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I've seen a few 'Let's fix SOB' theads before and, to be frank, I'm kinda bored.

However, let's see if we can brainstorm about one thing first.

Celestians. Veteran Sisters of Battle who are supposed to be skilled at both ranged and melee, yet end up serving neither function.

How would you go about making them actually work within that capacity?

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Step 1 on how to fix SoB:

Kill all whiny SoBfags like OP.

Step 2:

Proceed to actual improvements on the faction.

Without completing step 1, step 2 will always be for naught, no matter what.

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Two things I think:

Fix the faith system so it's way less random.
Introduce more vehicle options.

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Give celestians power weapons and storm shields.

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The reason "Let's Fix X" threads never work is because before you can agree on a solution, you just first all agree on the problem.

Agreeing on a single solution would be hard enough, but /tg/ don't all agree on what the problem is, making it impossible.

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Well, let's identify the problem then.

I think sisters lack options, particularly for vehicles, and the faith system is too random.

Do others agree?

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Make Celestian squads slightly bigger.

Give the Sisters more vehicles (perhaps borrowing some from the Guard?), or make them more dedicated foot sloggers (include cheap squads like Frateris Militia or something along those lines, to act as meatshields and skirmishers to bulk up the Sisters forces). Right now they're not particularly skilled at either.

Make it so that you can give certain units a bonus for being particularly faithful (like officers) that give them a minor bonus similar to but smaller than a the one you roll for a commander, or include 'faithful' units that you can attach to squads (like preachers) that allow you to roll differently for faith bonuses by squad.

Then again I don't really know shit about the sisters so fuck me, right?

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I'll agree with that.

It's not that the sisters lack some good units. The Exorcist, the Repressor, the Immolator and the Dominion are some bloody nice units.

It's that the army is a bit too random (And not in the 'Sometimes everything is wonderful' way that orks are) with it's faith powers and that as an army they lack versatility as they don't have any good options for some rather core roles (Assault/Counter Assault, Anti-Air etc)

That and some units simply don't work in their role (Celestians being a core one)

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On another note - the Sisters of Battle are supposed to be the military arm of the Ecclesiarchy, the ladies that get the best armor and weapons that they can buy. That's why they have bolters and power armor.

But why not more than that? Why don't they have more rare or unique weaponry and equipment that most armies in the Imperium wouldn't be able to get? Why don't they pay fortunes to make sure that their Celestian Superiors can have the option of a Volkite Pistol? Why haven't they dug up STC designs for rare and powerful weaponry and brokered a deal with the Mechanicus so that only the Sisters will be equipped with them?

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why do they all have white hair?

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>Why don't they have more rare or unique weaponry and equipment that most armies in the Imperium wouldn't be able to get?

They already do, you fucking dipshit. Do you see any army besides the space fucking marines who get power armor and bolters standard? EVEN INQUISITORS, HIGH LORDS, AND THE WEALTHIEST GOVERNORS DON'T GET THESE UNLESS THEY ARE SOMEONE IMPORTANT OR INFINITELY WEALTHY

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They don't, actually. There's only one Order that really does that.

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>power armor

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What makes Sisters unique on the table? What is their flavor? What are they strengths and weaknesses supposed to be?

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Give Sisters a dirt cheap NOT OPEN TOPPED assault transport for repentia and celestians.

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Living saint should be a C'tan Ascendant level of bullshit.

Not the new codex one but the old toughness 9 minititan.

She should have D-strength attacks and the ability to keep resurrecting.

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It's not the same Power Armor that Space Marines get, but it is Power Armor.

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Make sister squads slightly bigger, due to canonically being more numerous than SMs

done, just inflate their numbers

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As a long time SOB player I'd say:

+Devastating short range offence
+Putting a damn lot of 3+ bodies on the table.

-Poor assault ability outside a few dedicated units that makes the short range offence risky if it fails.
-A lack of true long range options and artillery.

Sisters handle people shooting at them very well and are rather survivable but lack offensive ability in an assault or the ability to pound people from the other side of the board easily.

All in all, they fit between Marines and Tau in playstyle. Nearly the suitability of marines and the ranged focus but lacking the raw distance of Tau.

Overwatch, as a whole, was a big boost to the Sisters and something they rather like.

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If I took that mask off, would she die?

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With all those flames around her? Probably not immediately but she might sustain a slight scarring of the lungs

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I feel like they would do well with some drop pods.

Imagine sisters dropping in with all those heavy flamers and mellta pistols.

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Personally, I think Sisters are pretty decent how they are, aside from a lack of diversity.

However, I really want to see biker Sisters in the style of jousters. I think that'd be fun.

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for you

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Is he the Emperor?

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On one hand: Mechanically it would work for them.
On the other: It would really push them back towards 'Just human-scale marines'.

I'd personally prefer some other method of getting stuff deep inside enemy territory. Like Infiltrators or grav chutes

Similar net effect but a bit less 'Straight from the armory of the space marines'

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I don't know, he seems like a big guy.

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>However, I really want to see biker Sisters in the style of jousters. I think that'd be fun.

Me too. Fits the French Catholic knight theme perfectly.

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Indeed, for a faction that has the funding of a Galactic Church behind them, they really don't have much over your standard storm troopers...
Where are the Hovercraft and giant Robot Saint Effigies?

Actually they often do, which is the issue...

>the ability to keep resurrecting.

>I'd personally prefer some other method of getting stuff deep inside enemy territory.
Indeed, how about a troop transport Flyer?

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Ideas that might help with the diversity problem:
Bring back the Brazer of Holy Fire (hand weapon with combi flamer)
Expand on the Brazer, maybe power weapon versions.
Give Celestians more/better options: like dual boltpistols, everyone can take combi-weapons
More options for the canoness: Jump pack, make blade of admonition not a relic, dual pistols
Militia would be a cool option

Naturally more formations would be neat, like one that is 1-canoness w/ jetpack +2-6 seraphim squads.

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>Indeed, for a faction that has the funding of a Galactic Church behind them, they really don't have much over your standard storm troopers...

It's funny you say that because hot-shot lasguns are arguably better than the bolters sisters have since sisters are getting up close anyway, depending on who you're fighting obviously, but since marines are the majority of the people you're going to come across I think the hot-shot lasguns win out.

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>Actually they often do, which is the issue...

Inquisitors do not all come with power armor as standard. They have to buy it as an upgrade. Power armor isn't some generic flak jacket that you faggots seem to think it is just because "muh poor SoB ONLY get power armor!"

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I don't think the intention was for it to be 'Only power armour' so much as a comment on 'SOB have Batman's superpower: money. Maybe toss them some other rare, expensive gear'

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You know what I really want?
A sister genestealer cult.

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>Confessor Amadeus is like our second father, Inquisitor. To all of our sisters, this church is our family. It's only natural that we should try to see to his health and protect him from outsiders.

>Well, it's not like we're keeping any of the monestary's members here. But most of them don't want to leave after a short stay here. Devoted brothers and sisters all, beloved kin. Don't you agree?

>Sisters! Our beloved Father, our patriarch, has decreed that the government of this planet is against the will of him and the Emperor of our Hive! We must cast it down in flames, and bring the light our faithful to all who would not accept the gifts of our lord!

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Damn, anon, that's good. the zealotry of the sisters makes this for a really appealing scenario.

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The Sister's power armor does not connect to a black carapace and only enhances their training. It is based on the same tech any normal human can suit up in with training. The Ecclesiarch provides massive tithes to receive PA for its soldiers. Kinda makes fun of the Catholics having a deep, deep pocket. Whereas Inquisitors have to make their own future.

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I have something that I've been working on for a friend of mine. I could care less about criticism and feedback, as the testing I do caters to my particular 40K group.

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As an army that is about short range shooting but also crumbles in combat, Sisters should have hit & run as an army-wide rule, not just seraphim.

And repentia should have the rule that means even models that die in combat still get their attacks for that turn.

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Quit playing 40k forever. Problem Solved!

Fuck Games Workshop.

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>Seraphim are described as using pistols in CQC >Literally trained to shoot you in the face point blank
>no rules to support this

Give Seraphim and celestians melee pistol power. Seraphim get jumps and dual pistols, Celestians get Pistols and Shields like fucking riot police.

Give celestians a rule where only the ones with shields can be attacked, and the others can make ranged attacks into the enemy. Fucking shield wall tactics. I have a fantastic image of a few celestians holding people back with their shields and the Heavy Flamer sister just goes to town over the shields.

Speaking of fire. Where the fuck is our long range holy fire? Give us a 20" torrent HF mortar crew as well as a vehicle mounted version. FUCKING CATAPULT


Holy Grenadiers. SoB demolitionists with thumper style launchers that shoot Meltabombs, frag grenades, or incendiary grenades that latter of which ignores cover. Possibly smoke grenades that block or hinder LoS for a turn

Fluer de Fliers. Slow heavy bomber with fire bombs and melta missiles. Fast fighter with super bolter incendiary rounds like the Immo HB

FFS jump canoness

Bikers. Grenadier option to chuck bombs at people they drive passed. Lance with melta charge on front designed to Pierce transports so the the built in flamer can drown passengers with promethium.

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>Celestians get Pistols and Shields like fucking riot police.

Storm Shields on Celestians is legitimately a good idea.

>> No.39122668


Not so much a fan of some of that but I do honestly like the idea of SOB Grenadiers. Toss them a special rule that 'Everyone in the squad can throw grenades, not just one model'. Maybe a second shiny grenade type (Phosphor Pinning Grenades?)

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Nigga it's still power armor. It's just power armor designed for humans, like that Inquisitors and other people wear, instead of like the ones for Adeptus Astartes.

While it lacks a lot of the neato features present in the Space Marine versions (like direct interface with your nervous system via the black carapace, and the strength-boosting abilities) it's still as durable as an armor system as the Space Marines have.

>> No.39123024

>the strength-boosting abilities
Actually all Power Armor does this, it's just the Black Carapace make it super responsive.

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I know in a few stories, the Sisters make use of Valkyries specifically built for them and owned by the Ecclessiarchy. In addition to using it as a transport vehicle for a squad, maybe give it a Torrent nose weapon. That'd be fluffy, and make it great against massed infantry. They can then also use Vendettas in their army.

Giving Celestians more options like everyone said seems to be quite reasonable. I'd personally recommend power weapons, special weapons, or combi-weapons squad wide.

Perhaps giving them Cultist-equivalents to use as meat shields and hurl into the enemy guns. That's fluffy with their use of pilgrims and zealots as impromtu attack forces to divert fire from the main body and soak up bullets.

Maybe give them Inquisitorial Stormtroopers? That one's just a guess, I've no idea if that'd work. They frequently work alongside each other.

>> No.39123194

>or combi-weapons squad wide.
I really don't want celestians to just be T3 sternguard.

Sisters need things to make them more distinct from marines, not things to make them more like marines.

>> No.39123248

They used to have Arbites.

>> No.39123282

That's the problem. Sisters are basically marines, but weaker and without options. They get bolters, flamers, and melta, which marines get and more. They get infantry and jump troops, which marines get and more.

Rather than giving them things other armies of the imperium already get, they need something different to bring to the table.

>> No.39123351

As much as I would like Sisters to get their own unique flyer, I don't trust GW to make a new vehicle model that doesn't look like shit anymore so I would be happy if they just got valkyries.

>> No.39123467

Shoot Pistols in CC
Pistols and Storm shields

That is a great place for Sisters to start.

Flagellants like fantasy
Martyr bombs. Literally. Salvation through self immolation
PE are MC like the baby harness GK.

>> No.39123495


I'd likely pass on the suicide bombers for the actual sisters. For meat shields/zealots it works better.

>> No.39123542

Instead of flagellants I would make repentia dirt cheap and put them as troops.

Repentia being ork boy cheap would make up for them being a joke to kill and having a meatwall of repentia hordes would be cool and different.

>> No.39124338

I like the idea of 10 point chainfists

>> No.39125039

Yeah. The kind of double meanings to the family and devotion stuff were really fun. The similarities to the ideas of a fervent genestealer cult and a militant religious cult were honestly kind of eerie.

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Give the Sisters Frateris Militia, I say. If the Inquisition has taken pretty much everything else that made them unique, you can at least give them that. Give them stats somewhere between Chaos Cultists and Imperial Guard Conscripts and we should be good.

Or revive the Frateris Templar as a Sisters of Battle elite unit.

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What if instead of faith powers working like they do now they worked something like this:

You get X faith points per game turn (based on something, I don't know at the moment).

Whenever you do something you can spend Y faith points to temporarily boost a stat or modify a dice roll. There should probably be a cap on the amount you can use on one modification, maybe even cap it at 1 point per stat/roll.

So for example you might spend faith points to boost for your BS to take out an important target or boost your T to help a unit survive one more turn or turn a 5 into a 6 on an invuln roll or add 1" to just make a charge.

>> No.39125313


Eh. I'd personally do something more like this:

Battle Sisters

Faith Power: Divine Aim - Favored Enemy


Faith Power: The Quickening - +2 Init.

And basically have any squad have the faith powers as constant effects, with them affecting every model in the squad with the Shield of Faith rule.

So the Battle Sisters have Favored enemy but if a Cannoness joins? She gets Favored Enemy too and they get the Quickening.

It would, yes, affect the points cost. Mostly of special characters as they become big buffs to whatever squad they join.

>> No.39125316

That could work. It's kind of dull though.

Maybe rather than just boosting stats, it could be things more specific to things they already have. Like maybe making a squad's bolter's heavy 3 for a turn, or increasing their invuln save temporarily.

The current problem with acts of faith is they're all once per game, need a test to activate, and the effects aren't usually strong enough to overcome that.

Having more consistent effects that can be used turn after turn would benefit them a lot.

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I don't get why people focus that much on the lack of versatility. For the love of the Emperor, they are an army of the imperium. You want Storm Ravens? Drop Pods? Centurions? Draigo? You can have all that and much more.

Sisters don't need anything but new minis so you can actually build an army that doesn't cost a kidney and actually be convertible to represent the various options they have.

>> No.39125467

> Fixing Sisters
Oh damn right you are, they need to be spayed and neutered!

>> No.39125516

Actual buff/debuff synergy between units is something 40k as a whole could really use more of because it doesn't really have much.

The most important change that does need to happen is to remove the randomness. IG orders, the new khorne blood points thing and the skitarii doctrines are all superior versions of the faith powers in terms of power/versatility/reliability. Faith powers just look pathetic in comparison.

>> No.39125534

That's retarded and you're retarded.

>> No.39125595

Yeah. Faith points should be reworked into something that's a mix of Warp Charges and Markerlights. Like warp charges in that you get a certain number per turn based on how many units you have, but like markerlights in that you can easily spend them on a per-squad basis for specific effects.

Having it work with independent characters joining units would also make sisters much more useful as allies as well.

>> No.39125612


>Actual buff/debuff synergy between units is something 40k as a whole could really use more of because it doesn't really have much.

That and well, it feels like something that SOB could do very fluffily due to the large number of independent orders/groups outside the battle sisters that could be fun independent characters ala priests.


Sister Hospitaler

Faith Power: Medical Miracles - Eternal Warrior(For 1 wound SOB it exists 99% to prevent Str 6+ negating a medics Feel No Pain)

Sister Prontarus:

Faith Power: Emperor's Guidance - Stealth + Move Through Cover

For example.

By making it only work on models with Shield of Faith also prevents something like shoving a Hospitaler in with Grey Knight Paladins and cackling like a madman.

>> No.39125629

Sisters do need plastic, but the reason they don't have plastic models is because they don't have a good reason to play them.

Sisters have power armor, bolters, flamers, and meltaguns. They have other things, but those four make up the bulk of their wargear.

You know who else has all of that? Salamanders. Or any other Space Marine chapter if they want.

Sisters don't currently have anything good and unique enough to really justify taking them as allies, so nobody takes them, so GW doesn't make plastic minis. They're stuck in a pit.

>> No.39125667

Remove the irrelevant faction from the game.

>> No.39125674

To go with this idea, it might work well to give sisters a sort of Warlock Council analogue. Basically an HQ slot that let's you take a bunch of these characters with different powers and split them up amongst your force.

>> No.39125695

Also GW's paradigm for some years now has been that plastic kits need to be used for at least 2 units so almost any plastic kits Sisters get are going to have to be dual kits so they actually need to make up new units for that to work.

>> No.39125733


That or like priests are now. Where they are HQs that don't actually take up a slot.

Priests are honestly the inspiration for them. With all the stuff like 'Reroll saves' or 'Get smash'. Less options compared to a priest but you don't need to roll for them.

So you just get a slot that is something like 0-3 Order Minorus Representatives per HQ you take.

>> No.39125769

You're just describing the basis for the sisters. They have access to SM equipment without being SM. Their only unique traits are their devotion to the emperor and the fact that they are female. Both of those are present in their codex with the 6+ and acts of faith.

It's similar how to blood angels get their own special snowflake codex even though all they are is a C:SM chapter with furious charge, fast vehicles and their own psychic tree

>> No.39125812

They don't really need new units for it to work. They are similar to space wolves.

Battle Sisters, Celestians, Dominions all share the same model more or less with different weapon options. Then all they need is an upgrade pack for retributors and seraphs. Repentia can just be finecast.

>> No.39125815


The only things sisters really need is new models to be honest. Any gaps in the army (such as the lack of anti air) can happily be patched with allies.

Also even though its bad, its still great fun to roll and landraider/stormraven up the board and unload a max squad of sisters repentia into someone's face.

>> No.39125831


The best part is when that face is someone's Imperial Knight.

>> No.39125838

In an ideal world celestians and dominions would be visually differentiated from regular battle sisters and retributors would just not exist.

>> No.39125850

>The only things sisters really need is new models to be honest. Any gaps in the army (such as the lack of anti air) can happily be patched with allies.

"Army X does not need to be fixed because you can just take allies" is a fucking idiotic argument. If I wanted to play another army I would just play that army.

Every army should be 100% self-contained.

>> No.39125887

In an ideal world wolf guard would be different than blood claws but all you get is a bunch of bling to glue on the power armor. And space wolves are way more popular and well-established than sisters. Complaining about the lack of models is fine, asking for something GW hasn't done for other armies is retarded.

You're playing an army of the Imperium aren't you? It's the same thing that allows you to bring titans and knights for the sisters. Just because a Storm Raven is less dramatic it doesn't mean you can't bring it.

>> No.39125915

>Every army should be 100% self-contained.

And in an ideal world they would be. I've been playing sisters for years and made do with each instance of the rules and as said barring difficulties with flyers, I've never had too much issue with how they've performed.

I'll admit they aren't the strongest army, but their certainly playable and the current instance of their codex is one of the best.

>> No.39125925

>You're playing an army of the Imperium aren't you? It's the same thing that allows you to bring titans and knights for the sisters. Just because a Storm Raven is less dramatic it doesn't mean you can't bring it.

There's no "Codex: Human Empire" so no, I'm not. And that Stormraven comes with at least half a dozen space marines.

>> No.39125938


Or you could just go unbound.

>> No.39125959


>> No.39125961

Sisters should have some more unique flamey or meltay options, and a bit more versatility with other kinds of heavy weapons. Lascannons, missile launchers, that sort of thing.

Either make the the stuff they do have really unique and fun in a way you can't get with other armies, or try and fill them out to make them more viable than just flames and meltas.

>> No.39125971


Its perfectly legit and in the main rule book. Its not like I'm trying to put a list down that just consists of 5 Riptides.

>> No.39125976

What if they could take Volkite?

Ignore the anally devastated Marine players who want to be able to take it. There's plenty of precedent for one Imperial faction holding on to old tech for themselves. Baal predators. Helfrost guns. All the Mechanicus weapons.

>> No.39126001

Well they have the holy trinity of flamer, melta, and boltgun, and they are bankrolled by the church so they could get some badass versions of those.

>> No.39126024


And lets not forget the exorcist. Or all three of them if your gaming is reinforced enough to support that much weight.

>> No.39126027


I'd personally support Missile Launchers but mostly if they were Flame and Melta Missiles rather than Frag and Krak.

So Str 4 AP 5, Ignores Cover, Blast and Str 8 AP 1 (No actual melta rule because it's a missile, rather than a beam). Obviously more expensive than normal launchers.

>> No.39126029

I can dig it. Especially since Volkite weapons pretty much cause you to burst into flames, so they work perfectly with the Sisters mindset. Just make it a fairly expensive Special Weapon and people should be okay with it.

>> No.39126050

Shotguns with soulblaze.

Incendiary grenades that place a template that blocks LoS for a turn and puts soulblaze on anything under or which moves through the template.

Melta bomb-tipped power lances for biker sisters.

>> No.39126057

I'd personally love a troop transport flyer. I'd love to see the sisters have a stronger air force presence with transports and gunships (what was that forgeworld model they could use?)

>> No.39126066

Make Sisters play like Mini-30k Legion armies.

20 model squads with bolters parachuting out of a miniature church that's mounted on jets.

10 model squads with nothing but flamers popping out of a rhino and absolutely roasting that Dire Avenger squad.

10 sisters, all with meltaguns.

Ten of the heavy weapon sisters sitting on top of a bunker, pouring an eternal stream of melta towards anything that comes within 24"

Volkite warhead. Punches into the target and bursts into flames inside them. Always inflicts a Crew Stunned result in addition to whatever it causes. S7 AP2, Blind.

>> No.39126106

Aquila Landers (which is a transport) and Avenger Strike Fighters are both usable by SoB but nobody uses the former.

>> No.39126112

To be fair the Aquila lander is shit.

>> No.39126130

What IS the Aquila lander, and why is it shit?

>> No.39126187

If I'm remembering right, it's more expensive than a valkyrie pts wise, almost non existent offensive ability, a capacity of 7, and paper armor.

>> No.39126192

It's basically a shittier valkyrie. Less armour and less transport capacity.

>> No.39126308

Ah okay. I've not been keeping up with 40k recently, what would our ideal transport be?

>> No.39126332

For me, something that could carry a full 20 squad of sisters.

>> No.39126335


This, mostly.
Also, too few variant units. GW exists to sell models, and there's no reason Sisters - or any other faction - should have so few options in their codex.

Imo, the next phase for SoB sales should be Codex: Ministorum. Reprising ye olde FP system and loading squads up with many options for anti-psyker Relics. In fact, anti-psi should be the army-wide theme. Get some not-Stormtrooper Fraters and Retinue-laden Priest-types in Elites and fill-out the Troops section with ObSec orange jumpsuit "volunteer" blobs, etc. There are plenty of cues from other Imperial ranges that could be included at the expense of a single faction sprue for cosmetic branding.

I don't think any of these ideas are great or even necessarily good, but it's disheartening the company seems to ignore the obvious in so many "new" releases.

Ah well, hope for the best, I guess.

>> No.39126370

>SoB Valks and Vendettas
this kills the rhino-ed or footslogging sisters.
seriously, if you could have a VTOL craft, would you ever not take it? it completely changes the image of the army, leave it to stormtroopers.

>> No.39126412

Holy shit people actually asking for some viable cganges is okay. However asking or expecting shit like full sister squad troop carriers, seperate model kits for everything and such is completely retarded at this point. GW hasnt done it for factions more common and interesting than the sisters. At best they should get all sm vehicles

>> No.39126420

Why take chimeras when you can take valks?
Why take rhinos/razors/land raiders when you can take stormravens?

>> No.39126432

To be fair there's almost no reason to take a land raider over a storm raven nowdays

>> No.39126453

I often wonder about the stormravens, what was gw thinking!

>> No.39126486

There's no reason to take sisters over anything at all at the moment either, but the point is that in good design you balance something being better with an opportunity/resource cost.

You're not going to be outfitting 3 dominion squads + however many min-size sister squads + hypothetical buffed repentia + hypothetical buffed celestians + battle conclave ALL with valkyries.

>> No.39126498

Melee pistols would do a lot for seraphim at least, S4 AP5 melee with extra CCW, and they'de be the first faction where plasma pistole would be worth buying.

>> No.39126514 [DELETED] 

>Actual buff/debuff synergy between units is something 40k as a whole could really use more of because it doesn't really have much.

>> No.39126529

>Actual buff/debuff synergy between units is something 40k as a whole could really use more of because it doesn't really have much.

This, It's what makes Tau/Eldar work, their units actually work as a band instead of 5 douches just waiting to play their solo.

>> No.39126552

Valks aren't Vendettas but take up the same slot.

>> No.39126570

It's also adds more options for differentiating and balancing units.

Unit X might be killier than Unit Y, but Unit Y can bring a buff/debuff that lets other units in the army make up the difference.

>> No.39126621

Like the DA trick of using rad weapons to nuke an enemy's toughness and then riddling them with double-rof twin-linked bolters.

>> No.39126669

Actually, I'd love to seem some of that in the SoB army.

Unholy weapons, banned and sealed away, only the purest may wield them without damning their eternal souls, and even then the users must be properly purified and chastised after use so they are never tempted by them.

>> No.39126707

I don't think that works for the SoB. I doubt very much any Sister would agree to use an unholy weapon.

>> No.39126710

more grimdark.
only the purest can wield them AND it damns their eternal souls. one chance to use them, and you lose an HQ when you do.

>> No.39126829

That's basically already the GK thing.

Sisters should just be about 100% holy and blessed things.

>> No.39126862

Naw, GK wield Deamon and Xeno weapons

I'm talking rad-cannons, biogenic weapons, the stuff that is only really good for absolutely murdering humans, to fit with their Scourge of the heretic theme.

>> No.39126894

Phlogiston rounds for bolt weapons that dose enemy units making them weaker for flamers and melta weapons.
Phlogiston: When ever an enemy unit is hit with an weapon with this special rule that unit is 'dosed'. Mark the enemy unit with a suitable token. When you shoot at phlogiston dosed enemy with an unit from Adepta sororitas faction remove the token and apply one of the following rules:
-Phlogiston dosed enemies must reroll succeful armor and invulnerable saves against weapons from the flamer category.
-All weapons with melta special rule scores extra 2 hits with to hit roll of 6 when they fire at Phlogiston dosed enemy. Works with snapshots.
All unused phlogiston markers are removed at the start of your next movement phase.

Give phlogiston rounds for Retributor heavy bolters and immolator heavy bolter, and maybe a combi-phlogiston bolter. Make flier with phlogiston bomb and tail mounted torrent flamer. Make grenadier styled unit with phlogiston grenades or melta bombs.

>> No.39126958

Release a plastic SoB kit, a plastic veteran SoB kit, a plastic cannoness kit, plastic repentia kit, plastic big chainsaw robot kit and a plastic rhino chassis tank kit.

SoB are now fixed.

>> No.39127011

That's not unholy then.

>> No.39127047

Oh there are plenty of weapon banned after the horus heresy, like those... rad guns that left whole areas uninhabitable.

>> No.39127089

Skitarii have rad weapons now.

>> No.39127099

"Considered dishonourable by some Legions, who eschew them altogether or make little use of them, the arsenal of a Destroyer squad includes rad-weapons, bio-alchem munitions and the crawling horror of phosphex. These hellish devices, which irrevocably taint the ground upon which they are used, have been forbidden by the Emperor’s own edict, and with good reason. For during the long nightmare of the Age of Strife, many life-sustaining colony worlds were rendered barren by their use, becoming uninhabitable charnel houses where once these verdant planets held thriving civilisations.

It is little wonder therefore that those who wield these potent weapons of destruction are heavily protected from their effects – the fire-blackened and chem-scalded Destroyers being clad in modified and reinforced suits of power armour, essential to withstand the pernicious rad-taint of their own weaponry. Often shunned and distrusted by their Legion brothers, the Destroyers are deemed a necessary evil at best during these violent times, yet none can deny the potency of their relic-weapons."

This sort of shit

>> No.39127137


>> No.39127163

Just add in some blurb about the weapons being a death sentence to use, if the weapons don't kill the sister on the field, the ensuing tumours, burns and purification rituals will finish them.

>> No.39127178 [SPOILER] 

SoB Desolator units would be pretty rad.

>> No.39127224

>Hitchcock approves

>> No.39129315

I it just me or does it seem like something like the Baal preds would be almost perfect for their play style? Also seconding the Volkite idea.

>> No.39132997

Why not have weapons that are antethema to heretics? Like a missile with the powdered bones of a saint inside.

They already create blessed ammunition for bolters by consecrating it with the blood of an innocent man, and make the Aegis Armor using the souls of pyskers. Making weapons out of relics sounds awesome.

>> No.39133428

The "bones of saints" like how Catholic priests would totally give out "bones of saints" to people who paid the dosh for indulgences.

>> No.39133898


>> No.39135607


>> No.39136245

>space marines use the bones of saints as relics
>SoB use the bones of saints as awesome bone shrapnel holy machine guns

>> No.39138429

Got bored and drew rad sister. Million hours in paint worth of shitscribbles.

Hope it's not upside down or some shit.

>> No.39138884

Hey, it's not upside down.

>> No.39138950

Yeah only half way there. Should have just moved it to the PC and uploaded from there.

>> No.39140377

The interesting thing is that Sisters actually have something like this in Dawn of War called Phosphor Grenades which deal health and morale damage.

Their name and description sort of imply that they're similar to flash-bangs, but when you actually use them they set enemy squads on fire like incendiaries.

>> No.39143307

Flamer grenades? Could be pretty fun. Not sure how useful it would be though.

>> No.39143398

This anon has the right idea.

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