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I'm working on a PnP follow-up to New Vegas. Not really sure even which ending to use as canon for the basis. I'm leaning towards the NCR ending, but I'm not sure if that's going to be too boring.

Any thoughts?

Also: Fallout general, I guess.

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The House won, The House always wins, but the NCR isn't too happy about it. After they were forced to sign the treaty of New Vegas they retreated out of the Mojave and started working out loopholes in the treaty. Ceasar's Legion broke down, some members recreating their old tribes, others trying to keep the dream alive. The House only cares about New Vegas itself, The Dam, and Helios One. The rest of the Mojave has to fend for itself, with a heavy price in caps to pay if they want securitron prtection for themselves

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If you can keep this thread alive I can post and good-sized idea dump after i finish work

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Legion won, duhhh

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The Courier won and became the new lord of Vegas

Best ending

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What system would this be run in?

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It's Fallout. This is the only appropriate time to default to GURPS.

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I love fallout lore. I think if you're gonna do it right, you've either gotta have NCR or House win. Ceasar wins and it really falls apart as none of them really know how to run the dam etc.
You could go BoS bullshit and have them gain control of ACHIMEDES II and rain death down on New Vegas and now everything is reverted to savagery.

I'd love to run a game set in Dead Money, except with Elijah trapped. He's broadcasting in the hopes that someone will release him. The team must work together and survive the newly opened casino to make the biggest score of their life.

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I would suggest something that wasn't exactly one of the actual endings. Like the Courier won but only really got rid of the Legion, and then vanished, then some jackass got into the Lucky 38 and started running things due to how retarded Yes Man's system was. Course you could also do House one Courier left and someone found a wan in and killed House, using Yes Man to take over.

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I really liked Dead Money, and whilst it's obvious it could never have happened due to sheer size of the job, it would have been fucking amazing to be able to play the Dead Money ending where the Courier and Elijah work together to destroy the NCR and 'Preserve' the Nevada in the Red Cloud.

As for the canon ending, well, depends what you want for the feel of your Campaign.

Like, a world degenerating into chaos and madness suits a Legion win or some kinds of Courier win.

Slowly but steadily healing world suits some sort of benevolent courier win.

And so on.

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>leave an AI promising to be "more assertive" running things

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Apparently by 'More Assertive' he just means he's fucking off the 'I must obey everyone' clause and making him loyal to you only.

Or so the devs say, but that could be a filthy lie.

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Merge the NCR and either House or Yes Man endings. The NCR, with the help of New Vegas' combat bots, manage to repel the Legion and retain control of most of the region; however, those same bots are able to leverage the independence of NV and its immediate surroundings. Preferably the NCR was convinced to stand down instead of the bots being forced to kill all the NCR troops (one of the few points in that game I felt a distinct lack of choice or ability to at least influence things) and maybe they maintain a sort of tense, even cold-war-esque, 'joint control of Hoover Dam with each side thinking they have the upper hand (the NCR sees NV as basically a client state while NV sees the NCR as a sort of 'G8 to their Saudi Arabia' thing).

House or Yes Man depends on preference. Personally I'd go with Yes Man because I like the idea of House as your whole 'egomaniac who thought he had the world in his hand only to be killed and usurped by an underling who he overlooked after centuries of built-up arrogance'; still, I know a lot of people really love House (and he is pretty awesome).

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Here's an idea: Benny wins. Benny wins the Strip, and strikes a deal with the NCR/Legion.

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Benny seduced by a female courier wins.

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Devs also say they hate how "civilized" the NCR makes the wasteland, with it's industrial scale farming, railroads, factories churning out consumer goods like tvs regular 9 to 5 jobs and want to take it back to the eating cans of 300 year old salisbury steak in some ruin filled with corpses. So canonically no side wins. They all fail. All of them. Next fallout by Obsidian will have the player dealing with tribals and raiders.

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Also fuck Chris Avallone and his tribal fetish. God damn I hate the whole noble savage garbage.

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I still think Yes Man was house's "Even in death, I Still Win" option.

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The only canon ending is the King of Vegas, leading the Mojave to a more fashionable and Elvis-oriented way of life.

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He always gets shot for being a huge faggot.

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Like a king

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I don't think he expected Yes Man to try to be his own... Uh... Computer?

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Fucking really? I understand maintaining a status quo and an overarching theme, but saying "Shit must stay fucked forever, keep the player dealing with the same problems they've been dealing with for the last four games." seems like a step backwards. I'd like a Fallout where majority of the problems in an area can't be solved by walking into a singular building or hole in the ground and killing everyone inside.
Give me new weapons, advancing or recovering tech, a city that is more than three streets or four rooms in complexity. I want villains with contingency plans and GECKs being used aggressively to change the world out from under somebody's feet.

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there's already a fallout pnp system.

Anyway, im running something similar, only instead of new vegas only, it focuses more in all the wasteland, so 1, 2 NV and Van Buren old concepts.

Any ideas for quests or special encounters?, specially Special Encounters, something fun for when the players are lucky.

I remember Sawyer i think saying that Yes Man ending was he reconfigurating himself to only obey the courier and not anyone who talks to him.

If we take the Forecaster and the Lonesome Road ending, is most likely Yes man ending is canon anyway

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And fuck his hatred of talking animals. Goris was bro-tier.

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Thankfully it is just him on that, others want to not fuck everything over that they've built.

Seriously, if he wants to go back to inbred tribals and scavengers, he can come up with something set somewhere more fucked over than California to go do it in. Or go work on a prequel to Fallout 1 or 2 (like 3 felt it was trying to be half the time).

That goes for GMs and the setting too. Part of the appeal of Fallout is that it's a retro-future wild west, complete with civilization encroaching upon the untamed wilds with caravans and railroads.

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Great khans ending. The tribe regroups and swells in new territory sweeping back into the Nevada an unconquerable golden horde on rusty atomic hover bikes

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Wild Card is the best ending if you want New Vegas to keep the New Vegas feel. NCR can work if you assume they're stymied by the effort of rebuilding, but it still introduces a lot of order you wouldn't otherwise have. House is even worse, unless you're a big fan of Cyberpunk. Legion just demolishes everything fun and turns it into an RPG set in Fallout-flavored extra-rapey Rome. But the Wild Card doesn't have the resources, loyalty, or centuries of planning the others do, and it shows in a lot of the Ending details - e.g., how the BoS become a gang of raiders who strip people of their tech.

For extra fun, your Courier can fuck off to God-Knows-Where - they never seemed like the type to rule a city. Maybe they're playing around with Big Mountain, maybe they were shaken up by the Lonesome Road and went wandering, maybe they're rebuilding Zion, or maybe they're locked in a vault beneath the Sierra Madre, waiting in vain for a rescue before their water runs out. Either way, now you've got Yes Man trying to keep the order without a figurehead, the Three Families' new leadership descending back to their squabbles, the Kings and Followers doing their best, and Legion remnants joining the Fiends to cause havoc. Sounds like a good backdrop for adventure.

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That's a good thing to hate. The setting is rapidly losing its appeal as a post-apocalypse. If I wanted a setting about a representative democratic republic engaging in bureaucracy and leaving the lives of their citizens to be basically OK, I'd go outside.

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>Part of the appeal of Fallout is that it's a retro-future wild west, complete with civilization encroaching upon the untamed wilds with caravans and railroads.

For you maybe. I personally think each game past 1 (excluding 3, which had a host of other problems, like Little Lamplight) progressively loses some more of that blasted, desolate, alien charm of the first. I personally detest that it's being turned into "the wild west with lasers."

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The Legion Ending will probably get the least love in this thread so I'll take a look at that.

The Battle of Hoover Dam. With the Courier's aid, bolstered by various minor factions like the BoS, Boomers, Enclave Remnant, etc, the NCR rallied with a kind of morale never before seen in their relatively poor-quality army. For a brief moment at the onset of the fight, it even looked like they were going to win and crush the Bull.

Until they lost. The NCR was routed, the Courier crucified. Legate Lanius leads the Legion across the Mojave, enslaving/subjugating/pillaging and moving West. Then Caeser died of his brain tumor.

I don't think for a moment that it'll be as cut and dry as 'Caeser dies, Lanius takes over, period the end'. Model it after what historically happened after the real Caeser's death. Civil war, the Second Triumvirate. Three generals- Lanius in the West, one in the Mojave, and one in the Legion heartlands in the East. That’s your setting, here’s an example campaign idea.

Twenty years or so later. The players are poor unfortunate souls in a Legion controlled Mojave, making ends meet. Maybe escaped slaves, freemen, or folk living under Legion Law, I guess that's up to them. Circumstances force them together and they decide it's their obligation/favorite past time to kill legionnaires and try to overthrow their oppressors.

They go about the Mojave Wasteland, trying to find allies and free local towns one at a time, but always with the question 'How are we actually going to make this into something capable of beating the Legion?' looming over their heads. Give them a few opportunities to strike real blows and destabilize the Mojave Legion.

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Then comes the Civil War. Lanius and the other two generals start engaging in minor skirmishes and the early stage of the conflict develops. Put one or more of their allies in danger of total annihilation as more legionnaires arrive and the war escalates, and give the players a way to help.

The Civil War begins in earnest. Due to the presence of the player’s rebellion, the Mojave Legion is seriously hampered and is quickly crushed between the East and West legions. With the established military government of the Mojave Legion in shambles, the Mojave turns into a lawless warzone. The East and West start enforcing an even more brutal version of legion discipline, wartime marshal law that involves extreme resource taxation to keep their forces marching, with crucifixion being the response to any dissension.

This prompts the conglomerate of townships and factions in the player rebellion to raise their flag in open revolt, probably prematurely. This is the end-game: make it clear to the players that while they could go join their allies, leading them in open warfare, it offers little more than a defiant last stand and a heroic death. Introduce an unorthodox way to end the conflict- nukes from the divide, an inactive force of upgraded securitrons they could activate to bolster their forces, stupid death ray laser from Big MT, etcetera etcetera. It would probably culminate in them unleashing their secret weapon at the final confrontation between the three armies, probably at Vegas itself or Hoover Dam again. The players win, happy fun times for all.

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You can close out the campaign there or deal with the aftermath: do the Mojave towns form a new government, or revert to independent settlements much like the state of the Capital Wasteland?

Probably shit, as there’s a lot of details and dressing missing. I just don’t have the time to fully flesh out life in a weird tributary-focused decentralized Legion rule. I imagine it as a lot like the beginning of Star Control 2, if you’re familiar. Definitely misses some of the essential ‘Fallout’ flavor. But it’s an idea. For extra fun, have an aging Vulpes Inculta help the players out, maybe secretly in the beginning, because he’s grown disenfranchised with the abandonment of a lot of Caeser’s ideals after his death.

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*disenchanted with the legion, not disenfranchised.

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I ended up writing a shitload of notes a long time ago for a planned Savage Fallout campaign I never ran. It was before I'd gotten my hands on all the DLC, but here, have copypasta of the section on the West Coast:

West Coast is largely settled by the New California Republic, they are the main power in the region. However, Caesar’s Legion in the east is giving them some problems. The battle for Hoover Dam and Vegas is all but over, but how did it end?
a. NCR’s expeditionary forces won, breaking Caesar’s Legion once and for all and leaving them a splintered mess of disparate raider gangs
b. Caesar’s Legion pushed the NCR back across the Mojave, capturing all settlements along the way. (If President Kimball is still alive, he might be angry enough to start massing forces for a third run at it)
c. Both the NCR and Legion were forced out of Vegas by a third party (House or the Courier? Who is the Courier, anyway?)
The Kings likely still exist in some form, as do the Followers of the Apocalypse. (Unless the Legion took over, in which case the Kings are dead meat no matter what they do.)

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Most of Utah and Arizona is Legion territory, although the NCR have an outpost in Arizona’s Bullhead City. The Legion also have a foothold in south Colorado, although the north is largely free of their influence. Rumours persist of a large dome overlooking the city of Boulder, although given how ruined and irradiated the city is, it’s rare for anyone to get close enough to get a glimpse.
(In case you didn’t know, that’s the Van Buren facility with Xian and some other scientists in it.)
(Must play through Old World Blues and other NV DLCs. The Big Empty might be fun.)
(Even if Caesar is dead, who’s to say that it’s the end of the Legion? Could be someone literate found his stash of books and notes and decided to set themselves up as his successor: an Augustus of sorts?)
Don’t fucking mention Texas. The only canon data on that state is the piece of shit game Brotherhood of Steel, where everyone drinks Bawls and canon is raped on a daily basis. That might actually be funny to include, actually.

Most of the notes were focused on the East, sadly. One of my friends had an interesting idea: what if the Followers of the Apocalypse got their hands on the Securitrons and turned them into the equivalent of robotic, gun-toting St. Bernard rescue dogs?

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I think the "wild west with lasers" is only prevalent because the last game was cowboy as fuck and took place in an actual desert. I would imagine that something like Fallout: Detroit would be more like Dead Island/Fallout 3-ish; the city is already there, it's just that mankind is recovering. Plenty of scavenging to be done, repurposing older buildings, and such. City block houses each turned into their own small village or base, things of that nature. No railroads, no farms, just desolate city ruins.


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I think the best ending for a PnP setting would be independent Vegas under a courier that's something of a madman. You don't want developed societies and stable power structures if you want to run adventures in a setting, because there's always the problem of why the players would be able to do anything when the local power structure can just throw goons at it until it goes away.

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The problem with just relocating is that it's at best a temporary solution, you can't ignore the fact that civilization is encroaching on the setting. I would find it less obnoxious if the civilizations were more interesting than "let's try to revive the USA, Rome, or (if you encourage the Khans) the Mongolian empire."

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>not wanting to fight corruption and bandits and tame the New West with a bagful of shootin' irons and balls of steel

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Please, if I wanted to deal with the problems of the 1890s, I'd play Deadlands.

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Call it generic but I went with this for the campaign I'm running and its opened lots of opportunities.
>Kings want to do best for Freeside, hire players to assist in creating a small protectotron support network
>Van Graffs still major raiders, paying off the courier to turn a blind eye to it. Even selling meat to the WGS
>Boone going independent of Courier as an info broker after disagreeing with his methods. Also training NCR runaways as a sniping squad
Courier has seized total control of Vegas to prepare for the incoming tunneler attack.

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Fuck you, Deadlands doesn't have micronuclear warhead catapults or power armour
It does have overpowered as fuck developer's-pet NPCs though

>> No.38931053

Neither of which you'd be readily able to use in a stable society, because a stable society isn't going to allow goons in power armour to run around with micronuclear warhead catapults. You got away with that in New Vegas because it's the fringe of society.

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You have a functioning suit of power armour and a weapon that can decimate entire troop columns. I don't think the NCR are going to complain overmuch if you're using them to further their goals.

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>I don't think the NCR are going to complain overmuch if you're using them to further their goals.

Unless they just decide they'd prefer to have it for themselves. Why would the NCR trust you when they have hundreds of loyal, well-trained soldiers readily at hand?

>> No.38931207

Because trying to take them from someone who's that well-equipped while the only power armour they own isn't even "power" is likely to go horribly, horribly wrong. Far better to have them on their side, especially with the NCR populace weary of warring.

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They look up to Player Characters, which the Courier clearly is. They've got a statue of the Vault Dweller in Shady Sands.

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>NCR wins Battle of Hoover Dam
>BoS uses newfound position as NCR ally to regain control of Helios One
>Claim to be optimising running of power plant
>ARCHIMEDES II is brought online
>BoS retreat to bunkers
>BoS lays waste to the Mojave
>War. War never changes.

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No matter who wins, the Mormons still find some hole to crawl into and survive everything. Traders end up meeting up with a small rebuilt Canaanite settlement, offering good, a safe place to rest, and the chance to "hear and spread the word of the Lord". Its just this time its at Grand Staircase instead of Salt Lake, though that hardly matters to them. Like 'em or hate 'em, whether you sided with Joshua, David, or killed them all, the Mormons are still gonna Mormon.

>> No.38931284

OK, think about it this way, would the US government (which the NCR is heavily modeled around) ever allow someone who wasn't part of their military to drive around in a tank with full armaments, with their very own Davy Crockett in the back?

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It was always the wild west with lasers though. Just different aspects of it.

3 is a gigantic fucking mess though. some great concepts are in there, like I think the alien ship full out out-of-time people is a fucking amazing set up for player characters. All sorts of adventures could be had just dealing with the ship let alone trying to interact with the world below. But as for a fallout thing, yeesh not really.

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Probably not, but the NCR isn't quite on par with an entire nation... yet.

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I'd really like to play this

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Agreed, I'd play the fuck out of that.

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I love the house ending. Not that it is "good" or "bad" I just like the dynamic. House basically says leave the boring details of running operations to me while the courier is House's beatstick who spends most of his or her life in luxury. While he is extremely arrogant you cannot deny that he is also extremely competent. I can deal with arrogance, and I can't deal with incompetence, and I get the vibe that NCR is quite incompetent if well intentioned.

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I'd go with the Yes Man winning tbh, him or house if Yes Man would bother you for some reason. Just don't go with ceasar unless you want vegas to be REALLY shitty.

There's actually a pretty decent fallout pnp already out there.

>> No.38932986

How could you like dead money?

Like do you mean the concept/story? Because the gameplay in it was awful.

As an aside, best DLC is old world blues

>> No.38933013

There's so many good REAL reasons to hate the NCR though, w/o saying they make things to civilized.

>> No.38933451

If the US gov't was constantly under threat from outside factions and monsters everywhere, they would.

>> No.38933466

Especially if in addition to that, they were almost incapable of stopping said dude with a tank.

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That's what happens when you have an apocalypse many decades years ago, and then the sequel adds more decades, and the next still more.

The Fallout franchise needs a prequel. Set the game in Europe or China or whereever, so you have room for worldbuilding that doesn't contradict the lore. China is particularly interesting because of all the Power Armor troops that were invading at the end of the war, so you could have American factions (more appeal and identification for the intended audience). Time-wise, put it a few years or decades after the Great War. Post-postapocalypticism is getting boring.

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I'd do an Independent Vegas where the Courier left all the groups like the BoS, Boomers and Khans alive and convinced both the NCR and Legion to fuck off in peace, that way you have as many factions as possible to play with

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It's not that much of a challenge though.

It'd be quite easy to go back to 2170 or so, and just etch out a new area of Post-Apocalyptic America.

That's kinda Fallout 3's worst offence. It insisted on being on being set such a long time after the war, but everything was still fucked. And there were no attempts at building new stuff, everyone was just living in hollowed out ruins.

>> No.38934461

I think Fallout 3's excuse is that being the nation's capital, it was hit -much- harder than the rest of the nation. More radiation concentrated in a much smaller area, making it nigh on impossible for normal human life to really catch on.

That said, California would be just as fucked IRL, the west coast being dotted with military installations and whatnot.

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>"Remember courier, no loitering on the promenade."

>> No.38934679

Not him, but I definitely liked Dead Money. It's probably not the best of the DLCs, but it's still 2nd or 3rd.

It isn't without its faults, of course. Forcing you to backtrack a lot in a cramped maze wasn't really fun. And any sections with the exploding collar bullshit was fucking horrid.

But it did so many things right. Starting you off with nothing but a jumpsuit and a damaged weapon with only 25 shots and having Elijah tell you to scrounge up some kitchen knives definitely started the game off on the right foot. Ghost People were very well designed enemies, especially combined with the cloud. The cloud and all the traps put you on edge even when there were no enemies in sight. Dean Domino was fuckin' great in every respect.
Even little things like the radroaches showing up on your radar and making you think they are Ghost People was well thought out.

The cherry on top of all this was when you got back to the Mojave and it turns out that the Holorifle is legitimately one of the best guns in the game, and it just felt bad to use because Ghost People are jittery fuckers.

It's definitely flawed, but it's leagues better than, say, Honest Hearts.

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You don't take a setting deeply entrenched in old school Americana and put it somewhere else. If its not set in the wreckage of the retro-futuristic Jetsons future than it isn't Fallout. You cannot do that in any other country. Except maybe Canada given the annexation. Without the intentional anachronisms its just any other post-apocalypse. Fallout needs its claim to fame or else its nothing.


I hope that is goddamn false. Its the only game setting I know of that includes the post-post-apocalypse. Its really cool and there's a ton of space to go and have uninteresting inbred tribal hicks if they really want that. Oh my god was Honest Hearts trash. Trash. Joshua Graham and the hidden story with the guy who does the guardian angel routine doesn't make up for slogging across that uninteresting mess.

>> No.38934759

I really don't see why the NCR and Legion failing and sending humanity to conditions not dissimilar to what they started out as in the series would be so ridiculous. How many failed societies have we had in our history? Societies collapse, and they often cause periods of instability in their wake.

>> No.38934765

>Not really sure even which ending to use as canon for the basis.
NCR BOS truce is best ending.

>> No.38934992

I'd like to see them do Fallout: Australia.

>> No.38935124

Don't know what the point of that be, everything that's recognizable about fallout - BoS, Vaults, FEV, Americana and abundance of nuclear weapons/power/guns - are not present in Australia. An Australian fallout might aswell be a new IP.

Are you asking for a post-nuclear apocalypse game set in Australia? Sure I'm all for that, but it wouldn't and couldn't be fallout.

>> No.38935144

I'd like to see one set somewhere in eastern Europe or one set in China.

>> No.38935152

So what is the best system for Fallout? JE Sawyer's Fallout RPG? GURPS? Something else?

>> No.38935189

Personally, I like to use a modified Other Dust (post apocalypse RPG using modified Moldvay Basic D&D) for Fallout. It's mechanically simple, and it handles the advancement element of Fallout really well, where you start out quite fragile but eventually wind up to a point where ordinary raiders and such just aren't a threat.

>> No.38935222

I like the idea of Arcade's Enclave Remnant becoming a fully-fledged Enclave faction, and duking it out with the renewed BoS.

Cue the Eastern versions of both factions returning to the West, and you have two divided houses fighting each other. Eventually you have Eastern Brotherhood/Gannon Enclave teaming up against the Western Brotherhood/Original Enclave team.

>> No.38935249

Eh maybe, but again, if it was hit that much harder, there wouldn't have been at least 2 previous generations living in Megaton, and I'm fairly certain that without proper maintenance Rivet City should have sunk

I've never quite understood the point of wanting Fallout in other countries. I used to remember people talking about how cool Britain would be in a Fallout setting, despite the fact that half of Fallout's charm comes from it's over the top application of 50s America.

Ignoring the American side of it would just essentially be a post-apocalyptic setting where everyone just goes "Huh, remember when America fucked up the world?", but with a bit of added 50's nostalgia. Which for Europe would be super fucking boring because it was all post-war rebuilding, and rationing... which I guess is almost a post-apocalyptic setting in itself.

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I use a d-percentile system where you test against all the skills normally present in fallout - GUNS, SURVIVAL, SCIENCE, LOCKPICK etc.

SPECIAL stats are represented on a scale of 1 to 100 and are tested in a similar way for simplicity but affect game mechanics based on the tens column of the SPECIAL score.

eg AG of 64 is tested to see if Boone can maintain balance while traversing the ruins but his movement speed his 6 as it is the 10s column of his Agility score.

Players earn EXP through encounters and may spend EXP to purchase PERKS, which give small situational advantages/abilities. When Players reach a certain amount of EXP spent they level up, allowing them to distribute points into their various SKILLS.

I have been criticized that this system makes the player end up with too many PERKS and that it is difficult to keep track of all the small adjustments they confer. But eh, I've written the rule booklet already and can't be bothered to rework it.

>> No.38935304

Where is a good, untapped area, to throw back a half a century and play old-school Fallout in?

>> No.38935310

>While he is extremely arrogant you cannot deny that he is also extremely competent.
He's so desperate for upgrading his robots securitrons to the mk2 version he'll make a deal with ANYONE who walks through his front door. Meanwhile there's mk15 versions rolling around Big MT and way more advanced self replicating scorpitrons. Guy couldn't repair the dam (needed NCR engineers to completely re-build everything from factories back in NCR territory) and managed to destroy a fully functional vault for spare parts to get the lights of the casinos working so the NCR would think the city was actually inhabited by people instead of tribals.

>> No.38935360

Anywhere in Texas or a North Eastern seaboard state like New Hampshire or Maine if you want to stay in the US.

>> No.38935372

New York, it's only been mentioned twice in the games and there is no established lore.

>> No.38935385

Don't really see the point of that.
I'd like them to do another one like F:NV, where it's close enough to where the older games were that it has some history and isn't just 3's boring wasteland, but far enough away that you aren't just revisiting all the old areas. Like maybe Oregon or Washington.

>> No.38935398
File: 534 KB, 870x696, Scorched_Sierra_power_armor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Because trying to take them from someone who's that well-equipped while the only power armour they own isn't even "power" is likely to go horribly, horribly wrong.
Guy, NCR has Dayglow, which was WesTec industries which produced the power armor along with ZAX the AI which invented it.

The problem isn't that the NCR has no "power" power armor, it's that they don't let the units outside NCR territory use them.

>> No.38935489

To be fair, the idea behind the courier is that they're not just anyone, they're the wildcard that stands to break the stalemate.

As for the more advanced robots in Big MT, they've also been developing those for a fuckload longer than he has, and both used reverse engineered RobCo tech. He probably could have built better if he had access to the Big MT facilities and wasn't locked in stasis for most a couple centuries.

Him not being able to start up a dam isn't really a point against him, since his specialty was robotics, same with that issue with the vault.

But let's look at what he did accomplish: he set up one of the most powerful business empires in the USA, which likely means one of the most powerful on the planet. He predicted the atomic war within a day's accuracy decades before it happened. He's the reason Vegas even exists at fucking all thanks to that. He forcibly reshaped the tribals in the region into three very capable and wealthy families. He's also maintained the independence of New Vegas by playing on the NCR's fear of the Legion.

He's not perfect, but he is bloody capable.

>> No.38935492

The securitrons at the Big MT were reverse-engineered knockoffs.
I wouldn't take the mark numbers too seriously if I were you.

>> No.38935500

I really didn't like Dead Money the first time through for some reason, but I've enjoy it more and more every time I replay FNV. It's not perfect by any means, but it's very well executed given how many new ideas and mechanics they had in there. As a setting, it was unique and interesting and a lot of fun to explore. It succeeded surprisingly well at being quasi-survival-horror given that it's using a game and engine not intended for that.

And ya, Honest Hearts a shit. You can easily make a case for any of the other three being the best, but I've never seen anyone call HH their favorite and I don't even know what arguments you could make to back that up. I can understand why the devs made it- on paper, it's an interesting setting that's pretty distinct from any one shown before, and it gives you the decent idea of what the world looks like when you're far away from any major city. Daniel and Joshua Graham are decent as characters. The problem is that in practice, it's a boring, ever-so-slightly-racist slog that doesn't even have the decency to give you any good rewards to show for it, and I can't think of any way to change that without scrapping everything and starting over

>> No.38935545

You know what stands to go even worse for a stable regional government? Letting someone who lacks their training or even any concrete loyalty to their government wander around with atomic weaponry.

To be considered a stable society, they'd have to be.

The US government wouldn't have allowed it during the Cold War, even if it was an alternate history where the Soviets had super mutants.

But the NCR isn't incapable of stopping a guy in power armour. Missile launchers are completely capable of handling power armour.

>> No.38935568

Most of them were berserk or malfunctioning as well, weren't they?

>> No.38935590

>He's the reason Vegas even exists at fucking all thanks to that. He forcibly reshaped the tribals in the region into three very capable and wealthy families. He's also maintained the independence of New Vegas by playing on the NCR's fear of the Legion.

Reno wasn't hit either. What self proclaimed genius and savior of humanity protected it?

All three of those tribes were about to take over/destroy Vegas, and he didn't even believe it was possible. He wouldn't have survived a week without the player's direct intervention.

>> No.38935637

Boston maybe, or pretty much anywhere east coast.

For current Fallout times, I'd aim at Seattle so you can have information flowing up about NCR empires, sufficient holdings for Enclave remnants to have hidden, Canadians attacking from the north whilst riding mutated Moose.

Honest Hearts is weird because some of the writing in it is brilliant, the clash between Daniel and Joshua, plus the survivalist's story is really nice, but at the same time nothing else about it pulls you in. The in-game rewards aren't anything special, and there's no real reward in seeing the Tribals survive, because they run away never to be seen again, or go off to war never to be seen again.

>> No.38935667

Not the Guy, and I'm sure NCR does have some functioning power armor but I think you're overestimating what they have. Even if WesTec industries building was still able to manufacture the suits I don't see the NCR having the industrial strength just yet to provide the raw materials.

I also don't see NCR refusing to place their power armored units on the mojave front line. Especially against an anti-tech enemy like Caesar's Legion. The best place for power armor troops, if they had the numbers, would be the front line.

Even if you're right about NCR being too afraid to deploy power armor to Mojave because they feared its capture by their enemies, I doubt that NCR would have stormed BoS controlled HELIOS ONE without power armor if they had that option. Those at the battle cite NCR numbers and supply lines as being the winning factor.

>> No.38935670

>Reno wasn't hit either. What self proclaimed genius and savior of humanity protected it?

Reno wasn't as important as Las Vegas.

>He wouldn't have survived a week without the player's direct intervention.

Nah, if it came right down to brass tacks, he could have just taken the chip by force.

>> No.38935716

>he could have just taken the chip by force.
Maybe, but he couldn't have gotten it to the bunker to use it.

>> No.38935735

Really? Reno, a city with 300,000 population and who's economy is based on gambling is worth 0 nukes but one with 600,000 population is worth 19? Not buying it.

And you're forgetting the White Gloves (their plan would have resulted in the food shipments from the NCR being shut off) and the Omertas (violent revolution).

>> No.38935737

>Maybe, but he couldn't have gotten it to the bunker to use it.

Well, he couldn't have sent securitrons, but he's got enough wealth and power that he could have found someone to do it for him, and neither the Legion or NCR were willing to move while he was still in the game.

>> No.38935748

Ya, I guess that's the problem I had with HH. Come to think of it, it's not that bad from a game design standpoint. I just didn't care much any of the characters or what was going on until the very end, which made it hard for me to really get immersed in what I had to do to get to that point.

Plus, it's made abundantly clear from talking to that one NPC at the beginning of Honest Hearts that Reno is far, far worse than just about anywhere in the Mojave, let alone New Vegas proper.

>> No.38935784

House of course silly guy

>> No.38935786

>Really? Reno, a city with 300,000 population and who's economy is based on gambling is worth 0 nukes but one with 600,000 population is worth 19? Not buying it.

You're comparing real world Reno and Las Vegas. Las Vegas in the Fallout USA was the home base of RobCo, RepConn, and Poseidon Energy, which were all massively important military contractors.

As for the other two families, he already knew they were up to shit, and could have contracted out someone to fix their crap. House has the same superpower as Batman: shitloads of money.

>> No.38935829

Louisiana. Posf-Apocaltptic New Orleans would be a sight, and apparently there was some horrific GECK disaster in Florida which would have spread unique nasties to it.

>> No.38935844

>doesn't even have the decency to give you any good rewards to show for it
The Survivalist's Rifle and the silenced .45 are both decent. The taser laser is hilarious. Otherwise I agree with you. It's also the only DLC that manages to make me wish it was over sooner than it was, while still feeling too short. The map is too small, but it's so boring to walk around in that I wish it was smaller.

And I really wish they pushed Graham. I never really got the feeling that he lived up to his burning man mystique. He needed to be more fire and brimstone, righteous avenging anger and whatnot. Everything burned away but his faith and fury.
I feel like it would have been a better DLC if it was just focused on him. As-is, he just didn't have enough screentime to really get across any of his personality.

>> No.38935888

I was angry that there was no New Canaan. I wanted a big city built post-war, with no corpses or 200+ year old trash everywhere. Like the NCR city in Fallout 2. Nope. God damned tribals.

>> No.38935894

>forgetting about A Light Shining in Darkness

Best holdout in the game, versatile, good damage per shot, good damage per second.

Also the Desert Ranger combat armour is real nice at those levels.

>> No.38935936

I've always wondered why House believed that Vegas would be a home for tourism for the NCR when Reno had been the goto place for it, even before the NCR took it all over. I mean the only people hanging out in Vegas were the soldiers, who got in free and the few people that could pay the astronomical entry fee (which was essentially no-one, other than the ultra-rich ranchers.

The NCR only ever had need of the Dam for it's electricity and couldn't afford to build the railways that mass tourism to Vegas would require.

>> No.38936003

The dam blows up. The Legion begins to crumble under its own weight, NCR starts pulling its forces out of the Mojave and the Strip is left in the dark and falls into chaos.

>> No.38936021

Tourism didn't make any sense if it took "an army of mercenaries" to clear the way for the courier to make it to Vegas. How the hell would random middle class factory workers from the NCR supposed to make it to Vegas? And why would the NCR not embargo an independent Vegas? No tourists, no food shipments. The player is outright told during the "where's the beef" quest that New Vegas couldn't survive more than a week without the NCR food shipments.

>> No.38936052

I agree, but I also think that having New Canaan massacred was a good choice; the first battle for the dam was ages ago, and Caesar would definitely want to tie up that particular loose end ASAP.

I would have been fine with walking through a ghost town, though.

As an aside, I still don't know what to feel about The Divide.

>> No.38936074

>I've never quite understood the point of wanting Fallout in other countries

Well, try thinking of it like this:
Fallout has a very distinct set of elements that set it apart from most post-apocalypse sci-fi. there's not really anything comparable to it except Wasteland and a bunch of cheesy old movies. Everything else is far more depressing, or just crazy in a Mad Max 2 kinda way with no real sense of a larger world.

Fallout's unique elements provide for a very recognisable world, not just a tiny corner full of cannibal raiders and radioactive mutants, which is easier to get into since it's already had 5 games to establish it. Fallout manages something most post-apocalypse settings don't, and that's to justify it's wacky-ness with things like FEV for the mutants. It's not just crazy for the sake of it (except when it is...)
People would like to see those kinds of elements expanded upon into different parts of the world. It may not be Fallout, but stuff can still be within it's setting, building upon the hints dropped in the games and things like the Fallout bible. There's a lot of material there to work with, combined with immediate familiarity and an understanding of why things are the way they are in the setting. And any setting that tried to do similar with the retro-future stuff would immediately be compared unfavourably to Fallout, so might as well be set on the same world unless there's a very good reason to do otherwise (like wanting magic, daemons or giant mechs).

>> No.38936117

>I would have been fine with walking through a ghost town, though.
No. Fuck that. I'm tired of the holding pattern that the Fallout universe has been in for the past 120 years. Or even 190 years if you consider Vault City.

Someone, somewhere on the god damn planet build a new town. There's literally only two cities in the entire world that are not 200 year old barely inhabitable ruins, NCR(Shady Sands) and Vault City. Maybe Arayo if you got the best ending for Fallout 2. Everywhere else is subsistence farmers living in tents or ruins.

>> No.38936160

Side note, found out why San Fran wasn't mentioned in F:NV, was supposed to have been vaporized in a retaliatory strike by the Enclave in F:VanBuren.

>> No.38936189
File: 57 KB, 500x735, friend.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow. I've had my opinions changed twice in two posts. This has been a really good thread. Thanks /tg/

>> No.38936232

They wouldn't embargo New Vegas because pissing off House would force them to have to fight a bunch of murderbots while the Legion is eyeing up their territory like a pack of wolves.

>> No.38936273

As for tourism, consider that the distance from California to Nevada is substantially shorter than the distance people would travel in the middle ages on pilgrimages.

>> No.38936345

I just don't see how you could keep the fallout feeling anywhere else.
I mean, I guess Russia and China would have the same level of hyperbolic nationalism as the US, but there's no way you could do a Fallout in either place without it being massively depressing or inadvertently massively racist, respectively.

I like the idea of one taking place on the Washington/Canadian border more and more, though. Lots of stuff you could do with that, especially with Canada being annexed by the US and all.

>> No.38936482

Once House has his army of Securitrons and control of the Dam, why would the NCR even bother though? I mean they needed the Dam's electricity, but if the cost is too high, they would probably just explore in a different direction and try and find something else. It's not even about an embargo, it's probably already a difficult enough place for the Ranchers to supply, when the NCR stop escorting the Caravans, Vegas would flounder, and the Securitrons would no doubt be limited by their energy requirements.

Yeah, but not many Cazadors, Radscorpions, Yao guai, Deathclaws in the middle ages.

>> No.38936496

There's literally only one access point to the NCR, the other two routes went through The Divide and BigMT. Close that checkpoint, nobody is going to Nevada. And those murderbots are a joke considering that anyone with enough computer skill can just tell them to reboot. Plus the NCR has the Sierra Army Depot with nearly all of the pre-war american artillery in it.

If all else fails, there's Col Moore. Everybody's afraid of her, NCR, Rangers, Legion, raiders. She "solved" the raider problem back in NCR territory in such a horrific way that Ranger Chief Hanlon is terrified at the idea of her being put into command of a unit again. He and Ronald Curtis (the Legion spy) is afraid she'll "solve" the Legion in the same way. Whatever method she uses involves the total destruction of villages and rendering areas devoid of life.

>> No.38936518

Fallout is set in an alternate time line that diverged in 1945. Nations outside the USA also had the 1950s.

Also Fallout USA was racist as fuck. They had concentration camps for people who looked a bit too chinky.

>> No.38936622

Well that's the thing, the cost wasn't too high, because House was willing to go to the negotiation table. His only reason for making such a show of force was to bring them to the negotiation table. The NCR also wouldn't stop escorting the caravans because the fact remains that the post-apocalyptic economy is heavily dependent on salvage. The NCR's ability to maintain their standard of living, medicine, and military supremacy depends on them getting access to continual supplies of scavenged technology, because the infrastructure just isn't there to re-establish actual mass-production.

>Yeah, but not many Cazadors, Radscorpions, Yao guai, Deathclaws in the middle ages.

Also not as many guns to protect yourself with, and plenty of people on the road that would mean to do you harm.

>> No.38936625

Securitrons would be limited by the range of their radios and the bandwidth to the control network. House could only manage to control one Securitron to "guard" the player and even then Goodsprings was too far for him to do anything with all his resources concentrated on the one "Victor" but to dig up the player because it'd have been destroyed by the 3 Khans and Benny easily. He tells you that they have a very limited useful range, the Dam is probably the furthest they can operate.

>> No.38936697

>And those murderbots are a joke considering that anyone with enough computer skill can just tell them to reboot.

Anybody over level 12 who sneaks up on one. But bringing up something that's so obviously "just a game mechanic" is absurd.

>Col Moore

Being horrific isn't the same as being effective. Particularly since the securitrons aren't affected by moral or bothered in the slightest by scorched earth tactics. Further the idea of them "solving" the Legion through such means is patently ridiculous because whereas Col Moore is a lone psychopath not fit for command, the Legion consider such tactics to be core elements of their doctrine.

>> No.38936862

No, I'm referring to the Strip front gate guard bot, if you have 80 science you can tell it the universal RobCo consumer robot reboot code. House is using generic mall security guard robots as his army. Ones who's overide commands were printed on every damn computer science magazine.

And no, as for Moore she's horrific because she's demonstrably very effective. Presumably she uses chemical and nuclear weapons to "solve" the raider problem. And now there are no raiders in NCR territory to the point that the cook at Sloan tells you that NCR territory is boring. All the known raider groups from Fallout 1 and 2 have relocated out of NCR core territory because of whatever she did.

Legion thinks giving children grenades and yelling at them to run towards the enemy is "total war". That's not total war. Artillery with mustard gas shells is total war. Hitting anything within a hundred miles of the enemy with a thermonuclear bomb is total war. Ogabooga I have a shapened piece of rebar is not total war. It's an insult.

She'd "solve" the robot army by hitting New Vegas with a nuke.

>> No.38936868

It's not so much the 'feeling' as it is that there is an established setting with clear themes that are not just Americana.

Think of it like STALKER, as that has had similar attempts to expand upon it. Sure, the games are utterly entrenched in the environment around Chernobyl, but it's entirely possible to go 'The Fukishima powerplant going crazy was the cover for another whatever the fuck caused all the anomalies' and now you have STALKER in modern Japan, which is very much not a soviet time capsule+freaky weird shit yet can have a lot of the familiar elements that people loved and still have it's own spin on things.

>> No.38936874

Yeah, but lorewise, Deathclaws and the like are mostly impervious to bullets, in ways that bandits and wolves were not impervious to arrows and swords.

Yes, the post war economy is dependent on salvage, and there's the rest of America in which they could salvage for all of their needs. And let's face it, House got out-played by Benny. Benny got access to House's entire network and got the chip from the Courier, and he was an idiot who didn't even manage to shoot the Courier in the head properly.

>> No.38936992

>Mall security robots.

Someone who's so capable with computers as to represent damn near the heights of human scientific prowess being able to fuck up a military robot acting in a role it was designed for doesn't change the fact that they're heavily armoured robots that in their basic form pack gatling lasers with no ammunition limitations.

>And now there are no raiders in NCR territory to the point that the cook at Sloan tells you that NCR territory is boring.

Which contradicts Rose of Sharon Cassidy's story, who was a caravan driver who dealt with NCR territory.

As for NCR artillery, if they have so much artillery, why isn't it in Nevada? The answer is obvious: they don't have any.

The Legion it's worth noting has also infiltrated literally every level of the NCR government just shy of the president. Even if Moore has a nuke (which is highly, highly unlikely) she'd never get the chance to use it. Further, even if the Legion wouldn't use their infiltrators to bureaucratically cock-block her attempt, literally nobody in the NCR would allow it, because they want that territory.

>> No.38937014

Lonesome Road. EVERYTHING gets nuked. All up in a big, beautiful mushroom cloud.

>> No.38937018

>The NCR's ability to maintain their standard of living, medicine, and military supremacy depends on them getting access to continual supplies of scavenged technology, because the infrastructure just isn't there to re-establish actual mass-production.
Wait, what? They have tv factories, that cook in Sloan moved to Nevada because she was bored from assembling new tvs from 9 to 5. What infrastructure are they still missing? They have mining, rail network, chemical plants... there's a university in Arroyo which teaches electronics engineers enough to hack pre-war robots like House's in ways that even he doesn't understand. Plus they have the infrastructure to completely re-build Hoover dam, turbines and electronics. You're told by the chief engineer that they had to get the parts specially machined from a factory all the way back in NCR core territory because "nobody else makes these things anymore".

What, you think they salvaged the parts from all the other Hoover dams and cobbled together new turbines somehow?

>> No.38937049

Europe and China are both dead and done. Europe nuked itself into oblivion years before America thought of it, and China is literally a giant crater.

>> No.38937105

>They have tv factories, that cook in Sloan moved to Nevada because she was bored from assembling new tvs from 9 to 5.

They have TV factories hand assembling salvaged components.

For an example of what I'm talking about, consider that the followers with their extensive scientific and medical knowledge can't readily manufacture medical chems, and rely on them for salvage.

Another example is the fact that the leader of the Crimson Caravan believes that damaging a bottle-cap press will permanently shut down their ability to make new caps.

>there's a university in Arroyo which teaches electronics engineers enough to hack pre-war robots like House's in ways that even he doesn't understand

Source. Because as far as I've ever seen, the followers are the only noteworthy depository of scientific knowledge in the post nuclear world.

A quote from another game comes to mind: "One cannot take sand and make a micro-chip."

>> No.38937133

>Which contradicts Rose of Sharon Cassidy's story, who was a caravan driver who dealt with NCR territory.
HAH. I knew it. You don't remember her story. There are no caravans in NCR territory, they use TRAINS and FREIGHT CORPORATIONS. She's talking about the roads the NCR are currently patrolling in Nevada. You know, the place that still uses Caravans. Every time I get into this argument it's always with someone who misremembers what she says.

You're also told that most of the NCR's military is still in NCR core territory, guarding brahmin.

>The Legion it's worth noting has also infiltrated literally every level of the NCR government just shy of the president.
Bullshit. They literally have one spy and it took most of the resources of the Legion to put him there. Caesar's head almost explodes when he finds out you killed the spy because of how many resources were spent trying to get that one spy.

>> No.38937252

>HAH. I knew it. You don't remember her story. There are no caravans in NCR territory, they use TRAINS and FREIGHT CORPORATIONS. She's talking about the roads the NCR are currently patrolling in Nevada. You know, the place that still uses Caravans. Every time I get into this argument it's always with someone who misremembers what she says.

There's got to be a reason people in the game keep talking about the stability the legion offers, because it's usually contrasted to the NCR which they state doesn't offer the same stability.

>Bullshit. They literally have one spy and it took most of the resources of the Legion to put him there. Caesar's head almost explodes when he finds out you killed the spy because of how many resources were spent trying to get that one spy.

You meet one in the game, it's implied there are more and that the Legion has been making extensive use of such tactics following their failure at the first battle of Hoover dam.

>> No.38937255

Uh if they can't create medical chems, how the fuck does Jet exist? If narcotics can be made an widely distributed, then beneficial medicine should be as well, especially by a nation which has it's own SCIENCE! research and development agency.

>> No.38937259

>They have TV factories hand assembling salvaged components.
Source, because that's incredibly stupid.

Followers are dead poor.

Well, you believe that nobody in the world is still able to build a machine so maybe she's right? Yes, seems perfectly logical that a nation state with a population in the millions and who's main research branch is lead by a hyper intelligent AI which invented both power armor and retroviral genetic ehancements, and being worked with tens of thousands of ghoul engineers, is not able to build simple machinery. Even to 1950's standards. Yes. Totally impossible.

Emily Ortal

>> No.38937300

I didn't say they can't build simple machinery. I said their crafts are largely done by hand.

The gun runners as I recall, the major producers of firearms in the setting, also don't engage in automated manufacturing.

>how the fuck does Jet exist?

Brahmin farts, I shit you not.

>> No.38937313

Reminder Fallout 3 was dumpster garbage and never happened

>> No.38937345


Nothing after Fallout 2 happened

>> No.38937360

it was to the previous fallouts what metroid other m was to the previous metroids

>> No.38937363

Nothing after Fallout 1 happened.

>> No.38937375


Fallout never happened

>> No.38937379

Nope, you're talking to people in Nevada about the NCR's job in Nevada. The people who talk about NCR core territory tell you it's dead boring and that they hope to see a raider because it'd be "exciting". You also don't meet anyone who has both lived in legion territory and praises it's stability. No. Before you mention him, Raul doesn't count, he says the town he lived in was completely wiped out by the Legion because they had one whore. Which is stability, in a way, but not exactly different from the stability the Fiends offer.

And no. One spy. Caesar goes ballistic because it's the one Legion spy. Vulpes even jokes in one of the quests involving tricking a NCR receptionist into thinking she's helping find Legion spies. There's literally only one spy. You can imply anything you want: unless you have some secret knowledge which invalidates what Caesar and Vulpes says, it doesn't matter.

>> No.38937392

I think the fact that literally no one, in half a dozen games, several unfinished games, the Fallout Bible, and every other source we have for the FO universe, has said anything about post-war New York speaks volumes. I think it's safe to assume that it was nuked to the point that there is almost literally (or maybe even literally) nothing left

Wasteland is the only thing I regard as canon. The rest of you are just newfag poser scum!

>> No.38937394

>They use it to carve "The NCR sucks supermutant dick" across the Mojave

>> No.38937402

It's crime was far greater than Other M.
It shackled an actual good Fallout game, New Vegas, to that fucking awful engine and the worst combat system idea of all time: VATS

>> No.38937452

VATS was included to make the combat feel more turn based, like the first two games. If it had been pure FPS, you'd be calling it Fallout:CoD or some equally stupid epithet

>> No.38937475

Then I guess I was mistaken, I concede. I still don't think the NCR engaging in diplomacy with House is all that ridiculous, and you still haven't addressed the whole "if they have artillery, why aren't they fucking using it?" thing.

>> No.38937495

I'd probably assume that meant they just might have wanted to set a game there, and didn't want to eventually force themselves into a specific canon ahead of time.

Whilst I should agree with you, it did revive the franchise and give us New Vegas. Just a shame we'll have to wait for Bethesda to fuck up Fallout 4, and then maybe get an Obsidian game after that.

>> No.38937505

I know why it was included, that doesn't change that it's retarded. If they wanted to make a shooter they should have made a shooter.

>> No.38937509

Doesn't Veronica complain that Archimedes II is barely a field mortar which can fire once a day, is shackled to a massive fragile facility which requires constant maintenance, and uses these failings to point out that the BoS is going to die horribly because of how out of date the 2076 edition of the US Field Army Manual aka "Codex" they worship?

>> No.38937535

The 50s were the decade in which American pop culture really began to seep into other countries, especially the other Anglophonics.

>> No.38937565

>Just a shame we'll have to wait for Bethesda to fuck up Fallout 4

But they wont. They didn't "fuck up" Fallout 3 by any standard other than one of fan-purism. Fallout 3 was a smashing commercial success, and Fallout 4 will be one too.

>> No.38937575

That doesn't address my other point. You're parroting the /v/ hivemind. /v/ hivemind opinions are carefully constructed so that you'll always have something to bitch about, and can always find some way to feel superior to the "plebs"

>> No.38937599

>nobody talks about New York so it mustn't exist anymore
It's not safe to assume that at all. Nobody talked about Las/New Vegas in fallout 1, 2 or 3. Is it not more likely that since fallout is a GAME universe the designers and writers of previous games don't want to box in the designers and writers of future games that might be set in New York?

>> No.38937602
File: 987 KB, 1854x2452, this was so worth it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"if they have artillery, why aren't they fucking using it?" thing.
Stuck in the NCR guarding Brahmin. Nearly all of the NCR's failings can be traced back to General Lee Oliver. The main army went through the Divide, got blown up. The second army went towards Big MT and disappeared. The third army is what's in Nevada. And Lee Oliver wants to fight the Legion "man to man" without trickery, technology or heavy weaponry. So no Ranger tactics, no Moore, no reinforcements from the core territories.

I'll admit that I went out of my way to exhaust every possible dialog choice because of how much I disliked the Legion and wanted to screw them over more.

>> No.38937629

You didn't make any points. VATS is a stupid system. I don't know anything about /v/ or what it thinks and am not interested in your personal tears about them.

>> No.38937653

Las Vegas is tiny though.

>> No.38937693

That depends on your definition of success I guess. From an artistic view, butchering what has come before, and also providing a poor and unsatisfying story would be seen as a failure.

From a commercial point of view, you're right it was a massive success.

But considering we're on /tg/ and 80% of the discussion has been about the lore, and applying it to campaigns, clearly it's not inspired people in the same way that the other games have. Because all the discussion has primarily been about the west coast, and other areas to explore.

>> No.38937697


But it has so much spirit though

Bright light city it's gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire

>> No.38937732

>Stuck in the NCR guarding Brahmin.

Are you fucking kidding me? Because if the NCR is seriously wasting artillery to guard Brahmin, I'd be tempted to call that a point against them on sheer incompetence. But that's the kind of thing I have my doubts about.

>And Lee Oliver wants to fight the Legion "man to man" without trickery, technology or heavy weaponry.

If that were true, they wouldn't be so keen to use the Boomer's heavy support.

Also, I think you're being rather dismissive of the Legion as a threat. They offer a large body of dedicated, well trained soldiers, and they're not all hauling machetes, quite a lot of them do have firearms.

Further from an outside perspective, I have some doubts the writers would pair up an antagonist that was so horrifically mismatched with the NCR,

This whole discussion of the NCR is making them sound like the Scott Summers of the setting. They've got better tech than anyone else short of the brotherhood (whom they beat by being able to throw bodies at them, which much like the Imperium of man, the consequences of sacrificing troops in such a manner never seem to bite them in the ass), they've got a completely stable society, they've got a basically OK legal structure. Frankly, they're kind of ruining the post-apocalypse feel of the setting and sound like someone who *really* liked them was in charge of their writing.

>> No.38937747

It's a major pre war city that was spared from nuclear holocaust, is very close to NCR territory and is of great strategic importance for controlling a pre war hydroelectric dam capable of powering every NCR city too. Just because something is not mentioned in previous games does not mean it has been blown off the face of the earth.

>> No.38937817

Alright, fair point. And come to think of it, the fact that it was relatively intact after the war would have made it all the more noteworthy in the earlier games. I'm sticking with my headcanon until proven otherwise, but it's a legitimate opinion

>> No.38937850

To be fair, that's the same bullshit the discussion of House tends to drift into.

He's the greatest Scientist ever (even better than the brains at the MT), he's the richest man ever, he knew all about the war and was prepared before-hand, he's got a super robot army just waiting to be activated, He plans to have people into space in 50 years, and colonizing other planets. Frankly he's kind of ruining the post-apocalypse feel of the setting.

Let's face it, the game has gone too far into the future to still be post-apocalyptic, and is as someone else said heading into post-post-apocalyptic, where thinks are actually kind of OK, and the only tension will come from other nations being built up and War, War never changes.

>> No.38937864

NCR is basically what most retarded Californians actually think of their state, hence the constant wanking. FO has a great setting but the actual story has always been medicare at best.

>> No.38937951

>To be fair, that's the same bullshit the discussion of House tends to drift into.

Yeah, I'll admit he does get too much wank. I personally am in the camp of "he's very capable, but not perfect, and not god." Which I think is an apt description. I don't buy into the idea that he'll get humanity into space (though I think he has a better chance than the NCR for the time being, simply because he was involved in rocketry).

>Let's face it, the game has gone too far into the future to still be post-apocalyptic

I don't agree. I think the idea the NCR will just continue to expand unabated is less likely than them collapsing due to exterior or interior pressures. As pointed out earlier, how many societies in history have collapsed?

>> No.38937962

>They've got better tech than anyone else short of the brotherhood
The Enclave has (or more probably, had) better tech than both. The Boomers, which you mentioned in your post, toss around shells and rockets like it's nothing. And the Van Graffs outright say that they used to be a match for NCR not too long ago.

I can assure you, Californians are much too retarded to make a state as stable as NCR.

>> No.38937994
File: 4 KB, 184x211, 1339644100916.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>medicare at best.

>> No.38938008

>The Enclave has (or more probably, had) better tech than both.

Got destroyed, and their tech plundered by the NCR.

>The Boomers

I recall they state they're also due to run out of ammunition for that artillery in a few years if they keep doing what they're doing.

>the Van Graffs

Actually, I don't know squat about them. Where do they get their tech?

>> No.38938087

Well, in this case, the definition of success that Bethesda will use. I personally hope they'll get Obsidian involved in Fallout 4, since Fallout: New Vegas was much better than 3 from both a mechanical and writing standpoint (shame it was so bloody buggy at release), but I have no doubts that if they don't they'll still do very well commercially. Bethesda is at this point really good at creating commercially successful games that spur discussion.

>> No.38938157

Maybe, but this is why future games need to possibly develop in other areas, maybe go back and set up a game in the early 2200s. Explore other parts of the country and have them set up their own nations. Albeit not like the Legion, and with some similarities to the NCR, so we'd end up with eventual conflicts between equal nations, as opposed to a tribal group that'll collapse even quicker than the NCR.

And finally to answer OP >>38928682 Wild Card is the best option. The Courier sets up a City-state by selling the excess electricity from the Dam to the NCR, and possibly even New-New Canaan, but don't give him the power-ups from potentially owning the MT and Divide. He does have many Securitrons, but not enough to deal with all the potential threats that are roaming around the Mojave, which gives you the leeway to hire the PCs to deal with threats, or to explore the other bank of the river when the legion lose.

>> No.38938251

>so we'd end up with eventual conflicts between equal nations

I'd personally prefer to avoid that all together. I think it would just make the game into a generic sci-fi setting with some vague tones of retro-futurism.

>> No.38938632


STALKER in Japan wouldnt work. Because every thing fucked up in the zone is the result of top secret soviet labs and shit taking advantage of the zone of alienation as a place to work without being bothered. Also, still active nuclear power plant nearby to supply lots of energy for said labs. That wouldn't really work in Japan. The soviet time capsule thing is kinda the entire point of how the setting works.

>> No.38938832

>Set in China

You mean the place confirmed to be absolutely void of all life? A big crater you can see from space?

>> No.38938833


Fuck that

You getting multiplayer online game Survarium

>> No.38939071

>You mean the place confirmed to be absolutely void of all life? A big crater you can see from space?

Wasn't that only in Fallout 3? I think we can safely ignore it.

>> No.38939159
File: 113 KB, 500x501, 1426699318417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone needs to do fallout Detroit

>> No.38939213

so, just Detroit.

I'm just hoping that Fallout 4 doesn't end up as disappointing as Skyrim.

>> No.38939230


Isn't that just Detroit?

>> No.38939332

It'll be Skyrim with guns. Almost literally, they'll set it further north so they can just reuse as many environment assets as possible (like they did with Oblivion to Fallout 3).

And it'll sell millions.

>> No.38939446

No the President in 2 basically says it is a stinking crater as well.

>> No.38939470

Fallout 3's still canon, guy. You can't just ostrich it out.

>> No.38939498

>Reuse as many environment assets as possible (like they did with Oblivion to Fallout 3)

They did that?

>> No.38939530

>It'll be Skyrim with guns.
I know, but I want it to not be.
God, I hope they at least drop the menu UI.

I mean, there's a few differences inherent in the games that's gonna make F4 plain better anyways, but...

>> No.38939542

What's everybody's problem with FO3 anyway aside from everything looking like it was only 50 years after the war instead of almost 200?

>> No.38939652

Textures, animations, sounds...

Retarded main quest, crap quests all over the place, lots of really bad dialogue, crap world design where all the important good stuff was crammed into the bottom-right third of the map, the endless boring subway tunnels that had to be trekked through. Basically everything felt it had been designed lazily and just cludged together in a giant mess.

It's not even that it's stuff 50 years after the war being 200, it's that it's everything from less than 5 years after the war to 200 because of the inconsistent design.

>> No.38939705

Well, the plot was stupid as fuck, for one. I mean, the GECK was just seeds and a reactor in a box.
But then in FO3 it's a magic fixer-upper that unfucks everything. And also you have to sacrifice yourself for some godawful reason to turn it on.

>> No.38939732

>And also you have to sacrifice yourself for some godawful reason to turn it on.
They fixed that with a DLC due to community reaction.

>> No.38939907

I feel the opposite completely. I loved dead money but refuse to do old world blues again.

>> No.38941278

Stupid plot, setting, characters, and often-times crummy mechanics, also WELCOME TO WIDDLE WAMPWIGHT!

>> No.38941441


You know...is there anything from Fo3 that actually bleeds into the main Fo story? Can't they just pull a BoS and claim it wasn't canon?

>> No.38941466


No, because the people who made it own it now. FONV was one-of-a-kind.

>> No.38941596
File: 77 KB, 561x401, Mayor_MacReady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mungo-like typing detected

>> No.38941676

Wasteland Survival Guide made it from Capital Wasteland to Mojave.
Lonesome Road mentions Colonel Autumn and Adams Air Force Base
Veronica mentions the Capital Wasteland BoS schism and alienation from the rest of the BoS.
I think you see a young Mr. House standing in front of Liberty Prime.
There's a picture of James and Katherine in Vault 21.
ED-E has a bumper sticker saying 'My kid is an honor student at [the school from FO3]'
Ads for the Super-Duper Mart can be found throughout the Mojave.

>> No.38941697

Sorry, forgot to add


>> No.38941719

I know quest threads set a bad precedent for allowing vidya on /tg/, but this should be on /v/

>> No.38941730

No it shouldn't. Read the thread again

>> No.38941862

Seriously? What the absolute fuck. This makes me dislike them even more

>> No.38941989

>halfway between MW Brotherhood Chicago and The Pitt
>Failure of the Great Lakes heavy manufacturing economy never confirmed in setting

Could be a pivotal manufacturing hub, and I'd play it.

>> No.38942043

Yeah, but we can always take comfort in the knowledge that even as a bug-riddled mess, New Vegas still managed to get a better metacritic score and appease even the hardcore fans.

>> No.38942109

its a discussion about video game lore, not table top games
Its thinly veiled, but does belong elsewhere

>> No.38942261

>its a discussion about video game lore, not table top games

The video game lore as it pertains to its use in tabletop game. Your complaint would be like saying that Dresden Files RPG discussion belongs on /lit/.

>> No.38942292

This is a steaming pile of bullshit.

>> No.38942355
File: 34 KB, 576x432, yamok sauce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"I haven't don't anything wrong. I have as much right to be here as anyone else."

>> No.38942357

>You also don't meet anyone who has both lived in legion territory and praises it's stability.
What about Raul? He says exactly that. "I saw Arizona before the lLgion moved in Boss."

>> No.38942392

How so?

>> No.38942413

He does that annoying "I'll deflect your point beforehand" thing by saying Raul doesn't count.

>> No.38942442


Even if we weren't talking about lore, which we are, Fallout in all its incarnations has always fallen squarely under the providence of the Commander Keen rule.

Shitposting, on the other hand, might just earn you a ban. So kindly fuck right the fuck off, unless you have something to contribute.

>> No.38942443


Its funny, cause the original games are pretty much GURPS scifi: the game.

And fallout tabletop games are very much a thing. Just like Warcraft/World of Warcraft have RPGs, board games, and miniature games.

>> No.38942721

I disagree. I think the ruins of American occupied japan would be a great fallout setting. The conquering super nationalistic atomic American military. The wounded pride of the traditionalist equally nationalistic Japanese empire. The defunct remnants of desperately modernizing Japanese military. Radioactive rice patties and Ghoul samurai.

There could be Enclave and Chinese communist cells. Maybe the american pacifc armada its own faction of roving ocean nomads. A new Shogunate and JDF fighting eachother. Secret vaults with banzai gardens and paper and balsa wood walls.

And it all ends with manually piloting a salvaged liberty prime against a giant Deathclaw.

>> No.38943404

Could I use Only War to run a NCR military campaign? Cannon fodder with a mix of laser and conventional weapons, uncaring commanders, long marches and giant green monsters with large swords and shootaz.

>> No.38943428

It was going to be GURPS the 50s apocalypse.
Imagine that, if it took off we would have a lot more GURPS players on /tg/.

>> No.38943453

raiders/tribals=Chaos cultists
Legion=IG and Chaos?
BoS=Space Marines?

>> No.38943464

Are there Only War rules for overland treks and running out of supplies?

>> No.38943569

Dude you spoke to probably overhyped it but honestly it's very possible they have some way to produce them. Biggest problem is that NCR is fucked up in bureaucracy. Hell, the game talks about how they just dump soldiers to guard brahmin when boneyard's a hellhole still.

>> No.38943731

>ruining the post-apocalypse feel
Forgetting that Fallout is all about post-apoc and slowly recovering. NCR is being overhyped but they are pretty hardcore in a lot of ways. Enclave have the best tech but pretty much don't exist anymore, brotherhood are second biggest in tech, NCR are third in tech level but make up by size. Problem is they are stretched thin and bureaucracy is a mess.

>> No.38943811

It'd actually be absolutely awesome. Think of it, in retro times Detroit was one of the biggest cities. Just grab modern detroit as some inspiration, sprinkle in bizarre new tech and other horrors, maybe some underground vaults for strange factor, go CAR FACTORY OF THE FUTURE! Hell, give me a vehicle that I can use as fast travel between several fragments of Detroit with some vehicle gangs! Hell yeah!

Fallout 3 already was though. Joking aside Fallout 3 fucked a lot of shit up but it had some perks.

Let's be honest though, >>38939332 will be what really happens.

>> No.38943815

If i did I'd make my own ending. Indy Vegas Courier used "I captured all of House's tech" as a bargaining chip to go from BoS-auxiliary to head of the organization and makes relative peace with the NCR.

>> No.38943846

Only Avellone ever said that.

You do realize that there were only like three Matter-reshaper GECKs ever built right? And NONE of them worked?

The vending machines in the Sierra Madre (If they had the coin system removed) are better GECKs than the actual GECKs!

>> No.38943871

A shame you couldn't arrange an NCR-Vegas-BoS truce in the Indy ending which is where it seemed most likely.

>> No.38943902

Fallout 3 overall is canon, however the JOKE expansion with the Aliens is not.

And I have never actually seen a screenshot proving that china is a crater)

But the GECK in FO3 was a broken piece of junk. Useless to the point it had to be cannibalized for parts to make another machine work.

>> No.38943915

Or we can ignore that DLC and pretend it isn't a real thing please because that was the worst dlc of all.

Retarded ass main quest that makes no sense, restrictive story intro, really shit dialogue, crappy world design, shitty town with children that are immortal, subway tunnels for days, all that old food that is just there, GECK being fucked to oblivion from jsut seeds and a reactor to magic machine, the end is absolute shit where you have to sacrifice yourself and even in the DLC the sequel stuff insults you for doing the logical thing, why the hell are there mutants here, and so very much more.

I loved Dead Money but I only do it ever again for that sweet narration at the end of the game. Old World Blues is amusing each time but doesn't quite feel as satisfying.

That doesn't change the fact that the game expect you to do the canon thing of sacrificing yourself and chastises you if you don't.

FALLOUT has always been here at random intervals. It and Elder Scrolls have an odd bleed-over probably due to how RPG themed they are. Besides, the talk about Fallout factions fits for the question.

I'd say go courier and go for good courier. Means the least lost but make sure to explain that due to the updating of YES MAN that the number of securitrons isn't quite enough to control all the lands or handle all the bs that occurs.

>> No.38944005

It's not a magic machine it's a failed attempt to MAKE a magic machine, even the creator says "We could never make the damn things worked so we went with a reactor and a box of seeds"

Super mutants on the east coast are VERY different from the 3-or-so tiers of Supermutant on the west coast (Vaultborn Gen1+Nightstalker, Surface Born Gen 1, Gen 2)
Also the subways and sewers were awesome, even if they REALLY needed non-Pip-boy maps.

>I'd say go courier and go for good courier. Means the least lost but make sure to explain that due to the updating of YES MAN that the number of securitrons isn't quite enough to control all the lands or handle all the bs that occurs.
Updated YES MAN should just be Victor 2.0 by the way.

Boomers+Kings+Supermutans+BoS+West Side and Northside Militias+securitrons for the Courier's forces.

>> No.38944049

Also if the players ever interact with Vegas authorities YES-Victor should be the only one anyone talks to leave it up in the air whether or not the courier got betrayed and killed.

>> No.38944061

Here you go OP. Not sure if you're set on GURPS, but I recommend it.

>> No.38944189

>Implying that YES-Victor was ever actually planning on killing you.

Please, that was the one thing you can disprove with ease. The courier should be absent at the time or wearing a full suit of armor that makes it hard to tell who they are though.

Go GURPS. Do it, it is what FALLOUT was meant to be from the start. Play it as it should have been.

tfw INT will always be op and CHA shall always be the worst stat of them all.

>> No.38944318

So which GURPS books would you need if you used this as well to run an rpg?

>> No.38944368

Basic Set, High-tech, ultra-tech

I actually ran a pretty long fallout game in GURPS once.

>> No.38945932

>And the Van Graffs outright say that they used to be a match for NCR not too long ago.
Used to a CENTURY ago. That's a critical qualifier. And 120 years before Shady Sands/NCR was dominated by the Khans. Now the Van Graffs betray the Legion because "while the legion has some people and a little money; the NCR has a thousand times more. We'd be stupid to side with them." Van Graffs need a safe place for their factories. Legion is large raider gang that hasn't existed for more than a couple decades. We're talking Tau to the Imperium.

>> No.38945974

Does that make House the Eldar?

>> No.38946054
File: 38 KB, 319x378, Yuri senses psychic potential.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>There's a picture of James and Katherine in Vault 21.

>> No.38946175

I reckon following Lonesome Road's ending might be a pretty good idea
NCR gets nuked, causing them to gradually fall apart. Caesar's Legion gains the upper hand, despite NCR taking the dam but suffers major civil warring after Caesar's death.
Then follow the independent ending after that

>> No.38946359

>any ending but House ending
You disappoint me /tg/.

>> No.38946875

I haven't even seen the House ending. How does that pan out?

>> No.38946888


>> No.38947224

Fallout Texas

You got tribals living in the hill-country, ambushing people by taking advantage of the constantly falling rocks. A Theocratic state centered around Corpus Christi which controls all the nearby fishing villages. North Texas is a wasteland, same as it's always been, but with more super-mutants hunkered down in Lubbock. A few small enclaves in North Texas are controled by the descendants of natives from the Oklahoma Reservations, who have been taking control and pushing forward more and more since the bombs dropped. The BoS has turned San Antonio into a stronghold. In the South some powerful and educated tyrant and figured out how to get the oil-pumps to start working again and enforces his will through his armies of loyal biker gangs and tanks. Houston is a smoking crater, but with abandon Space Station stuff strangely intact. West Texas is former Legion Territory whose inhabitant share revolting/scrambling around now tat he Legion has weekend after forcing all of thier stuff westward. East Texarkana area is an irradiated jungle.

There can be giant Armadillo mounts, Rad-Vinegaroons, Wooly-Rattlesnakes, Giant Mutant Boars that are semi-sapient and feel nothing but hatred and contempt for all life, and scraggly looking mutant buzzards.

>> No.38948011

This needs to be Fallout 4

What would the main quest be? Assuming there is one.

>> No.38948333

Depends on who makes it.

If it's Bethy then the main quest would involve a series of quests that likely fall for the same trap as Skyrim where they try to imply the world's near the explosion of chaos and doom and the main quest keeps on acting like you need to blitz through the quests despite the fact that it's a Bethy game where the main point is to travel the world and do side quests mainly.

There'd be one, just be prepared for it to be half baked.

Man, this is why I miss Fallout 1 and 2's style where you could travel all over the place but they cut off the excess lands so that they could actually fill it with more things of interest.

Imagine having some vehicle that's main use is fast travel between the central hubs. There's a chance of running into a gang, gotta pull out and fight, go back in and continue driving onwards. It'd entirely replace fast travel but still provide a way to get places quickly such as central hubs, let you go to multiple locations in Texas from West Texas (hell, put something important on the only mountain in Texas), Houston's space station, San Antonio, Dallas, Lubbock, all that stuff.

Only question is would there be enough oil to matter?

>> No.38948371


If I recall my fallout lore right, isn't most of northern texas bathed in perma-radioactive twisters?

>> No.38948390

That sounds evil.,

>> No.38948408

You fool! You look at it far too simply. Denver? It's a city in the skies, well, the settlements are currently to the top of the skyscrapers at least.

Texas? It's not quite perma-radioactive if memory serves me. The real problem is radioactive twisters and dust storms which are a seasonal thing. Besides, they could always use large buildings with good structure for survival along with underground buildings.

>> No.38948534

Tycho from Fallout 1. He's the only person known to have Traveled from the Gulf of Mexico to California. His radiation survival gear description is the inspiration for the Elite Ranger uniform in F:NV and he's a reference to the Wasteland Rangers. He describes endless radioactive tornadoes and a land so radioactive it reminded him of The Glow, requiring a thick lead suit and tanks of oxygen he had to ditch when he arrived in California. This is also the territory that the Legion claims to have managed to tame with zero technology, within the span of 20 years.

So yeah, Texas is either the surface of Venus or a Land of Peace and Prosperity depending on who you talk to.

>> No.38948570

I don't think he was planning on killing you, but the slight implication that he may have helps the players feel like they are the center of the story.

>> No.38948571

>Texas is either the surface of Venus or a Land of Peace and Prosperity depending on who you talk to.
Much like how most people think of Texas today. Either "Best State ever muh job market and muh oil!" or "Redknecks and biblethumpers muh Yankees superiority and muh gun control!"

>> No.38948614

Don't forget we ride horses everywhere, tumbleweed and cowboy outfits y'all, and Austin is the arch nemesis of the rest of Texas.

>> No.38948641

The last part is true no matter who you talk to.

Also you forgot about the brisket and ribs.

>> No.38948643

Not just a reference. Dude is a desert ranger whom lived in Nevada territory. I'll be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing more desert rangers. Outfit looks sick and they are the best type of lawbringer in existence. Hell, I wouldn't mind one of the perks that makes a mysterious companion be a desert ranger badass.

>> No.38948657

tfw going to Austin for college. I am now the enemy of Texas.

And I actually think our brisket is pretty delicious. Also tex mex is trashy but I rather like it.

>> No.38948669

Tex Mex is the porn-name of the guy who made Black Lagoon, he's good in my book.

>> No.38948685

Why are you going to Austin? What's your Degree? You could always go either A&M or Tech.

>> No.38948789

Partly because I'm rooming with my sister who's about to have an emotional breakdown so I'm going there to try and keep her stable. Going into sciences and still not quite sure yet, probably try statistics for actuarian. Nothing like making bullshit numbers and people liking them and then assuming correlation = causation and ignoring the possible errors of them!

A&M and Tech are pretty cool though, might swap to them once sister's recovered a bit. A&M probably if I had to pick. Have a friend at Tech and the trip from Houston to there is a pain in the ass.

>> No.38948841

Don't worry, taking care of your sister is the right thing to do, and proves the strength of your Texan Spirit. You have my best wishes and I hope that she gets better as well.

I was originally going to go to A&M, but decided to attend Tech after my younger siste got accepted for an agricultural scholarship there. Since I'm a Biology Major I think I'll do just fine and I want to be there to help my sis out in case she has a hard time, she can be a bit moody and stubborn afterall.

Good luck mate, I hope you succeed with your degree and keep strong for both you and your sister.

>> No.38948982

To anyone who wants it set anywhere else than the USA (it won't happen lel) but let's humor you

people survived the fallout in the USA, survived because of the vaults, everyone else got fucked by radiation for the next 200 years

China and the USSR are confirmed to be literal glowing holes in the ground even 200 years later, so those places are a no go

Europe and the Middle East were already nuked to hell before the great war even kicked in

Canada or Middle/South America seem like the most viable "not usa" option to me

Maybe Africa, there's almost nothing mentioning Africa, but I imagine they just all did what they naturally do and go full tribal

>> No.38948997

>China and the USSR are confirmed to be literal glowing holes in the ground even 200 years later,
In a gag-expansion that I at the very least have NEVER seen screenshots from.

Also Europe and the Mideast would have had even more time to cool off.

>> No.38949004
File: 29 KB, 482x800, breddy gud.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>China and the USSR are confirmed to be literal glowing holes in the ground even 200 years later, so those places are a no go

USA won the war :^)

>> No.38949013

OOGA BOOGA where the Smooth-Skin women at?

>> No.38949020

Mothership Zeta shows Russia and China glowing from orbit

there's also various tidbits from notes from all the games

I'll go find the stuff and post it, be back in 20-30

>> No.38949047

Thanks I've tried to find mothership Zeta screenshots of china but google fails me.

And I shiggy this as someone who actually likes FO3

>> No.38949061


It does not matter how asshurt people like you get, the game is a part of the series

>> No.38949076

The GAME is, the Aliens were always a joke.

>> No.38949375

I think I only saw it mentioned in passing in this thread, but the Tunneler threat from Lonesome Road spreading into the Mojave is built up as a pretty big deal.

>> No.38949397

I shall and thank you! And, of course, good luck to you as well.

>China and USSR being confirmed
It's pretty likely that they got hit even worse off but, let's be honest, I don't think you are supposed to consider the alien campaign canon in the slightest.

Canada actually sounds rather interesting though.

>> No.38949424

There are a couple references to a city called Ronto, so Toronto still exists in some capacity. I don't know though, part of the fallout charm is that it always has strong 50s America imagery.

>> No.38949438

dont be a cluck and make next fallout in australia THINK OF THE MOTHERFUCKING DROP BEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.38949439

If my lore is correct, then wasn't Canada annexed by the US in the fallout universe?

>> No.38949451

>fallout charm is that it always has strong 50s America imagery
I can agree that this is part of the charm but Canadian occupation by AMERICA to fight those dastardly chinese communists and the silly mentions of Canadian freedom fighters sounds fun as hell.

Also imagine Florida. Radigators, some abandoned not-Disney theme park...

>> No.38949460

No, we can't risk it. Australia's already bad enough. I don't want to see post apoc Australia. Besides, we have Mad Max for that.

>> No.38949463

My "King courier" would commandeer and repair every single digging machine and dig down to bedrock to make the most massive entrenched killing field around the Lonesome Road. God I hated those things

>> No.38949504

Yeah it was, and there was a lot of violence due to civil unrest.

And what Canadian cities do you think would work best? I'm in Montreal right now and that could be pretty cool.

>> No.38949572

>something capable of beating the legion

Any kind of remotely competent force, the Legion is a bad joke and its shatters suspension of disbelief that they are more than a trivial threat in game.

>> No.38949599

It's got a hydroelectric damn on the canadian side IIRC.

US would probably have used it as a major staging base.

>> No.38949823

Philadelphia? Lots of patriotic American historical shit there. It's a city, but not really important enough to get nuked into oblivion.

Boston, maybe. Kansas City wouldn't be the worst, or maybe further down the Mississippi in New Orleans.

>> No.38949918

Philly might be the best candidate. Tonnes of Revolutionary-style imagery to blend with 50s sci-fi, isolated enough that you can run amok without contradicting canon, crazy sports fans to model raiders on. Lots of of good stuff.

>> No.38949968

What's happening east of the Colorado in NV/post-NV?

>> No.38950106

There is also the trader at the legion fort.

He didn't seem to have any complaints.

>> No.38950126

>And what Canadian cities do you think would work best?

Vancouver and Victoria, with a focus on the islands off BC.

>> No.38950144

>the Legion is a bad joke

People keep saying that, but it doesn't match the lore.

>> No.38950164

I'm imagining a more fleshed out version of raiders that have a fanatical obsession with the Eagles and have no idea what it is. Or a group of savages that call themselves the Eagles after discovering a few sealed crates of jerseys and paraphernalia.

>> No.38950199

>we have Mad Max for that.
I think that's the problem with Fallout Australia. It's just too obvious. The games already have so many homages to those movies anyway. It would just feel like a literal Mad Max game trying half-assedly not to be

>its shatters suspension of disbelief that they are more than a trivial threat in game.
Not really. Think of IS. Even with tons of captured US equipment, they still fail miserably against anyone who even remotely has their shit together. Even the Kurds have been a bit too much for them to handle, and they don't have their own country, let alone a well trained standing army.
Up until the end of the game, the Legion don't have any real threat opposing them. NCR should be in theory, but the Mojave is the very outer limits of their territory. It's pretty clear that the soldiers stationed there are on their own to a large degree. Supply lines are slow and communication probably isn't what it is in the real world (is it ever confirmed that there are working phone lines between the Mojave and the rest of the NCR? I don't think it is). House doesn't get his unstoppable robot army until fairly late game. Before that, the worst thing the Legion were facing was the occasional competent, well armed town militia or tribe, and there they could simply win through strength of numbers.

>> No.38950233

One pep talk and 3 NCR soldiers, with their machineguns, wipe out the legion force at Nelson. They do so by standing on a hill and shooting down at the relatively helpless Legion because they can no longer hide behind hostages. Legion is about as much a threat as the Fiends. Both can claim that merchants with their seal can travel unharmed, both have pacified an area free of non-fiends/non-legion. Fiends have access to better weaponry and a chain of succession so they're technically above the Legion.

>> No.38950268

I think their biggest victory was via a proxy war with New Canaan.

Which was only the second biggest city in the Mormon Territories.
(That said they had Joshua Grahm as a defector and he gave their proxies access to the Mormon's Tommygun caches.

>> No.38950281

The Eagles worshipping eagles and clad in football-inspired armour.
The Bullys being brutally violent with a focus on melee with hockey sticks.
And some version of the Phillies, maybe they use energy weapons or thrown weapons?

>> No.38950291

People keep saying it partially because the game sucks at portraying them in any threatening sense. They have bits of football looking equipment on, like close combat where top level tech tends to be PA and plasma weaponry along with high tech guns and so on, a group of savages, and you only ever really see one camp of theirs. It's hard to get a feel for them being a really big threat in comparison to a faction with a vertibird, some power armor, and occupation of the generator that can nuke things from orbit.

Really though, keep in mind even in modern times kicking the ass of a faction with shitty tech isn't really all that easy.

Some of the old art makes them look pretty cool like car chariots.

Yeah, Mad Max is pretty much a theme setter for Post Apoc just as Neuromancer is to anything Cyberpunk except post-apoc isn't a dead genre.

>> No.38950296

>He didn't seem to have any complaints.
He complains that his brahmin caravan were killed when they were in the way of a legionaire. And if you pick that dialog option, when he says that to an outsider the legionaire standing behind him draws his weapon.

Let me put it this way, in Raul's description of Legion territory, is there anyone alive and not wearing a Legionaire uniform? He says it was filled with raiders before the Legion came. Then he says Legionaires killed everyone, including every single last person in the only settlement he knew of. He does not at any point mention prosperous cities or happy farmers. He outright says every one is dead.

>> No.38950347

>Tamton Town
Tamton is the new name for the former Corpus Christi Texas University of Agriculture and Military. An academy for the army, it was expanded upon in the final decades before the war which included its own small vault. This was not a construct by vault-tech, but a privately constructed and funded complex. The nuclear bomb that destroyed the nearby naval base not more than ten miles from the university had caused much damage. But when the vault doors opened after fifty years underground, they found a new settlement waiting for them...

The residents of Tamtom are Ghouls and Humans. The old survivors of Corpus and the naval base's sailors and marines live side by side with smoothskins. The community is welcoming and kind, and quite prosperous numbering in the thousands.

>The Merchantile Republic of Antino
When the bombs fell the city of San Antino was struck with less than the other large military and civilian targets. Being one of the less populated cities, it was spared the considerable wrath that struck the rest of Texas. While radiation has always been a problem, the past century has been good for the survivors. Ruled by a quite rich minority of Ghouls, the wealthy elite of the city have many smoothskin workers to help them grease things along. Humans are the backbone of society here.

The Republic is uncaring to the plights of other communities, and is out for caps and trade-able goods. They do not care what they have to do to obtain these two commodities. Not evil or good, just strictly out for profit of themselves.

>> No.38950370

>The Fish-Hunters of Fulton
Fulton was a shrimp fishing town before the war. It had a vault nearby the town. The experiment was to teach the inhabitants nothing but fishing. Every single fact and all information about fishing was detailed. All history books involved fishing books. Medical and mechanical knowledge only pertained to fishing. Of course the experiment didn't take into account the human element. People brought their knowledge with them, wrote it and archived it. This didn't stop the Fulton Vault from being really, really knowledgeable about fishing.

Since they opened their Vault after the bombs fell, they have learned alot more about modern, post-war fishing. The fish fight back. The entire town is militarized towards naval warfare, to fish. The Slavers of the Port have been at war with them since the two settlements cropped up, with the Slavers attempting to steal fresh flesh off their boats. Both buy trade from the merchants that come from Antino.

>Slavers of the Port
The Slavers are a constant threat and danger to the people of the Texan bay region. They fight all factions, except for the Merchantile Republic of Antino. Fulton is their direct foe at the moment. Scavengers must be weary of the Slavers as well. Anyone at anytime can be a target of their lightning fast raids. The community is based of intelligent individuals, with deep and horrible cunning.

The Slavers are cruel to their enemies, but fiercely loyal to their allies and members.

>> No.38950380

Originally the Legion was going to be a minor antagonist fighting an other band of cargo cult tribals called "The Daughters of Gaia". Legion enslaved women, Daughters killed men in retaliation, Legion hated technology, Daughters were lead by a pre-war biologist brain in jar hooked up to a VAX grade super computer. Real antagonist was to be a NCR general gone nuts who wanted to solve the raider problem by nuking everything. Removing the Daughters and putting House in the picture as the technophile seems odd because the Legion lost it's main foil. They were puffed up while the NCR was made comically incompetent, but it still seems weird to have some guy wearing football pads and a dinner plate while wearing a pot on his head and charging at you with a piece of pipe hammered into a crude sword. And that football padding and dinner plate is somehow as effective as combat armor.

>> No.38950381

>Taft Brahmin Herders
The community of Taft had a hard time adjusting to life after the war. Eventually, a single family spawned into a town. Thriving by using safe water aquifers and properly disposing of irradiated soil, they now have herds of Brahmin and enough food to trade with the Antino Republic. They are a hub of trade across Texas, and as such have many former Caravan Guards protecting their community.

The Brahmin Herders are getting used to their wealth, as it has come fairly recently. They are a kind people, but are quick to fight if threatened. They send food to Tamtom by the boats of the Republic to help them in their fight with the Slavers of the Port.

>Tribals of the Refuge
The Tribals are a mysterious group who have existed seemingly since the bombs fell. They are an odd assortment of humans, and only humans believing that Ghouls bring bad omens. These superstitious people are not friendly towards outsiders, but not xenophobic. Just cautious. They live in what was the Aransas Pass Wildlife Refuge. This place has since become a jungle of twisting, mutated ash trees populated by blood thirsty beasts that the Tribals are quite adapt at fighting.

The Tribals don't care for much beyond their homeland, but will trade and aid those that befriend them. Any who stumble into their forests they help, so long as they are not hostile.

>> No.38950392

>Texas Rangers of Nassaa
The Texas Rangers are the sentinels of Texas. They traveled in ages past all over America, attempting to spread the wisdom of their order. They are the knights of the south, protecting the territories they can reach now from raider clans, mutant hordes, and other malicious threats to the Wastelanders of America. Their major and only base of operations is in Houston Texas.

Using the NASA center to control satellites to see across the Wasteland, the Rangers have a nick for being in the right place at the right time. Most are Ghouls, but members of the faction can also be lesser helpers or new initiates to the organization.

>Followers of the Apocalypse
A cult devoted to the good of humanity, the Followers are usually welcomed by those they meet. Choosing to champion the cause of humanitarianism than preaching some ideology. A peaceful group of knowledgeable individuals, the Followers have spread beyond the veil of cyclones to continue their mission. Starting in Texas, and hoping to expand across the former United States, they are very friendly to outsiders.

>> No.38950419

>Texas Rangers of Nassaa
I demand that their Knight Commander be named Walker

also keep it up, this stuff is awesome.

>> No.38950427

An obvious hitch of game mechanics doesn't change the fact that the legion has a bunch of dedicated, well trained soldiers and stable, well protected supply lines. Whereas the NCR has soldiers with inconstant rates of training and shaky morale, and poorly guarded supply lines. Remember, wars are won on logistics.

Also the comparison to the fiends isn't even remotely apt. The Legion is a stable power structure with an actual system of governance. The fiends are a bunch of drug addled despots whose minds can change on any matter at any moment.

Stop being such a mindless NCR fanboy. God, the way people go on about that faction, you'd think they were Sparkshine Moonraven, the half demon half angel son of Sephiroth.

>> No.38950429

That's all there is left, sorry. Game hasn't moved beyond the coast yet.

>> No.38950434

One raider gang killing off all the others does not make a good place to live even if the roads are safe.

NCR territory is so safe people move to the Mojave out of boredom while having something closer to actual technology and medicine.

In the lore they are tribals and raiders in football gear mostly using old shotguns, spears and machetes. In game even elite Legion Assassin squads flee from NCR patrols and their people are so damn ignorant they don't have a clue how to deal with mines.

>> No.38950470

Your description doesn't match that of the dev's description of legion territory. To paraphrase them "the people there aren't free, but they aren't slaves." There is prosperous stability in Legion territory, the game just doesn't model it worth a half damn, at least in part because they didn't have enough time to include anything like the Legion city they planned.

>> No.38950503

To be honest it doesn't help that the idea of the Legion was originally for them to be an extremely small group. I mean hell, the folks really don't help with their football gear armoring and their love of close combat antiquated weapons.

>> No.38950546

You mean Raul and Dale Barton(the trader at The Fort)'s description. So in other words the game itself doesn't match the dev's description.

>> No.38950552

I wouldn't say it's exactly a love of such antiquated weapons, as you do see several higher up legion members wielding actual firearms, and encounter quite a lot of them during the battle of Hoover Dam.

Hell, the NCR armour doesn't seem to be proper ballistic armour either, considering it's only as good as reinforced leather and substantially heavier.

>> No.38950578

Both of their descriptions still imply stability. A couple atrocities isn't the same as a society being unstable. The real-world Roman empire did considerably worse, and still established one of the longest lasting empires in history.

>> No.38950581

>Stop being such a mindless NCR fanboy.
That's funny coming from a mindless Legion fanboy. "The Legion territory is safe and prosperous! I swear! You just have to believe!!1"

>> No.38950624

>That's funny coming from a mindless Legion fanboy.

I don't like the legion. They're a bunch of slimy, murderous fascists. But fascists can still have a safe (safer than life under a bunch of raiders and warlords, anyway), prosperous society and be a credible threat as the main antagonist of a game. This entire thread has been people jacking off the NCR, how they have the best tech, and a totally safe society with literally NO downsides, and a military that could conquer all if they just put their mind to it. At this point it's sounding like the NCR's bureaucratic issues are the socio-political equivalent to saying "she's clumsy" as a way to give a character "flaws."

>> No.38950666

Both descriptions don't mention anyone being alive after said atrocities. There's considerable evidence evidence that the Roman Empire didn't wipe out all life in the then known world. Meanwhile people who talk about the Legion invariably say that the territory is very safe because everyone is dead. The slave girl serving the food at The Fort says her entire town was wiped out, she's the only survivor, she's also the only person in the entire Legion territory with any medical knowledge because she had 3 months of first aid training when her town was obliterated.

>> No.38950678

I'll agree people are overhyping NCR and pressing down on Legion a bit too much. That said, the bureau issue is much more than a "flaw". It's a crippling one of corruption. It's the type of stuff that gets Cassidy screwed over, it's the type of stuff where settlements are exploited, it's the type that is wasteful in excess and focuses on the self entitled brahmin farmers and has deflated their own money out of stupidity.

>> No.38950699

>has deflated their own money out of stupidity.

I thought that was because of the BoS sabotaging the NCR's silver mines?

>> No.38950726

BoS nuked the NCR's gold reserves.

>> No.38950755

Yeah sorry but no, I can't take anyone who cries "mary sue" seriously.

>> No.38950804

I wouldn't use that term. The NCR isn't a fan-fiction character. It's just bloody wanky at this point.

>> No.38950966

Still, what's more fan-fiction characterish. The 200 year old civilization which has spent it's entire time developing food production and industry or the 15 year old tribal warband started by the failed history teacher turned slave of the weakest tribe in it's region and somehow manages to forge an army capable of fighting the other?

>> No.38951117

The one that in a post-apocalyptic wasteland seems to suffer no meaningful setback or drawback while still running a societal model we find generally favorable.

>> No.38951166

I take it you've never actually played Fallout? Maybe you should, it's a fun game.

>> No.38951210

The legion manages that through crushing authoritarianism and at great cost of human life. Stalin managed to turn Russia into a military and industrial superpower in a short period of time through similar measures as well.

>> No.38951215

>What is not playing Fallout 1
>What is not playing Fallout 2
>What is not playing Fallout NV where people mention New Rheno and the boneyard as being miserable and/or dangerous places to live.

>> No.38951234

Are you arguing just for the sake of arguing? You don't seem to know much about the setting.

>> No.38951269

>Fallout 1

The only setback they experience was the Khans, and even then only resulted in one girl getting kidnapped.

>Fallout 2

OK, I'll give you that, the Enclave did fuck asses. But it ended with the Enclave destroyed and the NCR getting most of their technology, where they went on to beat the Brotherhood of Steel, despite them supposedly being the foremost military power on the continent.

>> No.38951401

>The only setback they experience was the Khans, and even then only resulted in one girl getting kidnapped.
OH FOR FUCKS SAKE. They tell you they're continually raided and have to pay food to the Khans so they don't get wiped out. AND the Khans tell you this. It's literally the first conflict you have in Fallout 1.

>Fallout 2.
Might have to do with there being quite literally by FO2's time 27,000 times more people in the NCR than BoS. BoS didn't change from FO1 to FO2, rest of the world did.

>> No.38951459

I'd like that.
Maybe inclue part of the Olympic Peninsula or northern Washington as contrast.

>> No.38951506

Their history as Shady Sands doesn't change the fact that currently, they don't seem to have any substantial drawbacks as a society. Having a bit of corruption, too much paperwork, and a couple cities with crime problems are nothing compared to the problems the rest of the wasteland faces. Every other group has to resort to some sort of extreme measure, brutality, or live a subsistence tribal existence to get by. Meanwhile the NCR gets a social model that's basically the same as the pre-war model, and doesn't have any of those drawbacks.

>> No.38951579

Damn it Avallone it's been more than 200 years since the apocalypse, they're allowed to rebuild.

>> No.38951662

Go to bed Chris

>> No.38951723

We've had empires last only a small fraction of that before collapsing and leaving utter chaos in their wake.

>> No.38951756

The United States is also currently around two centuries old.

Also Nevada got shaped up by the local Rangers and House's actions quit a bit.

>> No.38952553

That was more in reference to San Francisco then the NCR. By the time of Fallout 2 the Shi had all kinds of advanced infrastructure and technology. They're run of the mill town guards were equipped with caseless ammunition fed assault rifles, given the schematics for vertibirds they could produce their first functional prototype in a few months time and begin building up a fleet within the year. The original plans for Van Buren included the Enclave nuking San Francisco because the devs thought it was a mistake to place such an advanced faction in the games.

My intelligent albino talking deathclaw loving brother! Goris was a true bro, he loved all Chosen One's equally, even the mentally retarded.

>> No.38952743

Maybe, just maybe spending 200 years building up infrastructure, food production and transportation has some kind of long term benefit towards stability. Over say spending those two centuries eating old tv dinners dug out of ruins or going ooga booga and living in tents while wearing loin cloths. Who knows, maybe those NorthSiders from F:NV have the right idea, why create an aqueduct and filtration system requiring thousands of man hours and expertise that took decades to build up when you can just murder the guard and steal the water. What happens when the filter breaks down? YOLO

>> No.38953285

That basically describes the "After The End" mod for CKII. Most regions use their university mascot as their Herald and the marshals wear football helmets

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