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Princest Jokes Edition

Archive: https://archive.moe/_/search/username/Gobble/tripcode/!!5e7vwvXe%2F3r/type/op/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GobbleQM
Pokemon, items, and summary: http://pastebin.com/tSNKt0Wm
FAQ and general concepts: http://pastebin.com/Ht1Q5E1p
All guides, player knowledge, and smutty stories: http://pastebin.com/u/Gobblepokemon

Themes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y-ad_74T08
Quest theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-ts=1422579428&v=YW9QKy6oDkE&x-yt-cl=85114404

Recently: A film crew is documenting your journey. The royal family at Lace Point believes you may be their long lost daughter, and is running a DNA test. You've encountered Meloetta again, and she's begun to trust you.

General rules:

There is a 10 minute voting period after each post. Non-contradictory votes will be combined as best as possible.

Write-ins for all votes or always welcome and encouraged. They may not all make it into the post or be altered to fit in, but I'll do my best to at least try to address the spirit of the write-in.

Very important or contentious votes may be redone in a stricter voting system as it comes up.

Combat involves rolls! Once there's a clear winner, we roll for the move accuracy/crit/secondary effect. Usually it's just a 1d100. Sometimes you can get a modifier to make a move more/less accurate, so be creative! Add flair, do tricks with moves, mess with terrain, whatever!

Call me out on a mistake and receive an apology butt or suggestive picture.

Badges: 6

Current Party:
Devon (Houndoom)
Nibbles (Tyrantrum)
Destiny (Kingdra)
Trunks (Trevenant)
Raistlin (Alakazam)
Vlad (Golbat)

Not In Party:
Leviathan (Gyarados)
Zappy Dan (Magnezone)

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Yes yes yes

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It seems like you’re the only person that saw Meloetta in the bushes when Fennekin ran off.

“Father!” Beatrix puts her hands on her hips, above the puffy rump of her dress. Somehow it seems much more fancy when she does it. “Sister caught that Fenniken without a Pokeball and you made it run away! You must have it brought back immediately!”

Concern creeps onto his face. “Beatrix, ‘sister’ is a bit premature...”

“It’s getting away, Father!” She completely ignores his cautionary tone. “Quickly! Send the guards and servants.”

>Let them send people after Fennekin. It went that way!
>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again
>You’ll go get her. Be right back!
>Something else

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>>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

unseen allies a best

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>it’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

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>>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

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>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

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>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

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>>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

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>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again
Damn we sound cool and wise as hell

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>It's okay. Besides, you ave a feeling youll be seeing her again.

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>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

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>>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

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>It’s okay. Besides, you have a feeling you might see her again

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You don’t think the king would normally do this, but he looks pretty guilty and starts to summon guards.

You put your hands out to stop him. “It’s okay, really!” You look to both of them. “Besides, I have the feeling I might see her again.”

Beatrix looks up at you. She’s got stars in her eyes. “So cool,” she says, quiet enough that you’re the only person that catches it.

You smile and brush your hair back without thinking about it. It feels pretty nice. It reminds you of how some of the kids at the orphanage looked up to you before you became too old and bad and they were warned about you before they even got a chance to settle in.

The king calls off the servants and guards. “That’s very gracious of you.” You can tell he’s becoming a little impressed with you too. He probably expected you to take advantage of all the clout you could. He catches himself and his approving smile hides. He takes on a kingly air once more. “As our guests, what would you like to do now?”

>You want to take on the gym!
>You want to walk around the island
>Let’s go back to the palace for now
>Something else

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>You want to take on the gym!

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>>You want to take on the gym!

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>You want to walk around the island for a bit maybe challenge the gym later.

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>You want to take on the gym!

>> No.38918176

>>You want to take on the gym!

An airship is no Dinosaur but it should be a suitably impressive entrance

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>>You want to take on the gym!

>> No.38918200

>You want to take on the gym!

>> No.38918212

>You want to take on the gym!

>> No.38918243

>You want to take on the gym!
Time to really show off.

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>Something else
Is there perhaps an art gallery or museum? Something with a photo or painting of the queen when she was our age? We can pretend we're curious about the island's history snd culture, but really it's to put our minds a bit more at ease one way or the other.

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>Let’s go back to the palace for now

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Robin comes up alongside you. She heard the question. With a glance, you both come to a consensus.

“I’d like to challenge the gym,” your wording change already to sound more like them.

The king laughs. “Very well. I’m afraid I’ll have to excuse myself. I have some duties I must attend to.”

“Father, may I go with Sist-?” She catches herself. “May I accompany Kat and her friends? I promise to study ever so hard with the tutors tomorrow!”

The king gestures for the large bulk of his guard to go with his daughter(s). “Of course my dear. We’ll see you later tonight if you decide to do other activites before then. Don’t concern yourself too much with your studies, it’s only your brother who struggles with his language classes.” He gives you and Robin a meaningful look before leaving. “Our young prince often confuses terms such as ‘innocent chicanery’ with ‘treachery.’”

The guards, servants, and princes eagerly escort you aboard the airship.

“To the gym grounds!” The princess excitedly orders as she hurries to the front of the ship.

>Talk with the queen (write-in encouraged)
>Talk the with princess (write-in encouraged)
>Relax with your friends a bit (write-in encouraged)
>Something else

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Damnit Gobble don't you get Coy with us

>Talk the with princess (write-in encouraged)
What kind of pokemons do you like?

>> No.38918563

>Relax with Robin. Ask her what she thinks of everything so far and thoughts of what to do?

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>>Talk the with princess (write-in encouraged)

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>>Talk the with princess (write-in encouraged)
Dude we have to get to know our sister

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You relax with Robin. This whole ship is surprisingly spacious. Will it have room to land? “So, what do you think about all this?”

Robin puts her finger on her mouth. “It’s different. F-for a lot of people it’s like a fairy tale, but I know you might not feel that way.” It looks like she’s been really struggling with how to approach this with you.

“I’m doing fine,” you assure her. You’re reasonably confident that’s the truth.

She smiles. “I’m glad then.” Her eyes go down to the floor as she moves her foot. “I think you’d look good in a dress like that,” she motions to your potential sister.

Clair strolls by, hands behind her head. “She thinks she’d like to peel it off you, but close enough.”

Before Robin can retaliate, Clair’s already walked on by and exchanging an uncharacteristic high five with Vance. Robin alternates between mad at Clair and trying to mutter denials as she shyly pushes her index fingers together.

You check in with the princess who looks down at the city you’re passing over. “So, Beatrix, what’s your favorite kind of Pokemon?”

She thinks. “What’s yours?” She realizes how uncool that sounds and tries again right after. “I like all the legendaries of course, Skittys are cute too, but Arcanine is probably my favorite. I want to catch my own instead of having one imported... but it’s not easy to search for Pokemon with the guards stomping all over.” She sighs. “You’re so lucky.”

>Is she serious? She’s the lucky one!
>You guess you can relate. Feeling trapped is universal
>Change the subject
>Ask about the gym
>Something else

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>>You guess you can relate. Feeling trapped is universal

Agree that fire breathing dogs rock as well

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>>You guess you can relate. Feeling trapped is universal

>> No.38919072

>You guess you can relate. Feeling trapped is universal

>> No.38919076

>>You guess you can relate. Feeling trapped is universal

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>You guess you can relate. Feeling trapped is universal

>> No.38919098

>>You guess you can relate. Feeling trapped is universal
Tell her about Devon too.

>> No.38919121

Yes please. Fire breathing dogs are really cool.

>> No.38919128

>>You guess you can relate. Feeling trapped is universal
The hivemind is in full force today, damn. Also, tell her we like all the Pokemon we've caught, from Horsea to Zubat to Devon.

To Zappy Dan.

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>Something else
Do you have any pokemon of your own?

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Tell her about our Pokemon.

Whisper to her about Devon being able to Mega, and tell her to keep it a secret.

Then we'll use it in the gym.

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Regardless of what happens, maybe we should consider leaving her one of our Pokemon. Or sneaking her out to the hunting ground and helping her catch one of her own.

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>> No.38919398

definitely help her catch one

>> No.38919417

We should have her catch a Lapras.

>> No.38919440

We have Zubats to spare! Bats are adorable, and would probably lead her to being more rebellious and seeking freedom, but it doesn't sound like the type of Pokemon she's really after.

>> No.38919458

The only correct answer is to catch her a Growlithe, fam.

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“I understand that feeling. I guess I’m pretty lucky, finding a way out a bit early. Nobody likes feeling trapped.” Robin approaches and puts a hand on your shoulder as you explain about the orphanage.

“I know that feeling too,” Robin tells her own story, glossing over a few details about her dad.

Beatrix adjusts her small tiara. “I guess my situation isn’t that bad. I still want to try travelling at least a bit though.

You all sit around for a bit.

You break the silence. “You have good taste. Fire breathing dogs are the best!” You toss up Devon’s Pokeball. “But I love all my Pokemon.” You tell her about how you caught each one, letting her get a little vicarious adventure through your stories. “Do you have any Pokemon of your own?”

She nods. “Just one. It used to be my brothers. I wanted to wait to catch my own before getting any, but he was going to release it.” She produces a Kakuna. “Where would he even go?” From her tone, it’s a joke about it’s lack of mobility. You all share a guilty little laugh. “I think Kakuna is cute though. I don’t mind caring for it.”

The airship begins to land at the gym. It’s not really a building, just a wide open area with some lines drawn over it. For some reason you were expecting a fancy castle or something. There’s just the one small building on the grounds, but it doesn’t look high enough to be a proper gym.

“Go get ‘em!” Beatrix says, doing her best to sound like a trainer would. “I’ll be watching!”

>Go find the gym leader and Arledge. You’re not too worried
>Wait! Ask her for info about the gym
>Ask a servant or guard about the gym discreetly. You don’t want to look worried in front of Beatrix
>Something else

>> No.38919582

>>Go find the gym leader and Arledge. You’re not too worried

>> No.38919593

>Wait. Ask her about the type of gym.

>> No.38919595

>Wait! Ask her for info about the gym
We value your thoughts, little sister!

She'll want to catch it herself though, so maybe play the flute and she can go over and befriend it?

>> No.38919596 [DELETED] 

>Go find the gym leader and Arledge. You’re not too worried

>> No.38919598

Beatrix when he evolves, He'll be one of the most terrifying Pokémon to run into in the wild. Beedrills are freaking scary, solo or in groups. Trust me.
>Go find the gym leader and Arledge. You’re not too worried

>> No.38919615

>Something else
>Ask robin about the gym
Use your head dumbnuts. Remember that she visited most of the gyms.

>> No.38919619

>>Go find the gym leader and Arledge. You’re not too worried
Just want to rek this kid..

>> No.38919622

If we end up getting that Fennekin we should have it battle with her Kakuna. Get both of them some experience. Maybe get the thing to turn into a much superior beedrill

>> No.38919626

>Wait! Ask her for info about the gym

Read the story numbnuts, she told us she doesn't know several threads ago.

>> No.38919662

>Wait! Ask her for info about the gym

>> No.38919679

>>Go find the gym leader and Arledge. You’re not too worried

>> No.38919682

We already asked her and Clair before coming here and they didn't know.

>> No.38919893

We need to expand our pokemon choices, we got no Fairy, fighting or Ice pokemon, not even rock or steel either.
Something like a riolu, a hitmonchan or something.

>> No.38919918

Zappy dan

>> No.38919931

Zappy Dan is steel mate. I really don't see Kat using a fairy type either.

>> No.38919933

Zappy Dan tell you to go fuck yourself. Dick.

>> No.38919937

A true, he is steel, but he doesn't have steel moves.

>> No.38919958

He has Mirror Shot.

>> No.38919959

He is mainly electric though, he doesn't use steel moves.

>> No.38919982

Forgot about that, then forget what I said about steel (My knowledge goes only to Gen 4).
We still need fighting though.

>> No.38919985

SO he still has the typing which in battles counts for a lot and we can teach him Flash Cannon. Its not like he doesnt exist or something.

>> No.38920033

Nibbles is rock you cunt

>> No.38920064

We should teach Nibbles Brick Break.

>> No.38920095

Nah, what he needs to learn first is Head Smash.
Because 150BP STAB.

>> No.38920129

There is a lot he still needs to learn, Head Smash, Dragon Claw, Superpower, the rest of the Fang moves.

>> No.38920132

You see this? This shit right here is why we dont need to catch anymore pokemon, ppl already cant keep track of what we have now.

>> No.38920183

Yeah, one idiot not paying attention should ttoally decide what we should do, completly ignoring the four people who instantly corrected him.
Fuck off.

>> No.38920206

No it just means he's forgotten what Kat has. Have you never forgotten anything in your life? Relax there's a paste in with everything in it.

>> No.38920215

>We shouldn't caught more pokemon because someone forgot dual typing
Fucking autist, he is still right about fighting-type you nigger.

>> No.38920226

If eight pokemon are too much to keep track of fopr you, you have a bit of a problem.

And we really do need a Fighting type.

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Everyone starts walking off the ship. It occurs to you how little you’re noticing the camera crew. They’re a little more noticeable when you have to move, but if you’re sitting in one place they just sort of blend in.

“Beatrix, when he evolves, He'll be one of the most terrifying Pokémon to run into in the wild. Beedrills are freaking scary, solo or in groups. Trust me.”

She smiles and hugs it tightly.

It clicks in your head suddenly. “So... if your brother trains here and he had a Kakuna, that must make this a poison type gym, right?”

She nods her head, still hugging her Pokemon. “Yeah!” She coughs as she looks at her handlers. “Yes, that is correct.” Her tone is regal again. “One must be aware that it may work differently than those on the mainland.”

Just as she says that, a man, covered in camouflage and makeup, suddenly walks out from in front of a tree. Nobody even noticed him blending in. Guards jump back, but relax when they see him.

“Oh, Princess Beatrix, we believe in looking at the big picture here. We’re a bit more...cultured than the mainland. A simple battle doesn’t truly show a tactical mind, don’t you think?” He kneels before her, then suddenly moves to kiss Jeanine’s hand, then Clair’s before they can react. “Guile, Lace Point gym leader at your service.” He introduces himself before moving on to Robin’s hand.

“R-Robin,” she stutters. “P-pokemon trainer.”

He comes to you and takes your hand, moving to kiss it.

>Politely introduce yourself.
>Act as cool and nonchalant as possible introducing yourself. Make a show for the camera
>Mention Arledge wanted to battle you on the gyms behalf
>Ask him about the rules. You don’t see a ref anywhere
>Let's start!
>Something else

>> No.38920292

Fuck Beedrills

>> No.38920297

>Politely introduce yourself.
>Ask him about the rules. You don’t see a ref anywhere
>Mention Arledge wanted to battle you on the gyms behalf

>> No.38920317


>> No.38920318

>Mention Arledge wanted to battle you on the gyms behalf
>Ask him about rules

>> No.38920322

>Ask him about the rules. Tell him about Arledge's boast. Act nonchalantly about the hand kissing.

>> No.38920323

>>Politely introduce yourself.

>> No.38920345

>Ask him about the rules. You don’t see a ref anywhere
>Mention Arledge wanted to battle you on the gyms behalf

>> No.38920360

>Something else.
>>Go home and be a family man.

>> No.38920361

Of course right when we don't have Zappy Dan with us.
If Vlad had some stronger Flying type moves, he'd be a great choice for this.

>> No.38920409

Vlad is a must for poisoning immunity.
The second one should be Alakazam.
Third should be Tyrantum.

>> No.38920461

Devons flamethrower would melt through this gym.

>> No.38920474

How is tyrantrum immune to poison? seriously asking

>> No.38920482

Vlad Rastlin and Devon.

Mega evolve devon and we'll beam spam Flamethrower with Sunny day up.

>> No.38920490

>Vlad is a must for poisoning immunity.
I wouldn't say a "must", since he lacks strong offensive options against other poison types.
Its not like they will only use poison moves against him.
Depending on what else he uses, Destiny or Devon might be better.

Eh, its a good neutral option.

He isn't, but Ground and Psychic are SE against Poison.

>> No.38920522

Stop trying to push for us to reveal our ace all the time for trivial shit we can do perfectly fine without.

>> No.38920560

Earthquake = 1 hit KO

>> No.38920568

Kind of a shame that we don't have Dan, but going to get him now would be pretty lame.

>> No.38920569

Oh. When did that happen? I thought poison was se against psychic?

>> No.38920582

Poison was never SE against psychic, and psychic has always been SE against Poison.

>> No.38920610

Man, you are newbie as shit.

>> No.38920624 [DELETED] 

Psychic has always resisted poison.

>> No.38920669

Or I've never really used the psychic type much so it would make sense I don't know much about them.

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File: 49 KB, 600x450, flygon snapping garchomp's neck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Let's start!

>> No.38920780

Thats not a very good reason for not knowing the most basic type matchups.

>> No.38920802

You're thinking of Bug. Bug is super-effective against Psychic, for whatever reason.

>> No.38920814
File: 239 KB, 370x700, iris___pokemon_by_kurumierika-d57abhg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“Kat,” you remain polite as he kisses you hand. “I’m a Pokemon trainer too. Nice to meet you.”

He smiles creepily as he slowly relinquishes your hand. “Such charm, as to be expected of a potential princess.”

Beatrix stomps her feet. “How did you know that! It’s supposed to be a secret until the tests come back!”

He dramatically falls into the bushes, the re-appears seamlessly from a much closer bush. “Your Royal Highness, it’s my duty to learn as much as possible, and report to your family of course.”

“How does this work?” There’s a small field that looks like a standard sized battle area, but also a much large area with bushes and trees. You can only vaguely see coloured markers and small flags indicating the boundaries. You could almost get lost in the trees. “I’ve never seen a gym like this, and I don’t see a referee.”

“Oh, the referee is in there, watching the cameras strung about the grounds,” he points to the small building. “And that’s quite astute of you to notice. Here, we believe a battle begins the moment trainers lay eyes on each other, sometimes even before that.” He poses to become nearly invisible again. “If you wish to get your badge here, you’ll have to show a bit more thought that brutishly savaging the opposing Pokemon before you. You must capture the opposing side’s flag. Your team may have two Pokemon out at once.”


>> No.38920826

Psychic is the typing of the mind. All the things it is weak against are common phobias that people have or darkness related.

>> No.38920832

Psychic's weaknesses are comprised of basic human fears, bugs, the dark, ghosts, etc.

>> No.38920836

Phobias. The things psychic is weak against are common phobias, Fear of Dark, Ghosts and Bugs.

>> No.38920876

Time for Vlad

>> No.38920890

Speed is going to be super key here with the capture the flag aspect, we're going to probably need Destiny and Vlad for this.

>> No.38920906

Nah, Raistlin and Devon. Devon can track and smell the opponent out, and Raistlin is great at stealing the flag with teleport.

>> No.38920909

Need someone to distract the enemy pokemon

>> No.38920918

Agreed but no one that plays pokemon around me uses them either. And yes I realise local meta is vastly different to worldwide meta.

>> No.38920923


Hmmm, I assume that it would be poor form to get Devon to douse the area in fire...

>> No.38920939

No it wouldn't.

>> No.38920947

VLad has echolocation right? it'd be hard to sneak up on him so he could be a good guard for the flag if we go that route

>> No.38920953
File: 26 KB, 216x320, Pokemon_Girl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

“Capture the flag?” Robin repeats.

“And we'd love to have you use the large area here instead of the tiny little arena, right Guile?” Arledge says as he comes from around the small building, looking incredibly cocky. “Naturally, you’d like to use such a generous gift from the royal family?

Guile looks uncomfortable, and more than a little annoyed. “You’re certainly generous with strings,” he mutters.


The gym leader offers a polite smile and flourishes again. “Oh, my prince. I was just saying perhaps we should let the challengers decide. Mainlanders may not be able to quickly adjust to our customs.”

He explains the rules and options to you and Robin. You can have a regular three on three battle, or do capture the flag. With capture the flag, you can use as many Pokemon as you want, but your side can only have two out at a time. You can either challenge the gym solo against Arledge, or you and Robin can take on Arledge and the gym leader together.

>Capture the flag with Robin
>Capture the flag solo
>Regular battle with Robin
>Regular battle solo
>Wait, can you clarify a rule first?
>Something else

>> No.38920980 [DELETED] 

>>Capture the flag with Robin

>> No.38920983

>Capture the flag solo

Vlad is probably alround useful here. Can get the flag, protect ours, can't be worn down with poisons.

>> No.38921002 [DELETED] 

>Capture the flag with Robin

>> No.38921005

>Capture the flag solo
Robin needs to be independent.

>> No.38921011 [DELETED] 

>Capture the flag solo

>> No.38921022

>Capture the flag with Robin

>> No.38921044

>Regular battle solo

>> No.38921091

>Capture the flag with Robin

>> No.38921123

>Capture the flag solo

>> No.38921126

Okay so easy way to win this is to use Vlad and Raistlin, First use raistlin to teleport OUR flag to a location that only raistlin know for example have him send it to bottom of the ocean.
And the have raistlin teleport vlad to the enemy flag wich location he got from their heads and have vlad bring the flag to home base and win

>> No.38921132

>>Capture the flag with Robin

>> No.38921135

Watch this Gym be all Zubats.

But it'll have at least one.

>> No.38921158

>>Capture the flag solo

>> No.38921164

>People forcing the double fight again
This is between us and faggot prince, stop forcing this, we will be rivals for god sake, let her have her own battles.

>> No.38921173

>Capture the flag solo

>> No.38921183

>Capture the flag solo

>> No.38921184

>people voting for a thing is "forcing it"
Don't be such a whiny faggot.

>> No.38921185

>Capture the flag solo
After last time? Fuck no. Girl needs to get her act together.

>> No.38921239

Robin is insecure as she is, if she doesn't stand up on her own she won't able to face the League four nor her father.

>> No.38921248

>Wait, can you clarify a rule first?
So if we played CTF we could bring in like 500 pokes and throw them out until you pass out from exhaustion?
>Regular battle solo

>> No.38921275

Or then we can just burn our flag with devon making it impossible for us to lose by getting it stolen

>> No.38921285

She has fought every gym except that one time on her own, she is long past having insecurity as a huge issue.
This has nothing to do with that.

>> No.38921324

>she is long past having insecurity as a huge issue
She was trembling when the cam got her in the previous gym, commited shitton of mistakes due to that too, she can't handle pressure.

>> No.38921351

>Capture the flag solo

>> No.38921354

And that won't get magically fixed on its own by having her do shit on her own. Again, this has nothing at all to do with that.
Especially since, it was the ONLY TIME in a long long while that she got that nervous, because it was a new experience.

>> No.38921361

>Capture the flag solo.

I think it also has to do with not letting Kat down either.

>> No.38921460

I don't see how having her compete in something thats basically tailored to her strength and make a positive experience wouldn't help with that more than anything else.
Of this choice were about Robin, which it really isn't, because we usually do gyms on our own and we have no partiuclar reason not to this time.

>> No.38921476

>She has fought every gym except that one time on her own
Actually, we fought in two gyms in duo, the steel one and the one with dark and fight.

>> No.38921511

She did fantastically in that one too.

>> No.38921537

It's not about doing fantastic or not, it's about doing things independently.
For example, we always fight first so she can see how the battle unfolds, we could let her fight first once.

>> No.38921540

She almost fucked up the latest one.

>> No.38921590

Its not like that was solely her fault, she contributed too, so its not that big a deal. he issue there was not lack of confidence, it was lack of good pokemon and too small move pools.

>it's about doing things independently.
Which she does all the time.

>> No.38921626

Which wasn't because of lack of confidence, thats for sure. She made one bad call there because of it, and at the highest presure she actually made a great move.
The problem was her pokemon being too weak.

>> No.38921628

I am most excite about the hinted at upcoming smut scene with anal in it.

>> No.38921644

We have a Firestone we should give her.

>> No.38921653

>Capture the flag solo

>> No.38921654
File: 27 KB, 320x240, unsure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You look at Arledge and Robin and consider your options. If he's going to pull some nasty trick you know that this sort of thing isn’t really Robin’s strong suit. You don’t want to drag her into that. She also didn't really do all that well last time.

Better to let her stand on her own feet this time. “I’ll take on his highness solo.”

He smirks.

Robin tries to look determined. “I-I understand, after Alloycaster...” She turns to Jeanine before you can say anything and offers her a Pokeball. “C-can we do it now?”

Jeanine looks a little surprised, but agrees. “Yeah, okay.”

They do a trade quickly, to the disappointment of the director. He probably wanted something more drawn out and dramatic.

“Don’t worry,” Jeanine says. “I’ll take care of her. Just be nice to-”

Robin covers Jeanine’s mouth.

“Clever,” Guile says as he walks away with Robin. “I’ve only collected information on yours and Kat’s Pokemon. I look forward to this surprise.”

They go off to a separate area to have their own match.

“Good luck!” You shout, feeling guilty about how she took that.

“Y-you too!” Robin yells back before going out of view.

You turn your attention back to Arledge. He tosses you a white flag. “Plant it wherever you want. The boundaries are all marked, so you shouldn’t have any trouble with that.” He carries his own flag with a modified royal seal on it. “There will be a flare in the sky to mark the start. Remember, only up to two Pokemon out at once.”

He offers you a gloved hand. "Best of luck. No hard feelings, win or lose, right?"

>Shake his hand. Wish him luck.
>Don't shake. You don't trust him.
>Give him a hug instead. Maybe he just needs a little warmth
>Something else

>> No.38921673

>Shake his hand. Wish him luck.

>> No.38921682

Gloved hand.
Something fishy on the glove.

>> No.38921688

>>Shake his hand. Wish him luck.

>> No.38921695

>>Shake his hand. Wish him luck.
we're so fucked

>> No.38921698

>ask he take glove off, if he does shake his hand.

>> No.38921709

>Something else
Without the glove.

>> No.38921712

>Shake his hand. Wish him luck.

>> No.38921720

>"I'm not good at this stuff, but aren't you supposed to take that glove off for a handshake?"
>Shake his hand if he does.

> “I-I understand, after Alloycaster...”
I'm really bothered by how people keep thinking its neause of that, that had nothing to do with it at all, we fight most gyms solo, why would we not in this case? Its just silly.

>> No.38921721

How large is the flag, Gobble? Both the pole and cloth section.

This is important.

>> No.38921726

>shake his hand, glove off.

>> No.38921748

>Shake his hand. Wish him luck.
Suppose this is a good enough thing to say to get him to take it off.

>> No.38921749

That in case of poison. Still regardless wish luck.

>> No.38921750

Obviously Robin would think that, that Kat didn't tell her its not the reason is kinda stupid, considering it was the only time she fucked up in a double battle.

>> No.38921752


>> No.38921757

Robin is kind of sticking to us like glue likely, it's understandable, but she should take her own battles.
She knows we support her anyway.

>> No.38921759

Shake his hand, but have him take the glove off

>> No.38921760

>“I-I understand, after Alloycaster...”

>> No.38921769

>but she should take her own battles
She does most of the time, its not like she usually fights in double battles with us.

>> No.38921776

>Have him take his glove off, then shake his hand.

>> No.38921779

>>Something else
"I don't know how it is here, but i've always been taught it's rude to shake someone's hand with gloves."

>> No.38921796

I mean that there is no reason for her to be offended.

>> No.38921814

>I-I understand, after Alloycaster...

>> No.38921821

Depending on how large it is, couldn't we plant the pole inside Vlad's big, goofy mouth? Or have Nibbles swallow it?

>> No.38921822

>Abusing Robin
>For doing the regular 1 vs 1 battle

>> No.38921832

I think she's not offended, just down on herself. She's the reason the camera crew is following everyone, she's the reason we almost lost that gym, and she's probably worried about her dad threatening her friends. When you're depressed, you blame yourself for every little thing first

>> No.38921894
File: 382 KB, 1600x1300, Abusing_your_waifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's how it starts, yep.

>> No.38921973
File: 9 KB, 254x190, handshake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You move to shake his hand, but stop short. "I'm not good at this stuff, but aren't you supposed to take that glove off for a handshake?"

“You’re pretty quick on the uptake.” He smiles and carefully takes his gloves off. “We might be related after all.”

You shake hands. From his grip, you get the feeling he has at least some respect for you. “Good luck,” he says.

“Same to you.” You're not sure if you should say anything about what he just tried to pull, bit considering what Guile told you and that he is the crown prince, who would you even tell? You'll worry about that later.

He vanishes into the brush.

The princess rushes over and hands you a marker. “You should customize your flag. It’s bad luck to have a white flag.” She runs to the observation building. “Kick his butt!”

Well, if you have some time, you guess you could do something with the flag. The hollow bamboo poll itself is about two feet tall, and the flag is maybe a foot wide

>Draw Devon
>Draw all your Pokemon
>A smiley face sticking out it’s tongue
>A Pokeball
>The Devon Corp logo
>Something else

>> No.38921999

>>The Devon Corp logo
They will eat that shit up

>> No.38922009

>Draw Devon

>> No.38922014

>Draw all your Pokemon

>> No.38922024

>Draw all your Pokemon

>> No.38922026

>Draw Robin. Without eye patch.

>> No.38922027

>Something else
All your pokemon and the devon corp logo

>> No.38922035

>Draw Devon
I think thats a good compromise, and its not like drawing the logo directly will do anything for us.
Also drawing all of our pokemon would take a lot of time.

>> No.38922037

Draw the Devon Corp logo, surrounded by the party. Us and Robin overlap

>> No.38922044

>Draw Devon

>> No.38922046

>Draw Devon

>> No.38922051

>Draw Devon

>> No.38922056

>A smiley face sticking out it’s tongue
>The Devon Corp logo

>> No.38922106

Who do you think Kat is, Lenoardo da fucking Vinci? Just draw our flute and two pokebols on each side of it.

>> No.38922118

just checking, we can hide the flag anywhere, right? so why not wrap it around our arm, under our shirt, and bury the pole so that a bit of it sticks out of the ground??

>> No.38922122

I just realized that Devon has the same name as Devon Corp....

That's gotta be good marketing for them.

>> No.38922138

dam right.

do we even have to bury the pole?

>> No.38922141


is there anything around to make a fake flag with?

>> No.38922155

The guy who scouted us said that when we first met him.

>> No.38922164


Should have done the double with Robin so Ditto could shape into the flag as a decoy

>> No.38922182

a buried pole would be a decoy, since he'd assume the flag is attatched to the other end

>> No.38922217

>Burn the flag, rig the game unwinnable for him.

>> No.38922258
File: 175 KB, 877x909, Summer_PokeTrainers_by_louisblack78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Sorry. Realized I didn't mention that. Yes. It has to be planted somewhere. After the opposing team picks it up though, the rules are open ended.]

>> No.38922316


So if they grab the flag it's not over? Is there a set point we have to get to with the flag?

Are there any rules about destroying the flag after someone grabs it?

>> No.38922412 [SPOILER] 
File: 86 KB, 600x800, 1427254379536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Flag must be brought back to your side, passed the boundary. You can't intentionally destroy the flag. Sorry, I gave blood and had a beer. Totally bad idea]

>> No.38922430


You should drink more
Gotta replace all that blood you lost

>> No.38922474

You mean you had blood in your alcohol system?! How did you survive!?

>> No.38922484

Night Gobble i cant stay awake for much longer so im going to just have a smoke then nap i'll catch up with the quest in the morning keep up the good work
(it's 3:36am atm here)

>> No.38922567
File: 198 KB, 600x799, 1391139874993.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You draw Devon, front and prominent. To the side you put Robin, without an eye patch, wearing a Devon Corp shirt. You scribble out your other Pokemon while trying to ration the shrinking room on the flag.

You look at it, proud of your art.

Now, where to put it? The area you’ll be battling in is pretty large. The trees and bushes look like they block a lot of sound too. The match will probably start soon.

If you plant it on the small hill, it will be easily spotted, but nobody can sneak up on it.

If you plant it in the swampy area, it’ll be hard to spot, but it can be approached from all sides easily

There’s a small clearing that offers a compromise between both extremes. That might be a good balance.

Of course, you could just plant it right in the corner boundary. It doesn’t have any particular advantage in terms of visibility, but it would be the longest possible distance to carry back to his side.

>Plant it on the hill
>Plant it in the swampy area
>Plant it in the clearing
>Plant it in the absolute corner
>Something else

[Thanks! Good to see you!]

>> No.38922610

>Plant it in the swampy area
have Destiny defend it with her swift swim super speed

>> No.38922619

>>Plant it in the swampy area

>> No.38922621

>Plant I in the clearing.

>> No.38922626

>Plant it in the swampy area

>> No.38922631

>Plant it in the absolute corner

>> No.38922636

>Plant it in the swampy area

>> No.38922647

>Plant it in the swampy area

>> No.38922653

I was going to vote to put it on the hill and negate all his sneaky stealth stuff, but
is a good point, we should play to Destiny's advantage.

>> No.38922656

>Plant it in the swampy area
Destiny gonna kick ass

>> No.38922677

>Plant it in the clearing
Have Rastlin teleport the flag from the swamp to the clearing often, so the prince doesn't know where exactly is the flag.

>> No.38922859

>Plant it on the hill

But drive the entire pole into the ground, so the flag is sitting on the dirt.

>> No.38922892
File: 241 KB, 700x933, 6cbd1f5834074fc1712dae1087d499a9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You plant the flag down in the swampy area. It’ll be really hard to spot here. Your only concern is it will be easy for him to sneak up. With any luck, you’ll be able to counteract whatever he’s planning.

There’s a loud fizzing sound overhead. You glance up and see a flare. The match is starting!

You’d better decide how you’ll do things to start with. You could leave one Pokemon here to guard the flag, guard it with both, or use both Pokemon to go after his flag. You also have to decide if you yourself will go on the offence or defence.

>Leave one Pokemon to defend, take another to attack (specify Pokemon)
>Send one Pokemon to attack, stay here with the defender (specify Pokemon)
>Defend with both Pokemon, stay here. You’ll just trounce all six of his and then take his flag (specify Pokemon)
>Take both Pokemon on the offensive. With the three of you working together, you can grab his flag and bring it back before he gets yours (specify Pokemon)

>> No.38922917

>>Leave one Pokemon to defend, take another to attack (specify Pokemon)
Rastlin he can teleport it away if it's found

>> No.38922929

>Send Raistlin out to get their flag while you stay there with Destiny to defend.

>> No.38922931

>Send one Pokemon to attack, stay here with the defender (specify Pokemon)
>Stay with Destin here, and send Vlad to scout for his flag and report back

>> No.38922972

>Send one Pokemon to attack, stay here with the defender (specify Pokemon)
Attack: Raistlin
Defend: Destiny

>> No.38922981

>Send one Pokemon to attack, stay here with the defender (specify Pokemon)
>Stay with Destiny, send Raistlin to find his flag, capture it if he thinks he can, otherwise come back so we can plan further

>> No.38922987

>Send one Pokemon to attack, stay here with the defender (specify Pokemon)
Raistlin attacks. Destiny defends.

>> No.38923000

>Send one Pokemon to attack, stay here with the defender (specify Pokemon)
Stay with Destiny (use smokescreen), send Vland with his sonar to scout the location of the prince and his flag.

>> No.38923003


Send raistlin, defend with Destiny

>> No.38923004 [DELETED] 

It's a shame we can't just ask Raistlin what to do. Dem brains.

>> No.38923053

Send out Vlad to scout, defend with yourself (armed with flute) and Destiny. Once Vlad returns, recall Destiny, send out Raistlin to teleport to the flag and retrieve it (assuming Vlad can relay its location).

>> No.38923069

>Take both Pokemon on the offensive. With the three of you working together, you can grab his flag and bring it back before he gets yours (specify Pokemon)
>Scout for him with Vlad, and then charge his position riding on Nibbles and using Devon to break his defense

>> No.38923104

Backing this. Destiny has swift swim and smoke screen, and Raistlin has a type advantage, teleportation, and an IQ higher than 5000.

If Raistlin is knocked out, will we be notified?

>> No.38923121

Defend with Nibbles
and go on the Attack with Vlad

Give Nibbles the order to Earthquake anything that comes near with out hearing the flute first

>> No.38923141


>Leave one Pokemon to defend, take another to attack (specify Pokemon)

Defend with Destiny, have Raistlin attack with us.

>> No.38923166

Could we wait with our flag and send two mons on the attack? Bluff that we only have one out...

>> No.38923206

yes but that lets them know where the flag is and leaves us defenseless if they have a scout

>> No.38923210

You toss out Destiny. “I’ll need you to defend the flag with me. Try to stay hidden until you see them get close.” You'll go over any other specifics in a minute. You have to plan your offense too.

She bubbles in contentment. She brush head. You can tell she’s taking this seriously, but she never misses a chance to get some extra attention.

You’ll be staying here with Destiny for now, but you’re not quite sure who to send out. You’re torn between Vlad and Raistlin. You’re also not sure if you want to have them scout cautiously, or try to be as quick as possible.

>Send Vlad to scout. Take it if he thinks it safe, otherwise return
>Send Raistlin to scout. Take it if he thinks it safe, otherwise return
>Send Vlad to attack. Prioritize speed and initiative
>Send Raistlin to attack. Prioritize speed and initiative
>Something else

>> No.38923227

>Send Raistlin to scout. Take it if he thinks it safe, otherwise return

>> No.38923230

>Send Raistlin to scout. Take it if he thinks it safe, otherwise return

>> No.38923233

>Send Raistlin to scout. Take it if he thinks it safe, otherwise return

>> No.38923254

>Send Raistlin to scout. Take it if he thinks it safe, otherwise return

>> No.38923257


>> No.38923279

>She brush head.

gobble you okay?

>> No.38923283

Do we still have Ttunks? Because I'm fairly sure a tree could be missed in the woods.

>> No.38923292

He sold his blood to buy booze cut him some slack

>> No.38923316

>>Send Raistlin to scout. Take it if he thinks it safe, otherwise return

>> No.38923320 [SPOILER] 
File: 134 KB, 500x522, 1427257127000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Woops! No idea how that happened]

>> No.38923349
File: 123 KB, 614x1230, 1423392927801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because you are a jive turkey.

>> No.38923397

see I usually approach that exchange from the opposite direction

>> No.38923431

You sell booze to buy blood?

>> No.38923444


You buy Blood for Booze?

>> No.38923481

He's a vampire.

>> No.38923501



>> No.38923525

Curses I was too late to suggest burying the flag. That's still in the marked area, and you certainly planted it.

Stupid distractions

>> No.38923556

I wanted to suggest planting it in a tree.

I'm so funny.

>> No.38923559

We should teach Destiny Haze or Mist to go along with her Rain Dance and Smokescreen combo.

>> No.38923591

Gobble is 9/11 was a false flag to invade Iraq for oil.

>> No.38923605
File: 215 KB, 786x1017, hilda_by_ganassa-d4bsg80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your take out a second Pokeball. “Raistlin, I’ll need you to act independently. Go scout their flag. Be careful and watch out for traps. If you think you can snatch it safely, take it and come back as quickly as possible. Use your best judgment.”

The tall Alakazam nods professionally. With a small grunt of acknowledgement, he teleports away.

Well, he’ll either come back with the flag, come back and fill you in on the situation, or you’ll hear an announcement that he’s been knocked out. You hate not being able to go with him to help him out, but you trust him to be smart and methodical.

And now you have to plan your defense. You don’t know how long it’ll be before they arrive, but you’d guess you have at least a little time.
You could lay a few traps, but they might notice you quicker if you do.

>Have Nibbles quickly lay down some Stealth Rock
>Have Destiny Smokescreen the whole area. He’ll know you’re in the swamp, but won’t see two inches into it
>Use Rain Dance. You might as well set up now
>Just spend the time blending in. Stealth is key
>Something else

>> No.38923621

>>Have Nibbles quickly lay down some Stealth Rock
>>Use Rain Dance. You might as well set up now

>> No.38923627

>>Have Nibbles quickly lay down some Stealth Rock

>> No.38923629

>Just spend the time blending in. Stealth is key

Can we make a False Flag?

>> No.38923632

>Have Nibbles quickly lay down some Stealth Rock

>> No.38923637

>Something else
Take out nibbles, set stealth rock, release destiny again, set rain dance.

>> No.38923640

>Use Rain Dance. You might as well set up now

>> No.38923642

>Have Nibbles use stealth rock before switching to destiny for rain dance and smokescreen at different spots as far from each other as possible.

>> No.38923643

> people suggesting sending out Nibbles
we will get disqualified, I assure you.

> Have Destiny Smokescreen.

>> No.38923650
File: 37 KB, 460x276, 138463937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Use Rain Dance. You might as well set up now
>Have Nibbles quickly lay down some Stealth Rock
we all know how this is gonna end

>> No.38923660

>Have Nibbles quickly lay down some Stealth Rock
>Use Rain Dance. You might as well set up now
We need Destiny to be sanic fast, plus it'll make the swamp extra muddy and hard to walk in.

>> No.38923664


Obviously we switch Destiny with Nibbles to do it

>> No.38923669

>Just spend the time blending in. Stealth is key

>> No.38923674

We switch destiny for nibbles, release stealth rock, switch again, release rain daince.

>> No.38923679

then what the shit was the point in sending her out in the first place if we're gonna withdraw her without having her do anything

I just don't understand

>> No.38923689
File: 19 KB, 480x326, jet fuel can't melt steel beams.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[>False flag

Actually yeah. I don't see why not. You can rip up that extra tank top Jeanine gave you forever ago. It'd be passable at a distance. If you have a better idea for materials, let me know: http://pastebin.com/tSNKt0Wm]

>> No.38923702

>Just spend the time blending in. Stealth is key

It's better if he has to search around. If we call down a rainstorm or set up magic rocks, it'll key off the area we're in much faster.

>> No.38923704


It comes as and after thought and we will switch back right after
Not really that hard to follow

>> No.38923725

Rain affect the whole terrain, and stealth rocks are that, invisible rocks that only appear when an enemy shows up.

>> No.38923746

>This paste has been removed

>> No.38923751

Actually it only does something if a new pokemon gets send out of its ball, I have no idea what its supposed to do here.

>> No.38923762

Don't copy that last bracket

>> No.38923769

Try this: http://pastebin.com/tSNKt0Wm

>> No.38923779

It affects when a new pokemon enters the battle area, it doesn't affect the whole arena, only the swamp.

>> No.38923782

Well, I'm an idiot. Thanks!

You too.

>> No.38923785

>Just spend the time blending in. Stealth is key
Maybe make a false flag as well.

>> No.38923808

>it doesn't affect the whole arena, only the swamp
Considering it doesn't match up at all to how the game works, you're pretty much just pulling this assumptiom of how it interacts with a larger battlefield out of your ass.

>> No.38923826

we should have Destiny boost her speed with rain dance and agility.

>> No.38923853

Nibbles should set up with dragon dance, stealth rock not worth it against gym leaders who cant switch

>> No.38923855

Be logical retard, if you go by that then stealth rock should affect a continent, hundred of kilometers.
Obviously it has a small/medium area effect, a normal arena is of that size after all, since this is a capture the flag, the terrain is probably way bigger than that.

>> No.38923856

dont need the rain. we got a swamp.

besides that the rain would give away our location

>> No.38923883

Or it could be way smaller than the swamp. Or it doesn't work at all because it reacts to the release from the pokeball, rather than the presence of a pokemon. You know, how it usually works you idiot.

>> No.38923903


Hmmm, I feel that we could use the Tiny Mirror to draw attention.... that and setting up a sloppily defended area around the false flag should lend it some credibility, especially when combined with the Prince's Ego, after all, why should someone who has not been specially trained and tutored know how to defend?

Perhaps churn up the ground away from our flag. make it look like we lost our footing or tried digging a pit... Something that suggests that we didn't know what to do. Make the Prince's head so big that he can't see anything but what we want him to see...

Perhaps we could even go so far as to pull punches to make it look like he has complete superiority. Lure him in for one hell of a sucker punch...

>> No.38923937

>Or it doesn't work at all because it reacts to the release from the pokeball,
>Being this retarded
How would it work in the wild then? Oh wait, since you have never thought outside the box you got no idea of how it works.

>> No.38923961 [SPOILER] 
File: 879 KB, 678x960, 1427259415599.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[I just want to clear something up. Stealth Rock's use was brought up forever ago, so most people wouldn't remember. It was ruled that it will trigger when either a Pokemon appeared from a Pokeball, or came into range from far enough away.]

>> No.38923978

>or came into range from far enough away
Check and mate, faggot.

>> No.38924007

Except we have no idea how far "far enough away" is, you imbicile. Within the grater field can very well count for being within range, since there is no restriction on how large a battlefield can be. Some are bigger, some smaller.

>> No.38924044

That's were logic comes into it you imbecile. There is a limit of how large a battlefiled can be you autist. A swamp isn't a tiny little shit, it's at least 1 or 2 km long, that's enough range, faggot.

>> No.38924049

Stop mpretending you knew shit, faggot, you made a baseless assumptiom instead of just letting Gobble clarify it and got told off for it.

And you can easily tell how it will work within the sawmp by the fact that Gobble would't have offered it as option if it were useless.

So both of you shut up.

>> No.38924065

>Stop mpretending you knew shit, faggot, you made a baseless assumptiom instead of just letting Gobble clarify it and got told off for it.
He clarified it before you nigger. Can you read?
>Stealth Rock's use was brought up forever ago
THis was discussed before AND clarified before, read you nigger. It wasn't baseless.

>> No.38924071

>There is a limit of how large a battlefiled can
Except, no there isn't one. And more importantly, they don't have a standatized size. Stealth Rock won't affect a pokemon being send out y someone outside the arena, no matter how small a field you have picked.

>> No.38924088

Which you didn't know at the time, because otherwise you would have said from the start "Gobble already clarified it". So stop pretending. its just sad and transparent.

>> No.38924092

So you are arguing that a battlefield can be the size of a country and stealth rock would cover all of it? This is your argument?

>> No.38924105

No, the argument is that the rocks don't follow a logic besides narrative convenience.

>> No.38924127

If you are going to apply it to a plot, it needs to have some logical basis, you can't simply adaptate it as the game, since the game has predefined "size". You will never see a batte field bigger than a tiny island or a big room.

>> No.38924154

>it needs to have some logical basis
Which is clearly variable, since arenas don't have a single size and the rocks can apparently adapt their area of effect, and we have absolutely no idea how large the maximum is, it might be sight based for all we know.

>> No.38924163

I'm sure Gobble has a reasonably sized area in mind for Stealth Rock to cover. There's no need to get your nuts all twisted.

>> No.38924196

I don't think he has a firm size in mind, its going to be as big or small as it needs to be to reasonably work.
The same for any other effect, like Trick Room.

>> No.38924216
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>> No.38924240
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You retrieve Destiny quickly, and toss out Nibbles. “Nibbles, I need Stealth Rock, quick!”

Nibbles quickly litters the surrounding terrain with Stealth Rock, wasting no time. “Good job,” you say, satisfied with the results. You take Nibbles back and switch back to Destiny. “Destiny, let’s get some rain going. Go as wide as you can.”

She quickly summons a downpour. It covers a wide around around the swamp.

“Perfect, now we just-”

You and Destiny dive for cover right before a flying Pokemon comes into view from overhead. It doesn’t seem to have seen you. It’s moving in a set, predictable pattern.

...Dustox, you think. You spent a decent amount of time studying abilities and you’re reasonably sure this one has Compound Eyes. It’s probably scouting using it’s superior vision.

It starts to release a fine, purple powder as it flies around, searching. It’s not anything that will land near you right now, but if it passes directly overhead, that might be a problem.

>Do nothing. It will eventually go away if it can’t find you, then you can do more setup
>Destiny could get a huge blow on it with Hydro Pump in this rain. Maybe even one-shot it with the surprise (will require rolling)
>Have Destiny use Agility in the swampwater. She can probably pull it off without being seen
>Smokescreen your area before it spots you!
>Something else

[Last update for tonight. We’ll see the conclusion Thursday!]

>> No.38924243
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>> No.38924249

>Destiny could get a huge blow on it with Hydro Pump in this rain. Maybe even one-shot it with the surprise (will require rolling)

>> No.38924256

>[Last update for tonight. We’ll see the conclusion Thursday!]

I feel so damn sorry for>>38924243

>> No.38924261

>Smokescreen your area before it spots you!

>> No.38924265

Rolled 72 (1d100)

Hydro Pump!

>> No.38924272

Rolled 60 (1d100)

>>Destiny could get a huge blow on it with Hydro Pump in this rain. Maybe even one-shot it with the surprise (will require rolling)
Time for a Blow Job

>> No.38924274

>Destiny could get a huge blow on it with Hydro Pump in this rain. Maybe even one-shot it with the surprise (will require rolling)

No particular reason not to, he will notice the downpour anyway.

>> No.38924276

>>Destiny could get a huge blow on it with Hydro Pump in this rain. Maybe even one-shot it with the surprise (will require rolling)

Starting next thread with a roll
shit's gonna get real real quick

>> No.38924277
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enjoy your final update

>> No.38924282

>Destiny could get a huge blow on it with Hydro Pump in this rain. Maybe even one-shot it with the surprise (will require rolling)

>> No.38924286

>>Destiny could get a huge blow on it with Hydro Pump in this rain. Maybe even one-shot it with the surprise (will require rolling)

>> No.38924295 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.38924314

>Smokescreen your area before it spots you!

>> No.38924321 [SPOILER] 
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>Have Destiny use Agility in the swamp water. She can probably pull it off without being seen

>> No.38924333
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>Smokescreen everywhere. Try and make more than one spot for them to check.
Also thanks for running mate.

>> No.38924382
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>> No.38924397
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It's okay, at least I'm caught up for next time.

>> No.38924441

>inb4 Gobble is kill again

>> No.38924488
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Oh god, then I'd have to spend my time being productive!

>> No.38924525

under boob is 2lewd

>> No.38924533

We wouldn't want that!

>> No.38924546

I say this a lot, but I really love the character interactions in this quest. Clair is always pure gold, but there's always something going on beneath the surface. Anyone notice how she's bonding with Vance a lot in the background?

>> No.38924569

Thats because we delivered to her an ultimatum in the last couple of threads because even we cannot ignore the fact that Vance is mentally wrong in the head around women. Clair did bad things to him as a child. She doesnt want to admit it though so she is trying to make us not talk about it and/or fix Vance without having to tell him.

>> No.38924641

Look at her face! That doesn't look like the face of lewdness to me, anon.

>> No.38924662

You're right! It's the face of MASSIVE LEWDNESS!

>> No.38924684

No, it just looks uncomfortably prepubescent, which arguably makes it worse

>> No.38924702
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post more best gym leader

>> No.38924857
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More next thread, anon.

>> No.38925241

If it's at all possible to update that summary on the pastebin, that'd be swell.

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