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>the gods have a maximum lifespan of 50 years, and must find a human spouse to continue their race

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>not immortal

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>not a boring, overused superpower

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But aren't gods suppose to be immortal?
>inb4 someone posts times a god has died

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>definitive trait of X is overused and boring

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[insert examples of gods dying here]

I like the Norse approach, actually, with the apples of Idunn which could be stolen.

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You kind of answered your own question there.

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Yeah, but barring that or Ragnarok, the gods were still forever, which is nothing like what OP is proposing.....unless the gods are constantly reincarnating themselves, which would be pretty cool.

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Then they aren't Gods. They're just another race of beings like dwarfs or goblins.

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How powerfuol does something have to be to be called a god?

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Sumerian gods lived 1,000 years. So did the Viking gods, iirc. Mortal gods are not unusual.

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That's not right. Most people consider "very powerful supernatural being" to be the best definition, which does not require immunity to to death.

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I am stealing this concept.

The elves massively outlive their mayfly gods.

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I didn't know that about Sumerian gods, Google is not helping, source?

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The gods can get all the humans they want. Their numbers increase every generation. Eventually they must be culled.

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To me what OP isn't suggesting aren't true gods. They sound more like individuals who were chosen by the universe to have some divine power, and said power burns out their lives.

Which reminds me of an idea I had. The universe itself is a goddess and she is a bipolar, homicidal madwoman that created life for "science" to see if her creations can take whatever she thinks about throwing at them. Who wants me to go on?

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Maybe their ability to influence the mortal plane is restricted to a shorter than human lifespan. They have immense wisdom and power, but must wait some long period of time before they're able to deal with mortals. This could also work as a last defense for arguing Jehova's lack of influence in the last two thousand years.

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I actually once thought of a story where gods live for 3 years and need a human caretaker to educate them and make sure they don't kill each other.

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This could work if we're talking about lesser gods. Something the higher you are in the divine hierarchy, the longer you live. Lesser gods live for 50 years, and then die. God above that can live for 100, 200, 400 years before dying. The gods in the upper echelons are immortal, but can still die from injury. The highest ranked gods, the absolute best of the best, are completely immortal, immune to injury and the like.

I must work on this. I have no talent when it comes to these things, but I can try.

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So the gods can't reproduce with each other, but if they do it with a human the result is always a god?
I guess if they are otherwise godlike it makes sense that they'd want to keep humanity going as well as possible.

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>bipolar, homicidal goddess created life as an experiment

Go on...

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Priests/Priestesses of a god of opposite sex take vows of celibacy among mortals and literally marry their patron gods. Problem solved.

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I'm still working on it, but I have some parts thought out. To have her favor is suffering. She'll keep throwing things that she thinks you can handle. But what she thinks you can handle would probably count as final boss tier monsters. If she thinks you're cool enough, you'll get a chance to meet her and get a reward from her. After you beat I don't know, 50 final boss tier monsters on hard mode. Also, since she's the universe you either live inside of her in a not magical realm way or she exists outside of her own body. Still needs work.

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>To me what OP isn't suggesting aren't true gods. They sound more like individuals who were chosen by the universe to have some divine power, and said power burns out their lives.
>This could work if we're talking about lesser gods. Something the higher you are in the divine hierarchy, the longer you live.

Why not have the lesser gods live longer, because their domain places less strain on the soul? Bumblefuck kami of this river might be naturally immortal, patron god of shoemakers has enough power to bootstrap himself into extreme longevity if he's clever about it, goddess of the sun is constantly needing to reincarnate and necessarily has a church infrastructure to facilitate this
unique balance of power, at least

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That's... a better idea than mine. Stealing it.

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Continue, please.

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Sounds like a scaled up version of some HFY from a while back.

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Welcome to Minoa

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What now?

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In general, gods have almost never been actually immortal.

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All the "classical" gods I know of were either immortal or nature or had access to something that gave them immortality.

Even if you don't count the latter as immortal, "almost never" is silly.

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From how I see it, a God has three key facets:
Immortality, either Functional (Can only be killed by other supernatural beings, won't die to age, etc.) or True (Won't die ever to anything)
Ability to affect the physical world in a metaphysical sense
Supernatural Origin

I have no clue about Sumerian deities, but the Aesir and Vanir both were able to extend their lives via the Apples of Idun. Hence being more than just mere Giants, they were deities in the truest sense.

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Back during some of the Humanity Fuck Yeah stuff, there was stuff about the Earth being sapient, and brutally forcing species to evolve or be destroyed, resulting in humanity pleasing her with all our aggression and ambition. Sort of seems like a smaller scale version of "the universe is a crazy lady that shows her love by throwing high-end monsters at you"

See >>39133841 for pic related

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What a weak bunch of gods. I would not entertain the notion of worshiping them for even a moment.

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I get it now.

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>the gods have a maximum lifespan of 50 years
>the gods have a maximum lifespan
>the gods
>maximum lifespan

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Are we talking standard earth years or the standard an "immortal" views as time?

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That's actually a really cool idea.

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But what about deities the world absolutely cannot function without? Deities of Time, the translations of souls from one existence to the next, deities who protect the world from outsider monsters, deities who make the worlds spin at their proper speed and location, etc?

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I'm speaking specifically of deities who, if they were gone for even 1 tiny fraction of a second, it would result in massive, serious consequences for everyone, everywhere.

Imagine for example that your setting has a god who watches the door to the underworld and makes sure demons and undead don't come to the main world. What would happen if the god died? Or even just fell asleep for a few moments?

See what I'm saying?

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When you pass a torch to someone, does the torch momentarily go out?
Same principle here, the deity passes the mantle onto their child and life goes on as per normal.

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Thats fair. I was just pointing out that theoretically at least, there are certain deities who might have a much longer, or even indefinite lifespan, since they administrate over things the universe simply cannot function without.

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Have you heard of the comic The Wicked + The Divine?

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Why do you think they need with all that prayer?

What do you think they do with all those souls?

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