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This is how I Bard____

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And this is how I Psychopath

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This is how I Druid.

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And this is how I Factotum

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This is how I urban druid.

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This is how I do Assassins.

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This is how I roll for seduce.

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This is how I play a Summoner

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This is how you spam irrelevant images and lower the posting quality on the board.

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Oh lighten up, at least it's not a fucking quest thread or a stat-me or a loli dump or any of other useless crap people people spam the board with.

Also, this is how I mage.

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But this isn't a 40k thread


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This is how I Bard NPCs.

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i would let them assassinate me any time

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Dat ass.

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I see what you did there.

This is how I glossolalia.

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This is how I adventuring party.

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This is how I UA


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This is how I one up.

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There is no need for the emoticon of trolling. Warhammer 40,000 really does suck.

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This is how I explosive runes

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Points for historical accuracy

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This is every single cooperative character creation session I have ever been a part of,

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This is how I sorcerer.

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This is how I cleric.

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This is how I missing Primarch gone Rogue Trader.

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This is how I alchemist/rogue.

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This is how I Nekomancer_

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Best cat.
With Best bird.

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You my friends are my brothers! Shall we find glory!

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>pizza cutter sword
>nickel knees
>high boots and short shorts

honestly everything about kingdom hearts is just awful and so are all its fans

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This dude's VA was incredible.

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This is how I Greater Good.

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This is how I crush reality deviants mage.

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>you just now realized there is something even worse than Kingdom Hearts.

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all anime?

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B-but muh chinese cartoons with chinese settings and chinese plot... and the other kind of plot.

But honestly, why is anime such a love-it-or-hate-it thing? It's literally just a sub-category of cartoons, which themselves simply comprise a medium which, like all mediums, is used to present content of greatly variable quality. Same goes for manga and comics. Sure, 90% of it is shit, but so is 90% of everything.

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because a lot of anime is godawful, especially newer stuff, not to mention the generally insufferable fanbase

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>That sword
So lewd.

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>Sure, 90% of it is shit, but so is 90% of everything.
>because a lot of anime is godawful

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>because a lot of anime is godawful
A lot of everything is godawful. That's just Sturgeon's Law being applied to a set with many members. 90% of a lot is a lot. Most (not all, but exactly which shows that applies to is an arguable point, and then there are shows that get exposure for being THAT bad, e.g. Boku no Pico) anime that get exposure (not necessarily popularity) and remain unforgotten past their airing do so because they were good enough to do so.

>Especially newer stuff
That's what people say every year. The series that will be remembered past then are the ones that aren't godawful. It's not like all the anime from the 80s, 90s and the early 2000s praised as good were the only anime aired during those periods. For every Bebop, you have 9 or so mediocre shows.

>The generally insufferable fanbase
I can agree with you on that one, but I'd say it's more of a problem on the internet, and even then, it's mostly internally directed. /a/ brings out the worst in us weeaboos, methinks. I mean, most of my like-minded friends and I hide our powerlevel when anime is irrelevant, but we argue a lot about it amongst ourselves.

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This is how I Solo.

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This is how I final boss.

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It's funny, because the image in question is actually not related to anime at all.

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This is how I final boss.

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I'm waiting for you to realize how stupid you are. I realize I may be waiting until the stars burn out.

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This is how I ERPG

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This is how I Eldritch Knight.

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This is how I lawful good

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This is how I Lawful Good

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I would go all night with that sword

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This is how I rogue.

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As long as we're posting stuff from Magi

This is how I Monk/Martial Artist.

(Keep the thread alive, this is delightfully amusing)

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This is how *I* Martial Artist.

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This is how I get players to 360 and walk out.

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This is how I put levels into Monk

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This is how I melee.

(I don't know anything about actual sword techniques, and a certain someone I play with is sure to let me know me that all the time >__>)

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>Players walk out upon seeing such wonderful sights.

It's like they don't want to play magical people anon.

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This is how I douchebag

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I bet you like shit like dragonball

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>/pol/ plays watchdogs.webm

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This how I BBEG

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This is how I GM.

It usually ends up pretty fun in the end... somehow.

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This is how I adventure

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This is how I Wizard

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This is how I handle player deaths to keep them from rushing to their doom.

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That's Marche, from FFTA

Dark knight bard?

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Amendment, this image and previous image are how I Artificer

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Looks awesome.

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This is how I Illusionist.

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This is how I play Elves.

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Honestly I think this may have been a "That's The Joke" attempt but we just ignored it.

I mean, it true that there's a goodly consignment of Nomura character designs that just kind of roll into each other, and KH and FFTA were both during a time when his belts and improbable clothes fetish was at it's highest point. So I could sort of understand how the mistake could be made.

But we've talked about how Narshe is a clearly the villain of that story simply because he wants to go back to other world just because of some very randian "My life was fine back there so fuck the rest of you" style sentiments so many times now that it really feels like an attempt at trolling.

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Really? That's how I 3.5 monk
This is how I final boss

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Matt Ward plz leave.

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This is how I Call of Cthulhu

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...but this is also acceptable

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Except over the course of the game, it's shown that his friends are the ones with those viewpoints and most of the people in Ivalice have a pretty shitty life (not to mention the three bullies turned into monsters so they can be killed repeatedly) and life gets shittier as Marche tries to restore the old world, with Remedi making laws stricter and using Judges outside of their official purpose (which leads to Cid rebelling to join Marche).
In the end, the spirit posing as Mewt's mother was just the spirit of the grimoire trying to keep an artificial world intact.
I guess this is how I react to GM's original races

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...as is this.

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This is how *I* artificer.

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This is how I Inquisitor


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This is how I Shadowrun

Are you threatening me?

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This is how I Techpriest.

You must understand, it wasn't how I was INTENDING to Tech-Priest... but it's how I Techpriest.

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best character on the show besides Khal Drogo

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This is how I Epic Level All Bard party.

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This is how I Exalted

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Every session consists of you fixing the problem (after likely causing it) while the party yells at you to fix it faster?

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Funny, that's how I Magical Burst

Hell of a campaign, that was.

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how does that even work

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this is how I was totally right

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Basically, it started when one of the characters had the last name "Starr" and got associated with apples. After a few character deaths, we'd essentially recreated Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band as magical girls.

I still think it could be a great anime if you could ever get the rights.

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The summary of the campaign, I just remembered, was "In 1978, Rita Starr, Julia Lennon, Jen Harrison, and Paula McCartney are your average high schoolers by day, superhero team/rock group by night, confronting the forces of seventies music, their own interpersonal problems, and their increasing irrelevance with the modern music industry."

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This is how I barbarian.

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>Blood. Blood. Blood. And shit and piss.

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Smalltime. THIS is how I was totally right.

>> No.39005954

I know!

This is how I female cleric.

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I'd play it. It might answer the burning question I hold deep within my breast, the endless query that keeps me up at night...finally, I might learn whether Gilgamesh or Dio would win in a fight.

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Guys... Is Farsight Kamina?

>> No.39006198


Gilgamesh, easily. I don't think Dio has anything strong enough to scratch him.

>> No.39006203

They'd fuse.

This is how I villain lieutenants.

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Za Warudo. He has all the time in the world to crash a semi into him.

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And thus the God of Smug was born.

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Please stop fellating the Beatles. They weren't as good as you frequently pretend.

>> No.39006564

I really, really wish I knew how to get that game to work without fucking over my computer. For scientific purposes, of course.

>> No.39006640

In the Cyberpunk 2020 sense. All the Solos I've played have been sharpshooter types with strength augs.

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le plius le won upboat

>> No.39006715

It means any level past 20, you dingus.

>> No.39006778

Lel, yeah, cos people who play mages in real life totally know all about magic, and bet those people playing rangers have won dozens of archery competitions. Also you're not allowed to play a thief unless you've been in jail already.
That "certain" someone sounds like a "that guy" who's watched a couple of HEMA videos on youtube and probably thinks he knows fucking everything about every style of weapon fighting ever.

Anyway, this is how I GM.
My players hate it.

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This is how I rival.

>> No.39009988

Oh geez anon, I remember making that.

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Oh, and that's how I True BBEG.

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This is how I Bluff

>> No.39010799

Whats the source and is it good?

>> No.39011409

That's some sweet bluff levels right here

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how the fuck does that work?

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this is how I seduce.

>> No.39013962

Funny. That's how I F Elf don't start with no F.

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>Superman Reads House of Leaves

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This is how I backstory.

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this is how I Paladin of Vengeance.

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It's from Medaka Box, its kinda hard to describe because the genre of it tends to change throughout it, but essentially it is a manga that pokes fun at stereotypes by embracing them. The character in question is a rival who is basically destined to never be happy and to never win.

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Mah nigga.

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how I disguise.

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This is how I centaur.

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What's the anime?

>> No.39017627

Time Stop doesn't count!

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this is how I hybrid.

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>boku no pico

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Pft. Small time. This is how I creepy twin villains.

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this is how I snipe for the Greater Good.

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Funny, that's how I Infernal Exalted.

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This is how I warforged.

>> No.39018259 [SPOILER] 

Not gonna lie, these guys creeped me out more.

>> No.39018370

This explains a few things..

>> No.39018477

I...I wanna make a Tiny Warforged Cavalier now....

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This is how I Dark Sun halfling.

>> No.39018793

This is how I halfling

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All human party

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>> No.39019851

how I M&M.

>> No.39020383

That's a bit dark.

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It's OK, this is how I play any kind of computer hackers or technology characters in modern settings.

>> No.39021946

This is how I plan to techpriest.

>> No.39021993

you are techpriesting right.

>this is how I wish-granting entity.

>> No.39022000

this is how I nature

>> No.39022001

Symphogear, there is a third season coming out this year.

>> No.39022066

I've heard the name before. Is it good?

Pic is how I druid

>> No.39022292

/m/ seems to love it and if nothing else you will likely download the soundtrack even if you do not finish the show.

>> No.39022395

/m/ - magical girls

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>> No.39022727

Get on my level.

>> No.39022729


>They weren't as good as you frequently pretend.

Point me to someone better who didn't come before them/influence them.

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Oh man, I get to use /mu/ copypasta on /tg/?
>The fact that so many books still name the Beatles as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Classical critics rank the highly controversial Beethoven over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts around Europe. Rock critics are still blinded by commercial success. The Beatles sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Jazz critics grow up listening to a lot of jazz music of the past, classical critics grow up listening to a lot of classical music of the past. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that the Beatles did anything worthy of being saved.

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this is how I lich.

>> No.39023606

I now want to run a game where the main quest giver is a lich trying to remember how to destroy his link the world so he can die.

>> No.39023707

This is how I bodyguard.

>> No.39023845

>The Beatles sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way)
So they didn't sell the most which completely negates your first point. You say that despite the jazz and classical musicians not being the best sellers they are still influential. You then say that the Beatles can't be influential because they are the best sellers then say they aren't the best sellers so doesn't this put them in the same category of musicians who are not the best sellers who are considered by critics to be the most influential.

>> No.39023922

Also worth noting is that Coltrane has two of the highest selling jazz records of all time in "A Love Supreme" and "Blue Train".

>> No.39023987

This is how I skeleton

>> No.39024117

I retort with this, the closest anime will ever get to Shadowrun.


>> No.39024118

you win the everything

>> No.39024142

even more yes

>> No.39024152

no, that would be a NORMAL techpriest.
That dude's priest runs through the forest shooting a nine mil into the air while screaming at the top of his lungs

>> No.39024155


>> No.39024163


Make a damn scaruffi thread on /mu/

>> No.39024189


The velvet underground and i don't even like this band.

>> No.39024233


This how i don't get this thread.

>> No.39024249

Less music faggotry that nobody cares about, more pics.

This is how I become a god spellsword.

>> No.39025594

This is how I Neutral.

>> No.39026079

Beautiful. The players show up and he's just like "Fucking finally, here's my phylactery, go for it."

>> No.39026539

Is Farsight Kamina, because I'm pretty sure Farsight is Kamina

>> No.39026766

Boku no Pico is quality shota porn though, it's not to my taste but it is what it is. Watch Master of Martial Arts.

>> No.39026778

That's also how I magical girl.

>> No.39027670

This is how I roll a character. (Anything on there that would need to be changed for 5e?)

>> No.39027708

this is how I deal with the devil.

>> No.39027847

>Anti-violence activist

>> No.39027861

>Anything on there that would need to be changed for 5e?
I'm not sure we have all those spells (yet). And the +2 saves should probably become resistances or advantage.

Is 96 "+2 on saves against effects beginning with P"?

>> No.39027915

By far the shittiest episode in a meh anime.

>> No.39027930


>> No.39027959

it's a random table. would you let the pcs choose any result they want?
if so, then do. otherwise, it's a bad table, throw it away.

>> No.39027973

...she's pissing herself in the suit, isn't she.

>> No.39027991

This is how I average WFRP player character.

>> No.39028065


>> No.39028087


I don't think he counts as a WFRP character unless he lost a limb in the show at some point.

Did he?

>> No.39028195

I think he died a couple of times. Considering fate points, doesn't that count?

>Losing a limb

>Not playing an ogre

>> No.39028233

If that's your fetish, sure.
Pretty sure the artist meant to evoke more of a "I love the smell of promethium in the morning" feeling, but whatever floats your boat man.

>> No.39028265

>conspiracy theorist
if I ever get Watchdogs I will kill all of them, save for one. and let that one stew in paranoia.

>> No.39028318

This is how I royal guard

>> No.39028339

This how I Lackadaisical Mercenary


>> No.39028497

this is how I cleric

>> No.39028596

It's as if you either have never played or like the taste of dick in your mouth

>> No.39028629

In all honesty, I think that might be one of the better things that /pol/ has produced.

>> No.39028685

This is how I Wizard

>> No.39028746


100% pure unadulterated waifu material.

>> No.39029139


Can someone explain her to me? Never seen her before.

>> No.39029512


She is one of /pol/-kun's nieces, Christina White (because "/pol/ is a white christian board"). The other one is Rachel Purity (because /pol/ adores "racial purity").They have nothing to do with /tg/, unless you want to use them as your WH40K characters.

>> No.39029569


Sounds funny. Is there any more to them? Also, is /pol/ like that 100% of the time or is there an air of "we're just being edgy weirdos" and they don't really hate all races?

>> No.39029715

Much like /b/ was a board of "We're acting retarded but not really" and the became actually retarded, /pol/ was a board of "We're acting like we believe conspiracy theories and racism but not really" and then became a board of believing conspiracy theories and racism.

>> No.39029732


Well, /pol/ is divided by many subgroups. Some of them are just pure neo-nazis, others are fanatical christians, and some of them are just edgy teenagers. General racism and hatred for jews are mostly what unites them. The current conflict with the West and Russia divides them because some of them have delusions about Russia being the promised land of conservative values and racial purity (as you may already know, Russia is neither). They also have many different conspiracy theories involving feminists and muslims.

Ironically enough, they are very multicultural bunch even though they claim to hate multiculturalism.

>> No.39029739

Sorry for the wait. I and a couple other Anons got some stuff made for the Hale Legion.

>> No.39029765

>Rachel Purity

Goddamn thats my next paladins name. My sides.

>> No.39029792

/pol/ is a lot of things to a lot of people so if you go there just ignore what you do not like.
it's like /tg/ just replace quest treads with "I hate niggers" and general treads with Brit/pol/

>> No.39029796

/pol/ is literally nuts. Either they believe that shit, or they've been keeping the joke going flawlessly for ages
I honestly don't know which is scarier

>> No.39029799 [DELETED] 

This is how I Warlock with Great Old One patron.

>> No.39029820


/pol/ has probably the best puns out of all boards, even though they are all pretty racist and horrible.

>> No.39029828

how I diplomacy

you know that the SS makes the best paladins if you just replace Russians with Orcs and jews with Goblins

>> No.39029849

This is how I Warlock with Great Old One patron.

>> No.39029850


So basically, pic related?

>> No.39029874

>No John, you are the multiculturals

>captcha: ywarr
Deus vult, captcha. Deus vult.

>> No.39029922

>Ironically enough, they are very multicultural bunch even though they claim to hate multiculturalism.

Because we want to remain as different cultures. We won't be able to laugh at Sweden if the NWO achieves their project of a single racial world nation.

>> No.39029929

1/10, not muh waifu

>> No.39029943

Can't they just have a booru I can go laugh at for like 15 minutes and then go back to not giving a fuck about politics?

>> No.39030002


Well, she is the wild one of her family, at least when compared to her cousin Christina or her uncle /pol/. Although I suspect /pol/ might have a coffee addiction.

>> No.39030024

Here is some character art for your borderline-Lawful Evil girl paladin.

>> No.39030314

sure I can go 14/88 and then come back to my asian gf all on the same stream

this is how I dandy sorcerer

>> No.39030420


>> No.39030452

Christina is great, but /pol/ is shit.
Not /pol/ the board, but /pol/ the personification.

>> No.39030527


>> No.39030536


Really? I always found his tired, scruffy look pretty funny. He is more honest self-image of /pol/ that they would like to admit. He is not stupid, but he is insecure and paranoid loner who, deep inside, just wants to be loved.
But because he is a git that isn't gonna happen anytime soon.

>> No.39030553


>> No.39030603

No, it's an impersonal design that looks like it was made by someone who just wanted to shit out a character.

Your justification is lame and limp-wristed.

>> No.39030663


>Your justification is lame and limp-wristed.


>> No.39030937

this how I cthulhu mythos

>> No.39030968

This is how I paladin.

>> No.39031097

how I elf.

>> No.39031112

where is this from? Looks pretty rad.

>> No.39031217

Magi: the Kingdom of Magic. Good show, even if it is rather shonen-y at times.

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