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Start me /tg/

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Start yourself, asshole.

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Cancer/Needs to Die

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It's funny because you can't spell.

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+3 to having no idea what that is.

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He is a Vigo!

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You are like the buzzing of flies to him!

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Why do I want to fuck that robot?

This is weird.

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Probably because she's fuckable.

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*sigh* okay, fine.

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On a mountain of skulls, in the castle of pain, I sat on a throne of blood! What was will be! What is will be no more! Now is the season of evil!
He should be a chaos lord

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But she's metal.

Can you fuck metal?

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>Can you fuck metal?
when has the answer no ever stopped virgin, desperate fatguys from turning a female character into cancer?
Though I'm fairly certain Xeno is from a quest thread, and has therefore always been cancer.

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When would you ever NOT be able to fuck metal?

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She is. And she has.
I would still a xeno though.

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>anti-quest fags metashitposting
They just can't keep their dick in their pants.

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Well, I stuck my dick in a toaster once, got bad shock, passed out for 4 hours.

That was one instance where I couldn't fuck metal.

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Xeno a best. Y'all just hating.

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Cultist and Flare are better than Xeno. Because they hardly get posted anymore.

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>inflammatory meta-statement
So, are you arguing for MORE xeno? Because you're making me bump. That was your plan, wasn't it?

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Stop threatening to post more Xeno and post more Xeno.

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I don't actually have any, I was just threatening bumping the thread because I saw a guy say something dumb.
I'm neutral on this whole topic with a slight leaning towards positive because sexy robots.

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She is pretty sexy.

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That's pretty much the sole benefit of 40k threads for me.
They produce the bitches.

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Counterpoint: you got it in, which counts as fucking it. The shock was merely a negative consequence of trying to fuck a toaster. It's analogous to "don't stick your dick in crazy." Ergo, you can in fact fuck metal but just make sure it's not plugged in.

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Or full of scarabs.

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Does it still count if I didn't, you know...finish?

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Okay, good.

I was worried about that.

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>Start me /tg/

Ok. where is your pullcord?

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Ok fine. Where is your crank hole.

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Th-that's lewd!

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only if you considered it a euphemism for sex.

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Ab ins gas

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You've got to think outside the box.

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Hippy-est Phaerakh!

Praise Slaanesh!

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Slaanesh is a man.

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But he is a man's man.

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>Slaanesh is a man.

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Well, she's not a woman either.

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Xeno's dynasty addresses it's chief overlord as phaeron regardless of gender.

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Size/Type: Medium Magical Skub
Hit Dice: 5d10+25 (52 hp)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class: 15 (-1 size, +1 Dex, +5 natural), touch 10, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +5/+14
Attack: Claw +9 melee (1d6+5)
Full Attack: 2 claws +9 melee (1d6+5) and bite +4 melee (1d8+2)
Space/Reach: 10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: Improved grab
Special Qualities: Scent
Saves: Fort +9, Ref +5, Will +2
Abilities: Str 21, Dex 12, Con 21, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 10
Skills: Listen +8, Spot +8
Feats: Alertness, Track
Environment: Shitty Threads, Astral plane
Organization: Solitary, following of lesser questfags (1-?)
Challenge Rating: 4
Treasure: None
Alignment: B8
Advancement: 6-8 HD (Large); 9-15 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment: —

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>Letting a non-Necron into a postion of power in a dynasty
The Silent King must have more sparks coming out of his head than the time when he saw Eldar for the first time.

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Oh hello Blue.



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He can be whatever she feels like. But he's probably a woman on Casual Friday and when she's mad.

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Needs moar dakka.

>> No.39350813

Well, her mom was kind of a spiteful bitch and didn't want to give her traitorous lieutenants the satisfaction of usurping her.

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you need to get the normal version of that.

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There are no furries in this thread.

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Hopefully someone can give the Silent King an operating system update so he doesn't have a green screen of death.

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>Well, I stuck my dick in a toaster once, got bad shock, passed out for 4 hours.
>got bad shock
Well there's your problem.

You can fuck metal just fine. What you can't fuck is electricity.

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I've had enough cables and wires attached to various erogenous places on my body to call that into question.

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Did you ever use these cables or wires as a dick receptacle? If no, then you never fucked them. Even if you did, you'd be fucking the wires, and not the electricity.

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What if someone were to apply electric shocks to stimulate the nerves in their genitals until it induced an orgasm?

Would that count as fucking the electricity?

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This thread took a real turn into the Prince of Pleasure's domain.

>> No.39351797

Any thread that starts with a pic of Xeno is thinly veiled technophilia thread.

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That's more of the electricity fucking you.

>> No.39351844

>implying that there's any veiling going on here

>> No.39351871

But shouldn't that be techno-xenophilia?

>> No.39351922

>robot girl POV in bed
I never knew that was my fetish.

>> No.39351964

I can get behind that, I guess.

>> No.39352021

Now that's what I call double heresy. The only thing more heretical is the writer of the HH series.

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Blue = Torchstar > Xeno
I want a picture of all three having tea.

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Get cucked, fuccboi.

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Well now we have proof. To say Slaanesh is a woman is to say Tzeentch is the God of hope. And he's not. He's the God of false hope.

>> No.39352383

So do I.

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Superior Torchberry.

>> No.39352976

Tau girls, eh? Whatsa matter with human women? Sure they ain't blue, but they love a man who isn't afarid to burn a trench full of heretics.

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HURRESYfags are cancer.

>> No.39353060

Nah. That's Typhus. He has a horn like a unicorn and unicorns love virgins. Let that sink in.

>> No.39353105

that wasent hurseyfagotry hersyfagotry is just shouting hersy and blam that was just good roleplaying

>> No.39353132

i assumeing you start with turning some sort of handle

>> No.39353164

depends on if it has an orifice in there somewhere

>> No.39353203

way i see it fucking something and being fucked by something are the same things

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come on nd you know this shit well enough to know slanesh is whatever the fuck he wants to be

>> No.39353474

I don't think he knows much about the lore/like men.

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No John.
You are the Xeno.

>> No.39354353

And then John was a taucron.

>> No.39354579

and then john was injured and became a soldier of the imperial guard

>> No.39354920

But I want to Believe!

>> No.39354992

come on thread, get back on track

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Why is the girl the right wearing a swastika on her chest?

>> No.39355205

>ND still around
>thread hasn't been deleted yet

I guess /tg/ got even more shit, if that's even possible.

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It's an ork glyph

>> No.39357645

no nd i will not believe that slanesh has only 1 gender

although it is true he spends more time as a man then a woman

>> No.39357653

wait i read that as i want you to belive nevermind

>> No.39357907

Sure thing baby. Where's your start button? Or do I need to plug something in first?

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>> No.39358389

We try to ignore him.

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i honestly dont see the problem with the man for the most part he makes constructive posts and god damit if people would get past there hatred of him they would see his smut is auctualy good and he would make more

>> No.39358616

I don't think ND makes his own smut. If I recall correctly he once drew a daemonette and it got him banned. Or it was a bad fap fiction.

>> No.39358629

it was a good fap fiction and i wish more people liked it

>> No.39358638

>> No.39358721

You sound odd.

>> No.39358736

i am odd but i stand by this being a good fapfic


sure theres some spelingl errors and whatnot but i still came

>> No.39358754

That's the Cuddlesdaemonette story I heard about isn't it?

>> No.39358768

cuttledaemonette and yes

read it read it and ejaculate all over your bed

>> No.39358866

ND, nice try.

>> No.39358897

im not nd for starters when i respond to a bunch of difrent posts i have them each in a seperate post

also nd has convinced himself his fapfic is bad

>> No.39358947

Why do you even care if someone namefags? People butthurt about others namefagging are worse cancer than the actual namefags.

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No, Tzeentch is a god just hope. Whatever someone aspires for something more, Tzeentch is there with him/her.

>> No.39359067

He's Nurgle in a different flavor. You just set yourself up for more pain the further you go down their paths.

>> No.39359137

The gods are fickle that way.

>> No.39359153

Because they have similarities despite being opposites of each other.
>Heretics Not worshipping a true God of Chaos

>> No.39359192

Whatever. My god is a swarm of ravenous insects.

Ia ia Iash'uddra fthagn!

>> No.39359207

So now we have something to base the Endless Swarm on.

>> No.39359217

>Google image search iash'uddra the endless swarm
>first result is from Xenos Adventure
>fifth result is Xeno, herself
Necrons are ruined forever.

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The Silent King has had a green screen of death. Sparks are flying out of his head.

>> No.39359297

Does that mean Xeno becomes the Silent King?

>> No.39359325

Nah. We just have to wait for him to respawn. If he dies for good, then she's going to have fierce competition.

>> No.39359550

...I'm okay with this

>> No.39359630

Based Xeno

Thank you /tg/, you make everything better.

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Dem quads

>> No.39360051

>he makes constructive posts
No, he tries to drag the thread into being a faggy little ERP centered around his shitty fetish fursona and spams the thread with contentless posts about Slaanesh regardless of the actual thread topic
>his smut is auctualy good
Wrong again chief, the nigga is just a parasite that pesters and stalks drawfags until they draw his creepy fat fetish DONUT STEEL fursona. And his only two attempts at writing his own smut were so fucking abysmal that it made people with english as a second language look like motherfucking Shakespeare.

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>> No.39360146

Isn't she a pariah? But she's going to get doubled teamed by that one old coot and his bro. Never once has a friendship been so long.
That tau is a Callidus. Tau can't have tits that big unless it's in their amines.

>> No.39360195

Yes, because it's totally not embarrassing that a lesser race skub quest MC took your eye.

With a knife.

>> No.39360211

I actually like Xeno, I just like how much it looks like Lolcron is avin imself a roight giggle in these images

>> No.39360628


So long as it is just him and it doesn't devolve into copycat faggots who turn the place into a shithouse, I really don't mind that much.

>> No.39360644

It really chaps my ass that ND shows up in every single Xeno thread to derail it.

>> No.39360653

>this abomination of a thread still lives
Would it be too much to ask that waifufaggotry be made a bannable offence?

>> No.39360769

No, he isn't. That's just dumb.

Nurgle is the god of despair and accepting the Status Quo. Tzeentch is the god of Hope and toppling the Status Quo. Hope and ambition is required to cast down stability for the sake of Chaos which as we all know is a ladder for the strong and cunning.

Seriously, the gods are well explained. If you have a hard time to get them, then the fault is with you,

>> No.39360971

It's okay to not have a waifu friend. Sometimes it takes a while to find the one you were made for. But it will happen. Just don't give up hope.

>> No.39361085

Listen, you retarded inbred manchild. I lose nothing by switching between imaginary women in my fantasies, and I lose variety and gain nothing by being exclusive to one. There is no legitimate reason to be committed to a woman who does not exist in realspace.

>> No.39361199

Khornate sorcerer?

>> No.39362004

>It really chaps my ass that ND shows up in every single thread to derail it.

>> No.39362088

Yeah, but Xeno threads in particular. I like Xeno threads.

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You're on the 40K and DnD board, taste is nonexistent board-wide

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