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You decide to continue updating your journal in silence. Whatever your dolls are talking about, it's probably just some harmless gossip you can safely ignore. Besides, you're still not sure what they're all about in the first place, and if whatever intel they can give you can actually be believed.

Still, you can't help but hear some of them.

"The White Seer will make her move against the Golden One soon...!"

"The Blood Knight needs to be set free so she can spread her wings, and maybe work off a few pounds to fit into her armor of golden fire!"

"The Blessed Lady's really pissed, isn't she? She really needs to get laid soon--"

"Ugh, someone fucking tell the good-for-nothing to take a fucking shower already, she smells like crispy-fried souls! Yech!"

Just as you look up to snap at the particular grinning doll who came up with that last zinger - namely WARUKUCHI - it's here that the doors to your Silent Room grind themselves open again, the huge metal barriers folding back on ponderous metallic cranks. And what they reveal as they slide apart is a sight for sore eyes - it's your Equerry, Sayaka, with your beloved chair hefted on one shoulder and what looks like a grocery bag full of supplies hanging from a free hand.

"The First Knight comes!" One of your dolls, you don't catch who, shrieks. "HUSTLE! Don't let her see you!"

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"Alright, Murderface, got the stuff you asked for here!" Sayaka announces as she steps over the threshold - her costume vanishing with a burst of static, leaving her in rather casual-looking, specifically a white T-shirt with the bold black slogan 'THE DEVIL LOVES SANTA DESTROY' and form-hugging black spats.

It's to note here that even with her costume dispelled - clearly by the Silent Room's antimagic effects - your Equerry doesn't even break stride in crossing the length of the room, even while loaded down with your heavy-ass chair. The muscles underneath Sayaka's shirt moving and shifting in smooth, oiled concert as she lowers the piece of furniture down in front of you, with the bag of groceries almost carelessly dumped upon the seat. The contents inside rattling and clanking noisily.

"Snacks, pills, booze, stuff to keep you occupied, and chair." Your Equerry smiles in self-satisfaction as she dusts her hands. "Everything you need and everything I could smuggle without alerting the goon squad outside your Silent Room." She looks down at you and frowns, before shaking her head in resignation. "Yeah, okay, I'm not saying you need to get up or anything, Murderface, but the least you could do is say thank--what the hell is that thing?"

You blink at her, before glancing at your doll collection huddled at the far corner of the room, seemingly distancing themselves from the blue-haired Eversor as much as possible. You see one of them, IBARI, tap both her porcelain eyes and shake her head. ...So no, Sayaka can't be talking about them, because she can't see them. Good. Which means--

"I'm talking about that book, Murderface." Sayaka points to the massive tome open on the floor in front of you, the page it's open on already ruined with your own scrawled handwriting and over-enthusiastic diagrams. "...Is that...is that your journal? Didn't you have that small black book that Wendy gave you? What happened to that?...And is that a fucking peacock feather quill?!"


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Sayaka a bess.

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How do you respond?

[]Tell her the truth. "It's my new journal now. No, I don't know how it got like this either."
[]Ignore her question, and ask her about what's happening outside, as well as the 'goon squad' she was talking about.
[]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.

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>[]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.

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>[x]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.
>[x]Ask her about what's happening outside, as well as the 'goon squad' she was talking about.

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>[x]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.
>[x]Ask her about what's happening outside, as well as the 'goon squad' she was talking about.

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>[X]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.
>[X]Ask her about what's happening outside, as well as the 'goon squad' she was talking about.

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[X]Tell her the truth. "It's my new journal now. No, I don't know how it got like this either."

And immediately after

[X]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so and offer her the bottle.

I think we can safely do both of these.

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[]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.

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>>[X]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.

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>[x]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.
>[x]Ask her about what's happening outside, as well as the 'goon squad' she was talking about.

Don't mind the book, Fishy. You're hallucinating.

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>[X]Tell her the truth. "It's my new journal now. No, I don't know how it got like this either."
>[X]Ask her about what's happening outside, as well as the 'goon squad' she was talking about.

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I dont think the goon squad is very good at its job, cant even watch a camera enough to slightly panic.
>[]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.

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>[x]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.
Honestly, paper is so unreliable, it's so easy to get wet, burned, or affected by unholy energies. We should keep our notes on an iPad or something.

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>[]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.

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>[x]Tell her the truth. "It's my new journal now. No, I don't know how it got like this either."
>[x]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so and offer her a measure.
>[x]"Thanks for all this loot you brought in, by the way."

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>[x]Ignore her question, and ask her about what's happening outside, as well as the 'goon squad' she was talking about.
the goons are probably those ready to stall us in case we try to bust out, but what else is going on?

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>>[x]Tell her the truth. "It's my new journal now. No, I don't know how it got like this either."
>>[x]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so and offer her a measure.
>>[x]"Thanks for all this loot you brought in, by the way."

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>...Is that...is that your journal?
Of course that would be first thing she'd notice. Doesn't even say a thing about our nice new dress. Even Pinky had more tact.

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>"The White Seer will make her move against the Golden One soon...!"

Now, I'm not saying the Clara dolls can be trusted completely, but if Mami had anything to do with Yuma's decision, we may have to deal with Haruka.

>"The Blood Knight needs to be set free so she can spread her wings, and maybe work off a few pounds to fit into her armor of golden fire!"
>"The Blessed Lady's really pissed, isn't she? She really needs to get laid soon--"

Oh you, Decu.

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Haruka going after Mami or Chiaki, it is very likely.

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>[X]Tell her the truth. "It's my new journal now. No, I don't know how it got like this either."
>[X]Ask her how Kyoko's doing. Crack open a bottle of Kong while you do so.
>[X]Ask her about what's happening outside, as well as the 'goon squad' she was talking about.

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Well yeah, I'm assuming that the White Seer is Haruka. Golden One is Mami in all probability. The question remains why.

I'm guessing that in the interval between Mami's return and Yuma's sacrifice, something went down in the command centre with Mami's involvement.

That or Haruka is just lashing out at convenient targets, although one wonders why not go after Chiaki.

On a second reading,
>armor of golden fire
is somewhat distressing.

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Who the fuck is the Blood Knight?

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I'm guessing Kyouko, given how the other figures in the Blessed Lady canon are tied to the original five megucas.

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But why lose a few pounds now? She just lost at least a hundred and then some on the last mission.

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Sakura Kyoko. It is confirmed

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From Decu´s Ask:

What are your characters' boss subtitles (like "Laughing Genocide", etc.)? Hard mode : Do serious ones.
Kharn: The Betrayer,
Kyoko: The Blood Knight, The Death That Comes With Laughter
Sayaka: The First Knight, Kirika's Prodigy, Blueberry, Slaughtermelon
Pinky: The Blessed Lady, The Devourer, The Unmaker, The Goddess of Angels, She Who Thirsts
Chiaki: The Butcher, Murderface, The Shieldmaiden, The Fallen Angel [88]

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>That green haired cunt who made salaka witch out: The whore

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Isn't green Hitomi?

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Green Mugi? IIRC her meguca weapon (if she contracts / contracted) are spiked gloves (Major Armstrong style).

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Midori: The Moeblob, The Dumb Slut, The Ramen-gobbling Oxygen Waster
Wendy: The Americunt, The Zombie Kongophiliac, The Slightly Less Moeblob

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>Wendy: The Dreamer

>> No.39128224

>the best time of the day.jpg

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>when she will kill the shit out of you and her thought of a good day is going out with murderface and killing the shit out of 1000+ people.

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Wendy pls, no one believes the stuff you post on your LiveJournal.

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She's a lot more blob than moe.

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>Wendy: Dreamer, Checkers, The Knife, Haunted

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Moe as fuck yes.

>> No.39128294

>Wendy: Edgy, The Edge, The Linkin Park, The Black Parade

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anon pls

she uses deadjournal

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Given her Callidus power is actually reshaping herself rather than just casting illusions the way most of her peers do, she in fact is a bit of a blob.

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Attarou, you're rubbing off on your mistress~

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>> No.39128330

>Wendy: Literally Who, Unimportant Sidecharacter
>Midori: MAI ANGEL, The Danger

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Maybe if you happen to be a cake-oh

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When will you officially announce your progeny with Kharn?

>> No.39128350

..Who are you again?

>> No.39128354

>Maybe if you happen to be a cake-oh

MGNQxCupcake Universe confirmed!

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Faggot tripfag. Ignore at all costs.

>> No.39128361

Wendy: That one bitch that that we had to forget because we'd witchout if we ever remembered what a shitty girlfriend she was

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Dan, your ability to remain tolerable, likable even, despite your terrible taste is just baffling...

>> No.39128374

But I don't like him because his taste is so abysmal.

>> No.39128386

No, this is a tripfag.

Or are you blind?

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Enough of this nonsense!

Post blondes!

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Dan is the single glimmer of hope left in this quest with how shit it's gotten

>> No.39128406

I can get behind that

>> No.39128412

Im not Dan.
I wish I was though.
Your taste in Waifus still is literal shit. Commit Sudoku before your shittaste spreads.

>> No.39128434

Why Dan, of all the people? He's one of the faggot Midorifags.

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A version of Haruka

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Oh, here's one I haven't posted in every other lewdpost ever.
I should check Danbooru more often for postable lewds.

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Look at all this blondes and appear before us, Decu, our lewd lord!

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Speaking of blondes, I just put something together.
Nero (Warmaster of XIVth) usually wears this kinda lewd outfit, with transparent front, showing off her underwear for everyone to see.
Back in Kharn's Flashback, the opening scene was Kharn waking up after a night with Nero and "claiming the trophy" from her.

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Decu is tot.

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Now he's too distracted to reply. Good job everyone.

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Jue, it's true! But I suppose she has more, being Warmaster and all

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>posting lewd

>> No.39128590

All in a day's work!

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Superior blonde post coming through

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Ah, Decus, or some say Decusm. Do you hear our prayers?

>> No.39128630

The post said cute blondes, not goddesses of sunshine..

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>[x] Akasheishshshsk can't spell that shit realm or something. I got wings and a slut dress, the journal got Metal.

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>> No.39128653

Its a swimsuit actually.

>> No.39128659

captcha:My men

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>Kharn: "listen to me you adorable little shit!"

>> No.39128671

Deculture Gorgeous Delicious!

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Nice work Hat.

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>> No.39128686

This bitch be tripping

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no, that only works with Gobble.

>> No.39128697

jesus christ no

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Based Hatchan providing us with more HNNNGGGHHH-!

>> No.39128706

>last panel
>can't unsee duckface
Hat, pls don't.
Otherwise great job, confident / smooth Midori is a go.

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Posting cute and you can't stop me.

>> No.39128728

Damn, that was painful even for you Hat.

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Great job!

>> No.39128749

>more Midorishit
Please no.

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>> No.39128766

>more waifu wars head-bashing.
Please no. Seriously. It's getting annoying.

>> No.39128776

There would be no waifu wars if there were no waifushit or waifus.
REMOVE MIDORI AND WENDY remove midori and wendy

>> No.39128795

Don't remember if I posted this before I left or not, but here it is again, just in case

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>> No.39128799

No bully. Waifuism is religion of peace!

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>>39127865 >>39127874 >>39127881

You ignore her question about your journal. What the hell are you going to tell her, anyway? That when you asked your invisible doll collection to fetch it for you, they instead summoned this huge horned skull boss to claw its way out of hell and personally deliver it to you? And while a fucking metal orchestra is booming in the background?

So instead of giving voice to THAT madness, you finish writing down what you've learned so far, before clapping the spiked tome closed. The heavy volume covered by shifting god-runes and symbols of outer gods disappearing with a brief flash of black flame, along with your quill and inkpot.

"...Updated my journal," you murmur under your breath, before pulling yourself up to your feet and making a beeline for the supplies Sayaka brought in. Patting your ass free of dust as you do so.

"Murderface...?" Sayaka tries again, clearly and utterly confused at this sudden silence of yours. Watching you rummage through the grocery bag with clear wariness in her eyes. "Murderface, come on, you're freaking me out. What the hell was that book? It looked like it had, like, dried human skin for the leather cover, and--!"

"How's Kyoko doing?" You cut her off as you pull out one of the heavy clinkers from the bag - abottle of Kong, with its signature four-cornered style and its simplistic label with a roaring gorilla's maw on the front. A sigh escapes your lips - it feels like an age since you saw one of these - and you twist off the cap with your teeth and spit it across the room before taking a long, healthy swig.

Ahh. That's the stuff.

"Kyoko?" It takes a moment for your Equerry to answer, clearly still a bit wrong-footed at your taking charge of the situation. "W-well, she's doing alright. Responding well to full regeneration as far as I heard, which means we don't have to worry about body desynchronization or anything like that. With luck she'll probably be able to visit you tomorrow."


>> No.39128805

And Christianity is also a religion of peace.

>> No.39128811


Bible Black school uniform when?

>> No.39128813

In my experience here, it is exactly the contrary

>> No.39128815


She frowns as you take another swig, longer and deeper than the last. "Hey, uh, Murderface, you wanna take it easy on that...?"

You shake your head as you swish the whisky around your mouth before swallowing it, relishing the burn of the strong, cheap alcohol, before thrusting the bottle at her direction. Sayaka blinks at this, before slowly taking it from your hands, her eyes riveted to the bottle's rim. Lifting it up to her lips after a brief glance at your direction - her cheeks reddening slightly - and then tipping it back for a swig of her own. Coughing and sputtering as she lowers it again, a sure sign of a lightweight. She must have seen the amusement in your eyes, though, as she frowns at you before taking another sip.

That's good about Kyoko, then. Confirms what Kyuubey told you. You feel a bit more relieved for your best friend. Sayaka nods and holds out the bottle of Kong back to you, which you gladly take.

"Yeah, me too. Not sure if you know about it since you haven't really gone through it yet, but there's a lot that can go wrong with a full-body regeneration." The blue-haired Eversor shakes her head. "Sometimes the Magical Girl inside the Soul Gem's so used to her former body that when you put her in her new body, she can't help but feel that it's not her body at all. She knows it is, but she can't stop feeling it. It's like a whole-body phantom pain thing, and can really set off some nasty mental stuff."

A sigh escapes her lips. "And then there're stuff like mutations and such, where the machines doing the regenerating accidentally fuck up with the full-body regen and just do crazy stuff with her genetic makeup. Which, again, can do a number on the Magical Girl trying to acclimatize to having a body again."


>> No.39128819


And here's the complete costume sheet so far.

One more costume to go to wrap up the first costume sheet.

>> No.39128829

>"...Updated my journal,"
every time

Makes me wonder if at final confrontation it Transcendent One there will be an option to just talk her down.

>> No.39128830


...Well, you're sure that's not going to happen to Kyoko. Kyuubey did say he was sparing no expense to get your best friend back up on her feet. You take another swig again, a bit shallower this time, and pass the bottle once more to Sayaka. Asking her now about what's been happening outside, as well as the Goon Squad she was talking about.

"Outside? Not much is actually happening, really." Your Equerry obliges you with another swig of her own, her cheeks reddening more and more with every gulp. "The rumor mill's pretty quiet, or at least quiet enough that I can't catch what it's saying. Kyuubey seems pretty relaxed about the situation too, although I hear Mami's gearing up to visit the First or something. After she recovers from the op, anyway."

...The First? That's...why would she visit the First?

"Not sure, but I'd wager Kyuubey wants her to synch up with Vintage, see what kind of information she can get for your situation." A pause. "Oh, and I think Kharn's being called over to check up on you too. See if you need to get another procedure or something."

Kharn? Now your eyes are wide behind your glasses. Kharn, from Siberia? Kharn the Betrayer? She's coming HERE?

"Exactly my fucking reaction, Murderface. Now that's something everyone is just looking forward to. Even the newbies are looking forward to seeing the freakin' Betrayer, hoping that she isn't really married." Sayaka takes another swig again. "Un-fucking-believable."

...Christ. That's...well.

Anyway, about the goon squad she was talking about...?

"Oh, that's what we usually call the squad of Eversors that're supposed to guard a Silent Room. Kind of a derogatory term, since we believe that guard duty's more of a Vindicare thing. No offense, Warmaster." Sayaka grins at you. "Anyway, you won't believe which squad Kyuubey asked me to station outside your door."


>> No.39128841

I am a live-and-let-live person. Supporting any waifu you want is okay as long as you don't go full retard bashing on others.

>> No.39128842


Oh? Which squad, then?

"Heartcatch Squad," Your Equerry laughs. "And Christ, is Kurumi Erika practically foaming at the mouth for you to try anything. She wants to get you back for her fucking leg!"

Well. That's...interesting.

How do you react?

>> No.39128850

Well she can fuckin try. I'm not going down easily.

>> No.39128851

>"Even the newbies are looking forward to seeing the freakin' Betrayer, hoping that she isn't really married." Sayaka takes another swig again. "Un-fucking-believable."

I wonder how they'll react to seeing preggers Kharn.

>> No.39128864

[X]Ask why that Heartcatch has such a pushover leader.

>> No.39128871

"She could try? I mean thats not gonna do her Squad much good but she can try?"
seriously why stick a squad a newbies to deal with the warmaster if she gets uppity?
i'm kind of convinced even in the silent room we could summon a golden weapon and kick their asses if we really wanted too.

>> No.39128875

"If she's caught on losing her leg, then she didn't learn why she lost it in the fist place."

>> No.39128879

>[x]"Usually when I shoot their kneecaps out they fall in love with me. Maybe I need to try again, just to make sure."

>> No.39128881

>The idea of guarding me is not to make me want to escape, I could really do with a bit of kneecapping stress relief.

>> No.39128883

"I should have treated her better. It's not the Murderface Experience unless I shoot out BOTH kneecaps."

>> No.39128889


Tell her she going to lose the other if she doesn't cut this shit out.

>> No.39128902

>Kharn is returning
>How do you react?
"As far as I care, she can try to get back on me whenever she wants. No need for her to wait on me to do anything.

That said, I don't guarantee she won't lose her leg again if she tries."

>> No.39128904

>She can try. I didn't know she has so low appreciation about her kneecaps
Kharn coming here. Mami goes to the moon. Anyone else thinking that a full-officio purge is happening soon?

>> No.39128908

>[x] Sounds like Erika just needs to blow off steam. You know what's really good for blowing off steam? Sparring with Sayaka.

>> No.39128909

>"She could try? I mean thats not gonna do her Squad much good but she can try?"

>> No.39128915

>How do you react?
"Hope the distractions you brought me work, if I get bored here I might start thinking of pulling some prank at her."
"How's Midori?"
"And Wendy?"

>> No.39128918

Oh shi—

>> No.39128922

Jeez, Kubes really does trust us if all he's putting between us and escape is a rookie squad.

Remember to mumble "indirect kiss" sotto-voce when Sayaka leaves.

>> No.39128930

Laugh. That chick would lose BOTH legs, or more, if we actually tried to escape. It's funny to imagine her impotent rage.

>> No.39128936

good luck with that.
if some officio tried to purge us we could simply leave the silent room and purge whatever the hell officio appears with just us and kharn, let alone the fact he have our equarry and Kyoko is gonna be up soon.

>> No.39128949

Literally who?

>Mumi going to first
This is where we get betrayed. Make a note in the journal: prep an escape route.

>> No.39128954

"She could try? I mean that's not gonna do her Squad much good but she can try?"

Oh fuck yes, I'd love to see her try.

>> No.39128955


>> No.39128957

>[x] Laugh. Ask what Heartcatch did to piss off Coobs' if he's making them do this. Or is he actually still ruffled by past transgressions? That wouldn't be much like him.

>> No.39128958


So you're saying we should shoot all her limbs off just to see what happens as disciplinary measure?

>> No.39128967

sounds like she didn't learn her lesson, I'll make sure to get both legs next time

>> No.39128969

the newbies who got pissed off at us and we kneecapped their leader who got uppity.
clearly they want back on the ride.

>> No.39128970


Laugh. Ahahahaha.

>> No.39128974

Doubling this.
We haven't had a good kneecap in a while.

>> No.39128980

>Literally who?

The rookie squad that we inaugurated by shooting the leader in the kneecap for talking shit to a superior asshole.

>> No.39128981

>[X]"She could try? I mean thats not gonna do her Squad much good but she can try?"

>> No.39128982

[X] Really? Them? Am I really so noodly that they won't send a real squad?

>> No.39128992


Laugh and ask how they responded to their Black Letter Duty.

I really really wanna hear about that.

>> No.39128996

>Remember to mumble "indirect kiss" sotto-voce when Sayaka leaves.
oh why the hell not, seconded

>> No.39129014

>[x] Pull out the bloody ink&quill
>[x] Grab a piece of paper
>[x] Draw a dickbutt, fold the paper in half
>[x] Ask Sayaka to hand it to Erika on the way out.

>> No.39129015

Wasn't the leader, it was the squad's resident bitch.

>> No.39129019

Thirded for the lewd whisper.

Sit tight, don't do anything too threatening, and ask them if they noticed anything weird happening in the cell from the video feed. There were sirens blaring, after all.

>> No.39129023

IF we escape. Which we currently have no reason to. Shooting her just because it's funny would be rather unprofessional, no?

>> No.39129027


We should really just shoot them all to be on the safe side.

>> No.39129029

>and then order your dolls to kick her in the crotch

>> No.39129031


>> No.39129032

Heh heh, lewl

>> No.39129039

>Shooting her just because it's funny would be rather unprofessional, no?

Yes, and…?

>> No.39129043



>> No.39129044

>implying they wouldn't try to stop us because lol newbies and the fact their bitch leader doesn't like us.
>implying that wouldn't justify a spawning the Golden Deagle and kneecapping the bitch as we walk through.

>> No.39129052

Oh hell, >>39129014 this is too good to pass up.
Nah, we only need to shoot the bitch. The rest of the squad at least knows not to badmouth the warmaster to her face in her own office.

>Captcha: ruree
Shoot her twice, she's Ruri in disguise.

>> No.39129056


>> No.39129065

>[X]Have dolls fetch you a high caliber, high exhaust velocity firing arm
>[X]Tell Sayaka to stay aside
>[X]Kneecap Leader McBitchtits through several layers of half meter thick steel

>> No.39129069

this wasn't really a vote, more of a brainstorming

>> No.39129073

Wait, maybe it's ACTUALLY a real squad and they're disguised? Or maybe Sayaka is lying.

>> No.39129076


>> No.39129082

i don't have a brainstorming sign

>> No.39129084



>> No.39129089

Can't we just have the Clara dolls put sticky notes that say "shoot me!" on her back?

>> No.39129092

good idea just in case, but we also need to take the alternative that we really are gonna get purged hardcore and koobs will need us to get on out for when we need to defend the place.
reminder mami is a traitorous bitch.

>> No.39129093

Vote's already over, but as a gag answer,
>"About where is she standing? Do you think I could shoot her kneecap through the wall if I use the golden Deagle?"

>> No.39129106

We are trying to get subordinates to respect us, not fear random outburst, last I remember.

Of course they would try to stop us, that's what they are there for. And if they pull anything after we get out with permission once this bullshit is over with, we can still shoot to "defend ourself". I never said shooting them was a bad idea in general, just not without a good reason.

>> No.39129111

>nobody has any damn clue where the gun came from.
>"Every time we take all her guns she suddenly has more, what the hell?"

>> No.39129119

[x]"I clearly went too easy on her, then. She didn't learn her lesson. It matters not. None of them would be an actual threat if I chose to walk out of here. "

>> No.39129130

This guy gets it.

>> No.39129133

Also QB said squads, not squad. The newbies are just a speedbump we would encounter first. Our real wardens are probably veterans.

>dickbutt drawn by arcane quill in bloody ink on a list from diabolical tome
>serious risk of san loss from looking at it

>> No.39129146

Hairflick doesn't really work with short hair. Shame we had to go and cut it all off. RIP hairflicks.

>> No.39129152

Can we draw the dickbutt as having its knees blown off?

>> No.39129161

Cant we just regrow it? dont we have bullshit Homucifer powers at the moment?

>> No.39129172

Are you suggesting we try going super saiyan to lengthen our hair?

>> No.39129184

He wasnt but I am

>> No.39129188


>> No.39129197

I suppose we actually can, but we don't control our powers yet

>> No.39129198


>> No.39129200

We have a Goddess powers at the moment, how hard can it be to regrow hair?

>> No.39129208

>how hard can it be to regrow hair?

How much SAN loss do you want?

>> No.39129216

I support this.

With a bit of luck, she will become a witch and we'll have an actual reason to kneecap her.

>> No.39129218

>everyone makes Platypus jokes at fluffy Chiaki
Total SAN loss.

>> No.39129235

>Be guarding silent rooms
>Warmaste was brought in earlier
>faggot of a squad leader realy wants the bitch to fall down a flight of stairs
>Suddenly screaming from the silent room
>but not like normal screaming
>Goes on for like five episodes with no break
>Door to warmaster's cell breaks open
>Warmaster pokes her head out
>She is now blonde, surrounded by energy, and her hair is defying gravity
>Then the betrayer step out of the elevator and sees her

>> No.39129239

we need to go hairier
>chewbacca meguca

>> No.39129242


or DO WE?



>> No.39129257

>"Why is it red?"
>"She had no ink, so she used her own blood."

The rumor mill's gears start churning.

>> No.39129267

>"i swear i've seen this in the Miracle Midori series at some point."

>> No.39129271

It still works with short hair.

Do you even hairstylist?

>> No.39129272

>Hell, you're doing it enough that it's even working on the Incubator itself, something that has never happened before and frankly would have made you grin if you weren't too fucking pure of heart to.

>You're making him kek. You're actually making an Incubator kek.

>> No.39129281

>our face when

>> No.39129285

>"Like period blood or..."

>> No.39129297

>"The blood of her fallen enemies. And souls, or some bullshit."

>> No.39129301

Its just not the same anon, I have tried!

>> No.39129303

Hey, alt names for homucifer anyone? I mean every other version of Chiaki has gotten a nickname so why not her?

>> No.39129319

The Fucking Metal Fragment.

>> No.39129331

Ai Yo

>> No.39129334


>> No.39129335

Metaller Than Thou
Eversor Ain't Got Shit On Me
I Love Cocaine

>> No.39129336

I was thinking something more demeaning.
Like Maximum Overdildo.

>> No.39129337

After Sayaka leaves, I think we should try to get our old journal back. This new one is metal and all, but kind of impractical.
And a ballpoint pen is much easier to use than a quill pen.

>> No.39129343

The Ever Virgin

>> No.39129350

She Who Needs To Get Laid

>> No.39129351


>> No.39129353

i personally like the idea of every time our journal shows up it scares the shit out of everybody nearby.
also nobody has any clue how in the shit it gets more horrifying every time someone sees it.

>> No.39129356

Goddamn people, if you all think Homucifer is the shit, why did we turn down her deal?

>> No.39129359

I wanna keep it just to mess with people.
Same reason why we should have fucked Ruri. It would be extremely disturbing to see.

>> No.39129378

/tg/'s decision making skills are… impressive.

>> No.39129381

because we don't like being anybodies pet bitch.
also i'm still for the madoka end even though the chances for that suck shit.

>> No.39129382


>> No.39129392

Fuck off

>> No.39129394

Because she never put a whole chorus of metal to convince us!

>> No.39129406

Okay I like these.
Anyone else?

>> No.39129421

That's a bit much, don't you think?

>> No.39129435

That would have made her argument more convincing yes, hell Madoka did it and we ate that up like it was pancakes.

>> No.39129437

Except that we need to keep the whole "became the living reincarnation of the Devil Herself so that we don't get all one thousand girls under our command killed" hidden, and a tome of a journal wrapped in human skin isn't going to help with that.

>> No.39129443

She who has the fashion sense of an orphan in tatters.

>> No.39129455

Less regal, more disrespect.

>> No.39129459

Kharn had her skull throne and no one ever said anything! why cant we have nice things?!

>> No.39129462


>> No.39129504

>why cant we have nice things?!
Because we make stupid decisions that threaten all that we hold dear, and end up doing as our antagonists want, instead of just seducing every single Magical Girl we come across.

We could have just become another Kharn and people wouldn't bat an eye at our new journal, but no, people had to hand over our Soulgem and get turned into the Devil instead.

>> No.39129509

Kharn was fucking the entire officio

>> No.39129516


*fucking ALL the officios

>> No.39129519

Except for Mami and Malal and Murderface.

>> No.39129525

two thousand*

>> No.39129527

Very nearly the entire Officio.

>> No.39129555

>why cant we have nice things?!
Homucifer already explained this one. Because fuck you, that's why!

>> No.39129576

Nyan nyan?

>> No.39129590

Nyan nyan.

>> No.39129600

Nihao NYAN

>> No.39129620


>> No.39129634


>> No.39129635


>> No.39129645


>> No.39129648


>> No.39129651

well you both fucked it, good job assholes

>> No.39129702

Time for plan B: Post blondes!

>> No.39129714

Summoning ritual botched, roll for perils of the warp.

>> No.39129723

Rolled 19 (1d100)


>> No.39129745

Rolled 1 (1d100)


>> No.39129748

I found this. It is valid?

>> No.39129758

It hasn't even been an hour yet and we're busting out the summoning rituals?

God damn, be patient and don't rush the man.

>> No.39129765

Rolled 47 (1d100)

...This was my first time using the roll function on /tg/....

>> No.39129774

You land in an alternate dimension where there is no such thing as lewd.

>> No.39129781



>> No.39129783


>> No.39129803


19: double summon

You know summon the entity you wanted, but instead of hands and feet, it now has additional upper torsos complete with more functional arms and heads and legs.


Your waifu tastes are inverted and you will argue endlessly about anything that may disparage your waifu's reputation.


Pass go, collect a blonde.

>> No.39129814

Rolled 2 (1d100)


>> No.39129829

I didn't even get Perils, mang, 19 is Psychic Phenomena.

>> No.39129849

Rolled 74 (1d100)


>> No.39129852

So we get more Decus to write?

>> No.39129868

Rolled 72 (1d100)

Well, shit.

>> No.39129872

Only if they can agree on what to write.

>> No.39129957

No, now we just get twice as much lewd art of Wendy, and a couple pics of him double teaming Wendy with himself.

>> No.39129968


>> No.39129973

Praise the warp!

>> No.39129991

nyan nyan

>> No.39129996

>with a man
That's rape, anon

>> No.39130007

Which one ?

>> No.39130018

>Not knowing real Wendy is his waifu and that he uses the MGNQ character as a stand in for her in his art.

>> No.39130050

>Thinking Wendy is his waifu

>> No.39130062

Well whose waifu would she be if not his? Midori's?

>> No.39130067


nayn nayn

>> No.39130087


>> No.39130091

no one's though Midori x Wendy is best ship
Also, in case you hadn't been paying attention, Nero is Decu's waifu

>> No.39130101

Well Wendy WAS his waifu before Dan came into the picture.

>> No.39130103

nihao nyan

>> No.39130106

Decu is WENDY'S waifu, you weirdos.

>> No.39130121

creepy yandere Midori is Wendy's waifu

>> No.39130132

Wait, so now Dan is Decu's waifu ?
I'm even more lost now, what happened during theses threads ?

>> No.39130143

FFS. If you can't get it right, go watch Macross Frontier again.

>> No.39130147

Dan is Decu's waifu. Or vice versa.
She's stuck with the writefags like Midori and Archival.

>> No.39130151

>>39128957 >>39128879 >>39128881 >>39128922 >>39128992

Despite your situation, you can't help but chuckle at the idea of Kurumi Erika still being salty with you for shooting her one of her kneecaps out - so salty that she's itching for you to try anything to get you back for it. It's more amusing than the idea of a newbie squad of Eversors guarding your fucking Silent Room. Not that you're one to toot your own horn - you have other people to do that for you, tee hee - but have they forgotten what you did to three whole squads of Eversors that one time? You could probably blow her other kneecap from here, through the fucking Silent Room's walls. Sayaka just needs to give you her relative location and you'd do it in a heartbeat. BLAM. One squealing Eversor on the floor without her other kneecap, squealing like a stuck pig.

Sayaka grins wryly at you as she passes you your bottle back, the amber liquid sloshing inside now reduced to half its original quantity. "Alright, alright, don't get carried away, Murderface. Yeah, no one's forgotten about THAT, but you know how it is with new recruits, right? All of 'em with fire in their stomachs, looking to prove themselves by breaking Officio records and challenging their freakin' squad leaders to honor duels. Most of the time it ends up badly, but other times..." She shrugs. "...they'll surprise you."

You smirk as you make to drain the bottle of Kong completely in one deep swig. Exhaling hotly as you feel the warmth settle in your stomach. Is she actually fucking saying that Heartcatch Squad can take you out, here?

Sayaka shakes her head. "Honestly? No. Probably a snowball's chance in hell, really." It's here that she actually SNATCHES the bottle of Kong from you. "But with Heartcatch Squad under new management, well...anything can happen, you know?"


>> No.39130173

>Not that you're one to toot your own horn - you have other people to do that for you, tee hee
Oh wow we're still making not-asia QM jokes?
Wasn't it "trombone", not "horn"?

>> No.39130185


Huh? So Heartcatch Squad has a new leader, then? Who?

"Ecstasy Darks. Remember her?" Sayaka rakes a hand through her hair for emphasis, before completely draining the bottle of Kong empty. Her cheeks as red as they could ever be. "One with the bob cut? Hanasaki Tsubomi went ahead and gave her Squad Leadership after what happened. Told her she didn't need to do that kind of thing, since they were already disciplined and all, but she was adamant to step down and learn how to be a good squad member first before being a leader again. As you can probably predict, Kurumi was fucking livid. Nearly had to make her spend a night or two in a Silent Room myself."

Heh. Sounds like her, alright. But how's Darks, then, as a leader? You had an inkling she'd be good for command, from what little you saw of her.

"Doing pretty good. Good enough that I can't really predict what'll happen if she was leading a squad of Eversors trying to take you down, Murderface." Sayaka chuckles. "And no, I'm not overselling them or anything. They ARE that good, they just don't look it or act like it too much. So just, you know, try not to do anything stupid. I don't want this gig to be permanent." Your Equerry then groans, her voice ripe with misery and suffering. "Acting Fucking Warmaster. Chriiiist."

Hah. Well, you'll try...


...not to get caught.

"...Aw, fuck you, Murderface." The both of you glare at each other, before breaking out in low chuckles. Sharing the burn of the whiskey in the cold of the Silent Room, and enjoying the buzz of the alcohol together.

...Say. How'd they react with the penance duty you had them saddled with, anyway? You've always wanted to know.


>> No.39130196

>"But with Heartcatch Squad under new management, well...anything can happen, you know?"
Oh thank fuck, she's not in charge anymore. Heartcatch's odds of surviving to the end of the quest went up 300%

>> No.39130204


At this, Sayaka gives you a sour look. "How do YOU react when you have to go around the city telling folk that their daughter's dead?" She shakes her head. "The entire group took it really hard. Myoudouin and Hanasaki both, from what they reported. Hanasaki passed out after the fifth envelope because she was crying way too fucking much, and Myoudouin had to be dragged from house to house because she wouldn't stop begging the parents for forgiveness. Tsukikage ad Darks did well enough, though."

Heh. Well. Hopefully that made them learn their lesson, then. Besides Erika, at least.

"You fuckin' traumatized them, that's what you did." Sayaka laughs. "But I personally think it was a good thing to do. Hardened them up a bit, and sometimes that's all you can hope for.

Yeah. Sounds like it.

It's here, then, that Sayaka sees the bottle in her hand. Blinking at its complete and utter lack of the delicious amber liquid. "H-hey, did I just fucking drink this entire thing with you, Murderface? Because that's...uh, kinda really fucked up.."

Another shake of her head, and she unsteadily places the empty bottle on the floor, beside your chair. "Yeah, okay, I think I've had enough. Need to go back watching over Kyoko." She lets out a yawn. "Anything else you want, Murderface? Just tell me whatever you need and I'll try to get it in here. Not right now, though, probably tomorrow."

How do you respond?
[]How's Wendy and Midori?
[]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?
[]Dismiss her for now. Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.

>> No.39130212

300% of zero is still zero.

>> No.39130219

[X]Dismiss her for now. Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.

>> No.39130221

>[x]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?

Remember, oh brothers, she who did nothing wrong.

>> No.39130226

>[X]How's Wendy and Midori?
>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?
These are most important. Let's not fuck with Sayaka at -every- opportunity.

>> No.39130228

>[]How's Wendy and Midori?

>> No.39130229

[X] How are YOU sayaka?

>> No.39130230

>[X]How's Wendy and Midori?
>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?
>[X]Dismiss her for now. Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.

>> No.39130231

>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?
>[X]Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.

>> No.39130233

>[X]How's Wendy and Midori?

>> No.39130235

Yea I could do with a hug.
>[]Dismiss her for now. Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.

>> No.39130241

>[X]How's Wendy and Midori?

>> No.39130246

>[X]How's Wendy and Midori?
>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?

>> No.39130249

>[]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?
>[]Dismiss her for now. Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.

>> No.39130252

>[x]How's Wendy and Midori?
>[x]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?

>> No.39130255

I know.

>> No.39130266

> Yuma

Make our own sadness clear.

>> No.39130267

>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?
>[X]How's Wendy and Midori?

[X]Indirect kiss.

>> No.39130268

>[x] Rattle one of the pill bottles. If she's going to drain a bottle of Kong, she may as well finish the job with some pills. Hell, we'll even help her hike her panties up a little higher and lend her our glasses so she can really feel like the warmaster.

>> No.39130276

No need to be that harsh. 300% of 1% is 3%.

>> No.39130285

>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?

>> No.39130286

>[x]Dismiss her for now. Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.
She's got important acting warmaster work to be doing. Actually, if Mami's gone, then there's probably a ton of paperwork piling up right now. Ask her about that before dismissing her.

>> No.39130288

>[X]How's Wendy and Midori?
>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?

>> No.39130291

We don't want to traumatize her for life.


>> No.39130299

Rolled 79 (1d100)

>[X]How's Wendy and Midori?
>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?
>[X]Dismiss her for now. Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.

>> No.39130301

It was trombone

>> No.39130312


>> No.39130318


>> No.39130323

>[x]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?

>> No.39130356

>[X]How's everyone dealing with Yuma?
>[X]Dismiss her for now. Remind her of the indirect kiss as she leaves.

>> No.39130364

>"Anything else you want, Murderface?"
This is our only chance of a Sayaka route, you guys. We HAVE to take it!

>> No.39130375

>[x]Tell her that mini-blueberry bitch is free to come in and dance if she wants to

>> No.39130400

Sayaka a shit

>> No.39130422

That doesn't matter. We MUST take this because this is our only chance. We get plenty of other opportunities with everyone else, even fucking TTO. Not with Sayaka.

>> No.39130430

>ever bad
Please go and stay go

>> No.39130438


>> No.39130470

Lick Sayaka's armpits.
Fondle Midori's growths.
Get bullied by Mami's dick.
Tickle Kyouko.
Touch Chiaki's scars.
Steal Wendy's scarf.

>> No.39130480


Do you really want to steal Kyouko's girlfriend?

>> No.39130492

Share, don't steal.

>> No.39130494

Who's doing all this? Kharn?

>> No.39130507


>> No.39130524


>> No.39130538

>not "drink wendy's tears"
>not "finger kyouko's fangs"

>> No.39130561 [SPOILER] 


>> No.39130565

>Even needing Wendy when he has a harem of writefags who oil up and massage his HUEG

>> No.39130582

Kharn and NECO birthing special quest when

>> No.39130608

>not "claim Kyouko's kyoukos"

>> No.39130631

>Steal Wendy's scarf

>> No.39130650

There are other, better, blondes down there.

>> No.39130655

Show Madoka the power of ayy yo.

>> No.39130674

> Mami's dick.

You called?

>> No.39130684

Who is she?

>> No.39130720


Sorry everyone, it's raining a bit heavily here so we'll have to cut this short! We'll have a special thread tomorrow morning, and another one at night! Please watch for the thread then!

Thank you for everyone's participation, feedback is always great! Sorry if we're being a bit slow but I'm going to try and run threads a bit more regularly to keep things going!

Questions answered before I go to sleep!

>> No.39130724

Reminder that both chiakipus and "Solution H" are canon.
This quest is going down the shitter.

>> No.39130732

Unravel Enishi's kimono
Play with Haruka's hair
Rub Kumatora's tummy

>> No.39130734

That's Parsee

>> No.39130745


>chiakipus mentioned off-handedly as a costume and indirectly as a joke by another Homura personality fragment

>> No.39130755

Why -did- Ahriman transform our soul gem? What was she hoping to accomplish? Was it insurance in case she failed?

>> No.39130760

>mentioned at least 3 times in the last many threads
>that makes it any less canon

>> No.39130767

Exactly how tsun is Erika for us?

>> No.39130769


Something like that, yes! If she failed to kill Chiaki then, then the rest of the Officios will finish the job for her.

>> No.39130772

Is it possible to make the gothloli dress our main attire? It's cute!

>> No.39130778

Thanks for running!


Thread has been archived!

One bottle of Kong down, several more to go!

>> No.39130779


We are pleased to announce that all of Deculture's ask.fm questions have been uploaded onto the wiki! Check it out! http://wiki.magicalgirlnoir.com/index.php/Questions_and_Answers

We will begin uploading questions from threads shortly.

>> No.39130781


>> No.39130787

Since they don't break SoD and don't greatly affect the main plotline I don't see how either of those are bad things.

>> No.39130794


Very tsun.


Hahaha, that's possible!

>> No.39130795

>Implying Wendy doesn't give Decu "the works" when oiling.

>> No.39130797

When will we get more of Enishi/Misaka?

And when will we get drawn evidence of NECO's Kharntastic child?

>> No.39130799

Please, answer me already this, Decu: What would have happened if we have chosen not to give our soul gem to Ahriman?
See you tomorrow!

>> No.39130801

>Who is she?

Forgotten, alone, and ANGRY.

>> No.39130813

Is Wendy your waifu or is Dan your waifu? Pick one!

>> No.39130815


Is Chiaki still unaware of what a dildo actually is?

>> No.39130825

>Getting Buttmad about the Chiakipus

>> No.39130828

thanks for running Deculture

>> No.39130845

Roommate is sleeping, drawing lewd.

Anyone want me to finish the sketch?

first time drawing anything lewd please be gentle

>> No.39130846


Ah, Ahriman would've attacked right then and there! It would've been quite a ruinous attack, hahaha!


Definitely soon enough! Misaka is one of the people who also want to see Murderface right away!

>> No.39130855


Neco should have an ahegao face.

>> No.39130864

Looks promising, please, do continue.

"Nyaa~ I poop from there!"

>> No.39130867

Decu, did no one notice that demon summoning last thread?

>> No.39130871

Draw lots of cute cum splatters!

>> No.39130882


Oh wow, please finish this!


P-please don't make me pick!



>> No.39130884

Yes. Chi-chan is pure.

>> No.39130886

Were you going to draw anything on your week off?

>> No.39130887

>Misaka is one of the people who also want to see Murderface right away!

She's going to blow a hole into the silent room's walls to tacklehug Murderface, isn't she.

>> No.39130889

Disgusting. Kharn does only the childbirther.

>> No.39130909

Perrine or Sayaka?

>> No.39130916

Does that mean she has lots and lots of illegitimate children?

>> No.39130921

>Actually drawing what I req'd last thread
Are you me? I was just about to say that too. It's the one thing that's missing from what I asked for and the futa internal cumshot, but that hasn't been drawn and can't be shown on a christian image board.

>> No.39130933

Favorite Touhou.

>> No.39130936


>> No.39130949

>Misaka makes us crazy weapons for use when flying

>> No.39130950


You'll find out when Chiaki asks Sayaka next thread!


I've been drawing some stuff!


Hahaha, she would do that!

>> No.39130953

Thousands, probably more. She is the Genghis Khan of Magical Girls.

>> No.39130961

Not as many as Mami, the girls that she fucks want to bear her children.

>> No.39130981

Even males would gladly bear Mami's children.

>> No.39130991


Acceptable tastes detected.

>> No.39130999

I wouldn't. That's disgusting.

>> No.39131001

Who impregnated more megucas with the futa formula, Kharn or Mami?

>> No.39131030

Do most people think Mami is pure and kind?

>> No.39131032

It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

>> No.39131076

Kharn. I don't see Mami as someone as irresponsible as that

>> No.39131077


I prefer another 2hu, but pretty much all of them are best girls.

>> No.39131107

It's less "Mami is irresponsible" and more "But Mami I WANT to bear your child!"

>> No.39131110

Can Kharn take a joke? Because I'm pretty sure we never did check on the fallout from the panty shipment. We may need Jolly Ranchers.

>> No.39131125

Yes, she got the shipment. She liked it.

>> No.39131149

I respect your taste. It's not my own, but I do recognise that Hong doesn't get enough respect.

>> No.39131151

Yup, and wasn't she putting it up as decoration or something?

>> No.39131177

>Ecstasy Darks
This shouldn't be so amusing. I know she needed a name other than "Dark Precure", but of all things, why that one?

>> No.39131274

Because Decu is terrible at names?

>> No.39131372


>Attarou confirmed for exquisite taste.

>> No.39131406

Deculture has definitely gone to bed, and I think Cooldown is taking a nap. Archival appears to have gone into a timbit coma. So uh, thread's over! Any other questions for decu can be directed to http://ask.fm/Deculture

Thanks for being here, everyone!

>> No.39131461

Decu just didn't want to answer all the futa impregnation questions.
He brought it on himself, he made it canon.

>> No.39131865

Mami just giggles politely and sticks it in your pooper

>> No.39131893

The joke's on her, my asshole's a mimic!

>> No.39131924

>implying there is any other choice
that is, unless she can make us a proper railgun

>> No.39131960

>not strong electromagnetic field that allows us to rip metal out of the ground and walk on walls

>> No.39131961

It gives you a penis, anon, not testes.

>> No.39131974

>without balls
What's even the point?

>> No.39131997

Full package futanari exists, and some people prefer it like that, you know.

Personally, I prefer ball-less, but I've got nothing against other people's tastes.

>> No.39132204

"Hahaha!" Deculture answering futa impregnation questions, probably

>> No.39132462

It'd be funnier if she was talking about her boobs, not her shirt...

>> No.39132527


I just wanted to do a funny comic with Midori using a cheesy pick-up line

>> No.39132549

Why is it yelling at Steph?

>> No.39132571

"Did it hurt?"
"When you fell from heaven?"
"Hurt the other bitch more."

>> No.39132616


>> No.39132617

Because it drives Hat-chan crazy

>> No.39132643


Yes, magnificent

>> No.39132715


>> No.39132842

Does this look like a Kharn face?


sorry if my art skills aren't good

>> No.39132863

>tongue doesn't even reach eyebrow

>> No.39132899


>> No.39132905

That's a Satsuki.

>> No.39132934

How do I Kharn?

>> No.39132958


Black Gold Saw without the horns.

Her haircut has to be more uneven, not straight, and she doesn't have himecut sidelocks either.

>> No.39132982

Ah, yes, the hime cut. Thank you Hat-chan!

>> No.39133000

More rapey, more boobs.

>> No.39133033

Perfect. The mouth could be a bit wider though.

>> No.39133046

>> No.39133071


Here's a quick reference. Basically, the fringe has to be wilder, and the sidelocks should be straight.

Other than that, looks fine to me.

>> No.39133101

Alrighty then, thank you! I will do my bestest.

>> No.39133150


Good luck!

>> No.39133255

And the ass gotta be fatter.

>> No.39133265

I don't remember anything about Kharn having booty.

>> No.39133301

Well, she's bulkier than >>39133071

>> No.39133482

Better? How messy is messy?

Sorry if this is getting annoying

>> No.39133495

Not sinister enough.

>> No.39133599

Kharn's tongue is like 18 inches long and she can fold origami and pick locks with it.
Also she has black sclera.

>> No.39133640

>dat victory pose

>> No.39133711


Looks good to me!

>> No.39133748

Are her sclera black? I can't tell that well in the official art.

>> No.39133847

Not necessarily BGS's, but Kharn's are.

>> No.39133969


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