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EDH general! Some opening questions:

>favorite mono-color general (pic-related, it's mine)? dual color? shard? wedge?

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Best Black Comander

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>not playing with all 5 colors

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I've gotten bored of commander so you guys can stop making these threads ok?

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>Mono-color: Purphoros, God of the Forge
>Enemy Dual-Color: Melek, Izzet Paragon
>Allied Dual-Color: Hanna, Ship's Navigator
>Shard: Mishra, Artificer Prodigy
>Wedge: Animar, Soul of Elements
>5C: Child of Alara

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How bout you go stop being bored of Commander, huh fagget? Didn't think of that huh?

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Mono colored is definitely Lovisa Coldeyes. Warrior tribal stronk. It does have a tendency to burn out way faster than my other decks.
Dual color is Skullbriar. The deck got much better now that Tuck is gone.
Shard is Sen Triplets. Fuck other people.
Wedge would be non-autist Narset with Ghave not far behind. I actually just dumped another 140$ into Narset so no one wants to play against it.

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I'm working on a Yisan deck. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Don't think too hard about it. Just channel your inner Timmy and Johnny. That is the true way to EDH happiness

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this guy has got a point

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>Not playing with best 5-color commander

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Didn't even know Lovisa was a thing. Too bad it doesn't have white or black...

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Approved EDH commander tier list


Literally everything else

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I don't know much about commander, but I'm pretty sure that's wrong.

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thalia and sharuum are pretty cool. Not sure what kinda meta you are playing in that makes the other guys so top teir though.

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Memnarch is the best.

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Karador is really strong. He gives no fucks and combos out of everything.

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Anon are you retarded? Because Mishra is indisputably the worst commander in those colours.

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How do you even make him work? He's terrible.

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Mishra has some hilarious interactions with certain enchantments and stuff.

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I like table politics.

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>Not Ally Tribal

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Well, you score points for Mishra (still wrong, but at least you chose the right shard), but lose points for every other choice you made. Overall you're a massive faggot.

Mishra actually has combos in EDH.

Possibility Storm
Blood Funnel
Nether Void

come to mind.

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>Toshiro Umezawa or Jolrael, Empress of Beasts (better art than Kamahl, but worse overall effect. Art wins)
>Radha, Heir to Keld
>Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge
>Zurgo, Helmsmasher.

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>Currently Playan
Daretti, Bruna, D. Silumgar, Hazezon, Narset, Tasigur, Zurgo Helmsmasher, Intet

I just tried out Dragonlord Silumgar and I'm having a blast. 35 spells are either copy/steal shit, the rest are utility (Tutors, like 3 counters, Snapcaster's in there to recur most things, etc).
One game had me, Kaalia, and Karador at the table. You can tell how much of a blast I had stealing Iona, Hedonist's Trove'ing Karador, and using their stuff.

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Mishra and possibility storm out

cast lightning greaves
it gets exiled and you end up revealing blightsteel and cast that instead, then you search your library for the lightning greaves then equip it to the blightsteel

good mishra decks are motherfucking scary
almost as bad as dealing with herald of leshrac + zuran orb decks

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That's not Space Baby.

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>Derevi not t1
>Nekusar not t1
>Oona not t1
>Zur not t1

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No, not really.

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>Le Master of Cruelties face

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If you can't see that one coming the moment they tell you that he's the commander, I dunno what to say to you.

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Currently running:
Sidisi, Brood Tyrant (Sorta kinda BUG Super Friends/combo, its weird but I have fun with the deck)
Brimaz soldier tribal
Karn, Silver Golem fun-ifacts deck.

I sort of accidentally put a infinite turn combo into Sidisi and now I'm really wondering if I want to be "that guy"...

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I'm working on a budget Melek deck.

The new playgroup I've joined said Bant enchantress would be better than mono-blue control, but I'm presently unable to sink the money into an enchantress deck that plays even half the stuff I want.

So Melek. I've gotten it mostly nailed down. but I'm still missing some more stuff like call to mind and mystic retrieval.


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link decklist. I have a reasonably fun to play low-ish power melek deck I might have a few things to say.

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Also, some anon here posted this recently, looks super fun/silly.

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I'm trying to make this deck really spergy
RIP Private

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Apologies, I just saved his decklist for myself, didn't think I would link it again, give it another go.

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have you faced aleshageddon?
literally just shit armageddon and land destruction effects and beat face (and blood moon)
If you didnt go fast enough or didnt control it well enough you would just get molested

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Apparently unlike you, I run cheap removal like lighting bolt, skred, and a few of the better shocks.

I've NEVER seen Alesha do anything that wasn't laughed off the table by other, more competent decks.

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you probably faced terrible alesha decks then. the shit I've seen is rediculous.

Then again its like playing RWB death and taxes, and my meta is mostly blue control or some Uxy control list. So it does really well I guess because of that.

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I wouldn't run mulldrifter, izzet chronarch, deadeye nav, or palinchron if I where you. Run another draw spell instead of drifter so you can twincast it, run pull from the deep instead of chronarch, and you probably just don;t have enough ways to abuse deadeye or palinchron.
I would probably not run show and tell because your opponents are much more likely to get something from it.
Run blasphemous act for more boardwipe, and aetherspouts because its great. Take galvanoth because he does work ( nothing quite like flipping enter the infinate and accidentally-ing the game) reiterate turnabout is an infinite mana combo, run fireball effects to abuse it. Comet storm is typically my game winner. Fireminds forsight for mystic tutor, comet storm, and reiterate. Tutor for turnabout and you win. Grab isochron scepter because you should be running way to many repeatable 1-2 drops not to (mystical tutor and high tide are some of the strongest targets, brainstorm, ponder, and preordain just vomit value) I personally love countryside crusher, filtering lands off the top is great for everyone, but is fantastic for melek. Seething song is great for mana, stroke of genius is great, I once drew myself some 74 odd cards with it using mirrari, hightide, turnabout, and a twincast. Speaking of mirrari is pretty great too. Clout of the dominus is nice for protecting melek. I can't think of much more right now, I'll have to get around to updating my decklist at some point

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What's a good Tasigur build? I'm almost tempted to go the Oona Route and make infinite mana but I don't want to be a faggot.

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Is Izzet Chronarch really worse than Mnemonic wall in any meaningful fashion?

I just updated it. Dropped to 32 lands. Probably retarded, couldn't think of anything else.

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>tfw run Alesha
>tfw do okay
>tfw win or lose the deck is fun so whatever

Had my first EDH night in a while on Friday, mostly played Bruna. She's a lot more fun without tuck, but tuck change is still overall derpy.

>mfw getting buttfucked by Proshh and his massive scaly kidney shifter

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>mfw getting buttfucked by Proshh and his massive scaly kidney shifter
Anon, just play with cancels. Then you'll always have an answer to any shenanigans

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Izzet chronarch is slightly harder to cast. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of running creatures in the deck unless they have an effect I can't get on a spell, mainly due to melek himself. There is no worse feeling then having him out for several turn without getting anything castable off the top

I run on 38 lands, I would probably go lower if I ran more mana rocks, but I don't, for no real reason. If you wan't more things to cut I might consider running a few less counterspells. Also consider that arcbond is one of the most amusing and fun to play with utility spells anywhere. Use it on a big blocked/blocked creature to get a super cheap instant speed boardwipe, just be careful about lifelink. If you manage to twincast it and target two indestructible things the game goes to whoever has the most life ( in intravels of how much damage is dealt)

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What do you mean by cancel?

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Nekusar is shit
the rest are mediocre unless it's french edh.

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I think he means counterspells.
In my groups we would always spite kill the blue players for this reason (and also because fuck you for playing Teferi mage of Zalfir as your general).

>> No.39297434

I'm retarded and I enjoy only playing the bare minimum I need to function on lands. I'm personally considering cutting Enter the Infinite because it's dead 90% of the time that I wasn't digging for it.

Tunnel Vision might be useful.

Should I cut both the Chronarch and the Wall?
Might cut Soothsaying. Seems brick most of the time.

Far as counters go, Counterflux seems kind of bricky, even if uncounterable.. Dizzy Spell is there just as a tutor. 1 is still kind of a brick number.

What do you think of Long Term plans?

100% the best counterspell in the game.

>> No.39297477

Don't cut enter the infinite, it is literally you win the game: the spell, like that is what happens when you cast it. I personaly like soothsaying as a budget top and a huge EOT mana sink, it ensures that even if you are getting terrible draws, you will eventual dig deep enough. I like long term plans, I can't run it because my LGS it constantly out of stock, and I haven't had an excuse to order stuff in awhile, but its on the list. I'm going to bed now, GL with the deck.

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Oh, yeah I play with some counterspells, and spot removal. Proshh still turned my boipussy into Kher Keep 2.0

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That's just the way Prossh rolls, with the new tuck rule he doesn't give a fuck about spot removal or counterspells. Full speed on the rapetrain.

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>I think he means counterspells.
>100% the best counterspell in the game.

Sorry, I always use the term cancel instead of counter. Cancel just happens to be the first card I ever encountered that used that mechanic.

I'm jealous of Proshh

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Currently theory crafting a deck for this mother fucker. Right now I've got an idea for a demon summoning deck with those limitless Shadowborn Apostles which sacrifice 6 to bring a demon card to the field.

Current idea is to sacrifice the apostles and force the player with the lowest health to choose, if no to the life I get another demon if yes I have 20 more in my deck. Throw in a Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble for instant 12 damage/life if I happen to have both out.

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>no Brago, King Eternal
Do you not like extreme ETB abuse?
Artifacts blinking and coming back untapped?
Blinking 'walkers and getting a second loyalty ability use per turn?

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Best Shadowborn Apostle deck is Karador with Bloodbond March.

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I'm working on an esper wizard edh and need some advice

heres the list

am I missing any really good enchantments to get with zur? Like something that just hoses the crap out of things but I forgot about?

>> No.39297895

Do you have a decklist?

>> No.39297952

Melek, Zur, Arcum, Umezawa

I am trying to build a Dralnu deck that isn't too crazy would appreciate if you guys could take a look. I still need to fix the mana base so don't pay too much attention to that.

>favorite mono-color general (pic-related, it's mine)? dual color? shard? wedge?
Stitcher Geralf is one of my favorite mono color commanders.
Dual color is Melek
Shard is Sharuum
Wedge is maelstrom wanderer but I heve never faced it or played with it.

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Does he fuck that boy?

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Let's find out.

>> No.39298056

Sadly no. It's a build that my friend did that was pretty awesome. It was basically a bunch of SBA's, a few of the decent demons which were either combo pieces, or helped get them.

Then you start looping SBA's with Bloodbond March, don't even have to get demons, just with them dying you use cards like Blood Artist, Ogre Slumlord, Pawn of Ulamog, Teysa, Orzhov Scion, and Xathrid Necromancer to get bunches of value.

Outside of that combo/synergy shell, the deck played like a token/weenie deck with anthems, pump spells from green, etc.

Another cool card that he used was Remembrance. All the Apostles end up replacing themselves. Also things like Return to the Ranks, Immortal Servitude, Faith's Reward and Second Sunrise all helped set things up.

Not nearly a decklist, but give you at least a starting spot.

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Oh gosh I hope he is gentle.

>> No.39298072

Yes, he does. They're also brothers. He also has sex with his smaller twin brothers who also happen to basically be futas.

>> No.39298086


Why is Japan so lewd?

What EDH general has the tightest boipussy?

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>> No.39298120

Yea but mostly anything to do with Saffi/Sun Titan

Im getting wet thinking about it.

>> No.39298129


>Not the Mardu clan Bycicle

That asspussy was destroyed by ogre cock Anon

>> No.39298143

I kinda wanna make a thraximundar deck just cause thraximundar is fun to say.

I guess stack up the sacrifice effects and thrax some mundars?

>> No.39298202

>implying dragon magic can't re-tighten that boyhole for their continued fun and use

>> No.39298260


>tfw there will never be good r34 of Tasigar riding Silumgar's big fat dragon banana while Alesha licks his might dragon balls

>> No.39298295

be the change you want to see in the world anon

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I wonder how much Incase charges for commissions.

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That comic stole so much of my semen, bossy traps are my fetish.

>> No.39298599

So something like this?

>> No.39298618

Commanders I have used,

Thada Adel, Acquisitor
Yeva, Nature's Herald
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Vorel of the Hull Clade
Karn, Silver Golem

>> No.39298627

I really want to see like some big art of this guy

Like wallpaper size

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Top 10 Counterspells in EDH
10. Pact of Negation
9. Dissipate
8. Desertion
7. Counterflux
6. Force of Will
5. Cryptic Command
4. Counter spell
3. Rewind
2. Last Word
1. Forbid

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>faerie trickery
>arcane denial
I will actually defend arcane denial to the death. It's an easily splashable, two mana unconditional counter that replaces itself and has the added bonus of not making you look like a dick. It's castable off a signet, it's a shitty draw engine with 'chron scepter and it stops early game silliness without slowing you down too much.
Has the downside of giving your opponent cards, obviously, but it's at the beginning of the next upkeep that they draw cards, so you might get them while tapped out.

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>fav mono-color commander
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit / Avacyn, Angel of Hope / Jareth, Leonine Titan

>fav 2 color commander
Aurelia, the Warleader / Karametra, God of Harvests / Saffi Eriksdotter

>fav shard commander
Jenara, Asura of War / Rubinia Soulsinger / Merieke Ri Berit

>fav wedge commander
Anafenza, the Foremost / Kaalia of the Vast

>fav 5 color commander
Karona, False God

>> No.39300090

Sorry anon but you forgot the best and lwedest counterspell, mana drain

>> No.39300160

>no Nix
It's like you hate fun counterspells.

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Vanilla Counterspell at #4?! You must be high or something.

In EDH a counterspell has to at least cantrip or do something nifty to warrant inclusion in my deck.

Here are some counters that are actually good:

Cryptic Command
Overwhelming Intellect
Draining Whelk
Spell Jack

There is no point in running 1 for 1 spells in EDH.

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meant for>>39300090

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File: 718 KB, 1170x855, jace__s_ingenuity_by_steveargyle-d3jv4o0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Vanilla Counterspell at #4?! You must be high or something.

In EDH a counterspell has to at least cantrip or do something nifty to warrant inclusion in my deck.

Here are some counters that are actually good:

Cryptic Command
Overwhelming Intellect
Draining Whelk
Spell Jack

There is no point in running 1 for 1 spells in EDH.

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Your list is dumb. Mostly because Swan Song isn't in it, and because you think Rewind is good.

>> No.39300518

I built tribal-scarecrow once. It was awful, even with the changelings.

>> No.39300534


>> No.39300600

I have this exact deck. Its really really fun. Run Edgewalker for free Apostles, run enchantments like Grave Pact, Martyrs Bond and Dictate of Erebos so everyones else's shit is dying. Run Xanthrid Necromancer, original Teysa and Routlung Reanimator for VALUE. Attrition as a sac engine.

Then you can lock down your opponent with Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond and all of a sudden all it takes is one apostle to die to win the game. I know its an expensive as hell combo, but its fun.

>> No.39300659

You don't play Scarecrows with Reaper King.

I run Allies as my tribe for Reaper King and the only Scarecrow in the deck is Reaper King. I play Changelings since Allies is a rather scarce tribe and then flicker effects to trigger Reaper King and the allies.

It took a lot of retooling and testing but the deck is finally coming into its own and it's probably one of my favorite and most fun decks.

>> No.39300660

What does /tg/ think about Ruhan of the Fomori, also known as "I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING BUT I MUST KILL" and Voltron the Random?

>> No.39301089

I used to have an extremely subpar Brago deck, but I just got sick of it because nine times out of ten when it won a match it was because I'd loaded him up with hexproof/shroud/unblockable/landwalk whatever the fuck and beat face until commander damage was lethal.
Which was just kinda lame. I still really enjoyed flickering things, but I just don't really like how Brago is dependent on dealing damage first.

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>tfw won a game off of somebody using Pact of Negation because I blew up all the lands with Bearer of the Heavens + Goblin Bombardment
I fucking love the Pact cycle. Too bad Pact of the Titan is crap.

>> No.39301399

Anyone got any advice on making an EDH cube?
money isn't an issue, my group uses home printed proxies up the arse

>> No.39301550

I have a friend who plays reaper king edh. The deck sucks unless reaper king is out, but he once managed to get off a kicker'd Rite of Replication targeting Reaper King. Needless to say, he won.

>> No.39301935

Separate the legends when assembling the packs. make sure each pack has one multicolored legend in it.

No mono colored legends.

>> No.39302002

>Too bad Pact of the Titan is crap.

Fuck you. One time I had no creatures down and the degenerate Scion player had Greaves on Scion. I pacted, got a titan, stole Greaves with Dack, put the Greaves on the titan, then Pongify'd Scion.

Not to mention Hive Mind is best with Pact of the Titan because no one runs red.

>> No.39302063

Whoa, hey there, no need to get so defensive!
It's just that I don't see a lot of decks aside from one with Hive Mind that would purposefully run it. A 4/4 blocker out of nowhere is nice, I guess, but paying 5 for it is a bit much. The whole "lose the fucking game if you don't" means that I would really have trouble including it in any deck I have that wouldn't have a specific plan for it.
That's a pretty cool play, though.

>> No.39302200

What is the most janky card that you use in your deck?
For me, it's Teferi's world. It really spices up the game

>> No.39302704

Do you mean Teferi's realm?
Man, why did they get rid of phasing in/out anyways? It's so cool.

>> No.39302712

Sounds like if Pact were literally any creature, you could have done that play as well.

>> No.39302872

Don't forget abhorent overlord

>> No.39302962

>no hinder

Welp, thanks for proving you know nothing about EDH

>> No.39303015

Tucking is dead, Anon
it's time to sell your Oblations and Condemns because they ain't shit anymore

>> No.39303055

Mono: Azami
Dual: Lazav
Shard: Hazezon Tamar
Wedge: Ghave

>> No.39303084

That's a perfect mono-white commander for both Tiny Leader and a fast paced white deck. I'm going to have to track him down now.

Though that's going to have on the list behind my BRW Alesha Warrior tribal, a Soldier tribal and Minotaur tribal decks which are currently on top of the list to work on.

>> No.39303148

>going have to go*

Apparently I'm not awake yet today.

>> No.39303150

Tucking is still useful against graveyard decks I guess
T-thanks Sheldon

>> No.39303190

I think it still has it's uses, and even if you can't use it to get rid of a commander semi-permanently it's a good back up method for kicking them off the board, especially since Indestructible commanders are decently popular.

>> No.39303211

Can anyone take a look at my dralnu deck? http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/dralnu-og-zombie-wizardo/

>> No.39303236

Hey /tg/
I just recently started playing EDH, and I noticed the rules change to putting commanders into libraries and hands. Why isn't there anything to let me play my commander through cards like Nevermore? I find it really unfun when my Purphorous gets locked out a turn before I play him, which shuts down my entire deck

>> No.39303264

If you can't break through Nevermore, then you need to get better and play around it

>> No.39303272

[insert bait reaction image here]

>> No.39303333

Agreed. I can't think of a reason why someone wouldn't have a way to deal with enchantments, unless they ran mono-Red (and even then I'm pretty sure there are still options to help deal with them).

>> No.39303418

>tucking is dead

Except it isn't.

>> No.39303420

If you can't deal with tuck, then you need to get better and play around it.

>sac outlets
>shuffle and card draw

All of these have colorless options (High Market for instance), and thus were available to every deck.

He actually brings up a good point though. If nothing makes the feels bad happen more than not being able to play your commander, why is not being able to play your commander due to nevermore less feels bad than tuck?

>> No.39303500

Nevermore only keeps your Commander in the Command zone, not lost in your deck. If/when you deal with the Nevermore (by taking that player out or just getting rid of Nevermore) your commander is right there. And there are a lot more ways to get rid of enchantments than tutor for your commander, especially if you're not running a deck with black in it.

>> No.39303516

Ok, well, to be specific tucking commanders is effectively dead, or at least nerfed greatly to what it was before. Happy now?

>> No.39303527

Chaos Warp, Unstable Obelisk, Spine of Ish Sah, Karn Liberated, Ugin, Spirit Dragon, Oblivion Stone, Nevinyrral's Disk, Lux Cannon.

Yes, even mono-red has ways to deal with enchantments. It's not always easy, but you can do it. Also you're playing easily the most powerful Mono-Red commander who draws even more hate than Nekusaur. If you can't learn to live with it, move on to baby magic and play more than one color.

Generally because there are more options to deal with enchantments/creatures that do that then there are to deal with tucking effects, even for colors such as red/black who don't have good ways of killing enchantments, see list above. Compare that with the non-goblin tutors that red has available...
>Imperial Recruiter
>Goblin Tutor (If people don't mind you playing with Unglued Cards)
>Ring of Three Wishes
>Prototype Portal

>> No.39303570

You're still only focusing on tutoring effects. Red (and White) are both fairly weak on them, but both have access to non tutor answers to tuck. Whenever I run a commander centric deck in those colors, I usually include some way to protect my commander from a tuck, such as Lightning Greaves. But more than that, I would run High Market. Miren the Moaning Well, Ashnod's Altar, Goblin Bombardment, Martyrdom, etc, etc. It really wasn't hard for me to avoid getting a commander tucked.

>> No.39303630

The two biggest offenders as far as tuck spells go have always been Hinder and Spell Crumple. Red has some ways of dealing with that, but most people don't run the anti-blue cards unless their meta is full of blue, and white only really has one way to deal with that off the top of my head, and that's if the blue player taps out to cast the spell.

There is also the case to be made that can't cast X cards are dealt with by killing the player that put them into play, something you can't really do to resolve your commander being tucked.

>> No.39303676

Doesn't that just create a cycle of bad feels?

Your answer forces me to force you out of the game, instead of just playing some sort of casual battlecruiser?

>> No.39303709

Current Mono-Color favorites are Titania and Shauku.

I'm seriously in love with playing Titania. I just wish I could get more colors out of it. I'm considering buying a 3rd set of lands matter cards just so I can try her out alongside borby and in some tricolor builds.

Other things I've recently enjoyed,
Using Alesha to bring back blinding angel.
People actually using the card Shivan Harvest in my crappy meta, a guy playing narset slapped it on the table and I just went brain dead for a second with the wut face.
Using shauku's ability10 times in one turn and then swinging for lethal commander damage.

>> No.39303788

I'm actually looking to build Geralf, does anyone have a decklist?

>> No.39303794

Mind posting your titania list?

She's on my "to-do" list.

>> No.39303798

Then the answer would be to either
>A) Only use the lockout cards for really egregious commanders that need to be locked out: Maelstrom Wanderer, Derevi, Narset, Purphoros, Nekusaur(?). Doing that the table will likely try and keep the person in the game so they don't have to deal with said commander.
>B) Don't be a dick and stop playing cards that lock people out of their generals.

>> No.39303822

Why couldn't the answer be to either

>A) Only use the tuck cards for really egregious commanders that need to be locked out: Maelstrom Wanderer, Derevi, Narset, Purphoros, Nekusaur(?). Doing that the table will likely try and keep the person in the game so they don't have to deal with said commander.
>B) Don't be a dick and stop playing cards that tuck people out of their generals.

>> No.39303833

What's your Titania list like?

>> No.39304324
File: 33 KB, 223x310, NeedleThug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>but seriously I would play this guy over pact of the titan

>> No.39304330

I was just explaining why tuck effects are less fun to play against. And Lighting Reeves are not a R or W solution since their artifacts and are one of the auto-include cards in this format.

R and W both aren't good at recovering their Commanders if they somehow get tucked. It's not impossible with the right tribal deck builds, but if you stray from those you're sunk.

Can you work your way back from a tuck in any color? Sure. But some colors have a disproportionate amount of stuff to work with to do it, and that's why it's less fun.

>> No.39304344

Someone's a KKK member...

>> No.39304406

im kind of new to commander, why was it nerfed greatly? did they print new cards to avoid getting commanders to the bottom? or is it just playing around it, any examples please? ty in advance

>> No.39304740

They changed the command zone rules. Previously, the rule said that if a commander creature were killed or exiled, it could be sent to the command zone instead by its owner. This meant that cards like Oblation and Chaos Warp, which "tucked" their targets into their owner's libraries instead of killing or exiling them, dodged this rule and kept a commander both out of play and out of the command zone -- a nifty strategy against commanders which only get stronger by being sent there, like Oloro or Prossh.

Recently, the rules according to the founders of the format have altered this rule so that the owner of a commander can send it to the command zone instead of the library, so tucking commanders to keep them out of their command zones is no longer a viable option.

>> No.39304757
File: 102 KB, 312x445, Oblation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot image.

>> No.39304767

There's still always Ixodron

>> No.39304838

Dissipate is now strictly better than Hinder. Dissipate straight up exiles spells while still being the same cost. Even Spell Crumble is now terrible.

>> No.39305221

First time building for EDH, just got bored of standard. Thinking of putting together this deck, what is /edh/s opinion?

>> No.39305821

any idea why they made this change now and not in the begginings of commander? was the ability getting too abused?

>> No.39305934

>any idea why they made this change now
No. The whims of Sheldon are inscrutable.

>> No.39305957

>for blue

>> No.39307196

>not playing the objectively, best color

>> No.39308132
File: 19 KB, 252x244, 1426646996098.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>playing blue
>being a smug smartass that thinks holding up counterspell mana is fun

i remember when i was 10

>> No.39308257

>Making decks that play themselves
>Have no real options or freedom to make different choices
I remembered when i first learned how to play magic using my friend's puppy deck

nah, but I only have 3 counter's in my EDH deck and tell everyone that. The fun part comes in always leaving two mana open just to psych out my friends, even when they don't notice I have any cards in my hand and I'm just touching my lands

>> No.39308504


I've just gone through my blue phase anon. I'm starting anew with Grenzo Doomsday, if I can never reliably combo out I may have to become a filthy blue player again until I reliably hate out the Oloro player every game.

>> No.39308624

>until I reliably hate out the Oloro player every game.
You're a good person, Anon

>> No.39308882

Sorry anon. I'm trying to break out of blue, but it's simply the best color, and I feel naked without my good card draw and mill.
Judge me based on my 60 card decks
>Mono blue, draw mill
>Mono White Equipment mill
>Blue Black Mill
>Mono White humans
Tiny Leaders
>Teysa shenanigans with an altar of dementia
>Kemba tokens with an altar of dementia
>Teferi Boardstate (I have never won through combat damage or milling. People just look at my boardstate, sigh, then concede. Every fucking time)

I know there is something wrong with me, but I can't stop myself. Right now I'm binding my own hands making a Narset deck without taking extra turns. What's wrong with me?

Also, can I get help on this? I'm trying to keep Narset fair, but I still want to win.

>> No.39308908

>(I have never won through combat damage or milling. People just look at my boardstate, sigh, then concede. Every fucking time)
That sounds fucking depressing.

>> No.39308933


>> No.39308935
File: 34 KB, 223x310, Image[1]..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every color has good card draw/advantage.

>> No.39308959

Um. White and red, not so much.
I do need to pick up a Commune with Lava pretty soon, though, that doesn't look half bad.

>> No.39308979

My god was there a single multi-coloured card in Kamigawa?

>> No.39309051

Red: Wheel of Fortune (one of the best draw spells in the game), Reforge the Soul, etc
Looting effects
The new Exile and then play effects
Goblin based card advantage

White: Land Tax (+scroll rack for even more fun!) Mentor of the Meek, Equipment based tutors (say hello to skullclamp!), Enchantment based tutors, Equipment based card draw.

Plus all the colorless options for carddraw



>> No.39309140

>That sounds fucking depressing.
It really is. I mean everyone gangs up on me, and makes it their first priority to kill me. That's fine, I can deal with that, but what I hate is when people just start picking up their cards in the middle of me taking my turn.

I think I might have had it on private or something. I think it works now.

I'm going to try green next. Green has a lot of card advantage and also a lot of hexproof. When I didn't play white or blue I feel scared of people ruining my shit. I hated the feeling of being controlled, so I made it my objective to be in control. Now that people are starting to just concede to my vice grip, I'm trying to loosen up, but I just don't know how.

>> No.39309219

You can play control in Green. I'm making my Reki list a control list actually (I was making it storm before, but then I remembered, I winning with storm)

>> No.39309266

Can you show me your deck list. It sounds interesting, but I might go either big timmy green, or aggressive gruul

>> No.39309325

>Monocolor: Mikaeus, The Unhallowed
>Dual: Grimgrin, Corpse-Born
>Shard: Prossh, Skyraider of Kher
>Wedge: Karador, Ghost Chieftain

>> No.39309330

Not sure what you inserted for search filters, but there's Iname as One and Genju of the Realms I can think of right off the bat. Don't think they were the only ones.

>> No.39309771
File: 1.41 MB, 280x210, 1414728857267.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.39309799

Almost everything you named for white card draw was just artifacts that any color can use.

Land Tax is good but it isn't exactly card draw. It's deck thinning and makes sure you get consistent land drops. I've seen plenty white players with a full hand that's nothing but lands. That's not "card advantage."

White gets Enlightened/Idyllic Tutor and Steelshaper's Gift, plus some other tutors, but nothing too crucial. You'll get good cards but not necessarily cards you need.

White is undeniably the roughest monocolor in EDH.

>> No.39309930

Purphoros/goblins is by far my best deck.
My friend has 4 decks; Tarland control, Green/white/black graveyard, Atarka, World Render voltron, And Freyalise.
All of them broken as shit and I whip them all with purphoros.

>> No.39310794

Mono: Stitcher
Dual: Rakdos the Defiler
Wedge: Zurgo Helmsmasher

>> No.39311049

Gotta be Memnarch and his stupid little face. My first deck was a myr tribal with Memnarch at the helm, but I ended up taking it apart when I realized that if I really wanted to make it better it would quickly turn into nofun.dec.
Rhys the Redeemed. I've never run him because two of my friends do, but I love that he can be elfball or tokenspam, with a side order of combo. He's also super resilient, super fast and can push through disruption.
Jor Kadeen is probably my favorite enemy color dual, even though he's shit.
Xira Arien. Not very powerful, but unconditional card draw, and doesn't make you look like a huge threat. I plan to run her as an advantage machine over anything else.
Zedruu! I love goat-tits. And people always underestimate her, so they don't notice she's a donate on a stick and then I crush them under the weight of control enchantments. Or get enduring ideal out real early and lock the board down and combo off or just purp+heliod until everyone is dead.

>> No.39311105

>tfw using this as a custom playmat, playing UWR Control, and making everyone mad on multiple levels

>> No.39311132
File: 525 KB, 1600x1000, WashingtonmuralBIHD-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.39311343

> Mono-Color?
Chainer because he's one of my favorite MonoB control generals. I'm working on rebuilding him.
> Dual?
Xenagos, he's my general and by far one of my best decks. Not as much aggro as he is midrange, though.
> Tricolor?
Hazezon Tamar, he's just so cool, if a bit clunky.

>> No.39311463
File: 562 KB, 250x188, 1378173325484.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>White is undeniably the roughest monocolor in EDH.

lol top kek anon, red is the worse mono color.

>> No.39311939

>Mono Colored
Kiku, Death's Flower
>Dual Color
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Lord of Tresserhorn
Narset, Enlightened Master

>> No.39312050

What combos do you end in Zedruu to end the game? I was looking to build her as enchantress but I can't think of a good game-ender for her.

>> No.39312079

Red is easy if you build it around land destruction

>> No.39312144
File: 685 KB, 500x281, 1368171897203.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

doesn't work, because you don't have enough mana or cards in hand to prevent 3 different people from pushing your shit in by turn 4.

>> No.39312663

In what ways does monowhite have enough mana or cards in hand to prevent three different people from pushing your shit in by turn 4?

>> No.39312881

>What is wrath of god?

>> No.39313059

You act as though red doesn't get wraths.

>> No.39313306

Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Xira Arien
Animar, Soul of Elements
Horde of Notions

>> No.39313386

How is that useful at all?
You do know that legend rule exists?
>inb4 muh house rules

>> No.39313441

Their triggered abilities still trigger. They hit the field and all.

>> No.39313539

moat, island sanctuary, white weenies, wrath effects, MLD, ghostly prison, cheap removal, the list goes on.

>> No.39313606


Not early wraths, plus you can avoid alot of aggro by not blowing up peoples lands.

>> No.39313634

But Cromat has 5 abilities. FIVE OF THEM. That makes him objectively FOUR BETTER than HoN.

Trust me, I'm a mathematician.

>> No.39313725

You got me when it comes to cheap good removal and cards like Moat and Ghostly Prison early on.

Fair enough.

>> No.39313778

i dont know what kind of meta you're playing in, but half of those counters arent actually good. and if you need inefficiently costed counterspells just to get card draw i suggest you reevaluate your deck. :^)

>> No.39314212

Sunder, High tide, Uyo, Meloku, Roil Elemental. So many ways to shit on others.
Zegana, the Prime Speaker.
Fatties and cards. Is there anything not to love
Derevi, Empyrial Tactician
I like winning games and inflicting emotional pain on others while doing so. Stax is best.
Narset, Enlightened Master
Win with one attack.

>> No.39314236

Patron of the moon for the monocolor.

>> No.39314419

When EDH started being able to tuck cards wasn't as common. It's only a more recent change.

That said I got some play out of my b/u control deck today and bouncing commander's into people's hands is actually a bit kinder to them than outright wrecking them, mostly because it means they don't go up in casting cost for replay. Plus it gets around the can't destroy/can't be sac'd stuff I've seen out of one deck locally.

On a related note: Nature's Revolt + Elesh Norn is fucking disgusting (unless you can somehow buff your lands). If dropped in the same turn you can kiss your lands good-bye if you're on the receiving end, and any you play will automatically die. I honestly think it's a nastier land destroy method than just destroying lands normally.

>> No.39314491

I don't have much for counters in my deck either. My blue is for bouncing, giving me unblockable creatures, stealing/copying creatures or enabling card draw.

Oh, and playing Reef Worm (if I can ever manage to get it into play during a game).

I really want to get a bunch of black infect into the deck so I can just skirt around people's blockers and give them infect tokens, but my fledgeling collection isn't there yet. Maybe after I hit up Modern Masters for stuff (shooting for a case just to seriously buff my collection and increase my trade stock) I'll have more for that, but not yet.

>> No.39314568

So you're THAT GUY huh.

>> No.39314677

Still working on it, still need help.


I'm considering going over to Niv-Mizzet, Marchesa, Narset, Oona, Tasigurr or Riku.

The playgroup I'm looking to join doesn't want me to play mono-blue control. I don't enjoy aggro as much and I'm unwilling to build Bant enchantress at the moment, so I decided to go with Melek combo.

Current problem being, I can't get the deck just right yet, and I wonder if it would just be better to go into a different general.

>> No.39314742

Take out Izzet Chronarch, and Archaeomancer
Add spellheart chimera and young pyromancer, master of waves

>> No.39314920

If you don't want to upset your play group, don't take extra turns, and don't copy those extra turns

>> No.39314983

Don't gain 13 million life while locking the game down either.

>> No.39314992

So, a recent shift in my EDH playgroup at the shop has essentially made it very difficult to enjoy playing my more casual decks. So, I've decided to make UW control, a bit more nofunallowed than I normally do, but still with a few obviously casual cards in it.

I'm building Ojutai and I'm looking for control finishers and wincons.

So far, I'm enjoying cards like Drogskol Reaver, Windbrisk Raptor and the obvious, swinging with a hexproof Ojutai, but what classic UW wincons do you guys now of?

>> No.39315017

Felidar Sovereign

>> No.39315060

What's a good win-con for Riku? I'm thinking some combination of X-based burn spells and x-based draw spells. Mind spring, stroke of genius, etc.

>> No.39315121

I would go for Dark Steel reactors andAzor's Elocutors

>> No.39315124

I usually only take extra turns when I think I can win. I always assume that the turn after I sperg out and try to kill everyone I'm going to get killed.

Biggest problem right now is that I can usually get omniscience or dream halls into play before people would normally get aggressive. Problem is, I don't normally have enter the infinite or another combo that I can use to win the game.

In one of my playtests, I managed to get 6 extra turns and I still couldn't have an actual win-con.

Maybe the deck relies too much on other people scooping to me resolving 4 time stretches.

>> No.39315153

Man, you guys love your alt-win cons, huh.

Honestly, both Felidar Sovereign and Azor's Elocutors are completely fair. At least compared to Kiki Pestermite that one of my friends in the playgroup plays.

>> No.39315314

The alternate win cons allow you to win even if the opponents have an overbearing board state

>> No.39315345

Sure. And it makes sense that playing babysitter for a group of three means you can't always make sure the board state is clean and tidy.

But I do rather prefer just wrathing their board in those circumstances.

>> No.39315934
File: 74 KB, 312x445, 151[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Insidious Dreams at EOT turn 4
>pitch 5 cards
>cast Reforge the Soul for its miracle cost
>botch it anyhow
Feels bad man. 2 of the cards I tutored I never even got a chance to cast, I miscalculated my mana base so fucking badly.

What really makes me laugh is that, after I Planar Cleansed the field a couple times and then lost, one guy scraped together a win from Kher Keep and Kessig Wolf Run. He won with his fucking lands.

>> No.39315982

Manlands are so fucking useful in games where everyone is wrathing left and right.

>> No.39316047
File: 11 KB, 298x292, 1401156700295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Shit like this is why everyone makes fun of you Anon, because you are a fucking retards who doesn't understand the rules.

>> No.39316076

I see that now. I'd run them myself if I weren't playing 5 color, my land base is strained enough just hitting the right colors

On an unrelated note I hate being the player immediately after WX control. Fuck Rule of Law, fuck Rest in Peace, fuck Aven Mindcensor

>> No.39316210

Haha, the only deck I run manlands in IS 5 color, amusingly enough, because the cycle of allied colored manlands turn into elementals, which fits Horde of Notions.

Aven Mindcensor is totally chill. Not so much on the other two.

>> No.39316275

Being the player at the end of a rotation is just not a great place to be. I get stuck behind green ramp/Eldrazi shenanigans, a guy's expensive ass everything-I-do-makes-me-win deck or a board control deck running Oloro to counter card draw shenanigans.

Also fuck It That Betrays. I fucking hate dealing with that damned thing.

Also with how popular Indestructible is, I'm putting some serious consideration with replacing my black destroy effects with negative counter effects. That and I need to get my hands on more infect cards. A lot more. As well as Proliferate. Because fuck indestructible fatties with a pallet of bricks.

>> No.39316354


>playing with people who have eldrazi in their deck

I focus these people down so that their decks never get to do anything.

Fuck annihilator, whatever hack created that cancerous mechanic needs to be fired.

>> No.39316358

You run Silence the Believers, Sever the Bloodline or bottom of the barrel, Gild?

Plus, Gravepact, etc. etc. They seem much better than just -1/-1 counters. Unless Sigarda is out, I guess.

>> No.39316400

Damn dude, I don't know how you do it. I'm currently running 10 basics, 10 shocklands, 5 fetches, 5 all-color lands, and 8 utility lands. 38 is on the high side and I do need to revisit the land situation eventually, but I don't know... well, what are the top 2 or 3 manlands in your opinion?

Indestructible pops up a lot, you should always have a backup plan for that. I frequently need to tutor up Terminus or Merciless Eviction because of that bullshit, Perilous Vault also does some work. If you're heavily black, definitely look at edict and sacrifice effects

>> No.39316535

i need this picture greatly
thank you, anon

>> No.39316574

Creeping Tar Pit and Celestial Colonnade.

I'm in nowhere near as competitive a location as you, obviously, so, take these ideas with a grain of salt.

I run fucking trilands, ETB tapped doesn't mean much to me, in a way it probably does for it.

>> No.39316597

Source is posted further up in the thread you faggot.

>> No.39316646

i don't give a damn i just needed to save that image
but i will read it

>> No.39316707
File: 66 KB, 312x445, 138[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Creeping Tar Pit and Celestial Colonnade
One pumps, one evades, sounds pretty similar to my bro's Kher Keep + Kessig combo. I'll have to look into it.

>I'm in nowhere near as competitive a location as you, obviously
Maybe you should run the best 5-color commander then.

>> No.39316810

Those both evade, actually. Lavaclaw Reaches is the one that pumps. It is good too, but yeah, evasion is important.

I would run Karona, I would, but I need a secondary theme to prevent my deck from becoming too goodstuffy and running only elemental creatures really helps.

I couldn't get Avatar tribal working, with most of them being like, cmc 6.

>> No.39316898

I have one in my b/u deck, but that's because it's the one that lets me get a creature into play when it's cast. Then again the only reason I use it is a counter measure for dealing with all this other crap.

Though Mr. Cash-Deck has a "I can't be forced to sac cards" option he likes to use too.

Just Silence the Believers, I don't own the others (yet). A lot of shroud/hexproof and boots to keep people from touching their stuff (meaning more work to get rid of them).

But yeah, Gravepact could be pretty handy. I need to probably dig up some creatures with Undying to make it work.

Yeah, I need to really work in more solutions for indestructible, hexproof and shroud. I've got my fingers crossed that Modern Masters gives me more options to play with to deal with those.

>> No.39316979


I run glaring spotlight in every single edh deck I have because lets be honest here, fuck Hexproof. Shroud was perfectly fine as it was and did not need to be replaced.

>> No.39317007

Agreed. I could handle Hexproof if it cost more, but it's just too damned cheap. Especially on equipment.

>> No.39317034


You sound like the sort of person who thinks counterspells are broken and uses terms like "anti fun" unironically

So glad I just play with friends and don't have to deal with the turbo retards who infested this format after they started making precons.

>> No.39317101

Different anon here, but I gotta say there are some cards I definitely find "unfun" to deal with (It That Betrays can eat a bag of dicks for example), but as someone who is mining the pre-cons to get back into the game for the first time in 11 years I wouldn't hate on them too much. Sure they bring newbies, but there is a good spread of cards to work with, and some staples I think make them worth picking up for anyone getting into EDH if they don't have much of a collection, or one at all. But that's just my $.02.

>> No.39317131
File: 12 KB, 367x202, cant wake up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Complaining about It That Betrays

>> No.39317191

I just hate the damned thing because it and four more of it's friends are in a green ramp deck. So it's almost always dropping early, if it doesn't get Tooth and Nail'd into play that is.

>> No.39317199

Reaper King is my General for my 5-Color Artifacts
Hes a great voltron general if you can get him out quick, but thats about all i use him for
My other 5-Color has Child of Alara as general because having a boardwipe most times in EDH is great, and 6/6 Trample for WUBRG is dangerous

>> No.39317260
File: 132 KB, 396x554, 1425574610244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>not posting The Aeons Hip.
C'mon man.

>> No.39317514

Is there a golden number for deck balance that makes decks viable for a slightly more competitive scene and yet keep themes?

I changed my +1/+1 theme deck from casual tabletop "hope no one does anything while I make Mimeoplasm gigantic" to Jenara and Abzan/Simic creatures in numbers, but I feel like I might have sacrificed too many of my bombs to speed up the early game except the self-doubling Hydras and a few "whenever...put a +1/+1 counter on this" creatures.

>> No.39317684

I dunno about a golden number, but I have except in my dedicated artifact combo deck at least 20 card slots dedicated to 'theme'. In Zedruu that means donatable things and the Gods that she worships. In Jor Kadeen that's myr tribal stuff. In my Atarka deck that's dragons and dragon themed cards. That's roughly a third of your playable cards anyway, so makes it apparent that you're playing to the theme. I don't know if it will work for you, not knowing your meta, but mine is casual enough that the slots aren't super tight.

>> No.39317700

ally tribal.

>> No.39317785

It changes wildly depending on theme and what you're trying to do to be competitive. I'd say there's instead a golden number for other things, but even that changes depending on how many tutors you can run, and how much card advantage you have.

Show the list and I can look at it.

>> No.39317956

Monocolor: Heartless Hidetsugu/Fumiko the Lowblood
Ally: Sigarda
Enemy: Aurelia/Brion Stoutarm
Shard: Gahiji
Wedge: Zurgo Helmsmasher
5C: Scion

>> No.39318230
File: 1.84 MB, 399x274, yeah bro we cool.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



My African brother! Gahiji needs more love.

>> No.39318314

Heartless Hidetsugu
Brago, King Eternal
Gahiji, Honored One
Doran, the Seige Tower

The only one of these that I don't own is Heartless Hidetsugu.

Gahiji is legit. I started playing him as a grouphug/politics, but I'm slowly drifting towards a more aggressive route, and really enjoying how fast I can drop motherfuckers.

>> No.39318525

Still hate how salty people get when the LD hammer gets dropped in my Aurelia deck. What? I'm supposed to allow you all to board wipe after I get board state? Maybe next time you decide to make a deck with blue in the commander's colors you could try running some counterspells chump.

>> No.39318760


I still need to fit more answers in at least, but this is what I have so far.

>> No.39318782


>> No.39318805

sorry, accidentally clicked private instead of prototype, try again.

>> No.39318854

Expensive as fuck deck for a casual format/10

>> No.39318898

I have a cube for play with friends so I borrow cards out of it for decks on occasion.

>> No.39319124

>seeing your special snowflake in the 99 of another deck
i wish i could remove the remaining neckbeard inside me so i wouldn't feel this

>> No.39321107

Working on a GW tokens deck. Want to avoid having Rhys the Redeemed as the general, due to the hate he attracts. Currently have Tolsimir Wolfblood as the general, are there any other viable GW token generals?

>> No.39321288

There's always Trostani.

>> No.39321333

6/10 Bait

>> No.39321783

Top 10 most powerful cards in EDH
(Excluding Mana Rocks, Lands, and Legendary Creatures)
10. Decree of Pain
9. Mystical Tutor/Vampiric Tutor/Demonic Tutor/Enlighted Tutor
8. Tooth and Nail
7. Omniscience
6. Diluvian Primordial
5. Forbid
4. Conscrated Sphinx
3. Prophet of Kruphix
2. Deadeye Navigator
1. Cyclonic Rift

>> No.39322433

I'm surprised Tooth and Nail wasn't higher on the list. Also no Nevermore now that tucking commanders isn't as powerful?

>> No.39322458

The only thing even approaching correct on that list is the presence of the tutors.

1. Sol Ring
2. Mana Crypt
3. Lion's Eye Diamond
4. Demonic Tutor
5. Vampiric Tutor
6. Mystical Tutor
7. Hermit Druid
8. Ad Nauseam
9. Doomsday
10. Wheel of Fortune

>> No.39322492

Not that anon, but I'm pretty sure all tutors (of all colors) can go in the same slot. They're just a major staple of the game due to the large deck sizes (card draw being the follow up to them).

>> No.39322537

Okay, but even if they do, none of the cards he listed would make it on the list imo.

That's two more slots, and I'd put Timetwister and Force of Will in them.

>> No.39322550

Also, they really can't. Unless you think Gamble is just as good as Demonic Tutor is just as good as Demonic Collusion.

There are definite power level differences between the tutors.

>> No.39322603

I get what you're saying, but I don't fully agree. Sure, there is some small incremental power differences, but I wouldn't say it's a full placement's worth. Tutors are just too solid in this format to be worse than 4th place on that list in general.

>> No.39322772

Actually to take it a bit further I almost think you could have a top 10 tutors list as the 4th slot.

>> No.39322782

>All these Gahijibros

Any suggestions?


>> No.39322880

Your list is shit because you're excluding arbitrary things, and putting shit like Omniscience on there shows you don't really care about factoring in mana costs.

Also don't put Mystical/Vampiric/Enlightened on the same level as Demonic please. Getting the card straight into your hand when you need it is a huge deal. I find that top of library tutors are very underwhelming because of how relatively slow they are. Also, Mystical and Enlightened aren't even that good compared to Vampiric so your shit is all kinds of messed up.

The real top 10 most powerful cards in EDH is something like:

1. Mana Crypt
2. Sol Ring
3. Prophet of Kruphix
4. Consecrated Sphinx
5. Hermit Druid
6. Tooth and Nail
7. Demonic Tutor
8. Deadeye Navigator
9. Cyclonic Rift
10. Survival of the Fittest

>> No.39323334
File: 603 KB, 600x420, Spirit of EDH.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>All those random blue cards

Someone is booty blasted about losing their last EDH game to a modified blue precon

>> No.39323653

Question for you /tg/: for a red/blue/black deck, what are the meanest, most spiteful cards you can think of to play?

I want to make a Nicol Bolas/Nekusar deck that is built around the them of being uneccessarily cruel. Like, this deck prioritizes being a douchebag to the other players over actually winning the game. Winning the game is just a perk when and if it happens.

There are obviously things like Cruel Ultimatum, or curses attached to other players, but what are your most hateful card suggestions?

My idea thusfar for this deck is that Nekusar will be making them draw a bunch of cards and take damage for it erry time (with a few other cards to up the damage from that and make them draw more and more often) combined with regularly killing everyone's hands. So they keep drawing cards, but never get a chance to keep them for long.

Ideas? Is this workable? This is only my second EDH deck

>> No.39323692

Not that anon but, the top-of-library tutors are instant speed though so you can effectively turn that into into-hand by using it at the end of another player's turn (during the end step immediately preceding your draw step, decreasing the chances of the card getting milled). Plus 1 cost tutors that don't ping you, even if they are slow, and are cheap and easy to use making them pretty good. But that just comes down to opinions and timing I guess.

>> No.39323869


Vicious Shadows

>> No.39324002

Mass Land Destruction
make sure you've got artifact ramp

>> No.39324016


Stab Wound

Undercity Plague, ciphered onto Invisible Stalker

>> No.39324019


Engineered Plague

>> No.39324063


Is there any way to make that penalty bigger? Because while its certainly hateful, I don't see that killing anything but elves or goblins, and in EDH people are going to be playing things that laugh at a -1

>> No.39324081


Not that I know of. It is usually pretty effective for me, I guess I just have lots of people in my playgroup with token related decks.

>> No.39324108

So let's discuss >playing politics.

Too often I see people advocate this sort of strategy in EDH. I wouldn't mind, except the vast majority of EDH players are completely fucking retarded and couldn't recognize a threat if it walked up to their girlfriend in a bar and went infinite mana and slaps on their ass.

Then there's the kingmakers. The guys who realize they're bad at magic and play for 2nd instead. I detest this style. You aren't competing against anyone for second place, of course you're going to get it! Nobody is actively trying to disrupt your plan for second place you moron.

I think overall the format would be improved if 90% of its players stopped trying to play politics and instead just tried to win through mechanical interactions of the cards.

Has your experience been different?

>> No.39324112

Stack it with other board effect -1/-1 black cards? There are quite a few to drop out there.

>> No.39324143

This is not a good thing to do, chances are these people are your friends and this approach'll really annoy them.

having said that, if you can get to 12 mana there isn't much you can do that's more obnoxious than mindslaver + academy ruins + mirrorworks.

Polymorph EDH standard artifacts into Mirrorworks and Mindslaver, consider using Transmute as well. Play Mindslaver, pay Mirrorworks cost, sac Mindslaver while the token is on the stack to grab player 1, use token to grab player 2, place Mindslaver on top of your library with Academy Ruins. Then just tap all their land, blow their health away and keep going round until dead.

>> No.39324174

The problem with EDH politics is that Magic players are utterly transparent. if you're sat there with a shit eating grin telling me to attack the other guy no shit I'm attacking you. This and the fact that diplomacy is based on mutual goals means it doesn't work.

What would work is either everyone writing down the name of 2 other players on a piece of secret paper and winning when you kill them, or playing something like Star.

>> No.39324183

Spiteful Visions, Everlasting Torment, Phyrexian Cruelty, Painful Quandry, Price of glory, Tainted Aether, Bloodchief Ascension, Mindcrank, Pain Magnification, Wound Reflection

I can go on, But i already built that deck in R/B Mogis for a local tournament of multiplayer.

>> No.39324247


Politics is naturally going to happen in any multiplayer game. Unless your deck is designed to attack everyone equally, like Purpheros, you have to decide who to hit and when.

Do you attack the guy who is quietly building up a boardstate over there, with a suspicious lack of creatures? Or do you attack the guy who keeps hit you with fliers? Is it worth risking losing a creature against the defenses of a player who is in the lead, or would you rather punch someone who has no defenses up for no risk?

Unless your EDH meta is really uneven, every deck is a potential threat. It is just a matter of which threats you think you can stall until later, or which threats you can do anything about at all (you probably don't have an answer to everything, certainly not in your hand at a given time).

As for kingmaker? If I am already certain to lose the game and you have been doing nasty stuff to my side of the board all game, you are damn right I am going to put my influence behind another throne. If I am not going to win and someone has drawn my ire that game, I'm going to try and make sure that they don't win either. Its called revenge.

>> No.39324299

Politics has always been a part of the format (like banding together when one player is getting to much of an advantage), but I agree, king making is a pretty dick thing to do, and I personally detest it as well. I'd much rather play to take a win than play to take 2nd, even if my deck is possibly shit.

But that's just me. I always play to the (sometimes bitter) end. If I scoop it's because I am locked out of the game and am just no longer being allowed to play anymore.

>> No.39324308

What you're describing is threat detection, which isn't politics.

Politics is doing dumb shit like "Hey Derevi player with Prophet of Kruphix and Fauna Shaman on the field, I see you're getting attacked by the mono green player! Let me save you from all of five damage, and in exchange, you don't bother me.

Queue Derevi player tutoring up Consecrated Sphinx, and then drawing into an infinite combo 2 turns later that I could have stopped if the dumbass retard who decided to bargain with Derevi hadn't temporal Isolationed my Polukranos.

Fuck I'm mad.

>> No.39324359


I think you mean Phyrexian Tyranny, Cruelty doesnt seem to be a card.

Also, why did you Spoiler Bloodchief?

>> No.39324387
File: 98 KB, 640x836, Hashtag NYC life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because Bloodchief Ascension is a trigger for a lot of casual baby EDH players, it's the black Deadeye Navigator

>> No.39324413

In that tournament I was asked to leave after
T1 Bloodchief Ascension
T2 dark ritual ->mogis
T3 mindcrank.

After playing the deck for a month or so I found once Bloodchief is online, youll gain 10+ life every turn, with opponents losing life in the process.

>> No.39324421


Threat detection is the basis of EDH politics unless it is IRL friends just throwing each other bones for bros sake. Considering that the Derevi player was in a strong position, seems like trying to barter with him was as solid a plan as any. He was probably counting on the Deveri player focusing on you in the next few rounds, giving the other player a chance to find an answer to Derevi or get his own board into a better position.

It didn't work out, but with Prophet on the field, it was clear that someone was going to get rolled in the next couple of rounds. 5 damage prevention doesn't stop that train, but using it politically might but time.

>> No.39324429

I've gotten fucked because of players doing dumb shit. Like using Worldslayer to reset the game while one player has Neverending Torment (it got dropped EARLY) running it's epic ability as I'm watching all my lands get yanked out of my deck 8 at a time. Sure he was losing some of his cards, but getting so intentionally mana-screwed like that really kept me from doing anything to break the combos. I was trying to ping players to death with 2 mana in play (1 b, 1 u), stuck between three solid threats (green ramp, the Neverending Torment, and the $400 tuned EDH decks being the three things I was facing, while I'm only able to do 4 damage at a time with Tasigur, who only managed to get back out thanks to delving him out).

So yeah, dumb shit like game resets like Worldslayer annoy me, especially when we have someone actively pulling everyone's decks apart every turn.

>> No.39324476

Only if the derevi player has plans to slowly kill people one at a time.

In the world of infinite combos that is the EDH meta, that's a retarded thing to think.

>> No.39324505


That's why my group has a gentleman's agreement not to run land destruction. Its not that we can't. its that we choose not to because the moment that genies gets out of the bottle, no one is putting it back in and our games already can run as long as three hours without killing all lands on the board and making everyone faff about for half an hour of >draw
>look at hand
>sigh despondently
>discard a card
>pass the turn

>> No.39324537


Maybe your problem is that you play in metas where the expectation of play is reliable combos that end the game all at once after a few turns.

If I wanted that shit, I would be playing Modern.

>> No.39324624

Needs more damage doublers, they speed up the game and let you ram things into people's faces even harder. Ever since I started using them they go in almost every deck, and I can't bring myself to play without red. I'm addicted. My gahiji isn't exactly competitive, but it sure fucks up any plans the blue players had. My favorite memory is "The blue players are tapped out? Armageddon/Boros Charm"

Furnace of rath
Dictate of the Twin Gods
Gisela, Blade of goldnight
Gratuitous Violence
Bitter Feud
Curse of Bloodletting

(fuck blue)

>> No.39324659
File: 57 KB, 1024x576, 1423211403061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do you think $400 is a lot of money to spend on an EDH deck?

>> No.39324711

I don't mind small land destruction (like to get rid of Cavern of Souls for example), but mass board wiping land destruction is simply just a real enjoyment killer for me. Maybe it'd be funnier (to me) if I was running an aggro deck that could work around that, but it's not fun to be on the receiving end of. If it wasn't for the graveyard hate I see locally I'd probably run more delve beyond my commander.

Though I'm finding I need to rework my Tasigur b/u control deck quite a bit. I'm seeing way too much "you can't kill or force me to sac my stuff because fuck you" out of one of the players here. I'm looking at either going mono-blue "fuck you, you can't have toys", or swapping most of my black destroy cards for -x/-x cards to kill stuff with instead to work around it. At least to get rid of indestructible bs (looking at you Avacyn). If I do that I'll probably going to have change up my win conditions from small amounts of consistent unblockable damage to creature theft, creature cloning, and de-powering other people's stuff. I was trying to go more with the interesting haymakers, but when you have a that guy at the table it's unfortunately just not the way to play.

We have 1 guy who plays like that. Sadly thanks to him it's really twisting the way the rest of us have to play to have a fair shake at the game. Fucker's deck is full of 2 card combos, most of which go infinite pretty easilly.

That's $400 on top of what he already owned, and traded for. I'm sure the value is much, much higher. What I was saying is he spent an additional $400 tooling his deck into something that made me want to feed him a brick at more than one point yesterday.

>> No.39324784


Its not pro-tour tier, but its still pretty high.

I have been tweaking and improving my first EDH Deck for the past 2 years, and that deck has still only cost me a little over $300 in all that time.

Any time someone plays a card that is know to cost $50 or more in my EDH group, it is traditional for all of the other players to pause the game and make a wanking motion in the air. You can pay2win in magic, but nothing says we can't give you shit for it.

>> No.39324810

No, I'm pretty sure my problem is people entering my meta who don't expect that.

When the game becomes who can manipulate the retard into winning you the game, that's a game I don't want to play.

>> No.39324838
File: 1.50 MB, 1280x720, laughing at plebs.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Weird stuff. I guess I'm spoiled by having a playgroup where everyone has jobs, never seen someone get tilted over the cost of cards except on /tg/

>> No.39324867

I have a job, I just haven't dropped a shit ton of money on MtG. My entire collection (which I've only restarted this year after an 11 year hiatus) cost me less than that guy spent tooling his deck, and is probably worth less.

There is a difference between spending money on the game in general and spending money to tool your deck out so you can feel like your dick isn't too small.

>> No.39325506

Anon you are projecting. Just because you would spend alot if resources to make up for your small dick doesn't mean that the other person would. He could simply enjoy this one hobby more than you and feel aleight worth spending a ton of money.

While it may seem frustrating to you its not his fault he likes a different aspect of the hobby than you

>> No.39325594


Being butthurt on /tg/ isn't a job Anon.

>> No.39325701
File: 1.17 MB, 1920x1080, 1362502144359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mistform Ultimus with lots and lots of tribal shenanigans
R/B Mogis politics and eventual lockdown, and a Geist of Saint Traft for French tournaments a local shop does.
>Three color
Pheldagriff hug with two ways to end the game in a draw and one to prolong the game indefinitely

Most people in my area have the Commander deck for beer and pretzels, then the deck for thursday night dick waving.

>> No.39325838


Mono-Color: Any one of the Legendary White Angels I have in my mono-white angel barrage deck. I switch them out.

Dual Color: Gwafa Hazid

Shard: Rafiq of the Many

Wedge: Zurgo

>> No.39326319

In our area you would be wanking and wanking till you wankers were , for once, too sore to wank. The shop record for a first turn in the group was somewhere around $1500, (because we have 6 guys that have been shop owners at one point or another) with everyone fetching a dual into a first drop, and two of the four playing a mana crypt.

You know shit is about to go crazy when the cheapest card played in a turn is a foil Sensei's Divining Top

>> No.39326617
File: 332 KB, 422x555, 1414691334783.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


My playgroup rolled their eyes when I popped up with a Sensei's Divining Top one day. idgi.

>> No.39326708


Springing for the more expensive cards represents a power level escalation in the group that not everyone is willing, or perhaps cannot afford, to do. Those cards are expensive because they are in high demand. They are in high demand because they are good at what they do.

Its not a for-sure thing that a few more expensive cards in your deck will net you more wins, but it does increase the odds that the other players will have to seek out answers to deal with your more expensive cards. You raise the bar, and everyone else has to either deal with losing to you, invest more money in their decks to keep up, or stop playing with you for as long as you insist on playing that deck.

>> No.39326860
File: 3.43 MB, 3840x2160, DSC_0195.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw all these cheap fucks in this thread

>> No.39326916
File: 557 KB, 984x923, Chaika. Big..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>mfw everybody in my playgroup proxies freely.

>> No.39327146

We have a relatively high end playgroup for edh, and we basically use the format for dickwaving. That said, we don't mind proxies, but goddamn if we haven't seen a trend in new players proxying half of their edh decks and not knowing what the cards actually do. Just this week we had a player who had restoration angel and kiki-jiki and didn't know how to use them to win when we told him to play it out.

>> No.39327163
File: 153 KB, 462x435, 1419214087245.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw beating some nerd's $1000 EDH deck with my $200 one
>mfw playing RDW at FNM and winning with 1-drops
10 years playing and counting, this is how I keep myself interested in the game

>> No.39327424


How many people do you play with? If you have 5-6 players there's a game mode for multiplayer commander. You take 5 cards (1 swamp 2 mountains 1 plains and 1 forest) have everyone pick one at random and no one reveals them unless you have the plains.

The plains is the King
The forest is the King's guard
The mountains are Bandits
The swamp is the Assassin.

Each role has their own way to win no matter what, and you're not suppose to know who anyone is besides the king. The king starts with 60 life while the others at 40.

The role of the King is to survive at the end and he wins. For the King guard to win he has to be standing with the king at the end of the game. The bandits are individuals with the same goal of killing the king. Only one bandit can do the finishing blow and win. The assassin's role is to kill everyone with the king being the last to fall.

Ever since we started playing this game mode politics kind of become null because of the objectives of winning changes.

>> No.39327554


I guess it depends on how you define playing politics. Is leaving a big play in your hand because right now the other guy's drawing all the hate and you want him to die first politics? Is leaving an Oblivion Stone up on the table and staring uncomfortably at everyone when they start declaring attackers politics? What about deal-making?

"Politics" encompasses a lot of things, which generally all share the same theme of either obscuring your actual threat level or buying time. If you're talking about people who go "If you attack me I'll do nothing but attack you for the rest of the game because I hate you," then yes, that's retarded. But "politics" *is* a big part of a multiplayer game. No play is made in a vacuum in a game of EDH.

>> No.39327586

>hate when people don't know how their cards work because proxies
Just go on cockatrice once and be exposed to horror.

>guy brings in "casual" enchantress deck.
>takes 30 minute turns to resolve all the triggers he's creating
>constantly misses triggers
>wins anyways with a Calming Verse and Enchanted Evening
>Had the Calming Verse in hand for 4 turns, and Enchanted Evening on the board for the same.
>Know this because he was using Abundance to replace every draw
>ask him why
>he was waiting for someone's deserted temple to be tapped so they couldn't untap his lands in response.

Then you get the idiots who set up infinite combos that either don't work, or don't win (but they think they do). I had a guy who tapped out to get Derevi, Dead-Eye, and Bloom Tender set up. He thought this gave him infinite blue mana and proceeded to bounce everything on his board. He then somehow got Azami out of his deck (he was sort of doing whatever at this point), and tapped/untapped it to draw into lab maniac and "win". Then he leaves the game before we can tell him he's retarded.

I fucking hate cockatrice. I think I'd like it better if these idiots would at least recognize that they're wrong, but more often than not, they'll just keep doing what they're doing, or outright refuse to acknowledge you're even talking to them.

>> No.39327664

I don't mind most of what you said. But deal making bothers me. I think my cut off is where you have to talk to do what politics you want. All tabletalk should be casual and unrelated to the game, unless it's to point out some rules issue.

The moment you start talking about the game to get somebody else to do something, it starts getting worse. It usually leads to long arguments about whose the biggest threat, or deal making, which is just retarded on its own.

>> No.39327868

For me. I never acknowledge politics. I just say, "do whatever you are going to do" or "Play cards and win the game". The objective is to win the game, and I don't care how you carry that out. Sometimes I'll mock teamwork to stop making people getting so cozy with each other, but overall, in my meta, if one guy isn't playing politics, nobody else feels the need to play politics. You can make decisions for yourself as I will make my own.

>> No.39327917

>The moment you start talking about the game to get somebody else to do something, it starts getting worse. It usually leads to long arguments about whose the biggest threat, or deal making, which is just retarded on its own.
Exactly what I hate, and why I do this>>39327868.

>> No.39328070

Any more traditional finishers you guys know of?

I'm running Tradewind Rider and everything.

>> No.39328239

Well, what I usually do, is play stasis, and then everyone concedes. Sometimes it hurts less than usual

>> No.39328333

It'll take me an hour to type it up and besides a few tweaks all titania decks are the same, so instead I'll just explain the idea.

Use something like concordant crossroads and zuran orb to set yourself up to blow someone out of the game on turn five or hold for the slower game and use cards like hall of gemstone, ritual of subdual, sunstone, constants mists, ward of bones(this will get you stabbed on the way out to your car) to stall while you slowly build up for a kill turn. Mana web is a great threat stopper here because you can glass canon into someone after they're forced to tap out.

Sorry I'm replying on the next day.

>> No.39328548

Any not miserable ideas?

Surely UW isn't all gloom.

>> No.39328613

Luminarch Ascension
Tidespout Tyrant
Venser emblem
Equipment / Voltron builds
Entreat the Angels

Not really many aggressive options in UW, combo / attrition is your best bet.

>> No.39328729

Appreciate it.

Luminarch Ascension would make sense, seeing as I'm running Sacred Mesa.

>> No.39329551

Heh, I once saw a zedruu deck use Ward of Bones to lock everyone out of the game with gypsie gifts.

Fun times.

>> No.39330800

>asked to leave after
Are they a bunch of cry babies?

>> No.39331914

Basicaly my group had a split of people who wanted to play for fun and wanted to flex their knowledge of the rules and old cards. I went to a tournament held by the former to win a box they were doing for first place and lost because it was one of those edh games where the points were based on how you played, not if you won

>> No.39331927

I don't spend a ton of money on deck tooling, or was that not clearly stated enough?

Which is why I have a job in the real world. Or is it a hard concept to understand that people can post online and have an actual place of employment? Not all of us can live in our parent's basement until they kick the bucket you know.

>> No.39331961

Sorry that some of us have bills to pay and can't blow our parents money on a hobby?

>> No.39331989

Stuff like that is why I enjoy challenging games.

But goddamn is it annoying to see someone getting smug at the table because their expensive ass tooled-to-the-9s deck won. Especially when they're lame enough to two-card-combo almost every fucking win.

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