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I am surly, grumpy, and just overall downright unhappy right now /tg/.

A bit of context. I am the forever GM of my pathfinder home group and have been since we started around 3 years ago. I am finally getting a chance to play in a Rise of The Runelords campaign and I'm was going to play what I've always wanted to play: A cleric of Asmodeus/Diabolist. I have a deep and mighty thirst to role-play deals with devils, summon columns of hellfire and just an overall Tarquin-ish type of fellow (Perfectly reasonable, if a tad controlling).

However our new GM (previous player) refuses to let me play it because "Evil PCs will backstab everyone" and etc. This is the same player that HAD to have a rakshasa tiefling ninja in my decidedly medieval (and very NOT asian) Wrath of the Righteous campaign and absolutely needed to be a Spellslinger Wizard in a homebrew campaign that was low magic and well before gunpowder. But apparently I'll get myself and the players lynched by mobs of peasantry. This GM is also my girlfriend.

So now I'm sulky. Can you guys cheer me with some Hell themed D&D pictures? I'm just going to dump pics in the meantime.

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Why spamming images?

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I'm bummed and trying to cheer myself up with pics of all things diabolic and hellish. Hoping others will toss some into the pile.

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why not? these are great!

Here's one as a bump OP

Its also my warlocks patron

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Ill donate what little I have. I could also drop you a n RP I did for my warlock if you want?

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Neat. Some sort of backwards slug devil?

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Its Baalzebub from the D&D universe. (aparently he used to be one of the most beautiful demons until Aamodeus cursed him.

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Sure, although that pic is a demon... you heretic.

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Lel, t's that same in pathfinder, only he's just a living cloud of flies instead. Never manages to catch a break does he?

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Kinda long....hold up I have to slice it up to fit this damn comment character limit

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it's the same*

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Didn't know that about pathfinder that's cool.


This was the rollplaying(RP) of a D&D encounter over Facebook between the Rogue Alvor (Myself) and My Dungeon Master. He had decided we were going to move the game from the 3.5 Edition to 5th Edition(5E). The setting was typical except at this point in the adventuring we had been frozen in time for 200 Years and basically flung into the future Samurai Jack style. We woke up to a steampunk version of 5E and half the continent was desolate, divided in two by a giant metal wall, the gods had abandoned this half of the world, machines had taken over, and we had the opportunity to change our characters due to the technology being able to recreate us into anything we wanted via these Pods (conversion to 5E). So we stepped into the “Pods” that would do the change and this is the RP that transpired in the creation of my Warlock from a Rogue.

* = Narration and nonverbal actions
Alvor = Rogue
Druzil = Imp
Baalzebul = Demon
Mephistopheles = Demon

*As you step into the metal chamber, a glass wall drops, sealing you in. You lay down on the diagonal table and straps automatically adjust to hold you down. Steam floods into the chamber via floor vents, and you hear a humming as the great machine comes alive. Electricity begins to crackle through the air. You see one or two arcs of pure energy lace their way in front of you before you're struck. You scream in pain as every nerve ending explodes. Your back arches and slams into the table again and again. You feel yourself come apart, piece by piece, until only your consciousness is left in some parody of a gaseous form, drifting around your chamber. Then that, too, seems to fade and there is only blackness.*

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*You blink your eyes against the harsh light of flames as you find yourself standing in what appears to be the inner workings of a great volcano. You stand on a single platform amidst a sea of liquid fire. A bridge leads to an obsidian fortress in front of you.*

Alvor: "Well shit……that’s gonna leave a mark. Well either I died and here I am, or this dude is playing with me..."

*Cruel laughter that sounds akin to metal on stone rolls through your head*

Alvor: "And I think unfortunately, this is the first option. O K I’ll bite….who's there!"

*A shrill voice resounds behind you:

Druzil: "A better question is, who ISN'T there??"

Alvor: "I can think of a few"


Alvor: "welp only one way to go…"

*walks towards the fortress*


*As soon as you take your first step, the ground dissolves beneath you and you plummet through darkness to land roughly in a heap on the bottom of a cell of bone. You notice chains about your wrists as you hear the same timid voice out of thin air:

Druzil: "Oooh. I bet that hurt, m'lord."

Alvor: "What the? Where am I now? And who the hell said that?"

* The air shimmers in front of you as an imp lowers its invisibility spell. It pitches on a nearby skull on the floor of your cell, folding its wings behind it.*

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Druzil: "Names be powerful things, m'lord. You can call me Druzil, as you like."
Alvor: "An imp.....and why are you calling me 'lord' do I look that stuck up to you?"

*Slowly check to see if the chains are long enough to grab him around his little neck*

*They are.*

Druzil: "Well what would you have me call you? Meat sack? Shorty? Stubs?"

*how far am I from him?*

Alvor: "The names Alvor, just Alvor"

*About two feet. The imp scratches his gnarled ass, then sniffs his fingers.*

Druzil: "Well that's a name if there ever was one. So! What's your choice?"

Alvor: "Choice? What Choice?"

Druzil: "Your choice, mortal boy, your choice! Who do you choose?"

Alvor: "What do you mean choose? Arn't you supposed to be torturing me and tormenting me? What happened? did they run out of pigs for you to stick?"

*He still thinks he’s dead*

Alvor: "Actually if you keep blathering on I think you'd do a right good job at assaulting my mental state"

Druzil: "Well.....I 'spose I can do that if you want? Though I didn't figure you for a masochist. Would you prefer the mouth or anus?"

*A fiery hot iron poker appears in his hand.*

Alvor: "Would you just explain what you mean by a choice? dru-whats it"

Druzil: "Wait, which choice, the first one or the one about your bum?"

*He says as he cocks his head and scratches behind his ear with the hot poker*

Alvor: "This place really is hell...no not the poker you dolt!"

Druzil: "Oooohhhhhhh. Got it."

*The poker disappears.*

Druzil: "And that's NINE Hells, my friend. Or at least, a little taste of it."

Alvor: "If we are going to 'talk' do you mind?"

*holds wrists out to show chains*

Druzil: "What makes you think they're locked, Al-what's it?"

*attempt to open the shackles*

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*The chains disappear and with them the scene changes once again, and you are now sitting in a monstrous iron dining hall, a lavish table set before you that seems to stretch for miles, set with what you can only describe as 'meat'. Druzil sits you your right on the table happily munching some unknown limb.*

Alvor: "Your gonna have to stop warping me around the place, and its 'Alvor'. Now if you would kindly explain where 'here' is and what is this choice you keep going on about?"

*glance around the room for others*

*There is no one.*

Druzil: "Oh yeah dat fing. Right."

*Druzil stands and dips into a low bow, arms spread wide*

Druzil: "Welcome to Hells, you poor unfortunate soul. Abandon all hope, blah blah blah, etcet'ra etcet'ra. Now that the pleasantries is over wiff, you got a choice to make. Not one, but two masters of Hell have sought your allegiance. And I'm sposed to be figurin' out which one, if eitha, you'd be wantin' to serve."

*He flops back down and continues eating.*

Alvor: "Wait I'm not dead?"

*clicks in his head after saying it*

Alvor:"But im in hell(s) and you are the middle man between me and a deal with who? Demons? What in the hell (pun) would a demon want my allegiance for?"

*Druzil abruptly stands and turns, beginning to march away*

Druzil: "Well EXCUSE me, oh high and mighty one! Next time my Kings ask me to find them a vassal upon which to lavish extravagant power, I'll be sure not to bother you!!!"

Alvor: "WHOA wait a minute there turbo! did you say...'power'?

*stands up to follow*

*As you stand, the scene shifts yet again and you find yourself lying in a field of black roses beneath a blood red sky. Druzil, laying next you you, pipes up*

Druzil: "Aaaahhh, ain't nothin' like a black moonset. And yes, oh wise one, power. Seems to be the only fing either of my kings care about acquiring now....well....more so now that them bloody gods is gone."

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Alvor: "I can agree with you there, no one hates paladins more than I do! bloody goody two shoes!
"and gods gone...hmmm now that is interesting"

*Druzil perches on your chest, tiny hands on hips staring down at you.*

Druzil: "Right, so who's it gonna be? Baalzebul or Mephistopheles??"

Alvor: "Get off of me!"

*shoves him off into the roses*

Alvor: You still didn't explain why they want me. Why me specifically?"

Druzil: "Awfully rude. Don't rightly know. All's I know is Master Asmodeus said to me, 'Druzil' he says, 'I'm goin' away for a while. In my absence, I expect Baalzebul and Mephistopheles will try and fight for my throne. So's I want YOU to serve em both. Keep an eye on em. Make sure they BOTH get what they want. Maybe by the time I get back they'll have killed each other off.' That was a bit over a century ago, so he'll probly be back soon. But now 'ere I am, tryin' ta do my double duty, and both my masters ask for one of them warlock 'fings. But there's only one of you. SO! 'Oo's it gonna be then? The Lord of Lies, or the Lord of No Mercy?"

*thinks for a second*
Alvor: "Whats a warlock? and wouldn't choosing one or the other benefit one and not the other? and quit dodging the quest as to 'why me'!"

*Druzil suddenly morphs into a large black man.*

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Druzil: "Bitch listen. I ain't got time fuh nunna yo questions. You OBVIOUSLY wanted to be a warlock and had that in mind when you got in that metal box. OTHERWISE you wouldn't have sent off a scent when I cast a searching spell. And yeah, honky. Choosin' one WILL benefit him and not the otha. Congratulations, you REAAAAL smart, you know that?"

*He changes back.*

Druzil: "Plain enough for ye, m'lord?"

Druzil: "Right. So 'ere's the skinny. Two archdevils want you as a servant. Both have their own reasons. If you'd like to ask em personally, you can just ask!"

*Two doors appear in the field, one labeled 'Baalzy' the other 'Fisty.'*

Alvor: "Well I don't want to intrude....but I don't think making a pact with a demon without talking out the details first is a good thing....Mr. Imp"

*Which one is the lord of no mercy?*


Druzil: "You might just survive this deal, you keep being smart like that."

Alvor: "HA....."

*guess I’ll go to the Mephistopheles door*

*You enter a throne room built entirely of bones. The pillars supporting the ceiling are the bones of giants, while the floor is decorated with elaborate designs made of finger bones. Upon a throne of skulls sits Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles is a 9-foot-tall (2.7 m), blue-black humanoid with handsome, yet diabolical features. He has huge muscles that befit his great strength, and his speech is whispering wind. His wings, horns, and talons are deep blue and his scales are sooty black. His eyes are pale blue with red irises and pupils. A surprisingly soft voice rolls across the room at you, like the whispering of wind. "Greetings, champion. I see you have been enjoying the tour of my future kingdom."

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*Alvor in slight awe of the entire situation*

Alvor: "Well.......I will be honest I did not expect to be here like I am. This is all a bit.....'new'.....to my personal experiences."

*Mephistopheles inclines his head*

Mephistopheles: "I understand, child. I remember the first time a greater imp lifted me from the abyss to find purpose. And now, here I am. King of the eighth hell, and soon to be king of all the rest. Tell me, what is it you want most in the world?"

Alvor: "I don't mean to be rude, but I'm not here to tell you all my worldly desires, the 'imp' said you wanted me as your...'champion'...and I am curious as to why you want a thief of my low stature for whatever task your....'malevolence', has in mind?"

*The temperature in the room drops dramatically, and the light dims.*

Mephistopheles: "Well, dear mortal, you are being rude. Making demands of a king and such. I am, however, a ‘merciful’ lord. In answer to your adorable question, it has nothing to do with you. I could have snatched any one of your other three companions from their metal chambers. You just got lucky. You want to change. You want to be more than you currently are. You want to be known and feared. I can give you this. All that I would ask in return is that you tell others how.....DIVINE I am"

*he says, spreading his massive arms, briefly glowing with raw, burning power.*

Alvor: "Ahh I get it, you want to take advantage of the fact that the...'gods'....are absent. And you want me to do it? And how am I supposed to do this exactly? I may have run a group of bloodthirsty and gold grabbing bandits, but starting a...cult? That's a whole new ballgame."

*ponders over the thought*

Alvor: "IF I agreed to do this for you, what do I get in return?"

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Mephistopheles: "All you need do, cute mortal, is take the powers I give you, and be yourself. Be amazing. And when people ask you where you draw your power from, point to me. Tell them of my benevolence and grace. Tell them of my awesome power. Make them faithful to me. If you wish, Druzil here could tag along and assist you. In return, when my power grows enough and my dominion spreads over the Nine Hells, I shall move to the other planes. Of course, omnipotent as I may be, I would still need a representative to rule the Material Plane in my stead."

Alvor: "Hmm that is very very tempting....but what about your rival blaz-ballz or whatever hes called? Should I talk to him so that suspicions don’t arise about me serving you instead of him? That would help to alleviate it a bit"

Mephistopheles: "WHAT?!?!!?!?!?!"

*Mephistopheles leaps from his throne and knocks pillars aside, rushing at you at an impossible speed. He stops just short of crushing you, towering over you. His voice blows the hair back from your face.*


*Druzil speaks into your mind: "Smooth"*

*glance at Druzil then back at Mephy*

Alvor: "Well you don't want him to know your plans do you? I will talk to him, and I may be able to get more information for you on what he wants me for. That way you will know what it is he wants exactly before he is able to make any moves. Does that sound good to you....'My Lord'?"

*Evil Grin*

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*How’s that for playing the game of demonic thrones?*

Mephistopheles: "Hmmm.....well of course I do not NEED help dealing with that usurper.....but...yes, I suppose it would be more fitting for my underlings to do my bidding for me. Go then. Speak with this false shepherd. I shall await your return."

Alvor: "At once!”

*short bow*

Alvor: “I do have one last inquiry before I go...What am I to refer to you as on the material plane? While the majority of mortals do not know your name there are some that have lived longer than others and might expose you."

Mephistopheles: "I have no need for falsities, boy. Tell them the Cold Lord has risen."

Alvor: "As you wish."

*one last short bow and I turn to leave out the door*

*As you leave, Druzil lands on your shoulder and says*

Druzil: "Fearsome though he may be, the Cold Lord tends to have a short memory where mortals are concerned. Should you not return, he'll likely forget that you ever arrived in the first place."

Alvor: "That is good to know....you know what? Other than your odd speech, you arn't so bad Druzil. Now where is the next door?"

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Druzil: "My speech? You're lucky I'm the one you got. Them other imps don't talk so good like me. This way."

*He points to the door and, upon opening it you see an endless hallway with a thousand doors on each side stretching before you.*

Alvor: "So this place just keeps getting better and better....where to now?"

*keeps walking*

Druzil: "Uhhhh......" *Druzil whispers briefly* "Eenie meanie minie...THIS ONE!"

*chuckles* *Opens the door and steps through*

*You see a manticore promptly disemboweling a shrieking princess "HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"*


Alvor: "You sure this is the right place Druzil?"

Druzil: "NO!!!"
*the princess continues to shriek "PLEASE HELP ME OH GOD!!!"*

*turn around and walk out the door*

Alvor: "yup no gods here!"

*As the door closes you hear one last scream and the manticore roaring*


Alvor: "I like beautiful women but no pretty girl is gonna get me to tango with that...thing..."

Druzil: "THAT one m'lord, for sure."

*He says pointing confidently*

*glances at Druzil*

Alvor: "Are you sure this time?"

Druzil: "...yes...."

*walk over and crack open the door and peek inside*

*A foul stench assaults your nostrils as dozens of flies pour forth from the crack.*

Druzil: "Ugh....yeah...this is it."

*Holds nose*

Alvor: "I thought you said lord of 'lies' not lord of flies..."

Druzil: "Uh...yes, well...he bears both titles actually...."*

*step into the room and glance around*

*At the end of this slime-covered gray chamber rests a bloated slug, easily four times the size of any man.*

*Still holding nose, I look at druzil and tip my head at the slug like 'that him?'*

*Druzil nods, as you here a deep, gurgling voice droll in your direction.*

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Baalzebul: "Welcome...my friend. I've been....expecting you. I even....cleaned up a bit...."

*walk over into the middle of the room/chamber*

Alvor: "I like what you've done with the place....the aroma is definitely...different"

*Baal slowly chuckles a wet, guttural laugh.

Baalzebul: "Thank you...my friend. Ever since...Asmodeus cursed me....I have had to...make due."

Alvor: "I take it you had a bit of a set back then....but i digress, I hear you have need of my 'special talents'?"

Baalzebul: "Indeed. In the....absence of the gods....I have seen....opportunity. I require your....services in....gathering energy for me....so I may....return to my beautiful self. I am....so close...... In return....I can make you.....a king among men...."

Alvor: "A king you say.....as in ruler of the material plane? Then you won’t be surprised to hear that one of your...rivals....has offered me the same opportunity. My only question then is to ask, why I should pick you over him?"

*Raises eyebrow questioningly*

*also glance at Druzil*

Baalzebul: "For the simple fact that.....Mephistoph....Mephistophole.....Mephis.............he is a liar. I am....the lord of lies.....I know a deceiver....when I see one. He has....turned on his own subjects....many times. I have....never betrayed those loyal to me."

*Druzil nods.*

Alvor: "That is very good to know....And how would I go about serving you on the material plane? Do you wish me to raise you an army or build a temple to your worship?"

Baalzebul: "Nothing so.....dramatic. You need only....take the power I give you....and garner fame in my name......continue as you would.....and I will bless you....I trust you have taken note of.....all the places....you've seen here?"

*He asks questioningly.*

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>> No.39409256

Alvor: "Are you going to feed me princesses as well? hahaha! But I think we can come to an agreement. With the power you give me I will rule the material plane in your name and in doing so I will spread your name and fame among the mortals. Will this suffice?"

Baalzebul: "Yes....remember the places....you've seen here....they all have....meaning. The path of fire....the prison cell...the feasting hall....the field...the hall of doors....are all of my design.....under my name....you will have direction....you may face trials....but you will feast on power.....you will find peace in the end....as well as endless potential. But know this, mortal.....I am the lord of lies....I will know....if you attempt.....to deceive me..."

Alvor: "Very well I shall keep that in mind, Lord Baal. One last thing of note before I go, as you well know there are those that might still be alive that know your name, what shall I refer to you as, so to not arouse suspicion of the mortals?"

Baalzebul: "Tell them......I am the Slug...."

*ponders the thought*

Alvor: Whispers: "Slug Lord....Lord Slug.”

Alvor: “As you wish I shall leave at once."

*walk back outside to the field*

Baalzebul: "Take care.....my friend....the gods have....truly fled....evil lurks...around every corner."

Druzil: "So what now?"

Alvor: "Well I suppose I choose one and you relay the message as you see fit to cover your own ass. Seein as you need to keep them from killing each other"

*Druzil chuckles*

Druzil: "As you wish m'lord. If you have need of a companion on your journey, I 'spose it wouldn't be HORRIBLE tagging along with you"


>> No.39409271
File: 49 KB, 320x300, Mephistopehles.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.39409277

>Last one

Alvor: "I will keep that in mind, go now and tell Baal that I will do as he asks. One question before you go, How will I get in contact with you or Baal if the need arises?"

Druzil: "A wise choice, m'lord. A wise choice indeed. Don't fret about that, sire. If the need arises, you only have to pray, and Baalzebul or I shall answer. Though if I were with you you wouldn't need to be the prayin' sort."

*With that he hops of your shoulder and glides away, fading into the gloom of the field*

*Nods........Looks around*

Alvor: "Now how do I get out of here?"

*Druzil whispers into your mind from afar "You need only click your heels together three times and say, 'there's no place like'-" *his voice trails off into laughter.* "I'm sorry I couldn't get through it. Ah....just wake the f*ck up."

*Your eyes flutter open and shut several times as the pain slowly fades away. You catch sight of your own reflection in the mirror, unfamiliar with your new body. Memories of your meetings with the Archdevils regail you, as plans and power flood into your mind. A grim smile creeps onto your face.*

And let the character creation begin.

>> No.39409297
File: 111 KB, 297x300, Asmodeus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.39409299

Hope you guys enjoy that. first time posting any stories on here.

>> No.39409330
File: 542 KB, 702x1053, Deity - Asmodeus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that's my last one. I love this pic though, it looks like Asmodeus is posing for a heavy metal album cover.

>> No.39409342

Sounds like your girlfriend has more testicles than you.

>> No.39409431


I too played a character under the rule of Asmodeus. At least I was going to. Oddly enough, yes also part Diabolist.

But the whole "draining the blood of an unwilling victim and painting pentagrams on them with it" and "ruby dagger" bit turned me off.

I pictured Asmodeus as a firey demonic overlord of contracts, obligations, and twisted punishment... not fucking blood sacrifice and rubies.

Bleh. A man can dream. Still got the spread though... maybe one day I'll run it.

>> No.39409469


Stop playing with your girlfriend / boyfriend. Seriously, why would you even do that?

>> No.39409584

Because it's a hobby we both like?

>> No.39409594


Does your girlfirend peg you? She probably does.

>> No.39409647
File: 25 KB, 500x500, diabolist-p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very entertaining and an excellent way to kick off character creation. 8/10 Would play a warlock.

>> No.39409697

I have yet to play him though. we wont be meeting up to play 5E for the first time for another 2 weeks due to our DM having surgery and he doesnt want me to run anything in the interim so im sitting here with my thumbs up my ass waiting to play lol.

>> No.39409810

Because your lack of balls is interfering with your ability to enjoy the game with her. No need to invite trouble into your relationship if your passivity means you can't have fun playing that game with her.

>> No.39411498

>However our new GM (previous player) refuses to let me play it because "Evil PCs will backstab everyone" and etc
So then make your character Lawful Neutral instead. He's not evil, he just believe firmly in order and the rule of law, regardless of morality. Still get to deal with devils and summon hellfire, you're just not evil.

>> No.39414704

I feel your pain Anon.

I was going to play in another PF path... Kingfinder? Something. I'm not a big PF fan, and my last PF character was a Paladin. So I wanted to do something different.

I said I wanted to play a Hellknight (well we were starting at level 2 I think, so I'd be a baby Chelaxian, working my way up to it), super Lawful Neutral, with a harsh brutal "society >>>> people" side.

Everyone said fine, until I showed my build which included several levels of either Cleric or Inquisitor of Asmodeus. They all went nuts about not allowing devil worshipers and how you can't worship a devil and not be evil.

Really made me sad as I was really looking forward to it. Shame.

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