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Thread for filenames

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I see what you did there, you cheeky cunt.

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>Nat 20 diplomacy bluff and intimidate simultaneously.

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I think you mean
>INT 8 Bard

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I was referring to Londo's moment of incredible magnificent dickery for the alternate title.

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I have bad news, /tg/. You're getting nerfed.

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I don't get it.

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8 bullets per mag

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And a loud 'ping' as the spent clip automatically ejects out the top.

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This sexy thing

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Do I need to say anything? Read the sign.

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Fuck, that was intense.

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It's actually called a clip you know anon.

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Do you?

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I find the potential it promises to be very sexy. The creature itself, not so much.

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Finding a creature that so readily performs genetic meshing and splicing without gaining horrible cancers or other issues would be a god-send to medical research.
The resin they secrete to build their hives has been shown to be equal to or surpass our own building materials, more to be researched.
The simple way that they have a supercharged metabolism to grow so quickly and effectively is worth studying.
Never mind that they're proof humanity is not alone among the stars when it comes to sentient and sapient races.

That fact that they're murder machines is a trifling detail that one can't become to fixated on, but is one worth remembering.

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>That picture
I like to think they are sentient and get sick kicks from all of the terror and paranoia they cause.
>Alright guys, here's the plan. Take them done on by one and then zerg rush them.

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Zakharov, get off 4chan.

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>I've only played Fires of Liberation.

I liked it a lot though.

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Get me a better sequel than Beyond Earth and I will.

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You post this in jest, and yet

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>I can't believe you only bought one book, Larry

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I think the best ending we can have is that the C'tan will fully form again and go on a road trip across the universe. May have to drag the Nightbringer to stop him from killing things in the Milky Way long enough.

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I need to stop falling in love with random sluts posted to 4chan. This is the third goddamn time.

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She takes it in the bum five minutes after that, if it helps.

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I know that's just a token filename to excuse posting that shit, but that really does properly capture what most elves are like in SR.

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>Only Cat

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See, after that, you've got to link the rest of it.

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Legwarmers really are the worst trend to ever happen.

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You gotta purge all the Xenos, son

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Almost exactly like the girl she reminded me of in the first place.

I actually took the time to give it a filename of what it legitimately reminded me of, and then I remembered Drogenkippe.

You're a swine.
But alas, here's something completely different.

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Play 4,5 and Zero. They are worth it

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Is there more of this?

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Officer WRRRYYY, what are you doing? Deputy Cullex needs help.

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>I need to stop falling in love with random sluts
That was my new year resolution.

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just google remy lecroix

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>Posting filenames where the filename is literally just the picture

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I can make up for it.
I don't know why I am using this picture without this influencing me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwdYft29hSE

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I need to reread that. It's been a while

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The trick is keeping them high enough and wear them with just the right length of skirt.


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...is that Elspeth?

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No, It's Meliadoul Tengille from Final Fantasy tactics

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Is that Sanger from SRW?

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Is that a paint roller with toilet paper rolls on it, attached to a leaf blower/shopvac/whatever?

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Nah. That's Doomguy as a paladin.

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It's all fun and games until someone's in the hospital because of fucking peanut allergy.

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>Dat Spoiler

Whelp, My spotify has another artist about to hit it like a ton of bricks.

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I think a better title is "An Eldar defeat".

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Ken Ashcorp's more or less a male Nyanners. except not a fucking two-faced shitter

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I've seen that everywhere, is it from a parody or something? Please tell me it doesn't actually happen in the show.

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Now that I'm looking at it, I see the color scheme similarities. Beats the hell out of me though.

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/tg/, I think I just heard Rebecca Black's "Friday" come from my little brother's room. I think he's lost to the Eight Pointed Star now.

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it happens in the anime as one of the post credits jokes.

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Author poking fun at himself, I guess.

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That's actually better, it's aware of its own ridiculousness.

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I remember when Goblins was the Dobson of /tg/.

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>Thanks, Obama

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... He welched his contract.
That shit ain't Lawful.

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He's just seeing what the hype's about. You should go check on him anyway.

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I thought clips were bullets attached by the little metal strip and that magazines are the ones in cases? Or do i have it backwards? /k/ help ;_;

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Thank you, Joker. I know I heard "It's FRIDAY" in all of its autotuned horror. CURSE YOU SLAANESH! I hope you and all of your cheap, dimwitted multi-breasted hookers are happy now. Let this be a lesson to everyone that Slaanesh is a cruel, sadistic god. NiceDaemonette, you have no say so in this.
I must see the taint in him. If it's there.

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Given this, I'm gonna say it is him.

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Ah my childhood, and the sudden realization as to one of the reasons I like physical women and catgirls.

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You've got it pretty much right, the gun they're talking about uses clips.

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/tg/ I just checked up on him. Turns out he was watching a vine where some idjits were playing it. I fear that he may be tainted though.

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Better burn him down just in case.

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Average RPG Party

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Better to be sure.

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How old is your brother anon? I have 2 that are 16 and 13 so I might be able to help you avoid having to purge him

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Ignoring the DMPC

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I think I'll beat the righteous fury of the Holy God Emperor, Sigmar and the Laughing God into him.
Oh, dear, that again.
He's 12. I think Slaanesh might explain his sometimes bratty attitude.

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I feel legitimately dead inside for some reason. Maybe it's because I am a sensible human being or I have good taste in music? I'm healing but Slaanesh might claim my brother.

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Sorry anon, it's just two bots. It's called TAS, Tool assisted superplay.

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I donut understand.

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More has to do with his age than anything. If you want to share your interests with him, start slow and go with entry level stuff. So with mtg intro decks then step it up from there. Anime/manga, it's find something in line with his interests, my brothers have loved every bit of log horizon so far. Board games, settlers of catan is an amazing starting game, sentinels of the multiverse is also a great game especially with all the marvel movies that have come out, there are also a ton of good animated ones too, especially for DC. I wouldn't really try wargames on him just yet, dawn of war and space marine would be a good intro to 40k, they helped me get over the fence to play. D&D, offer to gm a game for him and his friends and avoid railroading and be forgiving. Sorry for the text blob

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the one time, THE ONE TIME, you should say clip. Stay /k/lassy /tg/

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It's this picture.
It's okay Anon. I might try that. Great. Slaany is trying to corrupt the youth now. Does she have no shame?

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Come on now, this isn't /v/.

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I wish you the best of luck then, I've really enjoyed sharing my interests with my brothers and feel like it's brought me a bit closer to them and helped one of them become less spastic and emotional

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Read the file extension.

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Me and him could use some time to get closer. But now I will reminder more vigilant to corruption at home. I got to go to sleep and wake up early to finish some work before I go to class. See ya later /tg/.

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So it really is this simple?

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>BBEG gets serious

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The M1 Garand is an odd rifle, it uses a clip that fits into an internal magazine, which is then ejected once all the rounds are fired, giving it a unique "ping" sound. So really, both things are correct. With most clips, the clip is only used to guide the rounds into the eternal magazine and is then removed.

In WWII soldiers would often keep spare clips to throw against the ground, fooling the enemy into thinking they were out of ammunition.

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>the eternal magazine

I really wish I had a picture for the place that took my mind to. But I don't.

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Oh god I didn't even notice that. I have been up way too long to be typing.


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what's the source on this?

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Sauce? Like holy shit sauce please?

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Captain Harlock.

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Thank you, now the true question....is it gud?

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>glanced, did not pen.

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What is that from?

>> No.38905506

It's a film adaptation of an old anime series, and like any other show to movie conversion, the pacing suffers a LOT as the director has to shove at least a seasons worth of plot events, cool moments, whatatweests, character development, and comic relief into a two-hour film. The protagonist especially suffers from this, as his long struggle to decide which side he should support gets parsed down to him bouncing back and forth like a rubber ball fired out of a shotgun, betraying his current team if someone so much as looks at him funny. It doesn't help that he was full retard to begin with, but goddamn it's made a lot worse by the pacing.

Still, the visual effects are spectacular, voice acting isn't terrible, the visual effects are really spectacular, the action scenes seem well-directed, and goddamn the visuals are so fucking pretty. I'd give it a shot.

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What is this? Reverse google search returns moon runes.

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Eggman can be very scary when he wants to.


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An anime called Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water.
Which, incidentally, is a show that starts off based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea before going full Anno and blasting off into space.

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>> No.38906203

Well, it's Anno. Anyone familiar with what he's done since Nadia probably wouldn't be surprised.

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Isn't that a flying speed, too?

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>> No.38906338

Captain Harlock is painfully Japanese
I wanted to enjoy it, but I couldn't

>> No.38906339

I guess so, I'll need to find the elf one if I want to do the flash

>> No.38906411

To be honest, there's still not a ton of difference between the two. Just replace fear with respect.

>> No.38906432

>people actually believe this

>> No.38906434

I know, I just love the flavor that comes with the second one. It's a society that doesn't care all that much about Gender as long as you are a capable warrior. Even if you aren't a capable warrior, they wouldn't judge you for that but because you haven't earned the right to a name yet.

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Pretty sure this is the reaction of every shadowrunner after Food Fight.

>> No.38906456

>I'm a girl!
>Haha, yeah right. Prove it you little bastard.
><goes kill a dragon>
>Alright, you say you're a girl? You earned it champ.

>> No.38906508


Food Fight?

>> No.38906551

Intro run in one of the first few editions. The runners go on a snack run, shop gets held up, everything goes to hell.

>> No.38906582

It's like you guys actively compete with /co/ for worst file name threads.

>> No.38906651

/co/ loses by virtue of being the far shittier board.

>> No.38906702

dafuq is that from?

>> No.38906729

20 seconds on google:

>> No.38906823

I find this oddly arousing

>> No.38906934

What is this from?

>> No.38906946

I will conduct the holy rite, brothers:

"Jesus, every fucking time.

Look, it's a shitty porno manga (or doujin, fuck if I know the proper weeb names for shit) called "I Just Can't Beat Jayce!".

Jace is replaced with a fat neckbeard stand-in, who beats Chandra in a duel and turns her into a ganguro fuckpig.

It's not even that good, there's much better MC porn, MtG Porn, and Moon-Rune porn out there. But if you have to, seach for "I Just Can't Beat Jayce!" "

And so we have ended the cycle of every filename thread, where ignorance seeks enlightenment, is warned against the dangers, and will inevitably fall to shadow and despari.

so m00t it be.

>> No.38906964

It's a from Burn after Reading

>> No.38907008

Praise Be to Moot.

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>> No.38907055


Praise Be to Moot.

>> No.38907205

Image limit reached.

>> No.38907275

Goodbye cruel world.

>> No.38907279

At what point exactly did she put that flowery shirt on?

>> No.38907280

Ok, I'm sorry is this image real? Like...seriously real. What the fuck. Why do parents like that even exist.

>> No.38907285

Because god wants you to suffer. It's good for you, builds character.

>> No.38907298

Sounds to me like you're a massive homo.

>> No.38907330

That particular one? Not so much, she's a very old Queen and is pretty messed up.

One of the younger Queens with the shiny black carapace? Hell yes.

>> No.38907352

Who can tell with these things? (Both the authenticity and the parental quality)

Some parents naturally gravitate to one child because they're compensating for how they feel they were treated as children.

Anyone who doesn't research technology tends to think it works basically on magic, so they find basic facts and parrot them.

Is all of this possible? Barely. Personally, I don't put a lot of stock in it, solely on the grounds that I feel a trained pharmacist would be smarter about how computer programs work, but I could be wrong.

>> No.38907392

Eh. You would be surprised. Story is 3 years old. If the poster was telling the story from atleast 2-3 years before posting that then thats 6 years in the past. 2009 is still fairly 'modern' but also far enough that some more traditional practices, like a small town pharmacist, could be out of touch to still regard technology as voodoo.

Then again there are still people today that treat it as such. And I have had enough encounters with people similar to this (Never in the context of that story though. Thank god) that I can totally believe it.

>> No.38907451

I lol'd. Brilliant!

>> No.38907463

One does not simply post Razgriz without the song

>> No.38907496

>Not knowing the entirety of Busou Renkin is in jest or a parody

>> No.38907532

God that makes me feel old, that 2009 is considered 'fairly modern'.

>> No.38907634

Thanks Mario!

>> No.38907922

I had totally forgotten about Beyond Earth until now, holy shit.

>> No.38907948

Can anybody provide a sauce for this? I think I might be in love.

>> No.38907999

God fucking damnit. She rolled a crit.


>> No.38908017

I'm not fully certain, but it might be the elf lady from Record of Lodoss War (a very /tg/ anime, literally based on an RPG game of the creators).

>> No.38908054

Is that a cock-pit?

>> No.38908060

Looked it up and compared some pics and it looks to be it. Thanks man

>> No.38908064

No problem homie, good watching.

>> No.38908221

No one?

>> No.38908901

google "richelle quincy k". You'll probably be disappointed.

>> No.38909516

I'm late to a dying thread but I just have to say:

What kind of dopey ass-country has signposts to destinations NINE HUNDRED MILES AWAY. Oh gee, I'm stuck here in New York City and I can't find any directions to fucking Orlando, Florida. Guess I'll never get there now!

>> No.38909528


>Now home, to Metropolis Cynthia!

Yeah, now we just drive for 13 hours straight, you sure trolled them Lex.

Lex Luthor for Stupid alignment.

>> No.38909601

I like it when my party does this.

>> No.38910375


>> No.38910380

A lot can happen in 6 years anon.

If it makes you feel any better I had to run the maths through my head twice because I was still calculating from like 2011

>> No.38911163


>> No.38911191

>facehugger attacks groot

>> No.38911226


>> No.38911255

Do you not?

>> No.38911281

>Thousands of years old alien queen that lays face hugging parasites
I'll pass.

>> No.38912155

...But that's not Godzilla.

>> No.38912660

I take Pitt is the PC

>> No.38912695

I'd say both are, but he's the one trying diplomacy.

>> No.38912795

I've been wondering, what game is this?

>> No.38912810

That happens in our games so much
>GM, I'm going to try diplomacy
>Ok, you got a -10 because stressing situation, anoter -10 because you try to do it in less than a minute
>Ok, you got shit so you attemp doesn't work
>End dying
>It's your fault, you go straight to a fight and never try other methods

>> No.38912858

Chapter Master.

>> No.38913459

>Not liking some xeno Ara Ara~
Get out.

>> No.38913515

That is far beyond ara ara.
It's closer to "Would you like a cookie while I show you pictures of my great, great, great, great, great, great grandchildren?"

>> No.38913880

Thank you.

>> No.38913900

>xeno ara ara
What? And I will not get out.
You're welcome.

>> No.38913972

Never noticed, but the ass on that girl is pretty nice.

>> No.38914033


>> No.38914195

What really bugs me about that is how they can continue to act mid air after using the dash.

>> No.38914513



I spent ALL DAY at work with that song in my head, daydreaming about making a fully fleshed out deity lore for Razgriz and basing a campaign story around here.

I have to go make a thread about this now.


Thank you.

>> No.38914564

Fun fact, there is a Rogue Trader Harlock mentioned as a major historical figure in the RT roleplaying game.

>> No.38914609

>that demonette at the back

I am not sure how to feel

>> No.38914636

Well so far everyone is just having a fun time while a techpriest presumably shitposts on 40kchan, nothing horrifying is happening yet, and she looks kinda bored and neutral.

So I dunno what she's doing.

>> No.38914648

There's a whole dynasty of the fuckers, and the last one went batshit, slaughtered every single motherfucker he could possibly be related to and then proceeded to disappear. I mean, three hundred years later and he's still such a bogeyman that people think that mentioning Haarlock is going to bring back Erasmus to slaughter them all.

>> No.38914660

I'll put it like this, I fap to it every playthrough.

>> No.38914697

I smirked.

>> No.38915348

How is that attractive?

>> No.38915393

>Not knowing that Xenomorphes are supposed to be sexual and sexualized by design.

>> No.38915883

I only thought that they born from rape to the face.

>> No.38916252

I find the race somewhat attractive, potentially but that one is just horrifying.

At least, non-sexy.

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