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Quick question, Are Chimeras, or even just renegades worth it over Cultists? Im knee deep in a conversion process and cant decide between Renegades and vanilla cultists, which is better? Are chimeras worth it?

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Yes, Chimeras are worth it, especially if you give them the Autocannon turret. Suddenly your APC is now a light-armor killer, and can threaten pretty much anything but a Land Raider or Superheavy. Couple that with Militia Training and other bonuses, as well as Veteran teams that have Scout, and suddenly you've got a fast moving, well-armed light tank that can drop decent infantry on an objective while laying down some (relatively) heavy firepower. It's pretty great.

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so do i go hog wild and get like 5 or just 2?

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I would say proxy a few up and make sure you like that play style first. im not the guy who gave you advice the first time though

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