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I like how you can pinpoint the exact moment where the man realises that he is not hallucinating.

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Got me weak, have this for your troubles.

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Are those two flying worms helping him juggle, or what?

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Those are his nipples.

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....they're his what?

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>enjoying the gore while getting sick from it
first time reading Franken Fran

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Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is a strange series.

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Is it weird that I would accept this as a character's backstory?

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>Son of Ether priorities
I'm just at the point where I'm going through porn and am looking for stuff to post on 4chan.

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Oww! Damn nipples, getting into everything.

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I am both disgusted and immensely impressed. That mus have been the most uncomfortable thing ever.

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The crazy thing is he has to be inhaling between gulps for that to work. He's puffing in such absurd intervals in order to not drown in beer.

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>The Riddle of Steel.png

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>tumblr gifs

this board is low quality

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Thanks for the contribution

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What game is this?

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That dude is incredibly high wis.

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/tv/ is full of hobgoblins?

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Lousy with em.

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And the award for the most aptly named file is:


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I get it

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It's the same off-topic shit, posted every single cancerous thread, with the weakest fucking jokes in the filename line. Some of these aren't even god damn /tg/ jokes. They're /v/ or /tv/ or /b/ ones. Fuck all of you.

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Nah, you're wrong.

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>whines instead of actually doing something about it

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I lost the game.

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I figured now would be a good time to ask since I've actually have been wondering this but what type of threads do you whiners enjoy? List specific ones.

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>not winning the game ages ago


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Why not call the /v/ and /tv/ faggots out and ignore the rest, then?

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Why not post /tg/ filenames that are hilarious?

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Best one yet.

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>Turns up links that are in some strange language

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Who got ahold of my campaign transcripts?

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That got me.

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Please god tell me this is unedited. Source?

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It is indeed unedited. There's more, too. (Check the tags.)

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Gouhou Yuri Fuufu Hon

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Bless you anons!

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>DM letting his fetishes into the game

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>not magical_realm.png

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I can't begin to describe how awesome and weird it is that there is an actual answer to that question these days.

All Hail Duke.

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We even have threads for it


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>I have +10 in BEING A MAN

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> Not Solar Eclipse Exalted prepares for battle.

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OH, I know. I just still get all tingly.

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Because this whole thread is off-topic and essentially without content.

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I enjoy threads that contain stories of games that are not screencaps. I enjoy threads that are about game design, in general or specific. I enjoy threads where setting information is created, in order to inspire others in our hobby. I enjoy threads about industry news. I enjoy threads debating rules and mechanics about any given system. I enjoy threads where content is produced, such as new systems, character art, maps and digital assets.


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How could you browse /tg/ and miss Chapter Master?

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It's pretty much the most amazing thing done on this board to date.

Suck it, /v/! /tg/, you don't need other boards any more.

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look at how gay you are

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Why isn't that named tenser's transformation?

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You can hide threads you mouthbreathing asspie.

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> 2015

> Not using /tg/ to replace every other board

Jesus, next thing you'll be bitching at people for not staying on topic.

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Well, I gotta say that IS a better name.

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I feel the same way about quest threads and SJW "MAH FEEEMALE MAREEENS" threads, but instead of being a faggot about them I just hide the thread and move onto another one I actually give a fuck about.

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I never understood why people think that mages are OP. By the time you're a high level fighter, you should be pimped out in gear that levels the playing field.

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The mage ALSO has pimped out gear as well as the ability to create entire worlds.

Enjoy swinging that +5 Battle Axe while the wizard literally stops time for 18 seconds to summon an army of abominations from the 9th dimension with thoughts and morals that are unfathomable who wield 6 +5 battle axes each.

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Holy shit that's bad photoshop.

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That's not something you see every day.

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It's the little reaction at the end that makes me love this so much.

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I've that saved as Dark Heresy Combat.

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Only so much you can do.

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It's actually pretty good, apart from her FUCKING PANTIES.

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I . . . I can't do better, man. I'm sorry.

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The sarashi wearing one is more impressive. Not for her tits, but for her ability to do that on those damn Geta.

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What manga is this from? GIS and other image search engines fail me.

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Yuricam. GIS doesn't like it when you stik multiple pages together.

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I'm sorry but I have to ask for source.

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Senran Kagura

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Well now that's... different.

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Sauce? Google gives me nothing .

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That is not how you filename good sir.

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I found the source, but it's not translated. Was only this page translated, or is the rest posted somewhere else?

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I'd read this.

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I... I couldn't think of a better file name. I was secretly hoping someone would suggest a better one.

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Then call it "PCs designing their own fort"

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Eh, that's not too great. Doesn't really feel too representative of classic PC wonkiness to me.

Maybe "Greatest Polymorph"?

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And this is why you use curare.

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10th level Fighter would work, in reference to older editions of D&D.

Too Much Party Downtime.

What Do You Mean It's A Golem?

Average Fa/tg/uy's Home

But Why Does the Axe Come Out of His Head?

You Don't Want to See What The Drow Built

Hometown On His Mind

That's all I got at the minute.

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I like how is opponent's just "You seeing this shit? You seeing this? Fuck."

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Random test

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>not Eversor Assassin

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Step aside, best somatic components gif coming through.

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Assuming it has to be injected into the bloodstream, it's ok to lick.

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Not gonna lie, I kind of preferred this as "Perform (Hambone)"

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He said poison, not venom.

Venom can also be poisonous and poison can also be venomous you know. Toxins can be just plain bad.

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I will never not laugh at that GIF.

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Saved as failed spot check

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It absolutely should be Eversor, but all the Skull-headed chucklefucks from 40k look the same.

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Well this one is Danger 5, a very fun show about trying to kill Hitler.

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I thought I was good at Smash Bros.

I was wrong.

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700 dollar drink.

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Not even the second best comedy depiction of him I've seen, but it can't hurt to watch.

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This is amazing. I must know where it is from.

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It is two bots going at it.

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I don't get it

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Imagine if you accidentally spilled it when you picked it up after it was done.

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I maintain my statement.

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>Changeling: The Dreaming

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Well I can tell you that >>39099502 is Haganai, the single greatest anime of our time, and that the cute girl shown is Yozora, best girl of all time forever. It's like 25 episodes you should watch it and then also wait for S3 with everyone else.

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Mel Brooks Nazi rap is at least in the top three.

>> No.39104583


"You Are Omasou"

>> No.39104594

>Not "Ray O' Mayo"

Nice trips though

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>Random encounter.gif

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And one of the dumbest MCs of all time, but don't let this stop you.

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Space battleship Yamato 2199

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You know i always questioned the effectiveness of just punching those things

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.gif cuts too quickly from the awesome headshake from LSV and Aaron Forsythe being disgusted.

>> No.39104818

No contamination from Kaiju Blue

>> No.39104878

That's the gay super Midniter commenting on Dick Grayson's (the first Robin) ass.
Just saiyan.

>> No.39104924

holy shit, niggas just like "did you just do that?" top fucking kek

>> No.39105035

I thought it was two players using TAS to play frame-by-frame?

Speaking of, does anyone have that Toribash .gif where one of the players starts out by jumpingat their opponent and tearing themselves in half?

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>best girl
Finally, someone who doesn't like shitty meat.

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That gif made me laugh more than it should have

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I'm glad you liked it! Also thanks for that video link, I've been looking for it for literally figuratively forever.

>> No.39105116

You're welcome
>Why doe wakfu provide such great Filename thread stuff?

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What's that one from?

>> No.39105122

Note the holy symbol of Bane on that banner in the background, and the fact that Hobgoblins are often Bane-worshippers.

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Not that anon, but I'm also looking for a Toribash .gif of a similar fight, except it's not the one in the video. It was, IIRC, on a plain white stage, and both players bowed before the fight started. Then one player launched themselves at the other, tearing apart at the torso. The legs stayed behind and the upper half started wailing away.

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three years wasted

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I call this "Ilsenhoon rolls to seduce" ( I couldn't find a webm, sorry.)

>> No.39105208

>the deal with it glasses
It's subtle but fuck if it doesn't just make this gif

>> No.39105232

Image limit reached, new bread?

>> No.39105240

Fuck I would pay for that.

>> No.39105275

That's not what "perverted" means.

And your text is in the wrong order.

>> No.39105282

She is so cute.

>> No.39105293

underrated post
I mean the filename

>> No.39105296

>not ultimatepunch.jpg

>> No.39105303


Same here

>> No.39105304

Yeah, I hate when toxins are on fire.

>> No.39105321

Midnighting was great.
>tfw you'll never be the avatar of war without any fancy powers and gay married to basically superman

>> No.39105357

Oh shit that is literally Dark Souls 2

>> No.39105384

Sauce, my fine gentleman?

>> No.39105387

Google image search is complete shit for webm, does anybody know the source?

>> No.39105409

>Implying Nashandra is a good guy
Then again, she was skeletons.

>> No.39105411

>We'll never eKarchev, he rolled all the way into Khador making an army of stray pieces and broken jacks, his comming augured by a loud "BLYYYYAAAAAAAAT SUKAAAAAAAAAA" and the rumbling of motors.

>> No.39105433

I dare you to make one from the Goblins webcomic

>> No.39105491


I think its from a Disturbed song.

>> No.39105498

It is.

>> No.39105511

>And your text is in the wrong order

Is this bait?

>> No.39105512

I'd insult you with an image but the limit is reached so just imagine some condescending face.

>> No.39105527

>5e downtime rules.jpg

>> No.39105549

This one is too short,it cuts off before the tunnel starts to bleed.

>> No.39105553

the animatrix

>> No.39105562


>> No.39105583

I don't anime much, but I LOVE Sora no Otoshimono, such a good parody.

>> No.39105606

>physad derails shadowrun campaign

>> No.39105646

I wonder if half the people who saw Pacific Rim are deaf, because the few questions that are easiest to answer are the ones that come up again and again.

>> No.39105697


>> No.39105698


No, just tumblr or reddit crossposters.

>> No.39105710

Sauce? Really well animated.

>> No.39105725

This is the problem modern films are designed to deal with.

The audience are not paying attention or willing to engage brain cells

>> No.39105760

I recognize the Asterix characters.
So something Asterix, that explains the animation.

>> No.39105791

If it's Justforkix, then it's Asterix and the Normans

>> No.39105965

Is that Hector?

>> No.39105967

why am I watching a DBZ webm?

>> No.39106022


>> No.39106035

okay, I want an explanation

>> No.39107033

Couldn't get the copyright.

>> No.39107341

I don't even know how many years it's been for me. I'm not even mad. But a part of me died a little bit inside.

>> No.39107346

May I enquire about the sauce of this image, dear anon ?

>> No.39107399

Ookii Onnanoko wa Suki Desu ka?

Happy Easter

>> No.39107503

Tokyo Gore Police

>> No.39107620

Yurika's Campus Life. GIS works fine for me.

>> No.39107694

Many thanks.

As >>39105791 said, it's Asterix and the Normans.
Full movie on youtube, set at the scene depicted in the Webmaster.

>> No.39107696

Method acting would imply that his role was to be in pain from testicular aggression.

If it was really method acting he'd kill his real daughter to use those emotions on screen.

>> No.39107698

My nigger.
I have that saved as "Behemoth vs fucking ANYTHING"

>> No.39107722

If you have $700 to blow on a drink and a cigarillo, you have a second $700 to blow on a drink and a cigarillo.

>> No.39107749

Which one is Oinkers?

>> No.39107881

Why would he bother shooting his web at it if he was just going to break the glass anyway?

>> No.39107941

Which is why that picture is labeled PC plans.

>> No.39108020

But we agreed to stop the game AGES ago.

>> No.39108041

Presumably to protect his hand from shards of glass going in it.

>> No.39108136

>7th Sea

My nigga.

>> No.39108176

It's a real thing.

>> No.39108206

>Presumably to protect his hand from shards of glass going in it.

watch the .gif again
>Step one: web the window to protect hand
>Step two: Smash the fuck out of the glass
>Step Three: Open the fucking window that was obviously unlocked in the first place

>> No.39108262

The answer is simple.
Fuck you, I'm Spiderman.

>> No.39108351

It's made out of meat and is being slammed in the head wit what's essentially a skyscraper. Yeah, it's pretty fucking effective.

>> No.39108459

>>tfw you'll never be the avatar of war without any fancy powers
wat, he has superpowers and he's not the avatar of war, he doesn't even like war, he's just called Night's Bringer of War because it sounds cool

>> No.39108973

new thread, this one is dead.

>> No.39109643

Asterix, honestly, the French give no fucks.

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