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So I'm playing in a 5e game and I decided to roll a paladin(devotion) since my old character(rogue) got dunked by some max hp stealing wraith.

I wanted to play something diffrent from the usual "smite ALL the things!1!!!" kinda guy, so I decided he would just be nice to everyone and try to approach things in a manner that would leave everyone happy, and if possible everyone alive. But the problem my GM has with me is he says "your paladin can't continue to act like that, its cowardly and your tenents forbid that, if you keep this up I'll make you an oathbreaker"

I'm also heavy on roleplaying so I don't feel the need to optimize my characters, I pick the stuff that i feel match the concept best my GM also said that it felt that I picked devotion as my tenent because of "all the cool stuff it gave"? Am I in the wrong for not playing like i have stick up my ass?

Is my character shit?

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>I wanted to play something diffrent from the usual "smite ALL the things!1!!!"
if you had been on any previous Paladin threads, you'd know that the lawful stupid Smiteadin is the least liked type of Paladin, and the least common for /tg/ers to play.

Also your DM sounds like a fag.

Would you like me to post Paladin Story Caps for you? possibly so you can share them with your DM so he can be less of a fruit?

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Is anyone still here, or should I just leave too? It seems OP has already abandoned his own thread.

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You have decided to play the /tg/ standard Paladin. Expect written fellatio for adhering to the expected code of behaviour, but understand that you are not doing anything unusual, let alone original.

As for the DM:
If he thinks you're optimising, just own it. "Yep, I like the benefits," is a fine reason for taking Devotion.
If he thinks you're breaking the tenets of the Paladin class, sit down outside of a game session and seriously talk with him about it so you understand where he's coming from. Ultimately he's the one charged with maintaining the rules of the game.

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Paladins are just dumb, I disallowed them and no-body minded.

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being "original" was never my intention, i just wanted to try being a paladin, but felt like being a decent human being who wont chastise his party for doing their own thing

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>Heroes are just dumb, I disallowed them and no-body minded.

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Oh fuck, I've got a 5e game coming up and I really wanna try this idea.

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>Adventurers are just dumb, I disallowed them and no-body minded.

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Probably because you've got a party of lolsorandumb murderhobos.

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I find playing Paladins like honest police officers and detectives is one of the coolest ways to do so. Especially if there players are in to it and it becomes a Buddy Cop adventure.

Here is an example of three flavors of Paladin that were actually able to work well together.

still waiting for next chapter

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>won't chastise the party

You're Lawful Good. You don't accept anything less than Lawful Good.
But the world is a tempting place. Not all are as stoic as you. Not everyone can walk the straight and narrow as well as you.
Let your party know you are there for them. And you will carry them on the path to righteousness if they lack the strength to walk themselves.
A true Paladin is the one who forgives you for your errors, so long as you try your hardest. A true Paladin wishes for evil to atone, not be obliterated.
A true Paladin is not just "decent" but is a beacon of truth and justice so powerful merely being in his presence brings forth the best in people.

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In Layman's terms, a true Paladin is basically Superman.

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Yeah. They're more fun if you throw some tragedy in, but too often its
>Party Rogue?
>Detect Evil on the Wizard comes back positive?
>Anyone acting out of accordance with LG
Get out of the party or SMITE

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only if you play with retards and murderhobos. Personally, If I was a DM and he wet full smitebot mode with not a single proper reason, I'd make him fall faster than a lead balloon, or at least have the guards arrest him.

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The problem stems from a change in what alignment means in 2e. When the Paladin was first introduced, most humans were Lawful Good and being Evil meant that you literally aligned yourself with malevolent supernatural forces. (Hence the name "alignment".) Detect-and-smite was justified with that kind of set up. The paladin's rules never got adjusted for the bizarro "alignment is personality" rule, so players keep getting the idea that they should use the class's powers the way they seem to fit together.

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Legitimately tear-jerking stuff.

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"We shine again. My armor and me."
Holy shit, the goose bumps are so real I look like a fucking Holy Bible for the blind.

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>"your paladin can't continue to act like that, its cowardly and your tenents forbid that, if you keep this up I'll make you an oathbreaker"

>Not trying to make your enemies back down before smiting
>Not shouting "DIPLOMACY HAS FAILED" before each fight

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I was listening to this song while reading that, and let me tell I shed several manly tears.


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Remember, no matter what, the best Paladin is the type who defends people from getting knifed by crazy mexican yanderes and crooked lawyers. Trust me on this.

>the goose bumps are so real I look like a fucking Holy Bible for the blind.
kek. That's a new one, gotta hold on to that

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Best Paladin I ever played followed the god of trade and wealth. The way he figured, the path to peace was through trade and commerce. Golden Arches theory and all that. So of course he considered it his holy duty to promote consumerism and to this end he acquired throughout the campaign around a dozen corporate sponsors.

They would provide him with money or gear and in return, he would be sure to announce to the common folk that this ogre slaying was sponsored by Terrence's Discount Magic Item Emporium and Imp Removal Service--Guaranteed to IMPress. Or whenever he scored a hit on a bandit, he would inform them that this cut was courtesy of Smithwell Steel--So good you'll never want to sheath it!

Of course at the very end of the campaign he fell. He went a little to far when, post BBEG battle, he took a knee and thanked his god for the glorious victory and "the great taste of Hillshire mutton". Turns out that despite the advertisements, Hillshire was not, in fact, the "lamb of god".

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Oh, now that is rich as he must've been

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This is fantastic.
It's like The Magnificent Ferengi in D&D form

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He ended up in the epilogue as the Billy Mays of adventuring gear. He also had a very profitable ore mining corporation that he co-owned with a demon, having convinced said demon to give up on all that evil soul stealing bullshit by explaining how increasing population trends would lead to an inevitable soul inflation.

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Everyone who wants to play a paladin should watch (or read if you like dime novels) Have Gun Will Travel

Its basically how to Paladin while still getting paid and still have bitchin PC adventures

here's a good episode

Good lord I wanna be in your campaigns

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>mfw I immediately knew which episode this was
Paladin is a Paladin done right.

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If it's too hard to fit the concept into your DM's head, just point to the Oath of the Ancients.

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>players are dumb, I disallowed them and nobody minded
[Spoiler]I'm so lonely[/spoiler]

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>tfw you will never be a knight without armor in a savage land

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Alright, so, what exactly is supposed to be cowardly, here? Because I'm pretty sure you're risking you life to make everyone happy, and the tenets of Honor, Duty and Compassion are all about that.


Yeah, no. You don't fall for making compromise, you fall from doing the wrong thing, knowing it's wrong and accepting it.

A Paladin would rather fail at doing the right thing than succeed doing the wrong one.


Are you saying that Superman is nothing but a smitebot?

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Well it all started in the first dungeon. We has some spooky mist with literally 0 visibility, think silent hill on steroids*10^15. Visibility was non-negotiable, torches didn't help shit, none of us had anything to give true seeing or anything like that.

I jokingly rolled sanity or something like that and GM went with it(I was totally ok with this). turns out my pally is now legit afraid of that particular mist, so he nopes the fuck out of there after killing some skellies.

After that he was not the same. He realised that no matter what deities you worship there will be shit that gets you. So after that he kept staying in the fore-ground in fights to protect his buddies so they would not have to be afraid.

GM:s problem with my cowardise would propably be because, he wont grab onto plothooks like he used to, he wont go into clearly spooky places because he realises he's only human, a mortal that has a life, a value. something that should not be thrown away.

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