead, hands as gentle as ever, despite the fearsome claws you know she is all too capable of using.

"Mm." You acknowledge, as you doze. When was the last time the two of you had a chance to just...sit? You can't recall. Not without some worry or interruption.

This time, nothing interrupts you.

And you dream.

>Town Life
>Echoes of the Forest
>Tears of a Girl
>Ruined Landscape



Pick one.
I'll be back when I wake up - I don't need to leave tomorrow, which is the good news, and the 'bad' news is I'm not sure when, exactly, I WILL wake up. My estimate is ten hours.

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A dark labyrinth

>> No.39480186

>Tears of a Girl

>> No.39480220

>Echoes of the Forest

>> No.39480394

>Ruined Landscape

>> No.39481587

>Ruined Landscape

>> No.39482287

>Echoes of the Forest

>> No.39482509

>Ruined Landscape

>> No.39483078

You can always trust /tg/ to go with the possible prophecy or flashback option that seems the most ominous and doomful!

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where else do you find the hero's motivation to save the world/go against the tides of fate/git gud?

>> No.39483402

It was obviously our companion who destroyed our hometown when we were young

>> No.39483629

Eh, we already seem to have a bit of a savior complex. I don't think we need anything more in terms of motivation.

I'm hoping for something about orcland, or maybe something regarding Hero that we (players) have no idea about yet.

>> No.39485253

Will we get a chance to see those scenes we don't choose now later?

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"I don't like this." Your companion murmurs, glancing around at the city....Or, well, what's left of it. Her arms are wrapped around herself, as though to conserve warmth, even though, to be honest, it's incredibly hot here. "Do we have to do this?"

"I told you not you come." You tell her. "There's no reason for you to be here. I'm the Hero, so... I don't have any choice. But you don't need to fight." She casts a sharp look at you.

"And like I told you. I'm not going to let you go kill yourself fighting alone." She retorts. It's the same place you two always come to an impasse, so you let it go.


You kick open the door, sword in hand, and the crackling flames with explode out in a wave, engulfing you, your flesh blackening, your eyes boiling in their sockets, as a screaming, shrieking skull of flame approaches, clear despite your ruined eyes....

A delicate, glowing claw plucks it out of the air, and your companion examines the thing in her hand, distaste and a hint of pity on her face.

You take a moment to catch your breath, grateful that she stopped it. That spirit born of people who died in flames, suffering, with hundreds of years to nurse their grudges...

With a shake of her hand, the ancient spirit shreds, dissolving into the air in wisps of power.

The Old Capital is dangerous. And you haven't even found the Demon Lord's forces, yet.

"You need to be careful." She warns you. "This place is a nest of spirits."


You jerk her out of the way, intercepting the shadowy being with your shield. It impacts onto the metal plate with all of the force of a pillow, smokey arms clawing at you as it hisses foul imprecations.

"You can't save her." It tells you, its head alone remaining as you swipe your blade through it. The head grows to fill your vision, voice growing louder as it becomes all you can see or hear. "She will die. No matter what you do, she carries her death in her heart..." And then it begins to scream.

>> No.39487748

"Hero!" You blink the sleep from your eyes, foggy, and meet your companion's concerned gaze. "Hero, you all right?"

"...Y-yeah." You're a little shaken, for some reason, but you can't recall quite why...

>Let's head back to camp.
>It's getting late. Want to eat?
>...Let's just sit for a few more minutes.


>> No.39488165

>It's getting late. Want to eat?

>> No.39488596

>Let's head back to camp.
>It's getting late. Want to eat?

See, I knew it wasn't a good idea to choose the doom-and-gloom memories. If we'd chosen one of the others, maybe we'd have learned something useful aside from the fact that ghosts exist (and that much was kind of obvious, honestly).

>> No.39489236

>Let's head back to camp.

okay, I WAS hoping for more about the Old Capital and less about fighting ghosts.

>> No.39490121

>It's getting late. Want to eat?

>> No.39491663


>> No.39491773

"Let's head back to camp." You suggest, eying the sky. "It's starting to get late."

"Yeah." She agrees, giving you an encouraging smile. "We can get dinner." You nod.

"That sounds good." You agree, as you climb to your feet. "...Hey." You say, suddenly. "Remember our expedition to the Old Capital?" She turns to look at you, as surprised by the subject as you are. ...Why ARE you bringing that up?

"...Yeah?"She asks, uncertain. "...What about it?" You frown, considering. A couple of years ago, the two of you had gone on an expedition to the Old Capital, the fallen center of the Old Empire, whose name is long lost. The two of you fought the servants of the Demon Lord, there, trying to find lost secrets of ancient magic. In the end, the two of you managed to stop them, but the city itself, rather than your foes, turned out to be the true danger. The hundreds of thousands who died in the great disaster had not rested peacefully, and great numbers of spirits and the walking dead had filled the burnt ruins.

"...Remember the fire spirit?" The very first thing that attacked you.

"Fire Spirit?" She asks, thinking about it. "Like, a flaming skull thing, right?"

"Yeah." You confirm. "How'd you stop it?" She gives you a look.

"You waited two years to ask me that?" Your companion asks, surprised. "Well, it wasn't anything special, I guess. I just..." She frowns. "...Just..." She shakes her head, ears lowered as she tries to think. "I'm not sure." She admits, perturbed.

"Not sure?" You prompt, curiously.

"It's all kind of a blur." You look over, and catch her rubbing at the back of her head. "...I can't remember much of the Capital, really." Well, it was two years ago.

...And, come to think about it, it's pretty foggy for you, too. You shake your head.

"It must have been that explosion." There was an explosion, you recall that much. The two of you must have been concussed.

But now that the two of you have returned to the camp, you have to admit, you're pretty hungry.

>> No.39491796

>Go get food from the cooks.
>Let's eat on our own.
>I'll cook.


>> No.39491856

>I'll cook.
>with some orcish help

>> No.39491927

Rolled 5 (1d20)

>I'll cook.

preemptive rolling, just because!

>> No.39492009

>I'll cook.

>> No.39492213

>I'll cook.

But wait, what are we going to cook?

>> No.39492823

>Go get food from the cooks.

>> No.39493904

"I'll cook tonight." You offer, as you head for the tent, and all of your supplies.

"...Um." Your companion says, doubtfully. "Alright. But no experiments, this time, okay? Stick with what you know." You feign a hurt expression, hand over your heart.

"But I had such a great idea! It'd be based on that kale casserole, but..." You raise your hands as she glares. "Fine! Fine! I'm just joking." She crosses her arms.

"It's not funny. That isn't even real food." She grumbles. "Make something edible."

"I will, I will." You laugh. "Don't worry."


You consider your collection of spices, as you prepare the food. A little of this, maybe, and a little garlic...

You're glad you got some fresh meat from the city, she should be happy with this...

You glance over. The pan should be nice and hot...


"What's this?" Izhar asks, watching as the kralj hums, cooking something over a fire.

"Hero decided to cook, today." The kraljica answers, sitting nearby. "He's not doing anything weird today, so I think I'm looking forward to it." She sniffs the air, an action the large orc copies. "...It smells really good."

"...Yes." A moment of hesitation. "...The Kralj can cook?" She hesitates before replying.

"...Sometimes, yeah." She nods. "But...only sometimes." She makes a face. "As long as he's not trying something new."


You wipe your forehead, as you set the pan aside. That should be good - wait, why did you make so much? You glance over at your companion, who must have been adding more meat to the pile, but she's not alone.

Which, on reflection, explains everything - this should feed Uzair and Izhar just fine. Which is good, because apparently they're here to share your meal.

But, well, since they ARE here...

>About 'my' empire...
>How do all these titles work?
>No business during dinner!


>> No.39494096

>>About 'my' empire...
>>How do all these titles work?

>> No.39495021


>> No.39495076

>About 'my' empire...
>How do all these titles work?

>> No.39497031

>How do all these titles work?

Why put quote marks around it? It IS our empire now, whether we like it or not. We have to responsibility for the situation we've created, or we wouldn't be a true Hero.

>> No.39497222

>About 'my' empire...
Any information we need and want to know

>> No.39498221

>>About 'my' empire...
>>How do all these titles work?

>> No.39499275

"So, Uzair." You asks, as you eat. "Could you explain all of these titles, for me? How does it all work?"

The Bey nods, and launches into an extended explanation, as you all eat. It takes the help of your companion, and a few clarifying questions, but in the end, you think you've got it.

A Bey is the acknowledged strongest orc in the clan. Selected through a trial by combat, they lead their clan for life, although if they are judged incompetent they might be challenged. The Agha Beys are the twelve strongest and most respected of the central Beys, appointed based on their prestige and accomplishments. They occupy, collectively, the same rank as the Valis of the east and west. The Beglerbeg is the supreme leader of the orcs - well, except for you - and exists outside of the clans entirely, renouncing their clan ties upon appointment to the position. The Valis, on the other hand, maintain their clan ties, and their selection is a little more complicated. The Vali and the Vali Ahad, or the Vali's heir, are selected at the same time. As it turns out, though, the Vali Ahad is more of a designated regent - they're in charge when the Vali is unable to be, and they ARE the preferred candidate to replace a dead Vali, but they have to prove themselves just as much as any other contender for the position.

The clans lack the divisiveness you'd expect, compared to humans, but this is made up for by the feuds between the three phratry of the orcs - the central, eastern, and western clans apparently each track their lineage to a different ancestor. This apparently causes quite a bit of friction, somehow.

More than anything else, orcs seem to respect achievements. One needs to earn their position in their society, which it seems you've done by defeating the Beglerbeg in single combat, and solidified with your actions to relieve the famine.

As far as your empire is concerned...

>> No.39500433

As Separ said, your...predecessors have long maintained good relations with her fleet - in a large part, out of necessity. Orcs are not seafarers or shipbuilders - most of them distrust the sea at best. As such, any oversea trade or oceanic defense requires foreign auxiliaries like Separ's fleet, or occasional human pirate fleet.

That's part of why Rabrodnik was so important, to past rulers - it's the only good harbour available within the orcish lands, and the island provinces provide a steady influx of wealth and goods, not to mention their value for basing ships.

The devils to the west are the main trade partners of the orcs, as you've been told before, overland through the orcs' only city, Sidon. But, to your surprise, kobolds also account for a decent amount of trade, their bands occasionally wandering through orcish lands, and trading with those villages they pass.

Speaking of the nomads to the south, gnolls are an eternal danger, the vicious hyenoid raiders a danger to every people, even each other. From time to time, the southern communities will launch scorching punitive expeditions, but they do little to really solve the problem.

Further raiding issues are found in the east, where constant skirmishing happens between the orcish communities and the human hillfolk of the region. It's grown worse, as the humans encroach on orcish lands, and the orcs intensify their own raiding in the search for food and needed resources. The cycle is self-sustaining, as resource raiding turns into punitive expeditions, and scorched fields and slaughtered livestock lead to more raids.

You heave a sigh. It's a rough situation, all around, and you've got a lot of responsibility.

But your companion's at your side, and the orcs believe in you. You can hardly fail, with everyone behind you like that!

>Long day, tomorrow. Better turn in early.
>Long day tomorrow. You should take some time, and consider your plans.
>You need to get your mind off of everything, for a bit


>> No.39500511

>Long day, tomorrow. Better turn in early.

>> No.39500516

>Long day tomorrow. You should take some time, and consider your plans.
Maybe we can fund and arm one tribe of gnolls to wipe out the other gnoll tribes?

We will need to not only feed, but arm and militarize the eastern clans to fend off human aggression.

>> No.39500718

>>Long day tomorrow. You should take some time, and consider your plans.

>> No.39500723


Sure worked great in the middle east, after all!
It's a great plan!

>> No.39500850

Next post is coming in nine to ten hours.

...not terribly different from usual, huh.

>> No.39502305

>Long day tomorrow. You should take some time, and consider your plans.
I want to know more about the kobolds. Do they have a famous skill?

>> No.39503832


>> No.39504434

>Long day, tomorrow. Better turn in early.

>> No.39505610 [DELETED] 



>> No.39506527

Well, this post is going to be delayed thanks to incredible disorganisation and a forgotten appointment.

Around three hours, give or take, until I can post.

>> No.39508226


>> No.39508664

What the hell is that, anyway?

To be honest, I'm not sure how to vote here, but I guess we really do need to plan at least a little for tomorrow. I abstain.

>> No.39510218

things happened, and I got back in time to leave. Six more hours, woo.

>> No.39511623

>Long day, tomorrow. Better turn in early.
it's okay, Baker. We'll wait.

>> No.39511837


>> No.39513919

B-b-bump combo!

>> No.39515450


>> No.39516105


>> No.39517584

Suggestions for ideologically uniting the Orc clans, anyone. I'm not quite sure yet.I think we might n to know a few more specifics about the three ancestors deal.

>> No.39517607

Didn't mean to quote.

>> No.39519004

Tomorrow's going to be a long, busy day. You can't afford to turn in early. You need to review your plans, make sure you know what you're going to do. Go over it all with Uzair and your companion.

"...How are we going to convince the Councils of Rabrodnik to accept annexation?" The real question, and the one that most immediately needs to be answered.

"It will be difficult." Uzair rumbles, contemplatively, "But easily justified. The repudiation of their prior treaties is sufficient." YOur companion hums, thoughtfully.

"Well, you should go easy on them, to begin with." She proposes. "And phrase everything as a favour you're doing them." She adopts a snooty tone, "Why, we are graciously aiding in your defense, since you are, naturally, at war with the League of Free Cities. All we ask in return are a few concessions..." She nods, sagely.

"Well, as long as we don't interfere too much with their internal affairs..." You ponder, "They don't really have much military strength, so they're unlikely to push the issue."

"But," The Bey cautions, "It is important we negotiate from strength." You frown, but the orc continues, "If you do not push them, they will think your position is weak - maybe you do not have the trust of the kralj," Uzair snorts at this, "Or the kralj would be unwilling to commit the forces to back up your decisions, if they resist. You must be confident and decisive in dealing with them." You nod, thoughtfully. The orc lord has a definite point. The Councillors will certainly look for any leverage they can get - and they're politicians. They've been doing this sort of thing for decades.

You just kill things and save people. Politics is not your strong point.

>Uzair is high nobility, as far as orcs are concerned. Let the Bey dictate the terms.
>Uzair is high nobility, as far as orcs are concerned. Make it clear you stand above him, in negotiations.
>You don't need to lean on rhetorical tricks.


>> No.39519080

>>You don't need to lean on rhetorical tricks.

>> No.39519108

I'm not going to be able to run on Thursday, so we'll wrap the thread up around here.

This upcoming week, I won't be able to run, though. I have a few 16-hour days, and I'll have work for... fourteen days straight, so...

Probably won't be running the week after, either. The game schedule'll be shifting to weekends, on top of that, since my new work schedule actually gives me days off, instead of stealing hours where I can.

>> No.39519129


>> No.39519161

>Uzair is high nobility, as far as orcs are concerned. Make it clear you stand above him, in negotiations.
We must negotiate from a position of strength.
We are the Mouth of the Kralj, above even a Bey. The politicians must understand their position, must be made to kneel. They worse than the Orcs in that regard; they both must be made to understand their position through force, but where the Orcs simply accept their loss, the human politicians continually attempt to undermine their superiors for their own profit.

>> No.39519268

>Uzair is high nobility, as far as orcs are concerned. Make it clear you stand above him, in negotiations.
Definitely negotiate from a position of strength. If we have to, give emphasis to military presence and security, leaving an obvious enough opening to imply that we won't interfere with their economy or day-to-day living.

>> No.39522334


>> No.39523592

Didn't we already tell the Duke that the Agha Bey or whatever would need to be informed, therefore suggesting to the city that we were subordinate to Uzair?

Also, Baker, I feel like this is a little unclear. By "dictate the terms", do you mean that we tell him beforehand what to prioritize and then he dictates that to the council, or that he decides the negotiating strategy himself?

>> No.39525888

bump before discussing

>> No.39525928

It's not necessarily the case. We are in charge of communicating with humans, and the Agha Bey is in charge of leading the orcs in general. It's like an Internal and External Vice President. The Agha Bey may have more overall influence, but in matters dealing with humans, we pull more authority, kind of thing.

>> No.39527577

I guess that makes sense. Hopefully, you're right about that.

>Uzair is high nobility, as far as orcs are concerned. Make it clear you stand above him, in negotiations.

>> No.39530833


>> No.39533991

Bumping again

>> No.39534129

You don't have to. see >>39519108

>> No.39535283

Oh, I assumed he meant "we'll wrap this thread up next update". Too bad.

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