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Lets get the lol's rolling.

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I call this one "BLAMMING the wrong man".

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>Maximum Sue overdrive.jpg

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>Okay before I start DMing do you guys remember what happened in the last session?

Every. Single. Time.

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For 3 weeks I've been fooled! Not today!

I'm gonna check anyway in case it's a double bluff

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You tricked me. I hate you. Someone give a good idea for a name for my picture.

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Good work. Here's a story for your reward.

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Image for ants dot seriously why would you safe that

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You tricked me again, you are a better man than me

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On my phone. My computer is messed up. I'm thinking about resting the hard drive, saving everything I want, and getting some new parts. Any suggestions?

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Here's one to make up for my small picture.

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This is right up there with "Nat 1/20 (Insert event here)" with lazy filename jokes.

Oh, something weird is happening. Geller field failure.

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where's this from?

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Do people really lose their shit so much over MtG?

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Clearly, you don't know how much nerdrage can possess neckbeards

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Alternatively "Riddle of Steel combat"

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That gif is from a parody video.

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that's fucking great

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what this from, image search doesn't find shit

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I need a new filename for this.

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>playing with DMs homebrew rules.jpg

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>Sidereal Martial Arts

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>I would like to know more

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Smooth and sneaky as fuck

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What exactly did he do? He caught the ball and gave his old one to the girl as a gift.

Or is it meant to be like a small sleight of hand as if he just nonchalantly gave the girl the ball he caught?

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Innocent AKA Everyone is fabulous:the mango

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If you're asking about the picture, it's a drawing by hidarikiki.

If you're asking about the filename, 5e had a tiny section on page 121 talking about how it's okay to be gay or trans, but also goes on about how Corellon is seen as a hermaphrodite, and that some elves are made in his image.

tl;dr the cute elf you meet at a tavern might be a futa

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Not exactly funny, but in my mind this picture always touched me in the heart.

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Is that before, or after he murdered her sisters to paint his armor?

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It was before he painted her

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>5E fighter
>Not 5E Barbarian
What the fuck are you doing?

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>5e had a tiny section on page 121 talking about how it's okay to be gay or trans
I'm queer myself, and this rustled the shit out of my jimmies. Half the fun of role playing is using your imagination and making whatever you want. If you need the book to tell you a gay character is OK in order to make one, you are a shitty roleplayer. That bit always struck me as "we want to look accepting and socially progressive, because that means more money for us, but we also don't want to put in any effort whatsoever." It's like how Magic did that whole story about how cool and awesome their trans character is.

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5E is at least in part trying to help out shitty roleplayers. The entirety of the Backgrounds chapter is just page after page of helping newbies create a role to be. Any good roleplayer is going to craft their own background, of course.
That paragraph really isn't for you, it's for people who have never played D&D before and aren't completely cognizant of the options they have at their disposal.

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>That bit always struck me as "we want to look accepting and socially progressive, because that means more money for us, but we also don't want to put in any effort whatsoever."
Yes, and? I don't get why people are so surprised at companies doing tiny things that mean nothing because it might get them more money. We live in a capitalist society, that's just how these things work. If it's not hurting anybody, why get so upset over it?

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But "the way capitalism works" IS hurting people.

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Well of course. But you don't get to complain about capitalism, because our society is enslaved to it. It's the one unassailable asserted truth.

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Yes, some of it is, and sweatshops and all that shit are not okay. But is it really necessary to get butthurt over Wizards righting a paragraph about how playing a trap is okay?

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>you don't get to complain about capitalism, because our society is enslaved to it
Murrica, pls.

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But if people complain about capitalism enough, it might go away!

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>I would rather live in soviet russia or north korea than in 21st century america
liberals pls

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That's the fear. Criticism of capitalism means you're a filthy commie that wants to take everything from everyone and be the god-king while all the little serfs slave away without even the comfort of God's scripture.

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>Defense of capitalism means you're a filthy greedsheep that wants to take everything from everyone and suck off your corporate masters while all the identical greedsheep slave away at their cubicles without the hope of anything better.
Look, I can do it too.

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We don't live in a capitalist society, it's corporatists/quasi-fascist (for the most part). Government has its fingers in everything. Capitalism and free markets are all about choice.

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Why did we start talking about capitalism. The fact is it's bad, but it's not going to go away. We're also not going to find an answer to all the world's problems in a shitty 4chan thread, so can we at least try to stay on topic? I know when my bones are broken but I can't fix them, I'm not a healthcare professional.

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>while all the identical greedsheep slave away at their cubicles without the hope of anything better.
Take away greed from in front of sheep and that sounds more like communism to me. Being nothing more than a cog in the machine, surrounded by other cogs, all toiling away for the same amount no matter how hard you work? Sounds communist to me.

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>Not taking 1 level dip for the rage and damage or getting an item that does it for you
Fucking pleb.

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That's some inflation right there.

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Oh fuck, mine sidels.

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The latter. He tricked her into thinking he gave her the one he just caught.

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I dunno, I think it's nice to have something to show badwrongfunfags that the book totally says it's okay, rather than the endless stale arguments of 'muh middle ages values' to hide how bigoted they are.

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Are you retarded?

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Eh. Badwrongfunfags in general are a problem of their own and it's gonna take a lot more than a paragraph saying "you can totally be gay you guys" to fix that.

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Point conceded.

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Admittedly, he blew up South America with that.

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"I don't fear the man who has practiced 1000 kicks once. I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 1000 times."

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I'm unfamiliar with that artstyle, what game/artist is that from?

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Darkest Dungeon

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looks like the darkest dungeon but I never played so can't be sure myself.

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Well then why did you buy the book?

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Looks like a bus got hit by something and rolled over.

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I didn't. I just know about this stuff from excessive lurking.

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>Implying cannon matters

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Ever considered that page isn't for you? Not everything queer exists to cater to our whims.

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do they have giraffes fucking on their money?

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I like how Shadowrun did it, personally. They have a section in the core book on sex in the sixth world that's basically like "You want to be gay? Man that's super tame. You don't know real fucking until you've had soul brain sex on the astral plane with a spirit, or played the game of "who has the most peniginas" on the matrix. There's magic and shit dude."

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No anon, that's just two giraffes walking next to each other
They haven't gotten that far in their relationship yet

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> Page about being queer or trans

> Not catering to queer or trans culture

Haha, because straight cis people are where it's at!

Seriously, though, I'm okay with it as a reminder that it is possible to RP as queer or trans.

So, I guess it isn't aimed at queer or trans people.

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Exactly. It was aimed at people who otherwise would wonder, "hey, is it okay if my character likes dudes?" but couldn't bring himself to ask the DM.

Which has never really been a problem for you out-of-closet types.

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Jace is trans? I just thought he was super gay.

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Alesha, one of the ancient Khans of Tarkir, was born a male but when he earned his right to pick his own name and picked the name of his bad-ass grandma.

/tg/, who had previously devoted basically the entirety of their Tiny Leaders threads to worshipping at her feet were suddenly worried that this made them gay retroactively.

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>implying the grey knight was once a blood angel
What are you even going.

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>implying that's still canon

>> No.38998791

>implying anyone gives a single shit whatsoever

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...did no one consider the possibility that Alesha is a gender neutral name on Tarkir?

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This is how I Arbitrator

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It's not just that she took her grandmother's name. She's confirmed, legit MtF by word of Doug. Also her entire UR was about how trans and awesome she is.

In fairness, Alesha is nothing compared to the new "autistic" planeswalker.

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Some orc she was in command of specifically made fun of her for being a boy pretending to be a girl so I assume it really isn't.

>> No.38998859


It might be, but Alesha, Who Laughs At Death is explicitly a male person acting as though he were a woman. It's not that he just took his grandma's name but more like he inherited her life and that included dressing in female fashions and being referred to as she.

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>her entire UR was about how trans and awesome she is

Most of the story is about how he kills a dragon. The trans thing is more like a twist to the story. It'd be like you had these squires go out and fight a war and come back to be knighted and the last thing in the story is "Arise, Sir Susan."

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I think that page is there also to say it's okay that some guy brought a gay or trans character into things. If you spend a little while on /tg/ you will find there are quite a few people who would flip the fuck out over it, not even because they hate gay or trans people, but simply because they think it "doesn't fit" in a european medieval fantasy world. Sometimes people need to be reminded that fiction is fiction and you can put whatever you want in it.

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Thats horrifying and incredible at the same time. I'm glad to be alive in this age.

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Hello boner, my old friend

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Yup. Not everything sexual is magical realm. You're playing a different person. People have sexualities. As long as you don't just sit there rubbing your nipples the whole time, who gives a shit?

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Nice tits, Elise

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Nightmares. I have them now.

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It almost looks like he's saying "Welp, that's enough heresy for one day."

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We think alike, boner.

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Sure, but the point of the character being trans is to show you how the Mardu see personal identity. That is, you start off with no identity until you earn one for yourself, but also that an identity is something that can be passed from person to person. It's more than just honoring an ancestor by naming yourself after them, you better model yourself from the ground up after that person or else you're defiling their name.

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where can I find more?

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Those girls in the back are so distractingly bad at dancing...

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Trying to remember what model that is from Red Dragon. It can't be a Lafayette as that's a OP as fuck devpet.

>> No.39000423

Is... is this just really expensive Magic suicide?

>> No.39000452


And nothing in blueforce surface navy is OP, it's utterly crushed by redforce.

All blueforce can hope to do is airstrike outlying command ships and leave the reds without a respwawn position, and pick them off. Otherwise you get murdered in a hail of antiship missiles.

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I'm pretty ashamed to admit I do this at my weekly games because, by the time that week's game rolls around, I've forgotten what happened last week.

My players likely realize this, as I do a bad job of hiding it, but I like to keep up the facade that I'm testing their memory.

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>he likes it when I call him 'Papi'!

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>> No.39000764

"Mac Finally Learns Karate"

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...Dear god, that's a Floran, isn't it?

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>> No.39000979

I read that wrong and thought the file said "tumblr" monk. I was trying to find the joke in the white guys gently letting the black guy win.

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>> No.39001010

>Inner City PnP group.

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To this day, this picture has managed to freak me out more than any horror game, movie or book ever could.

>> No.39001261

I didn't find this funny at all.

>> No.39001266

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

>> No.39001302

Maybe you should start keeping notes.

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>> No.39001366

I like how both of these are reactions to the same thing.

...I'm in the boner camp.

>> No.39001389

I recognize everything except the mask, the bow, the watch, and the sword.

>> No.39001505

I don't think I'd be disappointed with any of those three things.

>> No.39001545

We actually all do this in my group, no matter who's running what game in what system. Usually, the DM supplies what he or she can remember, with players chiming in or asking questions of themselves or the DM.

We usually preface it with "Last time, on..." in an overblown voice.

It's a good way to get your head in the game at the beginning of a session, especially if you had something else on your mind when you walked in the door.

>> No.39001558

That is what I think everytime I see this image posted.

>> No.39001688

The mask is from Bleach?
The sword is from Inuyasha

>> No.39001734

Mask's Ichigo's Hollow form from Bleach.
The Bow seems like a sailor scout thing to me.
The Watch is Ben 10's Omnitrix, a DNA database that also allows you to morph into what's in its storage, probably the most OP part of this abomination.

>> No.39002029

> probably the most OP part of this abomination.

Right, being able to turn into some fucking aliens are the most OP thing. Yeah.

>> No.39002087

if you think about it, it could also allow you to turn into pokemon, considering the crossover. Given what this is that thing's probably a legendary using fucknut. Implications unpleasant.

>> No.39002132

>A system which inherently causes huge inequality between people

Are you retarded?

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>> No.39002169

Give any Rogue the Deathnote, Rogue has huge Dex, includes manual dexterity, he can write insanely fucking fast. given the implications of that abomination of a character above he will be asked his name, they exchange names, Rogue writes name in Note, wins.

The reason why pretty much everything else in that horrid thing above is powerful is from bad or unthinking writing, they are all asspullery things like being suddenly super strong or having the most conveniently perfect tool at their disposal, that is why the Deathnote is the most powerful, it's power is clear and absolute and any shit that pops up about it isn't cringeworthy

>Tear piece of page from magic book
>it still works cause it is still a piece of page from a magic book

not that bad.

>> No.39002198

>Implications unpleasant

>> No.39002274

> + You a badass nigger
> - You a dumbass nigger
> - Fuck, you the niggest
That was fabulous.

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>> No.39002461

My last crit-fail didn't end in a gangrape.

>> No.39002472

Mine did, my GM has a rather sadistic streak.

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>> No.39002558

okay hold on

>ace Attourney
>Ben 10

>FF7 hair?
>Sailor Moon ribbon?
>Rosen Maiden eyes?
>Inuyasha sword??
>D Gray Man clip?

>> No.39002565

>the bulge tho

>> No.39002572

The clothes remind me of Alucard's outfit from Hellsing, entirely because of that frilly ruffled whatever the fuck it's called.

>> No.39002600

And the blood stained slimy face pin from Watchmen

>> No.39002640

it's Edgeworth, from Ace Attourney.

>> No.39002667

Never played those games cause I never bothered to get any nintendo stuff after the SP, I will defer to your judgement.

>> No.39002674

>> No.39002700

AKA 100% verdict french behavior you mean?

>> No.39002712

Yeah someone is going to have to explain this one to me

>> No.39002720

Have a party member take session notes. Works like a charm.

>> No.39002732

I don't see how that is a trigger, maybe I'm not as much of an elegen/tg/entleman as I thought.

Or maybe I'm not enough of a fa/tg/uy.

Who knows.

>> No.39002737

My GM asked me to give a summary of what happened last time to catch some players up...once.
at the end he described it as me going to a lord of the rings movie and saying "there was some walking, some talking, and then a lot of orcs and shit"

>> No.39002755

Actually, there's a gold-and-black collar that Edgeworth doesn't have, though the rest of the suit is definitely Edgeworth.

I'm trying to figure out if it's one of the Ushiromiya cloaks.

>> No.39002765

Come now. The one where people are exploding into twisted nightmare forms is more than "something weird."

>> No.39002785

The referee is the best part of that.

>> No.39002802

I'm surprised I forgot to write watchmen down.

>> No.39002830

>seeing someone use your filename

>> No.39002847

I DM an online game. I always include a recap of last week's game before launching into it. Makes it feel like an episode in an ongoing show or something.

>> No.39002857


>> No.39002871

...Fuck you.

>> No.39002886

There's a middle ground here.

>> No.39002922

Whoa. Snowcrash wasn't all that far off after all.

>> No.39002923

Man, when I was in Turkey in November 2003 for the US Army the Turkish lira wasn't worth a shit all the shop keepers wanted you to use US dollars. One of the people I was with bought a pack of smokes from a gas station and he got a 150,000 lira and 100,000 lira bill back in change.

Looking it up the exchange rate in September 2003 was 1386501.96 lira = 1USD.

>> No.39002955


>> No.39002990

It's a cravat.

>> No.39003116

>inherently causes

>> No.39003174

I have no idea what this reference is and I get the feeling that >>39002955
I should be glad of this fact

>> No.39003179

I swear there used to be an animated gif of this and I can't find it.

>> No.39003206

Damnit man, I just got off Fallout and this shit cracked me up. Well played

>> No.39004015

How is this series anyways?

>> No.39004190


>> No.39004215

I once played a match as Bluefor against a pact player with almost only moskovits. The missile spam was real.
The match ended in cannon duels between capital ships since missiles got CIWS to hell

>> No.39004276

>Thinking we have capitalism

And here I thought this kind of dumbfuckery was mostly confined to /b/ and /v/.

>> No.39004489

And friendship! For everyone.

>> No.39004490


>> No.39004970

>it aint easy

>> No.39005053

A very well drawn and rather long erotic comic wherein a female kobold rogue is, as punishment for stealing a sac of gold from a noble, raped and then gang raped by big burly lizardfolk.

And she still manages to walk out of it leaving the noble looking like a dunce with a smile on her face.

>> No.39005057

Now I just need someone to make a skeleton facerig and I'm set.

>> No.39005080

Floran sssstab human?

>> No.39005090

>> No.39005103

>> No.39005109

yes, yes I would.

>> No.39005113

His imouto blew up South America with her subatomic-particle-manipulation powers and fused with him in the process. Hei, having dropped out of middle school to protect her, only knows how to use her powers to generate electricity.

You know, Hei doesn't seem that dumb. If he'd cracked open a college textbook on particle physics and learned the basics, he'd be atomizing people with a touch and turning lead into gold. He proved himself capable of manipulating molecular bonds in Shikkoku no Hana (the interquel manga), where he stabilized the gunpowder in a bullet so the powered-up all-seeing soldier holding him at gunpoint couldn't fire it.

>> No.39005138

Yup, but they dropped 6 zeroes as a quick fix, and the economy's now growing, or at least less shit than it used to be.

>> No.39005201

>> No.39005777

>> No.39006100


>> No.39006264


Tyranny by oligarchic money men or tyranny by govermental bureaucracy. You can have either/and situation.

>> No.39006366


>> No.39006385


Poor Rezzic, in the worlds of Yahtzee you could leave her alone in a waiting room for an hour and she'd figure out some way to get raped by the chair.

>> No.39006494

Space Battleship Yamato 2199

>> No.39006558

Amusingly, I was just watching some Bloodlines videos

>> No.39006605

>mfw she's my character art for my current PC

>> No.39006844

The ribbon is from Precure.

>> No.39006905


Oh for god's sake Japan.

>> No.39006933

Yes, but they aren't three flavors that mix well.
Or at least, skittles and the other two. Reeses Pieces and M&Ms might mix well.

>> No.39006991

I got banned for posting this one once even though there's zero nudity in it.
...mods are such fags.

>> No.39007047

That's perfect

>> No.39007182


I wonder where you get a thong like that?

>> No.39007206

Watchmen smiley face?

>> No.39007211

patterned fabric, and half a day in tailor workshop

>> No.39007255

>> No.39007271


>> No.39007296

Remind me of the name of that?

I remember watching it, but forgot the name.

>> No.39007343

>> No.39007345

Isn't it just a graphics demo with the girl parroting the facial expressions?

>> No.39007346


>> No.39007361


>> No.39007368

No, the facerig beta is out and it's mostly functional.
Sadly it hardly works at all if you have glasses.

>> No.39007391

>> No.39007425

>Thanks for purchasing our image pack!

>> No.39007430

the economic system of the modern world (crony capitalism) is more like slightly libertarian feudalism than actual capitalism

>> No.39007450

The fuck is this?

>> No.39007470


>> No.39007493

I know it's not correct, but this would be way better if she had any kind of tits.

>> No.39007556

I prefer her like this, it's a nice change of pace from artists who are convinced that everyone likes massive breasts.

Though a comic where she is magically given a nice bust would be very nice to see.

>> No.39007601


>> No.39007618

I don't even mean big floppy tits, I mean any tits.

Like, honestly her frame would look better with some perky B cups.

I guess the lack of nipples just looks strange, and i'd rather have them be on tits than pecs

>> No.39007632

Fair enough, I'm bi so I guess I don't find a perfectly flat chest to be a turn off in any way.

I think she'd look good with them too, magic is a wonderful thing.

>> No.39007633

Futari no Tobari

>> No.39007644


>>39007601 here, thank you anon.

>> No.39007655

Jesus what do you even do against something like that

>> No.39007667


They're clearly playing on levels you can't even begin to grasp.

>> No.39007686

>Suicide Black

>> No.39007704


>> No.39007707

I'm not sure if that's enough.
I think you're gonna have to hand over your deck too.

>> No.39007752




no really, why?

>> No.39007822

>not opening it to diablerize what could be an antideluvian and strengthen the Sword of Caine

>> No.39007864

>> No.39007877

this is funny for two reasons!

>> No.39007913

>> No.39007929



>> No.39008064


>> No.39008102

Just torrented the beta version, there is no qt driad ;_;

>> No.39008140

What is there?

>> No.39008164

A bunch of furries mostly, 2 somewhat ugly girls, 3 guys and a dragon. The dragon is probably the coolest one. Oh yeah there's also Doge and Moon Moon which works about as well as you would've thought

>> No.39008288

>2 somewhat ugly girls
Pics? There's really nothing sexy there?

>> No.39008395

No, the version I got doesn't have >>38999010 for example.
Here they are, I think it's because I got the earlier builds, but they are extremely plastic and go into Uncanny Valley almost immediately. The cartoony ones are fine though

>> No.39008415

>> No.39008422


Does /3/ know about this? Could they make some things for it?

>> No.39008449

These don't look THAT bad, how good is the synchronistation?
H-how are the furries? Any hot ones?

>> No.39008462

So can this replace your webcam feed or is it just to record animations/poses?

>> No.39008527


The furry ones are better than the human ones simply because they don't fall into the Uncanny Valley. Check out the Steam page for yourself.


>> No.39008553

Dunno, don't particularly care. I will just wait til they release it officially and then wait for a torrent
Well there's this - http://i.imgur.com/8Ek2vIf.jpg
The synchronization is meh. I'm using an old laptop, so I obviously don't meet the requirements, that might be the problem (shitty graphics card plus shitty camera). So I don't know whether I should blame an early build or my shitty laptop when they don't synch that well
You should be able to replace your skype webcam with it, I haven't tried that though.

>> No.39008785


>> No.39008913


>> No.39009172

Full thing here

>> No.39009322

I fail to see how this is a Filename joke.

>> No.39009384


>> No.39009466

>Filename thread hits autosage long before image limit
For shame

>> No.39009661

Cross Ange

>> No.39009760



>> No.39009841

I thought it was yoinked off Zero's outfit in Code Geass.

>> No.39009858

You love that country and you know it.

>> No.39009908


>Everyone should be compensated the same resources no matter what they do!

Bullshit. The guy who operates the McDonalds till 9that would take me all of 5 minutes to learn to use myself) is inherently less valuable to society than a nuclear engineer, or a oil rig operator, or a CEO, or a retail store manager. Don't want to get shit com pension? Learn a trade that is actually difficult to learn and valuable to have around.

It will be interesting to see how things change as automation moves forward. You lose the "trained monkey" type jobs, but gain tech jobs in the manufacturing and maintenance of the machines. Of course, first cheap labor needs to become less cheap, but if the rest of the US goes the way of Seattle it won't be too long till we get there.

>> No.39009946

All I can think about while reading that was that it was an amazing setup for Changeling the Lost. Peter Pan is a former human who never escaped his Durance and thus lost his humanity forever

>> No.39010011

Moeshit which is only appealing for the cuteness of the characters. Watch something like Yuru Yuri instead, it at least has a good sense of humor.

>> No.39010099

But that's the thing--because of the way capitalism is set up, you have to have resources already to get resources, and if you're working in a shitty job it's nearly impossible to get to a position where you can work your way up. Now, it used to be somewhat more possible to move up in the system, but those bridges have been burned. It is now dependent on those at the top somehow deciding to be nice for a change, and capitalism does a very poor job of encouraging anyone at the top to be nice to those below them on the economic pyramid.

>> No.39010350

I don't even know what in the flying fuck is going on here...
Anyone care to explain?

>> No.39010560

I don't play mtg, but it looks like you're using cards worth the cost of my car to commit suicide in one hand, potentially in the first hand. I could be wrong, though.

>> No.39010617

As far as I can tell, the player is ramping their mana, using it to throw away their library, then throw away all their cards in play and in their hand.

In theory, it looks like they then play the last card and empty their graveyard, but if you've already chucked your hand, you can't play it. If you play it before Kaervak's Spite, you sacrifice it when you play that.

I think it's supposed to be a "first turn, remove everything you own from the game" but I also don't think it quite works

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