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>>39130396 >>39130404 Shit man if you put it that way. But having the need for multiple Margaret Vaguesters and Vistoso Speed machines makes me a man with a need for a lot cash I can't stand having just one color Im sorry Imagine that with the soffas

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The last two threads were numbered as 303. Shouldn't this be thread 305?

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It's actually thread #305, you shit.
Yeah, it should.

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Wasn't updated in drive when I posted it originally so posting it again. Update pls.

3 more drawbacks, disguise your spaceship as a pirate ship, etc.

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What's the toughest challenge you've ever taken?

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To save all three teams and eliminate every Johj on Mars, one way or another.

Sometimes, when I look at the flag, I wonder if I really succeeded. Am I just seeing what my mind wants to see? All the roaches are "dead," in that they're no longer themselves. But did I really save anyone?

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I took the DmC drawback and kept it for all my jumps.

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Holy balls, antimatter manipulation principles seems to be hella useful since the implication of those two perks is if you bought AMP back in FF13-1, you can figure out how to do them both with a little practice. Saves you 600 CP!

Savior capstones seem to be rather weak compared to other capstones. What's the point of Via Absolvo if it heals opponents as well as zaps them, and is it possible to figure out other things the satellite can do apart from zap people? If so, what else? I remember in the first draft it could teleport opponents.

Likewise, Via Salvatio seems kinda lackluster relative to the other capstones; don't misunderstand me, I totally understand why you'd want to limit it from "everyone you shine on gives you a loyal clone" though but now it comes across as not very potent compared to, say, the shadow hunter chaos implosion capstone or the patron Constructicons capstone. Is the intention that you can achieve far greater feats with practice/experimentation with other perks?

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Because I hate myself and wanted to see how long I could survive like that.

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...you're going to have to clarify, since you're a Jumper. Are you the father or the son in this scenario?

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Always thought it would be cool to have three sons and two daughters.

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Whelp. Flavor text skews things hooray. I apparently also overnerfed on some things after last wave of edits.

Via Absolvo doesn't heal them - I'll probably scrap that part of the flavor text, it was the administrative system healing the rabbits so they could endure more lightning waves.

From the moment Salvatio got a number cap I knew it'd be noticed (the nerf that is). I'm still scratching my head on that one. Lightning does indeed collect "countless" souls.

Right now I'm considering:

Bhunivelze Replica becomes a Danmaku Machine.

Salvatio goes back to "No Cap, but more souls you hold, quicker you start to lose them".

I'mma rework the flavor text on AMP to indicate that they're not so much natural progression as they are...branch theories. Though I dunno item duplication and item effect duplication might not be worth 300 each. Still wrangling with that and whether I want to keep the Stylist Marker in at all.

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A three way tie really between unmaking the prison in Oathbound, the entirety of FFXIII-3, and avoiding being Taylors psychiatrist/shard/stand in Worm. I also consider Oathbound to be the most morally awful thing I've done really. It really opened my eyes to how dangerously conniving I could really be. Forever my deepest darkest secret.

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Oathbound actually got finished?

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I have this version, but I'm not 100% sure if it's done.

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Megaman Zero, I did it with no memory, no companions. Had no-clue what Inwas doing, just that Neo-Arcadian forces were trying to disassemble me, because my technology in my body. It's lost tech pretty much.

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Kinda, looked finished enough to me.

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I'm sorry to say I don't know what a Danmaku Machine is, but that Salvatio fix sounds good. Perhaps maybe also indicate exactly WHAT aspect of your being (mana, ki, charisma etc) determines how many souls you can hold before rapid drainage occurs?

As for AMP-from what little I know of it from the perk text it seems the sorta thing I'd put in lots of effort to reverse engineer and develop anyways.

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Only two background perks, you'd think there'd be seven. I'd say it's still incomplete.

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So Terra Formers, wat do to survive?

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Light of Terra

Before that It had been the You Made Her Cry drawback

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Be strong enough to fight johj

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Magic. Johj can't replicate magic.

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Everything after DMC, to put it simply. I took Nyarlathotep as my nemesis, and now the dude just won't stop coming after me like a crazy ex.

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blow up MARS

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Dump all your points into disguise and spend your entire stay talking about how you sure do hate humans.

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Doesn't work. Mars has to still exist, destroying it is a loss condition. You could scour the surface clean with nuclear fire, though.

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Mars has to stay inhabitable.

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Mars has gotta stay intact, man.

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Magic and tech with a failsafe that goes NUCULAR if anything non magical tried to revers engineer it. And the purposefully let them take my convexity generator prototype.

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Asura's Wrath gain alot of mantra
Amazing battle against Johj

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All I can picture is using the From A Single Hair drawback, a Johj getting a sample of you, turning into Johj Jesus with a planet full of believers, and them subsequently invading Earth.

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Bribed the Doctor (300 CP) (Omega Weapon by FFVIII)

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I had an idea, but I wanted to check if anyone was doing it first. Is anyone making a Space Station 13 jump right now?

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Someone is or was. Haven't seen any mention of it in awhile.

>> No.39132974

I was, but got seriously sidetracked and abandoned it. I can pastebin how far I got if you want.

>> No.39133006

Would you be fine with me continuing the jump, then?

>> No.39133070

Yea man, go for it

Here's what I got: http://pastebin.com/kExRAnbf

It's up to you if you want that many backgrounds, but I couln't figure out how to incorporate all the different jobs otherwise.

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So, if I take Nemesis and I choose a pany you say I'll be up against Mundus and you won't lend me Force Edge. But if I choose Mundus as my nemesis would you helping a guy out and lending me Force Edge for that last cuh-razy confrontation?

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SCIENCE! Up a weapon that kills everything with Roach DNA. Build it on either the LoT, or drop a tower and protect it with kaiju.

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Yeah, you can have it. But only for that one fight. Try to sneak off with it, and I'll get really pissed.

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Tweaks and changes. Second IF scenario has a third reward just because things come better in threes. Stylist Marker tweaked. Savior capstones tweaked.

Well, time for another tweaking run.

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Boot Mars out of the solor system.

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Had a thought about Steven universe; how good/bad of an idea is it to import brachydios or deviljho gems as companions or the kindergarden?

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Let's ask Yellow Diamond.

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What is Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei, and why is the setting not conducive to a jump?

Also, who's the dude there that is apparently supper OP, and what makes him that way?

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Mary Sue of Mary Sues. All you need to know.

>> No.39133380

Yes, but does he have Alexandria's Genesis?

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>Deviljho Gem
No good can come of this!

Oh hey dante, so long as you're hanging around, can i get you to give my DMC build a once-over to make sure all my math checks out and everything is kosher by the jump's mechanics?


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Congrats Anon, you have created your very own breed of world-ending minions.

>> No.39133737

Wow, I found the wiki entry on him, and he IS totally bullshit.


Dude can instantly obliterate things on the molecular level, instantly, within a huge range, up to 36 targets simultaneously.

That is so much bullshit!

If this jump gets made, I'm making it a point to take him down a peg or two.

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All those poor rabbits...

>> No.39133816

That supernatural nullifier from Sailor Moon work against him

>> No.39133866

...If I get Free Choice and go Major House noble, can I be a Targaryen?

>> No.39133870

Ah so he is a Negramancer?

You guys do realize we already have that power?

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>I lost all of what you could call feelings of love. They weren't sealed, so they can't be released. They weren't broken, so they can't be fixed. That which is lost, cannot be recovered.
>That which is lost, cannot be recovered.
Uh, that's actually not true. For example, I've lost my car keys dozens of times and I always manage to recover them.

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For those that stayed robot in Megaman series. Is it like "Vision" from Marvel? Where you're "human" but with synthetic parts that are better than the organic? Like instead of servos and motors, you have artifical muscles and carbon fiber tendons...etc.

>> No.39134028

I incorporate it into my shapeshifting. That is, I can manifest both metal and organic material to shape. The mechanical motors and servos of the reploid form are the default state of the metal, but like flesh they can be manipulated and mixed.

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Yep, this all seems to check out. Though you've actually got an extra 50 cp left over to buy yourself some ice cream or new threads, or something.

By the way, I've been thinking of adding a few things to DMC once I'm done with Xenoblade. Maybe some pre-built Devil Arms, like the Enma Katana, which is totally not a palette swapped Yamato, and a couple perks, like something that makes you more likely to succeed at something based on your Stylish Rank.

As for Xenoblade, yes, I'm still on it, boys and girls, but I'm still a bit busy with this crappy fanfic of mine. It ain't gonna write itself, you know.

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You have my curiosity.

>> No.39134228


Free choice, choose Crownlands, be Aerys or Rhaegar's kid (assuming you start as the books do).

You can basically be the heir to any noble in your region with Major House but most people aren't lucky enough to roll a Free Choice so would have to pay the extra 50 CP to choose the Crownlands.

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The dude has perfect control over ALL matter. If he can't affect you directly, he can just turn all the air molecules around you or the ground under your feet into pure energy, which then promptly explodes with the force of a nuke.

So, even if you or the area wound you is magically "untouchable", he can just detonate nukes immediately outside the anti-magic field.

I don't think magical immunity would even work to block those blasts, because they aren't inherently magical. He's using magic to change matter into antimatter/pure energy, and from there the reaction is physical.

The more alarming power he has is Plot Armor. He's one of the most heavily defended protagonists thanks to that. He can do no wrong, ever, no matter how utterly idiotic his actions are. Furthermore, he is always the smartest, strongest, most powerful person in ANY room he is in. I brushed up on some reviews and what other anons have said, and all said the same thing: Shiba Tatsuya NOTHING can challenge him, at all. He auto-wins all fights he has, no matter who they are with.

He's essentially super-magical-teenage-japanese-omega-jesus-supreme.

>> No.39134410

Fucking bullshit.

>> No.39134435

Plot armor is not a real thing. Things go off the rails? Then things don't work as they did in the plot. It's 'gone', if it was ever there.

>> No.39134518


I have a question about the Second IF scenario.

What exactly does the second reward mean by '. Just as the Double Deity binds the powers of both Lindzei and Pulse to one form, once broken down, the binding energies within can allow you to conjoin two companions into one.'?

>> No.39134531

Still sounds beatable. I already have several counter measures to his most powerful abilities anyway.
He sounds no better than a mid-high level jumper anyway.

>> No.39134559

Two of your companions can do a fusion dance.

>> No.39134579

Question about dishonored, can use the mark of the loyalist on itself To let your companions distribute powers between each other and you?

>> No.39134652


How long does it last for?

>> No.39134664

Take 2 of your companions - consider them as 1 for purposes of your Jump. Whether you want to wank that as they share CP or they both get CP it's up to you.

>> No.39134681

>crappy fanfic of mine

>> No.39134740

What are Deviljo?

>> No.39134758


Do they still take up both companion slots?

>> No.39134770

No. I need to change some things about the mark anyway.

>> No.39134797

Demonic T-Rexes made of rape, hatred, hunger, and endless RAGE that can go super saiyan and breathe concentrated FUCK YOU on everything

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Final Fantasy XIII
> Background: Pulse
> Age: 11 [Rolled1]
> Location: Oerba [Get a Freebie?]
> Passerby [-100CP]
> Bismarck's Blessing [Get a Freebie!]
> Call Of The Wild (Imp) [-100CP]
> Call Of The Wild (Goblin) [-100CP]
> Call Of The Wild (Hedge Frog) [-100CP]
> Call Of The Wild (Microchu) [-100CP]
> Call Of The Wild (Cactaur) [-100CP]
> Call of the Corrupt [-100CP]
> Antimatter Manipulation Principle [-200CP]
> Menhirrim Genesis [-200CP]
> Set Of Civilian Clothing [Get a Freebie!]
> Three Sectioned Spear [Get a Freebie!]
> First Ark [+100CP]

I think this world might be a tad broken.

Anyway, there aren't actually a lot of things I want from here, perk wise. I guess I can effectively siege a city now. Don't mess with me or I'll summon up over two hundred easily slaughterable mooks, and then some harder mid-bosses on top of it.
No, they don't listen to a damn thing I say. Why should that matter?

Anyway, I can fly, so the First Ark is more of a minor inconvenience. I'll strip it down of any tech, try to fix up the aircraft, and then... I dunno.
I guess I'll find a way to get into Cocoon and study whatever technology's there.
If anyone messes with me I will seriously summon up a massive mook army and then run like a bitch.

Are these things even sentient? I wonder if I can use them as fuel for something. I weirdly don't think I'd feel bad about that.
At the very least I prettymuch have an infinite source for genetic experiments material.

>> No.39134840

They have Bizzare adventures.

>> No.39134862

Yes, it is horrible, horrible bullshit.

Even if that happens and things go off the rails, everyone Shiba comes in contact with believes he can do no wrong, and his classmates all but worship him. Something wonky is going on, especially after several of his downright dumbass actions garner nothing but praise.

Assuming you have magical immunity, the dude can still make an unlimited number of nukes instantaneously, and at will.

Some perspective: the Little Boy nuke converted .56mg of matter into energy. That's .0000056 Kilograms, or .0000012 pounds of matter. Shiba can convert ALL matter into energy up to a ridiculous range.

This theoretically allows him to obliterate planets.
Still, he's technically only a teenager physically, so anyone with sufficient speed or timestop powers could gank him with ease.

I'd still be leery though, because it seems like fate itself is conspiring to make sure he can never loose to anyone. Even trained, experienced military personnel somehow wigg out and become idiots in his presence, because heaven forbid Shiba actually faces a challenge.

The level of pure, unmitigated bullshit this character embodies is now just making me sad.

>> No.39134909

They take up a single slot. Effectively unit pairing.

>> No.39134911

Is the creator of the MOTHER/Earthbound jump still here? I had a question about the PSI powers.

>> No.39134925

Go ahead and ask if it's a lore or setting thing, not like he'd be the only one who could answer those.

>> No.39134928

So here's a question for you guys; what do you actually look like at this point? With all of the shit and powers that you've got do you still look roughly the same or do you look different now?

>> No.39134942


Final Fantasy XIII-2
> Background: Beast Tamer
> Age: 21 [Rolled8]
> Location: AF300 (Lost in Augusta Tower) [Rolled4]
> Temporal Comprehension [-100CP]
> Mog Clock [-200CP]
> Hunter Killer [-100CP]
> Topographical Plotting [Get a Freebie!]
> Domestication [-100CP]
> Infusion [-300CP]
> Datacast [-100CP]
> Reconstruction Template [-100CP]
> Set Of Civilian Clothing [Get a Freebie!]

I am pretty sure this world is broken.

Oh! Now my mook army will actually listen to me now! Also, that stuff I said about genetic material? Hah! That's TOTALLY a thing now. I wonder what happens if I combine all five types of these little fuckers with each other?
Probably something really horrifying!

Anyway, I don't know a damn thing about what's going on. I guess I just wander around and study more crap? Researching temporal fuckery seems like a thing to do, but... I don't even know where I'd begin.

Also, I guess I'm harder to surprise. Again. And Passerby means a lot of people don't even bother me. Again. Yeah, don't mind me.
Just your average crazy monster scientist coming through.
I wonder what's the scariest thing I could create here...?

>> No.39134949

Shapeshifter. I don't look like any one single thing.

>> No.39134977

Different enough that it would be surprising, but not so different as to be unrecognizable.

Except when I'm female, in which case I go full Scandinavian.

>> No.39134985


>> No.39135010

What's with the purple dildo?

>> No.39135014

I have envy shapeshift but I try and look generally the same as I've always been unless I need to hide or something.
I'm basically me except I stole Han's wardrobe from Hellsing

>> No.39135032


Final Fantasy XIII-3
> Background: The Shadow Hunter
> Age: 16 [Rolled1]
> Location: Canopus Farms, Wildlands [Rolled8]
> Overclock [-100CP]
> Release [-100CP]
> Encumber [Get a Freebie!]
> Chaotic Integration [-100CP]
> Antimatter Genesis Principle [-200CP]
> Antimatter Temporal Principle [-200CP]
> Seed of Yggdrasil [-300CP]
> Decrepit Oracle Drive [Get a Freebie!]

This world is fucking broken.

STILL not a whole lot that I want perkwise. But at least this whole series of jumps really taught me quite a lot about Antimatter and Monster Physiology.

Now I think I'll probably spend a lot of my time either researching that junk, or trying to keep the world from dying. I'm not quite sure how to go about doing that, but it seems like a worthwhile endeavor. I do have a bunch of greenery perks, I guess. I'm not exactly going to run out of matter or anything.

I don't really understand this plot. Are you sure it's all in the same timeline? Are... are timelines even a thing anymore...?

>> No.39135033

Your lightsaber is too round. Looks like a dildo to me, especially with the round thing at the base.

>> No.39135034

I'll have a lot of explaining to do when I get home, even in situations where I look relatively normal.

>> No.39135068

I have become increasingly paranoid, so my default appearance now includes full body armor of various types.

>> No.39135070

What's a timeline?!
In other news we learned that Konata is a monster. Again.

>> No.39135096

There are a lot of ways honestly I used a robot and golem army combined with force fields to section stuff off. I also set up self running Factories to make more robots using specially programed nanites. My best suggestion is to not fight the Johj directly but fight them with superior resources and stuff they can't counter like magic, nanites or maybe the a genesis device/ Giant G.E.C.K. from fallout 3. Turning the Planet in to a giant transmutation circle works too.

>> No.39135116


>> No.39135130

Hopefully you didn't turn the surface of mars into a giant philosopher stone

>> No.39135155

So it IS a dildo of sorts. Fair enough, carry on.

>> No.39135215

How long til Jedi start making light shields, or how about Light Muskets?

>> No.39135217

> "Sir, we can't colonize on this."
> "Sure you can! A sufficiently powerful Philosopher's Stone can transmute anything. Including itself! Look, I'll transmute part of it into food."
> "... it... it's an apple."
> "Yes."
> "So, we can just... just turn the planet into anything now?"
> "... yes."

Scenecut to a pair of astronauts flying through Mars on a fucking dragon amidst a literal mountain of cocaine.

>> No.39135258

It's actually a mechanics question. I wanted to know If I could learn psi powers from any of the games, not just the one I'm in during my ten years.

Still really early in my current chain so I've kept my appearance pretty much the same so far. I few alt. forms but I barely use them, and none of my shapeshifitng powers are good enough to be used frivolously.

>> No.39135324

Shapeshifting means I look like whatever the heck I want to look like. Usually this takes the form of a waifish girl. Who wears a lab coat and accessories.
I have a couple alt forms that are crazier, but I'm not exactly turning heads day to day.

>> No.39135381

Do you look like Konata most of the time?
Lucky star jump never.

>> No.39135569

>You have my curiosity.
Well, this probably isn't the best place to discuss it, but...

It's a Persona story, taking place in last year, after Persona Ultimax, and it's about the Shadow Operatives trying to get by when the Shadows and non-Shadow threats, like Demons and cultist nutcases start getting rowdy. It also has a lot of original characters. Yeah, yeah, I know, but I'm confident that I can pull it off.
The main character is a guy with Parker-tier luck whose Persona is essentially -but not literally- Dante, and repeatedly gets murderized in F/SN-esque bad endings.

And of course, there's also the threat of the time-travelling Devil Children from an alternate future who want to save the universe by creating paradoxes and destroying all forms of the Earth with their time machines that run on the tears of children in order to make capital G God permanently killable.

>> No.39135677

I am not QUITE as short. I'm, like, "lower end of a normal human being" short. Short enough that I get some crap for being short, but not actually as short as everyone likes to pretend.
I have blue hair in anime 'verses, and black hair in realistic verses.
I just like being small and cute and easily underestimated.

Lucky Star would be a really boring jump, and making worthwhile perks for it would be extremely difficult. You might as well just go to Generic Slice of Life.

>> No.39135696

>the surface of mars into a giant philosopher stone
Nope the surface is just filled with murderbots, murdergolems and factories pumping out more murder bots. However if earth is eventually invaded by murder bots that somehow gained sentience or are just looking for more places to set up factories because they ran out of space or resources on mars I may have screwed up. Though I will I'll be long gone by that time... I mean it's not very likely. Their set not to kill humans anyways unless they are attacked.

>> No.39135744

>Not having your robots have a self destruction code or route when you are not there after so many years.
Come on anon it never hurts being safe.

>> No.39135800

>whose Persona is essentially -but not literally- Dante
Why not literally? Dante's a character in Shin Megami Tensei, he is available to be a Persona just like any other demon is. Come on, you know you want to do it.

>> No.39135859

It was too dangerous because the Johj might have figured it out. I mean I had plans to shut it off eventually and was going to give them to the government... I may have gotten a little distracted though due to legal proceedings. Ironically I had no problem with the Johj... it was the humans that wound up screwing me under. After I got home apparently there was something about what I did that broke some international laws, U-nasa threw me to the wolves and because I wound up curing the plauge too quickly they didn't even think it was a thing. So I had a lot on my plate. I probably told them how to shut things down... probably,

>> No.39135952

And Scylla can rip dimensional holes though sheer entropy. so much so she lead a two pronged invasion of America from the same place in the Source.

And the ability in the Sailor Moon Jump doesn't say magic, it says "supernatural effects" which presumable he still is under that world. He isn't technically anything else operating in that jump.

Not too mention being intangible, invisible, and posses him. While standing in front of him talking.

Also A Jumper can sense/co-opt/and manipulate plot shields and "destiny".

If you are going to hate anyone for being a special snowflake mary sue, it should be Jumpers.

>> No.39136106

>>Drawbacks: Omegas, Midnight Eternal, Ride The Lightning (1400)

IF Scenario: Light Eternal (2300).

The Saviour, Age 22.


Release (Free). The energy pattern we acquired with Warcraft resonates oddly with this new one. Curious.
Sancrosanct (2200). Not QUITE sure how good it is at defending before accounting for limitations, but we do like how it kills fighting spirit
Soulhymn (2000). Between The Art, our profound mastery of Song Science and our studies into the fundamental nature of Link Jokers, we shall use this as a basis to create what we shall call-The Black Note. Suffice to say we're going to amp up the precision and severity of its effects
Via Salvatio (1700). REJOICE, lost souls. Your wishes have finally come true~
Via Absolvo (1400). Oh yes, this merits tinkering do discover hidden functions and/or upgrade the replica. Damned if we know what those might be though
Invocation of Benevolent Etro (1100). We intend to Ensoul this power in the hope of reawakening and contacting the original owner of this universe for advice
Etro's Forbidden Tome (800). But it's probably going to be hella complicated, so-we're taking this repository of her energy. With Revification and Eragon's life force redistribution technique, hopefully we can return a fraction of the goddess' strength in exchange for knowledge
Canvas of Prayers (Free). Oh neat, a divine social network
The Trickster (500). If this is who we think this is, she'll be INSTRUMENTAL in our plans
Antimatter Temporal Principle (300). Let no one say we aren't willing to play the long game
Overclock (200). We like the implications of this perk, that even time itself can be eventually fully controlled without divine fiat
Chronostasis (0). The blind idiot god of this world fails to understand that there is more to Stasis than stagnation. And that more than anything rustles our jimmies

>> No.39136143

To be fair, we DO have Ouran High School jump

>> No.39136187

If you had the chance to wander countless worlds, would you not seek the sweetest fruits?

>> No.39136224

Having podded Gilgamesh, I endorse this message.

>> No.39136261

Should I ask which one? We have at least 3

>> No.39136389

The Nasu one.

Although, I do have Excalibur from the Arthur jump... And there is always the FFX drawback if I find myself i need of a third one.

>> No.39136432

I regret nothing.

>> No.39136436

Obligatory notice I actually made FF Gilgamesh a plausible companion in one jump somewhere.
Can I ask. What did you end up doing with Idiot God's Scythe.

>> No.39136485

>Obligatory notice I actually made FF Gilgamesh a plausible companion in one jump somewhere.
Why in the history of EVER would I spend CP on the guy?

Legitimate question.

>> No.39136538

I...dunno, except that he didn't cost CP. lol.

>> No.39136546

Depends entirely on the situation. Shapeshifting and paranoia are fun for that.
Casual? Much the same as I do now, though occasionally armoured in something that started life as XCOM Ghost Armour at some point, a long time ago.
Combat? Well, that's why I have the blacklight virus and every single combat shapeshifting or elemental form talents I could find.

>> No.39136608

In a similar vein to this, which options did people take from the BodyMod supplement?

>> No.39136669

Well, I HAVE been considering a change of default look...

>> No.39136708

Mainly focused on running and endurance. I need to be able to run from whatever is chasing me for a long time.

>> No.39136785

Charmer (with its related stats maxed out), Metavore, Evercleansed. Charmer so that I'm handsome even before I get shapeshifting, Metavore and Evercleansed because they'd make like so convenient. Oh, and I stuck my remaining 100CP into Flexibility, just because I thought it would be nice.

>> No.39136807


Notable associate: Snow Villiers. OH JUMP-CHAN this feels...iffy, but at least he's worn out most of his hotbloodedness and is solidly into absolute despair at this point. The bad news is: Our plan involves utilising That Undefinable Thing to [spoiiler]extract Serah's soul from Lumina and resurrect Serah with Karma Machines and LCL-based nutrient rich modular gene goo[/spoiler] runs a slight risk of making him hot-blooded again. And giving us a headache. SHIT.
-Invocation of Seeker Pulse (300)
-Antimatter Genesis Principle (100)
-Pocket Watch (0)

...we hate to admit it. But attempts to eliminate emotion in this world KEEP MEETING WITH FAILURE. The only winning strategy seems to be following the scenario's directive and uplift humanity-MO splices for increased reproduction rate/ regenerative properties, Force/Hamon training and Knowledge Is Numbers-based training-with the aid of the City of Heaven as a bulwark against the hostile environment. For this purpose Snow will make for an excellant figurehead to manage public relations, while we get on with the important work of actually getting shit done.

Speaking of allies-Lumina's aid will also be crucial for locating/recuperating Sazh. The Jagan Eye will help us confront Bhunivelse's pawns; normally we'd just punch out his influence from their souls but apparently that isn't an option for reasons.

As for why we're bothering to help all these people-we wish to settle things peacefully with Lightning. We have a mutual enemy and interest in a sustainable universe even if we have different ideas on how to approach it.

And after that, we're simply left with the formidable but relatively straightforward task of fighting Bhunivelse and the dopplegangers. Our reason for choosing this scenario boils down to the opportunity to kill him for good, and for a chance to ensure the next universe is both homeostatic and well made enough to retain free will without leading to catastrophe

>> No.39136826

Metavore and Flexibility, with a pretty even stat spread. I wanted to have a rock-solid base, before I started buffing and boosting myself.

>> No.39136845

Mostly the same. May change my hair and eye-colour occasionally. Also change race now and again, mostly try to fit in in an extremely limited sense (so that at least it looks like I'm actually from the setting I'm in, means I don't get a lot of use out of my Pokemon either). Slap on some 'supernaturally handsome' sort of perks as well for good measure.

Still tall and relatively slim though.

In terms of what I'd wear that'd vary really, probably go in for more light armour generally in low-tech settings as I've got so much durability and healing that I might as well go for comfort. Tend to wear the Aegis Shield from AoM as a cloak as well. For high tech stuff where the weapons become dangerous I go for full magitech armour based loosely on the NCR/Desert Ranger stuff from New Vegas.

>> No.39136853

What a corporate approach.
>Snow as PR.
Lumina is neat though. I like temporal jumpers.

>> No.39136938

I tend to look like this (Sometimes with wings or pointed ears or something) but generally like this. It would make a High School D x D jump Awkward.

>> No.39137070

>idiot god's scythe

Funny you should mention that. Recently, we came into the ownership of Bradeline's Well, which gathers souls in worlds without a canon afterlife. A valuable resource. However, in tandem with recent events, we have decided NOT to automatically harvest said portal indiscriminantly for soul based energy for fear of triggering a similar cataclysm from fucking with metaphysics.

Instead, our new project will be an artificial reincarnative system, involving an incredibly complex network of karma machines, specialised spirits of intellect created via Geneforge necromancy and natural resources alchemised into existence by converting perpetual energy generators' output back from energy into organic matter. These are just the skeleton for the project-we'll be drawing on everything we've learned over the centuries to make sure this thing works properly.

In the event an afterlife doesn't exist, it falls to our responsibility to decide what to do with the souls. We've decided to let 'em go back for another round into the cycle of life-with the exception of utterly destructive enemies to society, or those who make it inefficient for whatever reasons. Them's still valid soul chow. It goes without saying that people with REALLY IMPORTANT unfinished business will be eligible to enjoy an...upgraded...body to lead a more fulfilling life. Why settle for godhood when we can have a taste of being the highest form of existence: Jump-Chan?

The scythe is the catalyst to all this. We're gonna stick that fucker in the middle of a massive ritual circle, and draw on its immense authority over the afterlife to enable us to create a sustainable cycle of karma. We're the God of Stasis, and we want to make sure there is a stable system in place to ensure souls in mundane settings don't just disappear after death.

>> No.39137092

I look exactly like I use to except a more in shape version and it is all thanks to ENVY.

I mean, it's not like I'm "actually" a 20 armed, 20 legged, 10 "HAND-TAILED" eldritch abomination that is roughly 16 feet tall and at double the width of Azmodan in a huge muscly cyber Demon of DOOM on the "inside". Though now days I do like to keep my trusty knife on me at all times and handy lantern for when it's dark...you know....just because.......

>> No.39137311

How powerful is water bender in the rain? And how can I make them even stronger besides stacking water magic?

>> No.39137434

I've got a few flavors of shapeshifting, so I am whatever I want to be at the moment. If we're talking the form i'd take most or my de-facto 'default', it would sort of look like golbez without his armor - pretty well buff, silver hair, blue/green eyes, maybe a beard if I care to cultivate it. Pic very related

Default heavy charmer loadout, since that takes care of some of my physical setbacks in this life goodbye, good riddance, and fuck you psoriasis. from there, 3 ranks of sense for extreme sensory sensitivity (would have gone 4 if the alt vision modes were toggleable), 3 ranks of endurance so i can run a marathon at the drop of a hat, metavore so I no longer need to worry about slipping back into fat-as-fatass mode through bad eating habits, and evercleansed for those times i'm too busy to worry about a shower.

>> No.39137540

Reincarnation is a nightmare. Everything you are is destroyed. Your identity, your memories, your personality, it all dies. You die. It's just like the void, final death, only the material, the blind nothingness stripped of you, is recycled like a tin can to make someone else. It's horrible. Very fitting for you.

>> No.39137589

I think this should be a suitable form.

>> No.39137614

I'm surprised you didn't try to waifu Lelith Hesperax.

>> No.39137704

That bitch is CRAZY. Besides you don't waifu her, she husbandos you. I like Dark Eldar ascetics, however their way of life? Not so much.

>> No.39137711

Strength 1
Endurance 3
Speed 2
Dexterity 4
Appeal 0
Shape 0
Sense 4
Flexibility 1

To hell with the appearance and appeal options, everything is about maneuvarability and situational awareness.

>> No.39137744

All that ice, yeah, that used to be rain drops. And this was just in a medium rainshower.

>> No.39137837

Sounds like a good application for the Order Geass.

>> No.39137866

For those of you who went to DC, what flavor of power ring did you pick up? Because of course you did, it's the best choice.

If you didn't go, what would you have picked?

>> No.39137903


Body Mod
> Build: Light
> Type: Athlete [-100CP]
> Endurance: 4 [-200CP]
> Speed: 2 [Get a Freebie!]
> Dexterity: 2 [Get a Freebie!]
> Appeal: 1 [-50CP]
> Shape: 1 [-50CP]
> Sense: 2 [-100CP]
> Flexibility [Get a Freebie!]
> Metavore [-100CP]

Lithe. Flexible. Reasonably attractive. Can run at a decent clip for over a day. Does not degrade due to laziness.
Good all-rounder build, emphasis on work accomplishable.

No strength upgrades. Those come from jumps or not at all.
Later I stacked even more endurance perks from pretty much every damn jump, and I'm pretty sure at this point I could run full tilt for a week straight.

Also, surprising the hell out of everyone, I did not modify my height, because that cost points. It wasn't until I got shapeshifting that I started doing that.

>> No.39137906

I didn't take the power ring. I went for the Batman perks, I'll get more mileage out of them in the long run.

>> No.39137948

Green Lantern ring. Part of my Spiral Power Engine/Getter Reactor/GS Ride/GN Drive project.

>> No.39137971

Didn't pick one up. Went full superman route for more durability and strength, as well as gadgets and a motherbox. I figure I'll probably end up running across hal jordan at some point and see if he can't put in a good word for me to become a green lantern around year 9. My willpower is through the roof, so it seems like the best ring for me

>> No.39137992

>All this green

>> No.39137999

>Best choice
Not really. I didn't bother with it.

>> No.39138038

I went Batman here, then set things up to become his new apprentice. But if I had picked a power ring, you know I'd go for green.

>> No.39138065

ironic image, since ZA POWA was orange.

>> No.39138068

>Getter Reactors
You mean from SRW, or did we get a Getter Robo jump while I wasn't looking?

>> No.39138096

Hah, nope. Batman perks and Self Sustenance.

Had to have some chance of surviving Threat to the Multiverse....

Was the Geass of Represser ever useful this jump...

>> No.39138101




I had initially gone with Athletic but then I realized that Charmer gave better freebies, and I picked up plenty of parkour skills in Pokemon trainer which made up for not investing any points in dexterity.

>> No.39138159


- Heavy

Body Type
- Athletic (500)

- Speed 2
- Dex 4 (400)
- Flexibility 1
- Endurance 2 (300)
- Strength 1 (250)
- Shape 1 (200)

- Metavore (100)
- Evercleased (0)

>> No.39138275

>Endowed 3

Do they call you tripod?

>> No.39138312

Body Mod

Type-Athletic-500: Speed and Dex at rank 2, and free Flexibility 1. Let's assume that Strength and Endurance are also level 2, thanks to Physical Fitness from Pokemon.
Sense 3-350 (150)
Dex 4-250 (100)
Speed 4-150 (100)
Endurance 3-100 (50)
Color Tier 1-0 (100) Get that tan, have blue or gray eyes, whichever works, and white hair. Then get that Barnaby Brooks Jr. Swag.

>> No.39138322

> Because of course you did, it's the best choice.
I'm sorry, but my Motherbox, Embee, takes issue with that. I also took Durabilty. And also Shapeshifting.

If I had a ring, however, I'd probably go with Blue because why are you asking this question who do you think you're talking to

>> No.39138356

You do remember that's just a size multiplier right? It doesn't give you extras.

>> No.39138380

sounds ambitious, best of luck mate

>> No.39138444

I studied the tech from the SRW jump, yeah. Same for my GS Ride.

>> No.39138447


>> No.39138456

Links please?

>> No.39138555

>Build: Light
>Body Type: Charmer
>Appeal: 4
>Shape: 4
>Endowed X 3
>Height 1 (Shorter)
>Color 1

I am not claiming my choices made sense... but I don't regret them either. Though I do kind of wish color and height were a bit cheaper... I just realized I blew a third of my points on them.

>> No.39138738

I went batman knockoff. I am my own power ring. Actually I took it early because I needed the skills and Int boost so taking a ring would have likely ended my jump (since I would be expected to fight stuff a lot more powerful than me and I didn't have the will perks to back it up)

>> No.39138754

the big guy free
charmer -100
appeal X2 free
shape X2 free
strength X2 -100
speed -50
sense -50
endowed X3 free
endurance X2 -100
ever cleansed -100
metavore -100

>> No.39138945


Pokemon maybe, just getting my "Sea Legs" for jumping with no warehouse or physical enhancements.

After that, the Yuuzhan Vong at the end of my chain appear to be the most immune to my shenanigans and the single largest army I've had to deal with. I've gone back and forth about how to beat them as best I can for some time.

It involves me hitting the Return button to go to KOTOR mid-jump and setting up an ancient robo-jedi cult who's sole purpose is to await their messiah to grant them the force and maintain an ancient planetary defense system on Nar Shadaa for thousands of years.

I'd be in flux constantly. I'd look the part for the situation and most of my plans involve injecting myself into a pivotal position, meaning I have to look and be a sort of "fated" person most of the time. By the time of Clone Wars, my messiah like figure for the "Iron-Knights" will be shed and I'll be taking Palpatine's place to further the good I can do.

Green. And then I meticulously plotted to take all the rings.... All of them.

>> No.39138994

So jumpers, have there been any jumps where you have just let loose in a cathartic display?

>> No.39139041

Platoon, remember it's not murder If it's a Nazi.

>> No.39139056

Could I apply perks that modify weapons like HF Launderer to a Demon Weapon from Soul Eater?

>> No.39139064


>> No.39139083

Of course you can, Doing stuff like that is like half the game right there....

>> No.39139094

The Familiar of Zero jump. Went void slave, ended up with joseph. I took it as a sign.

>> No.39139101

Alright. I wasn't sure it would work, consider the Demon Weapon is a living sentient being.

>> No.39139121


Fallout. It takes place after I become a transhuman monster and before I become enlightened. It does power me down but by that time I'd be into the challenge and even a level 50 character in that game is still an unstoppable war god.

>> No.39139127

Oh yeah, it's going to hurt them a lot, but it's doable.

>> No.39139149

Kancolle. Dive into the abyss and drown, motherfucker.

>> No.39139289

ASoI&F. I decided to conquer the entire North of Westeros for the Ironbon. It helped that I was a major Noble, commanded two dragon-like pokemon, possessed a menagerie of supernatural powers, and had previous experience as a military leader.

>> No.39139351

You too huh?

I did end up saving Tabitha though, and her mother. No particular reason for doing so, I just like them.

>> No.39139356

Also, since I forgot to delete the image, I might as well explain that I was planning on melting all of this guy's gold during the kingsmoot if the crowd starts to support him instead of me.

>> No.39139390

When one has access to photoshop, but a small imagination.

Build: Heavy
Type: BodyBuilder 100

BB Bonus=
+2 str/+2 End/+1 height Free
+2 Str 100
+2 End 100
+1 Sen 50

Metavore 100
Evercleansed 100
Endowed 50

>> No.39139430 [SPOILER] 

...depends on if you're talking my disguised form or true form. True form would be pic related, I am doing my DAMNEST to get a good demonic aesthetic down... and that means more than just the usual 'red skin and spade tail' that media insists on.

(Body Mod)
-Build: Medium (Free) -Get some mass on me. I'm tired of being a twig.
-Archetype: Charmer (500CP) -I've always had low self-esteem issues. I want to change that.
-Shape 4 (400CP) (Discount) -DEM HIPS. YES.
-Appeal 4 (300CP) (Discount) -Perfect skin? That means no body hair. YES. PLEASE.
-Senses 1 (250CP) -No more reliance on glasses, it's time to make them cosmetic.
-Endowed 4 (100CP) (Discount) -Tits. Huge ones. It's about time, no more self-confidence issues for me!
-Color 1 (0CP) -Pale skin, blood red hair, and blue eyes tinted to a violet. Let's get otherworldly.

Super awesome. Super shapely. ALWAYS FIT AND NEVER WORRY ABOUT A DIET.

>> No.39139440

Conversion beuro drawback from the jump that shall not be named. Went a similar rout of doing things like anti-spiral anon but the nature of the drawback gave me access to a certain soul destroying/reforming potion and discover the elements nature and the talents system they possess to create highly specialized and talented workers. Plus being able to obliterate a race of awful creatures off the face of the multi vers feels good. REALLY GOOD.

>> No.39139469

I took a Blank Eidolith from FFXIII. Through a combination of Psychonautics, Unusually Uninteresting Sight, Asskicking Equals Authority, Powerful Mind, Aggregate Impact Psychotherapy, and copious amounts of Willpower perks, I could potentially force anything to submit to me, by journeying into its mind and punching its psyche into submission.

What should I stick into it?

>> No.39139556

Iji. I took pride and sakeras song. I was the sole inscriber of humanity's epitaph, and it was written in the blood of those who killed them. All who approached me had their attacks reflected back as their bodies disintegrated from my nanoswarm. I didn't need to dodge 'lesser' attacks - due to my insane durability, regen, and mastery of several kinetic variants of psionics, there was literally nothing they could throw at me that could stop me.

i don't usually take such a route in jumps, but short of a few choice individuals, the tasen and komato are irredeemable cuntbags, and I had a lot of pent-up aggression to vent at that point

>> No.39139829

Macross. I murdered Lynn Minmay and didn't feel a single shred of guilt over it.

>> No.39139910

Commorragh Jump
Male, 1,026yo
- Location
- Identity
Trueborn (900)
- Abilities & Skills
Dark Eldar Physiology
Power from Paint
Highborn Privilege
Warrior Instincts (800)
Companion Import (Giacinta) (600)
Paranoia (450)
Archon (150)
Pre-Fall Science (-450)
- Items
Kabalite Armor
Splinter Rifle
Soul Trap (-600)
- Drawbacks
Pissed off (Kabal of the Bloody Storm) (-400)
Pissed off (Kabal of the Emerald Talon) (-200)
Pissed off (Kabal of the Slashed Eye) (0)
- Companions
-- Warrior
-- Dark Eldar Physiology
-- Power from Pain
-- Warrior Instincts
-- Wych (250)
-- Drugs (Adrenalight) (200)
-- Drugs (Hypex) (150)
-- Drugs (Serpentin) (100)
-- Shredder (0)

Well, it's odd but I quite like being a Dark Eldar. I brought along the only other person I could trust to be agile, and at the same time deadly. Giacinta has always been my ace in the hole for this type of work. It doesn't help that she's already an expert swordswoman.

Unfortunately it seems that we've made no less than three Kabals angry. They throw their resources at me, like nothing, but I can out maneuver their warriors in combat and out do their Archons politically. I've already had years of experience with sociopaths, and with Nightmare discipline from Vampire the Requiem I can get what I want rather easily. I turned the three Kabals that are after me, against each other with ease.

Early on I came across a datapad detailing all the information of the sciences since Pre-Fall. However nothing about the psychic wraithbone, which was kinda disapointed but at least there's more goodies. It took a lot of resources, but I made a holofield which breaks up my image and makes it harder to focus on. It's what the Harlequins have, along with their anti-gravity belt which I too developed a copy of.

- Cont -

>> No.39139934

This was a fun jump, but I quite didn't like the paranoia bit. I had enough of that with being a vampire, now it was like ten times worse. Having to constantly kick off others off the ladder, while at same time watching your own back. On top that they have to torture for nourishment, which was delicious but it wasn't fun. There was a bunch of hot Dark Eldar women around, and I was debating on wooing Lelith Hesperax, but I decided against it. Although I did enjoy her performances, she was Vects and I rather not piss that guy off.

After ten years of this, it's time to move on. Luckily the thirst goes away, and I'm left with just the upsides of the Pain is Power. I quite like my Dark Eldar form and decided to adopt it. Giacinta went back to her usual Viera form.

>> No.39140802

Question about Steven universe, if you go gem you don't have gender anymore right? How does that affect you in your next jump when most other jumps have binary genders?

>> No.39140836 [SPOILER] 

And my form I usually take when I'm trying to go incognito, with the body mod colors. Thus proving YES I'M CAPABLE OF BEING NORMAL SIZE SHUT UP.


-Background: Drop-In (Free) -NO ONE SHALL KNOW ME.
-Overclock (Free) -Eh, a little bit of boosting isn't bad.
-Chronostasis (900CP) (Discount) -You never know?
-Encumber (800CP) -Who knows? Juking people's minds could be fun.
-Antimatter Temporal Principle (600CP) -HA HAAAA! Researching CHAOS. What could go wrong?!
-Seed of Yggdrasil (300CP) -LET IT BEGIN.
-Survival Knife Type 3 (200CP) -Allowing me to identify gods? I'm okay with this.
-Pocket Watch (Free) -Oh hey, nice.
-Perimeter Control Interface (0CP) -JUST IN CASE.
Dice Rolls: Luxerion, 17 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

So THIS IS WHERE SHIT GETS WEIRD. I don't wanna mess with souls. BUT. The Yggdrasil tree seems to be able to feed off of emotions and after talking with the jump maker, things like spiritual energy (a la Soul Smith from Dark Souls) or Mantra from Asura's Wrath... that may work.

Remember how I've been harvesting Mantra, especially Lust Mantra, right from the internet?

I guess I'm making my trees part Yggdrasil as well! And attempting to modify them via Jurai tree technology mimicking the Mantra cybertech from the Hindu Godbody/Mantra Reactor... making them grow EVEN MORE AMAZING via the power of the Mantra! Maybe even let them STORE the Mantra to make them way, way more efficient power units!

Oh I'm gonna have SO MUCH FUN.

>> No.39140941

I don't give a shit what Sugar says, they look like women, they use 'she', and they apparently possess enough girl to get knocked up by human men. They're women. They're women the same way I'd call a gynoid a woman were it sapient.

>> No.39141164


I wonder what the differences between a tree powered by lust and a tree powered by sloth are.

>> No.39141196

Have you ever see Evil Dead?

>> No.39141204

Lust is on top, sloth is on the bottom?

>> No.39141213

Would the tree even grow?

>> No.39141236

Just show it a pretty shrubbery or something. That'll make it grow pretty quick.

>> No.39141271

I... I don't know. I mean it might just be the most lazy tree ever.

>> No.39141458


Clearly lust tree has very dextrous roots.

>> No.39141564 [DELETED] 

If you're wondering why I just kinda fell off the face of the planet today, I've been up to something.

[spoiler"]Nine years, three hundred and sixty four days, five hours. That's how long you've spent in this world. It's boring, yes, isn't it? Too much like home. Today, though, you heard something interesting. There's a creaky old mansion on the top of a gnarled hill nearby, and it's been said the place is haunted. Perhaps you ought to go check it out? Certainly more fun than sitting around here posting about young women with magical powers and frilly outfits they transform into.

As you arrive at the gates to the mansion, you check your timepiece – 6:00 PM. It isn't even dark out yet, but the sun is rather low in the sky. To your surprise, you aren't alone – there are six others set to explore this home. An athlete, a young girl clutching her poofy dress, a small boy with a lantern in hand, a bare-midriffed woman who appears to ply a trade as a fortune teller, a woman in business attire who seems to already regret coming here, and an elder man, fidgeting with his glasses. He seems to be the only one who knows what he's doing." [/spoiler]

Keep in mind that this is taking a back seat to Harlock until said Jump is done, especially as I'm still deciding on implementations.

>> No.39141591

Good job.

>> No.39141603

If you're wondering why I just kinda fell off the face of the planet today, I've been up to something.

"Nine years, three hundred and sixty four days, five hours. That's how long you've spent in this world. It's boring, yes, isn't it? Too much like home. Today, though, you heard something interesting. There's a creaky old mansion on the top of a gnarled hill nearby, and it's been said the place is haunted. Perhaps you ought to go check it out? Certainly more fun than sitting around here posting about young women with magical powers and frilly outfits they transform into.

As you arrive at the gates to the mansion, you check your timepiece – 6:00 PM. It isn't even dark out yet, but the sun is rather low in the sky. To your surprise, you aren't alone – there are six others set to explore this home. An athlete, a young girl clutching her poofy dress, a small boy with a lantern in hand, a bare-midriffed woman who appears to ply a trade as a fortune teller, a woman in business attire who seems to already regret coming here, and an elder man, fidgeting with his glasses. He seems to be the only one who knows what he's doing."

Keep in mind that this is taking a back seat to Harlock until said Jump is done, especially as I'm still deciding on implementations.

You didn't see anything. There were no broken spoilers.

>> No.39141942

Should we have an ancient krypton Jump? We can call it "the end of everything you love".

You can lead krypton against the Daemonite and Kherubim empire and the amazons.

>> No.39141954

I want to make some announcements on WoW Jump

1.) I forgot to add what CP amount companions get, that will be clarified.
2.) 0cp Option for Transmogrifing gear.
3.) Getting rid the Rare, Weapons & gear. Epic gear will be reduced in price to Rare was. Also adding in rings/necklaces.
4.) Going to attempt to make a mentioning about stats and how they affect you.

Seeing how there's a difference in the amount of stats between Vanilla to TBC to even WoD with stat crunch. You might be inclined to think that a Uncommon shit stick will get you more OMPF, than say Legendary weapon with weaker stats.

In game that's true, but for purposes of Jump, I'll try explain things.

>> No.39142289

So Ninjanon, in the jump it says that ninjas chakra reserves increase over time. So is there a cap on how much they can grow, or does it just keep growing as long as you're alive?

>> No.39142307

>Inb4, couldn't we just pick this as a setting for the DC jump?

Probably not, especially since this seems to be comicbook Kryptonians with access to all their tech. It looks like it'd be very broken, and that filename is definitely not helping.

I'd definitly take it if it was made though, it looks cool and I need a full powered Kryptonian DNA sample, I only have ones from DCAU.

>> No.39142463

I was thinking of a satirical piece that was more grimderp for the derpthrone than logical and moral reasons.

I also want that ship. And will burn worlds to do it.

>> No.39142482

Body Mod (600)
0600>Medium -000
0450>Beastial -150
0400>Sense 4 (3 Free Beastial) -050
0350>Shape 1 -050
0300>Strength 1 -050
0250>Endurance 1 -050
0150>Evercleansed -100
0150>Colour 1- Red (Free Beastial) -000
0050>Flexibility 1 -100
0000>Endowed (1) -050
I take twilight just after this, so it's no big deal.
END us just for LoT

>> No.39142552

So, other than the jumps which explicitly let you purchase new companions (or grant them to you as part of the ending), how does a Jumper go about kidnap- er, recruiting canon characters?

I know there's something called a "Stasis Pod" in the Cosmic Warehouse, but each one of those takes up 20 of your 150 precious points. Is there any way to get more points for the warehouse after the fact?

>> No.39142607

Nope. You're limited by Stasis Pods and companion purchases. Closest you can do otherwise is to eat their soul using Power of Dominance and Dark Binding, then regurgitate them later. Technically that works. But probably not very well. I imagine they'd wind up deeply damaged by the process.

>> No.39142615

Asking them if they want to come and giving them a ride in a pod is pretty much it. And there's no way to increase the points you get. But you can plan ahead with those points. Most of the warehouse options can be replicated by tech in other jumps.

>> No.39142637

Well, you could do the Renegade Jumper challenge jump, but not sure what other people think about it. Do it at your own peril, anyways.

>> No.39142668

I'm listening.

>> No.39142674

8 companions+7 pods.

I dunno how I feel about a new jump mechanic where multiple people are considered 1 companion, but it was first introduced by Babs in LoT, and I've played around with it a little.

The majority of the strength from allied forces builds (like summoner and companion) come from the stock troops and summons.

>> No.39142683

Don't do it, man - the fire rises every time it's brought up.

>> No.39142709

We're actually supposed to get more CP every 15 jumps though right?

>> No.39142730


That got shot down right quick.

>> No.39142741

Nope. You get what you get.

>> No.39142742

What? For the warehouse? That's never been a thing.

>> No.39142779

I think it was proposed way back when, but no one was really in favor of it.

>> No.39142780

Must of read it for one of the other supplements then.

>> No.39142804

Well, that's disappointing. I thought you eventually got more points for the meta-CYOA stuff like the warehouse.

I don't suppose you can convert unused points from other jumps into points for those, either?

>> No.39142825

no, you get what you get

>> No.39142863

Nope. QS doubled the Warehouse base size and increased the points at around the thirty-thread mark (and then made an image to match at around the 200-thread mark) but that's it.

>> No.39142911

>but it was first introduced by Babs in LoT
No it was in a couple other jumps before that. Kirby and I think slice of life.

>> No.39142913

Nope it was meant so you don't take everyone from a setting you like or have an entire army of podded people into another world with you.

>> No.39143072

Ah right. I remember, Dweedle Dees. I keep forgetting about them since everyone emphasizes on how incapable they are.

>> No.39143121

All right, then. Looks like I'm stuck importing my whole pokemon team somewhere that will give them human forms.

This is going to lead to some awkward conversations.

>> No.39143237

It's Waddle Dees. And that's what makes them adorable! C'mon, haven't you ever wanted to send them on a task just to watch them fail at it? It's like pretending to throw a ball at a dog. They just get so earnest and confused. That's some entertainment right there.

>> No.39143299

We have already long since understood that you are sometimes arbitrarily cruel.

>> No.39143543

I treat the little guys as bundles of joy. I almost never have a bad day when they are around. Half of the friends I've made over my jumping career is others finding out I take care of them. None of my team likes seeing them hurt not even sad. They helped immensely in ravenloft and necronia by giving people something adorable to befriend.
I thought they were dead weight at first, but in the more depressing settings they were vital.

>> No.39143682

Ok, I've made the changes.

>> No.39143717


>> No.39143749


>> No.39143752

Refer to

>> No.39144150

A question about Steven Universe- "If I take Gem Science and You" then extensively scan and examine the deactivated Kindergarten, would I be able to replicate it eventually?

>> No.39144198

There are probably a good few magic immunity perks - Nejima springs to mind - so some of you might feel safe dealing with magic. But if your opponent happens to be immune to magic, what do you do? Have you invested in some talents to perhaps punch through immunities, or do you rely on summoning or creation effects, or perhaps even do you set aside your spellbooks and pick up your sword? What's your response to an enemy who refuses to be set on fire and die when they're told?

>> No.39144238

I have a lot of non magical powers, and always have my whipsword which was made using lord of light tech. This isn't really that much of an issue.

>> No.39144271

I try to avoid magic and instead focus on physical prowess and biological science/manipulation. Let's see how well they stand against several super-plagues and not-Zerg.

>> No.39144332


>> No.39144343

Are there any jumps with good perks for improving or amplifying a companion's existing innate abilities? I know Iji has "Overclock" but I'm wondering if theres something more, perhaps something training related?

>> No.39144383

I'm working on a companion upgrade system for my ill advised DxD jump.

Anything specific, just so I've got some ideas.

>> No.39144395

Border of Life(Touho)

>> No.39144441

Oh, I'm looking forward to that then. I'd just like a way to make my companions stronger in the things they already do. I've got a lot of options for giving them NEW powers, but I'm not finding much that stokes the fires already inside them.

>> No.39144476

Import them as elves in Obsidian, have them take Folded 1000 Times. Removes any caps on their power, means it can grow to ridiculous levels over time.

>> No.39144504

Don't do it, man. Do you want us to go the way of CYOA General or Towergirls? The moment such a thing found its way to the Drive, it would set a frankly disturbing precedent for Jumpchain.

They'd be throwing CoC, Towergirls, and bloody Sissy Life "jumps" at us in no time.

There is no return to sanity if you do this.

>> No.39144573

Stop it with your fear mongering. It'll be fine. DxD isn't an inherently lewd setting, it just has a reprehensible letch for a protagonist. You could write the entire jump without mentioning the fanservice save as a drawback. It won't set a precedent.

>> No.39144590

If it were me, I'd say yeah. It's not, but I'd still say you could do it.

I mean, I think the major difference is,
1) Magitech is way more complicated to replicate than regular tech, so be prepared for some bullshit.
2) The kindergarten is fucking HUGE.
3) You'll have to build and/or reprogram it all yourself, whereas the perk gives you a fully functional kindergarten for free, which attaches to your warehouse. Whereas one you built yourself either has to be dismantled and stored between jumps, or left behind and built anew each time.
So it's basically hard mode. But doable.

I personally said I made a cursory attempt to integrate it into my working knowledge of Mako Reactors (which work on a similar "life energy = product" idea), but the research was mostly incomplete, and I spent most of (one half of) my time reverse engineering everything ELSE. Especially Peridot's little robo-drones. Those things are cool.
My fortresses can totally go for the full magic palace vibe now, and it's awesome. I can totally create my own Gem Temple.

>> No.39144601


Mate, I want more companions, and I'm certainly not one for encouraging lucidity

5 minutes after the finished version is posted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzA6kMTbUQI

>> No.39144616

The GI Joe jump is going to have a bootcamp skill so you can pass things along. Give them useful skills and options that synergize will with their natural abilities. Give them boot camp so you can use them to pick up extra skills for you. Most important, teach them Softcap and related skills.

>> No.39144623

Slice and dice.

>> No.39144677

>I'm certainly not one for encouraging lucidity
That explains why there's not a clear reason why you want the jump.

>> No.39144694

Don't do it. Other jumps we've had, they can at least hide the lewd under a plot. There is no hiding it with DxD or anything similar to it. The second it's released, it's going to cause people to make bullshit like Monster Girl Quest or CoC or other bullshit.

'cause we all know people can't possibly figure out ways to do lewd on their own time despite Fallout and Star Trek giving us perks for it. We don't fucking need lewd jumps, stop insisting you're so bad that you can't use phenomenal charisma skills to grab someone. Fuck, IMAGINE something for once.

>> No.39144733

You're only saying that because the main character is a pervert, there is nothing inherently lewd about anything but him. And apparently a number of people just want to go there to kick his ass.

>> No.39144779

>ignoring how the redhead girl walks around naked all the time and encourages lewd
>ignoring the insane harem that apparently lesbians each other all the time
>ignoring the rival who's just as big into asses
>ignoring all the damn lewd built into the setting

>> No.39144783

That's pretty much my thoughts. I don't want DxD for lewd, I want it for the Holy Cold War and so that I can slap Issei upside the head. I could care less about waifuing.

>> No.39144869

As long as it's just skills and things that aren't innate to the person.

>> No.39145026

Fucking here cunt>>39144783
It would only become lewd if you make it lewd. Bugger off

>> No.39145036

I tend to mix psychic/esper attacks in with my magic as a precaution against that sort of thing.

>> No.39145046

Yeah, it's a cool setting that suffers because of who we follow as an audience. The interactions between devil, fallen angel, and angel societies is very interesting. The whole "Cold War" thing they have going on would be really cool to explore.

>> No.39145055

>it's only lewd if you make it lewd
Keep telling yourself that. And when CoC and Tower Girls and Sissy Life start pouring in, we'll see how long that logic lasts.

>> No.39145060

... What makes me sad is that High School DXD would be an awesome place to jump to if it weren't for all the lewd shenanigans.

As a side note, Longinus class Sacred Gears are bullshit. The regular SGs are okay because at most they do instant healing, temporarily double your power once, or just make swords of varying magical attributes.

>> No.39145088

Help Dilemma. Seikon No qwaser is the only setting that has intensive elemental manipulation that is referece using the Periodic Table (Iron , bronze , mercury) But its an ecchi setting

What other alternatives do i have for the setting that has that ability? Because i dont want a shitstorm of my lewd bullshit but i really need those powers

>> No.39145101

Full metal alchemist?

>> No.39145102

Well, I am in the process of building a martial arts super robot that transforms into a gun as its ultimate attack...

More importantly, I have spent a great deal of the chain in making guns as powerful a combat option as possible. I'm not worried about magic immune foes. My guns are slightly less overkill, congratulations.

>> No.39145105

We've had this sort of slippery slope argument about jumps setting a precedent before. It's never born out. Have some faith in the community to know where to draw the line.

>> No.39145115

If you wanna get to periodic elementals, remember that Redcloak uses them all the time in OOTS, so theoretically any 3.5-based D&D jump where you get a class that can summon elementals should work.

>> No.39145165

ooh, and I haven't taken that one yet either.
Excellent, I'm looking forward to GI Joe already!

>> No.39145174

>CoC and Tower Girls and Sissy Life
i have no problem with that really. Either way there are some setting i would not take and just simply ignore them

But even if your "Slippery slope" problem does exist and this shit would pour in /jc/ would handle it how saltyanon handled inquisition. HE would ignore the goddamn jump. Because after that shit has been posted he hates the setting too much to even touch or talk about it. Either way not much people will talk about it , the hype will die down and on to the next jump. Your fears are only true to yourself.

>> No.39145180

>Seikon No Qwaser
>High School DxD
>Manyu Hikencho
Whelp. Guess Jumpchain is getting overwhelmed with lewd jumps.

>> No.39145195

>That's pretty much my thoughts. I don't want DxD for lewd, I want it for the Holy Cold War and so that I can slap Issei upside the head. I could care less about waifuing.

Right, so I was going to make the rules for going king class the same across the board. You're saying you don't want that? Maybe have your cake and eat it too.


I will be sure to place the next stepping stone down with the MONSTER GIRL CYOA /jp/ hard working girls that only sometimes want the dick edition

>> No.39145209

I don't know about you anon, but I don't want to be erased by janitors or have our threads get turned into cancer like cyoa general because they can't fucking decide if futa is gay or not.

>> No.39145220

They won't, so chill the fuck out.

>> No.39145225

Y'see I'm fine with High Scholl DxD because of all the potential and how neat the setting it is outside of the lewd stuff.

Monster Girls is where I stop agreeing with you and start going FUCK NO.

>> No.39145260

At this rate, Senran Kagura will happen in a week.

Now I wish I'd kept Smugduck.

>> No.39145266

>monster girls
Yeah, no. That's where you cross the line and start sounding like MoeAnon. "OH it's just rape it's not so bad, you're all just prudes". No.

Easy to claim that, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Next thing we know people will start clamoring for multiplayer.

>> No.39145297

FMA is transmutation only man. It doesnt have you know the whole pulling out iron from your own blood sadly. Nor creating Bronze dolls

>if futa is gay or not.
/jc/ integrity do exist. We are obssesed with the adventure anon , even if we do talk about futa that would only last for awhie. After all it is more important to continue the chain than talking about dicks. We would always talk about genoicide, Red and Kanon's love life, Jump Chan or even the shit we do even more

im sorry OOTS?

>> No.39145306

I'd like to do it, don't get me wrong, but only if I could make it interesting with low emphasis on the lewd.

>> No.39145316

But we already have potatoes, anon.

It's too late.

Domain Master jump when?

Why yes that is a joke, nobody actually do that please. I'd like not to remember that mess.

Fyrdsman did nothing wrong, gods rest his soul.

>> No.39145335

Order of the Stick. It's a 3.5 webcomic consisting of wordswordswords.

>> No.39145341

Magical Realm jump when.

>> No.39145361 [DELETED] 

It has to have low emphasis lewd man. because if it didnt, it wont belong to TG

Yes anti-lewd people i stand by your side if isnt low lewf emphasis and screams sex. Otherwise i support Ecchi jumps

>> No.39145389

Just make a straight DxD jump, no need to split it into 2 different jumps.

You can fold the buy-able companions/upgrades into a standard jump just fine, no need to make a specialized one dedicated just to the Rating Games.

>> No.39145396


It has to have low emphasis lewd man. because if it didnt, it wont belong to TG

Yes anti-lewd people i stand by your side if is low lewf emphasis and doesnt screams sex. Otherwise i support Ecchi jumps

>> No.39145400

There's literally a ton of charisma perks, shapeshifting perks, a few perks that make you a god damn sexual tyrannosaurus, and perks that make you as attractive as a god.

You don't fucking need ecchi jumps. Just fucking TRY. How bad do you have to be to demand ecchi jumps just so people can say you get laid?

>> No.39145403

nah tho
here's hoping you can keep it low emphasis

>> No.39145410

Consider that Red and Wakfu were both in Magical Realm back when it was a thing.

Consider also that they were both scarred for life.

I've hopped into the IRC once or twice and heard Wakfu pine for his old dinosaur realm.

>> No.39145478

Go for it! Its really not hard to find interesting stuff about HS DxD that doesn't have to do with lewd stuff. Like other anons have said, the setting gets a bad rap because we see it through the eyes of a horrible pervert. There's little wrong with the setting itself.

>> No.39145483

Because i dont want sex
As you said i can get it any jump. But what i want is the unique things i can get From those lewd jumps! Defeating the goddess in MGQ. Genre Shifting COC and Tits, Elemental manipulation in seikon no qwaser. I want the unique tresure these setting have not sex which is an oversaturated commodity.

Also here>>39145396

>> No.39145598

So get them elsewhere and think.

Elemental Manipulation can come from Marvel, Touhou, Xiaolin Showdown, etc.

Tits... literally ANY jump. Any jump at all. Shapeshifting or Gene perks galore.

Genre shifting you can get in Eva. If you want to mess with CoC, do it post spark. We don't want that.

Seriously, there is no good reason to ever have such settings. It's nothing but lewd, it encourages lewd, and it will degrade the topics we have. I'm not saying they're good all the time, but I'd rather we not degrade any more than we have. It's going to turn into shit if we bring those in.

>> No.39145626

I know, I've refined the idea.

Basically the fluff is going to be that as a jumper, no matter what faction you go with you need to consume a piece to be revived after your inglorious death. So if you're a King Tenshi or a King Datenshi you generate some pieces and can have a set. It makes the factions a lot more even that way.


>it wont belong to TG

kek, pic related

Alright, so question then. Do you want a small, and I mean small, subset of perks related to being perverted so should I just make this as straight faced as possible?

>> No.39145667

>subset of perks related to being perverted
this is not a good idea

>> No.39145722

I'd rather not have any perverted perks. The most it should come into play is as jokes in any charisma perks you mind up including. Like "You're so charming that minor inappropriate behavior on your part is overlooked or even encouraged. For example, your lecherous ways could lead to something as improbable as a children's show named after your fetish."

>> No.39145723

>Alright, so question then. Do you want a small, and I mean small, subset of perks related to being perverted so should I just make this as straight faced as possible?
Fuck no.

I'll repeat it, even. FUCK NO.

Your pic is also a terrible reason for attempting to justify it, as most of /tg/ can't fucking keep it in their pants.

>> No.39145727

Didn't think so. Just wanted confirmation.

>> No.39145728

This won't end well.

>> No.39145749

it's nothing but lewd, it encourages lewd,
>Low emphasis of lewd is what i ask
Two completely different ideas. you arent understanding me

>but I'd rather we not degrade any more than we have. It's going to turn into shit if we bring those in.
Again slippery slope wont work here man in /jc/
Generic lewd jump happened and we aint obssessing about sex 24/7 . Evidence already point out it wont happen m8. But even if it does, i still find the Unique contributions is worth the risk because it still goes back to continuing the chain anyway we can and gathering unique properties.

Also as much you are right in those powers, i can't kill Isha in any other jump other than MGQ

> subset of perks
one sex appeal perk man . Less you prove the doom sayers right.

>> No.39145775

Hey gu-

>mfw at last five hours of thread

>> No.39145786

>Consider that Red and Wakfu were both in Magical Realm back when it was a thing.
Many of us are refugees from the old country. I emigrated from there by way of StarDust before landing in /jc/.

There are any number of jumps that are a quick conversion to Magical Realm or lewd if that's what you need. For a whole lot of reasons, making a jump that caters to one or both of those things is a bad idea.

Speaking purely for myself, there are parts of my chain I don't discuss. Long term plans and certain jumps in particular I just keep quiet about. If you have a niche need, feel free to fulfill it but don't throw it in people's faces.

>> No.39145792

So fucking kill her post-spark. Don't turn the /jc/ into shit just because you want to get your murder on.

>> No.39145793

Hi! A break away from the lewd for a moment, I have a question. Oh, first, here's an offering.


I do not know, if I should make a pod item in there or not. Frankly I'm torn, because we do have a 7 pod limit set by warehouse, and this probably introduces a terrible precedent. So while it fits aesthetically, I'm on the fence and leaning towards no.

All else, here's Zoids - 5% complete.

>> No.39145795


>> No.39145798

Is the High School of the Dead jump up for adoption? or did someone already grab it?

>> No.39145823

>pod item


>> No.39145831

No, don't put in a pod item. The limit is there for a reason, you shouldn't set such a horrible precedent.

>> No.39145841

>a Warhammer goddess
>in MGQ

>> No.39145849

I'd weather you not.

>> No.39145851

>Not Casting an empowered magically enhanced wish spell to Smug Duck the entire universe just to troll them all.
It's lewd but eh it's a tolerable level of lewd without the main character. Other people have mentioned there are interesting aspects of the universe. You can just avoid the main characters and explore those if you don't want to deal with the lewd or the dumb.

>> No.39145863

Ooh, I like these perks. Anything that lets me make my mecha cooler is a good thing. Too good. I don't know what to pick. That's always a good sign in a jump.

>> No.39145870


feckin' cellular telephony!

>> No.39145871

Anon, calm down. I'm only really interested in the setting of DxD which was completely squandered with the pervertedness of the show.

The wind blows against it, and so I must abide. Even if it upsets Slaanesh

>> No.39145888

I'd rather you not make jumps at all, if you're going to pull stuff like this

>> No.39145893

Guys, we already have Totally Spies, several furry jumps One-Arm's come to mind, and everything involving Slaanesh.

I'm surprised we hadn't tumbled town already, really. I'm not for these new things, but I am saying we were already in the gutter. Let's not kid ourselves.

>> No.39145896

>listening to Slaanesh
Khorne is most displeased.

>> No.39145912

Exactly. We have these things with tremendous potential for lewd, but we haven't acted on them. Highschool DxD won't tip that balance.

>> No.39145917

>Not Tzeentch

>> No.39145923

A simple "Sex appeal" and "harem" perk would be enough. One or two of those kinds of perks seems to be the limit on ostensibly "lewd" perks any jump has had.

Any more than one or two perks of this kind is totally unneeded.

>> No.39145925

Thread's spoken. ._. I'll implement a second set of perks to make up for the 500 instead.

>> No.39145929



>> No.39145946

I'm not entirely against it being made, if what you say about the setting is true, it's just that you'd need to be very serious about keeping things clean.
Which pervy perks are not

>> No.39145947

>implying One Arm's jumps are lewd
You've got:

-Horrible genocidal cockroaches
-Race wars with furry transformations and people killing each other
-Constant vampire/demon/undead problems a la Van Helsing

Unless you literally have a boner for murder, those are terrible excuses to justify lewd shit. Totally Spies was just... weird. I don't know, half the time physics just cried.

Warhammer also never focused on sex. Any time we heard about Slaanesh it was murder, cocaine, noise, and sensation blasting... not necessarily in that order.

Try again.

>> No.39145950

>pull stuff like this
Like what? Asking for the thread's opinion before doing something retarded?

>> No.39145973

For the same reason we mock you about anything: You're cute when you're flustered. Why do you think we keep calling you best waifu? Because you're adorable, and in response to calling you adorable you just get more adorable.

>> No.39146027

It's called testing the waters anon.

Well he can send his Khonetts after me. I'll wait

That's all I was thinking of doing. I might just make some charisma perks now though, with a little flavor from the show. Nothing in your face, rather, nothing worse than whats in the Archer jump.

>> No.39146036

...oh. Oh dear.

This thread got really weird in a hurry.

>> No.39146061

>Kanon's love life
sorry, I missed this earlier
when and how?

>> No.39146084

I think he missed out "Or lack thereof"

>> No.39146100

no, that was previously OAA's thing
I don't think I've put forth enough about my chain for any speculation like that

>> No.39146104

Right, because you totally haven't thought about how cute OAA is. He's like an adorable kitten.

>> No.39146152

Lies and slander.

If anything, I just casually point out a few things to him and watch him lose his shit. Like how being a 16'5" dragonboy means he's gotta size up Seras as well or face... equipment issues.

>> No.39146153


>> No.39146170

Dawww...okay, this is my new mental image for One-Armed Anon.

>> No.39146173

Since there are now a few D&D type jumps... About how many levels do you think a jumper can gain in their 10 years there reasonably?

>> No.39146178

a *POD* pod, we've never had. But there are pod-like items, like the Feather from Harvest Moon, and the Ring from Kantai Collection that can be used to companionize people in jumps that provide no companion option. They count as one of your eight companions though. Something like THAT probably wouldn't be out of place IF you've got something that fits with the jump.

>> No.39146218

I'm curious to hear what you think that reason is. I've always assumed that the pod and companion limit is so goddamned low is because it was all brewed up long before Jumpchain came to be what it is now.

>> No.39146219

Someone once said that with Experience Like A River, one could easily hit Level 18 in Forgotten Realms. I imagine a Jumper could hit Epic levels within 2, maybe 3 Jumps.

>> No.39146220

I've picked up nearly every magitech/engineering/SCIENCE!/nanomachines perk available, so I figure with some extensive scanning and research I should be able to re-produce a Kindergarten.

RWBY's size reduction tech, transformer tech, and shrinking magic will let me take a large facility with me from jump to jump.

Anno 2070's mass-fabrication tech will also aid me in building my own Gem incubating facility.

>> No.39146294

Well as experience and levels are really abstract measures of skills learned in a particular class. Wouldn't any learning perk help?

>> No.39146337

I'm not sure you realize, but he's now screaming incoherently in the IRC.

It's the most hilarious thing.

>> No.39146378

He's only proving my point. He's adorable when he gets flustered.

>> No.39146406

no bully plz

>> No.39146424

Since you're on the subject, would other D&D based Jumps interact? For example, if you build up a Wizard in Forgotten Realms and a Psion in OOTS, can you then pick up Mind Mage? I assume not, but it's worth asking.

>> No.39146425

To be honest, it's not low. You get most of your companions from jumps already, and have no limit on them except for how many are active at one point. On the other hand, having free reign on who you can bring with you (i.e.pods) is something that shouldn't be given freely.

>> No.39146429

>not geometrically


>everyone's faces when you're Epic levels within a year

>> No.39146575

One of these days I'm going to go to the /dsg/ thread on /vg/ and discuss the literary themes of the world in the painting. There's a lot of implications made with that little sentence.

>> No.39146579


Ramiel's eldritch scream always has a place in my heart.

Listen and rejoice!

>> No.39146593

Alright, /jc/, we've heard a bit about D&D jumps, so let me ask.

If you became any kinds of caster, which kinds and why?

>> No.39146605


>> No.39146623

I am sure you could particularly with those two you mentioned because they are both 3.5 based. The other ones probably work as well though might require a bit of fan wanking.

>> No.39146663 [SPOILER] 


>> No.39146671

Cleric. I like healing powers. The idea of magic that exists only to help people appeals to me a lot.

>> No.39146691


>> No.39146724

Flame Strike. Death Knell.

>> No.39146729

It's a relief seeing so many healers here.

>inb4 "but nobody plays Eniripsa"

>> No.39146750

I went Wizard in one and Favored Soul in another.

>> No.39146757

Yeah, clerics have some nasty combat spells, too. I didn't say they were nothing but healers. I said that I want healing magic. Doesn't matter if other clerics could become deadly, I'm going to be purely benign.

>> No.39146758

Pfft. Healers get all the ladies.

>> No.39146760

> Cleric
> Not even sorcerer

Enjoy relying on deities, you plebs.

>> No.39146773

Before I studied Engineering I was studying nursing
It's true

>> No.39146800

Sorcerer/Wilder/Ur Priest for 999 casting. Sorcerers are flavorful and cheesy, Wilders are good flavor any synergistic to the Jump, and Ur Priest was because you can build out a demilich with epic casting at level eleven, so why not round off with the odd man out? I pick up Wilder in OOTS because my FR track is jam-packed with random prestiges I think could be cool like War Mage for that +3 to every spell damage die, Tainted Scholar dip for that +arbitrary spell slots and save DC, Mystic Theurge for the dual progression.

>> No.39146804

>being the sledgehammer

Xykon pls go.

>> No.39146809

You can be a cleric of a philosophy, no need for a god. I generate my magic through belief in the greatness of the human spirit. You, on the other hand, have your magic because grandma fucked a lizard.

>> No.39146813

it depends on what your goals are really. The 15 you can bring with you with pods+8 companions is a lot as far as battle partners go, I'll grant you that. But if you're trying to collect a big harem, 15 really isn't that many.

It also still frustrates me that I rarely get the opportunity to field my whole Platoon at once. IMO, each squad in it should count as a companion slot, not each person. Or they should be able to fill in as like... ship's crews and stuff.

>> No.39146859

> You, on the other hand, have your magic because grandma fucked a lizard.

She made love to a lizard, you degenerate.

>> No.39146861

Not particularly. It just makes it so that you have to rotate your squads out from time to time, or rotate your harem out. Though you have to consider that in the warehouse, you can have all of them out at once. It's really not that big a restriction.

>> No.39146863

ugh, i hate when a jump leaves me with 50cp and there's nothing, at all, that you can spend 50cp on.

>> No.39146870

I chose to be Cleric/Druid. Because Divine Spellcasters get all their level spells in one go, and just get to pick from a list every day, and are still really effective. As opposed to wizards, who have to run around buying scrolls. Also, divine casters don't have any bullshit "has to sleep a requisite number of hours before they're allowed to memorize spells" rules.
It's really just easier.

> Divine Spellcasters
> The lazy option

>> No.39146895

Because you can make sex with a lizard classy to begin with.

>> No.39146906

But the vast majority of jumps don't offer you the option to buy them in as companions, so the pods, feather and ring are necessary to correct the oversight. I'd jump at the chance for something like a 10cp pod in an updated warehouse that didn't count as a pod person, but instead counted towards your 8 companion limit. still at 15, gives me more recruiting options.

>> No.39146919

>>You, on the other hand, have your magic because grandma fucked a lizard.
>Not fucking lizards
Once you go cloaca, you never go backa.

>> No.39146938

...you know what, I think I'll be good with mammals epic, you have fun

>> No.39146947

>Once you go cloaca, you never go backa.
Should have went with 'once you go scaly you'll come back daily'.

>> No.39146958

Yeah, Steve, because it's so much worse than that little Thri-kreen barmaid you've been seeing.

Didn't think we knew about that, did you?

>> No.39146989


And some magic hands.

>> No.39147047

So...since D&D is being discussed... would it be terrible to fan wank the 3.5 D&D jumps to the pathfinder system?

>> No.39147057


>> No.39147061


I went paladin for FR.

I suppose for OOTS or similar I'd go cleric. Got a bit of arcane-style magic already.

>> No.39147077

Which Jump is it? I always try to make sure that's not possible in mine, but I'd like to know if I've screwed up.

>> No.39147109

Probably. I'd still take the chassis to the base classes from Pathfinder if I could, just because all the casters got buffed, which meant that Sorcerers finally had a reason to exist aside from kobold dairy farms.

>> No.39147156

I would say its fine until someone makes a proper Golarion Jump (or something).

>> No.39147158

Obsidian Tower Trilogy. The perks come in 200, 300, 400, 600 and 800 cp tiers, so, with your discount if you take the 300cp perk, you wind up with 50 wasted.

>> No.39147164

Cleric because sometimes I fuck up and need a rez.
Wizard because knowing all the magic is important.
Sorcerer/Warlock combo to recreate what is probably my best optimized build using those, prestige class I think was called Eldritch Thurge, and some reserve feats.

>> No.39147246

Ah, sorry. Not mine. That sucks. There's a similar problem in the Musician Jump; the author said he was writing a 50 CP perk to put in, but never actually updated it.

>> No.39147274

Most Jumps provide a 50CP option that gives you dosh. Maybe just assume that Jumps that don't have one, give you some extra dosh for left over 50CP? Money GENERALLY isn't that important in the grand scheme of things.

>> No.39147297

Eh, I'm not comfortable assuming that. I'll eat the 50cp loss, it's just bothersome is all.

>> No.39147304

If it is you can always use your jumper powers to steal some

>> No.39147337

Yeah, still very incomplete. It's a bad time in RL for actually getting stuff done. I've been meaning to get back to it, but I'm not sure when that'll be happening.

>> No.39147344

Fair enough. I usually am not either. I was just suggesting it.

>> No.39147511

>Well, the power works by making the subject, his death, into an illusion.
Hmm. How does that mix with perks like Singular Reality?

>> No.39147610

Probably trumps it, but you'd have to ask ninjanon. It's not you that's being tricked or illusioned, after all. It's a simple observation of fact - or rather, of fiction. Something like a conceptual attack rather than a mental one, but it's not even targeting you, either, so there's nothing for you to resist.

>> No.39147640

Singular reality wouldn't do anything to it; Izanagi is used only on it's wielder. You'd notice it's bullshit but Singular Reality doesn't keep anyone else from falling prey to illusions, so it'd work normally.
Also it's dumb. Fucking Tinkerbell-I-believe-it-so-hard-it-becomes-reality bullshit.

>> No.39147681

The illusion is placed on him, it's a power that lets you warp reality by turning real things into illusions, and turning illusions into real things. The keep yourself alive through stuff is basically the lowest end use of the power. Not that the high end ones are really further expanded upon.

>> No.39147689

Since you're here, what's your stance on the Izanagi question. Can you grow more eyes with shapeshifting, or cloning your eyes entirely and implanting them as spares, to get around blinding yourself? Or does the Rinnegan handle that, since it keeps your eyes from fucking up from other mango juice?

>> No.39147760

Rinnegan handles it. It's kind of a spirtual mumbo jumbo sort of thing, so I'd say shape shifting or cloning it wouldn't work. Remove curse from DnD might reset them though.

>> No.39147795

Other froms of supernatural healing may also work; it's grey area and you'll have to fanwank it.

>> No.39147854

WAs actually hoping to catch you online.

Working out a plan for Van Helsing's All Is Lost + Bring The Dawn drawback set. Was told you made a build for it but I couldn't find it anywhere. What was your plan, and what would you suggest for it?

>> No.39147864

Wait shit, I misunderstood the question.
Rinnegan won't handle Izanagi or Izanmi, and you'll need a pretty badass form of supernatural healing to get the eye back. Like Miracle or that one sain't dust from dragon age some shit.

>> No.39147874

>Like Miracle or that one sain't dust from dragon age some shit.
I meant Saint's dust. Maybe I should just go get some sleep or something. I'm fucking up even more than normal.

>> No.39147932

Hey, Ninjanon (or anyone else, really). What're the benefits of getting implanted Rinnegan eyes? As the beloved Apprentice of Pein/Kanon, I am in a weirdly prime position to just jack those after Pein dies and completely fuck up the last leg of the plot.
I normally wouldn't do something so crazy, but they're basically just sitting right there in front of me.

Anyway, I always just sortof assumed the six paths would require some form of training, which, because Pein is obviously dead when I get them, I prettymuch cannot recieve. So is there any other benefit to having those things in my head? Or do they only serve as the ultimate Fuck You to Obito?

>> No.39147974

It'd work kind of like the implanted sharingan, but you'd get access to the paths too. Naturally you won't be as stong as pain is with them. You'd be significantly weaker than Obito is, unless your an Uchiha or a Senju in which case you'd have his level.
It'd also piss of that Obito loser too.

>> No.39148072

Obito's whole motivation was his dead girlfriend, right? Because she's totally going on my list of raise dead if so. Just to fuck with him. I'll go find the turtle demon and shove it back inside her and make him deal with that shit.

>> No.39148077

CHEESE FOR EVERYONE! JUMPERS! What was the most chaos you have ever done in a setting? Was it amusing, Terrifying, full of alcohol or what?

>> No.39148079

Fellow Jumpers, I have an important question for you all.

We can't keep adventuring forever, even with immortality and a spark. We'll eventually get bored of it.

So my question is, what will you do when you retire?

I plan on just living the simple life of a farmer on my own planet.

>> No.39148080

Wait, so you can skip out on shit load of cp by just stealing them from Pain? Senju is just 600cp (300cp Clan Born/Orphan). You just saved me a lot of CP.

>> No.39148129

I don't really know. Retirement isn't something I've considered - but maybe I could reach enlightenment or something like that once my work is done?

>> No.39148132

Visit all the friends I've made over the eons. I possess Unbreakable Bond from Persona, so I will remember all of them. I will do my best to support and nurture them, and my various favored universes. I have had the greatest opportunity to grow and improve myself. I can't help but want to give the same to others.

>> No.39148174

Well, that was probably the point of the proscription in the document on jacking bloodlines during the jump. I don't see why this is different.

>> No.39148188

Honestly, there's often a reason why jumpmakers don't offer the opportunity to buy canon companions. Maybe they think it's too meta, or whatever. Honestly, the pods do break rules already, in a sense. Anyway, if a jump doesn't offer the option to buy canon companions, the pods are what that's for.

>> No.39148202

Copy-Pasting from that same post.
>The plan was simple.

>Teach humanity how to firebend. Awaken their chakras, and show them how to wield their internal heat to beat back not only endless winter, but the children of the night. Distribute Extremis in a slow fashion, ensuring that each person receiving it was worthy of it. Those that were became capable of fighting even during extreme blizzards, showing not once the symptoms of hypothermia or frostbite.

>And those monsters that did not come to humanity's side, were burned away. I had to pound it into a few people's heads - several times over - that in some cases, violence was not the answer. That the flames could not be fueled by hatred or anger, lest they go out of control. Though some refused to listen, I am grateful that the majority took these lessons to heart.

>And starting from the barren wastes of northern Russia, the flames rose. My companions taught them healing magicks & spells of regrowth, Green Magic from Fiore coming to the forefront. Water magic came second, and all throughout I taught them the arts as well of Priests & Chanters. Where the flames scorched, they regrew. I had to hammer it into a few heads that you needed bloody moderation in all things - and THAT, I think, stuck with everyone.

Basically. Teach everyone everything I know and use the multitude of perks I have to ensure that my teachings are not used for evil or wicked purposes. Any method you have could likely work, but you have to bring back the sun.

>> No.39148223

I won't. I've rewired my neurology so that I'm incapable of ennui. Still capable of boredom on the short term, I was worried that altering that would mess with my ability to prioritize things. But the broader dissatisfaction that leads to growing bored with life isn't going to be a problem.

>> No.39148230

I'm going to go full circle, start granting powers to some lucky soul.

>> No.39148245

How would you choose that lucky soul?

>> No.39148258

the reason usually doesn't seem to be anything more than "couldn't be bothered" or "didn't feel like it"

>> No.39148273

Travel worlds, stalking people until I find something interesting. I'd probably be inclined to pick people who I either think deserve the boost, or whom I think would think like me.

>> No.39148323

So, Jumping into Familiar of Zero... Tiffania's the one I'd most like to work for, but her rune can kill you. Do you think she'd be happy with acting as my summoner and using me like a pokemon to do her bidding, or with me using my external powers in place of her burning up my soul for power? or am I going to have to worry about her doing something stupid?

>> No.39148371

>all that fire


>> No.39148379

Yeah, she'd be fine with either of those scenarios. Tiffania's nice, she'd never use your familiar power without asking you, and even then only in an emergency. Nothing to worry about.

>> No.39148400

Tiffania's sweet and very, very naive. Her magic is all about healing, so I wouldn't really worry about it. Talk to her and lay down the situation- let her know that casting mega-huge spells will rip bits of your soul out, and after she gets done crying she'll swear to never do it. Problem solved.

Just make sure to crotch-punch Saito when he starts perving on her.

>> No.39148406

>Uchiha or a Senju
Uchiha AND a Senju. Do I even type?

>> No.39148428

There are few situations in which "crotch-punch Saito" is not an appropriate response. I'm not saying there aren't any, but it's a very small set.

>> No.39148440

Excellent. She's just signed on a very powerful servant then. This pleases the jumper.

>> No.39148441

I usually offer canon companions any jump I make. I just don't choose very high power jumps or very popular jumps, or I gate them behind conditions.

If there's a 15 companion limit and people can pod scion anyways, I figure it doesn't hurt to give people the option to have "lesser" canon characters through CP.

>> No.39148448

Aww. Well still that's 400cp saved. Just jacking them from Pain. I won't have them right away, but 400cp saved could afford me another bloodline.

>> No.39148454

and as the one who feels like there aren't enough canon companion options, you have my gratitude.

>> No.39148481

>Tiffania's sweet and very, very naive
Well, I know who I'm corrupting on that jump.

>> No.39148508

Hmm, after I'm done? I'll probably retire to the paradise universe I'm working on, and just screw around there for a few eons or until I get bored and go out adventuring once more

>> No.39148515

But why?

>> No.39148550

Obito isn't that great at Rinnegan Shenanigans, but it will give you the core set. If you buy it you get in a pissing mmatch with Madara. Well. Before he also becomes a jinchuriki at least. Also remember this way won't give you all the basic elements.

>> No.39148559

I used martial arts combined with Kaguya and Corpse Style to rip them apart.

>> No.39148566

>If you buy it you get in a pissing mmatch with Madar
God damn it I'm going to bed. Every damn post I swear.

>> No.39148591

>shove it back inside her


Oh, you know-assemble the reagents and energies needed to trigger a big bang and create a universe of our own to retire in, where reality and our will are indistinguishable. Basically the cosmic entity equivalent of building your own dream penthouse brick by brick.

Meta translation: Once I finally get sick of jumpchain I go back to CYOA general and start playing another CYOA

>> No.39148618

>But why?
She's attractive and powerful, but she's holding herself back. I'm just going to open her up to new possibilities... in the most non-euclidean way possible.

>> No.39148620

Fuck off with your magical realm. We don't want your shitty lewd porn setting. DxD is one thing, outright porn is another. Fuck off.

>> No.39148638

FUCK OFF. Why do these retards support this? 'low emphasis'!? He''s talking about the MGQ SETTING!! He's trying to make that porn into a jump and all he's doing is pretending that it's okay because he doesn't put the fact that it's porn ni the text of the CYOA where men are constantly raped and abused by monsters who drink semen to live!

>> No.39148676


Oh man I remember the last time this came up.

How many threads did we spend on fire, not counting the time the thread literally split into two?

You know that's a recipe for disaster.

>> No.39148683


Mate, Monster Girl CYOA jump isn't happening I was fucking with you
Apply an icepack to your ass immediately

>> No.39148693

While I get the joke, sometimes it's best to just not mention it. More then a few people get awful touchy, and we all have to put up with their bitching.

>> No.39148710

Hmm...two posts saying pretty much the same thing, posted a minute apart, and starting up an argument that was put to bed hours ago. Either you're a samefag, or the two of you really need to get together sometime, with how in synch you are I bet you'd get along great.

>> No.39148715

>You know that's a recipe for disaster.
Oh, I don't know. Pretty curvy elf girls with a prediliction for nature magic are just the best ingredients.

Splice them with something eldrich, slash liberally with otherworldly, and add a hint of primal and you've got a solid chief minion.

>> No.39148745

That does sound pretty good.

>> No.39148761

So do you have something specific in mind?

>> No.39148765

I have a perk that keeps me from getting bored.

>> No.39148774

>that entire goddamn Zoidian perk tree

Holy fuck, are you saying in the event that a hypothetical Terminator jump is made you could use this to pacify Skynet? What happens if you try to use these perks on a Reaper, does it basically become tsundere?

>> No.39148782


i'm actually with saltynon here. DxD is dangerously borderline to an actual lewd jump. slippery slope arguments are bullshit, but i would rather not even joke about shit like MGQ. because when you do, people get salty, and then the salt mine opens up the fucking balrog's cavern and then we all get covered in flames and it's no fun for anyone

>> No.39148790

Now I'm imagining a balrog covered in salt. It's a funny image.

>> No.39148795


There's a fundamental difference between MGQ and DxD:

In DxD, the setting isn't inherently lewd, we just see if from the perspective of a super-perverted protagonist. There's a shitload of political intrigue and a whole 3 way Cold War going on between Heaven, Hell, and the Fallen Angels. We just don't see much of that because we're shackled to Issei, who is uninterested in learning more about the world. If we followed nearly anyone else in the setting as the protagonist, DxD would be far more interesting to watch.

In MGQ, the ENTIRE setting is inherently lewd. The very foundations of the setting are built on lewd, all the enemies are lewd, even all your allies are various shades of lewd. By design the entire world is suffused with lewd to such an extent that it is impossible to escape. Changing perspectives from the protagonist to anyone else isn't going to dampen the sheer lewd that's constantly shoved in your face.

TLDR: DxD is seen as lewd due to who we "see" the world through- not because the world itself is lewd, but MGQ is lewd no matter how you look at it.

>> No.39148802

>then the salt mine opens up the fucking balrog's cavern
While I understand the metaphor that actually sounds awesome. Imagine fighting a Balrog while it's heat is literally melting the salt around you.

>> No.39148811

This is something that causes endless shitstorms in the past. You can't joke about that in a way that isn't COMPLETELY OBVIOUS or nobody would be able to tell because people have been serious before.
>Starting an argument.
More like getting my voice in to keep him from making lewd shit. And no, I'm not 'samefagging'. I'm not pretending to be someone else, I just posted those replies separately to different posts while I was reading.

>> No.39148815

I know, that was my point. It's not something that we should even joke about, because it just sprays shit everywhere, regardless of anyone's feelings.

>> No.39148817 [SPOILER] 

So thread how far is too far for you? Morals, Science you wouldn't cross, Magic you wouldn't experiment, Final forms that would be horrifying even to you.

>> No.39148823

Well, that gif sure is doing the job.

>> No.39148837

>A seed to grow a metallic planet

...typo or is it actually meant to grow a goddamn planet?

>> No.39148853

Well as said she's already attractive and has nature magic, so why not build off of that?

I'd like to splice a few kinds of demon DNA together, maybe a succubus from D&D and a smattering of demons from Bayonetta, add in some angel from Eva, making sure to get the humanized portion of the form, and grab some reality warping abilities while I'm at it, maybe something Fisher King like. For the primal maybe a little Zerg, Plantform from SIMs, and Bloody Roar Fox (for the fluffy of course). Probably some Vampire, too, for good measure.

Blend all that together in the Geneforge to create a slurry of DNA and powers. Then inject Tiffania and you're good to go.

>> No.39148857

DxD is apparently shit and overpowered from what I hear, so I wouldn't like it as a jump. I don't care overmuch though, which is why I said it was 'one thing'. His apparent 'joke' about MGQ is what was freaking me out.

>> No.39148858

Hmm, they do combine my favorite two things. Cybernetics (Asura path) & Necromancy (Outer Path).

>> No.39148861

now imagine balrog from street fighter coming out with the balrog

or balrog from cavestory

yo dawg i heard you like balrogs

just up the page is someone arguing otherwise, but i haven't bothered to watch the show beyond clips so i guess i'll take your word for it

>Looks up melting point of salt
>801 degrees celsius

doesn't sound like fun at all, really

>> No.39148863

Zip, zilch, nada, nothin. From turning entire universes into buffets to burning down the Hundred Acre wood for giggles. Nothing is too far in the search for fun.

>> No.39148864

See: >>39148853

>> No.39148873

Truly this is the titty monster that was foretold in the prophecy.

>> No.39148875

The murderhoboing is strong in this one.

>> No.39148879

plant. I typoed. That and I'm sleepy after finishing 13-3.
Why...yes. that's what they pretty much did with Death Saurer until one of their race became a fucktard and provoked it to wipe them out.

>> No.39148883


If you keep talking about it the conversations going to continue. Or we can continue and I can watch a house burn down. I like fire.

>> No.39148887

Making TWO Mr. Bones' Wild ride.

>> No.39148896

>doesn't sound like fun at all, really
I think it sounds like fun because of the way salt melts and recrystallizes near it's melting point. Also I have perks that could handle those temperatures with out issue so the temperature isn't an issue.

>> No.39148900


Exploding evildoers is perfectly acceptable, so is mind controlling enemies to fight each other. Mental intrusion is...iffy.

Tampering with souls is completely off the table, as is the creation of sapient life.

My final form is very cybertron-meets-old-testament. My only concern is collateral damage.

>> No.39148903

Starts off wonderful, but quickly devolves to horrifying.

3/10: Would bang, but would feel conflicted afterward

>> No.39148923

Mhm~. These worlds were made for my enjoyment after all, everything in them is already mine. 'course, not everyone's willing to admit it at first, but you'll always have unruly pets or disobedient servants in life.

>> No.39148944

As much as I find many things wrong with that I can't help but respect that evilness.

>> No.39148960


Me - Purple Ranger; Zord - Dragonzord
Seras - Yellow Ranger; Zord - Smilodon
Nali - Blue Ranger; Zord - Pachycephalosaurus
Aveline - Orange Ranger; Zord - Allosaurus
Rotom - Electric-Blue Ranger; Zord - Velociraptor
Derun - Green Ranger; Zord - Mammoth
Ria - Red Ranger; Zord - Megaceros
Madarach (the Tentacruel) - Black Ranger; Zord - Triceratops
The Foxes - The Cyan Rangers; Zords - Andrewsarchus
Kassa the Ringtailed - Slate Ranger; Zord - Quetzalcoatlus
Astrub Knight Jeray - Gold Ranger; Zord - Styracosaurus
Varric Tethras - Gray Ranger; Zord - Coelophysis
Hooligan Tuesday - Silver Ranger; Zord - Utahraptor
Blind ‘Arry Slagshifta - White Ranger; Zord - Ankylosaurus
Medium Dave - Mint Green Ranger; Zord - Spinosaur
Covert Demonic Dragon, Kasumi Rogue - Midnight Ranger; Zord - Pteranodon
Battle Sister, Gelee - Violet Ranger; Zord - Glyptodon
Bigby - Brown Ranger; Zord - Amphicyonidae (Bear Dog)
Duchess Utarefson - Pink Ranger; Zord - Hyaenodon
Morathi - Mauve Ranger; Zord - Titanis

>Familiar of Zero
Age: 17-years-old
Location: Tristain Academy
Drawbacks: Bounty (+500)
Final Point Count: 1,500 CP
Origin: Mage

Powers & Skills:
-Elementalism: Water (Free)
-Elementalism: Earth
-Elementalism: Wind
-Elementalism: Fire
-Magical Science

-Wand (Free)
-Stone Weaving Instructions
-Familiar (Free)

>> No.39148961

That's only because she excites you

>> No.39148963

I don't spy on people. No mind reading, no scry without the die, suppress sensory techniques outside of combat, the works. I have had bad experiences with privacy violation.

Everything else is on the table though, even mucking around with souls.

>> No.39148972

i do try and keep myself to a stringent moral code. never take life needlessly, use my power to help those less fortunate where i can, and better the world i'm in however i can. i endeavor at all times to be both a hero, and an inspiration for heroism

stuff like mind control or puppeting someone's body is the most heinous thing i can imagine, so i would never stoop to that, but i will be pragmatic in a fight if i must.

>being surprised at val's murderhobo
welcome to /jc/

>> No.39148975

>Ranger Mauve
>Not Ranger Lewd
You fail at ranger names One Armed Anon

>> No.39148980

You have entirely too many zords. What do they even combine into?

>> No.39148994

Anon it would obviously be Unicron

>> No.39149007

Well, what can I say? I aim to please.

>> No.39149008

His missing arm.

>> No.39149012

>What do they even combine into
A prosthetic arm. He overcompensates.

>> No.39149026

How do you floss? That has to be a pain.

>> No.39149028



They all combine onto the Dragonzord. Which creates a truly horrific monstrosity.

I'm gonna see if I can't get art of it done. But my word, anon. It is a sight to behold.

THE JUMPER RANGER PROJECT WILL FOREVER GROW. It might not be god-trees or infinity exploding suns. But it's mine.

>implying I need to compensate

>> No.39149029

that timing is entirely magical

>> No.39149040

>Lewd isn't a color, Anon.
Not with that Attitude

>> No.39149047


>> No.39149051

What about a Color out of Space Ranger? Lovecraft lets you buy that right?

>> No.39149060

Well, I've made a concerted effort not to lose my emotions or morality. This has included not becoming anything specifically eldritch, not dealing TOO much collateral damage (some is unavoidable when fighting enemies that can't be reasoned with) and generally not trying to take over the world unless that's the only way to keep moving. I need to do as much good as I can, after all.

Now how to develop a healing spell with as much restorative power as a Dragon Slave has destructive power.

>> No.39149073

that sounds like a really bad idea, all things considered

>> No.39149074

Have you tried changing it to wombo?

>> No.39149101

We don't have Spongebob jump, so I couldn't set things to Wumbo even if I wanted to.

>> No.39149123

I'm sure everything will be fine. What could go wrong?

>> No.39149134

Am I insane or suicidal to try and see if I could get Ryuko or Satsuki to try and dress up like that image?

>> No.39149138


>> No.39149149


>> No.39149161

It's simple enough anon, just get into their heads and fiddle around. Soon enough they'll where whatever you want whenever you want!

>> No.39149179

I can never become completely evil and I'll always try to purse the least violent course of action possible. Every time I go to war it's to save people, or to help bring about a longer period of peace. I always try to act respectfully towards others, and I hold the safety & happiness of my companions as my 1st priority.

>Science & Magic
I'm ok with anything that's useful, won't drive the user insane or harm innocent people.

>Final forms that would be horrifying even to you.
Usually the stuff from Lovecraft, or anything too parasitic.

>> No.39149181

stop encouraging people to stoop to your level, you degenerate

>> No.39149188

I don't do evil unnecessarily for my goal. That's it. Otherwise I will do whatever I want.

>> No.39149194

They'd double-murder you if you tried that.

That's why you cast an illusion on them when they're asleep so that they look all done up in that disco-y way.

Just make sure to film the freakout/PTSD flashbacks, you know, before they gut you like a stuck pig.

Make mama-discomilf proud anon!

>> No.39149195

But that's boring,Valeria. It's like solving a Rubik's Cube by taking it apart and putting it back together in the aligned configuration. If you're going to rewrite peoples' brains you might as well just get new people entirely. Just build some robots that look like them, you're clearly not interested in actually accomplishing anything.

>> No.39149199


None of this is considering the fact that the Zords can combine on an individual basis. Or the fact that each Zord has, on it's own, a space-worthy jet plane form (from a combination of Macross & Ace Combat), a humanoid mech form (from Macross), each Zord has it's own weapon with dual-modes (as thanks from RWBY), and we're not getting into the individual weapon slots like the beam cannons.

>> No.39149209

Accomplishing? God no. I just want to get what I want.

>> No.39149213

Her level sounds fun, though.

>> No.39149221

They don't have to know it was you that placed the illusion on them you know.

>> No.39149231

her level is also the most heinous shit imaginable

do you really want to be on the same tier as the girl who hangs out with a dog-sized maggot that kills people with devil-botflies for fun

>> No.39149234

Come now Brows, I don't really need to encourage people. They'll come of their own free will soon enough.

>> No.39149236

Repostan for those who missed.

>> No.39149244

Nonsense, you care about accomplishment just as much as anyone else. If it was just about gratification you wouldn't bother to eat people, you'd just clone human flesh. There has to be some meaning behind an act, some sense that what you've done isn't just whimsy.

>> No.39149257

>burning down the Hundred Acre woods
That's funny because I'm doing my build for Winnie the Pooh right now, and I was just joking about burning the whole place down myself.

Did I miss something? When did Valeria become bat-shit insane and evil?

>> No.39149269

>Did I miss something? When did Valeria become bat-shit insane and evil?
She's been that way for months, man. Did you really not notice?

>> No.39149270

Since always?

Fuck, good luck finding a Jumper lately that isn't batshit insane and evil.

>> No.39149273

Uh... since she start posting as Valeria?

>> No.39149274

Aaah, but you're missing the point my dear. Eating people. It's not just the taste or the texture, but the taboo of it all, of committing one of the greatest sins in such excess that drives me. If I just cloned flesh it'd lose that special something. The feeling of taking a living beings life for my own hunger. S'why I love hunting.

>> No.39149280

Well okay, hanging out with maggot dogs and botflies doesn't sound too entertaining.

But taking what you want because you want it? Well, hey, who doesn't like that idea? COMMUNISTS, THAT'S WHO.

You a pinko, Brows?

Keep doing good things, Princess. I'm right behind you.

>> No.39149287

But Kotor aren't all Jumpers insane or have some quirk in one way or another?

>> No.39149291

Val has always been evil, full on eat the children, corrupt the wives, sell the men into slavery evil.

>> No.39149292

I collect t-shirts!

>> No.39149310

case and point.

>> No.39149316

I'm collecting my Full Course of Desserts!
That and elevating a former SEED candidate to Deity status.

>> No.39149320 [SPOILER] 

Since were on the subject of evil and just left the talk about lewd, I though I'd post this.

I'd say it embodies the best of both of those worlds!

Ans by best, I mean its horrifying in the extreme. Because she totally exists in the Skullgirls universe- as an NPC, granted, but still. I make it a point to deliver the Skullheart to her. For science.

>> No.39149322

You're on the right path anon!

>> No.39149331

>all Jumpers insane or have some quirk in one way or another?
I make bobble heads out of interesting people I meet. Helps me to remember the jumps.

>> No.39149333

Most of the time just skim though the threads, or don't read them at all. I guess I've missed most of her posts and forgotten all the rest.

Ha, maybe you, but I'm still perfectly fine. So what If I started three wars in a row, It's not like I have any control issues or anything, and everyone's doing so much better now that they're doing exactly what I want.

>> No.39149343

How is she or how is that lewd?

>> No.39149347

Well, evil is the easier way to do things.

It's plenty easy to stop caring about anyone but yourself. To go around acting like you know better than the whole world. For a Jumper, it gets even easier, because nine times out of ten you DO know better than everyone else in the world. It's so easy for those around you to become as ants - no wonder so many Jumpers go evil.

Only when one is able to place the mortals around them, individually, as equal to or above themselves, can they retain the empathy needed to do good as a Jumper.

Only when the ego is kept in check can one see the value in the life of an ant. Good is always the harder path.

>> No.39149348

Then forgive me for stating my argument poorly, because that is precisely the point I'm trying to make. There's something driving the act, making it more than just gratification. You're not just a hedonist, you need your behavior to be in some way transgressive for it to be fun. And that requires that you seek novel solutions, because if something becomes ordinary to you it's not transgressive anymore. That's why I'm saying that "just rewrite their brains" is the boring solution, because it's so straightforward. It's shallow, there's nothing to sink your teeth into there. Come on, Valeria, I know you're capable of more creative evil than that.

>> No.39149351

....Somehow that coming from you isn't entirely reassuring given your desserts probably just turned cold recently.

>> No.39149352

If I find her in that world I am slicing her throat if she ever gets near the skullheart

>> No.39149358

>the taboo

...we're curious, doesn't the novelty wear off after a few centuries? Human mcnuggets are kinda part of the daily grind for you at this point. How d'you keep things interesting? Bioengineering new flavours into existence? Make your food fight to the death before eating to provide dinner and a show? Splice humans with other life forms to see if they share flavours?

Personally we got bored of flesh, blood and bones a long, long time ago. They make adequate chassis for conversion into cyborg saboteur drones, though. Nowadays we only partake of the juiciest, most nutritious part of a living being: The soul.

>> No.39149359

It's better if you don't know. Trust me on this one.

>> No.39149361

Zone tan is the mascot character for a guy who makes flash animation porn.

>> No.39149362

>Good is always the harder path.
>Good is always the harder
>Good is always hard
Wakfu confirmed for LG'ing for the bitches.

>> No.39149365

i do think that in an ideal world, a socialist society would run well, but then again in an ideal world so would a capitalistic one. turns out, neither work because the systems break when someone on top decides they'd rather fuck over everyone else than keep things running as they're supposed to.

you're a fucking madman, zone-tan skullgirl will be the end of your run

>> No.39149370

Hey, I'm not evil. I just hold petty grudges and have a disproportionate grasp of how much effort to put into settling them.

>> No.39149381

>just spent a post on teaching humanity the arts of firebending to bring back the sun in Van Helsing.

>Spent a few more posts going into Jumper Ranges.

My legacy will forever be not my heroism. But my shenanigans.

>> No.39149388

>WakfuAnon: Stealth Pimp
Fund it.

>> No.39149398

Hello Dan when did you get here?

>> No.39149399

I got my power ring from InfiniCon jump. Yeah, so it's power level is under 9000, but at least I know it doesn't have back doors in its programming and I don't have to worry about it being weak to fear or anything painted yellow. :p

>> No.39149400

You've got guttermind, anon.

>> No.39149419

>I got my power ring from InfiniCon jump.

>> No.39149425

Aaah, I see where I've made a mistake. I didn't properly explain my methods. You see, mind control is more of a quickie method, and it's not the thing I usually use. THeres a perk, Dark Binding, that lets me turn em into familiars, but they gotta be corrupt first yeah? So I gotta break em, twist em and make em sink to a lower level. I have ten years, and all the power in the world to take my time making it unique for every one of my targets, and there are bunches of em. Course, a lot of it's probably not something I can post outside of Gurochan haha, so I'm limited in how I can boast.

Mhm! Nubee suggested it to me actually, perhaps not his wisest action ever, that I should start making my own food to give it better taste. Course, I wanted the fun of playing with my food, so I gave them sapience as well. Set up a whole universe of farms in Slice of Life.

>> No.39149435

She shows up in the background in the casino sometimes, so I figured I'd hunt her down and preset her with my gift.

I watched the ensuing... events from orbit. High, high orbit. Around Pluto.

And then I screamed like a little girl when she turned her horrible visage to heavens and took flight.

She wanted to thank me for mt gift. With hugs. from the inside

I spent the last year or so of that jump fleeing into the void of space.

>> No.39149446

Well Brows, your CYOA did try to make me take Beelzebub too, so apparently it's part of your plan to make me evil.

>> No.39149450

this guy knows what's up

When all is said and done, even if I'm doing my jumps for the fun of it and just looking for a challenge, there's no greater challenge than taking a shit world and making the best of it. Whether that means taking charge of everything or just laying the smackdown on whatever bad dude is causing all the bad shit, everything I do is for the betterment of other people's lives, not just my own- Even if I believed like Val that every jump was a universe created specifically for me, that doesn't make the lives of the people there any less important or valuable. I'll always beleive in the inherent goodness of the human spirit, and I'll always do my best in whatever world I go to make it shine as bright as the sun.

>> No.39149459

Is the Skullheart really that powerful? I thought that it was just power over bones or something.

>> No.39149466

It's a wish granting thing.

>> No.39149469

>Undercon Wonder (800)

Its how I got my Neo-Belkan Armed Device.

I debated going for Vita's Graf Eisen, but I decided that a bow/greatsword combo like Sigunum's Laevatein was more my style.

>> No.39149474

hey don't blame me for your shit dicerolls, beelzebub was put in there as a whammy

i know i'd pony up the 100 cp instead of having to put up with that shitlord

>> No.39149477

It's more necromancy in general, and it gives enough power to potentially destroy the world. It's scary shit.

>> No.39149513

I swear you guys make the WORST life choices sometimes.... most of the times

The wishing part is such a minor effect compared to the long term necromancy part. And the fact that you're pretty much it's bitch as long as it's glued to you, which is right after you make a wish

>> No.39149562

Well, I go for the recurring low grade villainy schtick of what you might find in a cartoon or videogame, so the line becomes... blurred. Generally the guideline goes that I do not fall far past Eggman levels of villainy, unless:
A) The setting tone does not permit due to bullshit,
B) The target deserves it, or,
C) It's really, really funny.

Of course there are exceptions. There are ALWAYS exceptions. Eggman's had exceptions. Hell, Jack Spicer had a future timeline where he kicked everyone's asses and turned the world into a dystopic hellhole. He then used his power to rub butter across Chase Young's abs. Shit happens.

I'm told I have a rather cruel sense of humor, but in my defense, nobody has ever died for my shits and giggles.

So, lines I won't cross:
I don't mess with people's souls. Or really even animal souls. Ravening RPG monster souls might be okay. Those things are assholes. But on the whole I don't mess with owned souls.

I also tend to avoid being a villainous asshole. I may have a weird sense of fun and humor, but I'm proud to say my companions have never been afraid to approach me. Quite frequently they yell at me. I don't kill people for no reason, I don't terrorize the people under my employ. I try to adhere to the big list of Evil Overlord rules. With some concessions for style.
Style is important.

Generally, if I can't vacillate at will between crazyass Dr Wily plots and go-karting with the shonen hero, I figure I'm doing something wrong.

>> No.39149613


I may do Golarion later, though I want to do Midgard instead first and cerulean seas.

>> No.39149688

I try to be nice and helpful to those that deserve, but everything is on the table for those who pushes my nope! buttons, and as a Megacorp owner I run into them a lot.


>> No.39149836

If I go Gem or Gem-Hybrid in Steven Universe, what kind of powers would Amber or Obsidian grant me?

>> No.39149892

The ability to die when someone easily shatters your fragile gem.

>> No.39149900

So. Familiar of Zero.

Not much occurred aside from interrupting major battles and aiding in staving off wars. In fact, the majority of this entire plot was ended simply by ensuring the Mad King was deposed. My companions became a wandering band of heroes for hire, training in the mountains with the new upgrades I gave their Zords.

And I gots me a new Familiar - a moth whose wings produce a dust that ignites around emotion.

>Career Model
... Oh shit.
Location: Shanghai
Age: 18-years-old
Drawbacks: Wage-Hiking Scuuuuuuuuuuuum! (+600), Rival (+0)
Final Point Count: 1,600 CP
Origin: Designer

-Jet Set Schedule (Free)
-Tailor Made (Free)
-Touch of Glam
-Hand Model (Scales x3, Wings, Hair, Eyes, Tail, Horns, Musculature x3, Abdominals, Pectorals)
-Makeover Montage
-Hidden Depths

-Jewelry Box (Free)
-Companions (300 CP)
-Fashion Label x2 (La Feu Follet and Kohryu)

>Seras Victoria
Origin: Model
-Hidden Depths (Free)
-Designer Model (Free)
-Bikini Bod
-Hand Model x2 (Eyes)

>Varric Tethras
Origin: Model
-Hidden Depths (Free)
-Designer Model (Free)
-Hand Model x4 (Chest Hair)

>Blind 'Arry
Origin: Photographer
-Natural Makeup Artist (Free)
-Studio Makeup (Free)
-No Pixels Here

>Medium Dave
Origin: Photographer
-Natural Makeup Artist (Free)
-Studio Makeup (Free)
-No Pixels Here

>Battle Sister Gelee
Origin: Model
-Hidden Depths (Free)
-Designer Model (Free)
-Bikini Bod
-Glam Gigs

>Duchess Utarefson
Origin: Model
-Hidden Depths (Free)
-Designer Model (Free)
-Bikini Bod
-Hand Model x2 (Legs)

>The Foxes
Origin: Model
-Hidden Depths (Free)
-Designer Model (Free)
-Bikini Bod
-Hand Model x1 (Musculature)
-Dry-Cleaning Hangers

>Kassa the Ringtailed
Origin: Photographer
-Natural Makeup Artist (Free)
-Studio Makeup (Free)
-Shot Heard Round The World
-Tailor Made

>> No.39149936

So you did nothing to stop the continent from blowing up?

>> No.39149948

Brush God: Rejuvenation.

I don't know the plot at all aside from that, so I don't know HOW to stop it from exploding. But my companions can use their Zords to get people to safety, and I'll use Rejuvenation to fix it.

>> No.39149964

Basically, there's these air stones under the ground that are going to cause the continent to tear itself apart and turn into a bunch of floating islands. That's why the pope wants to genocide the elves, to take their land.

>> No.39149978

>there's these air stones under the ground that are going to cause the continent to tear itself apart and turn into a bunch of floating islands.
That sounds awesome.

>> No.39149999

It'll be all cool and shit in 500 years once all the deaths from the event are far in the past and everyone left is done constantly warring with each other over the limited remaining resources and have re-settled into stable kingdoms again, sure. Before then? Not so much.

>> No.39150008

See. On the one hand, floating islands are fucking awesome.

On the other hand, a continent tearing itself apart is less awesome. Significantly less awesome.

Well shit. Looks like we've got air stones to excavate.

>> No.39150018

Well at the point where things start to erupt from the earth it would be a great time to take photos for any future metal album covers.

>> No.39150041

>>Varric Tethras
>Origin: Model
>-Hidden Depths (Free)
>-Designer Model (Free)
>-Hand Model x4 (Chest Hair)

>200 points into Chest Hair

OAA. OAA what are you doing.

Not even Zoolander is ready for that much chest hair. Varric's is on another level entirely.

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