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O K I understand its no simple feat, nor should it be easy by any means. I also understand that it is completely up to the DM and his setting and rules on it. BUT I am curious, outside of 3.5 has there been any 5E God killing taken place?

My rogue due to a complete transfer from 3.5 to 5E has had the opportunity to change himself completely and he recreated himself as a Warlock due to the story/setting allowing it 1 time. The Gods have abandoned the world for over 200 years, and due to my patron (pic related) giving him powers he had developed a massive want/need for more power.

TLDR: In short has anyone killed a God in 5E (or attempted) and how did it go down. My DM might let me try if I live long enough.

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Outside of 3.5e I don't know of any editions of D&D that use god stats and not just avatars/aspects.

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It's not really a edition issue. 5e doesn't even give god stats, heck they don't really push a pantheon, they offer up different real world mythology and previous edition examples.

Not to mention even at 20th level with several epic boons, 5e PCs arn't anywhere near godlike.

Maybe the DM can invent some convieniant "Godslaying" warlock pact weapon ro whatever.

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I always thought avatars were basically immortal in the sense that they just come back later and try again? But I could be wrong, but my DM is one of the best ive ever had and writes up all his BBEGs and deities. So if the God 'has stats' it can be killed but it wont be easy by any means. I just haven't seen anything on 5E God slaying yet and was interested.

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Thats a good Idea, I looked at it to hard and never even thought about looking/asking for a god slaying weapon. Thanks! (Im partial to the dragonlance setting when it comes to gods)

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Probably some garbage in the Forgotten Realms. I think the Bhaalspawn from Baldur's Gate was killed.

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