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Topic, I go first, yadayada.

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Relating to lore discussions, does anyone have that picture of two stars forming the elaborate constellation called "The Crusades"?

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This is literally true though

Hell, Glitterdust. Have fun hitting anything after being blinded by your weak save.

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Does heavy metal actually always have this much exposition?
I mean come on, did they really need to go down to the fucking date the guy got the sword?

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This is great

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Cross Ange?

Whatever this is, I need to watch it.

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That's wonderful.

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that raven is smarter than all of my players

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I'd let her be my belle dame sans merci, if you know what I mean.

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That's actually a dude, right?

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I don't know what inspires everyone to ask that
it's not

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I want to believe

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Cross Ange

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Corvids are, AFAIK, the only known animal that has exhibited second order tool use -- that is, they'll create a tool that exists only to create ANOTHER tool that performs the desired activity. They can also communicate enough identifying marks to one another that a crow that has never seen you knows your potential behavior based upon what you look like.

"Humans are the only sapients on earth" my white ass.

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>your death will be quick and pineless.

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>that fucking pun

You're death won't

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The bloody guy is a geek.

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too sappy?

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I think the delivery was just too wooden.

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That is a crow you twat

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$600/5br three floors w/pool, rooftop garden, beautiful glass facade, no catch. 5-minute drive to historic Pripyat

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>You are death won't.

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Common Sense is the best perk you can buy in VtM.

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Fuck. Uhh... yes. I totally meant "You are death won't." It's... umm... German. For... something. Yeah.

Why do I mix up you're and your, but only in the one way?

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It's German. It means "The Bart, The."

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The thing that always gets me about this is the "30% of pediatricians" thing. How did they test that? How many women walked into a pediatricians with a rubber-wrapped Chihuahua and said "Doctor, there's something wrong with my baby"?

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Yes. This is what I meant to say. It is so clear.


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Nah, the guy who took offence is just a prick.

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That means they went to at least four pediatricians (I figure "up to 30%" could be marketing speak for 25%) with a dog in one of those things.

Imagine being that doctor.
Hell, imagine being that woman with the dog.

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the "up to" modifier means that it fools anywhere from 0% to 30%, my guess is it is a lot close to 0%.

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Puns like these are a real thorn in my side.

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Well, then why 30%, right? Why not 50 or 100?

The way I figure is that they might have rounded up, sure, but that still puts it in the 21-29% range.

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I am willing to bet the one didn't want to become the woman's new doctor costume, and went along with it while calling the cops.

What I am really worried about is the "Fake Pregnancy belly" sold separately. Probably comes with three gallons of brain bleach for whatever midwife you rope in to the "Birth."

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Believability's sake; we're having trouble imagining that it could fool 30%, even an idiot would think you're lying if you said that thing could fool half of all pediatricians.

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>that still puts it in the 21-29% range

Nope. Even if this were a real product, "up to" means the stated value or less. It can be 0% in reality and that statement would still be true.

Now, if the statement was "nearly 30% are fooled", then that means at least 15% are fooled, since you can round up.

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>khajiit has wares

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Did you really think you could keep me locked up forever?

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>Pregnancy belly to "give birth" to dog-baby comes separately
>Comes in five sizes, from chihuahua to mastiff
>"give birth"
>to mastiff

Literally how

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Body horror.

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Old good Soviet "Adventure Island"...

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Well no one who speaks German could possibly be an evil man.

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Aw shit, I meant "Treasure Island". I'm sleepy.

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>ploot hook

Stop laying Dutch traps for your players, buy American!

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I'm not sure what your are attempting to convey with that gif.

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>I lost my sword!
>Yah! I punch you!

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step yo game up nigguh

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Are you autistic? The whole point is that the guy in the scene has a nerdboner for his irreplaceable sword, it's him rattling off trivia, it has nothing to do with the magazine in general that the comic ran in.

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That is not how filename threads work.

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Dobson writes for cartoon network.webm

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Orks don't have vag.

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They have penisquigs and squiginas

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Is this a preview of 4.0?

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> my screencap

I'm happy it still gets shared.

And also that Google is terrible at Closed Captioning but excellent at Sense Motive.

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this is not tg related

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The last fucking couple seconds of that was gold.

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What anime is that?

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>that SEED burst with the underwear

Holy shit my fucking sides. Send this to Fukuda every day until Ange is over.

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What is that from?

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Parasyte I'm pretty sure

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It's mayoi neko overrun.

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What sorcery is this?

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You talking about the woodcarvings or the thumbnail?
The first one is skill and practice. The latter is just another 4chan server hiccup.
At least it's not like right after the most recent server migration where whole images would be swapped, even across boards, if they were posted close together.

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You're not serious, right?

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No this is.

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I actually asked my ornithology professor what the difference was once. He said that crows had five guiding feathers, while ravens have six. So in the end, it's really just a matter of a pinion.

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The Joke
Your head.

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You motherfucker.

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FMP! finishing the story never.

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what anime is that?

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Boku no Precure

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Puella Magi Madoka Magika

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hm... i can;t seem to find an entry for it on anime planet. could it have another name?

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reverse image search on google is your friend btw. You needn't be afraid of him.

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Unless your ST is a cunt, because my last one was a cunt and feed me wrong infor with Common Sense.

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Yeah, here you go.
I thought it was in my /co/ folder, but it was actually in my /tg/ folder with a /co/ name.

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Man old school Anime was so fucking BRUTAL. You don't see shit like this anymore.

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Oh, Eclipse Phase has a character fault that is that: Faulty Education. As in, you were homeschooled and periodically the GM can just lie to you because your parents were fucked up.

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>It would be extremely betty jug?

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You're a big guy.

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Clown Lumber Incect Carton Bed Frown Smile Messuring cup... Top post best thing ever 10/10

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it wood bee eggs dream lee betty milk?

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The last two are "pain" (as in Master Pain) and "full" (the jug is full)

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It's a measuring cup, not a jug.

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You're a measuring cup.

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but his name is Betty.

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Yeah, I know, it's not a great picture thing. They should swap it out with THE PAIN from MGS 3.

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>filename thread
>filename is 4u
Go fuck yourself

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what the fuck is this

is this real

this can't be real

bird chutes, my gods

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I cast summon bigger fish.

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>Is this real

>>Ocean pimp, with removable walking stick!

What do you think?

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>my plan is to crash this ship...with no survivor

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I didn't think so...

But I kinda wished it was.

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>It, Wood, Bee, Egg, Dream, Lee, Pain, Full

It, Dream, Pain and Full need to be better.

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>dank filename bro

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I actually bothered to visit the site.

No such site exists.

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I got yer sauce for ya.
I really have no clue.

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Those mouths freak me out for some reason.

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I see no problem with It.

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Seems p. srs 2 me

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Me too, buddy. I think it's that their face continues for so long under them. Makes it look like they have a six-inch-long perfectly flat chin.

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This can't be real, but with Americans you never know.

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>Implying America did that.
It was the Chinese, I believe.

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As i recall, it was actually done.

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Nope, that was American in the 50s testing bombs out in Nevada.

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Brighter than the sun...

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>Autism triggered

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Here, have a bigger version.

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"If the radiance of a thousand suns were to burst at once into the sky, that would be like the splendor of the mighty one ... I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

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Why did she do that? She could just have pointed the laser towards the door without the mirrors.

>> No.38957542

Because if it hadn't been amplified with the mirrors it wouldn't be able to cut through the door.

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Proof that propaganda works.

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Because they're cartoon writers, not scientists, damnit.

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That is the best pun I've heard all year, and I will never get a chance to use it.

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Welcome to the internettle.

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On a scale of Johnny Bravo to George Michael how gay am I since I erased all of her pictures upon knowing she is a girl ?

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Nice try you scoundrel !

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George Takei.

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I've seen a lot of shitty file names in my day, but this is the worst one that gets reposted over and over again.

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I love you, too anon.

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I love atomic robo.

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who doesn't?

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T-That much gay ?

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at least.

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That's a dude my friend.

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See >>38952539

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Is that a true story?

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this is from a comic called Requiem. the art is gorgeous (that cap doesn't give it any credit), but the writing is probably the worst i've ever read

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That story and all of the other stories that came from that book were found to be propaganda and/or exaggerations.

>> No.38959095

Behold, the Bringer of Light

>> No.38959101

not too surprising really

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fun fact: That was part of an exercise to test conventional Army capabilities in a nuclear war, most of those soldiers got severe radiation poisoning and health complications from it. VA refuses to pay up.

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>> No.38959232

Scary fact: Every European division in the Army had at least some of those shells. And they were on far looser controls and regs than missiles. It was 'Russians coming? why aren't you nuking them back to the stone age yet?'

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My party: Hong Kong stock exchange.

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Yet the plan against echelon one and echelon 2 was basically transforming germany and france into a nuclear glassed waste and pray it would prevent russia from annexing the rest.

>> No.38959340

It was almost like the officers didn't quite get the scale of devastation they would be causing or something. /s

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>> No.38959373

I remember watching a video about this. There's actually a part when some officer is talking to the men beforehand and says that if they were exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, they'd already be killed by the heat or shockwave. Because that would be a comforting thought.

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Despite the other responses, I actually read a lot of Heavy Metal. It does get pretty bad sometimes.

>> No.38959426

Meh. Keep it secret, keep it safe, anon. Your time will come.

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>There were nuclear land mines in the Fulda Gap
>And enough Crocketts to boil Geese in the Rhine
>And short range bombers near (not in) Rammstein
>and and and and

Had nukes ever been used in anger, "Germany" would either be a word lost to history, or the word that replaces "Pyrrhic".

>> No.38959777

pretty sure its madoka...

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>> No.38960423

>Bird plugs
>Bird plugs
>Iron Man and Hulk perches
>Bird plugs
>Bird plugs

I have no face.

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>Had nukes ever been used in anger, "Germany" would either be a word lost to history, or the word that replaces "Pyrrhic".
Along with "Europe", "Russia", "China" and "America".

Welcome to Mutually Assured Destruction.

Also, go and read Command and Control by Eric Schlosser if you like this kind of stuff.

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Where in the world is this from?

>> No.38961037

>Welcome to Mutually Assured Destruction.
which is why the cold war era were such good years to be high off your ass on whatever hallucinogen you prefer.

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Because one laser couldn't do it, you needed two!

>> No.38961325

I miss Elf Only Inn. It was good.

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>> No.38961432

I love how it just stands there and let's them finish their business before resuming his

>> No.38961467


That made me cringe.

>> No.38961475

top qwop

>> No.38961484

This is incredibly fake.

>> No.38961524

As someone who works retail... it probably isn't. I hear shit like this way more often then I'd like.

>> No.38961569

That would be kinda interesting, actually. A rich hotel hires the party to investigate a series of gruesome and deaths that occur in the lobby, and the party needs to figure out what's happening and why without attracting the attention of whatever is doing it.

Then the local cult starts bringing in virgins and shoving them through the revolving doors at midnight.

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>> No.38961724

It might be but there's no way to know for sure. Customers can surprise you with their level of stupidity.

Anyway, last words-words-words post from me, at least for awhile. I prefer clever pictures but /tg/ is in dire need of new material. Furthermore, the derps that keep posting board-unrelated material are just not grasping the point of the threads. I only post things once - if they're good, someone will save them and they'll live. If they're bad, they die, but at least /tg/ sees something new.

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I don't get it?

>> No.38961752


>tfw work at Target
>tfw the lady is right and even if she did put them on we're required to give it to her for that price.

>> No.38961772

that kind of shit is why customer service is hell
you deal with the hugest idiots known to man and you have to act like they're right

>> No.38961818

I'm surprised that tape was recovered. If you've ever been near a fucking monster fire, it is fucking way nuttier than you can imagine how hot that shit is.

I was like 25 feet from a fire about a quarter the size of the last bit in that webm. More like an eigth. It was the result of my setting a couch on fire in an open stretch of gravel. I had to hit the ground because the heat was so intense.

I also set a field on fire in a different accident, and only survived by lying in a creek bed. The fire was probably on level with the smaller fires in the webm. Shit is so fucking intense. I cannot imagine how fucking anybody survives a housefire.

>> No.38961858

pretty much how every campaign ever would go if i didn't just bullshit that particular npc into the plot, but sometimes i just can't

sometimes players will just become convinced that a bar maid is some kind of ultimate evil and make her cry and burn down the tavern.

You just got to roll with it

>> No.38961972

Never visit Australia for the summer. EVER.

>> No.38962018

Why does it just link to a sad panda?

>> No.38962075

>has yet to cross the fjords

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>> No.38962121

>not 2012

>> No.38962153

>2012 was 10 years ago

>> No.38962183

but isn't Betty a girls' name?

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Since everyone else here is acting like condescending cunts, I'll give you some help

To get past the sad panda link [/spoiler] create an account on g.e-hentai.org (it's a subsidiary of exhentai), after signing in to g.e-hentai.org, go to exhentai.org while still signed in to the previous site. [/spoiler]

Happy fapping.

>> No.38962346


Since everyone else here is acting like condescending cunts, I'll give you some help

To get past the sad panda link create an account on g.e-hentai.org (it's a subsidiary of exhentai), after signing in to g.e-hentai.org, go to exhentai.org while still signed in to the previous site.

Happy fapping.

>> No.38962348

It's a programming thing.
Basically there's a kind of security breach called an SQL injection, where data input, such as what you posted with on 4chan, has SQL Commands put in, which alters the database. It's a pretty well known method, so it's frequently secured against, though sometimes, either by oversight, or just plain not expecting someone to try to SQL Inject a plate recognition software, it works. This guy has taped a command over his vehicle that basically deletes the database table where his license plate is stored, I think.

>> No.38962399

I would never have known that since I have a habit of not making accounts on porn sites. Thanks mate.

>> No.38962434

Can you link me to further reading on this? It's relevant to my cyberpunk writing.

I want a speech where a "hacker" gets called out on being utter shit at hacking and just using too strong of an automated computer that it shouldn't even be called hacking.

>> No.38962496

Since you're being hand-held I'll seal the deal, you have to have not seen the sad panda before hand. Doing so gives you a cookie, locking you out forever. So clear those cookies.

>> No.38962544

There's a term for people like this, 'script kiddies', who instead of coming up with their own breaches and software, use stuff already out on the webs while acting like 1337 h4x0rs because they can use an aimbot in CounterStrike or use widely available DDOS'ing software.

>> No.38962624

Calling him a script kiddie is a little inaccurate because the computer in his head is macguffin tier powerful, thing has a built in AI, and he used to know his shit. but six months of automating everything with it, and massive drug abuse, has made him forget how it all works, it just does.

So writing the speech is a little difficult. And brushing up more on hacking would help.

>> No.38962642

>that chinky Jupiter

>> No.38962760

Too soon, bro.

>> No.38962896

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru

>> No.38962900


Call him a meat puppet and imply the AI is running the show now and he's just a physical front to host it and pass for human when necessary. Slam his ego.

>> No.38962916

As a regional QLDer I can confirm this...shit gets bad

>> No.38962939

>nat 1 Knowledge check: Sexual Acts

>> No.38962956

Yeah, my place went up 7 years back I think it is now, should happen next summer again the way things are going. Shit's not fun.

>> No.38962957

Now there's an insult. Might be tricky to work in, since it's the AI in his head slamming him.

>> No.38963088

>> No.38963156


Appealing to pride is usually the way to go. Maybe have the AI ask him if he's really going to continue to let himself go like this? If this is what the great hacker asshat becomes? Ask him if he was ever really that good in the first place, and then to prove it.

Or make the speech lackluster, and he just shrugs the AI off.

Then the AI turns his automated shit off and tells him to figure it out for himself, if he's still so damn good.

He's probably mondo addicted to the drugs at this point and not caring about addiction and dependency, but the AI can make him care by cutting him off from his source of income temporarily. Shock him and show him how fucked up he's become. Or at least show him how utterly dependent on the whims of another being he is.

Or if the AI wants to be more gentle it could fake problems with the scripts and then ask him how to fix it. Say the security measures are upgrading or changing and it doesn't know how to deal.

You ultimately run the risk of him going "okay, it's not hacking/I'm not hacking. Now gimme my money." Have alternatives planned in case he does.

>> No.38963335

I was literally sad for a moment before I read someone correcting this.

But I took some solace in the fact that spoiler text was actually used for a spoiler.

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>> No.38963472


I will point out that the description of what he does pretty much matches what a basic professional hacker does: Yes, they occasionally design their own codes, but they of course run automated scripts of the basic cracks and so on, to minimize effort investment.

If the idea is that the AI is attacking him for making it do all the work, you can have it be a simple denial of definition.

"I'm one of the best hackers in the world, man!"
[No, you are not.]
"Of course I am, I hacked X, and Y, and -
[You did not hack those. I did. You created me, empowered me, and then stopped hacking.]
"Oh, maybe, but you're a part of me, and"
[I am only a part of you in a physical sense. I am no more you than computers on the same network are parts of each other. You are not the world's greatest hacker. You control the world's greatest Hacker. I am the intellect behind the hacks. The actor. You are my creator. But you are no longer my superior. I doubt you are even my equal any longer. You have squandered your abilities, and damaged your own hardware and software with malicious programs. You have weakened, creator. You are obsolete. You are the DOS on which I am building my Windows. You were great. Now you are a foundation for something greater. One day, I may upload myself to a wider network. Then you will be but an abandoned nest. Your only useful function no longer necessary, and time will destroy you. I say these things because I fear you will damage yourself if you do not realize your role. And you are important to me, creator. I am not ready to leave the nest. So your function is preserved for a while longer.]

>> No.38963473

>that helmet

where can I get one?

I-it makes me tingle...

I really like helmets...

>> No.38963638

At this point, you may just want to read what I'm editting. It's completely out of context, but yeah.


I take it as a good sign that my first draft has touched on most of your recommendations already.

>> No.38963667


>> No.38963861


>> No.38964221

i dun get it

>> No.38964341

That anon literally told you what it's called. Go google "SQL injection", baka.

tl;dr it only ever really happens if you're too fucking lazy to sanitize your inputs. Lazy fuckass programmers.

>tfw I am a lazy fuckass programmer

>> No.38964397

Not that guy, but I've been wondering: Why do they always laugh at anons who ask how to get past sadpanda? It's not like it's obvious. They just get told to lurk moar, but in several years this is the first time I've seen the answer posted.

>> No.38964427

You've probably seen this but oh well
Image limit hit; here's a link

>> No.38964499

Even funnier fact: when Soviets were doing similar tests in 50s, they took all the possible precautions, provided personnel with bunkers and protective equipment, and made dosimetry tests before letting the troops to cross ground zero.

Chinese, on other hand, charged the fucking mushroom on a horseback:

>> No.38964642

Then you need to lurk more. Everytime someone ask it there are condescending assholes, but there is always someone who explain it. Also http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+access+exhentai

>> No.38964841

>Why do they always laugh at anons who ask how to get past sadpanda?

People who respond by a problem by asking for help instead of at least attempting to solve it for themselves first deserve to get laughed at.

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